Adventures of Suzy

by Gordian

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© Copyright 2006 - Gordian - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; cons; X

Chapter 1: Suzy's Surprise

Prior to purchasing my small townhouse, I had bought a 2 bedroom apartment with a good friend from my work called Brad. He now owned the apartment outright and we still only lived about half a mile apart, keeping in regular contact. Whilst flat-sharing we had obviously become good friends, and as you would expect from two single blokes in their mid-twenties, made ourselves scarce when the other had brought a girlfriend back to the flat. We often talked about girlfriends and sex, but I had never mentioned either my interest in bondage and certainly not my participation in it with Suzy. This story relates to one of the very first pranks I ever played on Suzy.

One Sunday morning while Suzy away on business for the weekend, I was still in bed asleep at about midday when Brad knocked on the door and came into my room. We had both been out on a drinking session together the night before and having woken up hung-over but horny I dozed back off to sleep again after a good wank while reading one of my bondage mags, an H.O.M. "Hogtied" if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, the mag was still on the bed and Brad had already seen it before I could hide it. He picked it up and looking through it said "I take it Suzy doesn't know you wank over these ?".

I could have done without all this, especially feeling hung-over, but fortunately Brad was a good mate and if anyone had to find out I was at least glad it was only him. 

"I never knew you were into all this. Come on then, get up, we're going back down the pub for lunch and you can tell me more about this stuff", Brad said as he threw the mag back on the bed. 

Well, to cut a long story short, over some drinks Brad said he could see it was good wanking material but no girlfriend was ever going to go for it. I laughed and said "Really !!, well I've tied up and fucked 3 of my girlfriends so far, and I don't intend stopping there either". 

He still didn't believe me, even after I said I could show him the leather cuffs and gags etc. After arguing some more I said, "Alright, £100 says I'll have a girl tied-up and ready for sex next Saturday evening - or are you going to back out of a bet ? ". 

Brad said, "You're on, but how do I know for sure you'll have her tied up ? "

"Easy", I replied, "she'll be blindfolded so you can look for yourself !!".

During the week Brad realised it would be Suzy I would be seeing on Saturday, but as I hadn't told him about our games in detail he still wasn't sure about Saturday's entertainment. The plan was that I'd be meeting Suzy in the afternoon to see a film, then after a restaurant we'd be coming back to the flat, probably some time after 9pm. He was to take his car with him to our local pub and make sure that from 9pm onwards the place was in darkness. He was to drive back when I 'paged' him and only to come in when he saw the bathroom light come on.

Suzy and I spent the afternoon together and arrived back at the flat just after 9.30pm. It was in darkness and Brad's car was gone, as planned. I told Suzy he was away at his girlfriends for the weekend so we had the place to ourselves. As soon as we got inside we started kissing and I started undressing her in the lounge. I took off her dress, leaving her in just her black bra, panties, stockings and heels, then I told her I had something special planned for her - which was true in a way !! 

I had taken the handcuffs and ballgag that I kept in my car, (travelling essentials !!), and put them in my pocket as we left the car. I now took them from my pocket and quickly cuffed her wrists behind her, then gagged her buckling the leather strap tightly, forcing the 2" red ball behind her teeth. I took her over to the couch, so she was facing it and got her to kneel down on the floor and bend forward to rest her chest and head on the seats of the couch. Then kneeling behind her myself, I moved her knees apart and slid the crotch of her panties to the side. Within two minutes of us getting home Suzy was stripped to her lingerie, cuffed, ballgagged and being fucked from behind.

She knows she's in for a long evening of bondage and sex when we start with a 'quickie', as I can give myself an orgasm leaving plenty of recovery time for later. Also, depending what mood I'm in determines whether she has the first of many orgasms or is left to wait and 'simmer' slowly. Either way, it gives us plenty of time to play.

Having come quickly myself, and making sure Suzy hadn't (!!), I stood Suzy up and taking the belt from my trousers walked her to the kitchen door. I closed the belt around her handcuff chain, leaving a long free end. I pulled her arms up behind her, opened the kitchen door and pulled the free end of the belt over the top of the door, forcing her arms up and her to bend forward. By shutting the door it trapped the belt and secured Suzy standing there. After having a good play with her nipples I left her bent over by the door while I went and got the sports bag full of our 'toys' from my bedroom.

On returning to the lounge I pulled a dining chair out into the middle of the room and released Suzy from the door. "Sit down sexy, now it's your turn to come !!", I said and smiled at her. Suzy reached round with her cuffed hands and gave me a playful squeeze. I sat her down on the chair so she was facing the TV and with her back to the couch. I stood behind her, lifted her arms over the chair back and tied the cuffs down to the cross-bar between the back legs. Using more rope I tied her elbows together, and then tied the cinch ropes up to the top of the chair back. I unlocked the handcuffs and tied her wrists together, again tying them down to the same cross-bar. Next, I used a doubled-over rope to tie her waist to the back of the chair and then gave her tits another good feel before I stepped around to the front of her.

After plenty of kissing and touching I peeled the cups of her bra down, freeing her breasts and then slid her panties down her legs and took them off. I got more rope from the bag and tied each ankle back to its rear legs and keeping them raised off the floor. Then I tied a rope around Suzy's legs between the top of her calf and her knee securing each knee to the outside of each front leg of the chair. This spread her knees wide apart exposing her for me to play with some more. A last rope around her chest just above her breasts and around the chair back held her firmly to the chair. The final touch was replacing her ordinary ballgag with a harness ballgag, also with a 2" ball, but which I locked on with 3 small padlocks. Suzy was one sexy looking girl - tied, gagged, drooling and very available !!

It was now time for the main part of my plan. I turned on the TV and put on a video which got a curious look from Suzy. She was the more curious when a bondage video started playing showing a woman being interrogated by an army guard in a prison. I seem to remember it was a 'Calstar' one called something like 'Curiosity Excited the Kat', starring a sexy looking brunette, similar to Suzy. A quick pinch of her nipple got her attention back. She looked up to see I'd got her flexible vibrating dildo from the bag. I bent down and slipped it easily in to wet pussy, turning it on to a fairly high setting. A 6" strip of 'Duct Tape' from its end to the seat of the chair held it firmly in place, especially as Suzy could do little more than wiggle. 

"Well, I'm off for a shower to freshen up, it's been a long day. You can watch the video along with your noisy little friend for company, until I come back ". She gave me a dirty look with her lovely blue eyes as I left her to enjoy her first orgasm.

I left the lounge through the door behind her, went through the hallway into the bathroom and flashed the light on and off a few times to signal to Brad. Then I turned on the shower, very quickly got myself wet, left the shower running as I jumped back out, then wrapped a towel round me and silently opened the lounge door behind Suzy and watched her trying to come again !!. I couldn't wait to see Brad's face when he saw Suzy, especially as I'd told him she'd be blindfolded when now she wasn't.

I only had to wait about a minute until I heard Brad's car pull up in the driveway and its headlights illuminate the window. Suzy suddenly snapped her head round from the TV to the lounge window and stopped trying to rock her hips. I ducked back into the hall just before she turned towards me and started making fairly loud "Mmmmmhnnn" noises, repeatedly trying to shout my name through her gag. The next sound was Brad rattling his keys in the front door. Poor Suzy she was trying to shout, scream, struggle loose, tip the chair - anything judging by the noises both her and the chair were making. As soon as I heard the door open I peeped back round the lounge door to see Suzy staring towards the opening front door, with Brad coming in through it... followed by his girlfriend Nicki !!!

S H I T !! I dived back into the hallway and out of sight. "Jesus, Brad, " said Nicki loudly, "What's that bastard friend of yours doing to her ? "

"By the state of her, if that vibrator and video are anything to go by", said Brad, "just what she wants !! "

Just as I was deciding whether to go back in and make some kind of excuse I heard Nicki say " Do you think we should we untie her ? "

Then Brad replied "No, it sounds like Colin's in the shower and Suzy's seems to be having fun ". That comment brought about a renewed attempt at shouting by Suzy "Come on, let me get that ticket for tomorrows gig from my room and we'll head back to yours for the night", he continued. 

As I rushed back into the bathroom, Brad came through the lounge door where I'd been hiding and shut it behind him. Instead of going to his bedroom he opened the bathroom door. "Worth every penny mate", he laughed, "I'll give you the £100 tomorrow, I bet she'll want a good present to make up for this one".

"You're a devious bastard", I replied, "Suzy will be real mad that Nicki of all people has seen her like that". 

Brad nodded his head and smiled, went and got the ticket from his bedroom then went back into the lounge. "Come on love", I heard Brad say, "stop staring and let's go". A moment later I heard the front door slam shut.

I waited a few minutes and turned off the shower, then went back into the lounge to Suzy. Not too surprisingly she was exactly how I'd left her earlier, the only difference being she was more animated in her struggling and shouting "hettt hhmmee hhwwwwtt" through her gag. I decided the best option was to plead ignorance, so as I unlocked the padlocks on her harness gag I said to her "What's the matter, is the vibrator bothering you ?"

I unbuckled the straps and eased the ballgag from her mouth. "You fucking idiot, let me out now", Suzy shouted, "Brad and Nicki just came in and saw me tied like this to this fucking chair". 

I pretended to not know what she was talking about as I continued untying her, saying that Brad had gone to Nicki's for the weekend. Anyhow, she was mad as hell, so I tried calming her down saying sorry for leaving her and embarrassing her. Once she was free from the ropes, she stood up, letting the vibrator drop out, and got her dress from the floor. She demanded I drive her home right then.

In short, I drove her home, still apologising and saying that Brad had obviously come back totally unexpectedly. Having dropped her home that night I telephoned her the next day, and after a few days of ignoring me, I finally persuaded her it was all a big mistake and we were back dating again by the weekend. I kept things gentle with the sex for a week or so, then slowly everything went back to normal. I obviously never told her I'd done it for a bet with Brad, and in fairness to Brad he never told either Suzy or Nicki Fortunately for me, Brad split with Nicki soon after and Suzy never had to meet her again. As for Brad, he did a good job of avoiding Suzy for a few months too.

The adventure Two


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