Summer at Pond Cove

by The Technician

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A new D/s pair drops in on the Mistresses & subs of Pond Cove.

Walter tells of the events of the Fourth of July weekend at Pond Cove.

This story stands on its own, but makes a little more sense if you have read the previous chapters.

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Chapter 05

Fourth of July was interesting here at Pond Cove. For one thing, there were tons of people on the ocean beach and a bunch of boats bobbing in the water just offshore. They were there to watch the fireworks show in the main harbor. It was several miles away, but that doesn’t make as much difference over the water. What did make a difference was that they were outside of town and the harbor patrol doesn’t come out this far unless there is a distress call or something like that. Once you got back to the harbor, whoever was piloting the boat had better be sober, but other than that, anything went.

So, for this one special day of the year, the water just off Pond Cove was crowded with boats and the nearby beach was crowded with people who had driven down in ATVs or Jeeps. They were close enough to see us at the cabins, and that meant that we all had to wear some clothing. The girls were all in bikinis and Mistress Gloria came up with a small Speedo-like thing for me to wear. I felt more naked with that on that I did with nothing, but Mistress Gloria said “Wear it!” so I did.

Late in the afternoon, three couples from one of the boats actually swam and waded to shallow water and then walked and jumped across the rocks at the entrance to Pond Cove so they could swim in our pond. Mistress Sam called to them and signaled them to come to where she stood on the beach near the cabin. Almost as soon as they stepped up onto the beach she asked harshly, “Didn’t you see all the signs saying to keep out?”

A young man about my age, who seemed to be speaking for the group, stepped forward and said sarcastically, “You’re in here.”

He then stood there with his arms crossed over his chest as she explained about the two pieces of property that the Federal Government hadn’t gotten their hands on.

When Mistress Sam finished her explanation, she stared intently at the group for a moment and then leaned down to look directly into his eyes as she said loudly, “That means only close family and invited guests are allowed at Pond Cove.”

The young man met her icy glare and said softly, “You could invite us in.”

“Yes, I could,” Mistress Sam answered, “but if I invited you in, it would have to be as a member of our family.”

The rest of us had gathered in a small group behind her. She turned to point at us. “Mistresses, with me,” she said loudly. Then in a soft, but very firm voice added, “Slaves! Submission position.”

Mistress Tracy and Mistress Gloria walked over to stand alongside Mistress Sam while the four of us slaves dropped to the ground, kneeling with our arms outstretched in front of us and our heads almost touching the ground.

“We already have enough Mistresses,” Mistress Sam said coldly, “so you and your friends would have to come in as slaves.”

The young man hesitated a moment and then said calmly, “But you have no Masters among you.”

He turned to look back at his friends and then faced her once more and said, “I think I could convince at least one of these to submit to me and come in as my slave.”

A young woman stepped forward and said timidly, “Jeremy, what are you doing?”
“I’m asserting myself as an equal to these women,” he answered firmly without turning around. His voice then softened as he turned toward her and said, “Kristi, do you want to be my slave as well as my girlfriend?”

“No,” she answered slowly, “but I would be willing to be your slave as well as your wife.”

The three Mistresses paused to look at each other and then Mistress Gloria said, “You and your slave can stay.”

She then turned to the other two couples and almost yelled, “The rest of you can either stay as our slaves or leave now.”

One of the young men turned to the girl who was with him and said loudly, “Let’s get out of here. I’m going back to my boat. They’re all crazy.”

As the four of them started jogging along the sand to get back to the rock barrier, he yelled out, “Jeremy, are you coming with us?”

Jeremy looked at Kristi and asked, “Are we going with them?”

“Weird worm can drive you into town in the morning,” Mistress Gloria said.

Kristi turned to Mistress Sam and said, “What do I need to do?”

I was amazed at how softly Mistress Sam replied. “You need to submit yourself to Jeremy as your Master.”

She pointed over at the four of us and said, “You kneel like they are kneeling and then say that you are submitting yourself to him.”

Mistress Gloria spoke up. “It would be best,” she said, “if you made a time-limited submission. You could say something like, ‘I submit myself to you for the next four days.’ That would take you through the weekend. If it doesn’t work, everything goes back to what it was on Monday.”

“It can never go back to what was,” Jeremy said slowly, looking back and forth between his girlfriend and the Mistresses. “You forced me to acknowledge the Master that was within me,” he said, looking at Mistress Gloria. Then turning to Kristi, he added, “... and I forced her to acknowledge the slave within her.”

“It would still be best to limit the submission to the weekend,” Mistress Sam said.

There was a long period of silence, then Kristi slowly lowered herself to the ground and attempted to get into the submission position. “Jeremy,” she said softly. There was a quiver of fear– or perhaps excitement– in her voice. “Jeremy, I submit myself to you as your slave for the next four days.”
Mistress Sam spoke up, “Jeremy, you now must say that you accept her as your slave.”

“I accept you as my slave,” Master Jeremy replied. “And I give you the slave name, ‘kristi’.”

Evidently Jeremy had done a little research into D/s relationships. Hopefully he realized that not everything in the stories on line actually happens in real life.

“Now what?” slave kristi asked. She had raised herself up from the prone position and was sitting back on her legs as the four of us were.

“Now the slaves prepare supper for us,” Mistress Tracy replied. “And we sit around on the beach waiting for it to get dark so we can watch the fireworks.”

Mistress Gloria then asked, “Master Jeremy, would you like a beer?”

“Yes, I would, Mistress Gloria,” he replied.

“Puddy tat!” Mistress Tracy yelled. “Go get us all some beers. The rest of you start fixing supper.”

Slave kristi looked up at Master Jeremy. “Go with them,” he said softly, but firmly. “And help puddy tat bring back the beers.”

The four of us– now the five of us slaves– hurried back to the cabin. A few minutes later puddy tat and kristi came back out. They were carrying a bottle of beer in each hand. Kristi stayed several steps behind puddy tat and watched as she dropped to one knee and then held out a bottle, first to Mistress Tracy and then to Mistress Gloria. Kristi mimicked her and knelt to give a bottle to Mistress Sam and then to her Master, Master Jeremy.

“You did very well, slave kristi,” Master Jeremy said.

“Thank you, Master Jeremy,” she replied.

“It sounds like you two have done this before,” Mistress Tracy said.

Master Jeremy pointed to kristi and she said, “No... we’ve never gone this far. We’ve watched some movies together and once or twice I’ve called him ‘Master,’ as a joke, but this is the first time it’s gotten real.”

Master Jeremy nodded and then said, “You may go back to the kitchen.”

Puddy tat and kristi responded in unison, “Yes, Master Jeremy,” and scampered off in the direction of the cabin.

“Do they always do that?” he asked as they hurried away.
“Do what?” Mistress Gloria responded.

“Answer together,” he replied.

Mistress Sam laughed. “Not always, but the fact that they do indicates that they think as slaves.”

“Hmmm,” he replied.

“Hmmm, what?” Mistress Sam said.

“The dark one,” he said, then after a pause, he added, “... she’s a beat behind the others.”

“I’ve noticed that,” Mistress Sam replied. “She didn’t used to be. I’m not sure what that means.”

“Can kristi and I stay here until Sunday?” he asked. “I know she submitted herself to me for the weekend, but if we go back into town things could get a little awkward.”

“Sure,” Mistress Sam answered. “You can use one of our cell phones to make any necessary calls. And, if necessary, Gloria, Tracy, or I could explain that you are staying at our cabin.”

“That would be good,” Master Jeremy said. “That way I could get some questions answered about... well about... ‘the lifestyle.’”

The three Mistresses laughed together. “You mean about Master-slave or Dominant-submissive relationships. You only have to say ‘the lifestyle’ to outsiders or when you think you might be overheard by vanillas.”

“The most important thing,” Mistress Gloria said, “is that everything needs to be consensual. You can push your slave to their very limits, but if they safe out, you have to honor that.”

“Safe out?”

“It means,” Mistress Tracy interjected, “that they use their safe word. Puddy tat’s safe word is ‘bulldog’”

“Cheryl’s is ‘John Brown,’” Mistress Sam added.

“Weird worm’s is ‘Uncle Walter’,” Mistress Gloria then added, “and holly’s is butterfingers.”

“So,” Master Jeremy replied, “should I tell kristi what to use as a safeword?”

“You could,” answered Mistress Tracy, “but it needs to be something that she will remember if things are going too far. Her mind might be overwhelmed at that moment, so it’s better if she is the one who has thought up the safe word.”

“But you had better always honor it,” Mistress Sam said harshly. “There is a line between BDSM and abuse.”

“And once you cross that line,” Mistress Gloria said, “you could find yourself answering to the police.”

“Or,” Mistress Sam added, “to ‘the community.’ You definitely wouldn’t want that.” As she said community, she did air quotes to indicate that ‘the community’ was equivalent to ‘the lifestyle.’

About this time, holly, puddy tat, cheryl, and kristi arrived carrying the picnic table from in front of the cabin. Each one was holding up one corner of the table and all four were naked.

“Who told you to take off your swim suits?” asked Mistress Tracy.

They set the table down and faced the Mistresses. Puddy tat spoke for them. “We were instructed to wear the suits so the people gathered out on the water couldn’t see that we were naked. It’s starting to get dark and there is a slight rise of the dunes between us and the water. We can no longer be seen, so...”

“Besides,” holly added, “we sort of thought that kristi should get used to it.”

“You are forgiven,” Mistress Sam answered firmly. “But in the future, remember to check with your Mistress... or Master... before assuming something like this.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the four answered in unison and turned to hurry back to the cabin.

As they disappeared, Mistress Sam started chuckling. “I was going to order them to strip off the next time they came out here anyway,” she said, still chuckling, “but you can’t let them start assuming what you want. That’s the first step to losing control.”

“It’s all about control, isn’t it?” said Master Jeremy.

“Yes,” Mistress Gloria answered. “BDSM is in the mind. Your dominance comes from their submission. They give you the authority you have over them.”

“And what is given freely,” Mistress Sam added, “is much stronger than any power you think you have over them.”

I arrived about then with the table cloth and bench covers for the picnic table, so the Mistresses... and Master... watched quietly as I put everything in place. A little while later, the girls started bringing the food– hot dogs, hamburgers, and various chips– out to the table. They also brought additional beers for the Masters– I mean Mistresses and Master– and soft drinks for us.

“Let’s eat,” Mistress Gloria said. “Master Jeremy, why don’t you join us at the table. The others”– meaning puddy tat, cheryl, holly, kristi, and me– “can lay a blanket down on the sand next to us.”

We talked amongst ourselves as we ate. Kristi wanted to know what being a slave was like. I let the girls answer because I hadn’t been a slave that long and... well... I think being a slave is probably different for a girl than for a boy.

After a while, kristi got up and stood next to the table. “Master Jeremy,” she said softly, “may I speak?”

Master Jeremy looked slightly startled, but said, “Yes, slave kristi, you may speak.”

“I would like to use ‘babycakes’ as my safeword,” she continued softly. “If you agree, that is.”

“Yes,” he replied with a smile, “you may use babycakes as your safe word.”

She nodded and returned to the blanket. He turned to the others at the table and said, “She used to have a boyfriend that called her that. She hated it, and told him so, but he kept using it. That was one of the reasons they broke up. I called her that once and she exploded. After she calmed down, I promised I would never use it again. It’s not a word she would normally use... nor forget.”

“She must be asking them about being a slave,” Mistress Tracy said. “That’s good.”

All conversation ended at that point as a thunderous boom echoed across the water and brilliant flashes of colored light started to appear over the harbor. We sat more or less silently watching the fireworks for the next hour or so. After things were over, the Master and Mistresses went back to the cabin and we cleaned everything up.

“We are going to call it an early night,” Mistress Sam said when we got everything cleaned up. “Master Jeremy and kristi, you can have the fourth bedroom.”

Mistress Gloria turned to holly and me and said, “You will join me in my bedroom, but afterwards you can go to the game room. And yes, you have permission for sex this evening.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” we replied in unison. Master Jeremy looked obviously confused.

“Weird worm and holly are slave bound,” Mistress Gloria explained, “but they are still my slaves and require my permission for anything other than cuddling.”

“Oh,” Master Jeremy said. “I hadn’t thought about things like that.”

“Neither had we,” said Mistress Tracy, “but they seem to be meant for each other and fell in  love instantly when they met.”

Mistress Gloria was actually tired and wanted only one orgasm, so holly and I were free to go to our mattress early. We made love several times before falling asleep.


Friday morning, I woke up with my prick in holly’s mouth. “Oh, good,” she said with a smile, “now you are both awake.”

“You are insatiable,” I said, trying to sound cheerful, but in reality I had been hoping for a little more sleep. Holly is almost insatiable and I only have so much energy.

“I guess I have to do all the work this morning,” she said with a laugh as she quickly straddled me and started bouncing up and down on Little Pete. Since she had said she was going to do all the work, I decided to just lie there and let her take us both high.

I was getting close and she evidently could sense it because she leaned over slightly and said, “Pinch my tits. Pinch my tits.”

I reached up and started playing with her breasts.

“The nipples, the nipples,” she panted out, so I switched to pinching and rolling her very erect nipples.

Evidently that was what she needed because after just a moment or two, she started into her orgasm wail. That set me off, too, and soon we were both very sweaty and clinging to each other.

“That scream is better than an alarm clock,” a voice said from the doorway. It was Mistress Gloria.

Both holly and I jumped to our feet and then dropped to our knees in the submission position... just in case we were in trouble.

“How may we serve you, Mistress?” holly said softly.

“Make sure the others are up and then fix breakfast,” Mistress Gloria answered. “And remember that we have an extra Master for the table and an extra slave for... wherever.

As Mistress Gloria turned and walked away, holly whispered to me, “I guess we will have to obey all the rules for a couple days while the Mistresses try to impress Master Jeremy.”

“Or, maybe,” I replied, “they are just trying to teach Master Jeremy and kristi how it can be done.”

“In either case,” holly said as she stood up, “we had better be on our best behavior until Sunday.”

I walked behind her as she gently knocked on Mistress Sam’s door and said, “Cheryl, it’s time to get up and fix breakfast.” She said basically the same thing at Mistress Tracy’s door and then again at Master Jeremy’s. Master Jeremy, however, answered in a rather hoarse voice, “She’s going to be delayed just a little.”

Holly looked at me and giggled. Then she said, “Maybe I’m not the only one who is insatiable.”

The Mistresses decided that they wanted to eat breakfast out on the beach, so I hurried out and wiped off the table and bench covers and checked for spiders and stuff under the table. Mistress Gloria was walking out to the table as I started back to the kitchen. “Good job, walter,” she said as she passed me.

“Thank you, Mistress Gloria,” I replied. I was smiling. She didn’t call me “weird worm.”

As Mistress Sam, accompanied by Master Jeremy, walked through the kitchen she said, “Slaves will eat in the kitchen.”

“As you wish,” cheryl replied. The rest of us said “Yes, Mistress,” more or less in unison.

Mistress Tracy walked through a few seconds later. “Puddy tat,” she said, “bring four cups of coffee out to the table. Don’t forget the cream and sugar.”

“Yes, Mistress,” puddy replied as she hurriedly filled four cups of coffee and set them on a tray.

Slave kristi came into the kitchen shortly after puddy tat returned. She was wearing her bikini and cover like she had been yesterday when they came into Pond Cove.

“Oh!” she exclaimed as she entered, “is the nudity all the time?”

“Unless the Mistress tells us we can clothe ourselves,” answered holly.

“Or if civilians wander in too close,” added puddy tat.

“This would be a good chance to teach you one of the position commands,” cheryl said. “Slave holly will demonstrate it for you.”

She then looked directly at holly and barked out, “Display yourself.”

Holly automatically jumped into the display position with her arms locked behind her head and her elbows back so that they were at least in the same plane as her back.

“Of course,” cheryl continued, “if you are dressed, you shuck your clothing as fast as you can before you get into this position.” She paused and then said, “Sometimes it is just...” She looked into kristi’s eyes and said loudly, “Display!”

Kristi was very startled, but her hands flew to the ties on the side of her bikini. It fell to the ground as she slipped off the cover and quickly removed the bikini top. She then stood as holly was standing.

“How long do I have to stay in this position?” kristi asked.

“Another rule,” cheryl said firmly. “When in the Display position, you do not speak unless given permission to do so.”

“May I speak?... uh, Mistress,” kristi sputtered out.

“I am the same as you... for now,” answered cheryl, “and, yes, you may speak.”

“What do we do... the rest of the time?” she asked.

“Please our Mistresses... or Masters...” holly answered, “in any way that they desire.”

“What if they ask us to do something that we really can’t do?” kristi asked. She looked slightly afraid as she asked it.

“That’s when you say ‘babycakes,’” cheryl answered. “But your Master should already know your hard limits. You need to discuss all that with him. Some people even put it in contract form just so everyone is clear about what is and is not allowed.”

“What if I only want to do this some of the time?” kristi asked.

“Then you and Master Jeremy come up with another word or phrase that says you want to play,” puddy tat said. “Not all Dom / sub relationships are full time.”

“Can I relax now?” kristi asked.

“Oh, yes,” answered cheryl, “slaves are released.”

Both holly and kristi brought their hands down from their heads. Puddy tat, who was putting the pancakes and eggs on the plates said, “Walter, why don’t you and kristi take these out to the table? I’ll bring out the syrup.”

When we arrived at the table, I stood with the large tray while kristi placed the dishes and silverware on the table. “Do the Mistresses need anything else?” kristi asked. When everyone– including Master Jeremy– indicated no, we returned to the kitchen to eat.

After we were done, we sent kristi out to retrieve the dishes and refill the coffee cups. When everything was washed up, the five of us went out and knelt behind our Mistress... or Master.

“What should we be doing today?” Mistress Gloria asked.

“I think this should be a relax and play weekend,” Mistress Tracy said.

“Or maybe it should be a show and teach weekend,” Mistress Sam added. “Maybe we should help Jeremy and kristi discover some of their limits.”

“What do you mean by that?” Master Jeremy asked.

“Kristi is your slave,” Mistress Gloria said, “but you need to know what are her limits–what is pleasure for her and what is punishment.”

“I don’t understand,” Master Jeremy replied.

“Puddy tat!” Mistress Tracy yelled out. “Go get the ping pong paddles... and a small pillow”

“Yes, Mistress,” puddy tat shouted out as she ran for the cabin to get the paddles.

“Do you know what a pain slut is?” Mistress Sam asked Master Jeremy.

“Sort of,” he replied. “It is someone who gets off from pain.”

“In the right setting, Jeremy,” Mistress Gloria said, “in the right setting.”

She paused to look down at holly and added, “... unless they are a pure pain slut.”

“Does such a thing exist?” Master Jeremy asked.

Puddy tat had returned by then. Mistress Gloria took the paddles from her and then said, “Holly! Present for punishment over the end of the table. You may use the pillow for padding.”

Holly picked up the pillow and placed it between her front and the edge the picnic table before leaning over and extending the upper part of her body over the top of the table.

“Master Jeremy,” Mistress Gloria said evenly, “would you do the honors?”

“Start slow and easy,” Mistress Sam said sternly as Master Jeremy took the paddle from her hands. “You have to warm her up first.”

Master Jeremy just nodded and moved over behind and to the side of holly. “How many strokes?” he asked as he swished the paddle through the air.

Mistress Gloria laughed slightly and said, “You will know when to stop.”

Master Jeremy nodded again and applied the first swat. It was hard enough to immediately create a red spot on holly’s ass cheek, but the “Whap!” was rather quiet. And the only sound which came from holly was a soft “Umph.”
This may have been the first time that Master Jeremy wielded a paddle but he knew how to use it. He alternated ass cheeks with every swing and slowly moved up and down holly’s ass from near the top of her ample roundness down to the point where her cheeks merged into the muscles of her legs.

“I see that you are careful not to strike on the lower back,” Mistress Gloria said.

“Don’t want to damage the kidneys,” Master Jeremy answered without breaking the pattern of his strokes.

The speed of his swats did not change, but the sound of each “Smack!” became progressively louder. So, too, did the sound of holly’s vocalizations. Her “umphs” soon morphed into “ahhs” and then “aiees.”

Master Jeremy looked up at Mistress Gloria. There was an obvious question on his face. “Give it a few more minutes,” the Mistress said slowly.

Master Jeremy shrugged his eyebrows and began striking slightly harder. That’s when it happened. Pain slut holly’s responses changed once again. Her voice became lower and her cries changed from “aiee” to a throaty “uhh uhh uhh uuhhhh.”

After a few more strokes, holly’s body began to vibrate and her hands, gripping tight on the table, began to cause the table to shake slightly.

Master Jeremy may or may not have realized what he was doing, but he began to swing very slowly and deliberately. Each swat was slightly stronger than the one before. It took about ten or so of these slow swats before holly suddenly arched her back upward and screamed out in a loud wail as an orgasm tore through her body.

“That, Master Jeremy,” Mistress Gloria said firmly, “is a pure pain slut.” She looked over at where the four of us were kneeling and said, “Do you think that kristi would react that way?”

Kristi paled considerably as her Master answered, “I don’t think so, but I really don’t know.”

“Don’t try this unless you already know,” Mistress Sam said. “Or, unless your slave agrees to the experiment.”

Mistress Gloria looked over at me and said, “Well, weird worm, are you willing to participate in our little experiment?”

“It would just hurt for me, Mistress Gloria,” I answered, “but if you order me, I will.”

“Not the same experiment, walter,” she said with a smile. “You only turn into a pain slut when you are already very turned on.”

“What does my Mistress desire of me?” I asked.

“I am asking you to take holly’s ass,” she answered with a laugh. “And while you are screwing her, Master Jeremy will be swatting your ass just as he just swatted holly’s.”

“Oh,” I said as I stood up. I looked at Master Jeremy and said, “Please wait until I am inside her. For one, I will be for sure turned on, and two I don’t want to accidently slide under her and scrape my prick on the table.”

That brought a chorus of laughter from the three Mistresses. Mistress Gloria, still laughing, said, “Master Jeremy, weird worm has a valid point.”

Master Jeremy just nodded and stepped back slightly so I could get between holly’s legs. I reached forward and ran my fingers through her slit. That got a sigh from holly, but its main purpose was to gather some of her fluids onto my hand so I could smear the lubrication between her cheeks.

I pulled another hand full of her juices back and began to work my finger into her ass. Holly has a surprising amount of control over her anal sphincter and it only took a few thrusts for her to relax so I could push into her.

Master Jeremy allowed me to thrust only once before landing a hard swat on my right ass cheek. From that point, he timed it so that as I pulled back, he landed another, harder swat on my ass.

I’m not a pure pain slut like holly, but once I’m turned on, pain and pleasure start to get mixed together. I was rapidly going higher and higher. I hate to admit it, but I would not have been able to get this high without the pain. I would have spurted long before normal stimulation got me to this level.

Holly was wailing in one long, continuous orgasm. I hadn’t thought about it– I know I should have but I didn’t– I didn’t think of the fact that her ass was already bruised and tender and my thrusts hitting her from behind were probably almost as painful as her hard spanking had been.

I could feel my balls getting tight. I knew I would only last one or two more thrusts, so I rammed myself as hard as I could into holly. Her wail became even louder and more shrill as I erupted within her.

My scream a moment later when Jeremy slammed that paddle into my ass was louder still. It was not a scream of pleasure. That last swat REALLY hurt.

Mistress Gloria was laughing again. “That was the real experiment, walter,” she said, still laughing.

“What did you learn, Master Jeremy?” she asked.

“When slave holly started to orgasm, additional swats drover her even higher,” he replied, “but when I struck slave walter after he reached orgasm, he screamed in pain.”

“Now you know the difference between a male and female pain slut,” Mistress Sam said. “Once a male pops, he loses the pain to pleasure bridge.”

“A female,” Mistress Tracy continued, “will retain that bridge until her afterglow is totally gone.”

“Thank you holly and walter,” Mistress Gloria said softly. “You may stand back with the other slaves.”

I stood up and pulled out of holly. She stood up along side me and we stepped over to stand behind puddy tat, cheryl, and kristi.

“I have to know,” kristi said softly.

“What?” Master Jeremy sputtered.

“I have to know if I am a pain slut,” kristi answered.

She walked over to the table and leaned over it. “I think it would be better if you were turned on first,” Mistress Sam said.

“I am,” kristi replied, sliding her fingers through her slit and holding up the shining digits.

“Start slow,” Mistress Gloria said, looking at Master Jeremy.

“I will,” he answered as he stood in the proper place behind his slave.

The first blow was much softer than with holly or me, and the subsequent blows landed more quickly than they had with me. Kristi yelped with each blow. The look on her face and way her body jumped made it clear that all she was feeling was pain.

After about fifteen or twenty swats, she cried out, “Stop, please stop. I can’t stand it.”

She stood up and said, “It just hurts. It just hurts.”

Then she lay back over the table and said, “Fuck me, Master. Please fuck me so I can feel something other than pain.”

Master Jeremy moved between her legs. He was already hard. “Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Fuck me, now,” she answered.

He moved forward and slid into her slowly. Despite the pain, she was still wet, so he entered fairly easily. I noticed that, unlike me, he was careful not to bottom out against her sore asscheeks. He also reached around her and lifted her slightly off the table, cradling her breasts in his hands. Soon they had a rhythm going and she was starting to pant and groan as an orgasm approached.

Somehow Master Jeremy held off until his slave had reached orgasm. He even had the control not to slam into her as he erupted within her. It was clear– at least to me– that he really loved and cared for her.

After both Master Jeremy and slave kristi had calmed down, Mistress Sam spoke up. “So, Master and slave, what have you learned?”

“I’m not a pain slut, Mistress Sam,” kristi said with a quiver in her voice. “But kneeling naked next to the table really turned me on.” She turned bright red and said, “And begging to be fucked in front of all you people was unbelievable.”

“It sounds like submission and humiliation turn you on,” Mistress Gloria said. “Are you an exhibitionist?”

Kristi looked down at the ground. “I’ve never had the nerve,” she said softly.

“But what if I ordered you to do it?” Master Jeremy asked.

“Then I wouldn’t have a choice, would I?” she answered with a smile.

“There is a certain freedom in submission,” Mistress Tracy said. “I can sometimes see why some women are attracted to it.”

“I prefer making my own decisions,” Master Jeremy said very firmly.

“May I speak, Masters?” holly asked very softly.

“You may speak, slave,” answered Mistress Gloria.

“Submitting to you, Mistress Gloria, was my decision,” holly said. I was surprised at how firm and forceful her voice had become. “And each day it is my decision to continue being your slave.”

Her voice returned to its normally quietness as she continued, “That decision means I don’t have to make a lot of other decisions in my life that maybe I am too weak to make.”

It was Mistress Sam who responded to her. “Master Jeremy, it would do you good to remember what slave holly just said. Never assume that slaves are powerless. They choose to give you power over them for their own needs. If you do not satisfy their needs or you begin to truly abuse them, they will rebel against you.”

“There are even some couples we know,” continued Mistress Gloria, “where the true power of the relationship lies not with the Master, but with the submissive.”

“That’s called ‘Topping from the bottom,’” Mistress Sam added. “Sometimes it is almost funny to watch as the Dom takes almost all of his or her behavior cues from the submissive.”

“It is nearly noon,” Mistress Tracy said. “And as enjoyable as these teaching lessons are, I think it is time for some relaxation in the sun. I am going swimming.”

“Are we declaring free time?” Mistress Gloria asked.

“What is that?” asked Master Jeremy.

“Exactly what it sounds like,” answered Mistress Sam. “It means that for the specified time, there are no formal Masters and Mistresses. We are just friends... or lovers... playing in the water.”

She paused and then said, “Free time until one o’clock, at which time the submissives will revert to slaves and fix us all a good lunch.”

“Thank you, Sam,” said cynthia.

Master Jeremy looked a little startled. “You can just turn it on and off like that?” he asked.

“No,” Mistress Gloria said, “we can just set it aside and pick it back up like that. It is still a decision made by the Master or Mistress.”

“We often have to set it aside when we are among vanillas,” Mistress Sam continued. “Not everyone understands our relationships.”

“May we now go swimming?” kristi asked. I noticed she did not say Master or Mistress.

Mistress Sam and Master Jeremy both nodded their heads and the five of us raced for the water. We spent the next hour splashing and swimming in the pond. At one point, kristi swam out to the stone breakwater which separated the cove from the ocean and stood on the large rocks looking out at the water. Several boats went by as she was standing there. She even waved at one of them.

When she returned to the rest of us, I asked, “Did you enjoy showing the world your naked body?”

She smiled at me and said, “The old Kristi would never have had the nerve to do that. But for slave kristi, nakedness is natural. Mistress Tracy is right. There is a certain freedom in submission.”

“You still have to be careful,” holly said. “No pictures or postings on social media that might be found by students or co-workers.

“What do you do?” she then asked, “...or are you a student?”

“I’m a cashier at a local grocery store,” kristi answered. “Jeremy is an engineering student at the university. I don’t think my boss would mind if he saw naked pictures of me on the internet.”

“But Jeremy’s bosses or potential future bosses might not understand if they saw them,” cynthia said. “Some companies are relatively straight-laced and think that if someone is in a different relationship at home, it affects their relationships at work. They think that even though the reality is that true Doms and Masters are better at keeping proper boundaries than most vanillas.”

About then, Mistress Sam called out, “It’s one o’clock.”

I don’t know how she does that with no watch or anything, but she always seems to know what time it is. When we got back to the cabin to start fixing lunch it was five after one.

Friday afternoon we just sort of hung out at the beach. It wasn’t free time, though. We were expected to address the Mistresses and Master properly and to show proper respect at all times.

Saturday morning, I was wondering what the Mistresses would come up with as a show and train. I didn’t expect things to go back to normal, but after breakfast was done and everything cleaned up and put away, Mistress Gloria said, “The mowing didn’t get done yesterday, so today we are going to show Master Jeremy and slave kristi that every day isn’t just screwing and spanking.”

“Yes, Mistress Gloria,” holly and I said together. I think our voices reflected our disappointment.

Turning to Master Jeremy, she explained, “I think that kristi, cheryl, and puddy tat should be wearing shoes while they clean out the bushes and rake up the leaves and branches.” She chuckled and added, “I think you will see shortly why holly and weird worm can’t get off their mowers to do that.”

She yelled loudly so we could hear, “Weird worm, holly, make sure you bring your mowers over here by the table to show Master Jeremy before you start cutting.”

“Yes, Mistress,” we answered in unison.

After we rode our mowers out to the table, Mistress Gloria made us get off of them so Master Jeremy could see the anal plugs on the seats.

After we had sat back down, she reached under the seats and triggered the air pumps. “Tell Master Jeremy,” she said firmly, “why you are attached to your seats.”

“Mistress Gloria,” holly began, “caught us screwing on the grass up at the north cabin rather than working when we were supposed to be.”

Master Jeremy laughed silently. I mumbled, evidently a little louder than I thought, “Slave holly gets off on it. For me it’s just uncomfortable.”

“Were you addressing us?” Mistress Sam said sternly.

“No, Mistress,” I said. “Please forgive me. I didn’t realize that I said that out loud.”

“You are forgiven,” Mistress Gloria said, “... this one time. Your remark was actually helpful. It is important for Master Jeremy to see that not all submissives experience things the same way.”

“Now,” she added, looking directly at me, “go get your work done.”

My huge mower was actually slower to use in the tight areas around the trees at the south cabin. Most of the time I had the main center blade deactivated and one of the side blades raised as I tried to move between the trees. Holly told me that the two of us could cut the grass only slightly faster than she used to do it by herself. But that wasn’t our decision. Our Mistress said we would both mow at both cabins, and that is what we did.

Saturday afternoon was again just playing around on the beach and in the water, but it wasn’t free time. Neither was Sunday morning. Everyone slept in late on Sunday and the five of us fixed a nice brunch for the Mistresses and Master Jeremy to eat out by the pond.

After they ate, Master Jeremy said that he and kristi would have to be getting back into town. Mistress Gloria told him, “Weird worm will drive you into town.”

She then said to me, “Walter, go up to your uncle’s cabin and get dressed. Then bring the car back here and take Master Jeremy and kristi into town.”

“Mistress,” I said, “that would mean that I would have to drive all the way back out to the highway and then back in on the south cabin’s access road. I am more than willing to do that, but it will be an hour or more before I could get back here.”

“We will walk with walter up to the other cabin,” Master Jeremy said. “Then he can drive us directly from there.”

“That sounds reasonable,” Mistress Gloria said.

She turned to holly and said firmly, “And before you ask, holly, no, you can’t go into town with weird worm.” She smiled at Master Jeremy and said, “Who knows what they would get up to in town by themselves.”

Master Jeremy just chuckled and said, “I guess we should get going.” As he stood up, he suddenly looked surprised and said to kristi, “I think my slave should get dressed so she doesn’t shock the good people at her apartment complex.”

“Yes, Master,” she answered as she scampered inside to retrieve her bikini and wrap.

It felt almost odd getting fully dressed. I had been basically naked for two months. I dropped both Master Jeremy and kristi off at his place. He said he would take her home from there. As I watched them walk up the sidewalk toward his apartment hand in hand, I wondered if any of his vanilla neighbors could see that they had entered into a whole new phase of their relationship.


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