Tatianna's Task! Part 4: Closing the Trap

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2009 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; kidnap; drug; rope; gag; bagged; transported; nc; X

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For the remaining couple of weeks Amy worked and so did Tati.  Supposedly, for her playmates’ sake, she was an investment analyst who worked from home via her computer.  In fact, while Amy was sleeping with her wrist and ankle restraints keeping her exactly where Tati wanted her, the industrial espionage expert was out and about finalizing her plans.

When she knew she was going to be leaving the house Tati didn’t bother gagging Amy.  She was only too aware of the problems that could cause and the last thing she needed was the girl choking or suffocating with no one to help her. When she was in the house, and Amy was gagged, then the hidden microphone in her bedroom acted as a warning system.

She had magnetic signs made up for each side of the van that were hidden away in the garage.  The security pass from Amy’s windshield had been copied then reduced to the size of a name badge.

Tati had also visited a local second hand shop, a maintenance supply dealer and the cosmetic counter of a large department store.  The last one because none of the make up she usually used would work for the look she needed.

Then the day arrived.

Amy had notified her supervisor earlier in the week of her vacation plans and that she would be spending most of the time at a friend’s condominium in the Naples area of Florida.  The supervisor said all arrangements had been made for her duties to be covered while she was away and wished her a nice time in the warm weather.

As they ate lunch Tati told Amy that, since it was her last day, she would drop her at work that evening and pick her up in the morning so they could have a nice breakfast to start her holidays.

And that’s what they did - almost. Tati dropped Amy off and then returned to the house to get ready for the, hopefully, successful culmination of her plans.

The signs snapped on the sides of the van and Tati made sure that the cleaning cart inside was properly stocked.  She switched the license plates between Amy’s old car and the van then went inside to get a couple of hours rest.

At two thirty the alarm went off but she had just been dozing as the adrenalin rush started to build as it usually did when she was tensing up to do what she did best.

Made up and dressed down to the character she was going to play Tati pulled on a pair of flat heeled shoes and laced them closed.  She hated them but they were necessary.  She checked the contents of a flat case and slid it in one pocket then put the two new flash drives, it was always wise to have a spare, in another.  Hanging the phony Infocom badge around her neck she drove the van to the headquarters building where Amy worked.

The door to the underground garage opened for her automatically as a scanner read the security pass on the windshield.  Tati drove the van into the almost empty cavern and parked near the service elevator.  It was exactly ten minutes to four in the morning.

Sliding open the side door she unloaded the wheeled cleaner’s cart and then took a few moments to get into character.   As a tired, shuffling cleaning lady she pushed the cart in the service elevator and pressed the button for the tenth floor.  There was no going back now.

On the tenth floor she parked the cart outside the empty office next to Amy’s, and stepped inside to wait.  At four fifteen she opened Amy’s office door and pushed the cart inside.  That got a startled glance from the girl but, seeing a cleaning lady raised no alarms and she mumbled a hello then turned back to the computer.

“Have you finished the updates little one?”

The voice penetrated Amy’s brain and her response was automatic.

“Yes Mistress.”

Then it hit her.

“Tatianna, Mistress, what are you doing here?”

She never heard the answer because the side of Tati’s rubber gloved hand caught her just behind the ear and she was out cold.

The agent caught the slumping figure and guided it to the floor.  With quick, economical movements she bound the wrists and ankles then pulled them together in a hogtie.  A gag, followed by a leather blindfold, were strapped around Amy’s head and then she was dragged across the floor to the closet.

Tati now inserted the flash drive in the computer’s USB port and typed in the copy command and watched to make sure it was accepted and working. 

As the information that would make her very rich copied to a flash drive in the form of a god awful hot pink lipstick case, Tatianna left the computer terminal for a moment.  Opening the coat closet just inside the entrance to the office she looked down at the girl writhing on the floor.  With sure, economical, movements she tightened the leather straps holding the packing in her captive’s mouth, and the blindfold in place, then checked the knots of the thin cord binding the girl’s wrists and ankles together in a classic hogtie.  She wasn’t going anywhere, at least not until her captor had finished collecting the information needed to achieve her goal.

The tall, but dowdy looking, woman with a mop of unkempt mousy brown hair was dressed in the blue smock of a cleaning lady with a pair of grubby looking, laced, flat heeled shoes on her feet.  Her face seemed devoid of any makeup and yet it was actually under quite a heavy coat of cosmetics that projected exactly the look she had tried to achieve.

A closer look at the black rubber gloves on her hands would show that they were much tighter than any ordinary pair of household cleaning gloves.  In fact they were so tight, but flexible enough, that they allowed her fingers to work as if she was not wearing anything.

Checking a clock on the desk for the exact time she confirmed the download was almost finished and mentally ran down the final items on her checklist.  She pulled the wheeled maintenance cart over to the centre of the room.  Hanging from the waist high frame was an open necked heavy canvas bag that would normally be lined with a plastic garbage bag.  Racks at either end held the usual collection of cleaning paraphernalia; sprays, cloth dusters and scrubbing powders.

The efficient movements of the woman belied the appearance she presented as she collected up the personal items and purse of the desk’s owner and threw them in the canvas bag.  Following them went the coat from the closet after it was folded neatly.

Taking a flat case from the pocket of her smock she removed a small hypodermic syringe and, approaching the helpless figure on the floor, quickly emptied its contents into an arm.

Another glance at the clock to confirm she was still on schedule and a knife suddenly appeared in her hand to cut the cord binding the girl’s wrists to her ankles.

Pulling the now unconscious form out into the room she retrieved a long leather strap from the rack of the cart and fed it under the girl’s knees and around behind her.   As she pulled the end of the strap through its buckle it folded the helpless form the other way and crushed her knees to her chest.

With one smooth motion, that didn’t seem to strain her in the least, the women bent her own knees and gathered the girl in her arms then lifted her up and over the opening of the bag.  The fit was tight but by changing her grip she was able to lower the girl ass and feet first until she settled on the bottom with her head just below the edge of the cart’s frame.

Back at the desk she saw the download was complete so removed the flash drive and cleaned the computer of any record of the invasion.  She watched as, at exactly five minutes to the top of the hour, the system first transferred control to the company’s division in London, England.   The computer on the desk was then automatically logged out and its operator, supposedly, free to begin her four-week vacation.

Spreading a light cloth over the top of the cart Tati glanced around the office one last time and then headed for the elevator.  The wheelchair lift on the van loaded the now heavy cart with no problems and she clipped it to a couple of side hooks to stop it from rolling around.  Once again the garage door recognized the pass and she was on her way home.

Mission accomplished but with a fifteen day caveat; if the theft wasn’t discovered before that she was home free.




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