The Sorcerer's Apprentice

by Darkwolf

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© Copyright 2022 - Darkwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; bond; gag; tease; collar; armbinder; cuffs; straitjacket; oral; rom; cons; X

Continues from

Part 2

Like most people Brianna Wilde generally did not remember her dreams beyond the vaguest of impressions that tended to fade like mist upon waking. On occasion a dream would stick with her, but only rarely. For the most part this did not bother her, especially given how dreamlike so much of her life had become lately, but there were times when it was frustrating. Right now was one of those times. She was, by nature, a deep sleeper and a slow riser and while that was slowly beginning to change for a variety of reasons, it still tended to create a strange twilight in which she was still trapped in the nonsensical logic of dreams while slowly becoming more and more aware of her body. Most mornings that was not much of an issue, but on those occasions when she spent the night bound, or with her lovers, or both, it could be a problem. The worst mornings saw a rising sense of panic as she struggled to escape whatever it was that held her, trapped and unable to remember what was happening until wakefulness finally came. Thankfully that was a rare occurrence, especially once she had explored her submissive side and embraced her passion for bondage more thoroughly, but there were still times when she woke in an almost terrified frenzy until her lovers managed to calm her down. This was not one of those mornings, but rather a result of the exact opposite problem, a time in which the sensory overload of everything that she was feeling ran together in her still slumbering mind in a way that was electrifying. And right now a combination of the comfortably silken sheets beneath her, the warm softness of bodies pressed against her, and the delightfully firm grasp of the straitjacket holding her tight all swirled together wonderfully. It was incredibly overwhelming, sensation infusing every part of her being as she lay in helpless torpor. Or, to put it somewhat more bluntly, this morning Brianna found herself incredibly horny and unable to do anything about it as she balanced between sleep and the waking world.

A soft noise, halfway between a moan and a whimper, caught in her throat as she squirmed within her bonds, her whole body writhing as she unconsciously sought some kind of relief only for the arms wrapped around her and the legs intertwined with her own to stubbornly hold her in place. Heat bloomed within her core as somehow, inexplicably, the sensations only seemed to amplify. Something, something soft and delicate and marvelously gentle, began to stroke along the sensitive skin of her hip and across her stomach, working ever lower with a spider light touch while, simultaneously, a silken heat worked its way up her jaw and around the curl of her ear. Brianna actually whimpered even as she twisted her head to bare her neck and tried with all of her might to free her arms. It was only then, when it felt as if her entire body was about to burst, that her mind finally fought its way free from the fog of sleep, hazel eyes snapping open in the gentle morning light. Almost instantly Claudia’s amused face, the tattooed girl’s head laying on the pillow next to hers, came into focus, a smile clearly reflected in her soft brown eyes even as the large ball jammed into her mouth prevented all but the slightest of grins from curling the edges of her thin lips. Nipples hardening and an aroused blush spreading down her face and across her chest Brianna opened her mouth, still momentarily unaware of where she was, before the hand caressing her stomach dipped even lower to trace the flowers tattooed below her waist and a pair of lips pressed a kiss to the delicate spot behind her ear, making the blue-haired girl’s breath catch in her throat.

“Good morning, korítsi.” a velvety soft voice thick with amusement whispered, “Pleasant dreams I trust?”

The sound of Roxanna’s voice seemed to blast the last of the fog from her brain, but even so the poor girl could do little but moan as those clever, delicate fingers continued to draw patterns on her skin, working ever lower as they went.

“Yes, mistress.” she eventually managed.

She could feel the lips pressed against her neck curl into a soft smile as Roxanna whispered into her ear, “I am very glad to hear that, korítsi. You seemed somewhat out of sorts last night.”

Her eyes fluttering shut again Brianna felt her body practically shiver, need burning within her, “Please, mistress.”

Sofia chose that moment to interject, propping herself up on one elbow to peer over Claudia’s bound form, grinning at the sight before her, “What is that, devushka? Do you want something?”

Brianna managed to nod, “Please mistress, please touch me.”

The smile on her face becoming just a touch cruel, Sofia reached over slowly and placed her hand on Brianna’s thigh, “Like this?”

Moaning again as she felt that strong, calloused hand slide up her leg to give her ass a playful squeeze Brianna had to bite her lip to control herself, especially as Roxanna continued to draw patterns on her stomach and plant kisses along the curve of her neck. Whimpering as she felt the olive-skinned woman’s soft, clever fingers dip low to almost touch the throbbing heat between her legs, Brianna threw her head back with a desperate groan. Sensing an opportunity, Claudia, who had been strangely passive this whole time, got in on the act, gently nuzzling the blue-haired girl’s throat with her gagged lips. Simple though they were, the combination of sensations was overwhelming in her current state and Brianna’s body tensed as she fought against the straitjacket binding her arms and tried to twist her hips, silently begging Roxanna’s fingers to move lower, but unable to do anything between her bonds and the bodies pressed up against her front and back.

Breath soft and almost ragged, she finally managed to find her voice, begging her lovers in a rough and desperate voice, “More! Please, more!”

Rather than respond with words, Sofia leaned forward to gently take Claudia’s ear between her teeth and nibble playfully. That tattooed girl shivered in delight at the touch and moaned softly through her gag, leather creaking as her arms instinctively strained against the monoglove holding her. Not quite finished yet Sofia released her grip and leaned in even closer to whisper something to the quivering girl. No matter how much she strained her own ears to listen Brianna could not make out what was being said but regardless Claudia managed a tiny nod and moaned out a response.

“Mmph, mnphphrmphph.”

Offering a pleased smile at that response, and pressing a soft kiss to the bound girl’s brow, Sofia pulled away again, content to watch the scene unfold even as she continued to fondle Brianna’s backside. Taking a heartbeat to center herself Claudia shifted back on the mattress as far as she could all of a sudden before forcing her leg between Brianna’s thighs, pressing her knee against the blue-haired girl’s wet and eager sex before she could even think to respond to the unexpected intrusion. Between the sensation of that slender leg grinding against her aching pussy as Roxanna continued to trace nonsense patterns on her skin and tease her neck and jaw with kisses, to say nothing of the way Sofia’s hand glided up her spine and down the curve of her ass, Brianna could do nothing but let out a breathy and desperate moan. Thrusting her hips in a vaguely circular motion to enhance the sensation, the helplessly bound girl clenched her eyes shut and let go, reveling in the bliss of her lovers pleasuring her so freely and eagerly. Some part of her tried to hold back, to resist the growing tide of arousal building within her but, if she were being honest with herself, Brianna knew that she had never been very good at that. As such, it did not take long before even those tenuous threads of self control failed her and the bound girl’s body stiffened, her muscles pulling taut in that brief instant of suspense before the ecstatic wave of orgasm finally washed over her.

Arching her spine in a way that would have been painful even a few months ago Brianna threw her head back sharply to scream in euphoric release but just as soon as she opened her mouth Roxanna’s fingers wove their way into her hair and forced her to look sharply to the side. Too lost in pleasure to react, Brianna was barely aware of this until she felt her mistress’ lips crash into her own, the older woman’s tongue thrusting deep into her mouth, effectively gagging her and muffling her cries. By sheer force of habit she managed to return the kiss and felt both Roxanna and Sofia’s arms around her pull tight, crushing all of their bodies together in a tangle of warmth and writhing limbs as she shuddered and bucked and rode out the last waves of her climax. Breathing heavily and collapsing back onto the bed in a languid pile, Brianna allowed herself a moment of weakness, keeping her eyes closed as she struggled to catch her breath, the momentary physical exhaustion left in the aftermath of that unexpectedly intense orgasm warring with the energy reverberating in her core.

Eventually, though, she managed to master herself enough to speak as she blinked away tears, voice just a touch raw, “Thank you.”

Planting a final kiss on her cheek, Roxanna settled back down and pressed her slender curves against Brianna’s body, practically molding herself against the bound girl’s back, “It was our pleasure, korítsi.”

For a long moment after that no one said anything, nothing more than the soft sounds of their breathing filling the air as the four of them simply lay there in peace, enjoying the presence of each other and the warmth of familiar bodies. However it could not last. It might have been moments, it easily could have been hours, but eventually it was Sofia who broke that comfortable silence, bed springs creaking beneath her as she reluctantly moved her body into a slightly more comfortable position.

Voice soft, but clear, the blonde asked, almost rhetorically, “Is there any chance we can spend the whole morning like this, dorogoy?”

Face still pillowed against Brianna’s long blue hair, her breath tickling the bound girl’s neck, Roxanna just let out a sigh, “If only, stríngla. I am afraid, however, that we have a very important day ahead of us.”

That reminder of the conversation that was looming in the distance brought a small tinge of worry back to Brianna’s chest, but she shrugged it off just as quickly, feeling far too good at the moment to be overly concerned about anything really. Rather, she just snuggled a little closer against Roxanna’s wonderfully soft body and let out a sigh of contentment. Letting her hands rest on Brianna’s form for a moment more, gently stroking the milky skin beneath her fingers and eliciting a soft shiver from the bound girl, Roxanna lingered there for another moment or two despite her words, clearly reluctant to leave, but eventually she forced herself to move, slowly levering her body upright before climbing out of bed stiffly.

Arching her back to pop her spine, and letting out a quiet groan of relief, Roxanna smiled as she ran her eyes across the entwined forms of her lovers before addressing Sofia directly, “I am going to take a quick shower and begin preparing the kitchen, stríngla. Do not linger too long.”

Sofia, for her part, simply offered a lazy smile, “You know me, dorogoy.”

With a shake of the head Roxanna turned to leave before glancing back with an almost impish smile, “Indeed I do.”

Laying there quietly, Brianna said nothing at the exchange, eyes locked on Roxanna’s nude form as the woman gave a playful wink and began to walk from the room. Gaze drawn to her slender curves and the strange sense of poise and power that seemed to infuse her every move despite the obvious limp Brianna simply smiled back. It might have been a familiar sight, but it was one that she would never get tired of watching. Just as Roxanna reached the door, however, the blue-haired girl’s concentration was broken when she felt Sofia shift and wrap an arm around her waist to pull her close, letting out a little gasp of surprise at the unexpected but welcome embrace.

“A wonderful sight, eh devushka?” Sofia murmured as she tightened her grip to sandwich Claudia’s slight frame between them.

Blushing a bit as the new position pressed Claudia’s face firmly against her breasts, though she could not help but grin at the other girl’s muffled protest and mock struggling, Brianna managed to find her voice, “Yes, mistress.”

Idly running her fingers up and down Brianna’s spine, eliciting a pleasurable shiver in the process, Sofia shifted her body so that her chin rested on the crown of Claudia’s head in order to look the blue-haired girl eye to eye, “I am glad you agree, devushka. I have always said Roxanna is the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Feeling her face heat up even more at the proximity, gaze momentary dropping to the other woman’s soft lips and well aware of the fact that with the slightest push forward she could kiss them, Brianna swallowed, “I… I don’t know, mistress.” She tried her best to offer a playful smile, “I’ve met so many beautiful women that I think I’m spoiled for choice.”

Sofia chuckled, apparently delighted by that, and leaned in just a little bit more to press a soft kiss to the girl’s lips, “What a wondrous problem to have.”

With that, they settled back into place, basking in a combination of silence and pleasant company. But, just when Brianna thought that the familiar warmth might lull her back to sleep again she was shocked back to full awareness once more when Sofia suddenly sat up and stretched her arms over her head making her back arch and her ample bosom sway exquisitely. Without a word the blonde suddenly twisted out of bed and rose to her full height, practically looming over the bound girls, before she reached down to ruffle Claudia’s messy brown hair and favored Brianna with a reassuring smile

“As pleasant as this is, my dears, Roxanna is correct. We have a very big day ahead of us and it would not do to delay.” the woman’s smile suddenly turned sly and perhaps just a bit sultry, “Why don’t the two of you join me in the shower?”

“Yes, mistress.” Brianna answered almost instantly as Claudia took the opportunity to roll onto her back and nod with an eager moan through her gag.

Still smiling down at them Sofia proceeded to help the pair off the bed and to their feet but, much to Brianna’s surprise, the blonde did not loosen their bonds. Rather she looped one finger through the ring at the front of the collar around Claudia’s throat and wrapped her free arm around Brianna’s waist in a familiar gesture. With both of the bound girls in hand Sofia offered one last grin before half guiding and half forcing them out into the hall and down the stairs. Moving slowly and careful, mindful of each step, the athletic blonde led both of her charges into the bathroom before finally disentangling herself to shut and lock the door behind them. As she did, Brianna quickly glanced around the room, taking in her surroundings and noting both the streaks of water still running down the shower door as well as the lingering traces of steam clinging to the mirror. It seemed as if Roxanna had only just finished before they arrived which, to be honest, was just a little disappointing. Part of Brianna had hoped that she’d have the opportunity to shower together with all of her lovers, something that she had not been able to do in quite some time and even the memory of which brought a tiny smile to her lips and faint blush to her cheeks. Not that she had much time to dwell on that, of course. Almost as soon as she had finished locking the door, Sofia turned around with a mischievous smile of her own and took Claudia by the shoulders before leading the helplessly bound and gagged girl over the shower enclosure itself.

Rather than stepping in, however, Sofia quickly turned the girl around and began to carefully loosen the straps of her monoglove, slowly easing the tension on her arms and eliciting a deep moan of relief. Not that the slender, tattooed girl had much of a chance to appreciate her newfound freedom, or even to stretch. Letting the armbinder fall to the floor with a dull thud and kicking it aside absently with her foot, Sofia immediately took the girl by the hand and guided her into the shower before locking her wrists to a familiar set of cuffs dangling from the ceiling, the heavy ball gag still wedged firmly in her mouth. Perched on her tiptoes, Claudia tested her bonds, tugging against the metal cuffs circling her wrists and letting out an almost pitiful moan, though the glint in her eye and the faintest hint of a smile betrayed just how much she was enjoying the experience. For her part Brianna could only squirm in place a little, suddenly and keenly aroused by the sight of Claudia’s pale, naked form suspended helplessly in place, part of her still just a little amazed at the effortless flexibility and endurance on display. Satisfied that her charge was thoroughly secured Sofia then turned just slightly to give Brianna a sidelong glance before a smile that was equal parts playful and seductive graced her lips. Shivered a little at that look, the blue-haired girl felt rooted in place as the athletic blonde stalked over to her, the sight of toned muscles shifting beneath tanned skin and the swaying of beautifully curved hips almost hypnotic.

Sofia said nothing, however, just slowly circled Brianna’s pale form like a predator stalking its prey, reaching out to run a hand along her hip and caress the small of her back as she moved, eliciting a shivering breath from the bound girl before settling behind her. Slowly and deliberately the blonde began to unfasten the various buckles and straps of her straitjacket one at a time until, after what felt like a small eternity of anticipation, the garment fell away and Brianna felt her arms released from their self-embrace, her hands resting almost limply at her sides as she worked her shoulders to chase away the slight stiffness that had settled there. Although, Brianna mused with a satisfied smile, spending a night in a straitjacket was hardly a real challenge anymore. Hands settling back onto her hips cut those thoughts short as Sofia stepped closer to press her body against the blue-haired girl’s back, eliciting another shiver as Brianna felt those soft curves mold themselves along her spine.

After a brief moment to enjoy that closeness, Sofia slowly guided her into the shower stall as well before sliding the door shut. Face to face with Claudia again Brianna offered a tiny smile as Sofia slipped behind the tattooed girl’s helplessly dangling form and turned the water on full blast. The expected rush of sudden cold, thankfully, did not occur as the pipes were still warm from Roxanna’s earlier shower, but even so Brianna flinched a little at the rush of heat washed over her. Still, a soft sigh escaped her throat a moment later as she closed her eyes and leaned into the water to enjoy the sensation as her muscles began to relax. Almost immediately she was shaken out of that pleasant reverie when something soft was pressed into her palm. Opening her eyes Brianna looked down to see Sofia hand her a bath sponge before the blonde winked at her and began to lather Claudia’s back with her hands, caressing the girl’s tattooed arms before gliding down to massage her shoulders and back before cupping her ass playfully. For her part Claudia moaned loudly into her gag, squirming in her bonds and shaking her backside playfully as she unconsciously pulled against her cuffs holding her, a look of bliss crossing her face.

Smirking a little at Brianna’s accompanying blush, Sofia adopted an uncharacteristically innocent tone before asking, “Would you be so kind as to wash her front, devushka?”

Immediately catching onto the game, and returning that smirk as she ran her eyes up and down Claudia’s slim frame as the girl twisted and moaned beneath their mistress’s touch, Brianna nodded, “Of course, mistress. It would be my pleasure.”

Claudia did not react at first, lost as she was in the luxurious touch of Sofia’s hands, but the tattooed girl still arched her back and thrust out her chest, moan deepening as soon as Brianna touched her. Working slowly and carefully she practically worshiped Claudia’s skin, cleaning the girl thoroughly even as she traced each and every one of her ribs, which stood out prominently given both her slender form and the way her bonds stretched her out, before running a fingertip across the poem tattooed on the girl’s side. Grin widening at the way Claudia moaned and twitched beneath her touch, mewling into her gag as she begged for more, Brianna allowed herself a long moment to caress the girl’s waist and stomach, marveling at the tightly corded muscles there before working her way up. And, when she returned to the girl’s chest, if Brianna happened to spend a bit more time than necessary massaging and caressing Claudia’s slight breasts, neither one of them complained. It was only when she slowly ran a hand back down the tattooed girl’s stomach, working side to side in long and lazy strokes, and brushed her fingers between Claudia’s legs that the girl seemed to react, her hips jerking sharply as soon as Brianna’s fingers grazed her sex and a loud gasp escaping her gag.

Biting her lip, pleased with the results and face heating up at that reaction, Brianna risked looking up to see Sofia watching the entire affair with a smile as she continued to wash Claudia’s back before asking, “Mistress?”

“Yes, devushka?”

“May I please repay Claudia for...” her blush deepened, voice dropping just a bit, “for the orgasm she gave me earlier?”

Her smile twisting into an almost smirk, Sofia seemed to consider it before leaning in to whisper in Claudia’s ear, “What do you think, kotenok? Would you like that?”

Eyes still clenched shut, Claudia nodded almost frantically, forcing out a response through her gag, “Mmph, mnphphrmphph! Pmmnphm, mnphphrmphph!”

“Well, since you said please.” Sofia mused, nipping at the bound girl’s ear before shooting Brianna a sultry glance, “You may proceed.”

Smiling briefly at Sofia before turning her gaze to look Claudia square in the eye Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Claudia squirmed in anticipation beneath the blue-haired girl’s scrutiny but could do nothing but hang there helplessly as Brianna reached out and placed her left hand on the girl’s hip, thumb drawing idle patterns on her skin. After a long moment of this mild teasing she reached back and gave the bound girl’s ass a playful squeeze, making Claudia yelp in surprise, before slowly trailing up her side and once again tracing the edge of her ribs, eliciting soft moans and muffled giggles as she did. Finally though, Brianna allowed her hand to cup one of Claudia’s breasts, playfully kneading the firm mound and teasing the rock hard nipple, capping it with the tip of her thumb. Claudia’s eyes fluttered closed and she whimpered into her gag at that touch, thrusting her chest out in a silent plea for more only for those deep brown eyes to snap open a split second later with a gasp of surprise as Brianna slid a hand between her thighs and thrust a pair of fingers deeply into her. Smirking ever so slightly at the way the bound girl tightened around her, to say nothing of the nearly euphoric look slowly etching its way onto her face, inordinately proud of the reactions that her touch alone was able to elicit from this beautiful and eager young woman, Brianna pressed the attack. Drawing her fingers back ever so slightly only to thrust them in again even deeper, she probed the silken heat clenched around her like a vice, allowing her fingertips to explore sensitive nerves looking for just the right spot. It did not take her long to find it and, almost immediately, Claudia’s entire body went stiff as she threw her head back with a deep, throaty moan of pure need.

Feeling a heat light in her own core in response, Brianna leaned forward to place a series of kisses along Claudia’s throat, nipping at her pulse even as she continued to fondle the tattooed girl’s breast and thrust into her tight and eager pussy faster and faster. Deciding to join the performance at this point, Sofia silently slid her hands down the girl’s back, running a knuckle along her spine and making her squirm even more before finally cupping her ass firmly and holding her hips still as Brianna continued to work. Abandoning subtlety or finesse, the blue-haired girl intensified her attack, sucking on the sensitive skin of Claudia’s throat, just above her collar, and heedless of whether or not she left a bruise behind. At the same time she twisted her fingers and began to grind the heel of palm against her companion’s throbbing clit. Practically howling into her gag with each thrust, shaking her hips desperately and, eventually, even breaking free from Sofia’s grip as she moaned and pleaded and begged, urging Brianna on even as she ground her back against their mistress’s ample assets, Claudia was completely and utterly lost. Barely aware of anything except the sensations that threatened to drown her in that state, even if she had wanted to, it would have been impossible to hold back. After what could have been moments, or hours, of that sensual torture her entire body seemed to come undone as she came, shrieking like a banshee even as every muscle in her body seemed to spasm all at once in an unstoppable wave.

Let it never be said that Brianna did not know how to make her lovers scream.

At the peak of ecstasy her eyes seemed to roll back into her head and Claudia collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut, her entire body going limp and legs reduced to gelatin, her trembling form held up only by the cuffs circling her wrists. In the wake of that monstrous orgasm Sofia finally took pity and unbuckled the massive gag, pulling it from her mouth with little resistance and at last allowing her poor jaw to rest. Gently withdrawing her fingers from the girl’s quaking flesh, Brianna gently stroked her hair with one hand and, cupping her cheek softly with the other, planted a soft kiss on her thin lips but, in her current state, Claudia seemed mostly unaware of the gesture.

“You’re welcome.” Brianna whispered as she pulled back from the kiss, unable to keep herself from smirking just a bit, pleased with her performance.

Claudia muttered something unintelligible in response, but given the way her lips twitched into a tiny smile it was obvious that she appreciated the gesture.

In the almost startling silence that followed, nothing but the sound of running water and heavy breathing filling the air for several long moments, Sofia stepped back ever so slightly to set the gag she was holding aside before reaching up to begin gently washing Claudia’s hair, humming to herself as she worked. Still a little shaky, Claudia tilted her head back to press into her mistress’s touch, eyes closed, and bit her lips as a soft and contented moan escaped her throat. Finding the display both touching and arousing, Brianna just observed the pair for a minute or more before taking the opportunity to scrub her own skin clean, the lilac scented body wash strong and yet pleasant to her nose. As she worked her thoughts began to wander and she could not help but notice the comfortable familiarity that Claudia and Sofia shared, the soft comforting smile on the blonde’s lips as she worked to say nothing of the tattooed girl’s completely and utterly relaxed expression as their mistress washed her hair. It wasn’t something that she thought about often, but at times like this Brianna could not help but remember that, as close as she had gotten with all of her lovers, as much as they had shared with each other, the three of them still had a history together apart from her. Claudia had been with them, been their willing slave and eager plaything, worn their collar, for at least a couple of years before she had come along and while the tattooed girl had claimed the relationship was, if not exactly casual, at least undefined the connection was obvious in moments like this.

And yet, while she could not say for certain as she had little actual knowledge of what their relationship had been like in those years, to Brianna it also felt that as she had solidified her own relationship with each of her lovers in turn their bonds were strengthening as well. Maybe it was a touch of arrogance on her part, but somewhere deep inside herself Brianna felt as if she had become the glue binding this strange, kinky family together all the more tightly. Or maybe, more accurately, her clumsy but heartfelt confession had been the catalyst to transform all of this into more than the sum of its parts. Not that she was going to share those thoughts anytime soon but, as she washed the lather from her body, Brianna could not help but smile a little as the sudden warmth in her chest.

Oblivious to those thoughts Sofia glanced at her with a warm smile as she rinsed the shampoo from Claudia’s hair, “May I wash your hair as well, devushka?”

The offer caught Brianna slightly off guard, the last time one of her mistresses had washed her she had been bound much as Claudia was now and part of her wondered exactly what the blonde was up to. But, at the same time, it wasn’t exactly an unpleasant offer and so she nodded, “Of course, mistress. Thank you.”

“You are very welcome.” Sofia returned as she slipped around Claudia’s pendulous body with some difficulty.

The tattooed girl shifted to the side as best she could, watching the scene with an amused expression of her own, as if she had some idea of what was about to happen, but otherwise stayed silent. That alone brought a familiar mix of excitement and worry to Brianna's chest, but she too remained silent, eager and curiously waiting to see what, if anything, her mistress had planned. It was a bit awkward with the three of them crammed into what would otherwise be a very spacious shower but they managed to reposition themselves quickly enough and Brianna once again found herself face to face with Sofia’s toned and athletic form. In fact, the blonde’s body was so close they were practically touching and she felt a familiar spike of arousal at the sight of so much wet, naked skin.

Sofia’s smile shifted then, growing sultry and just a touch commanding as she reached up to run a hand along the nape of Brianna’s neck and through her damp hair, “On your knees, devushka.”

Realization dawning, and a smile blooming on her own face, Brianna carefully sunk down to the smooth tile floor of the shower and clasped her hands submissively behind her back, “Of course, mistress. Anything you want.”

Sofia said nothing, though her smile became a sharp smirk for a brief instant at that pronouncement, just reached down to run her fingers through Brianna’s hair, massaging the girl’s scalp and carding through her damp mane for several long moments. Closing her eyes with a soft moan at the pleasant sensation of those strong fingers gliding over sensitive skin contrasting with the water running over her body, part of Brianna wondered if she had misread the situation, or if was being teased, as her mistress then began to actually wash her hair, lathering shampoo into her long blue locks for what felt like a small eternity. It was only then, as she began to relax under that touch that Sofia pounced, weaving her fingers into the kneeling girl’s long blue hair in a tight grip and pulling that captive head between her thighs. It was an awkward position as she was forced to crane her neck back to keep soapy water from running down her face and into her mouth, but Brianna found that she did not mind.

Taking a deep breath, and relishing the familiar scent of the other woman’s arousal, she began to probe with her tongue, lapping at the blonde’s most delicate flesh in long, even strokes. It was only a slight tightening of her muscles and the faintest quiver of her hands that betrayed Sofia’s pleasure as the statuesque blonde clamped her jaw shut and tried to control herself. It was a losing battle, however, as Brianna eagerly lapped at the other woman’s nether lips, tracing and teasing the edges of her labia before swirling slowly around her hard and throbbing clit, reveling in the almost earthy taste of Sofia’s body before plunging her tongue as deep as she could into the velvety softness within. Sofia moaned loudly under that assault of pure pleasure, fingers tightening in Brianna’s hair as she pressed that skilled and eager mouth even more tightly against herself. It was a familiar reaction by now, and one that made the blue-haired girl grin even in her current position. Part of her was rather proud of being able to reduce her mistresses to this and, if nothing else, Brianna had certainly learned how to use her mouth to the fullest effect. Maybe she should reconsider getting a tongue stud after all?

Even so, despite her best efforts it took a surprising amount of time to actually bring Sofia over the edge and make her cum. The woman had always possessed considerable stamina as well as impressive willpower. Still, under Brianna’s skillful and almost frantic assault, eventually, even Sofia’s determination could not last forever. As the blue-haired girl plunged her tongue deep into the other woman one last time, teasing frazzled and sensitive nerves in all the ways that Sofia loved, the blonde’s body tightened like a vice, trapping Brianna’s tongue like a fist as the woman threw back her head with an almost primal scream of ecstasy. Eagerly lapping up her mistress’s juices, and teasing a second orgasm out of her at the same time, forcing the blonde to practically double over as another euphoric cry filled the air drowning out everything else. It was only then that Sofia finally loosened her grasp, releasing Brianna’s long blue hair as she leaned back against the shower’s tiled wall with a shuddering sigh.

Still kneeling, Brianna waited a moment, a satisfied smirk on her face, before finally standing up and ducking under the shower head to rinse off her hair and scrub her face as Sofia got her breathing under control. When the athletic blonde finally managed to lever herself away from the wall she said nothing, just grinned and closed the distance to capture Brianna’s mouth in a deep and passionate kiss, tasting herself there in the girl’s eager mouth. Parting her lips to allow Sofia’s tongue to probe deep, moaning in delight at how thoroughly and expertly her mistress could ravish her with just a kiss, Brianna blindly sought to embrace the other woman, wrapping her arms around that toned and slender waist to crush their bodies together. Sofia returned the gesture happily, holding the slightly smaller girl close. Eventually a need for air forced the kiss to break and, after stroking the blue-haired girl’s hips for a moment more Sofia pulled away with one final soft, almost chaste kiss to the lips.

“You have become quite talented, devushka.” she whispered, softly, “It seems you have learned your lessons well.”

Brianna wet her lips before smiling, “I have good teachers.”

With a chuckle Sofia loosened her arms and stepped back in order to release Claudia’s wrists from their bonds. Although she had mostly recovered, the tattooed girl still stumbled a bit when the restraints supporting her suddenly came free. Catching her in a loose embrace, Sofia kissed the girl on the cheek and helped her to regain her footing.

“Careful, kotenok.” the woman cautioned, “It seems you are still a bit shaky.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Claudia offered as she got her legs back under her.

With a reassuring pat on the shoulder, and a lingering smile, Sofia moved to turn off the water at last before sliding the door open, letting in a rush of cool air which felt positively arctic on wet skin, and stepped out onto the mat. Practically spilling out of the shower enclosure behind her, the two girls followed along as their mistress walked over to the sink and wiped the steam from the mirror mounted there. Spending a few moments drying themselves off with a set of wonderfully fluffy towels that Sofia retrieved from a nearby closet no words were spoken, none were needed in the comfortable silence that descended as they crowded around the sink to brush and dry their hair. Interrupted only by the occasional playful bump of the hip, lingering touch or warm smile it did not take long to finish and as Claudia stepped off to the side to get dressed Brianna was just putting the finishing touches on her makeup.

Leaning close to the mirror to concentrate on applying her eye shadow, she was a bit surprised when Sofia suddenly spoke, “Feeling better, devushka?”

Glancing over to where the shapely blonde was just finishing buttoning up a blouse over a camisole and a pair of jeans Brianna just nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

“I am glad to hear that.” Sofia said as she stepped closer to wrap the girl in a one-armed hug, “You seemed very distraught last night.”

Leaning into that embrace Brianna let out a sigh, “Thank you, mistress. I guess I was just a little worn out. Maybe a little nervous too.”

Claudia, who had finished dressing, opting for a simple pair of cutoff shorts and a form fitting tank top, suddenly joined in the embrace, “It’ll be okay.”

“She is right, devushka.” Sofia added, tightening her grip ever so slightly, “We are here for you, always.”

Closing her eyes and reveling in the warmth of these two wonderful women, touched by how much those words meant to her Brianna let out another, contented sigh, “I love you both, so much.”

It was Claudia who gave her a tiny kiss on the cheek, “Love you too.”

Opening her eyes and staring at the scene in the mirror, of her still naked body sandwiched between Sofia and Claudia’s forms, smiling a little at the sharp contrast between the two women, Brianna nodded a little, “I just want you to know that I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”

“And to you?” Sofia quipped, unable to resist.

A faint hint of a blush returned to Brianna’s cheeks but she managed a tiny smile, “And to me. But right now? Right now I need you to let me get dressed.”

“I suppose brunch would be a tad awkward otherwise.” Sofia allowed as she stepped aside, her fingers lingering on Brianna’s skin for just an instant more as she did.

“I don’t know.” Claudia added, a sly grin on her face as she followed suit, “You have to admit that’d be one hell of an icebreaker.”

Brianna couldn’t help herself, she laughed out loud at that pronouncement, her worries at least momentarily washed away which, she mused, was probably the point. Offering both of her lovers a smile, and still chuckling a little under her breath, she took one last look in the mirror to check her makeup and brushed an errant curl back over her ear before digging into her pack for something to wear, grabbing the first thing available. It was only after slipping the simple sundress on and brushing the hem of the skirt into place around her legs that Brianna realized that it was, in fact, that exact same dress she had worn when making her confession to Sofia in the backyard almost a year ago now. It was purely coincidental, of course, but even so the sight of herself in that familiar dress, now with the added accessory of the thin steel collar around her throat threatened to bring tears to her eyes. A reminder of just how far she had come, how much she had gained, and how determined she was to keep it. With perhaps a hint of fire in her eyes Brianna nodded firmly to her reflection and steeled herself before silently following Sofia and Claudia back out into the hallway. Buoyed by her newfound determination, that inexplicable clean sensation that always followed a hot shower, and just a hint of afterglow Brianna felt remarkably good.

As they reached the juncture of the living room and kitchen, the scent of fresh coffee and baked goods filling the air with their familiar and pleasant aroma, Sofia turned to her with a soft smile, “I need to straighten up the house a little, would you be so kind as to see if Roxanna needs anything?”

Brianna nodded cheerfully, “Of course, mistress.”

“My thanks.” Sofia offered before glancing at Claudia, “And if you would accompany me, kotenok?”

Although the tattooed girl did not look nearly as enthusiastic, Claudia nonetheless nodded her agreement, “Yes, mistress.”

With a hearty laugh Sofia wrapped her arm around Claudia’s waist and led the slender girl off into the living room. Standing there in the hall for just a moment more, Brianna allowed herself the luxury of enjoying the view, taking in both Claudia’s wiry and toned frame as well as Sofia’s gorgeously athletic curves noting, and not for the first time, how absolutely incredible her mistress’s ass looked in a nice pair of jeans. Shaking her head to clear it, the blue-haired girl still could not help the tiny smile that curled her lips as she turned to her right and stepped into the kitchen. The place was a small hive of activity, with the oven on and the stove burning, various bits of cookery scattered about, and directing it all was Roxanna. The olive-skinned woman, clad in a long dress in a swirling pattern of muted browns and tans that looked lovely when combined with her natural coloration, was retrieving various odds and ends from the refrigerator, oblivious to anything else that was happening. Stepping into sight, the sound of Brianna’s footsteps was enough to draw the older woman’s attention and almost immediately Roxanna straightened up and glanced over her shoulder with a smile.

“Ah korítsi, you look lovely today.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Brianna returned with a much wider smile, part of her wondering if Roxanna recognized this dress and its unintentional symbolism, but ultimately she decided not to ask, “Mistress Sofia asked me to check on you.”

“That is very thoughtful, korítsi.” Roxanna mused as she moved back over to the counter, “If you would be so kind as to come over here?”

While it wasn’t exactly a maid’s uniform she was wearing, Brianna still curtsied in her skirt, bowing her head ever so slightly, “Of course, mistress. How may I serve you?”

A tiny, knowing smile curved Roxanna’s lips but she said nothing as Brianna straightened up and slowly walked across the room to join her. Only then did the olive-skinned woman reach out to gently embrace the younger girl, pulling her close in a soft but still intimate grip, “And how are you feeling?”

Wrapping her own arms around the taller woman’s slender waist Brianna smiled ever so slightly, “Better now, but still nervous I guess. I think… I think the anticipation is probably the worst part.”

Nodding slightly while gently rubbing the blue-haired girl’s back, eliciting a soft sigh as Brianna relaxed in her embrace, Roxanna could not help but agree, “That has often been my experience as well. I am very proud of you, korítsi.”

Closing her eyes, and taking in the faint strawberry scent of the other woman’s shampoo, Brianna’s smile widened ever so slightly, “Thank you, mistress.”

“No more worries then.” Roxanna continued, loosening her grip ever so slightly, “It can be very difficult to tell the truth, especially to those we love, but you are the bravest girl I know. You will be fine, please believe in that.”

Gripping by the sudden impulse, Brianna perched up almost as far as she could on her tip toes and pressed a soft, almost chaste kiss to the older woman’s lips, “I will, I promise.”

With a smile that could have lit up the room Roxanna gave the girl in her arms one last playful squeeze before letting her go, “The cookies should be done, korítsi. Would you be so kind as to get them out of the oven?”

Brianna just gave a nod, a grin still plastered on her face, “Of course, mistress.”

Gently breaking free of her mistress’s grip as Roxanna went back to whatever it was she had been doing, Brianna paused only long enough to grab a towel off the counter before walking over to the antique gas stove. Opening it up a wave of heat and a sweet almond smell washed over her, instantly bringing back memories of their spring break vacation and lounging on the beach naked and bound in rope as she rested her head on Roxanna’s lap, the older woman feeding her cookies and stroking her hair. Putting those memories aside with a blush that was only partly due to the heat, Brianna quickly grabbed the tray out of the oven and closed it before taking the cookies, amygdalota she thought they were called, over to the counter to let them cool. As she carefully transferred them to a plate with a spatula the blue-haired girl happened to look over to where her mistress was working. Seemingly lost in her own world, Roxanna was busy mixing up what looked like some kind of batter in an old glass bowl, stirring with a spoon as she watched a cast iron skillet slowly heat on the stove.

“Are you making pancakes, mistress?” Brianna asked, curiosity overtaking her as she finished her task and placed the now empty cookie sheet in the sink. Although she’d been lucky enough to join her mistresses for breakfast a number of times she found herself just a bit surprised at how mundane a choice that seemed given how… exotic the fair usually tended to be at their table.

Never taking her eyes off her work Roxanna shook her head, “Not exactly, korítsi. More like crepes I suppose.” she smiled a bit, “Sofia is rather fond of them and now seemed like a good time to indulge.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had crepes.” Brianna mused as she watched her mistress begin to ladle batter into the skillet.

“Oh?” Roxanna teased, “Another first, then?”

Blushing a bit at the double entendre, Brianna nodded, “Yes, mistress.”

Still smiling faintly Roxanna glanced over her shoulder, “Then I shall endeavor to make it a memorable first time, korítsi.” smile widening at the blue-haired girl’s deepening blush, she continued, “A fair warning though, if she offers to share. Sofia is fond of putting sour cream on them.”

Brianna could not help but wrinkle her nose a bit, “Really?”

“An unconventional choice,” the olive-skinned woman conceded, “though I have seen stranger. But when combined with jam or honey? It is quite unexpectedly good.”

Although she did not say it, part of Brianna thought that ‘unexpectedly good’ was a fairly apt way to describe her relationship with her lovers, to say nothing of her exploration of both bondage and her submissive side. Instead she just offered a tiny smile, “I’ll keep that in mind. Do you need anything else, mistress?”

Roxanna seemed to consider that, “Would you mind setting the table?”

Once again stretching upward to place a kiss on the other woman’s cheek, Brianna nodded, “Of course, mistress.”

Nothing but the sound of her feet on the tile floor, the sizzle of batter and the faint hum of a vent fan in the background intruded on the scene as both women worked in comfortable silence. Intimately familiar with the layout of the kitchen by now, Brianna quickly gathered up a stack of plates and matching sets of silverware before fetching a few coffee mugs and teacups to round everything out. As she meticulously set six places, Brianna occasionally glanced back to the stove where Roxanna stood, preparing the crepes with the almost mechanical precision of long practice, watching each with a practiced eye before carefully folding the cakes into little triangles and placing them on a platter one after the other in neat stacks. Her mistress had mused more than once that she found the combination of rote and creativity that cooking embodied to be relaxing and, as she finished setting the table, Brianna wondered if the woman was truly as calm or as confident as she seemed. Or, had she opted to meet over breakfast as a way to bleed off the same sort of nervous tension that Brianna herself could not help but feel? As strange as it was that thought made her feel a little bit better and, by the time the blue-haired girl had finished with the place settings and moved to fetch the steaming carafe of coffee and fresh pot of tea brewing on the counter her mistress had finished cooking. The platter of crepes in one hand, and plate of cookies in the other, Roxanna offered her slave a tiny nod of thanks as she carried the food over.

Setting down her burden, and reaching out to lay a comforting hand on Brianna’s shoulder, which promoted a soft but grateful smile in turn, Roxanna squeezed gently, “Thank you, korítsi. Are you ready?”

Considering that for a moment Brianna almost surprised herself by nodding, “I think I am.”

Roxanna smiled warmly in acknowledgment, “I left a tray of condiments in the refrigerator. If you could get them and finish things up while I wash I would be most grateful.”

Brianna nodded, “No trouble at all, mistress.”

“And if I might offer one last piece of advice?” At Brianna's nod the olive-skinned woman smiled almost playfully, “You may wish to refrain from calling Sofia or myself ‘mistress’ in the conversation ahead.”

“Yes, mist...” catching herself Brianna blushed, “Yes, that’s… that’s a good idea.”

Patting the girl on the shoulder one last time, a teasing smile still on her face, the older woman slowly limped back to the sink to begin cleaning the various utensils. Blushing even more fiercely now, Brianna quickly moved over to the fridge, easily finding the tray her mistress was talking about, and carefully moved its contents, a jug of cream and perhaps half a dozen different jars of jam along with a small bowl of sour cream to the table. By the time that Brianna had finished, just as Roxanna finished wiping off the counter and moved to fetch sugar and honey from the cupboard along with a stack of napkins, the loud and distinctive sound of a doorbell ringing made her heart leap into her throat. Glancing over at her mistress, the olive-skinned woman just offered a reassuring smile as she cleaned her hands and removed her apron. Forcing herself to relax Brianna nodded and slowly walked around the table, fidgeting a little and unsure of what to do with herself as Roxanna wrapped her up in a reassuring hug.

“You can do this, korítsi.” the older woman soothed, voice soft and intimate and almost painfully gentle, “Everything will be fine, you will see.”

Honestly surprised at just how much better she felt upon hearing that Brianna nodded and decided to indulge herself just a bit more, “Thank you, mistress.”

Roxanna, for her part, said nothing and instead just offered a wry smile and pressed a soft kiss to the girl’s brow before breaking their embrace even as Claudia’s voice called out clearly from the living room, “I’ll get it!”

It couldn’t have been more than a minute at most but, standing there with her heart pounding in her chest Brianna felt like hours passed as she waited for something to happen. Straining her ears to listen she could hear the familiar creak of the front door opening and what might have been voices but, just as quickly, the surprisingly loud sound of that same door slamming shut echoed loudly through the house. At some point Sofia appeared from out of the hallway to join them, but Brianna barely noticed her presence as the woman offered a smile and moved to wrap Roxanna in an almost casual embrace. No, all of her attention was focused on the sound of footsteps growing closer and closer. Finally, at the point in which she was certain her heart was about to burst from anticipation, Claudia rounded the corner into the kitchen with a familiar pair of figures in tow. For a moment no one said anything and Brianna took the opportunity to study her parents. Her mother looked much as she had the other day, though it was clear that Sharon Wilde had taken a bit more time to fix her hair and makeup properly even if she had opted for similarly casual attire. If anything the woman looked a bit nervous as she glanced around the room and its occupants, as if unsure of how to proceed. Justin Wilde, on the other hand… Her father, in contrast, seemed almost tired as if something heavy was weighing on him, a look only amplified by the almost messy way he had combed back his thinning hair and the rumpled look of his khakis, as if he had slept in them. It honestly worried Brianna and she felt just a slight sting of guilt.

Before the silence could grow awkward, thankfully, Roxanna stepped in, playing the familiar role of hostess. Smiling faintly at her guests she gestured toward the table, “Mr. and Mrs. Wilde, welcome. Please, sit and make yourselves at home.”

That icebreaker seemed to shock everyone into action and, with some mumbled ‘thank yous’ everyone slowly moved to the table and took their seats. Another moment of silence fell then, with only the clink of dishes and silverware as coffee and tea was poured though no one seemed much interested in eating just yet save for Sofia, who speared a crepe with a pleased glint in her eye. Thankfully the blonde, normally known for wolfing her food down, was restraining herself today and Brianna could not help but smile at how charmingly awkward the woman looked. Stirring a spoonful of sugar into her own coffee, more to give herself something to do than anything else, Brianna glanced up at her parents noting the way their eyes seemed to keep darting toward Claudia. It made sense in a way. Having been neighbors for years they were quite familiar with both Sofia and Roxanna but the thin, tattooed girl sitting next to their daughter? She was a complete unknown. Part of Brianna wondered what they were thinking. Did they notice the marks around Claudia’s wrists where she had been cuffed not but half an hour earlier, or were they lost amid the sea of tattoos covering the girl’s arms? Perhaps they noted the fresh hickey that Brianna had left on that pale throat, or were their eyes instead drawn to the girl’s collar that, unlike Brianna’s own, was very obviously a collar? Were, even now, some of the pieces coming together in their minds or did they dismiss it as yet another outre fashion choice?

Looking down at her cup Brianna suddenly frowned at her reflection. What was she doing? Waiting wasn’t going to make this any easier, in fact it would probably only make things harder. Glancing at Roxanna and then Sofia out of the corner of her eyes her mistresses remained silent, their presence calm and supportive but also clearly waiting for her to take the lead. And it struck Brianna then how important that was. This was her life, her decision, she couldn’t wait for someone else to take care of things for her. No, she shouldn’t wait for someone else to take care of things for her. She had a responsibility, both to those she loved and to herself to stand by her decisions and to defend her choices.

Straightening up in her chair, drawing strength both from the proximity of her lovers and the weight of that revelation, Brianna looked her parents square in the eye and spoke, “Mom? Dad? Thank you, for coming. I appreciate it.”

The sudden shattering of the silence that had slowly been growing awkward seemed to startle the both of them but Sharon recovered first, smiling faintly at her daughter, “Of course sweetheart, it was no trouble.” she glanced at her husband for a brief second before turning back to Brianna, “But we have some questions.”

“And some concerns.” Justin added, voice deep but calm for the moment.

Brianna nodded softly, not at all surprised by the sentiment, and silently urged them to continue.

Her mother seemed to struggle to put everything she wanted to say into words for a moment, “It’s just… this is all so sudden!” she finally blurted out, “Brianna, dear, you never dated much and when you did it was always casual. But then, out of the blue, you tell me you’re in a serious and very unconventional relationship, and it’s just...”

“You lied to us.” Justin interjected as her mother trailed off, voice steady but something growing beneath the surface, “You say this has been going on for a year, but you hid it from us for all this time.”

The words cut deeper than she would have liked to admit and, in truth, Brianna was a bit ashamed of the deception, for as much as it had seemed like a good idea at the time. Still, while there was no changing the past that didn’t mean she wouldn’t own up to it all the same, “I know dad, and I’m sorry that I lied to you. I know it’s not an excuse, but I was uncertain and I was afraid and I didn’t...”

“Didn’t think we’d approve?” the man interrupted, a potent mixture of worry and anger beginning to show through the cracks of his expression, “I’m not sure I would have if I had known. You were over here practically every day last summer, ‘working’ you said, but I’m not sure I want to know what kind of ‘work’ you were doing.”

“Dad!” Brianna protested, just a bit scandalized.

“Even looking past everything else?” Justin continued, as if she had not said anything, and ignoring the concerned look that Sharon gave him, “I don’t care who you were seeing that kind of behavior worries me. You say you’re not being taken advantage of, but you’ve never done anything remotely like this before, and to lie about it on top of that?”

“Dad, I’m not a child anymore!” she shot back.

Practically rising from his seat, restrained only by his wife’s hand on his shoulder, Justin finally seemed to lose control, “You’re my child!”

A sudden, loud bang echoed through the room as Roxanna, who had been listening quietly, struck a teaspoon against the edge of the table with surprising force. The noise startled everyone just a bit and in the abrupt silence that followed the olive-skinned woman spoke, her tone calm and her words polite, but her voice cold in a way that Brianna had never heard before, “Mr. Wilde, your concern both for your daughter and of this situation is understandable, admirable even. Your distrust of our motives is equally understandable, however I will thank you not to raise your voice to Brianna while in my home.”

In all her years Brianna had never seen her father deflate so visibly, as if scolded. Sinking back into his chair, the man glanced over at his wife who offered a sympathetic look and began to rub his shoulder but otherwise said nothing, before nodding almost absently, “I… Yes, yes of course. My apologies. That was, that was uncalled for.”

Roxanna nodded in acceptance but did not comment further.

“Sweetheart,” her mother said at length, “we really are just worried about you. Maybe, maybe if you could just explain how all this happened a little more?”

Glancing over to Roxanna, who offered a warm smile and then to Sofia who winked at her, Brianna smiled a bit and nodded even as she felt Claudia’s hand snake around to the small of her back, the touch comforting, “I’m not really sure there’s much more to tell than what I’ve already said, mom. I took a chance and I don’t really know what I expected, but what I found? It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, I understand myself now in ways I honestly can’t describe. And I don’t know where it’s going, I guess nobody really does, but I do know that I never want it to end.”

“If I may?” Sofia suddenly asked, speaking for the first time since they had gathered.

Caught a bit by surprise, Brianna just nodded.

Sofia smiled at the blue-haired girl, “Thank you. I do understand that this all must seem very strange, but please understand that she is very special to us. Brianna’s was not the first confession I had received since coming here and, in truth, I had planned to let her down gently when she told me. But there was something about her plea, an earnestness that touched me and I thought to myself there was no harm in giving her a chance. Roxanna agreed and, at first, I do not think either of us expected it to last. A passing infatuation of the type that is common at that age.”

Brianna felt herself blush and looked down, even as a tiny grin curled her lips.

“What I think surprised all of us,” Roxanna added, her voice returning to its normal tone, “was how quickly and thoroughly we grew close to each other. Your daughter is an amazing young woman. Kind, caring, intelligent and very beautiful. If you will forgive the poet in me, loving her was as natural as breathing.”

Brianna’s blush deepened at that, even as a familiar and pleasant warmth grew in her chest and her smile widened. Looking up, her father seemed almost pensive though he remained silent while her mother… It was hard to say but her mother looked just a touch more relaxed than she had earlier.

Nodding ever so slightly at that Sharon suddenly shifted her gaze to the girl at Brianna’s side, “Claudia, right?”

The tattooed brunette nodded with a grin, “Claudia Reed, at your service.”

Nodding again her mother bit her lip, “I’m sorry if this is rude but, how do you fit into all of this?”

Claudia shrugged with an easy grin, “No trouble. The three of us,” she gestured casually at both Roxanna and Sofia as she spoke, “had a somewhat casual relationship for the last couple of years. I didn’t meet Brianna until months after she began seeing them but, I guess, I couldn’t stop myself from falling into her orbit either.” glancing at the blue-haired girl, her grin transformed into a warm smile with just a touch of mischief in her eyes, “She’s a lot of fun to spend time with, and a great kisser.”

“Claudia!” Brianna scolded as her face turned pink again, though she could not keep a smile off her own face at the compliment.

Despite that, however, a tiny smile touched Sharon’s lips as she took in that statement and the playful admonition that followed, “I see. Thank you.”

Before anyone else could think to respond to that, Justin roused himself enough to speak, voice soft as he looked up, “Brianna? Can we… Can we speak privately? Please?”

She could practically feel the looks of her lovers, which ranged from curious to concerned, upon her but no one interfered and for that Brianna was grateful. Instead she nodded slowly, “Yeah, of course.”

Standing from the table, the pair made their way over to the sliding glass door in the back of the kitchen and stepped out onto the patio and into the heat of early summer, the scent of flowers strong in the air as a faint breeze blew through the garden. Shutting the door behind them, cutting off the cool air of the house and the lingering traces of conversation, Brianna turned around and was a bit surprised by what she found. That same, pensive expression from before was still painted on her father’s face and for the first time she could ever remember the man looked awkward, unsure of what to say. She felt her heart soften a little at the sight and carefully moved to stand next to him, waiting patiently for him to say his piece.

Looking around the patio briefly, taking in the weathered wooden poles and canopy overhead as well as an old lantern laid out on a small wrought iron table that dominated the space, Justin Wilde seemed to, at last, gather his thought, “I’m sorry. For earlier, I shouldn’t have lost my temper like that.”

“It’s okay dad.” she assured, softly.

“No, it isn’t.” he insisted, “I… when I came home yesterday and your mother wanted to talk to me about you I didn’t really know what to think. She didn’t seem too upset, but at the same time I couldn’t help but imagine all kinds of scenarios. Nothing could have prepared me for what she actually said though.”

Biting her lip to stifle an unexpected giggle Brianna just nodded, “I can imagine. I’m sorry too, dad, for not telling you earlier.”

He turned slightly to look her in the eyes, “You’re my daughter Brianna, and I’ll always love you no matter what. You know that, right?”

She nodded.

Looking away, out at the pool, Justin sighed, “But I also can’t help but worry about you, that’s my job after all. And this? From the outside, it raises so many red flags. But at the same time, for all my protective instincts, I started to think. Would I have reacted differently if it were my son telling me this?”

That caught Brianna off guard but, at the same time, it was an interesting question when she thought about it. After all, many would consider having three beautiful women as quite the achievement for a young man. All she could do, though, was regard her father curiously and wait for an answer.

Oblivious to her thoughts Justin just shook his head, “Part of me thinks that I might and that? That bothers me. We always tried to teach you to make your own choices, but if I can’t judge your choices fairly, what does that say about me?”

Leaning closer she enveloped the man in a hug, “It means you’re human, and you’re complicated and that you’re not perfect but you’re trying your best anyway.”

Smiling softly, Justin gratefully returned his daughter’s embrace and, for a long moment neither said anything until he asked, “You love them, don’t you?”

“I do, dad.” Brianna confirmed.

“And it hit me, just a minute ago, the way they talk about you? The way they look at you? The way your face lights up when they smile? They love you too.”

Brianna tightened her embrace just a little, “They do.”

“You know, I dated people before your mother.” Justin mused, somewhat rhetorically, “And I thought some of them were serious, but there was always something missing. But after Sharon and I had been together for a while, I just knew.”

“I know exactly what you mean.” Brianna affirmed.

“I guess you do.” her father conceded, “Just, answer me this one question. Is this really, truly what you want?”

Brianna did not hesitate, after all this was a question she had been asking herself for some time and in the very depths of her heart she knew the answer, “It is, dad. As crazy as it may seem, this is what I want.”

“Okay.” Justin answered softly, “Then I guess, what I’m trying to say in my roundabout way is that what I really want is for you to be happy. So, you might not need it but, for what it’s worth? You have my blessing.”

Blinking away the beginning of tears Brianna had to swallow once or twice to find her voice, “I love you, dad.”

“I know, sweetheart, I know.” he assured, rubbing her back gently, “Now, are there anymore bombshells you need to drop while we’re here?”

Although the question was asked almost in jest it was serious enough and Brianna nodded a little bit as she stepped back out of their embrace, “Just one.”

“Oh?” Justin asked, raising a brow in a silent invitation to continue.

Despite herself Brianna felt a tinge of heat across her cheeks, “In a couple of weeks, at the end of the semester? I’d like to move in with them.”

While it was clear that he had not expected that, at the same time the idea didn’t seem to catch Justin completely off guard either. Rather, the man seemed to ponder for a moment before nodding softly, “I suppose that’s fair.”

A bit surprised by that response Brianna cocked her head to the side, “I kind of expected more of a reaction than that, honestly.” she admitted.

“I think I’m all reactioned out for the day.” Justin answered, only half seriously, “Besides that, we honestly figured you’d be moving out soon anyway so, if nothing else, it’ll be nice to have you close to home.”

Offering a grateful smile Brianna just said, “Thanks dad.”

“You’re very welcome.” Justin assured, “Now come on, let’s go back inside and rescue your mother from what has to be some very awkward small talk.”

Although she nodded her agreement Brianna said nothing. Instead she lingered there on the patio for a moment or two more as her father moved to open the door to the kitchen, staring out at the slowly swaying flowers of the carefully tended garden and watching the patterns of sunlight reflect off the pool’s crystal clear waters. As much as Roxanna and Sofia and even Claudia had tried to reassure her that everything would be alright a part of her hadn’t really believed it. But now? Now it felt as if some great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. A broad smile split her face as she took in the sights before finally turning to walk into the house. The day was just starting and things were already looking up.


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