Summer at Pond Cove

by The Technician

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A submissive caterpillar becomes an assertive butterfly.

This is a very short chapter, but it did not fit with the previous chapter nor with the next. This is primarily a transition chapter and does not have much in the way of actual sex. It stands on its own, but makes a little more sense if you have read the previous chapters.

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Chapter 06

Around the middle of July things started to get weird at Pond Cove. You may be wondering what I consider weird since I have been telling how I and three other submissives have been running around naked obeying our Mistresses all summer, but this is different. Something weird was happening with the Mistresses.

It has to do with power... or authority... or assertiveness or something. Before this summer, I didn’t know I was a submissive. And over the weeks, I’ve figured out that I am less assertive– or maybe I should say more submissive– than holly or puddy tat or cheryl... especially cheryl. She scares me sometimes. There are times that her dark eyes look like they are boring right through me. It’s pretty obvious that she is the head slave– or whatever– when the Mistresses aren’t around. Then it is puddy tat and then holly and then me. I knew right away that there was a definite pecking order to us slaves.  But I hadn’t realized that Masters and Mistresses also had an order of authority or power.

I realized pretty fast that Mistress Sam seemed to be physically the most powerful of the three Mistresses. One look at her bulging muscles told me that. She could probably hold her own against most men in a knock-down, drag-out fight. But despite that, Mistress Gloria somehow usually gets her way. She will say things in that certain way and what she said is what always gets done. Once Mistress Tracy suggested something really stupid and Mistress Gloria just looked at her hard like a momma looking at a misbehaving child. She didn’t say anything, but Mistress Tracy suddenly stepped back and apologized.

“I’m sorry, Mistress Gloria,” she said in almost a quaking voice, “that was totally stupid of me. Please forgive me.”

For a minute I thought that she was going to drop to her knees, but Mistress Gloria just shook her head slightly and said, “Forget about it, Tracy.” Then she added a little more firmly, “Just don’t let it happen again.”

That was in mid-June. It wasn’t anything really major, but from that point on, it seemed like there was friction between the three Mistresses. Maybe there was before and I hadn’t noticed it, but something was wrong. Nothing specific was said, but it was there under everything. I think Master Jeremy and slave kristi coming into the cove for the Fourth of July aggravated things. Mistress Tracy seemed really bitchy for several days after Master Jeremy left. Then about two weeks later, the three Mistresses got into a really loud argument at breakfast.

I don’t know what the original argument was all about. We couldn’t hear that over in the kitchen. But it got really loud when things exploded. “I think we need to clarify who is in charge here,” Mistress Tracy said, slamming her fork down on her plate. “You two treat me like I’m one of your slaves,” she almost screamed. Then she stood up next to the table, put her fists on her hips and said, “I demand a reckoning.”

“What do you suggest,” Mistress Gloria said calmly, “dueling pistols at forty paces?”

She was smiling, but no one laughed at her suggestion. We slaves sort of crouched down and hid in the kitchen waiting to see what would happen.

“I am willing to acknowledge Mistress Gloria as our leader,” Mistress Sam said calmly.

“I’m not!” Mistress Tracy yelled, stomping her foot for emphasis.

Slave cheryl stepped out of the kitchen slightly and bowed her head. Slave cheryl had changed a lot since the Fourth of July also. Actually she had changed a lot since she lost our little contest and all of her body hair. She was... different. She was still acting very submissive to Mistress Sam, but the way she carried her body and the way she walked and talked was just... different. Maybe it was because when the hair on her head began to grow back in it was in tight curls. I hadn’t thought anything about it, but she was a black woman with very straight hair. Evidently the tight curls were what her hair should naturally be. There was now just enough hair on her head to make a tight skull cap of curly black hair.

“May I speak?” she asked softly.

“Why not?” Mistress Sam said. Mistress Gloria nodded her head. Mistress Tracy just stood there glaring with her hands on her hips.

“If you are seeking a physical challenge,” cheryl said, “you have already tested a course with us. The target portion could remain the same, but perhaps you would want to swim or run farther because you are better than us humble slaves.” She bowed slightly and then added, “You can add other things to the course, but it would be a proven way to test your physical strengths.”

“Great suggestion,” Mistress Sam said. Then turning to Mistress Tracy she asked, “What do you think?”

“I think I would stomp both your asses,” Mistress Tracy said angrily.

“Ahh,” said Mistress Gloria, “but like before, there is the matter of incentive.”

“The slaves raced for their hair,” said Mistress Tracy. “It could be the same incentive.”

“That is a dangerous thing to say,” replied Mistress Sam. “A Mistress without her hair could easily be mistaken for a slave.”

“Then don’t lose,” Mistress Tracy said bitterly, putting her face only inches from Mistress Sam’s.

“OK,” Mistress Sam said, standing up and facing us three who were still cowering in the kitchen. “This is what will happen. Cheryl and puddy tat get out the arrows and set up the targets. Weird worm and holly tow the kayaks and swim float out to the middle of the lake near the outer barrier. That just about doubles the swimming and the paddling. Then we race just like they did. First one back is head Mistress. Last one back loses her hair... ALL of her hair.”

She looked over at Mistress Tracy and asked, “Do you think that will settle this for you?”

“Damned straight!” Mistress Tracy spat out.

“Then let’s do this,” Mistress Gloria said. She pointed at puddy tat and said, “Go get our swim suits.”

“They did it naked,” Mistress Tracy said almost angrily. “We do it naked. Then the loser is ready to be sheared.”

“O... K...” Mistress Gloria said. “Puddy tat and cheryl,” she ordered, “set up the targets.” Then she looked at me and holly and said, “You two get the kayaks and the float out on the water.”

Holly and I ran out to the small dock and slid three kayaks into the water. Then we started pulling them toward the swim float which was anchored a short distance off shore. Once we got there, we pulled up the three anchors and used two of the kayaks to very slowly tow the float toward the seaward end of the cove. Luckily there was no wind or the two of us wouldn’t have been able to move it. Both holly and I were all sweaty by the time we got it in place.

Holly stood on the swim platform and yelled, “Ready!” back to the Mistresses.

“Come back here,” Mistress Gloria ordered and we both dove into the water and started swimming back.

When we got there, the three Mistresses were standing naked on the beach with bows in hand. I noticed that the targets were set up almost twice as far away as they had been when we raced. Mistress Gloria looked around and said, “Maybe we should have had puddy tat bring one of the guns out so she could fire off a shot to start us.”

“Taken care of,” cheryl said with a smile and held up a leather paddle.

She took holly by the hand and led her a little ways behind the three Mistresses. She pushed slightly on holly’s shoulders so that she would bend over and said, “I don’t think holly will mind being our starter pistol, will you, holly?”

Holly just smiled at her and bent farther over.

“Is everyone ready?” cheryl asked.

When all three Mistresses nodded and turned to face the targets, cheryl pulled the paddle back as far as she could and then slammed it into holly’s ass. The sharp crack did sound very much like a starter pistol signaling the start of a race.

There were two almost simultaneous loud thunks as two arrows landed in the bullseyes of two of the targets. Mistress Sam and Mistress Gloria immediately began dashing for the water. Mistress Tracy swore loudly and pulled another arrow from the sand. She fired rapidly, but ended up in the blue ring around the bullseye. More swearing accompanied her next shot, which was also in the blue and then she ran after the other two Mistresses.

Mistress Tracy was a much better swimmer than either Mistress Sam or Mistress Gloria, but both had a huge lead over her. The two Mistresses had already started paddling for the north cabin by the time she had reached the raft. We could hear her grunting as she started paddling strongly trying to catch up with them.

We couldn’t really see the docks at the north cabin, but we did hear three loud bangs as the kayaks were ramped up onto the dock for fast exits. The three bangs were only seconds apart, so evidently Mistress Tracy had almost caught up with the others by the time they crossed the cove.

Puddy tat had gone back into the cabin and brought out a yellow rope. She and holly were standing about five feet apart, holding it up like the finish line on a big race. Cheryl was standing near a small table she had brought out and set near the finish line. On the table were the hair clippers, two bowls of water, a can of shaving cream, and several razors. Since I didn’t really have anything to do, I was just standing back out of the way.

I could see all three of the Mistresses racing down the sand. I had never noticed before how beautiful and almost perfect their bodies were. They were running almost abreast... I didn’t intend that as a pun, but it was true. With the way they were running, their breasts were what was most in front and all six breasts seemed to be straight across.

As they got closer, I could see that Mistress Sam’s muscles rippled differently from Mistress Gloria’s or Mistress Tracy’s. They were larger and seemed to stay rigid as her legs pounded into the sand. Mistress Gloria’s and Mistress Tracy’s muscles seemed to relax much more as her legs came forward. Then they would tighten up as her foot hit the sand. That relaxing and tightening also caused their stomachs to ripple. It was obvious from their faces that all three Mistresses were giving maxim exertion. Mistress Sam was slightly in the lead; Mistress Tracy was next; and then Mistress Gloria.

I felt my shoulders droop and I looked over at holly. It looked like our Mistress was going to lose. I found myself staring at the Mistresses’ legs as they ran the final stretch to the yellow rope. Suddenly Mistress Sam’s legs relaxed– just slightly. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t noticed before how they were bunched tight all the time. It was for just a couple of strides, but all of a sudden, Mistress Sam wasn’t in the lead. She was in second place. Mistress Tracy was in the lead.

I don’t know why, but I was now staring at Mistress Tracy’s legs. And they also relaxed. I know they had been relaxing before, but for two or three strides, her muscles didn’t tighten up as much and show the same power as her foot hit the sand. If I hadn’t been watching her legs I would never have seen it, but in those two or three strides, Mistress Gloria and Mistress Sam passed her. As they came through the rope it was Mistress Gloria, then Mistress Sam, then Mistress Tracy.

Our Mistress had won. ... And Mistress Tracy lost.

The three Mistresses stood at the finish line bent over slightly, gasping for breath. “You set the forfeit,” Mistress Gloria said as firmly as she could to Mistress Tracy, “do you accept the consequences?

“Let’s get it over with,” Mistress Tracy answered harshly.

Mistress Sam, still panting hard, looked over at the table with everything prepared and said, “Slave cheryl, since you have everything ready, and you aren’t all out of breath, why don’t you do the honors?”

Mistress Tracy– as well as the rest of us– gasped, but cheryl merely bowed her head slightly and said, “If that is your wish, Mistress... and if Mistress Tracy agrees.”

“Just do it!” Mistress Tracy growled out, now standing with her feet spread and her arms by her sides.

Cheryl held up the hair clipper and turned it on. Its high-pitched buzzing was the only sound in the cove. I turned to look at holly, but she was staring straight ahead. The buzzing of the clippers deepened slightly and I turned back to look as cheryl buzzed straight down the middle of Mistress Tracy’s hair. The very short hair next to her scalp looked dark brown, almost black, against the dyed blonde of the rest of her head.

Cheryl moved quickly and very soon Mistress Tracy was effectively bald. Two quick swipes later and her carefully trimmed eyebrows were gone. Then cheryl moved down to the neatly trimmed triangle which hid Mistress Tracy’s slit. When that, too, was gone, cheryl set the clippers back on the small table and turned to look at her Mistress.

“No need to stop now,” Mistress Sam said with a shrug and cheryl picked up the can of shaving cream.

She started by spraying the thick foam directly on Mistress Tracy’s head. She then used her hand to smear it over the short stubble. Before picking up one of the razors, she dabbed a small amount over the remnants of Mistress Tracy’s eyebrows.

Cheryl started with the eyebrows, perhaps to keep any of the shaving cream from dripping down into Mistress Tracy’s eyes. Then she started on the head. After several quick, but deliberate passes over Mistress Tracy’s head, she switched to a new razor and used shorter strokes to pick up the edges near the ears and base of the neck.

“Open up a little wider, please,” cheryl said softly.

Mistress Tracy’s face was now totally blank as she looked at slave cheryl and then slowly shuffled her feet so that her legs were more widely spread. Cheryl sprayed a large glob of shaving cream into her hand and then began rubbing it between the Mistresses legs.

Mistress Tracey let out a low moan as cheryl’s hand slipped between her legs. Her moan became louder as cheryl’s hand slid back to push the foam between her ass cheeks. I looked over at holly. This time she was also looking at me. She raised her eyebrows, but said nothing as we both turned back to watch what was happening.

“Stand very still,” cheryl said firmly, and then knelt in front of Mistress Tracy and began carefully shaving off any stubble that remained from her triangle. She used one of the small wash cloths to wipe the foam from around the Mistress’ cunt and checked for any stray hairs. She swiped at a couple of points with one of the razors and then stood up and walked around the Mistress.

“Bend over and put your hands on the ground,” she said firmly. Mistress Tracy leaned forward with her arms pointed toward the ground. It wasn’t really possible to touch the ground in that position, so she fell forward for the last several inches and ended up in sort of a bear walk with her ass pointed up toward slave cheryl.

Cheryl reached forward and carefully shaved the area around Mistress Tracy’s asshole. “You’re actually rather hairy back there,” she said as she changed razors and applied more foam.

Mistress Tracy’s only response was a deep intake of breath and a soft moan.

“Hold that pose for just a moment,” cheryl said as she picked up a new wash cloth and dunked it in the small bowl of water on the table.

“Let me wipe everything clean,” cheryl said as she used the cloth to wipe all traces of foam from between Mistress Tracy’s legs.

“Stand up!” she said firmly, and Mistress Tracy pushed herself back up to her feet and closed her legs so that she was standing upright.

“Close your eyes!” cheryl barked and Mistress Tracy suddenly stiffened as if at attention and tightly shut her eyes.

Cheryl slowly wiped all remaining foam from Mistress Tracy’s face and head and then set the wash cloth on the table. As she did so, she said softly, “You can open your eyes now.”

Mistress Tracy opened her eyes and relaxed slightly. “Anything else?” she asked quietly.

“As a matter of fact, there is,” cheryl answered.

Mistress Gloria looked like she was going to say something, but Mistress Sam made a hand gesture and shook her head so she remained quite.

“What is that?” Mistress Tracy asked defiantly. Holly and I looked at each other. Neither of us had any idea what was going on.

“You can get down into the proper position and submit yourself to me as my slave,” cheryl answered firmly. She was pointing to the ground at her feet as she spoke.

“And WHY would I do that?” Mistress Tracy said angrily.

“Because you want to,” cheryl answered softly. “You pushed and pushed to get this contest and then you totally threw it so you would lose. You wanted to be stripped of your position as Mistress. You want to become a slave.”

“That’s not true,” Mistress Tracy said, shaking her head as she spoke, but her voice was soft and quivering.

“Tracy,” cheryl replied, “you are forgetting that we grew up almost together. We weren’t at the same high school, but we competed against each other.”

Cheryl walked over to where the bows were lying on the sand. She picked up a bow and pulled an arrow from the ground. Facing Mistress Sam and Mistress Gloria she said, “Did you know that I placed second at state in archery?”

She then fired the arrow at the target. It hadn’t even hit before she had grabbed another arrow from the sand and sent it flying. In what seemed like just a heartbeat, she had launched five arrows... and all five of them were in the bullseye.

“Do you know who beat me?” she asked. “Do you know who placed first in state?”

She looked over at Mistress Tracy and said, “Tell them, Tracy. Tell them who placed first.”

Mistress Tracy hung her head and looked down at the ground. “I did,” she said softly.

“We were quite the competitors back then,” cheryl continued. “We also ran against each other in the state cross country finals, didn’t we?”

Mistress Tracy didn’t look up, but nodded her head in agreement.

“I placed second there also,” cheryl said. “Who placed first, Tracy?”

I could barely hear her as she said softly, “I did.”

“So how was it possible,” cheryl asked, “that you barely got two arrows in the blue and then faltered in that last sprint to the finish line? Did you want to lose?”

Mistress Tracy took a deep breath and then said softly, “Yes.”

“So you want to be a slave,” cheryl said firmly, “which is very fortunate because I no longer wish to be a slave. I want to take my proper place as a Mistress.”

She paused as all of us watched silently. “So,” she continued, “what do you think should happen now?”

Mistress Tracy walked over to stand in front of cheryl. She slowly sank to her knees and rocked back so that her ass was touching her ankles. Then she lowered her head and extended her arms as far forward as she could so that her fingertips were touching the sand at cheryl’s feet.

“I submit myself to you as your slave,” she said softly.

“I accept you as my slave,” Mistress Cheryl responded. “And I give you the slave name, tracy.”

She turned to Mistress Gloria and Mistress Sam and said loudly, “I claim my right as a Mistress and from this day forward shall be known as Mistress Cheryl.”

“Welcome, Mistress Cheryl,” Mistress Gloria said in response.

“Welcome, Mistress Cheryl,” Mistress Sam added.

“What of the former Mistress’ slave, puddy tat?” Mistress Gloria asked. “You could claim her as your own, or you could give her to another Mistress.”

“I claim her as my own,” Mistress Cheryl answered, “if she is willing to submit herself to me.”

Puddy tat ran forward and dropped to the sand alongside Mistress Cheryl. “Oh yes,” she said excitedly, “Oh yes, Mistress Cheryl, I submit myself to you as your slave.”

She looked up into Mistress Cheryl’s eyes and added, “... and as your lover if you will have me.”

Mistress Cheryl smiled down at puddy tat and said, “You have always been my lover. Now you will also be my slave.”

She then looked over at Mistress Sam and said, “This creates a problem for me, however. I do not need two slaves, and you currently have none. I offer you the gift of slave tracy, if you would take her... and if she would submit herself to you.”

She looked down at slave tracy and made a motion with her hand indicating that she should stand.

“She has always followed you around like a lost puppy,” Mistress Cheryl said. “Someone who didn’t know she was a Mistress might have assumed she was your slave already. I think she loves you and has always wanted to be your slave.”

“Is this true?” Mistress Sam asked.

Slave tracy nodded her head rapidly and then ran over to stand in front of Mistress Sam. “If you will have me,” she said timidly.

“You know the position from which that should be asked,” Mistress Sam said firmly.

Tracy immediately dropped to the ground in the submission position and said, “This humble slave begs that she be accepted by such a gracious and powerful Mistress as you, Mistress Sam. I submit myself to you as your slave.”

Mistress Sam looked down at tracy who was visibly quaking as she held the submission position. “I accept you as my slave,” she said, “and I give you the slave name tracy.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” tracy sobbed out. “I have been so miserable as a Mistress these past few months. I envied slave cheryl and wished that I could change places with her... and now I have.”

Slave tracy then dissolved into sobs and tears. Mistress Sam reached down and slowly ran her hand over tracy’s bald head and then on over her back. She softly patted tracy’s back for a while and then said, “Go to my room. I will be there shortly. We will see what kind of slave you are.”

“Yes, Mistress,” tracy yelped as she jumped to her feet and ran toward the cabin.

Mistress Sam watched tracy disappear into the cabin and then said, “Mistress Cheryl, what you said about Mistress Tracy throwing the contest was obviously true. But you placed second in those same areas. That means that you, as slave cheryl, also threw the contest. Do you care to enlighten us?”

“Yes,” Mistress Cheryl replied, “I threw the contest. And I maneuvered things in the first place so that the contest would happen and that I would end up totally shaved.”

She paused and looked over at holly and I still kneeling in the sand. “But I didn’t lose,” she said with a smile. Then she ran her hand over her very short, very black, very curly hair. “That black white girl I used to be, slave cheryl, lost.”

Looking back at the Mistresses she continued, “I was always trying to fit into that white world... talk like them... straighten my hair so I looked more like them... all of that. But the best I could be was a black white girl.”

Looking directly at Mistress Sam she said, “When you cut off my straight hair, slave cheryl died and Mistress Cheryl was born. It took me a little while to figure out how to come out of my cocoon, but the slave cheryl caterpillar has definitely turned into the Mistress Cheryl butterfly.”

I know it was against all the rules... and maybe likely to get me punished, but I couldn’t help myself. I stood up and started clapping. Holly looked at me in shock, but then she also stood up and started clapping. So did puddy tat.

I heard a low laugh and looked over at Mistress Gloria as she, too, started clapping. Mistress Sam shrugged and added her applause. “Welcome Mistress Cheryl,” she said over the sound of the clapping. “The butterfly has emerged.”


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