The Shoot

by Findar

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; latex; public; cuffs; collar; oral; cons; X

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Part Five

Jessica staggered forward as the door hit her in the rump. She wanted to turn and pound on the door, to beg to be let back in. But she was quite sure that Don wasn’t kidding. He wanted her to drive home in her ridiculous outfit.

She was shocked to see how late it was. Afternoon traffic was picking up. She must have been Don’s captive for longer than that, she thought. “Time flies when you’re having fun,” Jessica muttered sarcastically.

And every moment she stood on the second floor breezeway was just that much more exposure Jessica was subjected to. Steeling herself for the ordeal that awaited her, she ran towards the elevator. She stopped four steps into her run. The skimpy dress had ridden half way up her backside with her longer stride. Jessica pulled the hem back down to cover what she could.

‘Okay, running doesn’t work,’ she told herself. It wasn’t easy in heels anyway. A few experimental short steps showed that she could maintain the barest modesty. It made the trip to the elevator longer than she could have imagined.

Jessica eyed the steps. They were definitely out of the question. Unless, of course she wanted to give anyone in the parking lot a real show. She pressed the down button on the elevator panel and waited anxiously.

After an interminable wait the chime sounded. The metal doors slid open, revealing a young couple standing in the corner. ‘Shit!’ thought Jessica. But there was little to do except wait for another car. And that might be full of people. Swallowing the remains of her tattered pride she stepped into the car.

As the doors closed the young man eyed her hungrily. His girlfriend caught the look. She delivered an elbow to his ribs and a hostile glare at the collared, latex clad woman. Not wanting to spark a confrontation, Jessica turned and stared at the silver doors.

The one floor drop seemed to last forever. With a quick tug at the hem of her dress Jessica stepped quickly out. The hissed argument that broke out behind her brought a smile to her lips.

Jessica’s car sat across the sun baked parking lot. It seemed miles away. Forcing herself into a mincing stride Jessica started the long trek. As she walked she turned over the challenges she faced just driving home.

Foremost in her mind was the fact that her current attire wasn’t really designed for sitting. She was quite likely going to flash anyone who looked in her car while she drove. There was a blanket in the trunk. But leaning in to get it would once again expose her backside. And reaching up to close the trunk would probably be even worse. Jessica ardently wished for a pair of panties.

Swearing to always keep a coat in her car for future emergencies, Jessica reached the car. After opening the door she gripped the hem of her dress and slid onto the seat. Someone must have seen the show she was putting on. A blast of horn and a screamed, “Yeah baby!” followed her as she slammed the door.

Cursing under her breath, Jessica started the car. Looking down at herself she realized the effect of sitting in the tiny scrap of latex was even worse than she imagined. Even with pulling the dress down she was shamelessly exposed. In desperation she plunked her purse into her lap. It was hardly a solution, but at least passersby weren’t getting a “money shot.”

The short dress wasn’t the only problem brought on by Jessica’s outfit. The tight latex, having warmed to her body, showed her nipples prominently. And the leather cuffs locked on her wrists were plain to see.

She could do nothing about her breasts, but at least she could keep her hands low on the steering wheel. It felt awkward to drive that way. But it was better than the alternative of displaying her bondage gear.

As she drove Jessica puzzled how to get out of the mess she had willingly gotten herself into. Could she cut the lock from her neck and release the keys? The image of manipulating a hacksaw while holding the lock at her throat was almost laughable. Perhaps she could use something to cut the leather collar or cuffs? The thought of her husband coming home to find her dead on the floor with her throat slashed killed that idea.

Jessica wanted to rush home. She was getting plenty of looks as she worked through afternoon traffic, especially from the men in lifted trucks. They had the perfect seats for her little one woman burlesque show. But the idea of driving faster and potentially getting stopped by the law kept her moving at a reasonable speed.

She had one scary incident along the way. A pickup with more rust than paint and two guys that probably hadn’t seen a dentist in decades had pulled up alongside. She ignored their frantic gestures, keeping her eyes on the road. They in turn dropped in behind her, following closely.

Jessica could feel the sweat breaking out on her body as the creeps tailed her. Would they rear end her just to get her to stop? Or did they intend to follow her all the way home? A lesson from her dad came to mind. It was a desperate move, but she told Siri to get her directions to the nearest police station. It was only when she pulled into the parking lot that her pursuers gave up.

It was with a sigh of relief that Jessica finally returned home. She reached up to her visor to click the garage door remote. Her fingers encountered an empty space. Confused, she looked on the floor, expecting it had slipped off the sun visor. It hadn’t. Feeling the edge of panic she flipped down the visor. A yellow post-it note hung there.

Jessica pulled the note and read, “I’ll return your remote (and your clothes) when Sherrie and I join the two of you for dinner at your home this Saturday, Don.”

A groan escaped Jessica as she let her head fall forward onto the steering wheel. Every step she took seemed to make her life more fucked up! Now the man who had impaled her sex on a pole and forced her to watch him have sex with another woman wanted to have dinner with her and Jeff? It was beyond crazy.

But a more immediate problem was getting into her house without opening the garage door. It essentially meant that she would have to get out of the car and walk to the front door. Dressed as she was, the prospect filled her with dread.

Jessica could think of no alternative. Sneak around to the back and come in the side door? She’d be just as exposed getting there. And crossing the lawn in her spike heels might leave her stuck into the turf like some kinky lawn ornament. She’d laugh at the mental image if it wasn’t so humiliating.

In the end she scanned the street for observers before getting out of the car and sprinting for the front door. The fifteen quick steps did a marvelous job of hiking up her dress. Anyone looking out their front windows was going to get an eyeful. But Jessica tugged the dress down with one hand while unlocking the door with the other.

Jessica’s heart was pounding as she slammed the door behind her. She pulled the hem of her dress down once again, knowing it was pointless to do so.”Holy shit,” she muttered as she walked slowly to the kitchen. Glancing at the clock she saw that Jeff would be home in less than an hour.

Grabbing a goblet from the cabinet Jessica poured herself a generous helping of wine. She was going to need it to steady her nerves. After taking a big swallow she ran over a mental ‘to do’ list. The bathroom was her first stop. If she was going to be back in bondage she wanted an empty bladder for the occasion. There had been little opportunity for such basic needs at Don’s.

In the bathroom Jessica eyed herself in the mirror. The collar, the latex, the slutty make up made her feel like a different person. But was she? Could she let herself go and play the submissive for her husband?

The cuffs on her wrists and the chain nestled in her purse told her the answer. She would be the sub whether she wanted to or not. Don had seen to that. And he was waiting for proof that she had done as he commanded. With a sigh she headed back to the kitchen. Time for one more gulp of wine before she took the most outrageous selfie that she had ever taken.

After putting the empty wine glass in the sink Jessica opened the camera on her phone. Setting it on the kitchen table she fished about in her purse until she found the padlocks and chain that Don had left there.

The locks were small but sturdy, much like the ones she was already wearing. The lack of keys troubled her. Were they keyed to the other locks? As an experiment Jessica brought the padlock up to the keys that were attached to her collar. After a minute of fumbling she inserted the key. It turned the lock easily.

Jessica realized she was stalling. With a sigh of resignation she hooked one of the padlocks through the end of the chain before closing it around the D ring on her wrist cuff. She toyed with the idea of shackling her hand in front of her body. But she suspected that Don would see through the ruse. Then she would be locked up without the combination to the keys and have some very uncomfortable questions to answer when Jeff came home.

Muttering to herself, “Just fucking do it,” Jessica placed her hands behind her back. Lining up the chain, padlock and D ring all by feel was a lot harder than she’d imagined. But after several tries she got it done. The lock clicked shut.

Jessica gave the cuffs a few experimental tugs. They were indeed secure. She backed up to the table and taped her phone screen awake. The camera, set on selfie mode reflected her cuffed hands and the shiny latex that sheathed her arms. The camera gave an electronic click as it captured the image.

Turning around, Jessica inspected the picture. It showed her cuffed wrists clearly as well as her upper back. That would hopefully prove to Don that she had followed his instructions. Reaching around as best she could, Jessica opened the text box and attached the image. She called up Sherrie’s number and hit send.

Anxious moments passed. Jessica paced nervously about the kitchen. Would Don send the combination? Or was this one more head game to make her more the “sub”. If he was going for making me feel powerless he was doing one hell of a job, she thought.

Finally Jessica’s phone pinged. She rushed to the table and bent towards the screen. There was a message there. “Very good little sub. The combo is 763. Please your master when he arrives. We’ll see you Saturday night for dinner.”

Relieved that Don had actually sent the combination, Jessica contemplated how she would play things with Jeff. There was little doubt that she would have to be submissive. A woman in latex with her hands locked behind her back could hardly be considered assertive. But would she be the shy little girl or the sultry vixen?

Jessica paced the kitchen, nervously glancing at the clock. Jeff would be home shortly and she needed to be mentally ready to take him on. She’d decided to come on strong, goad him into sex with her and hopefully get out of her current bondage predicament when he took her to bed.

Hearing the front door open Jessica muttered, “Showtime.” Putting a sway in her hip she rounded the corner just as Jeff was announcing his arrival.

“Jess, I’m hom…” His voice trailed off at the sight that presented itself to him. His briefcase slipped from nerveless fingers and his eyes goggled.

Jessica almost laughed at his reaction. But that would have spoiled her act. Instead she strutted down the hall, walking heel to toe, letting her hips sway seductively. She could feel the latex dress riding up her thighs. But this time it was the effect she wanted.

She didn’t stop until her body pressed up against Jeff’s dress shirt. “Welcome home Master,” she said in a husky voice. She tilted her chin slightly to show the collar and its combination lock. “My number is 763,” Jessica purred. “If you release me I’ll be ever so grateful.”

Jeff worked the combination with shaking fingers. Jessica had been so angry with him the night of the photo shoot. It was a subject he had been afraid to broach with her since then. Was this her way of making it up to him? He wasn’t sure. But he knew that it was an opportunity he didn’t want to miss.

Seeing the keys fall into her husband’s hand Jessica turned her body to rub her hip against his rapidly stiffening crotch. She held her cuffed hands away from her back, presenting the locked cuffs to him.

Jeff caught her cuffed hands, hooking his fingers about the chain. He slipped the keys into his pocket. “I’m afraid your gratitude will have to wait,” he said as he raised Jessica’s arms up. Her grunt of surprise pleased him. He raised her arms higher, forcing her to bend at the hips. The tiny latex dress gave up its attempts to hide her charms, revealing Jessica’s creamy white backside.

Jessica felt the situation slipping out of her control. “Jeff, I,” she started. But her words were replaced with a yelp as Jeff’s hand swatted her cheek.

“I think you meant to say ‘Master’. Now spread your legs like a good girl,” Jeff growled.

Shocked by the sudden slap, Jessica did as she was told. She could perhaps tease enough to prompt her husband to a quick sexual encounter. She spread her legs, shifting her weight from side to side, letting her half naked butt wiggle for him.

Jeff smiled at the little show. ‘ So she wants to play after all,’ he thought to himself. Stepping in closer he slipped his hand between her legs. “Whoa,” he exclaimed as his fingers discovered her freshly shaved pussy. “You’re just full of surprises.”

Jessica gasped as Jeff’s fingers probed her. Nerve endings that had been tormented by Don’s one bar prison sprang back into action, sending signals throughout her body.” Take me,” gasp, “to the bedroom,” pant, “and I’ll show you all kinds of tricks,” she finished as he teased her.

Jeff’s response was to spin her around, catching her as she stumbled on her heels.”We’ll get there-eventually,” he said before lowering Jessica to her knees. “But your first trick is going to be right here.”

Jessica looked up at her husband as he unzipped his fly. ‘Really?’ she thought to herself. ‘I’m dressed like a hooker from Hell and he wants a blow job?’ Practical Jessica was there as always with her commentary, ‘And you’re surprised he’s treating you like a whore?’

Before she could think of a way to divert him Jessica felt Jeff’s hand bury itself in her hair. His other hand guided his erect member to her ruby red lips. She tried to turn away, but his grip on her hair only tightened.

“Open wide Princess,” Jeff crooned. “If you do a good job I might even unlock your cuffs –later.”

Jessica felt her head forced back. Her lips parted. Jeff eased his hardened cock into her mouth. He slowly advanced until Jessica gagged. Easing back, she heard him say, “Hmmm, you’re out of practice. Let’s work on that, shall we?”

Jeff held the captive woman’s head in his hands. He began pulling her on and off his erect member, pulling back only when he heard the little “urk” sound that told him he had gone to the point of gagging her.

Jessica struggled in his grasp. But her struggles only seemed to excite Jeff more. With each thrust he seemed to push a little deeper, bringing her right to the point of retching. Then he pulled her back, only to jerk her head down his shaft once again.

As Jessica rocked back and forth she felt the beginnings of her husband squirting into the back of her throat. “No,” she tried to scream. But the sound was lost as she gagged once again. In a panic she closed her jaws, letting teeth tell her husband what her voice could not.

Jeff let out a yell as he felt Jessica’s teeth sink in. He yanked her head back, pulling her off of him. Still holding her hair, he shoved her violently backwards. “You crazy bitch!” he snarled.

Jessica fell backwards in a tangle of limbs. She looked up at her husband. He glared down at her, seething with rage. For the first time ever, she was afraid of him.

Jeff examined his rapidly deflating cock. Jessica hadn’t broken the skin although there were definitely teeth marks that showed where she had bitten him. He gingerly tucked his wounded member into his pants. “You’re fucking crazy,” he growled. “Come on all submissive and then do this,” he gestured to his crotch.

“You wouldn’t stop,” Jessica replied accusingly.

“Well I’m stopping now,” Jeff yelled. He fished the keys from his pocket, he threw them on the floor. “I’m done with this shit!” And so saying, he turned and left, slamming the front door behind him.

Jessica, sitting on the floor, stared in disbelief at the front door. ‘What the Hell just happened?’ she wondered dazedly. Her husband had just walked out on her. He had left her locked in her cuffs and with a skimpy latex dress that was now hiked up past her hips. ‘And you fucking bit his dick,’ fun Jessica answered from the back of her head. ‘Now we’re really fucked.’

As silent tears spoiled her makeup, Jessica scooted over to the keys. The tile was cold on her naked backside. It took several attempts before she could fit the key into the padlocks. Once freed she retreated to the bathroom where she peeled off her latex ensemble.

Jeff returned late that night, silent and smelling of alcohol. The couple slept in the same bed, each on their opposite sides. The morning was just as silent. Jessica wanted to explain that Jeff had pushed her too far, that they needed to have limits. But she could find no way to start the conversation.

Jessica stood in the window, watching the tail lights of Jeff’s car as he left for work. The tears welled up in her eyes anew. Her life was a total mess. She tried to find a solution to the marital disaster that had started with a simple birthday wish.

In the end it was practical Jessica that got her back on track. ‘You got us into this mess,’ the inner voice chided. ‘You can get us out. Go talk to Sherrie.’


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