The Ship's Pleasure

by Edruber

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Storycodes: M+/m; kidnap; bond; latex; forced; anal; oral; bdsm; enemas; nc/reluct; XX


Chapter One

When I was a pre-teen, we lived in Porto Rico for 5 years because of Dad's work, and Mom believed that lots of milk should be a part of every child's diet so; my sisters and I had to absorb a lot of the white liquid. In those days the fact that female hormones where given to cows for better and more quality and quantity of dairy products, was not noticed by the appropriate government departments, this caused an irreversible effect in many children such as, 6 or 7 year old girls developing breasts prematurely and the same was happening to boys which affected my physiological appearance I developed breasts that could almost qualify as female, my skin was smooth and my body hair was very thin plus, my buttocks where rounder and my hips wider than they should be however, I was a boy mentally and practically physically.

All throughout my school years I always avoided getting undressed in front of others because I was self conscious of my abnormalities. The first time I really could not help getting naked in front of other man, was when I was eighteen, I had come out of college classes, and had to run down the boulevard to my apartment to get into my uniform for work which I was already late. A robbery had occurred in the area and since I was the only one running in the area, I was arrested for suspicion of theft. I was booked and stripped of all clothing along with at least 9 other suspects. I was very conscious of the looks I was getting from the other men but, there was nothing I could do about it. After about 12 hours being in jail they got the culprit and released me. But it was too late for me; one of the men saw me and made plans involving my future.

One late night, I went out to get milk at the convenience store 2 blocks from my apartment, when I heard someone asking for help in the alley next to an empty building on the way there, without thinking I ran into the alley to the direction of the sounds when a large man, about 6'2" large athletic built, confronted me and told me to be calm and not panic. While I was wondering what was going on, something or someone grabbed me from behind and held something against my nose and mouth, before I could react the lights went out. I was very confused and trying to fend off the cloth from my nose and mouth but, as my head started to clear I noticed that I was now in a different area with different problems, for one thing I was extremely uncomfortable and somewhat painful.

Now being fully awake, I realized that I was completely naked with my arms tied above my head with leather wrist cuffs connected to a large chain going up to a pulley hanging from the ceiling, I was just about standing and my shoulders where aching from the stress. It was a large warehouse type room, with about 6 steel doors all around and no windows, all this was a little difficult to see due to the poor lighting, I could see more lights hanging over some areas with special equipment but they were off making the whole room very dim.

As I was trying to assess my predicament and what to do, a door opened and a somewhat large man dressed in a leather outfit with leather boots dragged a chair over, placed it about 10 feet in front of me and after sitting in it, looked at me from my feet to the top of my head and then began to explain; "I am your MASTER you are my property now, you no longer make decisions, plans, actions of your own. There is no longer your own, I now own you and you will do only what you are told to do at all times by me and by the other masters you will have in the near future, I will be training you for your new servitude in the next 7 to maximum 10 days, if for some incredible reason I cannot train you understand that I cannot just let you walk out the door, I will have no choice but to terminate you but, I don't think there is much chance of that, by 7 days you will be the most obedient slave on this side of the equator."

"Now here is the story; there is a ship owner that does a service that requires his ship to be out at sea for periods of 6 months or more, without hitting any ports in all that time! Since the ship has a crew of about 40 men, these men become very stressed going all that time without a sexual outlet. For a time they had females for the service but, their special requirements proved to be impossible to maintain so, they contracted me to supply the sexual relief. If the product I provide does not work out, when the ship comes within 50 miles of land, I hire a boat and go on board exchange the damaged goods and I don't have to tell you that the defective material never makes it to land with me".

He stopped speaking for a few seconds and I started to tell him of how I did not fit the bill because I was not gay and the thought of doing it with a man was revolting to me, and how I would never say a word of all this to anyone but, before I could get the second word out, he got up, grabbed my hair, brought my head forward and with the right hand slapped my face so hard, I almost passed out, he said; "First lesson never speak without permission this time your punishment is minimal, next time you will resented having disobeyed."

"Now your training can be very easy I can tell you what to do, and you do it, and if you don't do it right, I will train you properly or you refuse in which case you will suffer harsh punishment until you obey. Now! If I release you and tell you to kneel in front of me, open my fly take my dick in your mouth and give me a blow job will you do it? You may answer Yes or No."

My answer of course was a very trembling and scared, "No Master".

"Fine", he said as he got up, "someone will be in to take you to your punishment, I will see you in 24 hours and let's see if you change your mind". aAd he left making me wonder if I made the right decision.

I just did not believe that I would not be at my classes in the morning and started wondering how long this would take because I needed to get some sleep. My shoulders were killing me and every so many minutes I had to get up on my toes to get some circulation back in my hands. The door on the other side opened and two large individuals came in also wearing leather pants but, no shirts and the front of their pants where open exposing huge genitals. They walked to the far side near the wall and turned a light over a strange looking chair that appeared to be made of metal, straps hanging from the front for the ankles and straps hanging from a thin tall back rest. They started arranging the straps, then one of them went to a table next to it and took the first dildo of a series of 5, each larger and thicker in progression, and affixed it to the seat of the strange chair, he then got some lube and lubed the dildo with quite a bit of it, they walked over to me and let me down from the chains un-cuffing my wrists.

It felt painful to lower my arms, but I was glad to be off it however my joy was short lived one of them grabbed my arms and twisted them behind my back making my right hand grab my left elbow and vice versa with the other hand, then tying them in that position with 2 wide leather straps, they walked me over to the chair, turned me around to sit me in the chair. My natural reflex was to try to move away from that large dildo in the seat but, they just easily pushed my arm above the back rest so that it came up between my back and arms keeping me there, then he tied my ankles to the foot of the chair and started putting pressure down on my shoulders to make me sit and impale myself on the dildo. I tried to fight the pressure but they won slowly I was pushed down and the thing entered slowly into my rectum with extreme pain.

I started yelling and imploring them, "Please let me off it is too big, its ripping me in two please..."

But they just ignored me and continued their task, next they tied a strap to the strap holding my arms to the bottom of the chair to keep me from moving up away from the monster in my rear. They went to another corner of the room to get some other miserable contraption, and I found out that since they did not have a strap across my lap, I could raise myself and maybe get off of the enormous dildo but to my dismay the most I could lift was about 2 inches and to keep trying would only make me fuck myself on it, which was their intention to begine with.

The pain was beginning to calm down and I decided to keep immobile to minimize the discomfort. They came back dragging a large motorized thing with another large dildo protruding from the front of it which they adjusted to the height of my mouth, and shoving the thing in my mouth then strapping the thing in place around my head. They turned a switch on the mouth contraption and the dildo started moving in and out sometimes going deeper and choking me then they turned another switch and the butt dildo started moving very slowly up and down. Next they strapped two plastic cups on my breasts with bra type straps closing in my back, then they pumped the air out of it forcing my breasts to enlarge inside the globes until they touched little rubber knobs which rubbed against my nipples with every movement due to a small mechanism than actuated by small hanging weights.

They slipped my penis in a soft rubber sleeve and inflated just enough to keep it comfortably tight and oddly pleasurable. They turned the entire completion on a timer that would start every 10 minutes and activate everything for about 3 or 4 minutes which with the nipples action and the penis pressure was an ecstatic experience that was unbelievable and I was beginning to make moves on the monster up my rectum, liking and sucking the one in my mouth and almost coming in to the rubber sleeve in my dick. Every time it stopped it would at the brink of an orgasm and it was ever so frustrating.

In the periods of inactivity my rectum throbbed and ached, my throat also hurt from the pounding and I would stay almost paralyzed to avoid movement of the nipples massagers. Hour after hour, after hour, I was drained, tired, sore, confused, mentally feeble to a point where I would do anything to get some sleep and that included giving that guy a blow job. Another round started but, this time my dick was very excited and before the timer went off I exploded into an orgasm that shook the metal chair I went into an exploding trance that seemed to go on and on and on, I found myself moving my ass in gyrations on the large rubber dick, and I was sucking and enjoying the one in my mouth, for a while I considered myself broken. The hours went by and I was almost passing out with exhaustion and mental anguish.

The Master finally came in followed by the other two he again sat in the chair in front of me and said; "Are you ready to give me the blow job of my life?"

As hard as it was to move my head with the dick in my mouth I signal 'yes'.

The other two unlocked me from all the confining gadgets and when I got up from the rubber dick, it felt as if I had a tunnel back there with a breeze blowing in. The Master ordered me to kneel in front of him, open his crotch & pull out his enormous already growing dick and put it in my mouth which I did! It felt different than the one I had for so many hours, and it was salty and I started getting noxious and almost upchucked. I pulled it out of my mouth and pleaded with him to please give me a chance to get use to it and I promised I do better.

He pushed my head away got up and said; "You spoke without permition, and that was not the best blow job I ever had. First, you will be punished for speaking then back on the chair to learn how to be a good cock sucking bitch that I think you can be, you will only rest after I am satisfied." He whispered something to the other two and went out the door.

They grabbed me from the floor and dragged me to another area of the room where there was a large wheel horizontally and another vertically, from them half foot leather straps hung about every 2 feet all the way around in front of it there was a low metal stand with straps for the ankles on the floor, one around the waist and leather wrist cuffs on the sides, I was made to kneel and bend over it doggy style and strapped in and then a switch was pushed and they started turning with the leather straps flying and hitting my butt and upper legs then it would alternate with the horizontal one covering every inch of my backside with incredible force and pain.

I could not believe that the two left the room and did not take me off this thing that was probably going to end up beating me to a bloody mess, but I heard a click and the thing stopped thank god. I was so sore the pain kept increasing as I just laid there half out of breath. I dropped my head and figured, hurt or not, I am going to sleep a little until they come back. But just as I was about to drift off, I heard a click and the machine started beating my ass all over again, the Master was right I was getting severely punished. That I could count and remember the machine went on about five times for about five minutes each time.

The two came back got me out of the spanker and as one of them was strapping my arms behind my back again, the other was replacing the dildo in the chair for another much larger one, he skipped one size. I was pushed on it this time screaming from the pain that was tearing me inside but, I was muffled by the large dick in my mouth again, and the process started all over again. I had already decided that I was going to do whatever my master wanted of me and resign to my new life, whatever it was going to be just as long as they would let me sleep.

The unforgiving cycle started again with its dual pain and pleasure purpose, this time with a lot more emphasis on my ass because of the much larger dildo in my ass, to my astonishment I was beginning to feel it's presence pleasurable and a couple of times almost had a type of internal orgasm when it rubbed against my prostate gland. Again several hours went by and I found myself training on the dildo in my mouth by trying to swallow the big head and carefully caress it with my tongue.

The door flung open, and the trio walked in, the master sat in the chair again, they untied me and he repeated; "Are you ready to give me a blow job bitch?"

I motioned my head yes because I was not about to speak and get the spanking machine again, He motioned to me to come and start, I crawled over and somewhat trembling opened the front of his leather covered genitals, and took out the massive dick already hard and oozing pre-cum, at this point I did not care what it was expelling I was determined to give it love and attention to earn me much needed rest. I put it in my mouth and started licking the head first all around and then pumping in and out actually being able to swallow the large head allowing to fuck the back of my throat. As this was going on with the action in my nipples I started getting excited and hard, I looked in shame, and noticed a smile of approval in the masters lips. He suddenly grabbed the sides of my head, pushed his enlarging tool deeper in my mouth pumping harder and started to spray and almost gag me with his loads of cum which I was made to swallow.

He slipped out of my mouth, leaned back on the chair and after several long deep breaths said; "Okay, that was far from the best but you are on your way to learning, you have potential to be a top bitch with some more intensive training. For now you’re going be showered, and oatmeal fed and then put to sleep, when you wake up we will start on your treatment to enhance your feminine attributes." He signals the other two and left the room.

They picked me up and led me through one of the doors to a large tilled shower room with 5 showers all in the same open area, I was permitted to shower for about an hour, they came again and lead me by the arms to a small 8X10 room with cement walls and floor, no windows, a light built in the ceiling covered with thick mesh wire. In one corner a bed with a plastic covered mattress and straps hanging from the sides, front, middle and back, on the other side a small stainless steel table affixed to the wall and a small steel bench also implanted in the cement of the floor. On the opposite corner a metal toilet which made this room a typical prisoners cell, the door had a small round glass window also with wire mash covering and the door was made of heavy metal with large heavy duty lock.

They sat me down on the bench and one of them went out and returned with a bowl of oat meal with sliced banana, raisins, and a bottle of water. The other guy was putting what look like a rubber body bag on the bed and a small plastic pillow, I did drink and washed my mouth in the shower but only the absolute necessary because of the quality of the water, so I welcomed the bottle of spring water and was thinking of saving some for the night's or day's sleep, but by the looks of the bag on the bed, I was not going to have free hands for drinking water. I finished the meal as meager as it was but I was very hungry.

The guys had left me alone to eat and after about 15 minutes came back grabbed me by the arms again, placed me in the middle of the rubber bag, placed a semi inflated rubber foot wide sleeve between my legs and started pulling the bag close with the help of straps built in the sides of the bag one of them would cross the straps around the front, and the other would push up the large heavy duty zipper, that how tight I was being confined in the bag, when they closed the zipper all the way up to just below the base of my throat, I could not even move my arms around from the sides to the front of my body, they placed the plastic pillow under my head strapped the bag to the bed and left the room locking the door. After a few seconds the light went out leaving me in total darkness in my immobile precarious prison, I had no time for reflections, too tired and fell in a deep well deserved sleep.

I woke up in total darkness but squeezed in the rubber bag as I was I realized where I was and now with a rested and clearer mind, I started realizing the options of the predicament I was in, to contemplate escape or plan it seemed futile and impossible, I don't know where I am in the city, in the desert, in an island, after all when they transported me I could have been out for hours, and this building is like fort knox. To not obey their mandate might get me killed. The sad truth is, I have no choice but to be transformed into whatever they demand of me and try to stay alive then perhaps someone will relax or make a mistake and provide me the opportunity to escape.

The door flung open and the two came in unstrapped me from the bag, which felt real good to stretch and feel the cool air against my body again. They led me by the arms and one of them grabbed my ass with the other hand and kept squeezing and shoving a finger in my rectum, I just kept walking and tried to enjoy it. We crossed the big room with the torture chair they opened a heavy metal door, and we went into a room completely tiled floor, walls, ceiling, in the center of the room there was a contraption that looked somewhat like an upside down dentist surgery chair, it was apparent that I was going to be bound to this thing doggy style and the main purpose of this was evident by 3 of the largest rubber enema bags hanging from the ceiling above it, each marked with its content and all of them bulging with their complete fullness. One was marked mineral water, second mineral oil and the third Colon cleanser.

A man in a t-shirt, slacks and a large rubber apron covering his front, told the two of them to set me up on the thing they made me climb on it, and began to strap me into it, my head was strapped in a head rest, my chest was exposed, a padded support held me just below my breasts but it was only about 10 inches long leaving my belly hanging in a vacuum and another padded support just before the bend of my hips. Of course I was strapped just above the knees and at the ankles.

The guy in the apron came into view in front and I could only see him from the waist down and he said; "First I am going to give you about five hormone shots, 2 directly in the breasts and maybe four in your buttocks they will enhance your already feminine appearance and your entire body will be smoother and almost hairless and you will be a lot more sensitive to touch. Next I am going to pour a laxative through a tube into your stomach and then I am going to give you many different enemas to condition your system to a new clean diet and prepare your colon to be cleaned by enemas constantly without any disruptive consequences."

"By the way I get off big time shoving a big tub up your ass and giving you enemas just so you know, I am going to enjoy watching you squirm with no way to do anything about it."

He pushed a bladder type gag in my mouth with a tube through the center of it, that he carefully pushed down my throat telling me to keep swallowing, then he affixed it to the back of my head, and pumped the bladder up filling my mouth to almost the bursting point. Next he placed the breast cups pumping them up to make the rubber knobs to start their exciting effectiveness. Next I felt his rubber gloved finger lubing my rectum which he spent a lot longer than necessary shoving it in and out and moving it all around my insides, then he slowly shoved the one inch diameter catheter with two balloons one inside, one outside and a strap securing it very tightly to my rear. After inflating the balloons giving my insides the filling of fullness he was ready to go.

First he dragged a small transparent bag with a cloudy fluid in it about a half a cup which he hung in an iv stand in front of me and opened the clip and I watched its contents drain slowly in to the tube to my stomach then he disappeared and I felt the sharp pinch of the injections on my butt, then I felt the deflation of the plastic bowls on my breasts, they were pushed aside and I felt the pinch of the needles in both of my nipples, the bowls where pumped back in place And now I just felt wiggling of the large tube embedded up my ass while he was connecting the first tube from the first monster enema bag, and then he said in an excited voice; "Here comes the flood enjoy it I know I will!"

And with that the liquid started invading my anus giving me a lot of pressure at the entrance, making very painful but then it seemed like something would open inside of me and it would allowed it to flow further inside giving relief to the entrance. This continued for a while but then my stomach was enormous I was having cramps, I was filing to the point of almost tasting it and it would not stop, the sadistic bastard would squeeze my belly to cause more pain. After the flow stopped it took an eternity, but finally he opened the discharge valve and the liquid evacuated through a tube connected to the catheter directly to a sewer pipe in the ground so that all he had to do was close the discharge valve and open the intake valve and vice versa. The enemas went on for hours, slow oil enema, then cleansing enema then water enema then oil again, I was actually getting acclimatized to the enemas to the point that they were beginning to be a different almost enjoyable experience.

Then after hours of this the liquids stopped and I felt the thing I was on moving me to an almost vertical position, I stayed like that for about an hour and half and every so often when I thought I was empty, I could feel another gush rushing out. I heard his footsteps and he walked by in my line of sight, and he no longer had his apron on nor his pants he was naked from the waist down with an enormous erection, he went to the wall and when he walked back, he was rolling a condom on his dick. I felt the movement of the tube being disconnected from the bag, then the strap holding the catheter came off the balloons where deflated and the catheter was slowly removed, as I suspected I next felt the pressure of something large pushing against my anus and with a painful thrust it went in.

The pain calmed down in few minutes and he was pumping in and out at a steady pace slapping my cheeks every time he moved back, I was enjoying the action and was in the verge of one of those internal orgasms when he became larger inside started pumping ultra fast banging in to me and moaning almost screaming. He lay motionless on my back for a long time and I felt his erection slowly diminish inside of me, he got off me leaving a sense of emptiness in my rectum, I was fucked for the first time and was able to enjoy it.

After a long time the duo came back got me unstrapped and guided me to the shower and stayed there until I was finished, then they dragged me back to the room and pushed me inside got out and locked the door. I was surprised that they left me alone already this section was not really all that bad or, maybe the acceptance of my new faith made it more bearable, there was a blanket and the plastic pillow on the bed I laid down, cover myself and went to sleep.

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