Slave Milky Tits on the Morning Show

by Kristin Kailey

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© Copyright 2021 - Kristin Kailey - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; bond; slave; hum; racism; oral; buttplug; armbinder; lactate; bodymod; mast; public; collar; cons; XXX

(Heavily modified slave goes on a morning show on television to show off her transformation and do a masturbation show. This is a follow up story to my Kneel or No Kneel series. There is an audio file that matches the masturbation scene, yes I made it myself, and you can find it here:

“Welcome back to the second half of Empire Today! I’m your host, Matt Lewder and with me as always is my co-host and the best little cocksucker to brighten your morning, Kuntie Kumtrick. Why don’t you say hello to the folks at home Kuntie?”

Kuntie said nothing due to the fact that her mouth was filled to capacity with Matt’s hard cock. She knelt obediently between his legs; her thin pale body was naked and well displayed and protruding quite visibly from her anus was a huge black silicone plug that filled her tight little rectum. Kuntie’s platinum blonde dye job hair was tied in a long ponytail that swayed with every bob of her head as she worked the cock with her expert mouth and tongue.

Other than the black platform knee high boots and studded leather collar, her only other accessory was the thick black leather arm binder that bound her limbs painfully behind her. With each movement she made, the weights that dangled from the obscenely large gold rings piercing her ridiculously stretched pink nipples would swing. “Looks like something has her tongue and it’s not the cat,” Matt chuckled as he ran one hand over his receding hairline while forcefully grabbing the back of Kuntie’s head with the other.

Matt shifted and leaned forward slightly as if he was about to share an important secret with the audience. He stared directly into the camera before flashing a smile that exposed the sparkle of shining white teeth. “Today we have a very special treat for you. Now we all love Kneel or No Kneel with my good friend Horny Bondel, don’t we folks?” The audience erupted in applause, whistles and shouts as Matt raised his hands to regain control.

“You may remember a few months ago a beautiful little mixed-breed cunt, formerly known as Kristin Kailey competed and we were all so riveted. I mean I don’t mind admitting that I came more times while watching her tight little body than I can count and I know those of you at home had the same reaction, didn’t you?”

Again the audience burst out in a cacophony of support and agreement. “She’s here today at the request of her owner, our esteemed network president, to do a little masturbation show for us. Please give a warm welcome to our favorite little bitch that is always in heat, Milky Tits the fuckdoll!”

I was standing just offstage waiting for my cue. My skin still burned with shame every time someone said my new name, but of course that was the point; to reduce me down to just the most basic sexual object that existed only for the pleasure of others. As much as my skin burned, my pussy dripped even more. My training was thorough and I had been conditioned to get wet whenever I felt degraded or humiliated, which was pretty much all the time. My pierced clit throbbed and I desperately needed release, but I knew that would be a reward only if I did well on the show today. I had to please my Master. He was everything to me and I was nothing; just another inferior female body for him to own.

My tiny feet teetered on black sky high platform heels for what seemed like forever as I waited to walk out on stage. Despite months of training in them, I still felt unsure at times and I never got used to the constant ache in my delicate feet. I even learned to exercise in heels which made my slender legs and calf muscles far shapelier as a result. In a way, that kind of pain just made me hornier. Whether it was the pain in my feet or from the piercings and tattoos of ownership that covered my smooth flesh or from the weight of the huge milk filled udders that hung from my chest, but I knew my sexual arousal from pain to be part of my conditioning as well.

Once I heard my name I plastered on the biggest smile of perfect white teeth I could muster and strode out on stage. The tight black rubber dress that barely covered my firm little ass and large jiggling breasts squeaked with each movement forward and as I stepped out from behind the velvety soft red curtain the stage lights blinded me momentarily.

I marched carefully to where Matt sat and Kuntie knelt. Matt stood up and Kuntie moved and lifted herself gracefully to keep her wet saliva filled mouth on his throbbing cock. She was a pro at this and had kept up with her co-host’s movements with each guest he greeted over the years.

I approached him and he gave me the obligatory hug; wrapping his muscular arms around my willowy body and drawing me close to him, forcing the back of Kuntie’s head against my aching pussy which pushed his cock deeper down her soft throat. He used both hands to raise my black rubber dress revealing my perfect little firm rear to the audience and displaying the large metal pear of anguish plug that was painfully spread and securely locked inside my bleached anus. He gave both of my exposed ass cheeks a strong squeeze and pushed hard on the plug that extended deep inside my bowels before releasing the hug and waving me toward the empty chair to the right of his own. Matt took his place in his seat and Kuntie shuffled her knees to keep up and stay in position, ensuring that his cock never left her moist mouth in a display of faultless synchronization.

I carefully sat down, adjusting the bottom of my dress up to my hips and spreading my toned legs so that my pierced and hairless pussy was on display and my glistening wet labia were in full view. I am just a pretty object after all, and objects are meant to be viewed and appreciated. I could see Matt staring between my legs and licking his lips as he opened his mouth to speak.

“You look even more incredible than the first time I saw you, I swear you could make any man cum just from looking at you”.

“Thank you very much Sir, your compliment makes my tight little whore hole drip even more and of course, making people cum is what I exist for!”

Indeed it was the truth. I had been conditioned to get wet whenever I received praise for my slutty little body and I had come to accept the fact that as a female, I did exist to make people cum.

“We all know that Milky Tits’ Master and owner is a good friend of course, so tell me, does he ever let you use your old name, ‘Kristin Kailey’?”

“No Sir, I’m one hundred percent Milky Tits now.” My face burned as the words escaped my pouty ruby red lips which had been plumped and enlarged, or as my Master called them, cocksucker lips and he took great pleasure in having them wrapped around his hard cock as often as possible. I understood perfectly the position that Kuntie was in having been in that same position, bound in an arm binder and on my knees with a cock in my mouth for hours on end on countless occasions.

“There’s no question that a collared trophy pet like you is a luxury cunt, a status symbol really. Does your Master ever share you?” 

“As an obedient cunt, I do whatever Master commands of course Sir. There have indeed been times when he wanted to impress people and he shared me with friends, business partners and government officials. They used me in different ways as you can imagine and I was always grateful for the opportunity to show off my training and earn my Master’s praise.”

Of course I said it with a big smile on my face, but I remembered all of the different men, some of whom just wanted to fuck me or get a blowjob, others who took delight in humiliating and degrading me in every way imaginable, some who enjoyed seeing my little body in a lesbian show with another cunt and still others who would torture me mercilessly for hours, the one rule being no permanent damage of course.

 “Maybe I’ll be able to talk your Master into letting me take you for a test drive sometime,” Matt replied with a devious smile. He reached over and grabbed the mug that sat on a small table to the side of his chair and raised it to his lips. “This coffee could use a little more milk. I understand you can help me out with that, Milky Tits.”

“I sure can Sir,” I replied enthusiastically as I instinctively pushed the neck of my rubber dress down, gently pulled out my large milk filled left breast and leaned in to offer it to him. There was a part of me that still found this act to be incredibly demeaning, but of course that just pushed me even deeper into my own fog of sexual need.

“I just love what your Master has done here,” he said as he shifted forward and cupped and squeezed my ample tanned udder with one hand while unscrewing the small metal cap that covered my overstretched pink nipple with the other. As the cap came off, milk began to escape my nipple in a steady white stream through a metal tube that was inserted deep inside the sensitive flesh and he quickly grabbed his mug and slid it under the flow to capture my delicious milk. “I understand he had your nipples cored so the milk just comes right out with no effort and the caps conveniently screw on to the tubes inside them so that you never waste any of your Master’s precious milk, is that right?”

“That’s absolutely right Sir. I’m grateful to my Master for making these changes to this little body he owns. Not only does it make the cock sleeve between my legs wet to know that I am pleasing to him, but I love being useful as well. Plus I’m told that my milk is the sweetest he’s ever tasted.”

Part of my conditioning was to feel immense pride when others enjoyed my body and the fluids it produced, be it the milk that my udders created, the lube from my cunt or the sticky sweet saliva from my mouth. 

Matt took a sip from his mug and a big smile formed on his lips. “I have to say this is probably the best milk I’ve ever had. Your Master certainly is lucky to own you.”

“Oh I’m the lucky one Sir, without Master I’d still be a worthless boring half breed named Kristin with a nearly flat chest and no value. Now look at me, I truly am Milky Tits and my udders bring Master and the public such pleasure.”

“Today you’re going to masturbate for us, which is always a show we here at Empire Today enjoy. I’m curious if the rings in your labia and clit add to the sensations you feel. Not that it matters, I mean who cares if a cunt gets any pleasure. Am I right guys?” He said he gestured toward the audience who responded with enthusiastic whistles and applause.

“The rings in my labia not only stretch them which Master likes, but it also allows him to lock my whore hole up tight whenever he chooses. Master understands that a fucktoy like me can’t help but to fill her warm holes with whatever may be available so they have to be secured and controlled. As is the case with many of us cunts whose Masters have installed rings in our clits, I do get pleasure from having mine tugged.”

What I didn’t share however, was that the clit ring tugging only became pleasurable after months of being leashed by my swollen and stretched bundle of nerves and discovering that the jerks and yanks of the attached chains could make me cum faster if it was my only method of stimulation.

“I bet your Master just loves pulling on that little nub of flesh, doesn’t he?” Matt said as his eyes seemed to glaze over, his entire world reduced to the juicy slit between my lean tanned legs. “So without further ado, let’s get to it”.

I lifted myself so that each of my smooth slender legs draped over an opposite arm of the chair, spreading myself wide, my vagina on full view for everyone along with the outer tip of the intruder that filled my anus. My labia were stretched to obscene lengths as my rings were locked to leather bands that wrapped around my firm thighs. My swollen clit jutted out on display in the middle of a field of glistening crimson flesh almost like a miniature penis with its small silver ring dangling freely from the tip. The camera panned in close as my hand slid down to my succulent pink hole, gathered some juices and moved back up to my clit where I began to circle. “So I mainly only touch my clitoris when I’m doing this and stay in the one spot, otherwise it takes too long”.

“We all know a cunt should be able to get to the edge of orgasm quickly, so that sounds like a good strategy,” he replied.

I closed my crystal blue eyes and brushed some errant strands of my long black hair from my face with my other hand as I continued to rub, the tingles starting to build inside my lithe little body. “It’s starting to feel really good now,” I said as the sensations got stronger. “I can feel it building up”. I began to circle my clit more quickly, becoming unaware of Matt, Kuntie, the cameras or even the studio audience. “A little bit faster,” I shared as my fingers moved in expert rhythm as my other hand grabbed my exposed left udder and began to squeeze it instinctively.

I slid my fingers down to my soaking slit again, gathering more of my delicious moisture. “Get some of the juices from down here,” I shared, feeling the slick self made lube on my fingertips. I let out a slight moan. “Getting closer,” I continued as I rubbed and moaned some more, my breathing becoming heavier. “Sometimes when you get really close you can move in and not stop,” I said as I tried to shift my hips up in the chair to give the audience a better view of my heavily ringed pussy. “Let me sit up a little bit. Mmm that’s good”.

“I understand your Master requires you to masturbate and edge often,” Matt stated as his body suddenly tensed; clearly Kuntie had him on the edge as well. 

“It really does help relax after a big day,” I replied as my fingers continued to rub and circle my sensitive flesh. Suddenly I let out a moan. “Ooh, getting close, I think I’m just about there. Push this just a little bit, just to finish it off. Feels pretty good, just about there,” I said breathlessly. My milk filled udders rising and falling as I squeezed my left tit even harder. “Mmm that’s so good. I think I’m gonna cum. Ready?”

Matt’s head bobbed up and down, unable to speak. Just as my body entered the throes of orgasm, hot white semen spurted copiously from his hard cock directly into Kuntie’s orifice. She slid her mouth back down to the head, cleaning him up completely before licking traces of cum off her plump cocksucker lips. The muscles of my petite body tensed and spasmed as the orgasm washed through me until finally I opened my bright blue eyes and raised my pussy juice soaked hand, displaying it for the camera. “Nice and wet now” I said as long clear strands of my girl lube dripped off my glistening fingers.

Kuntie moved her head down to lick and suck on Matt’s balls as his cock softened. “Now we all know that cunts aren’t allowed an orgasm without permission. How do you think your Master would feel about you cumming on television like that Milky Tits?”

“You’re right that cunts like me should never ever cum without permission. After all, our orgasms are owned by our Masters just like the rest of us,” I stated while gasping to catch my breath. “You can see that Master has locked the new Sam’s Hung S27 Shock Collar on me.” I raised my moist fingers to trace the cold metal collar that was permanently secured around my slender neck. As you know, it has sensors that can tell if I’ve orgasmed and it delivers a painful shock if Master didn’t authorize it. The fact that I’m still sitting here in this chair and not writhing on the ground in pain is proof that Master gave me permission to cum during your wonderful show Sir.”

“Sam’s Hung really does make great products and they’re a terrific sponsor of our show as well,” Matt replied. “Thank you Milky Tits for coming on the show and letting us see that delicious little cunt of yours. I’ll have to talk to your owner about getting some of that wonderful milk from your udders as well. Talk about tasty!”

Matt took a long sip from his mug before turning his attention back to the camera. “For those of you watching this online, don’t forget to click for the audio file of Milky Tits’ wonderful performance. Up next we’ll meet a set of twin sister cunts who, thanks to modern technology and some good old fashioned piercings and restraints, have become closer than they ever could have imagined”.

The bright stage lights dimmed, the red glow on top of the cameras turned off and Matt’s personal assistant, a gorgeous redhead with large silver rings through the pink nipples that stood at attention on the ends of her large firm breasts, ran on to the stage to attend to him.

In the meantime I licked my fingers clean, loving the delicious flavor of my pussy before lowering the platform heels that were locked to my small feet to the floor. I stood up, pushed my milk filled udder back into my rubber dress, arched my back, thrust out my jiggling tits and made my way off stage, one careful step at a time, mindful to sway my hips and feeling the huge plug buried deep inside me shifting with each movement. More than anything, I felt confident that my performance surely pleased my Master who I loved with my absolute existence and was completely devoted to with my entire mind, body and soul.

The End.


(I hope you liked my story and I may be inspired to create additional follow up stories for the lovely Milky Tits and her companions so you don't want to miss those either.

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