The Secret Bondage Club

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m+; mpov; bond; cd; petgirl; catgirl; sleepsack; toys; climax; chastity; costume; maid; sold; reluct; nc; XX

Continues from

The Secret Bondage Club 2 - Sensual Robert

The large woman named Abby re-adjusts Mindy's and my position. We are now face to face and our locked up cocks were touching each other. Abby adds a strong vibrator against our balls and then places us both in one tight satin sleep sack, hanging from a hook. This was an embarrassing and vulnerable position to be in, since Mindy was very horny.

As Abby leaves us alone, that's when the cat started to play more with her new sex toy. She starts to lick my face like a kitty "Stop that Mindy! How long have been trapped here as a kitty?"

Mindy kisses my lips, "Meow."

"Stop it! I'm not gay... Abby is gone, you can speak."

"Meooooow," Mindy now showers me with tiny playful licks all over my face. Her bell from her collar is ringing constantly. The vibrators are doing their jobs as we both become more aroused and begin to moan. I can feel Mindy rubbing up against me as she nears her kitty orgasm.

Mindy starts to kiss me passionately and I can't avoid her lips and tongue. She manages to get her tongue into my mouth and she plays with my tongue.

"Purrrr..." Mindy's kitty cock leaks cum from its chastity device and I can feel it sticky against me. Mindy is in heat as she bites my lower lip.

I'm nearing my orgasm and Mindy senses it by kissing me more and I finally kiss her back "Oh my...what am I doing...please stop kissing are driving me wild."

Mindy looks at me with so much affection. "Meow..."

As I near my orgasm I accidentally blurt out the words in a moment of passion, "I love you Mindy!" Mindy licks and kisses, then the vibrator overwhelms me. I finally cum while locked in a chastity device.

I can see Mindy's eyes light up as I said those regretful words, she nuzzles her nose against me. She purrs, licks my face and falls asleep against me.

The next morning Abby wakes us up "Oh how cute the two of you look. I think Mindy is in love! Mindy, do you want him to become your mate? We might even unlock your chastity device, so you can show him your love...your hard 8 inch kitty cock!"

"Meoooooow..." Mindy nods her head yes and kisses me even more.

I scream, "No! I don't want to become kitty's mate...please anything but that."

Mindy feels betrayed and unloved; she painfully bites my lip.

"Well you are in luck, because you have been sold to a kinky couple."

"What? You can't sell me...I'm not your property!"

"They will pick up their new sex toy...they made a few will be dressed in a sissy French maid outfit and will remain in chastity."

I scream as I am removed from the satin sleep sack. They then prep and dress me for my new owners.

I'm dressed as a sexy satin French maid, tied up, packaged and shipped to my new owners home. I'm shocked when I see my new owners are the same older couple that told me about the secret bondage club.

His name is Fred and he inspects me alone, feeling my body, checking me out, teasing my locked cock. He bends me over with my hands tied up and I'm filled with fear that this old geezer is going to rape me. "Please sir...don't rape me."

Just then the older woman Samantha enters and I try to get her to save me from her husband's cock. "I'm so glad to see you Samantha, your husband wants to rape me...please stop him."

Samantha looks at him and laughs "He wishes he could rape you! Undo your pants and show our new sissy maid your cock."

I am shocked at what I see when Fred reveals his cock to me...he is locked in a chastity device.

Then Samantha lifts up her long chiffon skirt and reveals a scary 9 inch strap-on with many plastic studs on it. "This is what will be raping you!"


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