The Sorcerer's Apprentice

by Darkwolf

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Continues from

Part 3

Although she had climbed this particular set of stairs hundreds of times in the last year alone, Brianna Wilde still found it tiring and awkward as she slowly and carefully made the trek up to the second floor of her mistresses’ home with a large cardboard box, so large in fact that she had trouble seeing over it, balanced in her arms. Cautiously picking her way ever upward one step at a time, legs already tired from the previous five or six trips and muscles straining from the burden she carried, part of Brianna cursed herself for owning so much stuff and the rest of her was dreading just how much more there was to move. Not that she had a lot of experience with this sort of thing, but Brianna was sure that it hadn’t been this much work when she’d moved into the dorms last fall. Although, if she was being fair, she supposed that she’d mostly brought clothing and a handful of personal effects to college rather than literally everything she owned. The furniture had been the worst, even if Sofia and her father had managed most of that, but the endless stream of boxes and bags that followed had seemed to take forever even if it had probably been no more than a few hours. Despite that, however, as she finally made it to the landing, carefully adjusting her grip on the box to make sure it didn’t slip from her grasp, Brianna could not help but feel a trill of excitement in her stomach despite her exhaustion. Ever since that fateful day when she had confessed the truth of her relationship with her lovers and announced her desire to live with them a strange sort of calm had descended on her everyday life. She had faithfully returned to college, of course, to finish her classes for the semester but it had been a struggle to focus on anything as the days ticked down. Nothing but the growing sense of anticipation filling her seemed to matter in the face of mundane matters like lectures and final exams. Thankfully the strong sense of discipline her mistresses had instilled in her, to say nothing of the knowledge of how disappointed her family would be if she allowed her studies to slip, had been enough to stay on task but there had been days when it was a near thing.

None of that mattered now, though. She had survived her freshman year and another summer of pleasure and self discovery awaited. Even better, she would no longer need to hide the truth of this new phase of her life and could openly live with the women she loved, sharing their home and being theirs in a way that felt more profound somehow. As she inched down the hall, past the master bedroom, Brianna could not help but marvel at the odd duality of the moment. It felt like forever since she took that first, terrifying step into the backyard with nothing but hope to guide her though, in truth, barely a year had gone by. And yet what a year it had been! So many revelations and so many lessons learned about herself, her desires, her lovers and even the world at large that, at times, the blue-haired girl could scarcely believe all that had happened in such a short time. Nevertheless, despite the enormity of all she had learned, even that almost seemed to fall by the wayside compared to this very moment. Some part of Brianna could not help but believe that this was perhaps the most important day of her life so far. Oh she knew that on the surface it was an almost ludicrous thought. Moving in with her mistresses was certainly a big deal but she doubted much would really change. She would get to spend more time with them now of course but, besides no longer having to keep things secret, nothing much would really change. In comparison to all other earth-shaking truths that had been revealed over the last few months, to say nothing of the secrets on the horizon, this was practically nothing. And yet... Maybe that one change was enough, maybe the fact that she had stood up and proclaimed to the world who she was and how she loved without shame or hesitation was somehow more significant than everything else combined. The thought brought a smile to her face. Perhaps that was a bit grandiose but it still felt that way somehow. As if this day, this moment was the crescendo of everything that had happened so far, the moment to which everything had been building, the final step onto the path leading to whatever the future might hold. A future she wanted with all her heart.

Scoffing a little under her breath at the overly dramatic direction her thoughts had begun to take, Brianna adjusted her grip on the box she was carrying once again as she finally made her way to the end of the hall and shouldered the door to the guest room open. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to call it her room now. Slipping inside she immediately dumped the box on the first conveniently empty patch of floor she could find before straightening up with a groan. Pressing her hands to the small of her back the blue-haired girl bit her lip as she popped her spine and, grateful to be free of her burden, spared a moment to glance around and take in her surroundings. Despite the good memories associated with it, and the rather… pleasant games she had played here, this space had never really had much in the way of personality to be perfectly honest. More important for what it represented than what it was. The plain, off-white walls and minimal furnishings had been designed to serve a very utilitarian purpose as a playroom and not a living space. Thinking on that, she wondered if there was some sort of metaphor about claiming this space as her own, and what it meant for the role she so eagerly played in their relationship, but just as quickly dismissed the thought. Still, it was interesting to see how, even filled with half empty boxes, it was changing, slowly becoming hers in some distinctive way. The gauzy curtains that had once covered the wide front windows, windows that offered a spectacular view of the rest of the block, had been removed and replaced with the more colorful drapes from her old room. A handful of posters and pictures had begun to fill in the bare walls, with only the simple clock above the door left as a nod to the old layout, bringing a touch of life and personality to the almost sterile space. Even the rather minimalist furniture that had once filled the room was gone, both the faded wooden dresser and old brass bed disassembled and stored away in the basement to make room. Despite the fact that her own bed, which now sat in the exact same place, was larger and much more comfortable, the sight still made her a little sad. Part of it was perhaps the normal human penchant for nostalgia, the pleasant memories that still brought a smile to her face and a faint blush to her cheeks. After all, that old bed was the place where she and Claudia had been bound together for the first time and the place where the pair had made love for the first time as well. To say nothing of the other games that had been played there. Still, as sad as she was in some ways to see it go, a part of her wondered if it might be possible to set up the mattress in one of the basement’s empty storerooms as part of a new game, a cell for those times when she was a bad girl and needed punishment.

Another blush colored her cheek as a sudden wave of arousal washed over her, images of an impromptu dungeon and being imprisoned within surprisingly… pleasant to contemplate. Shivering a little at the possibilities, Brianna pushed those thoughts aside and carefully stored them away for later as she slowly walked over to the window. Passing the open closet, and sparing a glance at the handful of dresses now hanging there, she felt herself blush again at the thought of the fetish gear that had once been stored there, thankfully now tucked away in her mistresses’ room and away from prying eyes. Earlier this morning her heart had actually leaped into her throat when her mother had flung open the closet to put away the first batch of cloths, the blue-haired girl almost terrified that the woman would find a catsuit hanging there in all its fetishistic glory and realize just how ‘unconventional’ her daughter’s relationship actually was. Thankfully that hadn’t happened and while she doubted it would change much Brianna was still glad to be spared that particular embarrassment. Maybe someday she’d tell her parents the whole story if they wanted to know but for right now she was happy to keep the details of her sex life private. A feeling that she suspected was, probably, mutual. Shaking her head as she made her way over to where her desk had been set against the windows, boxes of knickknacks and office supplies as well as her laptop stacked haphazardly on the surface, Brianna pulled the curtains aside to glance out. In the yard, just barely in view, Roxanna and her mother were chatting about something as they walked toward the porch. Watching the two for a moment Brianna could not help but think of her walk home with Sofia a couple of weeks ago. She’d wondered then what the neighbors must think seeing the two of them arm in arm and now she could not help but wonder what sort of gossip this little moving day might inspire. Happy to realize that she really, truly didn’t care, the blue-haired girl smiled to herself and allowed the drapes to fall closed before turning on heel to glance around the room.

Everything was still a mess, of course, with her entire life packed up in boxes and scattered about wherever there was room but despite that it all came together in her mind’s eye. With her bed and dresser as the centerpieces she could easily imagine the best place to put the bookshelf even if she dreaded having to unpack all the books she had gathered over the years, and the corner next to her desk would be perfect for the antique full length mirror she was still rather fond of, a gift from her grandmother what felt like ages ago. Although she still wasn’t certain if the nightstand would be more convenient on the left or right hand side of the bed and with limited wall space she wasn’t certain if she could find a place for all of her pictures that didn’t seem to matter. Despite all the effort it would take, for after all one thing she had learned was that anything worth having took hard work, a hint of what could be shone through. Something new, something unique, and yet something familiar and undeniably hers at the same time. Shaking her head again, Brianna decided that she had been procrastinating long enough and rolled her shoulders before picking up one of the many boxes at her feet and carrying it over to her dresser. Pulling the thing open to find a pile of carefully folded blouses and a few pairs of slacks inside she almost absently began to transfer the clothing onto hangers before moving them to the closet one at a time. Humming a tune and losing herself in the work, Brianna didn’t hear the sound of approaching footsteps, or the faint creak of the door, until the distinctive thud of another heavy cardboard box being slammed down seemed to echo through the small room and startled her out of her rhythm.

Whirling around quickly, hanger still in hand, she saw Sofia on the far side of the bed, the blonde still hunched over slightly and smiling at her mischievously as she stood to her full height. Heart still hammering in her chest at the sudden shock, and eyes drawn to the low-cut neckline of the other woman’s shirt to say nothing of the way the tight fabric clung to her assets, Brianna managed to stammer out a reply, “Mistress, I...”

“My apologies, devushka.” Sofia offered with a grin even as she began to close the distance between them, “I did not mean to startle you.”

“It’s fine.” she assured, tentatively returning the other woman’s smile, “I guess I was just lost in thought.”

“Oh?” Sofia asked as she stepped closer, reaching out to wrap her arms around Brianna’s waist and pull the girl into a loose embrace, “Deep thoughts?”

Letting the hanger she was holding drop to the floor, Brianna leaned onto the embrace and returned it with a smile, “I don’t know. Sort of?”

“Is something wrong?” Sofia asked, concern in her voice as she began to idly stroke the girl’s back with a gentle, comforting touch.

Fighting the urge to purr at that touch, a tiny blush on her cheeks, Brianna shook her head, “No… maybe? I don’t know.”

“Talk to me, devushka.” Sofia urged, softly.

“Nothing’s wrong.” Brianna decided, at last, “It’s just that I’ve been thinking about things all morning and… I don’t know. I’ve been looking forward to today for weeks, and I’m excited it’s here, I’m happy to be yours and to have this be my home but I’m also a little sad and I can’t stop thinking about everything I’ve gained but I also can’t help but think about everything I’m leaving behind and...”

Raising a hand to cup the blue-haired girl’s cheek, cutting off her rambling explanation, Sofia smiled at her, “I understand, devushka. Leaving behind the old to embrace the new can be frightening, and thrilling. This I know quite well. Besides, very few people discover so much about themselves, take so many important steps, in such a short amount of time. You are very brave, and I am very proud of you, but it is natural to be overwhelmed sometimes.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna whispered, leaning into that touch with a sigh.

“You are very welcome, devushka.” Sofia assured, pausing a moment to stroke the blue-haired girl’s face before continuing on, “I do not know what the future holds, but do not worry. We will face it, together.”

Brianna could not help but smile at that, a familiar warmth growing in her heart as her worries seemed to melt away, and opened her mouth to reply when Sofia darted forward to capture the smaller girl’s lips in a kiss. Although surprised at the sudden touch, Brianna eagerly tightened her arms around her mistress’s waist and leaned into that kiss, reveling at the feel of those soft lips against her own. It was not a particularly passionate kiss, at least not at first, more soothing and gentle than anything else though Brianna certainly did not object when Sofia’s tongue snaked into her mouth after a moment or two. Moaning deep in her throat, Brianna let her eyes flutter closed and slowly lost herself in sensation, luxuriating in the warmth of the toned and gloriously curved body pressed against her own. She could not say how much time passed like that before an artificially loud and clearly embarrassed cough snapped her back to reality. Instantly breaking the kiss, her eyes shot to the door and Brianna felt her face turn bright red at the sight of her father standing there holding yet another box, an almost uncomfortable expression painted on his face, try to hide it though he might.

Clearly sensing, but also clearly undisturbed by, the mood Sofia pulled away and, laughter in her eyes, placed a hand on Brianna’s shoulder, squeezing gently, “We are almost finished. I will go fetch the last of your things, yes?”

Nodding numbly, somehow both annoyed and awed by the blonde’s complete lack of embarrassment, Brianna just watched the other woman slip out of the room without a word before turning her gaze back to her father. Justin Wilde had recovered enough to add his box to the growing pile but was still standing awkwardly, as if unsure of what he should say, if anything. Clearing her throat to draw attention Brianna apologized as best she could, “Sorry.”

“It’s… it’s fine.” the older man assured, “It’s just… it’s fine.”

Possessed of the mildly desperate urge to change the subject Brianna looked about the room briefly from some new topic, “Thank you.”

Justin frowned slightly in confusion, unsure what she was talking about, “What for?”

Waving a hand at the various boxes Brianna shrugged, “For helping with all of this. I know it’s a lot of work, and probably not how you envisioned spending your Saturday.”

Understanding what she was doing Justin offered a small, grateful nod, “Maybe not, but I don’t mind.” he assured before reaching up to rub his shoulder, “Though I am a little more out of shape than I realized. It’s embarrassing to be outdone by your daughter’s girlfriend.”

Unbidden a giggle escaped her, relaxing as the tension drained out of the room, “If I never see another cardboard box it’ll be too soon.”

Justin returned that chuckle as he carefully picked his way across the room, avoiding the various obstacles scattered about, “It’s not so bad. When you were a little girl it took us weeks to move everything. I never thought we’d finish.”

Brianna nodded at that, even though she could barely remember the events he was talking about, and was about to say something when she suddenly leaned over and wrapped her father up in a hug.

Although slightly startled by the action, Justin returned the gesture instantly, “Is something wrong, sweetheart?”

Shaking her head Brianna tried to put it into words, “I’m fine, I’m just… I really am sorry, and I really am grateful. I know everything’s been kind of strange, and all of this must seem so weird, but you’re still…”

“Hey, none of that now.” her father interrupted, gently, “I think there’s a part of every parent that doesn’t want their child to grow up, but there comes a point where you have to let go and trust her to live her own life. But we already said everything that needed to be said, so no more of that, okay?”

Tightening her grip, Brianna smiled, “I love you, dad.”

“Love you too, sweetheart.” Justin returned, patting her on the back softly before releasing the embrace, “Now why don’t we finish all this up? I for one would really like to sit down.”

Nodding with a sigh, Brianna stepped back and looked around at everything, “How did I end up with so much stuff?”

“It’s one of those mysteries of the universe.” Justin offered, as he began to head for the door, “Considering how full the garage and basement are at home? I think it must multiply when we’re not looking.”

Brianna could not help but laugh as she followed her father out into the hall, shaking her head and voice thick with amusement, “It’s the only reasonable explanation.”

Her father did not deign to comment further and the conversation trailed off into a soft, comfortable silence as the pair made their way down the darkened hallway at a sedate pace. As they passed the closed door to the master bedroom, the thick carpeting almost spongy beneath her feet, Brianna felt her thoughts begin to wander in a dozen different directions. She pondered how much was left to move and how many more trips she could need to make, she wondered about how to decorate her new room and, in the back of her mind, she could not help but imagine what her new daily routine would look like. That brought a faint tinge of pink to her cheeks as her imagination could not seem to stop conjuring images of all the different ways she had served her mistresses in the past, and all the new possibilities living here full time might grant. Shaking her head to try and push those thoughts aside, a little embarrassed to be idly fantasizing at a time like this, Brianna still could not keep a smile from her face. A knot of excitement tightened in her chest and her stomach swirled in anticipation. Finally arriving at the staircase seemed to draw her back to the present and the blue-haired girl forced herself to focus as she gripped the handrail tightly, the feeling of smooth wood beneath her fingers grounding her in some faint way. Even so, in the strange mood she was in, Brianna was struck with the sudden urge to hop into the banister and slide down it like in the movies. Biting her lip to stifle a giggle at that strange and probably very foolish idea, very much doubting that the ornate railing could even hold her weight, the blue-haired girl just focused on taking one step after the next as she continued to follow her father down to the first floor. Even so she did decide to indulge herself just a little by hopping down the last two stairs in one short leap, throwing out her arms to steady herself and bending her knees as she landed, the impact of her sneakers hitting the old hardwood echoing through the house like a cannon shot.

Startled by the noise, her father quickly glanced over his shoulder and raised a questioning brow but Brianna just smiled at him and offered no explanation. Shaking his head at her antics, though a faint crinkle of amusement in the corners of his eyes betrayed his thoughts, the girl felt an odd lightness come over her, almost like she was a little kid again playing in the park. It was an odd sensation, but a comfortable one, and Brianna simply wrapped herself up in it as the pair finally stepped out into the living room. The room seemed strangely empty with the furniture having been pushed aside to clear a path and the rugs rolled up, exposing the polishing hardwood planks beneath, their dark stained surfaces glittering in the bright afternoon light. Beyond that the front door yawned open, propped in place with a wedge, to reveal the covered expanse of the porch. Not that Brianna was paying much attention to any of that. Just beyond the doorway, framed in the entrance, was Roxanna. The olive-skinned woman was standing casually on the porch, one hand on her hip and apparently conversing with someone just out of sight, her long mahogany hair almost set alight by the sun while a plain long shirt and a pair of tights clung to the slender curves of her body. For a brief moment as they approached Brianna was lost in the appreciation of that majestic form she knew so well, a hint of a smile on her face as she allowed hazel eyes to roam freely.

Alerted by the sound of approaching footsteps, Sharon Wilde leaned in from around the corner and peered in through the door, smiling and waving as her daughter and husband came into view. “There you two are.”

Slipping around her father’s form and out onto the porch, Brianna wrapped the woman up in a hug, “Hi mom.”

“What, no hug for me?” Justin asked in a joking tone.

Rolling her eyes a bit with a smile her mother broke the hug to give him a kiss on the cheek, “There you go.”

Observing the pair for a moment, before glancing back over to her mistress, Brianna wondered, “What were you two talking about?”

“Oh, this and that.” Sharon offered, somewhat mysteriously, “I was just sharing a story about the first time you tried to dye your hair.”

Brianna felt her face heat up a little in embarrassment. She couldn’t have been more than thirteen or fourteen when she’d made that decision and it was far from a flattering story given the absolute mess she’d made of both her hair and the bathroom sink. Still, she supposed it was a law of the universe that parent’s had to share… awkward stories of their children with their significant others.

Offering her a tiny smile, somewhere between comforting and amused, Roxanna came to her rescue, “No need to be distressed my dear, I think we all have stories like that. I recall the first time I tried to apply eye shadow. I believe my father said, oh how did he put it? Ah yes, that I looked as if I had been in a bar fight.”

Brianna tried valiantly to avoid laughing at the mental image of her mistress, so refined and elegant and put together, with raccoon eyes but despite her best efforts a smirk curled her lips and she quickly brought a hand to her mouth to hide her reaction. Roxanna’s smile widened just slightly and amusement danced in her eyes but she said nothing as the blue-haired girl tried to regain control of herself. Thankfully, before anyone else could start to share stories, Sofia reappeared, cutting her way across the yard and toward the porch with slow and careful steps, a large box perched precariously in her arms. Seeing this Justin immediately headed down the steps to help the blonde manage her burden.

Glancing around the box with a grin Sofia nodded in acknowledgment, “Thank you for the assistance, Mr. Wilde.”

“It’s no trouble.” he assured as they began to maneuver back up the stairs and into the house, “And you can call me Justin.”

She nodded again at that, “As you wish.”

“So, ah,” her father wondered aloud, “how much do we still have to carry?”

“I believe this is the last of it.” Sofia assured.

At that Justin’s shoulders dropped just a bit despite the burden he was carrying, “Oh thank heaven. I thought those stairs were going to kill me.”

Sofia just laughed but said nothing else and Brianna could not help but smile as well as she watched them work their way deeper into the house.

“I imagine our valiant mules would appreciate something to drink.” Roxanna announced completely straight faced, demonstrating a remarkable amount of self control, as she too stepped into the living room, pausing long enough to glance back, “I made some fresh lemonade. Would either of you like a glass?”

“That would be wonderful.” Sharon said.

Brianna just shook her head, “No thank you, I’m not thirsty.”

Roxanna nodded and began to move toward the kitchen, her sandals remarkably soft on the hard wooden floor and a familiar limp to her step. For just a moment Brianna once again allowed herself to admire the woman’s form, eyes lingering just a bit on the way those tights clung to her backside, before her mother stepped up beside her.

“She’s quite the remarkable woman.”

Brianna straightened up instantly, caught by surprise by those soft words as she had not noticed Sharon’s approach given her distraction. Glancing at the woman, a tiny blush on her face, she could only nod in agreement, “They both are.”

Sharon returned that nod with a tiny, knowing smile, “I think I get it now.”

That comment drew a small frown and Brianna turned to regard her mother with some confusion, “Get what?”

“What you see in them.” Sharon explained, “I wasn’t sure at first, but I think I do now. They really do love you.”

Brianna nodded and reached over to once again embrace the woman in silent thanks, understanding the deeper point she was getting at, “Thanks, mom.”

Returning the hug, Sharon half joked, “They better treat you right.”

“They do, mom.” Brianna assured, fighting to keep an even deeper blush off her face at the swirl of memories assaulting her, “I promise.”

“Good.” As they continued to hug, another long pause filled the air before Sharon spoke again, “We’ll miss you, sweetheart.”

“Mom.” Brianna protested halfheartedly with a smile, “I’m not leaving the country, I’ll be right next door.”

“We’ll still miss you.” Sharon insisted, “Don’t forget to visit. And please don’t be afraid to let us know if you ever need anything.”

Patting the woman on the back Brianna nodded, “I will mom. Love you.”

Sharon tightened the hug just a bit, “Love you too, sweetie.” she said before stepping back and taking Brianna by the arms, “You know I was thinking, we should have some kind of house warming party to celebrate. Maybe you and your girlfriends can come over for dinner? I’ll even make a key lime pie, what do you think?”

Smiling a bit more broadly now, both at the casual acceptance in her mother’s words as well as the offer of her favorite dessert, Brianna nodded, “I’d really like that, mom.”

Returning her daughter’s smile, Sharon said nothing for a long moment before slowly releasing the blue-haired girl’s arms and beckoning her to follow, “Well then. Let’s head inside. No need to stand around.”

Brianna just nodded at that, smile still curling her lips, and followed her mother as they stepped back inside. Pausing only long enough to close the front door behind her as the older woman continued on, Brianna had to pick up her pace to catch up. Still, it took no more than a dozen or so steps to cross the spacious, but cozy living room and round the corner of the hall into the kitchen. Unsurprisingly they found Roxanna there waiting for them, the olive-skinned woman standing at the far end of the room and carefully filling a set of tall glasses out of a pitcher. Twisting slightly at their approach, Roxanna glanced over her shoulder at the pair and offered a tiny, welcoming smile of her own before setting the pitcher down and offering one of the glasses to Sharon, who took it gratefully, before taking one of her own.

Turning her gaze toward Brianna the woman cocked her head slightly, “Are you certain I cannot convince you to join us?”

Still smiling, Brianna just shook her head, “I’ll be fine.”

The olive-skinned woman shrugged just a bit, “As you wish.”

Taking a sip of her own glass, expression betraying how much she liked it, Sharon glanced over in their direction, “This is very good.”

Roxanna accepted the compliment with a small nod of the head, “Thank you. It is always best when made from fresh lemons. I do wish we could grow a lemon tree in the backyard but, alas, the winters are simply too cold.”

“I never had much luck with gardening.” Sharon confessed, “Even when I had the time it just never seemed to work out.”

“It is certainly difficult.” Roxanna agreed, “I am immensely grateful that Sofia shares a love of plants, and is willing to indulge me. I do not think I could manage on my own.”

For a moment curiosity shone in her mother’s eyes and Brianna could almost see the question on her lips before she shook it aside. It struck the blue-haired girl then that she was among only a small handful of people who knew the truth of what had really happened to Roxanna and just where she had gotten all those scars. The moment passed and, thinking better of her question, Sharon quickly changed the subject, “I was talking with Brianna just now and was thinking that we should have a party to celebrate. Would you be willing to come over for dinner sometime?”

Roxanna smiled ever so slightly, as she often did when relaxed, and nodded, “That sounds lovely. Perhaps we could have a picnic? Sitting by the pool in the evenings is quite relaxing, especially with the lanterns lit.”

Sharon seemed to consider that, unconsciously nodding along in agreement, “That could work. My husband can bring the grill over.”

“An excellent idea.” Roxanna agreed, “I have a few things I’ve been meaning to try.”

The conversation continued and Brianna could only smile at the scene as she watched the two continue to bandy ideas back and forth, discussing the logistics of their proposed gathering and suggesting dishes to prepare. Both seemed to become lost in the discussion and it warmed her heart just a little to see how comfortable her mother looked talking to the other woman, as if the pair were old friends rather than the casual acquaintances they actually were. An attempt to get to know her daughter’s lover, or something else? She couldn’t say for certain but though it was a small thing, between this and her father’s assurances she could not help but think that, despite the concerns and doubts, despite the difficult conversations and confrontations that had led to this moment, things really were starting to work out. Brianna would readily admit that she was not always the best judge of character but something told her that she was right. It was a good feeling. Whatever the case, a sudden noise from the hallway caught her attention and interrupted her train of thought. Turning slightly, her smile widened at the sight of her father trudging back down the stairs, looking more than a bit worn out, while Sofia followed a few steps behind her usual chipper self. Roxanna seemed to notice as well and extracted herself from the conversation in order to grab the last two glasses from the counter and carry them to the other side of the room.

Presenting her bounty with a soft smile, she greeted the pair, “Welcome back. I thought you might need a drink.”

Taking the glass with some relish, Justin nodded to her, “Much appreciated.”

“It is no trouble.” Roxanna assured.

Stepping up to give her lover a peck on the cheek Sofia grinned, “You are far too good to me, dorogoy.”

The corner of Roxanna’s lip curled up slightly, a playful lilt in her voice, “And do not forget it.”

With that she handed the remaining glass to Sofia before slowly wandering back toward the center of the room, pausing just long enough to brush her fingers against Brianna’s hand as she passed, eliciting the faintest of blushes from the blue-haired girl.

“Once again I wish to thank you both for your assistance,” the olive-skinned woman said at last, pausing then for just the briefest instant, “and your understanding.”

“We were happy to help.” Justin assured, “And as for the rest?” he briefly glanced at his wife, who nodded once, “We just want you to promise one thing. That you’ll always be good to our little girl.”

Brianna felt a new heat rise to her cheeks and wanted to protest, but held her tongue as Roxanna nodded with surprisingly solemnity, “Always.”

Sharon walked over to his side and enveloped her husband in a loose hug, “Then we’ll figure the rest out as we go.”

Taking a long drink in the silence that followed, it was Sofia that eventually spoke up again, “You are welcome to stay for dinner if you like.”

“That’s alright.” Sharon assured, “I’m sure you have a lot of work to do still and we really do need to get home.” she smiled slightly, “I imagine my husband could stand some rest.”

“You don’t need to bury me just yet.” Justin groused, though with no real heat.

Sharon managed to suppress her laugh with a rather unladylike snort, “We should still probably let you three get to unpacking.”

“I’ll get the door for you.” Brianna offered.

At her mother’s slight nod Brianna gestured for them to lead the way with a small smile. No one said anything as they walked but, stopping at the front door, Sharon turned and embraced her daughter one last time, pulling the blue-haired girl close before asking, softly, “Brianna?

“Yeah, mom?” she answered, equally softly

“Don’t forget about what we talked about earlier.”

Brianna nodded solemnly, “I won’t, mom.”

As the hug relaxed Justin reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder, smiling ever so slightly, “Take care of yourself.”

“I will, dad.” Brianna answered, smiling back.

Accepting one last, brief hug from her father, Brianna stepped onto the threshold and lingered there for a few moments more, watching as her mother and father climbed down the stairs to begin the trek back to their house. When the pair slipped out of sight she finally mustered the energy to step back inside, closing and locking the door with a soft sigh. With a strange feeling in her chest, that same swirl of happiness and sadness as earlier, she leaned back against the wall, shoulders slumping ever so slightly. Standing there, eyes toward the ceiling, she could not help but wonder. It was odd in a way, the contradictory emotions that seemed to war within her, that slight but insistent feeling at what she was leaving behind balanced by the joy and excitement of what was to come. It was a heady mix and she could not keep a smile from curling her lips. Despite the strange sense of finality to the moment, as if she were symbolically closing the door on her old life, like the old saying went when one door closed another opened. It wasn’t a bad feeling by any means, but… Shaking her head and deciding that she had dwelt on that long enough already, the blue-haired girl pushed herself away from the wall and slowly walked back to the kitchen to rejoin her mistresses.

As the room came into view, however, she noted that, strangely enough, Sofia was nowhere to be seen though Roxanna was standing at the sink rinsing out half empty glasses and placing them in the drying rack. Seeing that the older woman’s back was turned toward the entryway an idea popped into Brianna’s mind and her smile widened. Smirking ever so slightly, the blue-haired girl carefully stepped onto the tile, each step as soft as possible so as to not make a sound, as she crept her way toward the sink. Unfortunately, her plan to ambush her mistress with a hug was ruined when, from seemingly nowhere Sofia appeared as if from out of thin air and pounced.

Letting out a short cry of surprise as strong arms wrapped her up in a tight embrace and spun her around, Brianna opened her mouth to say something only to be interrupted once again by Sofia’s lips in her own

“Welcome back, devushka.” the blonde greeted in a deep, almost purring voice, “I was worried you had gotten lost.”

Though a little dazed from the intensity of that kiss, Brianna felt herself relax against the warm body holding her and found her voice, “Just thinking, mistress.”

“It seems to be the day for that sort of thing.” Sofia mused, planting another kiss on the blue-haired girl’s temple as she did.

Drying her hands off with a towel, Roxanna limped over to join them, gently cupping Brianna’s face, “Is something the matter, korítsi?”

Leaning against that touch with another, contented sigh Brianna shook her head again, “Nothing at all, mistress. Just processing, I guess. A year ago I never could have imagined standing where I am today. But, it’s real. I’m yours, really and truly yours.”

“You are, korítsi.” Roxanna assured, voice low and sensual, “All ours.”

Brianna shivered a little at those words, “Please,” she begged, “please say that again.”

It was Sofia that indulged her this time, leaning close to whisper in her ear, “You are ours, devushka. Every wondrous bit of you is ours. And we are yours, in every way that matters.”

Brianna closed her eyes and bit her lip to suppress a moan as that husky whisper caressed her ear and another shiver traveled down her spine to settle between her legs, “I love you, both of you, so much.”

Gently stroking her cheek Roxanna bent down to press a soft kiss to the slightly smaller girl’s brow, “And we love you.” she assured, “But there will be time enough for that later, there is still much work to be done.”

Despite the mood Brianna let out a groan, torn between the part of herself that had been looking forward to this for weeks, the part that wanted to make her mark on the space she had been given, to make this house her home. The rest of her, however? The rest of her dreaded just how much there still was to be done and how tired she already was. Still, she managed a small nod, even if her tone was a bit dejected, “Yes, mistress.”

“Come now, korítsi, it will not be so bad.” Roxanna assured, voice growing soft and sensual and teasing once again as she continued, “We will be happy to help, if you are willing to make it worth our while.”

Moaning again at that tone and the promise within it, Brianna wet her lips with the tip of her tongue and nodded, “Yes, mistress. Anything you desire, anything at all.”

Sofia chuckled as she began to guide the girl into the hallway, “Such dangerous promises, devushka. And you make them so easily.”

A tiny, almost sly smile touched Brianna’s lips as she allowed herself to be led up the stairs, leaning against Sofia’s tall and athletic frame all the while, “Perhaps I need more discipline, mistress.”

“Perhaps.” Roxanna agreed as she joined them, reaching up to stroke her fingers through long, silky blue hair as she did, “But is it truly discipline when you enjoy it?”

At that Brianna could only smile, a touch mischievously. It was true, after all. Sandwiched between the taller forms of her lovers she said nothing, reveling in the feel of Sofia’s warmth against her and Roxanna’s hand still resting on the nape of her neck as the three of them proceeded down the hallway until they at last arrived at the dark wooden door that marked Brianna’s new room. There was a brief pause, as if the enormity of the moment had halted them in their tracks, before Brianna reached out and opened the door, almost tentatively. Like some silent signal, the trio then broke from their comfortable embrace and slipped inside one after the other. Letting her eyes adjust for a moment, almost stunned by the contrast between the darkened hall to the bright afternoon light filling her room, Brianna scanned the collection of furniture as well as the boxes and bags strewn about the room, touched for just a moment by the odd intimacy of the moment. That, as minor as it might seem, she was about to share the last bits of her life with the women she loved. Glancing back and forth between her mistresses one last time, and almost shyly returning the smiles they offered, Brianna nodded almost as much to herself as anyone else and walked over to one of the boxes at random before opening it up and pulling the contents out. Roxanna and Sofia joined her a moment later and quickly enough the three fell into rhythm as they began to unpack.

It was hard to say how much time had passed exactly. Indeed, time almost seemed to fall away as they worked but, as Brianna was setting up her desk and making certain that her laptop had survived the trip intact while Sofia loaded books onto the shelf behind her and Roxanna carefully folded clothing into the dresser, the blue-haired girl found something that gave her pause. Buried under sheaves of notebook paper and bundles of pencils was a slim wooden case, its polished surface and brass hardware glittering in the light streaming in through the window. Recognizing it immediately, and eyes widening just a bit, Brianna tentatively, almost reverently, took the box in both hands and held it up. She had very nearly forgotten about the thing but gazing upon it now brought back a slew of emotions. Running her fingers over its surface, she carefully unlocked the clasp and opened the case to reveal a bed of red velvet and what had once been some of her greatest treasures. A set of cuffs, a bright blue ball gag that seemed so very small compared to the gags she was used to wearing now, and a simple leather collar. Some of the first gifts her mistresses had given her, and the toys she had used to put on many a show for them while framed in the window of her old bedroom. Even just thinking about it brought a rush of heat to her face and Brianna could not help but smile, her nipples growing hard as she remembered the intensity of those early days. As simple as it had been, the excitement of being bound, the thrill of being on display for her lovers’ eyes, to say nothing of the strangely arousing fear of being caught had been such an indescribably heady mix that even the memory of it made her shiver. Lost in those pleasant memories she almost didn’t notice the sudden shift of movement out of the corner of her eye. Looking away from her treasures, Brianna glanced to her left to see Roxanna approach, the olive-skinned woman slowly limping over to her side with a curious expression on her face.

“Find something interesting, korítsi?” the older woman asked.

Brianna nodded and presented her find, “Yes, mistress.”

Reaching out to take the box a smile bloomed on Roxanna’s face as she ran her deep brown eyes over the contents, “Well now, these bring back memories.”

Blushing just a touch Brianna nodded again, “Very much so, mistress.”

“It has been a long time since you have been able to put on a proper show for us.” Roxanna mused as she turned her gaze to the blue-haired girl, a smile shifting ever so slightly into something more sultry, “I must confess that I miss them.”

Drawn by their conversation, Sofia silently slipped behind her lover and wrapped her arms about Roxanna’s waist before resting her chin on the olive-skinned woman’s shoulder, “Indeed. But that just means we shall have to find new games to play.”

Face still painted a deep pink in a blush that had nothing to do with embarrassment a thought suddenly occurred to Brianna, an idea, a fantasy that had been swirling in the back of her mind for a long time and one that she had never imagined she would ever have a chance to indulge in… until now that is. Smiling up at her lovers she idly ran her fingers over the band of steel around her throat, “You know, there is something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.”

Observing her curiously Roxanna asked, “And what might that be, korítsi?”

“As I was sharing myself with you,” Brianna began, “as I was exploring who I was and who I wanted to be, I always wished I could have you, both of you, in my own bed.”

A tiny but oh so wicked smile bloomed on Sophia's face as her brilliant blue eyes drifted to the bed sitting there innocuously in the center of the room, “My, my devushka. What an interesting thought.” leaning closer she whispered something in Roxanna’s ear and Brianna could hear the familiar, lilting tones of the blonde’s native Russian.

Almost infectiously a smile touched Roxanna’s lips as she took in her lover’s words. Turning her head ever so slightly, she kissed Sofia on the cheek before answering, “A fine idea, stríngla. I approve.”

Feeling that familiar cocktail of anticipation and arousal spike deep within her, Brianna gazed back and forth between her lovers before asking, “Mistress Roxanna, Mistress Sofia?”

“Why don’t we make a little deal.” Roxanna offered a last, a familiar half smile gracing the olive-skinned woman’s lips, “If you are willing to allow us to tie you down to your bed and tease you in any way we desire, we will finish unpacking for you.”

Before she could even think to reply Sofia cut in, “We would expect to be properly thanked for our efforts, of course, and after we might be willing to indulge you.” her voice dropped ever so slightly in that low, husky whisper that always drove the poor girl wild when she heard it, “What do you say, devushka?”

Incredibly turned on by the thought of what her mistresses might do to her and how long it had been since she’d been properly played with, her mind conjuring any one of a thousand scenarios that made her wet just thinking about them, Brianna had to bite her lip to suppress a moan before she managed to nod, “Yes, mistress! Thank you, mistress!”

Smiling in amusement at that reaction Roxanna offered only a simple command in response, “Then strip, korítsi.”

Bowing her head submissively in agreement, her long blue hair falling about her face in waves and obscuring the tiny satisfied smile that graced her lips, Brianna stepped back away from the desk to give herself some room. For the briefest of moments she debated exactly how to go about this before mentally shrugging and grabbing the hem of her t-shirt with both hands. Practically ripping the garment off over her head in her eagerness, she tossed it aside carelessly to reveal a bra of translucent black silk that did nothing to hide the modest swell of her breasts or the silver studs pierced through hard and eager nipples. Unbuttoning her jeans and kicking her sneakers off at the same time, Brianna carefully slid her pants over her hips and down her legs to show off a matching set of underwear, nothing but the decorative patterns of lace worked into the sheer fabric providing even a hint of modesty. Tossing her jeans aside and feeling a flush of excitement spread down her chest and across her body, painting her pale skin a faint pink, Brianna straightened up, throwing her shoulders back ever so slightly and brushing her hair out of her face. Looking up tentatively, almost shyly, to see both see both of her mistresses still standing but a few paces away, their eyes eagerly drinking in every single curve of her body. For a few heartbeats the blue-haired girl just stood there, stock still, twisting her form ever so slightly to put herself on display, keenly aware of the heat building between her legs and blush deepening as she felt herself grow wet.

It was Roxanna who broke the tableaux, gently breaking away from Sofia’s grip to step closer and place a hand on the blue-haired girl’s hip before running her fingers along the soft and sensitive skin of her stomach, “What a pleasant surprise, korítsi. I would have expected far more… utilitarian undergarments on a day like today.”

Breath hitching involuntarily as those long, delicate and oh so skilled fingers caressed her, Brianna only barely managed a reply, “Th… thank you, mistress. I just, I just wanted to be prepared.”

A tiny, amused half smile curled the olive-skinned woman’s lips, “Most thoughtful. But please, do not let me interrupt.”

Nodding ever so slightly, Brianna suppressed a tiny whimper as her mistress’s fingers left her skin and closed her eyes as she reached back to unclasp her bra. Shrugging her shoulders to allow it to fall away and free her breasts, she hesitated for the briefest of moments before sliding her underwear roughly down her legs to bare her shaved sex to the world, the stud pierced through her clit glistening in the muted light. Standing there, completely nude now, Brianna bit her lip in anticipation before obediently clasping her hands behind her back and once more bowing her head in a show of submission, heart pounding in her chest the whole while as she fought to stay perfectly still. Soft, almost imperceptible footsteps followed after what felt like an eternity of waiting and Brianna only barely managed to keep from flinching as she felt Sofia’s familiar, calloused hand slide over her hip and cup her ass playfully. Smiling a bit at that, a moan suddenly sounded deep in Brianna’s throat as that hand traced back over her hip and those cruel, clever fingers brushed against the delicate lips of her labia before teasing her aching clit and playing with her piercing. In the midst of that wondrous sensation she felt a hand cup her chin and force her to look up. Opening her eyes, and blinking a few times against the light, she barely had time to respond before Roxanna’s lips were upon her own, silencing her utterly. Moaning again into that kiss, she faithfully parted her lips and allowed her mistress to explore her, reveling in the sensation of that familiar tongue claiming her, dominating her with the kind of skill that only long familiarity could bring.

Flushed and breathless, Brianna was only barely aware of Sofia’s hand leaving her body as Roxanna slowly leaned back, a tiny but satisfied smile on her face, “Sit down on the edge of the bed, korítsi.”

Lips still parted and practically whimpering at the loss of contact Brianna still managed a small nod and stumbled back toward the bed, falling upon the mattress heavily and bracing herself with her arms before looking up expectantly. In a surprising display of grace despite her injured hip, Roxanna sat down beside her and practically molded herself against the girl’s side before running her fingers through that long, blue hair. Sighing contentedly at the sensation of her scalp being massaged by that gentle touch, Brianna allowed her eyes to slide closed again, enjoying the moment.

Glancing over at Sofia as she began to carefully braid her slave’s silky locks, Roxanna gave a tiny smile and vaguely gestured toward the door, “Would you be so kind as to fetch a few things while I get her ready, stríngla?”

“But of course, dorogoy.” Sofia answered, already turning to head toward the hall, “It would be my pleasure.”

As the blonde walked out of the room with long strides, Brianna followed her movement as best she could while keeping her head still, eyes lingering on that taut body and wonderful ass for as long as possible. Heart still hammering in her chest, she had to fight the urge to fidget in place as she felt her hair being tightly braided and wound into an equally tight bun at the back of her head. Questions assaulted her as her imagination flew. What sort of toys was Sofia going to get? How would she be bound, and how would she be teased? There were so many options, so many things that she had already experienced and so many things she had yet to learn. The possibilities seemed endless and part of her feared she might burst out of sheer nervous energy. Roxanna, thankfully, seemed to sense her agitation and gently embraced the girl before planting a calming kiss on her cheek.

“Patience, korítsi. Patience.” she soothed in a soft and comforting voice, “Good things come to those who wait, yes?”

Brianna managed a nod, “Yes, mistress.”

Thankfully, before anything else could happen, Sofia returned with a smile on her face and a familiar catsuit draped over her arm. Standing as soon as her lover returned, Roxanna reached down and took Brianna by the hand, helping the nude girl to her feet and giving her one more soft kiss before they proceeded.

“Ready, korítsi?” she asked, softly.

Licking her lips nervously Brianna managed another nod, voice soft and just a little shaky, “Ready, mistress.”

Despite having done this several times in the past, and having both of her mistresses there to help her, it still surprised Brianna just a bit how difficult putting a catsuit on actually was. As amazing as the tight rubber felt against her skin, and as much as she adored the sensation of having every part of her body squeezed in some strange alien embrace, the constricting garment seemed to fight her every step of the way as she tried to wriggle into it. Even so, after perhaps ten minutes of struggle, and with Roxanna and Sofia’s aid, she eventually managed to stretch the suit over her shoulders, wiggling her fingers and toes to make sure the rubber had seated properly, some part of her still amused that the garment was designed to encase her digits individually, almost as if she were wearing gloves on her hands and feet. As she ran her hands over her body, smoothing away the last of the wrinkles and lining up the seams, reveling in the truly exotic sensation of latex covering her skin, Sofia ran her fingers down the blue-haired girl’s spine, eliciting a shiver before zipping her up tightly. Biting her lip and closing her eyes as she took a sharp breath, basking in the sensation of the catsuit squeezing her even more tightly, Brianna could not help but moan then as she felt her mistress’s fingers glide up her sides and trace the edges of her ribs.

A soft hand cupping her face brought her back from that simple, but wonderful ecstasy to reveal Roxanna’s smiling face as the olive-skinned woman handed her a hood of matching material. Nodding her understanding, Brianna took the garment and began to work it over her head, understanding now why her mistress had braided her hair so tightly. Like the catsuit, it took a bit of work to get the hood in the right position as well as to line up the holes for her eyes and mouth, but she managed it easily enough, seating the rubber over her face and carefully pushing the seam under her collar to blend in with the rest of the suit. Smoothing everything out, she risked opening her eyes and glanced at the mirror in the corner, unable to keep herself from smiling at the alien reflection that gazed back or reaching up to touch her face, as if to confirm that it was real.

A strong arm encircling her waist drew Brianna’s attention away from the mirror and she could not help but squeak in surprise as a hand smacked her rubber covered ass playfully. Smiling, almost smirking, at her reaction Sofia drew her close and leaned in to whisper, voice thick with want, almost a growl, “Lay down on the bed, devushka.”

Shivering at that tone, and well aware that it was not a request, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

With almost deliberate slowness, Brianna turned and bent over sharply to place her hands on the mattress, spreading her legs and lifting her ass into the air before playfully rolling her hips side to side just a bit. Keenly aware of the way the catsuit clung to her every curve like a second skin, and once again glad that the black latex hood hid her blush completely, Brianna slowly crawled forward on hands and knees, each movement deliberately exaggerated to draw the eye. Finally in place she lowered herself down, twisting her hips and shoulders in opposite directions while arching her back seductively to thrust out her breasts, before shimmying to find a comfortable spot and lay her head down on the pillow. Her mistresses were on her almost instantly after that, Roxanna circling to the foot of the bed while Sofia bent over their slave’s supine form. Closing her eyes and biting her lip as she felt hands on her body Brianna almost moaned again as her lovers caressed and massaged her before forcing her legs apart and wrenching her hands over her head. Almost instinctively she went limp, offering no resistance as thick leather cuffs were buckled around her wrists and ankles, small brass padlocks sealing the hasps in place and ensuring that she would not be able to remove them without help. Still careful to keep her muscles slack, Brianna did moan when chains were affixed to the cuffs and pulled taut, forcing her body into a helplessly tight spread eagle, before being locked to the bed’s sturdy steel frame. Testing her bonds and finding herself almost completely unable to move, the blue-haired girl felt a new heat bloom in her loins, while her hard, pierced nipples presented themselves proudly through the thin latex covering them.

Opening her eyes and wondering what would happen next, Brianna almost gasped when Sofia suddenly leaned over into her field of view with a warm smile before reaching down to caress her cheek. Sighing and twisting her head to lean into that touch she was caught completely by surprise when a thick blindfold of cool black leather was placed over her eyes and firmly strapped in place, trapping her in darkness. As soon as she was blind, the pad of a thumb pressed against her chin and Brianna obediently opened her mouth, this time not at all surprised to feel a soft but firm rubber ball being pressed into place. What did shock her a bit was the sheer size of the thing. The gag felt absolutely enormous and, for a brief instant, she was afraid it would not fit, but she forced herself to stay calm by breathing through her nose and willed her jaw to relax, stretching her lips as wide as they would go, both proud and a little astonished when the gag slide into place with an audible pop. As soon as the strap was buckled down, locking the intruder in place, Roxanna’s soft fingers caressed her lips around the ball before gliding down the edge of her jaw, eliciting a shuddering moan of pleasure.

“What do you think, korítsi?” the olive-skinned woman asked, “I picked this one up recently when it seemed your old gags were too… easy. Do you like it?”

Biting down ever so slightly to test the gag, feeling the rubber give just a bit under her teeth, Brianna moaned softly, barely managing to mumble out, “N’phs bngh.”

Although she could not see it, the smirk in Roxanna’s tone as she answered was as plain as day, “Indeed, korítsi. It is quite big. 64mm, or how do you say, two and a half inches?”

That revelation was almost stunning and Brianna felt her eyes go wide beneath her blindfold, “Rmnmmm!”

“Very much so, korítsi.” Roxanna confirmed, “But I ask again, do you like it?”

For a moment Brianna was not certain how to answer that question. Since those first heady days of experimentation she had discovered a love of being gagged, enjoying the sensation of having her mouth stuffed and finding the helplessness of being rendered silent incredibly erotic. As such, just as she had been training her body to endure tighter and tighter bondage she had also been training her mouth to accept larger gags, partly out of a desire to match Claudia’s impressively flexible endurance, but it had been a slow process. She could manage two inch gags relatively easily now, and had tentatively tried some of Claudia’s favorite gags, but she had never worn anything this big before. It was an… interesting experience. The pressure was incredible as her jaws were forced wide, stretching her lips into massive ‘O’ of surprise and forcing her to practically shout to be heard at all. But, at the same time, the sensation was not painful either, not truly. Somewhat uncomfortable yes, but nothing she did not think she could handle, a familiar ache more than anything. Besides, just thinking about it sent a curiously erotic thrill down her spine which only added to the utter helplessness of being stretched out into a tight spread eagle. When combined with the palpable sense of accomplishment she felt at even being able to fit the thing into her mouth, the experience was almost… electrifying.

Realizing that her mistress was still waiting for an answer, Brianna managed a firm nod, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph!”

“Good girl.” Roxanna whispered as she planted a kiss on the bound girl’s forehead, “Please be certain to tell us if things change.”

Nodding again to signal her understanding, another moan managed to work its way past her gag as Brianna felt a hand trail down her stomach and open the zipper at her crotch, letting a rush of cool air over her heated sex. She knew it was Sofia as soon as those familiar calloused fingertips brushed against her nether lips but she had no time to enjoy the sensation before something hard and cold was slipped inside of her. Body instinctively clamping around the intrusion, a small vibrator she realized, Brianna began to squirm in her bonds as the zipper was closed again, trapping the toy inside of her wet and aching pussy. With a reassuring pat on the thigh and another kiss on the cheek her mistresses left her side then without another word, no matter how much she called out for them. For what felt like an eternity, splayed out helplessly and trapped in darkness, squirming against her bonds, nothing seemed to happen. Then, without warning, the vibrator within her sprung to life like a thunderbolt, the almost shockingly powerful oscillations sending jolts of pleasure radiating up eager nerves and throughout her entire body in an inexorable rush. Arching her back against the sensation and pulling on her restraints with all her might, muscles taut and quivering, Brianna moaned loudly into her gag though even then it was nothing more than a muffled whimper as she shook her hips back and forth wildly.

Panting heavily through her nose and mewling into her gag, silently pleading for the thunderous orgasm she could feel building within herself, Brianna strained against her cuffs again, lifting her hips off the bed ever so slightly as she clenched her eyes shut in anticipation. On the cusp of release, however, the vibrator stopped as suddenly as it had begun, instantly cutting off the wondrously pleasurable sensations and leaving her to crash back down to earth. It should not, in retrospect, have surprised her but even so Brianna cried out in frustration, though only the faintest of whimpers escaped the ball jammed between her lips, and thrashed against her bonds in a desperate attempt to push herself over the edge. It was not to be and no matter how much she moaned and pleaded and struggled the vibrator did not activate again until, spent and exhausted, she collapsed back onto the bed in a heap. Still breathing heavily, chest rising and falling rapidly as her heart hammered in her chest, it was only when Brianna finally stilled and almost managed to calm down that the toy within her seemed to take pity and activated again. Another frustrated groan escaped her, however, as this time the vibrator produced only the lowest of buzzes, humming away within her in a way that, though certainly pleasant, would not be able to grant her the release she so craved. Perhaps worse, that slow and sensuous teasing seemed to go on and on and on without end.

Vaginal muscles clenched tight around the small, stainless steel egg, practically pulsing in time with her heart, Brianna writhed and twisted and moaned, tossing and turning against the cuffs holding her splayed limbs to no avail. It could have been moments, it could have been hours, trapped in the darkness of her blindfold time seemed to have no meaning. All she was truly aware of was the dull ache of the gag filling her mouth, the pressure of her bonds pulling her body taut, and the sensation of latex caressing every inch of her skin in its insistent embrace. But above and beyond all of that was the maddeningly delicate vibrations between her legs that were slowly but surely driving her up the wall, pushing her to the ragged edge of climax without letting her crest the peak. On the very edge of her consciousness, however, she was aware of movement around her, the distinctive rustle of boxes being shifted, the faint sound of drawers being slid closed and the faint, oh so faint, notes of conversation as her mistresses chatted among themselves. In her current state she was in no condition to truly understand what was being said, or if it was even in English, but it was both comforting and exciting to know that Sofia and Roxanna were still there. That as they worked she was laying here helplessly as some sort of kinky centerpiece, powerless to stop them from doing anything they wanted to her. She moaned again, deeper, as her mind latched onto that thought, imagination running wild as she wondered just exactly what they were doing. Were they ignoring her plight, indifferent to her struggles as they set out on their completely mundane task, or were they watching her every move out of the corner of their eyes as she writhed and moaned in her skintight latex? Did they long to touch her as much as she longed to be touched? A new rush of heat spread across her body as she imagined her mistresses’ eyes drinking in her defenseless form, either openly or surreptitiously, wondering if the sight of her bound and gagged form was as much a turn on for them as being bound and gagged was for her. She hoped she was putting on a good show, it was the least she could do to repay them for all they had done for her. In her current state that thought alone was almost enough to push her over the edge and Brianna arched her back again as she rolled her hips, thrilled at the way the vibrator seemed to rattle inside of her with each movement, but again her best efforts were in vain.

Groaning deep in her throat in abject frustration she threw back her head and screamed into her gag, even that no more than a muffled whimper. Nothing but the clawing need to cum seemed to matter to her frazzled mind and it was so hard to focus on anything but the pulsing waves of frustrating pleasure between her legs. Once again moaning in desperation, pleading and begging for her arms to be freed, for the vibrator to be turned up, for an orgasm, for anything Brianna found that she could do nothing but lay there helplessly, twisting and writhing as muffled whimpers escaped her. Once or twice her breath caught in her throat as the vibrator shifted, brushing up against a sensitive spot and filling her with the brief hope of release but each time she was disappointed, collapsing back into a heap with a low groan. It was torture, it was maddening, it was incredible and as much as she struggled and pleaded and begged part of her never wanted it to end. After what felt like hours, at the point in which she was certain she simply couldn’t take it anymore, Brianna threw back her head and pulled on the chains holding her one last time but to no one’s surprise the metal did not give and the cuffs remained firmly locked around her wrists and ankles. It was at that moment that she gasped in surprise as the zipper at her crotch was suddenly pulled open and, with a sharp tug on the power cord, the vibrator slid free from her aching flesh with a wet pop. Before she could even begin to process that sensation, having not noticed anyone approaching, a gentle hand cupped her face and slowly began to loosen the massive gag silencing her. As stretched as her jaws were it took some effort to work the ball free but as soon as it was, she gratefully closed her mouth with a shuddering moan, glad to finally be able to ease the pressure.

Those hands still massaging her cheeks, Sofia’s soft voice reached her in the darkness, “Enjoying yourself, devushka?”

Moaning in delight at that touch, and working her jaw side to side to ease the cramps that had begun to grow there, Brianna managed a tiny smile, “Yes, mistress.”

“Such a good girl.” her mistress mused, “And good girls deserve a reward, yes?”

Grinning now, and nodding eagerly, Brianna answered eagerly, “Yes mistress, thank you mistress!”

Smirking at that reply, even if the bound girl could not see it, Sofia allowed her hands to glide down Brianna’s neck and onto her chest, “And what is it you would like, devushka?”

“Please let me cum, mistress! I need to cum so bad!” Brianna practically begged before whimpering at that touch, moaning again as those hands found her sensitive breasts.

The bed shifted then as Roxanna climbed onto the mattress, her weight compressing the springs as she positioning herself between their slave’s widely spread legs and placed her own hands on the girl’s thighs, “Patience, korítsi. Do not Sofia and myself deserve a reward for all of our hard work as well?”

Unable to suppress a soft whine deep in her throat, even as she thrilled at the sensation of so many hands caressing her body, Brianna nodded almost desperately, “Yes, mistress! Anything, anything you want!”

Moving to straddle the bound girl’s chest and placing a hand on either side of her head Sofia chuckled soft, voice thick with affection and amusement, “So careless.”

There was no more time for words as the blonde immediately shifted her hips forward to press her sex against the sweet mouth beneath her. The familiar, musky scent of her mistress filling her nose, Brianna immediately pressed a kiss to Sofia’s nether lips before running her tongue up and down that delicate flesh, practically shivering in delight at the low, deep moan her attentions elicited and the way Sofia’s hands gripped her head to hold her in place. Just as she began to swirl the tip of her tongue around her mistress’s hard and eager clit, the woman’s moans deepening beautifully as she worked, Brianna suddenly stopped, her entire body stiffening as a gasp escaped her throat at the sensation of a dildo being slowly inserted into her aching sex bit by bit. Letting out a long, shuddering moan of her own as Roxanna mounted her and began to thrust into her body with slow, deep strokes it was only the insistent tightening of the grip around her head that allowed her to focus through the haze of pleasure to continue lapping at Sofia’s eager pussy. Panting and writhing in her bonds, bucking her hips wildly against Roxanna’s thrusts, Brianna licked at Sofia’s flesh with almost desperate intensity, worshiping her clit and thrusting her tongue deep within the athletic blonde’s body, reveling both at the taste of her and of the tight, silken heat embracing her tongue as she struggled to reach all of the woman’s sensitive spots.

After what felt like an eternity trapped between them, her helpless body reduced to a conduit of pleasure, the bound girl began to whimper as her tongue grew tired and the slow and deliberate strokes of the dildo filling her worked her to the very edge and held her there in a display of expert skill tempered by just a touch of cruelty. In this midst of this blissful torture Sofia came all of a sudden, the blonde’s muscles tensing and her thighs tightening around Brianna’s head with what felt like crushing force as she threw back her head and howled in delight. Having no real choice, but also not really minding, the blue-haired girl drank her mistress’ fluids eagerly, lapping and licking at Sofia’s quivering flesh as she shuddered with pleasure. Her mistress was not done, however. Even before the aftershocks had finished assaulting her tanned and toned body, the blonde shifted her weight again, pressing down and grinding her hips against the captive mouth beneath her, a silent command to continue. Although more than a little ragged herself, Brianna obeyed, again worshiping the woman’s clit with the tip of her tongue and easily drawing out a second orgasm and then a third in quick succession. Panting and shaking and muttering something in Russian between deep breaths Sofia continued to ride her, the notoriously lusty blonde not yet finished.

Thankfully, the sound of her lover’s ecstatic cries was apparently enough to convince Roxanna to stop playing games. Shifting her own position, the olive-skinned woman moved to partially straddle one of Brianna’s thighs before pressing down with her hips and rocking in a vaguely circular motion. The bound girl shuddered and moaned, practically gasping in pleasure as the way Roxanna’s pussy seemed to massage her own while the double dildo connecting them began to undulate within her in a way that was indescribably sensual and oh so good. That was not what broke her, however. After perhaps a moment or two of that sweet torment, bucking her hips against the source of her pleasure while lapping at Sofia’s trembling body as best she could, Brianna felt the cold, hard surface of the vibrator press against her clit before it roared to life again. For a split second nothing happened before the bound girl howled at the sensation, arching her back as far as she could despite the bodies pinning her down to the bed, as Roxanna shifted again to ride the vibrator with her slave. In that instant Brianna was lost, between the dildo still dancing within her with each thrust, the soft flesh grinding against her own and now, thanks to her piercing, the incredibly intense vibrations assaulting her clit from every direction at once she could not control herself even if she had wanted to. The next instant seemed to last an eternity as Brianna felt herself on the cusp of a truly enormous orgasm before what ragged remnants of control she had left broke. Almost convulsing in her bonds and thrashing against the bodies straddling her, the bound girl came, hard, shrieking in ecstatic release as sensations of pure pleasure radiated throughout her entire body. She was vaguely aware of Sofia still riding her face, and somewhere in the back of her mind she thought she could hear Roxanna’s own cries of release, but none of that truly registered with her as she came and came and came, her own pleasure and that of her lovers blending together into a single, vast wave. A sea of pure, overwhelming sensation.

At some point, beneath her blindfold, Brianna’s eyes rolled back into her head and stars bloomed in the darkness of her vision until her body went slack and she seemed to float away. She drifted there in subspace for what could have been seconds or days for all she cared, insensate and wrapped up in a warm blanket of perfect bliss until her mind managed to reset itself and she slowly became aware of her body again. Blinking a few times to clear tears from her eyes, almost surprised by the flood of light that greeted her, she spared a moment or two to gather her bearings. Testing her bonds she realized that she was still encased in her catsuit, still bound tightly spread-eagle to her bed, but her blindfold had been removed and the toys withdrawn from her body. More than that, the warm and familiar forms of her mistresses were curled up on either side of her, embracing her helpless form and crowded up on a bed that had never been designed for three people, though they did not seem to mind. Exhausted, and yet energized, her entire body sore in contrast to the satisfying glow that seemed to suffuse every cell of her being, Brianna smiled, allowing herself the luxury of reveling in each and every one of those sensations even as she snuggled up against her mistresses as best she could.

“Was it everything you dreamed of, korítsi?” Roxanna asked softly after a moment or two, caressing the bound girl’s hip as she did.

Swallowing to ease her sore throat, tongue practically aching from her earlier performance, Brianna managed a tiny nod and a smile, “It was… it was absolutely perfect, mistress. Thank you, both of you, so much.”

“You are most welcome, devushka.” Sofia assured as she propped herself up on one elbow, her hair disheveled but face practically glowing, “A fine way to end the day, no?”

Blushing beneath her hood, Brianna nodded again, “Yes, mistress.”

“You must be exhausted after that performance.” Roxanna teased, eliciting another blush, “And I have certainly worked up an appetite. Why don’t you rest here, korítsi, I will fetch us something to eat.”

Even though she knew her mistresses had to be as exhausted as she was Brianna nodded gratefully, “Thank you, mistress.”

Lifting herself up and leaning over the bound girl to kiss her softly, Roxanna offered a soft, half smile, “It is no trouble.”

With that, the olive-skinned woman slowly climbed out of the bed with deliberate stiffness and, completely heedless of her nudity, began to walk toward the door. With a wink, and a kiss of her own, Sofia followed and Brianna barely managed to marshal the energy to lift her head and watch them leave, drinking in the familiar sight of her lovers’ perfect bodies. Collapsing in a boneless heap once they were gone, Brianna took a deep breath and smiled. Even bound and sore and, shockingly enough, still a little horny, her entire body reduced to a puddle on the bed, this really was the perfect ending to a perfect day. There was still a lot of work to be done of course, and she knew that she’d probably have to rearrange a few things and make certain that her personal effects were set up exactly how she liked them, but none of that seemed to matter. She had done it, she had actually done it, and for the first time Brianna thought she finally understood a phrase that she had never really grasped before, that today really was the first day of the rest of her life. Fighting the urge to drift off to sleep, Brianna’s smile widened. Whatever else happened, whatever else the world had in store for her, she knew one thing beyond the shadow of a doubt.

She was home. She was finally home.


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