Surprise Gift Box

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2010 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

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continued from Ken's Birthday Gift

A recently divorced good friend of ours had taken a job transfer to another state to get away from his ex-wife, and to get a fresh start socially. We knew Ken in high school and were definitely Ken's friends first. His ex-wife was OK with us, but just came along with Ken in our eyes. My name is Deb, and before Ken got married, he and my boyfriend, now husband, and I had some wild times together. (see cuckold)

Ken and I didn't have sex the whole time he was courting his ex-wife, or even while he was married to her, and it was my loss. I just figured that chapter in my life was over, much like adults generally don't play with dolls. The unintended consequence of Ken and I dominating my husband put distance between them as friends, but I only think because everybody realized Ken was the better man. The result was Ken and I were closer. I had heard that Ken and his ex-wife argued about many things, and my name came up alot in these arguments. Nothing like some guilt to motivate someone. I liked my husband, but lusted for Ken, and my husband would do whatever I wanted him to do. With this divorce my life was almost perfect again.

I was shopping at Walmart and saw the dolls and had to fight the urge to buy one with a huge grin on my face. I did buy a sexy sleep set for no good reason I could think of, along with my weeks groceries.

A plan was forming and a call to Ken put it all in motion as I asked him if I could have his house warming gift delivered next Friday. His voice brightened right up when he heard I was sending him something special. I did ask if he would be alone when he opened the gift, and he said that was likely as he hasn't really got settled into the new office, or house for that matter. We talked some more and I realized he moved into a large promotion, Ken always had more more money than us, and probably always would now.

I told my husband what I needed and he made a list for the house warming gift supplies, completely aware of my intentions. He found a heavy oak crate at his work originally designed for a bronze nude statue of all things. The crate was strong enough and had various markings that are hard to fake, plus packing material if needed. He could have made one, but this one was free and looked well used. He weighed the box at work and that plus my 120 pounds should have been the shipping weight. His company has lost revenue lately on shipping rates and they now have a high tech electronic scale to catch the cheaters.

When my husband came home for lunch, all I needed was for him to secure me into the crate, secure the top and take me to shipping. I had made the air holes and even slept in it one night to see if I could breathe properly. I felt a little like the bride of Dracula sleeping in a wooden box, so much like a coffin. If this worked out like I thought it would, maybe I wouldn't have any use at all for my husband and could use it to ship him somewhere far away.

Hubby, for now, came home and found me nude and freshly showered and waiting for him. I didn't wear the sleep ware because in keeping with the nude statue markings I thought Ken should get me nude. If I was worried about my husband getting jealous, I wasn't, I had no reason as he was sporting a huge erection, at least for him. That guilt thing got the best of me because I haven't made love to him since Ken moved, and after all the work he put into preparing to deliver me to Ken I felt I owed him something. I told him to drop his pants as I knelt in front of him licking my lips even though I don't really like to give him head.

Any normal man would have jammed his cock down my throat, but his started to get soft, selfishly causing me to think he wasn't interested in my mouth. I wanted to make him come and I told him to play with himself as I tried to think of something. I saw his belt and pulled it out of his pants and started to smack his ass lightly as his cock grew in size. I knew he liked me to abuse him, but if I realized he liked this I could have had even more fun with him over the last several years. He was a complete submissive!

Well something inside me decided I should punish him for causing me such sexual frustration especially over the last two years, and I let him have it. I hit his ass hard enough to leave dark red marks and he just kept pumping his cock grunting with every stroke of the belt. It didn't take him long to come and he squirted so hard he hit the arm of the chair with a lot of cum. He actually thanked me!

I decided I would find a way to keep him, if for nothing else but to entertain myself, and maybe some select others. I looked at him still with the belt in my hands and looked to the arm of the chair. No words were spoken as he got on his knees and lapped all of his cum off the chair. I had always found it tough to get him to clean up his own creampies, as after he cums he's spent and useless. But if he's been denied release he will do anything for me, and I know he doesn't mind cum because he's had lots of Ken's creampies out of me, fresh and not so fresh.

I was all sweaty now and didn't want to be delivered like that, but there was no time to shower and I was sure Ken would love his gift anyway. I got into the box and hubby used four inch strapping like the kind they use to hold things on flat bed trucks to secure me to the bottom of the box. It was my idea to use deck screws and flat washers thru the nylon strapping to hold me in place for the two plus hour trip to Ken's new house. The bottom of the crate was thick and I already fitted one half of each strap cut to fit where I wanted it. 

With a cordless drill hubby secured each ankle, above and below each knee, my upper thighs separately, waist, under and over my tits, upper arms, and last but not least my wrists. Except for my head I was helpless and immobile. I was turned on by this, but only I think because of anticipation of Ken's attention.

Hubby held up a ball gag, and I said no way as this wasn't part of my plan. He said if my crate gets handled roughly and I grunt or squeal they will open the crate and check it out. I relented and he placed the gag strap behind my head and the ball into my open mouth. All the time I wondered why he waited until I was secured in the box? Was he going to double cross me and ship ME somewhere far away, maybe as some sultan's play toy? As he was screwing the top on and darkness fell in on me I suspected I would dream of sultans and other crazy things.

It turns out hubby had some other surprises for me as he flipped my crate over so I hung from all the straps inside with my head hanging down but not touching the bottom or top depending how you looked at it. If I wasn't gagged I would have complained but that was now impossible and if I had bothered to look under the crate I would have seen the "this side up" stencil on it. He made a phone call and a minute later there was a knock on the door and I knew this wasn't part of my plan either, they must have been waiting out at the curb. 

The two men came in and it sounded like they had some kind of hand truck with them and hubby told them he appreciated their help. It sounded like they knew each other and I never thought how they would get me out to their truck thru the front door with a hand truck. Apparently there are some company rules about picking up a crate and carrying it anywhere. I was hauled up on end, my head down, and wheeled out and down the stairs in front of our house. I heard the noise of the street and the truck idling as a lift gate hauled me up onto the truck bed. I felt like an object!

It was only a ten minute ride to the shipping dept. and I was processed on a rolling conveyor ramp to be stamped and delivered same day delivery. My crate was picked up with a forklift truck as I heard one of the men saying the route 5 box truck was full and to put that, meaning me, up on the high rack over there. I felt my crate going way up and I know the high rack is four stories up. I was still hanging in the crate and terrified I was going to get forgotten until Monday sometime.

Apparently hubby was called and he gave his OK to ship me on a flatbed truck, as it wasn't going to rain and I was moved quickly and roughly to get me on the truck before I missed the cut off for loading. Soon I was on my way and on the back of the truck and strapped down most likely with the same straps holding me up side down in the crate. I thought it a thrill that the trucks right behind me couldn't see my nude self but for less than one inch of plywood.

The driver stopped at a restaurant to eat as my crate was the subject of curiosity by the men that walked by. Some even tried to look inside the air holes to see the nude statue as I tried to breathe as quietly as possible. A group of men discussed how easy it would be to unstrap me and drop me into their pick up truck as statues are always valuable. I'm sure I would have been quite the surprise when they opened my crate, hours or days of fun for them, and then what?

My driver came back from his lunch and off we went down the highway, all the sweat on me was gone with the wind thru the crate at seventy miles an hour. We arrived at Ken's house and the driver lowered me to the ground on his lift gate and I was again on my head on a hand truck. I heard Ken's surprise as he signed for me and thankfully decline the drivers offer of help opening his nude statue. Fortunately hubby put an "open other side" on the bottom of the crate. Ken unscrewed the top and his eyes went wide in shock as I was a complete surprise.

He pulled the ball gag out and I said "SURPRISE!"

He unscrewed the restraints and gave me a deep kiss, and his hands were all over me. I needed him so bad at that moment, but I needed a shower more and he showed me the way to the master bath. While I was in there he stripped and came in with me and after soaping me up gently worked his massive cock into my tight pussy.

We fucked in the shower, on the floor, in the bed, on the dinning room table, next to the pool, and even on the rear wet lawn at night. I told him I didn't want to ever leave him again and he agreed. Besides, I told him, I have no clothes here.

To be continued...