Ken's Birthday Gift

by Jackrabbit

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© Copyright 2001 - Jackrabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/m; M+/f; packaged; box; doll; bond; rope; cuffs; susp; cuckold; pet; kennel; oral; sex; group; cons; X

story continues from "Cuckold"

Ken, Deb and I were good friends and we sometimes found some crazy things to do together as a result. Ken’s birthday was coming up and he was dumped by a short-term girlfriend he had about a week before and his mood was one of "nobody loves me". Deb, my girlfriend, and I did not think he would kill himself or anything like that, but we hurt because he was hurt. I’m not sure how the idea formed but we decided Ken needed a special birthday gift to cheer him up.

We threw a few ideas out and Deb suggested that she be his special birthday gift, if I did not mind. She told me that she thinks Ken believes I am upset because of my getting abused and her getting screwed by him on that camping trip (see cuckold). I told her every time I think of it I get hard, although not as big as Ken.

Deb said, "I know".

I then reminded Deb of the time we were in KMART and Ken saw a dark haired Barbie doll and said that it looked like her. Deb was very flattered and we bought it for Ken, as a joke gift. I told Deb what I was thinking and she liked it and got the things we needed that night.

Mostly Deb, and I, worked on the surprise all week. I had the job of getting Ken to his cabin on Friday night and planned to leave him there to play with his present all weekend. I took Ken out to eat and told him I had a surprise for him waiting at his cabin. He wanted to know about Deb and I told him she had something she could not get out of, but that she approved of his gift. I also told Ken I was not upset about the camping trip, in fact every time the subject came up, I got very hot.

When we got to the cabin the lights were on and Deb’s car was there waiting. Ken could not get inside fast enough!

Once inside he found Deb in a life size homemade Barbie Doll box, leaning upright against one of the beams. We made the box out of a box for pool toys and covered the front with plastic wrap with air holes in the side. Ken said, "You guys made my day", but wanted to know why we did this etc...

I told Ken it was my intention to leave him here to play with his new toy for the weekend. He said he had a better idea, and told me to go out to his truck and strip and put my stuff into the back. And while I was there to get a leather bag that is in the back. I did. Ken made me kneel with my back to the other beam and cuffed my wrists and ankles around the beam with chain.

Ken went over to the box and opened it up to find Deb dressed mostly like Ken’s Barbie doll, make up and hair perfect, short white dress, and matching very high heels. Ken also noticed Deb was tied with rope around her ankles, middle, and under her arms just like the real doll is held into the real box. When Deb tied herself into the box just before we walked in she had the rope wrapped around the beam so she would not accidentally knock over the box. If she wanted to she could get out, but she did not want to, she was looking forward to being Ken’s playtoy.

Ken asked Deb what the deal was and she told him that for the weekend she was his talking Barbie doll. Ken asked what she could say and do. Deb told him she could say only positive things, you know "that sounds like fun" etc... And she could do anything he could think of. Then Ken asked what Barbie thought of keeping that guy over there chained up all weekend.

Barbie said, "That sounds like fun!"

Ken untied Barbie from the box and wanted to know how to get her out of her dress. The back of the dress was held together with Velcro, Deb did this herself and thought it was a realistic touch, so she told Ken just to pull and it would tear off. Ken did and it did, to reveal a perfectly cleanly shaved Barbie, just like the real one! I did not know Deb was going to do that and I completely forgot that dolls generally don’t wear bras and panties.

Ken put a leather cuff on each of Barbie’s wrists and threw two ropes over the cross beam right in front of me. Barbie was pulled up by her wrists until she could just touch the floor in the high heels she was still wearing and he tied off the rope. Ken attacked her perfect 36d chest that looked even better with her arms stretched over her head. Next he stripped and then went down on her and she screamed with her first orgasm. All this happened about six feet in front of me, and I should have been feeling anything but horny watching my best friend use my girlfriend, but I loved the show!

Next Ken got up and picked Barbie’s legs up and spread them wide and asked Barbie if she wanted to get it good now. Barbie said she would love too. Ken worked his huge cock between her legs, easier this time because she had been stretched out by him before. Barbie wrapped her legs around Ken and they humped and pumped for a long time before both of them came at what appeared to be the same time. If the cabin was not deep in the woods the neighbors would have heard her scream and called the cops. Barbie was still wrapped around Ken’s waist as he untied the cuffs from the rope and took her to bed where I got to hear them making love all night long.

In the morning Barbie and Ken got up and showered and I was still awake from last night because it was impossible for me to sleep kneeling and bound as I was. Ken untied me and told me if I promised to behave he would fix it so I could get some sleep. I told him I would but that I was hungry. He said he would bring me back something to eat and a surprise, as he and Barbie were going out for breakfast. I was left handcuffed behind my back and my legs were cuffed together and I fell asleep on the floor on the blanket that they left for me.

When they went out Barbie was only wearing her breakaway dress and high heels as she did not bring anything else to wear. She was not dressed indecent but she would get attention.

I woke up some time later to find myself in a strange bondage set up that I will try to explain: I had a leather belt on with loops on each side, leather cuffs on all four arms and legs, the wrist cuffs were attached to each other with about one foot of slack, the ankle cuffs were attached in the same way, the wrists were also attached to the belt so I could not raise my arms above my shoulders, and my legs were attached to the belt on each side so I could not bend my knee past a 90 degree angle and not stand up.

Ken and Deb, who was Barbie for the weekend just looked down at me and laughed. Ken said, "First lets agree on a safe word between us if our play ever gets too rough we use this word and everybody stops. We all agreed. ""Next if someone uses that word and a majority of those present decide later that whoever used the word should not have, that person will be subject to whatever the group decides is a fair punishment. We all agreed.

Barbie told me, "I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is Ken and I have decided to get a dog, the bad news is that I was the dog".

Ken told me that is why I was bound like I was and Barbie put my new collar on me. I started to protest and tried to get up and Ken said, "This is my only warning that I was to act like a dog the rest of the weekend, or else!. "

I started to say or else what but before I could finish Barbie caught my bare ass about five times with a thick leather belt, and it hurt. She told me dogs only bark and whimper and scratch at the door to go out. I thought I would play along and avoid any more whippings and walked on all four "legs" to the kitchen and whimpered as I was very hungry. Barbie got the idea and pointed to two bowls on the floor. One had water and one had dog food, I barked and shook my head and received five more smacks on my fully exposed ass. Then I decided I would make the best of being a dog and ate the food. It was not half bad!

It was then that I realized how bad this could get, what if I had to poop before the weekend was over? I scratched at the door and went out to pee and managed to do that without making a mess on myself. I never realized what the world looked like from all fours before, I could look up Barbie’s dress and see her box, I found myself looking at everybody’s feet, and I never noticed the old doghouse in the back yard of Ken’s cabin. I forgot to mention the dog run my collar was hooked to, to prevent me from crawling away no doubt.

Just then I heard the phone ring and Ken got it and told whoever that he would see them in ten minutes, and that he had a surprise to show them. Ken had Barbie get back into her box and this time he tied her up so she could not possibly escape. He also reminded her that she could not say no to anything he wanted. It was getting dark and I heard a truck pull up and I hid in the dog house and watched what was going on like a good watchdog. Three men got out of the truck and from the way Ken greeted them I gathered they worked together. I crawled to the window and watched what would happen. Ken had a sheet over the Barbie box and he told his friends to check out what his friend got him for his birthday, and pulled the sheet off.

At first his friends did not know what to make of Barbie because her eyes were closed and she did not move a muscle inside the box. One of them asked if it was a blow up sex doll. Ken told him he was half right and he should check her out. His friend opened the box and saw the rope around Barbie’s wrists and ankles and he touched her and she was warm and Barbie’s eyes popped open. I did not know what Barbie was thinking until I heard what she said to the guy, "Hi I’m Barbie, Do you want to play?"

After all the who is she’s, and she sure is pretty’s, and all of that Ken asked then if they would like to share his birthday gift, or talk all night long. They decided they wanted to play with Barbie.

They untied her from the box and carried her to the table and when they put her down to strip Barbie ran as fast as she could for the front door. Nobody expected that and Ken tried to grab her and only managed to tear her breakaway dress off, but not before he saw the playful smile on her face. She wanted this to be challenging for the men. I crawled and hid as fast as I could in the dog house just as I saw the men chasing my nude girlfriend toward the dog house. The men caught her and carried her struggling nude body back into the house and threw her on the large oak table. Barbie was quickly tied to the table spread eagle and very tight.

Her chest was still heaving when Ken finally got back inside and he asked who caught her first? One man said, "I did" and Ken said, "Good you get her first."

I was back at the window in time to watch him push his fat cock into her as she was still winded from her nude run around the yard. She heaved and her chest swung back and forth with each thrust and she was pulling hard at her bonds. Another cock was offered to her open panting mouth and she attacked it. She was definitely having the time of her life. All four men used her like that for hours and for the first time I saw Deb/Barbie worn out.