Tatianna's Task! Part 7: The Wait

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2009 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; kidnap; drug; rope; hood; bdsm; toys; nc; XX

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A very satisfied Tatianna lowered the cart from the van and hooked a ceiling pulley to the sides of the canvas bag.  Up, out and on to the garage floor she spilled the girl, wrists and ankles still bound; gag and blindfold in place and just starting to wake up.  She pulled her through in to the house.

By the time Amy did fully wake up she was so confused and her mind was foggy from the results of the drug.  Wasn’t she at work?  Were she and her Mistress having playtime?  What was going on?

Tati, on the other hand was looking at the tied up girl on the living room floor and thinking – now I can really have some fun training her properly and I have fifteen days to keep occupied while I wait.

The still costumed agent immediately sent an E-mail to a pre-arranged address that was monitored twenty-four hours a day.  Within minutes she got the required reply and downloaded the information from the flash drive.  Her nail biting fifteen-day wait started at that point.

Pulling off the mousy wig and the skull net under it she shook out her own hair and started stripping off the cleaner’s costume as she headed for the bathroom off her master bedroom.   It took nearly half a jar of makeup remover to cleanse her face and neck then she gratefully climbed under the shower.

Tatianna stood in front of her closet and thought about what she was going to wear.  She wanted comfort, she wanted ease of movement while she handled Amy and she wanted to effectively make a lasting impression on the girl now that their relationship was going to become completely one sided.  She mentally pictured all the lovely choices in her wardrobe back in the house she owned a couple of States further east; and the equipment in her dungeon.  Oh well she had to make do for just a little while longer.

She settled on a black leather strapless bustier and corset with a matching leather choker.   The tailored leather slacks fitted her perfectly and she finished with a pair of laced ankle boots with just four-inch heels.
Taking time to fix her hair and makeup just the way she wanted it she pulled on a pair of snug, over the elbow, kid leather gloves, picked up a braided crop and headed back downstairs.  It was still only a little past seven thirty in the morning.

Amy was exactly where Tatianna had left her laying on her stomach, wrists and ankles bound, mouth stuffed and covered with a very tight leather gag strap and her eyes covered with an equally tight blindfold.  She was still fully dressed as she had been for the office in a light brown cardigan set that she seemed to favour and a darker brown A line skirt but Tati noticed one of her two-inch pumps was missing.

A quick trip to the garage and she emptied the canvas bag finding the shoe among the other personal items she had thrown in it with Amy’s purse and coat.

THWAK! The crop cut across Amy’s buttocks and she screamed in shock; except that very little sound got through the gag.  THWAK!  When that one landed she rolled on to her back - bad mistake! THWAK! Tatianna changed the angle of the next stroke and landed it perfectly across both of Amy’s nipples.

Amy’s emotions were all over the place.  She felt the pain in her buttocks and breasts but there was a warmth growing in her groin that she couldn’t ignore.  She had never felt the sting of a whip or crop and, in fact, had never even been spanked by her parents as a little girl.

What ever was causing the pain struck again across her breasts and she had no way to escape.  She needed answers but her emotions kept blocking her thought process.  When the pain hit again she lost all track of intelligent thought and dove head first into the sexual stimulation between her legs.

Tati saw the body on the floor stop fighting and delivered several more strikes with the crop before putting it aside to get her captive ready for what she had planned.

With seemingly ridiculous ease she grabbed Amy around the waist, lifted her until just her heels were touching the ground and pulled her through to the kitchen.  Forcing her down on a straight backed chair she pushed down hard on the back of the girl’s neck forcing it towards her knees while, at the same time, pulling upwards on her bound wrists.

This allowed her to pull Amy’s arms over the top of the chair back and down the other side.  Taking a hank of quarter inch white sash cord she took one end and made a couple of turns around Amy’s upper right arm and the side post of the chair back then tied it off.   Pulling the cord across the still heaving chest just above the breasts she fed it around the upper left arm and that side post then yanked it tight anchoring it with a knot.

Doing the same with more cord around Amy’s arms just at the elbows and across under her breasts pulled the binding on her crossed wrists even tighter.  Not satisfied yet, in fact she was having fun plying one of her favorite hobbies, Tatianna ran another piece of cord around the wrists and down to the spoke between the back legs of the chair and pulled it tight.

She bound the girl’s ankles to the spoke between the front chair legs then, using one last piece of cord she fed it under the cords across Amy’s chest and clinched them together making the breasts bulge beautifully against the thin wool of her sweater.

Satisfied, for the time being, Tatianna reached behind Amy’s head and unbuckled the strap holding the blindfold.  Pulling it off she stood back, picked up her crop, crossed her kid leather covered arms and waited for Amy’s eyes to focus.

The tightly bound and gagged girl looked through her reddened eyes at the figure standing in front of her.  It was her new friend and Mistress, Tatianna, but somehow she looked different.  The black leather outfit was not something unusual for her to wear because anytime they had played over the last few weeks the woman usually wore something made of sleek leather.

Amy raised her eyes to look at her Mistresses face and found her answer.  There was no sign of the friendly grin or loving looks she was used to seeing.  Instead she saw very stern, emotionless features studying her with a pair of the coldest eyes she had every seen.  A shiver of fear went right through her tightly bound body.

“Things have changed drastically for you Amy since five o’clock this morning.  We have moved from a friendly domination and submissive relationship into the realm of BDSM!  I’m sure you have run across those letters when you were surfing the Internet but let me explain what they mean to you personally.”

“Bondage and domination we have played at since the day after I approached you; playtime is over now!   As a dominatrix you will discover that I could write a book on ways to bind, restrain and confine you in positions you will not believe your body could take without something breaking.”

“As for sadism I am, amongst many other things, a sadist and I enjoy doing things like this.”

Stepping to one side of the bound girl Tatianna grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back out of the way then struck with the braided crop.  Expertly aimed the crop slashed down and landed just in front of the cords binding Amy’s breasts.  The sweater and bra she still wore offered little if any protection and, despite the cords binding her to the chair, her body jerked against them and a muffled scream worked its way from her throat and through the gag.

Again the crop fell in exactly the same place.  Tatianna struck a third time but changed her aim and this time the crop landed an inch behind Amy’s nipples.  Tears streamed down her face as the vicious woman let go of her hair and moved back in front of the chair.

“That is just a small sample Amy of what I can do and it leads to the last of the four letters.  M stands for masochist Amy and since I know you are a natural submissive you had better hope that I am correct in thinking you are also a born masochist.  If you are not then things are going to get very unpleasant for you.”

“I have fifteen days to wait before we can leave this house and, in fact, this State.  I need something to occupy my mind and you are it.  Now I am going to remove that gag and give you a snack and something to drink.  Here is your first new rule, when you are not gagged you speak only when spoken to, otherwise you keep your mouth shut.  Do you understand?”

Amy’s head moved up and down several times and Tatianna released the strap across her mouth and pulled out the soggy cleaning cloth she had stuffed in a few hours before.  Amy’s lips immediately curled as she started crying again.

A trip to the refrigerator and Tati returned with a small tub of yogurt and fruit and a bottle of water.

“Stop sniveling and get this in you or I’ll use the crop again.”

She spooned the yogurt into Amy’s mouth and then held the bottle until the water was also finished. Then she went back to the living room and selected a few more items from the drawer in the sideboard.

She dropped all but one of them on the kitchen table and then grabbed another handful of Amy’s hair and slowly pulled her head backwards.


Amy, stupidly, clamped her lips together and tried to shake her head.  Tatianna immediately transferred the item in her right hand to her left picked up her crop and slashed it down across the bulging breasts.  As the girl’s mouth opened to scream she suddenly found her jaws being forced wide apart as the Domme shoved a hard rubber plug between her teeth.

Next her tormentor cut several strips of duct tape from a roll and plastered them first in an X across the lips and then over those to under each ear.  Using her thumbs she smoothed out a few air bubbles over the packed mouth then reached for the next couple of items.

“Before I put these in Amy I’ll tell you what I’m going to be doing to you.  These are earplugs and after those are in I will fit breathing tubes up your nose.  Those are just so when I lace your head inside this lovely new discipline helmet your nostrils will not get squashed.  We wouldn’t want that because they are going to be your only source of air.  When I add a nice tight blindfold you will be deaf, dumb and blind.”

“Then I’m going to get you undressed and treat you to a lesson in extreme bondage.  When I’m finished I intend to get some rest because it has been a long night.  You however, if you can get some rest the way I leave you, good for you but I doubt it.”

Amy was frantically shaking her head but didn’t stand a chance as the dominatrix, somewhat gleefully, did exactly what she had told the helpless girl she was going to do.

The earplugs and nose tubes were installed in just moments but Tatianna took her time, when she got the kid leather helmet over Amy’s face and head, with the lacing process.  Each one was pulled taut until the edges met down the back of her head and she made sure the leather was stretched properly over everything except the openings at Amy’s eyes.  Two metal ringed holes lined up under the nose tubes.

She settled a wide gag strap over Amy’s mouth and pulled on the buckle until it almost flattened the bulge cause by the rubber plug.  A couple of cotton balls went in the eye openings of the helmet and then the matching blindfold was strapped around her head.

Tatianna untied the girl from the chair, saving the new sash cord, but cut the bindings at Amy’s wrists and ankles that she had used hours before to tie the girl up in her own office.  Even with her arms and legs free the leather encasing her head made Amy helpless as Tatianna undressed her.  Once she did blindly try to swing a fist at her tormentor but it was miles wide and resulted in the crop landing several times on her now bare buttocks.

Easily putting the girl in a hammerlock Tati pushed her through the kitchen and upstairs to the master bedroom.  She managed to get Amy’s elbows to meet inside the leather arm binder that laced up almost to her armpits and then, with her sitting in the middle of the floor, crossed her ankles and used the sash cord to cinch them in that position.

Pulling the luckless girl across the floor until she was facing the foot of the bed Tatianna tied a length of cord through the ring at the end of the arm binder.  Looping it up and around the middle of the bed’s foot rail she hauled on it making Amy’s head and upper torso bend forwards as her arms were pulled up into the classic strappado position.

With the single gloved arms almost vertical Amy’s ass was forced to come up as well.  More cord from each of her knees to opposite legs of the bed made her completely available and the dominatrix was finally going to get her wish.  Savoring the sight Tatianna removed her elbow length leather gloves and replaced them with a pair of rubber gloves then lubed up a butt plug.

She positioned herself between Amy’s knees and stuck first one then two fingers up inside the girl’s rosebud wiggling them around to coat the passage with more of the jelly.  The girl’s reaction was expected but useless and Tami removed her fingers then immediately worked in the large rubber plug until the stretched ass opening closed around the narrow base and the end flange was flush against the surrounding skin.

She took a large ribbed dildo and, with no regard whatever for Amy, jammed it deep inside her vagina.  Releasing the cord holding the arm binder to the bedrail she pulled the arms back down and worked the cord in between the girl’s legs and around her waist then yanked on it forming a very tight crotch strap. That would hold everything deep inside.  She ran more of the cord across the back of Amy’s neck then forwards under each of Amy’s armpits and back over her shoulders and down to her ankles.  Pulling on those she got Amy’s torso to bend forwards.

The girl was completely and utterly helpless but, with a wicked grin, Tatianna found some thinner cord in her collection and tied Amy’s big toes to her nipples.  Resting on her buttocks and crossed legs Amy could not move without something hurting.

Tatianna got undressed, had another shower, patted the silent form on the head, and went to bed.

Waking several hours later she found it was still only four in the afternoon and she was hungry.  Amy, bound, deaf, dumb, plugged and blind didn’t even know that she was up and around again.  Tati grabbed fresh underwear and then put the leather slacks back on but with a silk blouse and matching leather jacket and the ankle boots.  While brushing her hair and doing her face she had a thought that made her smile although it was more like an evil grin.

She headed down to the kitchen for something to eat and then found the phone number of the second fetish store she and Amy had visited.

“Hello is that Anne?  Good, this is Tatianna and I just wanted to thank you for the nostril tubes you gave me.  Yes they fit perfectly and, in fact, she’s wearing them now for the first time.  Well I don’t really know if they are comfortable because I haven’t asked her and, even if I did, she’s not really in any position to answer at the moment. I’ve moved her on to a full time training schedule you see!”

“I was wondering how long you’re open today and if we could get together for a private chat about an idea I have that could be fun for both of us, and profitable for you.”

“Well that sounds nice, I didn’t realize you lived over your store; yes I’d love to join you for a cocktail.  Six thirty and the side door I’ll be there.  Thank you, bye.”

After getting herself something to eat Tatianna returned to the master bedroom and studied the immobile form on the floor watching as Amy’s chest moved shallowly in and out and wondered what was going on inside that leather encased head.  She touched up her lipstick and left for the meeting.

As Tati’s finger reached out to press the bell the side door opened wide.

“Hello Tatianna, I saw you coming on the security system.  Come on upstairs.” The women who had opened the door watched as the other Domme took in her outfit and struck a pose with a big smile on her face.

Anne’s dress was almost Victorian in style, high-necked, long sleeved, nipped in at the waist and with a slightly flared skirt that brushed her legs just above the ankle.  It was made of the finest snowy white kid leather.  On her feet she wore a pair of white patent leather ankle boots with gold buckles and at least five-inch heels.  Around her waist was a wide belt made of gold rings and from that hung a short handled flogger. Her smiling lips were a vivid scarlet and not a hair of the glossy black pageboy was out of place.  Gold loop earrings hung from her ears.

“I frequently wear what I sell Tatianna, it’s good advertising; now let’s go up.”

A few minutes later they were seated in a beautifully furnished living room with a glass of chilled white wine each.  Tatianna explained what she had in mind.

“A few weeks ago my submissive was a complete newbee who had never played.  I was bringing her along slowly but, as you noticed, she is a natural and now, in my judgment, she might also be a born masochist.”

“She has agreed to become my property and let me train her as I see fit.  I have taken over her bank accounts and there is quite a substantial amount available.  I would like you to supply me with a complete set of bondage wear that is slightly undersized for her and some equipment to go with it.”

“As I’m sure you know you can get things much tighter if they are a little too small for the wearer to begin with.  So, will you help?”

“Well I’d be both stupid and a very poor business woman if I said no and I am neither.  Let’s go down and have a look around my stock so I can see what you have in mind.  I will need you to bring her here again so I can get some exact measurements.”

“That is not possible Anne, I have her in full training mode and it would not be wise to bring her out in public at this early stage.  Would you consider me returning your kind invitation and come out to my home instead one evening?”

Anne had a sixth sense that there was more to this story than she was being told but for a sale of several thousand dollars she could ignore her gut feelings.”

“Why not.  Come down and give me an idea what you like so, after I get the measurements, I can supply or order the right sizes.”

 At the top of Tatianna’s selections was a double-layered full torso bondage corset that she just fell in love with.  They made quite a list and then agreed that Anne would come out to the house on Monday evening.  The kiss they shared as Tatianna left was a little more than just a friendly peck!

When she got home Tatianna removed the discipline helmet plus everything else from Amy’s ears, nose and the gag from her mouth.  She also untied the  bindings stretching the girl’s nipples towards her ankles and the cords holding her bent forwards.

She fed the still bound but unresisting girl and made her drink another bottle of water then fitted a ring gag in her mouth and left her lying on her back in the middle of the floor.  She made herself ready for bed and, as she turned out the light, thought back on a very busy but successful twenty-four hours.

The next morning, Sunday, she stripped Amy of all the bondage gear except the dildo and butt plug then pushed her through to the bathroom  to stand with her back to the toilet.  Pulling on a rubber glove she quickly pulled out both the toys and shoved Amy so she immediately sat down.

The dazed girl automatically cleaned herself and Tatianna flushed the toilet and then snapped a handcuff around Amy’s right wrist.  Pulling her across the room and in to the shower, Tati fed the chain of the cuffs through a grab bar and locked the other one to her captive’s other wrist.

Then they both had a long relaxing shower.  Well Tati did but what she did with the bar of soap and her fingers to Amy as the water sprayed over them certainly woke the girl up; how relaxed it made her was another matter.

After the shower she put on a fluffy white bathrobe, pulled the belt snugly round her waist and dragged the naked Amy down to the kitchen.  Using the handcuffs locked her arms through the back of a chair at the table.

As she made a light breakfast for them both she questioned the girl.

“So did you enjoy your introduction to a more severe form of the bondage game Amy?”


“I’m glad you remember your manners, Amy.  What didn’t you like about my treatment of you?”

“I didn’t know what was happening, I was confused when you showed up at my office and after that I couldn’t understand my feelings at being made so helpless… Mistress.”

“I needed some information from the company you worked for Amy.  Yes, past tense, worked for.  You will not be going back there, instead you will be coming home with me in a couple of weeks.”

At the shocked look on Amy’s face Tatianna just waited for the outburst.

“You lied to me.  You used me and you don’t care about me at all damn you.”

“That’s ‘damn you Mistress’ Amy don’t forget again.  If you think I don’t care about you why am I spending my time training you and getting you to learn and understand all those feelings you’ve had over the years?”

“You say you felt so helpless with what I put you through last night.  There is an old story Amy about a farmer who had a very stubborn mule.  Every morning he would go into the barn and hit the mule over the head with a big stick.  Finally one of his neighbours asked why he did that to the mule.   Hell, said the farmer, that’s just to get his attention.”

“That’s what I’m doing to you Amy, getting your attention so we can explore all your kinks and limits.”

They were silent as Tatianna fed the girl and ate her own meal.  Then she put an  end to any further conversation by strapping the ball gag back in Amy’s mouth.




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