The Shoot

by Findar

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Part Six

“You what?!” Sherrie exclaimed, spraying coffee across the table. Her outburst earned a disapproving look from the girl behind the counter. Sherrie immediately lowered her voice and began wiping up the spilled coffee. “Tell me you’re joking,” she hissed.

“I panicked,” Jessica moaned. “I thought I was going to choke. And I couldn’t get him to stop. What was I supposed to do?” she asked miserably. She could feel herself tearing up once again.

Sherrie eyed her friend. Jessica’s eyes were red and puffy. Her hair was a mess and the tee shirt she wore looked like it had been slept in. “It's okay,” she said soothingly. “Start from the beginning and tell me the whole story.”

Jessica related the story of how she had followed Don’s instructions, putting herself in bondage. How she had come on to Jeff, giving him the combination to the keys that were locked to her collar. But instead of releasing her he had forced her to give him a blow job. And when he ejaculated she had bitten him.

Sherrie sighed. “Did you think you could just get him to do exactly what you wanted?” she asked. “Don sent you home to practice being a submissive. Instead you tried to be the one in control. Had you even worked out a non-verbal safe word?”

Jessica looked down at the table, unable to meet Sherrie’s gaze. “We didn’t talk much about it. I just have a hard time giving myself up like that, you know? I guess I’m afraid he’ll want me to be like that all the time - that I won’t be me anymore.”

Sherrie sat in silence for a while. “Maybe you have to be someone else,” she mused. “Anyhow, first you have to do some damage control. Go home and get cleaned up. Make a nice dinner for Jeff. Apologize for what you did-start with cocktails. Then it’s time you two had a heart to heart.”

“What if that doesn’t work?” Jessica sniffled.

“Just keep things together until Saturday when Don and I come to dinner,” Sherrie replied. Just then her phone pinged. “Oh shit,” she muttered as an uncomfortable look crossed her face. “Let’s pay up and get out of here.”

Jessica seemed to notice her friend for the first time since they sat down. Sherrie was wearing a loose fitting dress. That in itself was unusual, as she had a nice figure that she wasn’t afraid to show off. And now she was fidgeting anxiously in her seat. “Is everything okay?”

Sherrie bit her lip and gripped the table. “Will be- shortly,” she gasped. She dropped some money on the table. “I’m going to the ladies room. Pay the bill, will you?”

Jessica watched Sherrie get up and head to the back of the coffee shop. There was something odd. Sherrie walked with an almost mincing step, as if she was afraid to take a full step. Her own problems seemed to fade as her concern from her friend grew.

She paid the bill before heading for the ladies room to check on Sherrie. The little bathroom had two stalls. Jessica could hear Sherrie’s labored breathing coming from one. “Sherrie, are you okay?” she asked anxiously.

“I’m fine,” Sherrie gasped. “It’s just Don,” she gasped again.

“You don’t sound fine. Please let me in.”

“Okay,” Sherrie said. “But lock the bathroom door first.”

Jessica saw that there was a deadbolt lock on the ladies room door. She flipped it, locking out anyone else. “Okay, now let me help you,” she said.

The stall door opened. Sherrie stood there, her face flushed. She caught the hem of her dress, pulling it up. Jessica stared in shock as the dress came off. Underneath the loose garment Sherrie was dressed in steel.

“What the fuck?” Jessica breathed.

“You remember when Don was teasing me on the bed and I said I’d do anything to cum?” She gestured at her steel outfit. “Well, this is it.”

Jessica’s brain tried to assimilate what her eyes were seeing. Sherrie’s breasts were encased in two gleaming hemispheres of steel, held in place with a steel band and a chain that ran-halter style, around her neck. But what truly drew her attention was the tight steel band that encircled Sherrie’s waist. From it a second steel band descended between her legs, completely covering her sex.

Finishing off the bizarre ensemble were two steel bands about her thighs. They were kept in place with chains from the waist belt and locked to each other by a short chain. Suddenly Sherrie’s awkward gait made sense.

“Is that what I think it is?” Jessica asked incredulously.

Sherrie sighed, “Complete and total chastity.” She gasped, slapping a hand against her steel encased pussy. “Except for the remote controlled vibrator that’s in there,” she explained. “Don’s phone pings mine and we’re off to the races. Except he keeps it at the low settings that make me almost cum but not quite. Drives me crazy,” she said as she slipped the dress over her head.

“How long-I mean how do you pee?”

“Oh he comes by mid day to let me have a break. Very supervised, no ‘inappropriate’ touching.”

“So you’re in that all the time? For how long does he intend to keep you like this?” There was a hint of outrage in Jessica’s voice.

Sherrie managed a laugh. “No, only till the end of the day. Then I’m spread eagle on his bed and I get more of what he’s been teasing me with all day. By the end of the week I’ll be a raving lunatic.”

“The end of the week?” Jessica queried.

Sherrie let out a brief sigh of relief. Slumping against the counter she said, “Vibe stopped. Yes, I’m in this until after dinner at your place. So I’m really hoping you get this sorted out with Jeff by then!”

A pounding on the door interrupted their discussion. Sherrie smoothed out her dress. They unlocked the door, admitting an older woman who gave them a dirty look. Giggling, they scooted out the door, going their separate ways.

Jessica couldn’t get the image of Sherri out of her mind as she drove home. The idea of having your most intimate parts locked away was both exciting and terrifying. She tried to imagine giving anyone that much control. And at the end of the day to be bound helpless, without the hope of sexual release-it was horrifying.

The voice in the back of her head said, ‘If it’s so terrible why are you getting wet thinking about it?’

Jessica didn’t have an answer.

Somehow Jessica smoothed things over with Jeff. It involved an excellent dinner, a few tears and some ‘make up sex.’ But in the end they were at least on speaking terms. Jessica waited until after the sex part to let Jeff know about their dinner guests for Saturday night.

Jeff was initially wary of having Don and Sherrie over. How did Jessica even know them (other than from their photo session?) But Jessica explained that she and Sherrie had become friends whilst getting her corset made, and that Don was currently seeing her.

Thinking back to how effortlessly Don had bound his wife-and how willingly she had accepted it, Jeff decided an evening with the rigger might give him some insight on how to manage Jessica’s on again, off again interest in bondage.

The couple arrived for cocktails before dinner, the alcohol serving to break the ice. Jessica knew Sherrie would be wearing a dress to hide her chastity gear, so she donned a dress as well. Sherrie wore a shirt sleeved shirt dress. It was tighter than the loose garment she had worn to the coffee shop. Her steel encased breasts pressed boldly against the fabric. Her step told Jessica that Sherrie’s thighs were still shackled together.

Dinner had gone well. Jeff, not known for small talk, seemed genuinely interested in how Don had gotten into being a rigger. The women left them chatting over coffee as Sherrie pulled Jessica towards the master bathroom.

Sherrie had carted her handbag to the bathroom with her. It was actually more like a tote from the size. She had instructed Jessica to get her high heels on the way. Jessica was curious, but did as she was asked.

Once the two women were in the bathroom Sherrie locked the door behind them. She turned to Jessica and said, “Okay Sweetie, time for you to strip.”

“What?” Jessica asked in confusion.

Sherrie responded by dumping her bag out on the vanity. A clattering collection of leather, steel and latex tumbled out. “You need to get changed for the evening,” Sherrie said archly.

Jessica looked at the fetish wear before her. “No way,” she declared. “That’s what got me into trouble the last time.

Sherrie advanced on her menacingly. “Oh, I think you’ll co-operate,” she purred. She drew an envelope from the pile and handed it to Jessica.

“What’s this?” Jessica asked as she took the envelope. She opened it and a series of photographs spilled into her hand. The color drained from her face as she saw pictures of herself, wearing only a wet dress shirt leaving Don’s apartment.

“Don doesn’t want to fuck up your marriage,” Sherrie said. “But if you’re not dressed when we go back to the table he’ll hand these over to Jeff and let you explain them.” She paused before tapping the metal band beneath her dress. “And my pussy doesn’t get out of jail until you do. So if I have to wrestle you into that outfit I will.”

Jessica felt like the world was spinning out of control. She understood Sherrie’s motive in all this. But what did Don hope to gain? It was obvious he had planned things well in advance. If she didn’t do as he said he could easily ruin her life.

Glancing down at the gleaming latex Jessica sighed. “I’ll do it on one condition,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“That you go out there without your dress on. That way I won’t be the only freak here.”

“You got a deal, girlfriend,” Sherrie exclaimed as she unbuttoned her dress.

Once Jessica was naked Sherrie showed her how to powder her body. This helped her slip into the latex catsuit without too much trouble, although she was glad to have Sherrie’s help with it. When she was done her body was encased in shiny black latex. Gloves were slipped over her hands and tucked under the sleeves. On each wrist Sherrie buckled a wide leather cuff.

“Looks good,” Sherrie announced. “Now let’s work on your figure.” She held up a corset of thick latex. She wrapped it around Jessica’s waist and closed the busks.

As Sherrie went to work on the laces Jessica examined the catsuit. She saw that there was a zipper at the crotch. It had two sliders so it could be opened and closed to the front or back. That would be very useful if you needed the bathroom, but she was quite certain that the designer had other things in mind.

She noticed on each breast there was a little nipple of the sort you might find on a bicycle tire. Jessica was about to ask what they were for when Sherrie gave a mighty tug on the laces. “Whoa,” she gasped as her body was squeezed. “Couldn’t we have done this before dinner?”

“Perhaps you should learn not to eat so much,” Sherrie snarked as she tied off the laces. “Step into your shoes,” she commanded. Once Jessica had done so, Sherrie buckled and locked them into place.

It was only when Sherrie had pushed her hand down to her side that Jessica realized that there were D rings attached to the sides of the corset. Sherrie quickly snagged a padlock, anchoring Jessica’s wrist to her waist.

As bondage went, it was better than some of the positions that she had been forced into lately. Jessica stood unresisting as her other wrist was locked in place. And really, what could she do about it? The pictures Don had were damning. If Jeff saw them would he actually believe that she went to Don to improve their sex life? Even to Jessica it sounded ludicrous.

Sherrie seemed to read Jessica’s mind. Or perhaps she watched as Jessica tested her mobility against the padlocks. Either way she said, “That looks a little sloppy, don’t you think?”

Jessica glanced in the bathroom mirror. Her body gleamed blackly in the latex covering. Her waist was tightly cinched. It was, she thought, a very sexy look that was sure to arouse Jeff’s interest. But after last time she was wary of being helpless before him. “No, I think it’s more than enough,” Jessica replied as he wiggled her hands.

“Fortunately for me,” Sherrie said as she grabbed a leather strap, “Your opinion doesn’t count.” Stepping behind her latex clad friend she slipped the strap around Jessica’s arms. She cinched the strap tighter, drawing Jessica’s elbows closer together.

“Oh my God,” Jessica gasped. Her elbows were nearly touching! With her hands fixed high up on her waist her arms projected backwards in what could only be called a ‘chicken wing’. Her relative freedom had been replaced with a tie that allowed her almost no movement.

“You know what,” Jessica gasped, “I think this has gone far enough. Either take me to Jeff or let me go. I’m done with this.”

“Jessica, you always want to quit just when we get to the good part,” Sherrie crooned. “You also wait until there’s nothing you can do about the situation,” she chuckled. “But don’t worry, we’re almost done.”

Sherrie picked up a latex hood, turning it in her hands. “What’s that?” Jessica asked with growing anxiety.

In response Sherrie stepped behind her. She pulled the hood up over Jessica’s face. Jessica struggled, “What-no!” she cried as the latex covered her face. She tried to struggle, but Sherrie had the advantage of position and leverage.

“If you can’t submit to Jeff as Jessica,” Sherrie said as she pulled the hood down, “then you won’t be Jessica.” She took hold of the hood’s zipper, pulling it down.

Jessica’s panic turned to relief as she realized she could breathe through the mouth of the tight fitting hood. The latex quickly warmed, conforming to the shape of her face. She stopped her struggles, allowing Sherrie to adjust the hood. A gentle tug and she found that there were also holes for her nose as well.

With the immediate fear of suffocation gone, Jessica looked to the mirror to see what new transformation Sherrie had forced upon her. She was confronted with a blank visage. The only outstanding feature was the mouth which was framed with bright red lips, almost comical in their exaggeration. Her nose was marked only by the two holes there. Strangest of all-she had no eyes.

Sherrie could see Jessica’s confusion. “You can see out but no one can see in. There’s tiny laser drilled holes where your eyes are. That’s what causes the faint haze you see. No doe eyes pleading to be released. No more Jessica,” she said as she picked up another bit of bondage gear.

Jessica recognized the harness gag in Sherrie’s hands. “You won’t need that,” she said quickly. “I can keep my mouth shut.”

“Silly girl,” Sherrie teased. “I don’t want you to keep your mouth shut-I want it wide open.” With that she pressed the leather to Jessica’s mouth. Instead of a ball there was a circular ring with a flange on it. She forced it between Jessica’s teeth, prying her mouth into a wide O.

Jessica found that the ring, once inside her teeth, was impossible to spit out. She struggled fruitlessly as Sherrie buckled the straps around her head. From the front of the gag a round rubber stopper hung on a beaded chain. “Herhee, hake hiss ow,” came her garbled protest.

“I think you said to take it out, but I’m not really sure so I’ll leave it in,” Sherrie teased. “But we don’t want you looking too eager for that blow job just yet.” She took the rubber stopper in one hand and the back of Jessica’s head in the other. The stopper fitted snugly into the O of the ring gag. “There, now you won’t even sound like that woman- what was her name? Oh yes, Jessica.”

“Well the men will be missing us if we don’t hurry up,” Sherrie said. She picked up a stiff posture collar from the vanity. “You remember this,” she said as she slipped it around Jessica’s neck.

Jessica almost didn’t care as her head was forced into a strict upright position. She was focused on trying to regulate her ragged breathing. With the gag in place she had to rely on the nasal holes for the majority of her air supply.

Sherrie turned once again to her bag. “Now where did I put that,” she muttered as she rummaged about. “Ah, there you are,” she exclaimed as she pulled out a little pink vibrator. Turning to her faceless captive she commanded her to spread her legs.

Jessica looked at the little vibe. She clamped her legs together defiantly. “Huk hoo,” she mumbled.

Sherrie caught the D ring on Jessica’s collar. She pulled her close. “Sex toys don’t get to say no,” she purred. She reached up with her free hand and pinched Jessica’s nose. Jessica struggled in her grasp, panicked. Sherrie released her grip. “You’re not some bratty sub who gets to run the show anymore,” Sherrie warned. “You’re a sex toy to be played with. I can play gentle or I can play rough.”

Jessica knew she was beaten. Her rebellion was ended with a simple pinch of her nose. Dutifully she spread her legs, standing unresisting as Sherrie opened the zipper between her legs. Cool air was followed by even colder lube. She thought she was probably wet enough without it. But it helped when Sherrie slipped the vibrator up inside her.

Jessica watched in the mirror as Sherrie padlocked the two zippers together. Even if her hands were free she couldn’t get at the vibrator to remove it. And the collar had padlocks as well. It hid the zippers from the latex suit and hood. She was truly trapped inside her latex cocoon.

Sherrie turned her around. “You look like the perfect sex toy,” she enthused. “But there’s one thing more.” She took a strange little device from the counter. It turned out to be a hand pump that she attached to the nipple on the left breast of Jessica’s catsuit.

Jessica glanced down as well as she could. With each squeeze of the pump her breast became larger. Well, not her breast, she reminded herself. But the voice in the back of her head said, ‘The sex doll’s breast. And you’re the sex doll.’

She wanted to argue the point. But as her breasts were pumped up to a size she never dreamed of Jessica felt as if she was slipping away. The image in the mirror bore no resemblance to Jessica Walters. Enormous breasts, a tiny waist and a featureless face said that Jessica wasn’t there. And in some way she felt better about that. Jessica didn’t have to play the submissive. This anonymous sex toy could be as submissive a plaything as her husband could want.

“Show time,” Sherrie exclaimed as she caught Jessica’s elbow. A little whimper escaped Jessica as the vibrator shifted within her. The only other sounds were the click of high heels and the soft rattle of the chains between Sherrie’s thighs.

Jeff and Don had their heads together over Jeff’s phone when the two women returned. Don spotted them first. He gave the two a welcoming smile. Seeing Don’s attention shift Jeff looked as well. His eyes went wide and his mouth gaped. “Holy shit,” was all he could manage.

“Jessica?” Jeff asked as the latex clad woman stood before him.

Sherrie spoke up. “This isn’t Jessica. Tonight it’s your sex doll. You can give it any name you want, but I’d avoid using your wife’s name if I were you.” She reached out and handed Jeff a set of keys. “It’s impossible for the suit to be removed without these. The pussy is locked as well.” Sherri continued as if she was selling a new car. She reached up and pulled the stopper from the gag. “The mouth is fully accessible. The plug is there for when you want some quiet.” To emphasize the point she stuffed the stopper back in place.

“And that app I was explaining to you works very well,” Don chimed in. “Go ahead and give it a try.”

Jessica watched through the tiny eye holes as Jeff opened his phone screen. She let out a muffled yelp as the vibrator lodged inside her sprang to life. Involuntarily she clamped her thighs together. It was like going from zero to sixty in the bedroom.

“Maybe start at the lower intensity,” Don chided as he took the phone from Jeff’s hand. He touched the screen and the vibrator subsided to a dull throbbing. “You don’t want to burn her out before you get some use out of her.” Don eyed the captive Jessica. “Here, let me show you,” he said to Jeff. Turning to Jessica he said, “Walk across the room, turn and wiggle your tits for us.”

Jessica let out an indignant whine. They were talking about her like she wasn’t even human! She had just decided she was going to stand her ground when the little vibe inside her slammed into action. The sudden activity nearly doubled her over.

“The vibrator can be used as a training device for new toys,” Don said conversationally. He was talking to Jeff, but the message was clearly intended for Jessica. She had better do as she was told or she could spend the evening as a quivering mass on the floor. Putting her resentment aside she stood up and took a step towards the far wall.

As soon as Jessica started moving the vibration subsided. The little device returned to its low throbbing. It teased and distracted, sending messages of arousal to her brain, but that was a minor inconvenience compared to being hooded, gagged and locked in a latex suit.

Jessica focused on the wall. She knew that she must place her feet carefully in the high heels and couldn’t look down to see them because of her posture collar. With the focus on simple activity she stopped thinking about the way she was being treated. Her brain drifted into a quiet space, no longer protesting the treatment of “Jessica”. She was instead letting herself be what they saw- a faceless sex object.

The men at the table watched as the latex clad woman swung round at the wall. Smiles and shouts of approval erupted as she turned and thrust her chest at them, wiggling her outsized breasts. The approbation touched something in her brain. She was desired by these men, and yet it wasn’t Jessica. It was the sex doll they had created that behaved so shamelessly. Jessica was happily walled away. It was the sex toy’s time for play.

Jeff walked across the room. Hunger burned in his eyes. He caught her by the collar before guiding her down to the floor. From her kneeling position not-Jessica could see the bulge in his pants. “I think I’ll call you Dita,” he said as he looked down at her.

The sex toy had a name. She thought, ‘I’m Dita now. I can do whatever my owner wants.’

A sound from the table ended the moment. “I think we’ll get going,” Don said. “I wouldn’t keep her that way for more than two hours. She might overheat. And you might want to turn the AC down to help.” He turned to look at Sherrie, “You ready to go?”

“Just let me get my dress,” she answered.

“You don’t need it,” came the quick response. “Let’s leave them to it.”

Sherrie started to protest, but the look from Don stopped her. She bowed her head and walked to the door clad only in her chastity outfit. She would turn a few heads on the ride home. It was better than giving Don an excuse to keep her locked up longer than he already had.

Jeff barely heard the door close as the couple left. He was focused on his beautiful new submissive. Catching hold of the chain he pulled the cork from her gag. As he unzipped his pants he wondered if her eyes were open or closed.


Jessica worked the latex up over her freshly powdered thighs. Gone was the old black suit. It had been replaced with a flesh colored one with more ‘features’ than the old one. And as she applied lubricant to her vagina she was about to employ one of those features.

The vaginal condom slid in easily. Reaching outside the suit she slipped her fingers through the doll’s slit, lubricating and smoothing the condom inside her. The second ‘feature’ was not as easy. Jessica amply lubricated her backside before gently working the rectal condom inside of her. This would be something new for her. But it was Jeff’s birthday and she wanted his sex doll to be fully functional.

Jessica shook her head in bemusement at the thought of her husband’s birthday. A year ago she had timidly gone to set up a bondage photo shoot to please him. Now, every couple of weeks Jessica ‘left’ and Dita the love doll returned.

With her arms encased Jessica worked the zipper in the back of the suit. The initial touch of the cool latex quickly warmed, molding itself to her skin. After settling her breasts within the doll’s she proceeded to get dressed.

Tonight ‘Dita’ would be a French maid. Thigh high stockings went on, held up by a lacy black garter belt. The little black maid’s dress slipped over her head and a frilly white apron was tied at her waist. Her high heels-the ones that Sherrie had once locked about her ankles were locked on once again.

The leather cuffs were the next order of business. ‘Dita’ eyed the clock. Still time to finish before her owner came to play. Wrists and ankles were wrapped in leather. The buckles closed, each one secured with a padlock. She did not have the keys. It was up to him to decide when she would be released.

Satisfied that everything was in place Jessica picked up the mask. It was a doll-like representation of a human. She had looked long and hard to find one that resembled Jeff’s fetish dream girl. The tell tale beauty mark had been added by her. “See you tomorrow, Jessica,” she said as she slipped the mask over her head.

Into her mouth went the plastic tube. It was open at the back to allow for easier breathing, or to swallow what her owner would give her. Latex clad fingers tucked her hair away. The zipper was drawn down. The mask slipped into place. Eyes peered through small holes in the mask, invisible to her owner who would see only deep blue doll’s eyes.

A black wig, styled in a classic retro bob, covered her head. The newly made doll adjusted it, peering in the mirror to get it just right. Satisfied, ‘Dita’ lifted the hair from the back of her neck. She found the zippers of the suit and the mask. Holding them together she took up the final padlock. A moment’s struggle and the shank slipped through the zippers. There was a push and a click.

Jessica was safely locked away for the night. Her husband could enjoy his sex doll. And she could enjoy being ‘Dita’, without guilt or doubt. Jessica could not be embarrassed or humiliated by all the things the doll did because she simply wasn’t there.

The doll took a final glance in the mirror before stepping into the bedroom. She lay down on the bed, arranged her limbs invitingly and awaited her owner's pleasure.

The End


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