The Secret Bondage Club

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F+/m; bond; chastity; trick; oral; mum; collar; maid; catgirl; nc; XX

I am a 35 year old single male, 5 ft 9 inches and 165 pounds with an average penis of 6 inches. I have always been interested in bondage but I wanted to keep my bondage interests a secret from my family, friends and coworkers. I have always been turned on by bondage stories, bondage artwork and was always searching for ways to fulfill my bondage fantasies.

One night I was at a busy nightclub trying to pick up on women with no success. I decided to just sit down at the bar and enjoy a drink when I overheard an interesting conversation by an older couple, they were talking about bondage and fantasy club. I had to know more, so I approached them.

“Excuse me but I overheard your conversation, about a bondage club, and I would love to join.”

Their eyes lit up, she said “The club is always looking for new members.”

Her partner quickly added, “They are only looking for people who are serious about bondage and keeping the club a secret!”

I quickly said, “I understand and I would keep it a secret.” He wrote down an address, and a password to get into the club.

“Do not tell anyone where you are going, just go there now, and all your secret fantasies will be fulfilled.” The couple quickly left; I looked at the address and realized it was nearby.

I arrived at the address and it was a large door in a dark alley. I knocked at the door and a large woman answered the door and I said the password, “I submit to you.”

She opened the door and welcomed me; she was wearing a short black skirt and pink satin bow blouse with sexy black heels. I followed her into what look like the lobby and she found some papers. She handed me the forms and told me to fill them out. There were a lot of personal questions about myself, my medical history, my financial situation and of course my sexual interests. There was a long list of sexual bondage fantasies in which I had to circle yes or no… French maids, bondage sex, slave auctions, mummification, chastity devices, collars/leashes, blowjobs, anal sex, pet play, bridal fantasies, extreme gags... all of these things I circled yes! I wanted some female to tie me up and play with me, and I also wanted the chance to tie up a beautiful female slave.

I returned the forms to the large woman, she looked them over and finally said, “come with me and we will begin your ultimate bondage fantasy.” She led me to a back room and ordered me to strip, she told me all of my belongings will be placed in a secured locker. I was now completely naked in this unknown room and building when she returned with a pretty yet submissive French maid. The French maid was wearing a satin maids dress with a fluffy petticoat and a pretty apron. I stared at her sexy legs covered in fishnet stockings and black 5 inch heels. I also noticed that her heels were locked on and that made my cock hard.

I was quickly blindfolded, the French maid began to wrap my legs with duct tape while the large woman began to wrap my upper body. I was about to ask about safe words when a large object was shoved into my mouth! Soon I was completely mummified, gagged and blindfolded but my cock and balls were left exposed. My blindfold was removed and I saw the French maid sitting next to me and my erect cock. The large woman then gave an order to the French maid and then I was in heaven. I was mummified, squirming a little trying to test if I could break free... no chance in hell… and this pretty French maid with her long blonde hair was now licking my cock. I was moaning through my strange gag, looking at the French maid’s pretty mysterious eyes. The maid then took my cock briefly into her mouth and I could feel my pre-cum building. The large woman snapped her fingers, and the French maid obeyed her and stopped. I was so aroused I did not want her to stop. I needed my cock to be sucked and I needed to cum badly.

The large woman said “Monique, greet our guest with a proper gesture and curtsy for him.” The French maid stood before me, grabbed the hem of her sexy maids outfit and did a curtsy. As the maid did this I could see how short her maids outfit is and how revealing it is... I saw something shiny... a chastity device... .that was locking a male penis! My eyes bulged as I realized this pretty French maid was a she-male!

The large woman was grinning. “Monique, give him a blowjob he will never forget!”

I screamed “Noooooo!” through my gag! The pretty submissive French maid monique took my cock into her hands and began to stroke me. I noticed the locked collar as her pretty lips opened up and swallowed my still hard cock. I was shaking my head but seeing this sexy French maid suck my cock made me harder! I could not believe this was happening to me and then I had my orgasm! My cock exploded and cum gushed out and into the pretty she-male’s mouth. She swallowed every drop!

The large woman quickly put a chastity device on my cock, it was pink and it was now locked. “I hoped you enjoyed that orgasm, it will be your last for a very long time. Monique here has not had a full satisfying orgasm in over a year, isn't that right?” I could see Monique begin to cry and nod her head.

I knew I had to escape, I quickly tried to inchworm my way to the front door in my mummified state. It was impossible, and I was picked up easily by the large woman and carried over her shoulder. She carried me into another room and placed me on a bed. She informed me that these rooms were sound-proof and no one would hear my cries for help. She removed my gag and I saw it was a small penis gag. “You will learn to love sucking cock soon enough, but first you need to please me!” I watched as she removed her clothes and her large lacy panties.

I lay on the bed, mummified and nowhere to go as she positioned her pussy over my face. She smothered me with her fat and her large pussy. I was forced to lick and try to please this large woman! It was disgusting and it seemed like hours being trapped under her large body! Then suddenly I felt something swat my chastity device like a paw! I heard a meow. Luckily the large woman got off of me to introduce me to the kitten.

“This is Mindy, say hello Mindy.”


Mindy was dressed as a sexy cat with sexy black cat ears, long black satin gloves, but her hands were trapped behind two large cat paws. She also wore a collar with a large bell on it. Her cock was also placed in a chastity device and it has had a large bell on it. Then there were the sexy ballet heels that were locked on her! Mindy began to lick and suck my cock that was trapped in the chastity device!

I yelled at her, “Stop that, get away from my cock!”

Mindy looked at me. “Meooow,” and deep throated my chastity device! My cock was now bulging inside the device!

The large woman said, “Hmmm looks like she likes you. I think I will let the two of you sleep together.” Mindy then got into a 69 position with me. “And tomorrow I will make plans for your slave auction!”

I screamed “Noooo!” again, as Mindy shoved her caged cock into my mouth. I tried to resist but Mindy would slap my balls hard with her paws! I then licked her caged cock as pre-cum oozed out and I heard her purring!

The large woman turned out the lights and said good night!


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