Since You Asked

by Igor Stravinsky

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; clamps; cane; chloroform; gag; blindfold; cuffs; hood; strappado; electro; toys; tease; nc; X

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Chapter 3 – Goose, Gander

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm! NNNNNHHHHHH!”

“Oh, I don’t think so, missy. I’ve waited too long for this. There’s no way I’m...”


“Quiet! Or I’ll...”


“Alright, you asked for it...”


“Now hush! You’ve never felt your ‘little attention-getter’ before, have you? Well, I remember it quite well. That was a ‘five.’ If you don’t want me to go right up to an ‘eight’ you’ll keep quiet and listen. Are you ready to do that?”


“Good girl. Oh, I have been waiting for this. I intend to draw this out and enjoy it thoroughly. If that makes you nervous, it should. I have been paying attention these last couple of days and remembering everything I can.”

“You know what your mistake was? You thought I would be just like Jenna. We’re probably almost interchangeable to you – couple of hot young college girls, into kinky sex, like pushing boundaries, unattached. I bet you thought if you tormented me, I would fold up in a harmless ball just like Jenna. I bet you thought it wouldn’t hurt for a moment if you left me unrestrained and turned your back on me. How did that work out for you?”

“Uckh Oooh – NNNNNHHHHHH!”

“What did I tell you? Now you know what an ‘eight’ feels like. Want to try for ten?”

“Uh-uh! Uh-uh!”

“Did you think I wouldn’t do it? Listen to me, bitch. I’m not playing around. I may just decide to leave you hogtied like this, walk out the door, and call the police in two days – or not. Is there anyone who would miss you, who would come around and see what happened to you? I don’t think so. Oh, I know my skills aren’t as sharp as yours. But those handcuffs and leg-irons locked together are pretty effective, I think. There’s no picking your way out of those without the keys.”


“I have to say, I do love to hear you beg. Sorry about the black eye, by the way. You were a little harder to knock out than I thought. I would say I hope it doesn’t hurt too much, but I really don’t care. So, here’s the plan right now – don’t know why I’m telling you, bad habit I picked up from you, I guess. Let’s get you so you can’t wiggle around too much and cause trouble. We’ll take this chain here and connect it to your cuffs and pull them up to the ceiling. Then lock that little ring on your collar to this eyelet in the floor. You really have a lot of handy lock points around here! Very convenient. Bet you didn’t think someone would ever use them on you.”

“Okay, now to get this vibrator and butt plug into you. Let’s feel that sweet little girl up in the right places and see what happens. Well, look at that! You won’t need any lube for the vibrator at all! If I didn’t know you better, I would say that you’re enjoying this! Well, here it comes.”


“I agree that part was always nice. I think I’ll be nice to you and lube up the butt plug before I put it in. That will be a little harder. Just relax – remember how you used to tell me that? Alright, let’s do it.”

“Mph! Unh! AHHHHH! OOOOOHH! Uh!”

“Good girl! Once it goes in it’s all okay, right? I mean, you never forget it’s there, but it’s bearable – at least, more bearable than the other things. Right, let’s get a rope through there to hold it all in. Oooof! Come on, help me out here! No? Fine. There, done. I’m sure you remember these particular toys. I hope that they can help you concentrate. Because really, real talk here? Just between us girls? I think – and don’t get upset, it means I care about you – you, sweetie, have got some serious consent issues. This should get you to focus on that. I’m going to hook up the electrical leads – the chains holding you down should keep you from thrashing around too much and dislodging them. So, we’ll turn the vibrator on low to tease you...”


“I know, right? That was frustrating and at the same time such a turn-on! You’ll have to let me know later if I got it right – if it kept you on the edge with no orgasm. Okay, now let’s turn that butt plug up to an ‘eight’. . .”

“Ayhh?! Ohhh! Leeee! Ohhh! Ooooohh igh!”

“’Too high’? Oh, come on, now. Experienced domme like you, that should be now problem. You can do it! I believe in you! Right, let’s turn it on to hit at random intervals, and then I can go and. . .”


“That was quick! Well, it looks like you’re settled in. I’m going to go and...”


“Boy, they come fast, don’t they? Hope you get a little more rest before the next one. Anyway, like I was saying, I’m going to go poke about for a little while. You don’t mind, do you? You’ll be fine here, right? I’ll just pour myself a drink and have a look around. Really? Thanks so much, I will make myself at home. Not sure when I’ll be back. Take it easy.”


“Whew, they do come quick. Well, see you later.”

“Miss me? Your wine rack is really well...”


“My goodness, you are frantic! You’d think I left you tied up for two hours getting shocked in the behind the whole time! What was it you wanted?”


“’Turn it off please’ what?”

“Leeeeee... Ishtresh! Leeeee! Leee ishtresh! Urh ih ogh!”

“Aww, you called me ‘Mistress!’ That’s so sweet! How can I say no to that? Here you go, let’s turn that off.”

“Uh! Eysh! Ankh ooh!”

“Thank you what? I could turn it back on if you want.”


“Better. Boy, I sure learned a lot about you! First thing I learned is that your name isn’t ‘Jasmine.’ Should have figured that, really. I checked in your wallet and found out your real name, ‘Karen Wilcox.’ I mean, ‘Mistress Jasmine’? It’s a little cliché, don’t you think? Well, I don’t want to tell you your business, because I found out a little about that too. You might be very good at being a domme, but you aren’t very good at remembering your passwords. You really shouldn’t put them, especially your bank password, on a post-it next to the computer.”

“Ah?! Ah?!”

“’What?’ What do you think? I got into your bank account, and I found out that whatever it is that you actually do, it seems very lucrative. For you, and now for me. What I didn’t tell you at the bar was that I am studying finance, and I have learned some ways to transfer money from account to account that makes it very hard to get back. Especially when the bank thinks it’s you making the request, it was very easy to transfer almost all of your money to me, and the bank is not going to make it easy to get it back. Especially after I get in there and transfer it around a couple more times, which will be pretty easy once I leave you tied up here.”

“Ahhhh! Ohhhhh! Ah ih oo oo?!”

“I took your fucking money, that’s what I did. Oh, I left you a little, and as skilled as you are it shouldn’t take long to make it back. Consider it a... ‘finder’s fee.’ As in, you found me, and now you pay me a fee.”

“Ngh! Ngh!”

“Oh, don’t worry, I have faith in you! You’ll be back up in no time! Anyway, money talk is so boring. Let’s talk about something ‘sexier,’ shall we? Like I said, I poked around a bit, and you have got kinky shit stashed all over the house! Good for you, girl! I imagine that’s so there is always something close at hand when you work with your ‘clients.’ I suppose it would kill the mood if you said, ‘Wait just a minute, I have to go get a whip from the garage.’ And something that surprised me in the bathroom. Look here, an actual bottle of chloroform! Labeled in big sharpie letters and everything! It’s like a bad movie prop. I will say this, you are nothing if not on point.”

“Nnnnnhhh? Mmmmmh!”

“I know, it’s fascinating stuff. I always wondered if it worked like on TV. Guess I get to find out now. It should make you a little easier to handle, anyway. Because I think it’s time to get you out of that...”

“Eysh! Leeeee! Eh ee oh!”

“Oh, no, no, no, honey! We’re just going to change it up a little bit.”


“I’m just trying to keep you from getting bored, sweetie. Let’s try this stuff out and get you set up for a different little game, shall we? Okay, here it comes!”

“Mmmmhhhh! Ahhhh! Nnnnnnngh! nnnn... mmmph... oooo...”

“unnnnh... mmmmmh... ahhhhhhh... Ah?! Ah?! Ohhhhhhhh! NGH! UNGH!”

“Wow! That stuff really works! Took a little longer than I expected, though. Thanks for holding still. You’re so helpful. Let’s wait a sec and make sure you’re out of it so we can concentrate on what’s next. Ready?”


“Great! What did you call this position, a ‘strappado?’ You’re probably thinking more like ‘strappa-don’t’, right? Sorry, couldn’t resist. And neither can you! Ha, ha! Try the veal! I’ll be here all week, folks! Actually, I won’t, and I bet you don’t want me too either. Don’t answer that. I have to say, trussed up naked like that, you look incredible. What a body! Those legs, mm-mm! And that ass! Whew! What is your secret, Pilates? We’ll talk about it later – we have a lot to do. How’s that spreader bar between your feet, not too long, I hope? I like that it has that little ring in the middle to tie a rope from your collar to. Keeps you bent over perfectly for our little game.”

“Ah?! Aaahhh!”

“In a minute! My, so impatient! Once we get started, you’ll wish we went slower, trust me. Well, I replaced those handcuffs with big leather ones. Are they a little comfier? I hope so. Don’t worry, I locked them on – like I said, I learned a lot from you. And I can’t thank you enough for that, but I will try. Right, so I just put a loop of rope through those cuffs and ran it up to the ceiling, then down to the floor and tied it off. Pulls your arms up really nicely. And it’s just one simple little knot that would let you loose if you could reach it. But, of course, it’s too far away for you. Maybe someone else can do it for you. We’ll see. I also took some time to braid a rope into your hair. I think it’s pretty secure – let me know what you think. My rope skills aren’t anywhere near yours, but I’m trying. Let’s pull your head up like this...”

“Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Leeee!”

“...and tie it off here. There. That keeps your head up nice and high, and we can look each other in the eye and really talk. Oh, I’m sure you noticed we got those plugs out, too. By the way, I never asked, did you have an orgasm? No? Glad I got it set just right. Now... the fun part.”


“Can I tell you something? Just between us? This last week here hasn’t been all bad. I learned a lot, and I think... I kind of like all this. No, I really like all this. It’s a huge turn-on! Just thinking about the handcuffs, and ropes, and clamps... and whips... gags... Oof! Sorry, where was I? See, got me distracted just thinking about it! Only thing is, I figured out that I prefer to be on the giving end, rather than receiving. And it feels good to give. So, I am going to give, and give, and give to you until I don’t have any more to give.”


“You’re welcome. So, here we are. With those hands held up and you bent over, that ass is just too tempting! So, I got out the toy that I thought had the most effect – the cane. And in the spirit of giving, I am not going to hold back at all. I’m going to give you everything I have, because that’s just the kind of person I am. Let’s see how twenty feels. I’ll help you count them, since it’s probably your first time. Ready or not!”


“One! Wow! I don’t know about you, but that felt amazing! This is going to be fun!”


“Two. Yeah! I could do this all day!”

“AH! AH! AH! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! NNNNNHHHHHH!”

“Three! You’re doing great! God, you are so hot when you shake like that!”


“Twenty! Wow! You took that like a champ! Great game! Okay, shake it off! Take five or ten and cool down. I’m gonna go grab a water. You good? Super. Back in a few.”

“Alright, honey, I think it’s time to let Jenna know about the change in our little agreement, don’t you? She’s been waiting on us for a while, hasn’t she? Bet she’s wondering what happened to us! I’m just gonna go get her, be right back.”


“This chair rolls really easily. Looks like ol’ Jenna’s been working on some sensory deprivation. Hood, gag, blindfold, headphones – she’s probably a mess right now. Strapped down so she can barely move, too. I have to say, ‘Karen’, you do good work. Impressive. Even strapped down the individual fingers to the armrest. How many hours has she been restrained like that? Must be really messing with her mind. That’s the longest she’s been tied up in one position since she got here, right?”

“Ah? NGH? Nngh!”

“Just a minute, Jenna. Oh, silly me! She can’t even hear me. Right, let’s get those headphones off so we can all have a nice little chat.”


“Now, now, Jenna, don’t get frantic. I know you’ll do anything. Calm down, honey. It’s all going to be okay. Just relax, and it will all be over soon.”


“Jenna, sweetie, what did I say? Take a deep breath. Pulling like that isn’t going to do anything, especially with those restraints. Here, let me take that blindfold off...”


“Alright, I’m not going to say it again. Calm the fuck down!”


“Give me a second! Jesus! I can’t get all that off right away, anyway. It’ll be alright, just wait a sec, okay?”

“Haaaaah... oh-ayh.”

“Good. So, Jenna? Meet ‘Karen.’ You might not recognize her in this position, but our erstwhile host and I have come to a renewed agreement of sorts.”


“Like I told her, she made the mistake of turning her back on me. I’m sure if she had asked you, you would have warned her. Well, I have to say, I was a little bit cross with Karen here. I mean, she’s taking a little fantasizing and flirting waaaaay too far, don’t you agree?”


“Right. So, I maybe... took out my frustration on her. But I think she was kind of asking for it. Which brings us to you, dearest Jenna.”

“Ah? Ah ooh ee?”

“What do I mean? What I mean is this. While ‘Mistress Jasmine’ here tied us up and tortured us without our consent, I can almost understand where she’s coming from.”


“Shut up, Karen. Okay, Jenna, like I said. That’s just who Karen is. It’s in her nature. She can hardly help it. And, she taught me a lot. I bet you’ve learned a lot too, right Jenna?”


“Well, Karen is just doing Karen. But, you, Jenna, you had a chance to do the right thing, and what did you do? You sold me out to this crazed monster without a second thought, didn’t you, you little cunt?”

“Angh-ee?! Oh! I ih-ihn!”

“Yes, you did, Jenna. Yes, you did! She told me everything! She showed me video! For the little bit of time your gag was out, you were quite detailed. Gave her everything. To put it bluntly, you betrayed me. And I don’t forgive or forget. So, I think you two deserve each other. I’m just here to make sure you get what you deserve.”

“Angh-ee! Leeee!”

“Mmmph! Ohhhh!”

“So, you’re both trying to weasel out now, huh? I can’t do that. It just wouldn’t be right. Plus, I think you’ll both learn a lot from each other! I mean, did you know, Jenna, that Karen here has already started calling me ‘Mistress?’ She got that quickly. And it’s so sweet, don’t you agree?”

“Eysh? Leee, Ishtresh! Lee, eh ee oh, Ishtresh?!”

“Nice try, Jenna, but I think it’s too late for that. Now we have to get you both set up. I’ll tell you, Karen, I like dishing it out, but Jenna, here? I’m pretty sure that despite all her complaining, she actually likes what you’ve been doing.”


“Don’t lie to me, Jenna; I know you too well. See, Karen, we talk a lot, about everything. That includes sex. And Jenna used to tell me all the time that she was disappointed in the men she slept with. Wanted them to be more aggressive, take charge. She probably told you something similar in the brief time she was able to talk. Well, I’ve been watching her, too, over the last few days. I can say that from what I know of Jenna – which is a lot – she has had some pretty serious orgasms. Like, a lot of orgasms. Like, you can make her cum like she’s never cum before. Isn’t that right, Jenna honey?”

“Ohh! Ohh!”

“Oh, I think it is. So, Karen, I think you two were meant for each other. I’m just here to help. Okay, let’s get started. Jenna, I tried this stuff on Karen here. Chloroform. I know, right? I thought it was just a movie prop, too. Turns out it takes a little bit of time, but it works pretty well. I’m going to knock you out so we can get you properly situated. Here we go!”

“Angh-ee! Ohhhh! Leee! Mph! nnnnn... oooohhhhh...”

“See, Karen? Fascinating, isn’t it. Well, time is precious. Let’s get Jenna out of this chair. So many straps! You don’t do things halfway, do you? We’ll just leave that gag and hood on – don’t fix what ain’t broke, amiright? Okay, all out. Oof! She’s just dead weight. A lot harder than I thought. No, don’t worry, Karen, I got this. Just lay her down on the floor and will fix up a proper hogtie. Right. Waist chain, check. Handcuffs locked to the back, check. Leg irons, check. Lock them together, check. Lock legs to waist chain, check. Just for good measure, let’s grab this cord and tie those toes together, too. And... hands in handcuffs, check. There! Solid, inescapable hogtie, and if I figured it right, she should be coming out of it any moment now.”

“nnnnnnnnh... aaahhhh... Ahhhhh! Ngh! Ngh! Ohhh!”

“Hey there, Sunshine! What do you think? I know, perfect, right? You’re not getting out of that any time soon. Time to get you two set up for each other. Here’s the concept – do you see that rope holding Karen’s arms up, Jenna? See how it runs all the way to that eyelet in the floor with a neat little bow? The only way she is getting out is if you shimmy over there and pull the knot open. That will let her arms down and she can get out of the rest of it. But it will be up to you to let her out. And the only way you will get out is to let her out, because she will have the keys to your cuffs. I’m going to give them to her right now. Well, ‘give’ is probably the wrong word. ‘Decorate’ her with them, maybe. I’m going to hang the keys from the chain between these clamps right here, and then clamp them on poor Karen’s lil’ nips. Ready, Karen?”

“Ungh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh!”

“Don’t wear clamps often, do you? Don’t worry, all that shaking around won’t dislodge them. Plus, if you did, then Jenna here could let herself free without your help. I’m not sure you want that right now. Maybe you do, though. We don’t have to discuss it. Now for the final prep. Let’s get these plugs back in you, Karen.”

“Ohhh! Ohhh! OW! AH! UNH-UH! UNH-UH! AHHHHH-oooooh!”

“There. Get them hooked up, electrical leads nice and snug in there. They won’t be coming out any time soon. Jenna, I have a pair for you, too.”

“Ohhh, Angh-ee! Leeee! I orry! orry!”

“Jenna, Jenna, Jenna! It’s just for consistency’s sake. I don’t really have any choice. You understand, don’t you? Good. These leads should stay in there, but let’s get a rope through your crotch there just to make sure. Come on, help me out, here! Uh! Whoo! Alright, they aren’t coming out any time soon either. Get you both all hooked up and – almost done. It will take you a while, Jenna, to scoot over and let Karen out, if that’s what you want to do, but I think I need a little more time than that. Let’s see, how can we time this – no, don’t interrupt, please. Let me think. Hmm-hmm. Ahh. Hmmmm. Got it! Karen, do you have any pantyhose? Never mind, I’ll just go check in a minute. Right, rope through the collar... hmm-hmm... bow knot in the rope... hmm-hmm... bucket hanging... hmm... hanging from ice in a stocking... pull the knot loose... all good. It should work! I’m going to go get a few things. Wait right here – I won’t be long!

“Got it all. Perfect! This should work fine. Right, I’ll just let you know so that you don’t freak out too much. Jenna, I’m tying your collar to this eyelet in the floor with a nice big bow knot. This bit of rope has a loop in one end. I’m going to run a cord from that loop through this hook in the ceiling, here. Well, you can’t see it, but trust me, this will work great! I’ll hang this bucket filled with water from that cord, but first attach it to this length of stocking filled up with ice cubes. That stocking is going through a ring I hung up over here. Karen, you can see this right? Let me know what you think – you are the professional, after all. I respect your opinion. I’ll be really careful with the bucket and tie it to the stocking and – shazam! – all set up! Jenna, you’re stuck now until that ice melts and pulls the knot free. There’s a lot of ice in there, too. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m guessing it will be several hours at least.”

“Ahrs?! Ohhh! Ooooh angh!”

“Ohhh! Leee! Angh-ee!”

“Well I can’t just let you get out right after I leave! I have things to do, and I can’t have you messing around with them. Okay, you’re all set up now until the ice melts. Then, Jenna, you have a decision to make. Do you let Karen out and trust her? Or... there really isn’t an ‘or,’ unless you want to just stay like this forever. You two have some discussing to do. I’ll just ask each of you to keep an open mind and listen to the other. Alright, I’m going to head out, take a little time to figure out my finances. The amount of money you gave me, Karen, should let me set up just about anywhere I want in the world. The possibilities are endless! Maybe I’ll start working as a domme like you! Well, ladies, this has been a lot of fun, but that ice won’t stay frozen forever – although I’ll bet it will feel like that to you! I have a lot to do, so, let’s flip those switches – done! I set the vibes on low again, and only set the shock levels to ‘three’ because it will be such a long time. Though I think a three will still be...”


“...still be pretty tough. Right, I’ll lock up on the way out. Cheers!”





“Ngh! Ngh!”

“Oooh! Mph!”

“Okay, honey, how are those ropes? Not too tight, are they?”


“Good. Can’t get out of them, can you?”


“You know, you look amazing tied up in a spread-eagle like that. And that gag – like you were born to wear it, Jenna.”

“Ankh ooh.”

“You’re welcome. You know who I thought I saw today downtown? Angie.”


“It wasn’t really her. Just thought I saw her out of the corner of my eye. It’s been almost six months. Time to admit it - we’re never going to see her again. She better hope not, anyway. If I catch her, I’ll make that bitch regret ever meeting me. Gotta say though, except for the money – which still really pisses me off – this turned out pretty okay, don’t you think?”

“Eysh... Ishtresh.”

“You’re sweet.”

“Khahreh! Ang mmph!”

“What is it, Jenna? I have a client coming in just a little bit!”

“Leeee, Ishtresh. Ohr? Leee?”

“More? No, sweetie, we have to make sure you can still go to school tomorrow. This is enough for now. You have to keep up with those classes and finish your degree.”

“Uh I anh ooh ayh eere ih ooh! Oh ool! Ush ooh anh ee!”

“You have to go to school. You can’t just stay here and be my little toy. You could do so much, and we both know it. And if you think you can just freeload off me because of your hot little college girl body, and your amazing tits, and those beautiful brown eyes... and the way you say ‘Mistress’... and the way you lick my... Whew! What was I saying? Don’t grin at me like that, you dirty little girl! You are going to school tomorrow and that’s all there is to it! Is that clear?”

“Eysh, Ishtresh.”

“That’s right. Now, let’s see if that sweet little girl is ready for her vibrator. Oh, is she ever! Here it comes, honey.”

“Mmmmmmmm. Ooooohhhhh. Eysh. Eysh!”

“Okay, Jenna, I’m going to be at least two hours with this client. He pays well, though, which is really important for us, right now. Maybe three or three and a half. So, what do you want, the vibrator on tease and deny, or ‘brain melt’?”

“Mmmmm... Eaze anh eenghy.”

“Two-plus hours of teasing it is. Just remember, you asked for it. When I’m done, if you’re really good, I might just let you tie me up as well.”

“Oooh! Eally!?”

“Only if you promise to make me regret it. Okay, ready?”

“Ishtresh, lee. Lankhs?”

“Clamps, too? Jesus, Jenna, sometimes I worry about you. You just don’t have any limits. Alright, here they are. Tweezers okay?”


“And, slip them up halfway. There.”

“Ohr! Ohr! Ikher!”

“’Tighter’? No, that’s enough. After that amount of time, it will be plenty, trust me. Right, let’s flip that vibe on, and...”


“I have to go, honey.”


“What is it, Jenna?”

“I uh ooh.”

“I love you, too, baby.”


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