Adventures of Suzy 2

by Gordian

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© Copyright 2006 - Gordian - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; cons; X

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Chapter 2: Suzy on film

Following on from my last story, this also involved my then girlfriend Suzy and occurred about 10 years ago, in fact a few months earlier than the previous little game. Although we both had our own apartments, mine was actually a 2-bed townhouse and was substantially larger than Suzy's studio flat - she also felt more comfortable 'playing' at mine. If we were going out anywhere I would invariably pick her up, if we were planning to spend time at mine she would often drive over to me. This was just one of those occasions, Saturday evening and all day Sunday at my house.

Suzy arrived at about 6pm with just an overnight bag and a change of clothes for Sunday. I took her out for a meal and a drink, returning home just after 9pm. I made her a coffee and under the pretence of using the toilet, went up to my bedroom to check my preparations.

Unknown to her, the week before I had bought my first 'Video 8' camcorder. I had already recorded Suzy's arrival from a front bedroom window - with her driving up to my house, parking and walking up to the door. Now I made sure the tripod was erected but hidden in the bedroom wardrobe along with an extension lead from the electric plug and that the camcorder batteries were charged. I had two leather wrist-cuffs chained to the top corners of the bed and the remainder of our toys in a suitcase under the bed. I got the camcorder, put a pair of handcuffs in my rear trouser pocket and headed back downstairs. I hid the camcorder in the kitchen and went back into the lounge. I sat next to her on the couch and told her I had a little surprise for her !!.

At this point I should say that Suzy was wearing a white T-shirt, jeans and white Reeboks. "Hold out your hands", I told her, "we mustn't forget the handcuffs, must we ?". She smiled and held her out wrists, "front or back ?" she asked. "Guess", I replied, and Suzy turned to her right, her back now towards me and put her hands behind her back. I put the handcuffs on, reached round her and holding a breast in each hand pulled her back onto me so I could kiss her. "Now for your surprise", I told her and went and got the sports bag full of toys I'd hidden behind the other chair. "But first", I said and got our a pair of leather ankle cuffs and her favourite padded leather blindfold, "Let's get you ready for it". I buckled the cuffs on each ankle and padlocked an 18" chain between them, then I buckled on the blindfold. I quickly went to the kitchen, grabbed the camcorder, turned it on and returned to start filming Suzy cuffed and blindfolded on the couch. "Well where's my surprise then ?" Suzy asked after about a minute - if only she knew !!.

"One minor adjustment first", I replied and put the camcorder on top of the TV, facing her and still recording. I got a 1" leather strap about 2' long plus a harness ballgag out of the sports bag. I lifted her T-shirt up and over her head and down to her wrists. While kissing her, I did the same with her white bra - I just love the topless & tied look !!. With her T-shirt and bra down by her handcuffs I wrapped the strap around her elbows and drew them together, not meeting but close enough to get a few grunts and moans followed by a "not too tight" from Suzy. With her elbows secure, I unlocked her right handcuff and removed her T-shirt and bra. Before locking it back on her wrist I twisted the cuff round and round until the link chain shrunk - even with a key there's no way out then as the cuffs are too close together. I checked the camcorder, still recording okay, and picked up the gag.

To date, we had used some gags, mainly knotted cloth and a home-made ball gag, but this would be her first time with a proper harness ball gag. "Now for the first bit of your surprise present", I told her, and kneeling on the couch I positioned her in front of me and towards the camcorder. I held the ball up to her lips and with a gentle push she opened her mouth to take it. I buckled it not too tightly behind her head, then lifted the front straps up over her nose and top of her and buckled it down to the neck strap. I then did the same with the under-chin strap but now I tightened them all too. That brought a few grunts and mmmphhs from Suzy, especially after a good play with her breasts !! I got off the couch and picked up the camcorder to for some good close-ups of her now starting to drool down her chin.

"Now for the other half of your surprise", I said to her. She looked up, directly towards me and the camera, and I continued, "I'm going up to the bedroom where I've got your favourite vibrator and also a special new one just waiting for you". Suzy nodded her head and grunted a "yesh". "But you'll have to come upstairs and get it yourself, see you soon !!". That got a "nnngo" in response, so still recording I went over to her, reached round to her elbow strap and helped stand up. Still holding the strap I walked around her causing to her turn round a few times. "Now, find the door and I'll see you soon - have fun", I said, kissed her and went into the hallway to record her hobbling slowly round the lounge, mmmmphing into her gag and trying to find the door.

Suzy looked lovely in her jeans, Reeboks, topless, hobbled, elbows strapped together, handcuffed, blindfolded, harness ballgagged, as she stumbled round looking for the door.

It only took her a few minutes and she found the hallway leading to the stairs. I ran up the stairs to film her from the top as she slowly ascended, her breasts jiggling nicely !!. My bedroom door was right at the top of the stairs, so by the time she'd made it up the stairs, she easily found the bedroom. I greeted her with a "What kept you ?" which got a "ugggkk ooo" in reply. I put the camcorder on the tripod, connected the power supply to save the batteries and left it recording pointing at the bed.

I lifted Suzy on to bed and climbed on next to her. "Well done my little sexy one", I said and kissed her gagged mouth. "Here, let me help with your clothes", and I rolled her onto her back. I took off her Reeboks and socks, unbuckled the ankle cuffs and removed her jeans, but left her sexy white panties on. I sat Suzy up and moved behind her, enabling me to kiss her, touch her in the right places (!!) and also get it all on camera... After getting her nicely 'warmed up', I undid her right handcuff and taking her right hand out I locked the cuff back onto the side of her panties, keeping her left hand trapped at her side. I laid her down on the bed and lifted her right hand up to he headboard, buckling it tightly into the leather wristcuff I'd already padlocked to the headboard. I then unlocked her left wrist and did the same, leaving her spread-eagled on the bed. I got some rope from the suitcase under the bed and tied each of her ankles individually up to each of her thighs. I then tied ropes from each ankle to the bottom corners of the bed, now Suzy was really spread-eagled, and with a rope added to her left knee, run under the bed and tightened to her right knee, truly helpless and available.

I re-focused the camcorder for a close-up of me inserting her favourite vibrator, set on high, and held in place by her panties. With some kissing, licking and touching on my part I brought her to a series of orgasms which had her moaning through her gag and thrashing around as much as her bondage would let her. Now, I had other plans. I loosened the ropes from her knees under the bed, released her wrists from the leather cuffs, sat her up and handcuffed her hands behind her back. Then, much to her pleasure I took off her gag and asked her if she wanted the vibrator removed. She moaned a "Yes, please". I turned her so she was facing the bottom corner of the bed, then kneeling in front of her I took hold of her head and guided it down on to me, telling her "Now it's your turn to do some work", and touching her through her panties, "and that stays in place until I've come !!". To cut a long, (and rather graphic), story short, she sucked, I came, the vibrator was replaced by my mouth, then me proper and the camcorder captured the lot !!.

After I had finished taking Suzy from behind, while she was still cuffed and blindfolded, we collapsed together on the bed. Suzy told me she badly needed to go to the toilet. I helped her sit up and she turned to her side and offered me her wrists to un-handcuff. Instead, I reached over to the pillow and picked up the discarded harness ballgag. I waited for her to start to speak and pushed the ball into her open mouth. After a brief struggle, with her ending up face down on the bed and with me sitting on her hips, she was firmly gagged. I then added a short length of rope from her handcuff chain up to the D-ring on the top of the harness gag and raised her cuffed hands up to the middle of her back. "Now you can go to the toilet", I told her, "and I'll only let you loose if you don't make a mess !! ".

She mmmmphed another "uuugck ooo" through her gag as I helped her stand. As she made her way to the bathroom I took the camcorder off the tripod and continued filming her all the while she went to the toilet. She finished and made her way back to the bedroom, with me still recording.

As she sat back onto the bed I clipped the camcorder back onto the tripod and disconnected the power supply, leaving it on battery power. I undid her gag, "you bastard, I'll get you for that" she laughed and held her hands out to be uncuffed. "Now it's my turn for the toilet, you can let yourself out", I said as I put the handcuff key into her hand. I quickly gathered up the tripod with the camcorder still on it and went into the spare bedroom. There, I turned it off and hid it all in a cupboard, getting back into my bedroom to find Suzy still trying to unlock the handcuffs. I took the key from her and helped her out of the cuffs, then took off her leather blindfold, and gave her a deep kiss.

Over the next few months, mainly due to Suzy's love of being blindfolded during bondage and sex, I managed to add a few more scenes to my home video. Unfortunately, it was about six months later that we split up, having been together for about 4 years. I never did get around to finally telling her about the video I had made, and in those circumstances I thought it better not to. So Suzy, if you're reading this and you want the original, (I'll be keeping a copy !! ), let me know. Three


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