Kneel or No Kneel

by Kristin Kailey

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© Copyright 2021 - Kristin Kailey - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; slave; hum; bond; racism; gameshow; sold; naked; drug; clamps; armbinder; oral; messy; sex; collar; susp; bodymod; piercing; conditioning; reluct; XXX

(A girl goes on a gameshow to win a million dollars, but ends up in bondage and becomes an owned slave who is trained, conditioned and transformed)

Chapter 1

"It's Monday night and that can only mean one thing…it's time for Kneel or No Kneel!" the announcer's voice boomed across the soundstage as thunderous applause from the audience erupted. Spot lights instantly came to life, shining hot lights upon the stage where I stood in silence. "Now here's your favorite host, the one…the only…Horny Bondel!"

"Thank you, thank you, it's great to be here for another episode of Kneel or No Kneel,” Horny said as he confidently strode to the center of the stage where I awaited him. "Tonight we have the lovely Kristin Kailey competing. It's great to have you with us Kristin."

"Thank you Horny, it's great to be here,” I replied as I nervously shifted my weight on my high heels. Not helping matters was the fact that my blouse and short latex skirt were at least two sizes too small.

"Now Kristin, you've seen our show enough to know that you address me as Mr. Bondel or Sir and we all know that inferior female cunts only speak when spoken to, am I right or am I right?" He said while raising his arms to an overly excited audience. I felt my skin burn red with humiliation as he continued. "As you can see little Kristin here is a twenty year old mutt; half slant eyed Oriental and half Caucasian which makes her even more inferior than your average purebred cunt." As I heard him speak I realized that coming here may have been a mistake as I glared through my pale blue eyes. I knew it was going to be a big risk, but I needed the money. The lights were so incredibly hot too, it's a good thing I drank all that water they gave me, even if it did taste a little funny.

"So we all know how our game is played. In front of us are ten cases." He gestured to the side where ten women held up shiny metal briefcases, each case connected to the girl via a chain locked to her collar. The girls weren't naked but they may as well have been. In addition to the collars that were secured around their slender necks with heavy padlocks, each girl wore a transparent latex leotard that emphasized every curve of their gorgeous bodies and showed off their pierced nipples and hairless pussies. Fishnet stockings and black sky-high platform stripper heels completed the look for each girl who came in a variety of races, body sizes and hair colors. "One of these cases contains a million dollars and one of these cases contains a contract that will give full rights for the show and its producers to sell you to the highest bidder. Everything else has a variety of items that will make Kristin's life a little more challenging for the rest of the evening. So let's play Kneel or No Kneel!"

My heart was beating like crazy and I could barely focus on anything. The bright lights made it impossible to see the audience but as they roared and cheered they were impossible to ignore. Horny stood close to me and lifted my chin with his fingers until my eyes met his. "So little Kristin, which case is going to change your life?"

"Well Mr. Bondel Sir, I was born on Valentine's day which is in February so I was thinking that…" I began to say before quickly being cut off.

"No one wants to hear a cunt's life story,” he interrupted. "Just pick a number, this is a half hour show and coming up next is How I Met Your Flogger."

My head began to feel fuzzy and I swallowed hard in embarrassment. "I'd like the number two please Sir."

"Two it is!" He shouted to an enthusiastic audience as the spotlight highlighted the tall blonde girl holding case 2. She stepped forward, her large breasts jiggling with each step until she made her way to the center of the stage. "This is one of my favorite girls, her name is Tits,” he said as he gave her round ass a firm smack. Tits jiggled and shook her breasts in response with a giggle that befitted the most well trained of bimbos. "I happen to know for a fact that Tits here has been conditioned to shake her udders every time someone says her name, isn't that right Tits?"

"That's right Master,” Tits responded as she gave her large breasts a jiggle. Horny took out a key and unlocked the case from Tits' collar before smacking her shapely rear a final time and sending her off stage.

"This is your case now little Kristin, so now it's time for you to choose your first five cases. Go ahead."

I was practically blind from the lights and I could barely see the numbers on the cases. The breasts of the case girls jiggled hypnotically and their tight latex was the only thing I could focus on. "I'd like 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 Sir." The music came blared for a moment and the spotlights shined on the five case girls I selected.

"Case 4 held by our own lovely Wetcunt." Wetcunt was a petite blonde girl whose body was almost the same size as mine but her breasts were significantly larger. She stepped forward and from moisture that was attempting to escape her leotard, it was obvious that she was aptly named. "As our viewers know, Wetcunt has been modified to produce a significantly greater amount of pussy juice and saliva than a normal cunt, isn't that right?"

"Yes Sir, that's absolutely right,” Wetcunt responded as a stream of saliva escaped her soft pouty lips the minute they were parted. "It's my duty to always be wet and ready to serve."

"That's right Wetcunt, just as it's the duty of all cunts to serve. Wetcunt, open your case and let's see that million dollars for our adorable Kristin!" Wetcunt unlatched the case and opened it to reveal a thick spiked posture collar. "Too bad Kristin, looks like you'll be wearing this collar for the rest of the program. Who's a good bitch?" He said with a grin.

The assistant cunt who was dressed in a latex corset and thigh high platform boots picked up the collar from the case and approached me. She gently lifted up my silky long black hair and I could feel the stiff leather material of the collar against my skin as it clicked into place. "Next is case 5, held by Nipples." A gorgeous Asian girl with long black hair that rivaled my own, Nipples stepped forward and as she did it became obvious how she earned her name. Her nipples had been stretched to an obscene length of five inches and were locked together under her latex leotard. On command, Nipples opened her case to reveal a set of weights with bells on them.

"How appropriate is it that Nipples has such pretty decorations for your nipples!" The assistant retrieved the jewelry from Nipples and silently began to open my blouse, pulling it from my shoulders, down my arms and exposing my firm breasts. My nipples had already begun to swell and harden, both from being exposed and from the arousal of being surrounded by sheer sex. It was hard to focus on anything else. My nipples weren't pierced but that didn't matter, the weight and bell combination had vicious looking saw-toothed clamps and as the assistant attached them to my tender flesh, I first felt a sting followed by an aching throb and in that moment I let the softest of winces escape my lips.

It was bad enough that the weights were tugging my nipples downward but with each slight movement I made, I now jingled. Add to that was the fact that my breasts were now exposed on national television and I was filled with humiliation. Still, I knew this might happen and for a million dollars a few minutes of shame were well worth it. "Now little Kristin, what do we say when someone gives you a gift?" Horny asked in a rhetorical manner.

"Thank you Sir,” I squeaked out. I didn't really want to thank him, these things hurt like hell but it was a game and I was playing it to win.

"Next we have Fuck Pet with case number 6. What a cute pair of bitches you two would make Kristin. I can just imagine the two of you on your leashes at my feet, licking my shoes together with your beautiful little asses raised and every inch of you on display. Please open up that case Fuck Pet,” Horny commanded.

The cute brown skinned Latina girl's extra long modified tongue slid over her ringed lips as if she were a dog panting and long streams of saliva began to drip off the tip. No doubt she was well on her way to becoming someone's animal. With the same glazed and mindless look in her eyes that the other girls had, she robotically opened the case to reveal a shiny leather arm binder. "Aww, looks like our cute Kristin will be going without her arms for the remainder of the show. A good cunt doesn't need her arms anyway, does she folks?" The crowd erupted in cheers and whistles at this notion as the assistant pulled my arms behind my back, painfully strapping them together before locking the cruel black arm binder in place. As she tightened the straps it forced my posture to be straight, thrusting my perky little tits out and causing my bells to jingle.

"You look like you're in pain there Kristin,” he asked with pretend concern. "We haven't hit the slave contract so there's still a possibility that's in your case and not the million dollars. If you kneel now and submit yourself, you only have to suffer the equipment you have on now for the rest of the evening, but you'll be free to return to your life tomorrow. What do you say? Kneel or no kneel?"

The crowd went wild screaming "No kneel, No kneel!"

"I'm doing fine Sir,” I answered, trying not to think about my quickly numbing arms or my aching nipples. "So no kneel Sir, I want that million dollars!"

"Very good Kristin, no one likes a quitter. Holes open up your case number 8." The pale redhead with freckles covering her smooth skin popped open the case and inside was a picture of a tongue. "It looks like our Kristin is getting a little pleasure to counter her pain. Who says we here at Kneel or No Kneel don't have a heart?" Holes took small steps toward me, walking carefully on her platforms. She knelt before me and gingerly raised my latex skirt to my hips, exposing my hairless little vagina. She gently pushed my legs apart, brushed strands of her long red hair from her face and began to flicker her expert tongue on my already swollen clit. It was so sensitive; I was so sensitive that it didn't take long before I was struggling to keep my balance in the deep fog of my arousal and right on the edge of cumming. Just a little more, a little more please, please. Suddenly I heard Horny's voice say "Stop Holes!" Holes immediately stopped and slid her soft tongue back in her mouth. "What's the rule on orgasms everybody?" He said while holding his hand up to his ear.

"Cunts never cum without permission," the audience replied loudly.

"That's right, even a brainless cunt like you Kristin knows not to cum without her Master's permission. You weren't going to cum were you?"

"No Sir,” I lied and he knew it. But that was part of the game. Holes slowly stood back up on her towering heels and wrapped her arm around my waist as Horny gestured to the remaining cases.

Horny turned to Holes and asked "so our fiery little cunt, how does she taste?"

Holes licked her lips and stared straight into the camera with the most seductive look she could muster. "She's absolutely delicious, Master,” she replied before being beckoned off the stage.

"It's time for me to give you another chance to back out. Are you sure you want to risk that slave contract or do you want to kneel now and submit yourself for only one evening, the choice is yours."

Once again the crowd began to chant "No kneel, no kneel, no kneel."

I took a deep breath, the straps from my arm binder cutting into my sore shoulders and as I did, the bells attached to the weights that were dragging my nipples down obscenely gave a jingle. There I stood in front of millions of viewers with my wet pussy on display and my poor breasts and arms tortured. But I had come this far, I wasn't about to give it up and I could almost smell that million dollars. "No kneel Sir,” I said with renewed confidence.

"No kneel it is!" He exclaimed to deafening applause from the audience. "Let's get the next case open. I believe you wanted case 9." He pointed at the tall brunette with tanned skin and long slender legs who had case 9 chained to her collar. "Not many people know this, but Ponycunt here was originally trained as a pony girl and no wonder, she has the perfect body for it, don't you Ponycunt?"

"Yes Master, I love to serve my Master in any way I can,” she replied with a smile that made the bell attached to her nose ring jingle.

"Open up that case!" Horny commanded. Ponycunt flipped the latches and as she opened the lid I gazed in horror. The case contained stacks of money neatly bundled in rows. The crowd let out a collective groan and I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. I was heartbroken. "I'm so sorry little Kristin, you didn't win the million dollars. Let's see what was in your case." Horny flipped the latches and opened the lid. As he did, I felt faint and dizzy and everything went black.

When I came to, the audience was gone and I was laying on my side on the stage, still in my restraints. As I glanced up toward the case I could see its contents; the slave contract. My life was over; I was now to be a slave. An owned thing to be modified, conditioned, trained, played with and bought and sold just like any other thing. I had gambled and lost. How could I have been so stupid and yet, despite my predicament, my future, I was still aroused. My clit ached and my pussy was pulsing with desire. My nipples ached and yet, seeing them stretched out, decorated made my insides flutter.

"Sorry you lost beautiful Kristin, but that's show business,” Horny said as he helped me to my feet and held my waist as I tried to balance on my stripper heels. "So, in accordance with the agreement you signed before the show, you'll be well used and broken in tonight, and tomorrow your new life will begin as we sell you off. I would enjoy your last moments of being called Kristin. I'm sure that such a rare little half breed beauty as you will be renamed to something more appropriate in no time."

With that I felt his warm hand between my legs, his finger dipping in my wetness, my arousal betraying me and I knew that this was my life now. A doll to be touched and used and there was nothing I could do about it, for there was no one to blame for my future but me.

Chapter 2: After the Show

Chapter 2: After the Show

I couldn't see a thing. I was living in a world of inky blackness with only sound and the pain in my abused little body to keep me company. I wasn’t deprived of sight due to a blindfolded nor was it the result of the fogginess in my brain but rather it was because the dried cum on my face had sealed the eyelids shut over my crystal blue eyes. Try as I might, I just couldn't get them open.

I stopped trying to struggle hours ago when my exhausted muscles burned with fatigue and I couldn’t summon the strength to move them anymore. I could feel the sticky semen drying on every inch of my delicate tanned skin, my striking face, firm breasts and even in my silky long black hair. My raw anguished pussy and stretched gaping anus were dripping copious amounts of the viscous pallid liquid in a steady ooze and the flavor filled my mouth as it formed a slimy film over my white teeth and glazed my soft pink tongue, gums and the insides of my cheeks. 

Although sound was muffled due to the gooey man milk that filled my dainty ears, I heard voices, mostly male but some female as well. My body was being lifted in the air by strong arms, my senses told me that I was being pushed inside something and I felt metal against my supple skin. My smooth legs were pushed hard against my small, tight ass, putting greater strain on my muscles as my legs were brought up to the bottom of my arm binder in a hogtie position. What sounded like the metal door of a van closed and locked, an engine started and the barely audible sounds of male voices began. I was in and out of consciousness after that so how long the journey lasted I couldn’t say.

The thing they never show you on television is what happens when the cameras are turned off. The stage lights dimmed, the audience went home and after Horny was done molesting my defenseless little bald pussy, he licked his fingers clean, stared into my eyes and said “That redheaded cunt Holes was right, you are easily the most delicious little fuck toy I’ve ever tasted. You would be a wonderful little pet to add to my stable.” 

He popped his wet sticky fingers into my mouth for a cleaning, forcing me to taste the combination of my own pussy lube and his saliva before walking away toward the dressing room area with Ponycunt in tow by a thin metal leash that was connected to the gleaming silver nose ring that graced her septum. A production assistant attached a thick metal lead to my heavy collar and tugged harshly, making me feel like I was some sort of an animal or pet. This feeling wasn’t far from the truth however, for to be a cherished sex pet would actually be one of the better outcomes I could hope for.

The production assistant was unrelenting in his pace off stage and I struggled to keep up on my sky high platform heels, shuffling in small rapid strides while laboring to maintain my balance despite my numb and useless arms pulled back as they were in the tight arm binder that decorated my petite frame. With every step I took to the backstage area the bells on my sensitive pink nipples rang loudly and echoed throughout the room as they were pulled down harshly by the heavy weights attached to them, deforming them into something strange and twisted. As I fought to keep my mind off the pain emanating from the buds on the tips of my firm breasts, I wondered if this was how Nipples had her sensitive flesh so profoundly exaggerated.

The rest of the night was a blur and there was no way for me to know how much time passed, only that every minute was agony. I had never felt such torture in my life, nor could I have ever imagined it. The bindings were bad enough but then they started using me. Everyone who was remotely involved with the show from producers down to production assistants and even the custodial staff got a turn with me. It started predictably enough as they made use of mouth and pussy and later my virgin ass and stuffed them all with a seemingly endless parade of cock after cock. I was so sore that I thought my jaw would lock up, my traitorous pussy which continued to drip like a fountain ached and my stretched anus throbbed. Even my clit was sore from all of the rough fingers and clamps that grabbed, pinched, twisted and pulled on it. 

 “Look at the little fuck toy, she loves it,” one male said as he roughly shoved his finger into my wet pussy, swirling it around inside me as if he was stirring his coffee. 

 “The half breed slant eyed bitch was made for this,” another said. “Look at that incredible body, those tits! That ass! I love my job so much!” With that he cruelly slapped my exposed left breast hard, causing a whole new level of blinding pain as the weights and bells spun around on my distorted nipple. My entire night was a haze of such degrading comments.

“No, I wasn’t that girl,” I thought to myself trying to resist the obvious. “I wasn’t a cunt. I was free.” Was being the operative word, for the sooner that I rid myself of notions that I was anything but a cunt to be used and controlled, the happier I was going to be. There was no point in fighting it; this was the future I had unwittingly chosen for myself and it wouldn’t be long before that future would begin in earnest.

Chapter 3: Cleaning and Assessment

After an unknown amount of time, the vehicle came to a stop, the engine shut off and I heard the door to the van unlock and open. The bells and weights on my nipples made a clanging sound that reverberated off the walls due to my exposed breasts pressing into a cold metal surface as I was laid down on my flat tummy. Hands roughly unlocked my ankles from the end of my arm binder and unstrapped me. I wasn't even aware that my small arms had flopped to the sides upon their release as they had gone completely numb hours prior. I felt the humiliating black spiked posture collar that had been so tightly locked upon my slender neck removed and my nipple clamps roughly jerked off. It felt as if they were taking my entire nipple off with them and I was left with burning, throbbing pink buds that became the focus of my existence. Despite how distended my little pink nubs became with the heavy weights on them and how humiliating the bells were, I would have gladly taken that over this new painful torture.

My body was moved and I felt myself being lifted up until I was vertical and hanging in tight suspension bondage, unable to move or wiggle at all. Not that I could have given how numb my arms were anyway. My limbs were spread so wide that my muscles ached, and by the feel of the cool air on that most sensitive flesh between my legs, I knew I was completely exposed and vulnerable with no control whatsoever. I heard the male voices say words like processing, cleaning, body preparation and conditioning but my brain was so foggy that it was hard to focus on anything. I couldn't concentrate at all and for some reason I felt very accepting of my fate in a calm and relaxed way. I couldn't have known of course that my docile mind-set was due to all the drugs I was given both before and after the show.

After an unexpected hard spray of cold water slammed against my exposed body and into my face, I was finally able to open my eyelids again. My bright blue eyes blinked wide and light poured in for the first time since the after show party at the studio. I slowly adjusted to the brightness of the room and gazed at the sterile white tile that lined the walls and floor of the area. In my peripheral vision I could see a couple of attractive blonde girls with large breasts dangling with their arms and legs spread in the exact same manner that I was hung along with a flat chested redhead who had pale freckled skin. Deafening hard rock music echoed around the room and screeched into my ears making it even more difficult for me to collect my thoughts. A thin bearded fellow in a blue jumpsuit and his more portly companion used scrub brushes to roughly scour every inch of my soft skin before using another intense spray of cold water to rinse me off.

Droplets of water dribbled down my shivering smooth tanned skin as the two workers moved on to the next girl, roughly soaping and scrubbing her in the same manner they had done to me moments before. My petite little body still stung all over from the rough cleaning and freezing cold water. At least the sticky dried cum was out of my long black hair which was now soaked like a sponge and matted to the supple skin of my back and shoulders. The way my slender legs were spread wide every inch of me on display, but I was powerless to do anything about it. I became particularly aware of my exposure during my cleaning when my ass and vagina were roughly violated and it was all I could not to break down and start sobbing uncontrollably, especially when the enema painfully filled my rectum to a point in which it distended my normally flat belly to agonizing proportions, making me look very pregnant.

“Keep it together Kristin, it’s just a rough cleaning, you can get through this. Everything is going to be just fine,” I thought to myself in a fruitless attempt to find hope in what was most certainly a hopeless situation.

The men were talking but I could barely understand what they were saying. My brain wasn’t processing very well and all I could make out was something about “body modification” and “specialty training.” One of the men approached me. His eyes scanned my lithe little naked body as he stared intently at the pink nipples which jutted out forcefully from the tips of my firm perky breasts. His hand reached between my legs, rough fingers feeling soft sensitive tissue until he found my clit and harshly jerked it out from where it was hiding behind its protective fleshy hood. I could see his mouth moving as he spoke to me and sound came out, but I couldn’t focus enough to really understand what he was telling me.

That’s when I felt a sting between my legs that made me strain hard against my restraints. My arms and legs pulled with what little energy I had left as I struggled to process what happened to make my humble little clit feel like it was on fire. The man walked away and I could feel a heavy weight pulling my little crimson bundle of nerves downward. It was swinging back and forth between my legs like a pendulum, jerking my clit hard with each pass. 

I took in a deep breath, and continued to tell myself that everything was going to be okay. I was lying of course. Nothing was going to be okay and there would never be any going back to the life I had before or the person I was before. All of that was in the past, but the truth wasn’t something that I was capable of coming to terms with yet.

The Adjudicator, a small mousy bureaucrat with thick bottle glasses and a receding hairline approached the cleaners, visually assessing each girl who dangled in place like meat. One would never have thought that a man like this could have held the future of all of the girls who entered this place in his hands, for the judgment he would pass would irreversibly shape the rest of our lives.

“Morning gentlemen,” he said into the screen of his tablet, never actually looking at the two workers to greet them.

“Good morning Sir,” the men replied automatically in unison.

The Adjudicator glanced over me quickly, taking note of the “sold” tag that dangled from my tortured clit, before returning his gaze to his tablet. “Sold already huh? At least the process on this one will be quicker,” he mumbled to himself as the thinner worker locked a small yellow choker around my slender neck. “Are all current stats on this batch updated?”

“Yes Sir,” replied the skinny cleaner as he quickly hit enter on the keyboard to finalize the last file.

“Excellent,” the Adjudicator replied as moved to the frame that held the thinner of the two blonde girls in place and scanned the QR code on the side. Her updated file filled the tablet screen along with charts, graphs, market data, auction trends and sales figures of other cunts with similar body measurements. A wealth of information that only the most analytical and calculating brains could process in the few seconds it took him to make his decision. “Pleasure slave,” he announced in a dispassionate manner as he pressed a button on his screen, sealing in the poor girl’s fate. The heavier of the two workers approached the newly minted pleasure slave with a slender pink collar with silver rings in his thick hands, and wrapped it around her slim neck, securing it in place with a small silver heart shaped padlock before taking a step back.

Moving forward, the Adjudicator scanned the next blonde girl’s frame in much the same manner. “This one will make a fine fuck kitten. Let’s designate her for pet girl training.” The stout maintenance worker locked a studded black leather collar around her neck, complete with a paw shaped ID tag dangling from a silver ring at her lovely throat.

Finally the meek looking administrator continued his work with an evaluation of the redheaded girl who hung lifelessly before him. “This one is a virgin which is always in demand. Let’s mark her as ‘private reserve’ for now so we can line up a specialty buyer. I’m approving her for oral training; she might as well learn to suck cock properly while we’re waiting for a sale to go through.” Around her soft lean neck the thick fingers of the plump employee locked a bright red collar which rivaled the hue of her matted wet hair. “If there isn’t anything else, I’ll be off. Good day gentlemen,” he said while walking swiftly out of the area with purposeful strides.”

The thinner worker wrapped one arm around my naked form while releasing the clamps that held my metal wrist and ankle cuffs to the frame. I collapsed against his warm body as he gently lowered me to the floor and repeated the movement with the other three girls. The feeling slowly returned to my legs just in time for my little body to be pulled up on them, wobbling and unsteady I thought for certain I would fall again until he ran a chain from the front of the redhead’s collar through my collar ring and the collar ring of the blonde girl behind me who was fated to be a pleasure slave, finally ending at the collar of the new fuck kitten. With a sharp tug we were dragged onward on unsure bare feet to another section of the building.

I could feel the cool air on my petite nude body, goose bumps forming on my exposed tanned skin. My view was limited to the shapely pale white rear of the red haired girl in front of me. I watched hypnotized as it swayed from side to side with each forward movement. My body still ached, and my freshly pierced clit was throbbing as the heavy ‘sold’ medallion continued to stretch it harshly from its protective hood with each step I took. Suddenly our slave march forward came to a halt in front of a sign that read “Assessments.”

Without warning I felt a new hand on my pussy and rough fingers digging inside my delicate pink flesh. “This one is very tight, great cunt muscles on her,” I heard the man invading my body say after a few minutes of poking inside me. “She’s a slippery little oriental; I haven’t seen a wetter cunt tonight.”

“She’s not a slant eye you dumb shit. Just look at her. She’s got blue eyes,” another voice replied.

“Her chart says she’s half slant eye, half white. Either way she’s a seriously fuckable little half breed. I give her a ten.”

“A ten? You never give a ten. That must be one hell of a cunt on that hot little piece of ass. Ratings don’t matter anyway on that mutt, you see that sold medallion on her clitty; she’s already paid for. Already been renamed and everything. Milky Tits it says. Maybe they’re planning to squeeze some milk out of those itty bitty titties of hers.”

The guy continued to forcefully finger my pussy throughout the entire conversation while other digits began to invade my puckered little anus. The strong aroma of his rancid body odor filled my nose, making me feel sick. They were talking about me like I couldn’t hear or understand them or worse, as if it didn’t matter. Of course I didn’t matter because to them I was just a set of holes; a warm mouth, a wet pussy and a tight ass. I was my tits, I was my nipples and I was my clit. My thoughts and emotions, memories and personality were inconsequential here. My disgusting handler gave my firm ass several slaps, pulled his fingers out and moved to my head, brushing my damp black hair aside with his slimy pussy juice coated fingers and whispered in my ear, his hot smelly breath on my flesh and his tongue lightly lapping at my earlobe.

“Sorry I can’t fuck you proper little cunt, rules and all. I know how badly you want my cum all up in that womb of yours, I can tell from all that juice you’re putting out from that whore hole of yours. But you’re bought and paid for, and we got to obey the rules.” He ran his tongue from my earlobe down my neck leaving a trail of his sticky saliva on my skin as he grabbed my right breast and gave it a rough squeeze, as if he was testing fruit at a market; his rough fingers tracing over my stiff pink nipples.

He slid his hand between my legs, gathering up copious amounts of my pussy juice on his stubby fingers and licked them clean. “By god she is by far the most scrumptious cunt I have ever tasted. I could eat those yummy juices all day long.” He wiped his hand off on my face and mouth and as my soft pink tongue slid across my full pouty lips I could taste and smell myself. I had to admit that indeed I was delicious and for some reason I felt a strange sense of pride about that. “This cunt is gonna be a fine animal for whoever bought her. I’m a little jealous; I wouldn’t mind having a top shelf fucktoy like this one for myself. Oh well, one day Travis, one day you’ll get there,” he said longingly.

Chapter 4: Modification

The worker known as Travis released me from the chain that bound me to the other girls in my batch. He wrapped his hands around my body, grabbing roughly at my exposed breasts before lifting me on to a cold steel gurney and strapping me down tightly. Shortly thereafter he wheeled me to yet another section of the building that looked like a mad scientist’s operating theatre. Travis gave my left breast a hard stinging slap and a lustful stare as he licked his chapped lips before reluctantly exiting the vicinity to return to his station, leaving me alone with only my thoughts and fear to keep me company.

I laid there for an inordinate amount of time, staring at the cold sterile medical equipment until finally the squeaking sound of a door opening and closing behind me let me know that I was no longer alone. “What do we have here?” I heard a man’s voice say behind me. “Looks like a lovely hunk of clay ready to be molded into perfection.”

The man who belonged to the voice stepped to my side where I could see him in my peripheral vision. His greasy black hair was slicked back and the white lab coat that draped from his hunched shoulders was stained with what was probably his lunch. His hands traced up my slender limbs, dancing on my soft skin until they reached the moist pink slit between my legs, his finger pushing past the labium that guarded the entrance to my tunnel, circling the moist flesh inside.

“Your file says this hole is a ten,” he said with a devious grin. “I look forward to finding out for myself. Your file also says that you taste good as well.” The finger that was exploring the interior of my body slid out and I saw him pop it into his mouth, licking and sucking on it as if it were a lollipop. “That is one tasty cunt. I’ve never tried to enhance a cunt’s flavor before but there’s a first time for everything right? So let’s get started.”

A sharp prick poked into the soft flesh of my firm ass, the ache in my arms and legs dulled and the man unlocked me from the gurney, pulling me until I fell off and hit the hard floor with a loud thud. “Easy now you round eyed chink, I’ve given you a paralytic agent so you won’t be able to move, but I think you’ll find that it leaves you fully alert so that you may enjoy every little sensation I have planned for you.”

He lifted my willowy body as if it weighed nothing at all and plopped me into a vicious looking chair that rivaled that of the most sadistic dentist. “My name is Doctor Bill and I’ll be the one customizing this tiny half yellow body of yours. It’s not really your body though; your soft flesh has been purchased. You’re an owned cunt now, congratulations and your new owner has a very vivid and creative vision for what you can become. It’s my job to make sure you live up to your full cunt potential.”

He roughly pushed a thick rubber bit gag between my teeth and tightened the straps. “That’s for your own good, trust me, you’re going to want something to bite on during this procedure.” He subsequently pulled over a gleaming silver cart filled with a variety of frightening devices and scary looking tools. “Your new owner wants some big fat bolt on udders on you, seems he plans to torture those titties and wants enough on you to have some good options. As I go through these procedures, I want you to remember that pain is just as important as anything else in your conditioning,” he said as he stabbed my tender left breast with a six inch long needle that was filled with a silver liquid. “There you go, and now the other one.”

My breasts burned and throbbed and I could feel the liquid pulsing inside of them. My toned muscles were completely limp and I could feel salty beads of sweat forming on my forehead and dripping down the soft skin of my cheeks as every second I experienced a living hell of torment. The sweat dampened my long black hair and I bit hard on the gag that filled my saliva coated mouth just to try and tolerate the intense anguish.

“Your new Master also wants you to have a clit that’s bigger and longer,” he said as he took a third syringe filled with silver liquid and pressed it into my freshly pierced bundle of nerves. “It’ll end up looking like a cute little cock by the time we’re done. Maybe he’ll have you fuck other cunts with it.”

A screen in front of me powered on and a rapid flash of images and subliminal messages began to appear before me. “The initial development will take a while, so here’s a little something to enjoy. It should help speed up the mental conditioning process as well to turn you into the perfect little pet.”

I heard the door close as Doctor Bill left me to begin my transformation. I stared at the images in front of me through my bright blue eyes and before long my mind was off the incredible pain that my little naked and exposed inferior female body was enduring. I started to relax somewhat and I could hear a voice in my head over and over. “Speak only when spoken to. Obedience is pleasure. Always obey your superiors. I am not a human; I am a thing that is owned. I exist for my Master. My Master is my world.”

Hours went by, maybe even days for I had no concept of time. My awareness went in and out, like the groggy feeling of waking up from a dream and immediately falling back to sleep. During the brief seconds that I would awaken, my chest felt unnaturally heavy and I was aware of the throbbing and stretching in my sensitive little clit but incapable of comprehending what was happening to my body. Though I was starting to accept the fact that it wasn’t really my body at all, it belonged to someone else and I just had the privilege of living in it. The vibrations and electrical shocks in my tits and clit became a constant companion and after some time I actually started to find myself becoming aroused.

“How can I be horny at a time like this?”

Despite the fact that my small nude body was completely restrained and feeling intense pain, for some reason my thoughts kept turning to sex. My soft pink tongue explored the bit gag that rested in my unusually wet mouth and I found comfort in stroking the oral intruder with the tip. I felt the familiar flutter of arousal in my flat tummy and while I wanted to feel shame for my body betraying me at a time like this, I felt something else.

“I hope that seeing how wet this makes me will please my new Master.”

Images of ponygirls, bitch pups, rubber dolls and obedient subservient chained slave girls flashed before my eyes and with each image I became wetter, hornier, and more desperate for release. The ache I was feeling was no longer that of procedures that were expanding my breasts into ridiculous udders or stretching my clit to an absurd length, it was the frantic need to cum and the willingness to do anything to get there.

“I will lick Master’s shoes, I will lick his floor and I will do anything, anything if I can just cum. Oh please let me cum, please let me cum.”

But of course the cruelty of my predicament was that I couldn’t cum as one of the conditioning programs that was slowly altering my mind was one that would always keep me on edge, so close to orgasm but not allowing me to go over the cliff unless I was given permission. Certainly being right there on the edge meant that when such permission was granted, I would cum immediately upon hearing the words no matter where I was or what I was doing. 

Whatever hope I had of returning to my old life was gone now, and it wasn’t even a matter of accepting my new self, for the old Kristin Kailey was fading away leaving only this new, modified version called “Milky Tits” that would serve her Masters with complete and total obedience.

The End.


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