The Ship's Pleasure 2

by Edruber

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© Copyright 2010 - Edruber - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; kidnap; bond; latex; forced; anal; oral; bdsm; enemas; nc/reluct; XX

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Chapter 2

I was beginning to wake up, my body ached all over, I was hot one minute and had the chills the next. I looked around and began to remember that I was in my slave's cell and what I had turned in to then I saw a Doctor taking my blood pressure and realized he was the enema guy, the one that forcibly took my virginity.

He noticed that I was back, and said, "Well welcome back! You had a strong reaction to the hormone shots but you past the critical point now, you’re going to be alright. No one is going to physically bother you until I clear you so you're going to be confined to your room and bed for another 2 or 3 days".

Then he came close to my ear and whispered, "If you tell anyone about me fucking you you may take a turn for the worst do I make myself clear?"

I said, "Yes sir".

The Master came in, and he told him to keep me in the diet he prescribed, and that I would be good to go in about 3 days, said goodbye and exited the room. I moved my hand up and grabbed my right breast, and felt like a million little electric low voltage fingers where touching my breast. Then as I moved my hand down to my hips, my entire body felt the same way, I just closed my eyes and returned to sleep. My fever must have been high because I kept dreaming and hallucinating of leaving and being forced back, and then I wanted to stay but was forced to go where, I didn't know.

I woke up again and at first was too confused to understand my surroundings, but as memory started being restored, it all came back, the slavery; the training; the torture and as I looked around I was in a hospital bed in a hospital room with curtains around the bed, and for a little while, I was convincing myself that all the slavery bit was concocted in my head because of my sickness. I turned the TV on and my heart sank with the reality of where I was all channels where the same program showing two men engaged in several sexual acts, and the audio description of how important and beautiful and gratifying it was to serve a master and to worship his penis and so on and on.......

Then I noticed that there was no window, and the closed door was made of heavy steel. The big heavy door opened and the Doctor came in (the enema guy), he looked at my chart asked me how I was feeling, told me that I was running a fever, but it was much better and I should recuperate fully in about another 4 or 5 days, then he said enjoy the amenities for as long as it lasts because when you leave here is back to servitude, and with a sheepishly smile, he said, "and when you do return I hope to be giving you some more enemas if you know what I mean!" He put the chart back and left.

I had nothing to read, and I certainly did not want to watch TV, so first I explored my breasts to see why they felt so different, and when I looked and handle them I was amazed how perfect and beautifully they turned out, I was getting hot massaging them if I had been well I probably would have gotten an erection fumbling those beauties.

After another 4 days I was completely cured, the Master and the other two came in, and the master told them, "Take him to the enema room but tell George no 5-hour deals, just a quart of oil and one rubber bag of water and no long holding, water in - water out, 1/2 hour, 45 minutes tops vertical, then shower, then test room naked, and make sure !!! condoms all around for test room screening".

He then turn to me and said, "Ok bitch, play times over, when a master walks in the room you always kneel in front of him and eyes down until spoken to, then you may do what you're commanded do you understand?"

I said nothing.

He said, "Very good you're learning, you may answer."

I said, "Yes sir".

" Good now get on your feet and let's get going". I did and was escorted out of the temporary oasis back to servitude.

Back downstairs I was tied up on the enema contraption, same as before except he did not use the gag this time and when he slowly pushed the inch wide tube inside my anus I screamed in pain, all the enlargement with the different size dildos had gone with the time without them in the sick bay. My rectum returned to normal size again and the pain was if the insides had just broken and then ripped apart and even breathing heavy did not make it better, it took a long time to get to be bearable; and meanwhile the Doctor was enjoying every moan of pain and hoping it would take longer, then he again told me, "Here comes Niagara falls bitch there's no draining without me opening the valve and I may not for a nice long time, happy cramps!" And with that the oil started real slow not painful at all.

He started the contraption moving down in the front bringing my ass way up to give the oil good flow in.The oil stopped I felt movement of him changing the tube to the water bag and again he said; "Nice and hot bitch", it started flowing and it was almost unbearably hot, but after a shorter time then the other times it stopped and I was glad that it wasn't too bad.

"But not so fast", he said, "here comes the surprise". And after changing bags again he opened the flow again, and this time it gushed in ice cold giving me tremendous cramps and pain making me plea for mercy and the more I pleaded the more he enjoyed and slapped my rear.

After a painfull hour and half, he drained me and turned me up vetical to drain the possible intestinal pockets, and went out. He came back about 20 minutes later, unstraped and removed the double balloon caterer from my rectum, then whispered in my ear, "Where your going next your getting some large dicks up this beautifull ass and you are too tight again, so, I'm going to do you and me a favor and open you up slowly with my dick".

And with that, I felt his hands slowly grabbing and massaging my cheeks, caressing them, and a couple of times he kissed them then I felt the pressure of the large head of his dick pushing hard against my anus, it felt like it just was not going to have the strength to open me and enter, I tried to relax and help, but it was difficult then, suddenly, I cried out when it was in but I just knew that it had to come out immediately. It did not come out, he kept it in without moving for a while then whispered; "Better now ?"

I said "Yes sir".

Because it was hurting a bit but now it was bearable because I was getting hot with it inside of me, so large and menacing, it was controlling me, it was moving and it was great, I wanted inside, and he pumped away until he started with the spasms then resting on top of me, and then his deflating dick inside pulling out. When he was massaging my butt, it felt like a thousand angel fingers grabbing me where I needed to be grabbed my body was trembling in pleasure of being grabbed and touched it was something I had never experienced in my life, my body and the sexual sensitivity was incredibly augmented and alive. Even as pailful as his intrusion inside of me was, it was minimized by the incredible localized pleasure of being invaded wantonly. I was converted beyond doubt, I was now a servant of man, I needed to plesure man to be fulfilled, I was indeed a Bitch and had no need to hide it any longer from others, or, my own mind. But it would be prudent not to let on abouy my feelings and convictions, people need a little mystery.

The two came in unstrapped me and walked me to another door opened it, and this room was padded all over except the ceiling, only the floor was a sort of balloon rubber mattress semi inflated with padding under it, It was made for rolling around fall stand. It was hurt proof, they pushed me in, closed the door behind us, and I heard a voice over a speaker; "Lights test", and lights went on for filming. Then first one come in, "Slap him in the face, make him get on his knees and put your dick in his mouth".

The guy opened the door and came in wearing leather chaps with the front exposed, a leather captains hat, and leather straps with metal studs across his chest, very impressive and menacing, he slapped me across the face which gave me a thrill instead of resentment, then grabbed my hair brought my head up abruptly, and with the other hand grabbed his massive dick and shoved it in to my mouth. I started sucking and leaking and caressing his testicles, and kept my eyes upwards with an expression of pain and disgust because I knew this was an act for movies.

The voice said, "Slowly sit on the pad but hold his head on your dick and make him get on his fours and keep sucking. Number 2 come in get on your knees behind him and stick your dick in him slowly, we don't want to damage the goods".

I felt his pressure coming in, it started to hurt a lot more then before, and I wanted it more then before, it slipped in and I was breathless with the massiveness and the cramp but, it seemed that the more it hurt the more I wanted and needed, I was in total ecstasy and being pounded front and back by two studs as big as they come. I felt the guy in my mouth trembling and banging in harder, I was choking and gagging and wishing he would last a little longer.

Just then the one in my ass started banging like a jack hammer and he got even larger, I felt like I was impaled on a light pole, and as he came so did I inside and out, when my orgasm was over after ejaculation, my inside orgasm kept going on until he got out of my ass and the scene was done. The Master and 2 other guys came in applauding and congratulating them saying it was probably the best so far he's ready to be transported.

They guided me back to my little room, but now there was a rubber mattress, rubber sheets, a rubber dress, and a tight rubber hood with eyes mouth, and nose holes. I was told to get into the dress then the hood, then they told me to lay down covering me with the rubber sheet, then strapping me with the straps hanging from the sides. I could not understand why the straps? It's not like I was running away, after all the room was like a metal fortress but, I guessed it was conditioning of the mind and now, I did not mind it! I enjoyed the smell and the sexy feeling of the rubber against my skin. They turned the light off and locked the door leaving me hungry for another session to get another few of those amazing orgasms, I was changed forever.

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