Since You Asked

by Igor Stravinsky

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; rope; hogtie; harness; gag; spank; electro; toys; nc; X

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Chapter 2 – Friends Together, Friends Forever


“Wakey, wakey!”

“Nnnnnnn? Mmmmmm? Ahhhhh! Eyyyyy!”

“Welcome back to the land of the living, sweetie! Don’t fret, there’s always a bit of confusion coming off those little pills. They work well, though, don’t they?”

“Whaaaa?! Eyyyyy! Eh Eee Ahh!”

“Calm down, calm down! It’s okay! I’ll explain everything. I need you to be quiet and listen for a moment.”

“Agh! Ahhhh! ELH! ELH!”

“Alright, I didn’t think I’d have to use this so soon, but here goes.”


“I call it my ‘little attention-getter.’ It works like a taser or one of those electric dog collars, but much more concentrated and designed to cause maximum pain without a mark. That was a ‘four’ setting. It goes to ‘ten.’ Do you want me to use it again?”

“Ngho! Ngho! Uh uh! Leeee! Ngho!”

“Then are you ready to listen?”

“Uh huh! Uh huh!”

“Okay, then. Look, you might not believe it, but I know exactly how you feel. Can I tell you a story? Of course I can – we’re becoming good friends. Well, a few years ago I wanted to experience what it would be like to wake up like you – naked, gagged, tightly bound spread-eagle, filled with a dildo and butt plug. What would it be like? So, I got someone I trusted to agree to drug me and tie me down while I was out. She waited nearly two weeks – I almost forgot about it, which made the experience even more delicious. We went to the bar and she slipped me a roofie. I still remember what it felt like to wake up like you. You try to move your arms and they don’t work. You wonder what’s happening and you try to get up, but you can’t. You try to call out and you only get mumbles. You slowly realize you’re naked and you’ve been violated. You’re swimming in confusion, fear, panic, arousal – it’s quite a turn-on. Incredible. I’m actually quite jealous of you being able to experience it for the first time!”

“Uckh Ooo! Eh Eee Ah! Elh! ELLLLHH!”

“Language! Do friends talk like that to each other? I can’t let you out now, we just got started! And you were so keen to learn! Jenna was right about you. I’ll have to thank her for telling me about you.”

“Enna? Enna!”

“Yes, she’s been staying with me for about a week now. Told me you might be interested in what I do. So, I went back to your favorite bar to see if I could – ‘snare’ you. You really surprised me! I couldn’t believe your enthusiasm when I told you I tie people up for a living. I know I’m only a few years older than you, but you young women today are so open and exuberant about your sexuality. It’s quite cheering – especially for someone in my line of work.”


“Please don’t interrupt. We have a lot to do, and someone is waiting on us. I don’t think she wants to be kept waiting any longer than necessary. Where was I – oh yes, our meeting. I didn’t have to steer the conversation far at all. That’s how I knew we’d become good friends. You told me – and I quote – ‘I wonder what it would be like for someone to kidnap me, tie me down, and fuck me until I can’t take it anymore.’ I thought ‘Does she mean that? Well, she seems pretty sure; I’ll do what I can.’”

“Ngho! Ngho! Leee! I ih-ah eee ih!”

“‘I didn’t mean it?’ You are getting into the role-play. Just like Jenna. You are really making this enjoyable. I mean, when we were talking about kidnapping and you stretched your arms and legs out like a spread-eagle, you looked like you really wanted it. That’s when I thought ‘We are going to be good friends.’ And you were so hot! Those leggings and tight shirt emphasized every curve – and now that I have you naked, you are definitely as advertised. Anyway, it’s not often I get to play with someone who lets me talk about what I do. Most of my clients want the standard – ‘Submit! I am your mistress! Get on your knees!’ It’s all quite rote, really. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to meet you – we can play and talk without any limits at all!”

“Ahhhhh! Ohhhh!”

“I know, right? Goodness, I do tend to go on, don’t I? Don’t answer that – sorry, a little joke. Bad habit. So, let’s get you up off that bed!”

“Eys! Eys! Eh eeee ohhh!”

“Oh no, we’re not letting you go! You are getting the full experience! Normally, I would just let a sub – sorry, that’s you, the ‘submissive’ – out and they would wait while I tie them up in another way. But you should get the whole show – I’m going to treat you like a true, non-consensual slave, so you can lean into the role and enjoy the feeling of being helpless. So, I’m going to put my ‘little attention-getter’ right here and set it to a ‘six.’ Do you want me to use it?”

“Ngho! Ngho! Leeee!”

“Good! You’re getting better at this! Okay, so first I am going to release your legs. Here we go. Let’s get those little plugs out, shall we? First, the dildo – my you are getting wet, aren’t you, you little minx?”


“Okay, the butt plug will be a little harder. Just relax.”

“Ahhh! Ahhh! AAAAAAHHHH!”

“Got it! Put those in a towel to clean up later. Now I can tie your legs again with this rope. As you can see, to get a good, secure tie, we go around the ankles several times first, then through the middle to create a ‘cinch’ before we tie it off. Go ahead, pull on it! Try and get your feet apart.”

“Yes, of course you can’t. I take great pride in my rope work. Now we do the same thing just below and above your knees. Can’t go right at the knees – circulation issues. Safety first! You can thank me later. Cinch again below the knees, tie it off. Round above the knees – cinch again – tie it off. There we go! Then we use this thinner cord to tie those cute little toes together and really finish the leg bondage.”

“Mmmmmm! Nnnnhhhh?!”

“I’ll get to your arms, take it easy! Goodness, you are enthusiastic! Okay, now that your legs are immobile, I can let one hand go without worrying about you running off. Plus, your other hand is still attached to the bed. We pull the hand down and lock it back to the chain that’s around your waist. Now finally we let loose your other hand and – Hey! Watch it! Quit struggling! I told you!”


“Now you know what a ‘six’ feels like. And what did it accomplish? But I commend your commitment to the role! You’re really getting into the ‘damsel in distress’ character. Now we stand you up and I can put a rope around your neck to lead you wherever I want. Yes, you’re going to have to hop. Take it slow at first – this is your first time doing this, right?”

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!”

“Don’t take that tone with me. Here we go. Hop, hop, hop. Good! It’s a lot more work, isn’t it? Let’s go down the hall, someone is waiting for you!”

“Jenna? Jenna, honey? You have a visitor!”

“Enna! Enna! Ah’s ahnning?”

“Ahnelihnna? Ina?! Elh! Elh!”

“That’s right, Jenna, honey. Your friend Angelina. The one you told me about. I have to say, she was all you described and more! We’ve been getting to know each other and – now don’t take this the wrong way – I think we are becoming good friends. Angelina, now you have some idea of what Jenna and I have been up to for the past week.”

“Ahhhh?! Eeeekh?!”

“Oh, yes! Jenna has been restrained in some way for almost the whole time! She wanted the full slate, just like you! And she’s getting quite good at it! Embracing the part. I’ll explain all of it in a moment, but first we have to get you settled down to watch. I’ll just pass this rope around your neck through this chain hanging from the ceiling, and voila you’re secured there, and I don’t have to worry about you! Not that I would, since we’re becoming such good friends, but it’s the whole experience.”

“Nnnnh! Gha! Gha!”

“Just concentrate on balancing. I’ll keep an eye on you. So, Jenna is trying some suspension bondage – taking to it like a duck to water. Notice how thick the cuffs are around her wrists and ankles – they distribute the pressure and prevent damage to the nerves. Cuffs like this, you can stay suspended all day! Jenna’s been up on this frame here since before we came back, so, oh about three hours. How are you holding up, sweetie?”


“Great! I knew you would enjoy it! Well, Angelina, Jenna’s in some pretty tight suspension bondage here – pulled like bowstring. I can do anything to her and she can barely move a muscle. Watch, I’ll tickle her.”


“See, she barely moved! And she’s really ticklish. Before I left her up there, I tickled her for about 45 minutes just to test it. Wore her out, I think. She deserved a little rest. But what I really wanted to show you, dearest Angelina – do you mind if I call you Angie? – is the progress that Jenna has made over the last week. Now, she was gagged like she is now for almost the first three whole days. Once on the first day, I took her gag off to give some water and food and you should have heard her! Cussed like a sailor! Well, to get her quiet enough to take some water I had to use the ‘little attention-getter’. We started on a ‘three.’”

“Ngho! Ngho! Leee!”

“Don’t worry, Jenna, I’m not going to use it – yet. Ha ha. You know that if you don’t give me a reason, you’ll be fine. Now don’t interrupt.”

“Where was I? Oh, yes. See, Angie, Jenna needed to see what slave training is really like, So we started by working on respect and consideration. I wanted her to learn how to respond when I asked her a question – to treat me like a proper Mistress. And we started on a ‘three,’ but we had to get all the way up to ‘eight’ before the training really took hold. It was tough for her, but she forged through like a little trooper! I’m so proud of her. Now she knows that she cannot talk unless spoken to when her gag is off. I let her howl and scream and cry all she wants when it’s on – it lets her get into the act. So, watch what happens when I take off the gag. Here we go. See? Completely silent and attentive to me, waiting for a question or order. Let’s see how she does, shall we, Angie? Jenna, what is the only appropriate response to any question I ask you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Excellent, sweetie! One more question before I put the gag back in. Are you ready for your whipping?”

“Yes... Mistress.”

“I thought you were. Here we go – open wide. Let’s get that buckle nice and tight.”


“And I appreciate you pushing yourself as well, honey. Angie, did you hear the way Jenna’s voice caught at her last answer? Like she was about to start crying? That is commitment!”

“Ey! Eee errh ah onh!”

“Angie, Angie. How can we play if I leave her alone? You’ll enjoy this, I promise. Let me get my cane. So, Angie, Jenna knows this one well – we’ve used many different toys over the last week. But for your benefit, I’ll explain. The cane is quite thin, as you can see. It makes a wonderful ‘whoosh’ when you swing it through the air. Helps the sub anticipate what’s coming. Also, it really stings! When it’s wielded correctly – and I know what I’m doing – the pain is incredible, and it barely leaves a mark. Well, nothing permanent, anyway.”

“With most of my subs – my clients – I have to choke up on the cane a bit. They don’t want that much pain. With Jenna here, I finally found someone to go all the way. I can lean in with all I’ve got and not worry about holding back. It’s a gift, really. You can’t know how much I appreciate it, Jenna. Don’t roll your eyes at me. Okay, last time with the cane we did ten, How about fifteen this time?”

“Ngho! NGHO!”

“Alright, twenty.”

“Ahhh! Leee! Ngho!”

“Fine, twenty-five. But I’m stopping there because I don’t think you know what you’re getting into. Although that hasn’t stopped us yet, has it? Let me get into position. We’ll just caress that beautiful, naked behind with the cane, to get my aim. Now, honey, remember to count them like we practiced, or you get extra. Here we go – pull back, wind up and –“

“OWWWWW! AHHHH! ooooohhhhh. Unh!”

“Good, Jenna! remember to count. Here we go!”


“Mmmmmm! Rhee!”

“Ey! Eh er ah-onh!”

“Angie, please dear. Don’t distract me. I might forget the count and have to start over.”

“Ngho! NGHO! Ahn-ee! NGHO!”

“That’s right, Jenna. Angie needs to stay quiet. Now where were we, two?”

“Rhee! RHEE!”

“Yes, of course. Three. Well...”

“OW! OW! OW! Ohr!”




“Yes, it was fourteen, but I shouldn’t have to remind you. So that one doesn’t count.”


“That’s right, dear, back to thirteen. Plus, five more for the mistake. Now I suggest you concentrate. Ready or not!”


“Quite a squeal, my dear! I don’t think I’ve heard you make that sound before.”

“AH! EEEEE! Ih-een!”


“I will stop, sweetheart! We’re done! I’m so proud of you! That’s it, deep breaths in and out. Slow down, though. Don’t want you to hyperventilate. We put on quite a show for Angie here. What do you think, Ange? Think you could do that?”

“Ngho! Leee! Ngho!”

“Don’t be so modest. You definitely have it in you. Since we’re becoming such good friends, I will tell you that I believe in you! But maybe later. We have something else to do in a little bit. But I think we need to let dear Jenna here rest for a while. I’ll get you two set up so you can relax, and perhaps you can properly thank Jenna for introducing us. First, I’m going to undo your hands, Angie. No funny business, right? Unless you want to find out what a ‘six’ is like?”

“Ngho! Leee!”

“Okay, so, we’ll leave your legs tied and the rope around your neck. Stay still now while I unlock your hands and take those cuffs off. Right, hands behind your back and no messing about, missy! I’ll just grab this rope and tie your hands and elbow together just like your legs. Boy, you are almost as flexible as Jenna. Let me know if it’s too tight.”


“Good. Now I can let you to the floor and you won’t cause any trouble. I’m going to go let Jenna down now and do the same with her. Okay, Jenna, let’s get you down, honey. You took that like a trooper! You must be exhausted! Let’s get those cuffs off – try to hold yourself up, sweetie! Alright, now lay down on the floor. Stay right there and I’ll get some rope.”


“I know. See, Angie, she’s so worn out she can hardly move. I almost don’t have to tie her up! But you know me better than that, don’t you? Especially since we are all becoming such good friends. Right, start with the arms behind the back. Circle, circle. Cinch, cinch. Doo-dee-doo. Now the legs and... ta-da! Just like dear Angie! Now let’s get you two face to face here on the floor. A couple of turns of rope around your waists, then around your legs, then around your necks. Whew! This is a lot of work! I hope you appreciate it!”

“Ah! Ah!”


“Absolutely. Now you’re nice and snug together. Oh, how cute! You two look so cozy! Almost wish I could join you – almost. You two chat about your experiences so far. I’m going to go put some laundry in and fix myself a drink. I’ll be back in a half and hour or so. You girls will be okay, right?”


“Ngho! Leeee!”



“I thought so. Well, then, ta!”

“Well, well, ladies, are we all rested?”


“Ungh! Ungh!”

“Good! Glad to hear it. I thought you needed a little rest. You’re both so gung-ho I bet you would have jumped right into our next game, but I am the professional, and you both need to slow down a little bit. Well, this will take me a few minutes to set up. Just take it easy there.”

“Okay. Angie, you first. Let’s untie those legs and stand you up. Good girl! You’re figuring out that you can’t resist me anyway. It’s fun, isn’t it being the kidnap victim?”


“Right! Good, now we walk you over to this metal pole on this stand. Let’s put you right over it, and we can slide the dildo mounted to the top up and right into your...”


“Nice, isn’t it? Then we cuff your ankles to the bottom, and you are stuck there, nice and secure. We’ll just keep your arms as they are for now. Don’t fix what ain’t broken, am I right? I’m going to go get Jenna. Back in a jiff! You can stand up again, Jenna, great! Let’s get you fixed up like Angie here. Over the pole, dildo up. . .”


“Yes, hardly needs any lubricant at all! Ankles cuffed; there we go. Now, do you both see these little weights in between you on this metal plate? With the wires running out? Well, you are both going to be so excited when you hear what our next little game is going to be. I’m going to plug these other wires into your dildos – vibrators really, and a lot more. Maybe you can see where this is going. No? Are either of you familiar with Robert Bishop? No? The fetish artist? Whew, we have a lot to learn, ladies! Before I tell you, let me get these posture collars on you. Helps you hold your head up and keeps you from moving around too much. Okay, that’s done. I’m having a hard time telling who’s prettier.”

“What I am going to do now is an idea I had from one of Robert Bishop’s drawings. Except I wanted to do it with two slaves – sorry, can I use that word now? I think we can use it. Well, I pull up these weights by their string and we attach them to your nipples with clamps. We’re using what we call ‘clover clamps’, Angie, because the more you pull on them, the tighter they get. And we definitely don’t want them coming off in the middle of this game. You’ll see why. Let’s do Jenna first.”

“Ah! Ungh! Ngho!”

“She does that every time! And we’ve used so many different clamps. I love how she plays the part. Anyway, up straight, Jenna! Good! Now, your turn Angie. Have you ever worn nipple clamps before?”

“Ngho! Ngho! Leeee! Ngho!”

“Never? Whew, so many firsts for you today. What a ride this must be! Tell you the truth, I’m a little envious. Ready or not, here they come!”

“Annnnhhh! Nghohhhh! Ahhhh!”

“Intense, right? And this is just the start. I need you to stand up straight like Jenna. Let me just adjust the length of these strings so the metal weights – that’s about three pounds suspended directly from your nipples, by the way; thought you might like to know that – are just above the touch-plate. Perfect! Keep ‘em up! We’re finally ready to start. All I have to do is flip this little switch right here and several things will happen. One, those vibrators will start on a random program that will tease you but also force a string of orgasms from you. It will be hard to concentrate and stay straight up, but you’ll need to try. This is where I got the idea from the Bishop picture. The other thing that will happen is current will go through this touch-plate, and if you lean forward and let that weight touch it, the current will go through a metal surface on your dildos and deliver a nasty shock to those sweet little kitties.”

“Ahhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmh!”

“Unh! Unh! Leeeee!”

“Pretty cool, huh? But I left out the best part. The touch-plate is set up in a very special way. Such a way that if you, Jenna, let your weight down, Angie will get the shock. Alternately, if Angie lets down her weight, you’ll get the shock, Jenna. So, you each need to be careful of each other, like good friends should. Unless, of course, you get angry with each other. Then shock away! Oh, I almost forgot. The electricity is connected to a simple computer program, too. Every time one of you drops the weight five times, it will increase the power of the current, making it more painful. So, yes, Angie, Jenna’s sixth shock will be worse than the first five, then the eleventh, and so on. How much? I’m keeping that secret. Can’t give it all away, can we now? Where would be the fun in that?”


“Let you out? After I went to all this trouble? Angie, really! I thought we were becoming such good friends. Just trust me. This will be worth it. See, Jenna isn’t saying anything at all. She knows better by now that I’m not going to back out and take this experience away from you. That would just be cruel. Alright, are you both ready? And... flip! Power on! Stay still now. I have to go finish folding laundry. I’ll be back in a little while. I want to see how this game plays out! It’s my first chance to try it. Thank you both for making a dream come true! Well, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes or so to watch and get feedback from you.”



“What did I tell you, Jenna? Now you can only hit four more times before it gets worse for poor Angie here. That vibrator really does the trick though, doesn’t it? This looks like so much fun! We’ll try this game for an hour...”



“Angie, you need to concentrate on that weight, not on begging me. Now Jenna knows how that shock feels. Like I said, we’ll try for an hour, that should be good. I’ll enjoy watching you – you’re both so enthusiastic! Then we’ll have to try it for another hour but with both of your blindfolded! Well, off to do the chores! Back in a bit! You two enjoy yourselves – like good friends should!”


“AH! AH! Ang-ee! Ah!”

“Enna! Enna! Orry! I orry! OWWWWW! Enna!”

“Orry Ang-ee! Ahhhhhh!”


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