She Lost the Bet 5: No Bet This Time!

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2012 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

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A Sequel to "Part 4 "

Part 5: No Bet This Time!

My wife had finally gotten it through her thick head that betting with me was not a good idea. She had made several bets with me, and paid the price, several times. The result of each lost bet was that she had to serve as a love slave for an evening, and that brought many surprises (and many delighted men and women). So she simply refused to bet me anymore despite my constant prodding.

So I believed that it was quite a surprise when she found herself in yet another predicament. She had been asking me to go on a hike up in the high country near Taos, New Mexico for some time and I finally agreed. We had a guide for our group and three other people - two men and a woman- all of whom were incredibly fit. I worried a bit about keeping up as the elevation in the area is above 9,000 feet and thus its hard to breathe at that altitude.

We began our hike on a beautiful day-warm and sunny with bright blue skies. The group seemed quite happy and we climbed at a fairly good pace. I was delighted to be behind the other woman in our group as she had on a very tight shirt showing off her nice breasts, and an outstanding ass which wiggled while she walked. We finally crested one mountain-top and sat down next to a gorgeous little mountain lake. And it was then that the adventure began.

First, one of the men and the woman approached my seated wife from behind, grabbed her arms, and slapped on a pair of police handcuffs before you could say "Navajo Nation". I immediately jumped up to defend my pretty wife but the guide and the other man hit me with a high-low tackle and although I fought ferociously they were able to put handcuffs on me also. They pressed me face down in the grass and put leg-irons on me as well, and then dragged me over to a tree and put a chain through the handcuffs and around the tree and tied me up to where I could barely move.

No wonder I kept up with everybody-they were carrying about 50 pounds of chains and metal!

As I sat there, angry and dejected, I wondered just exactly was this group up to? It was then that the guide and the hard-bodied woman brought my wife over to me and told her "tell him".

"Honey", she said, "everything that is going to happen in the next few hours I specifically asked for".

"In fact", she said, "I wrote every scenario and movement down EXACTLY and these people will be paid double if they follow the script I sent them."

"What the Fu**" I tried to say, but they put a gag in my open mouth and tied it around my head to effectively silence me.

"She wants you to watch" the woman said, "but she doesn't want to hear you"!

With that, they dragged my wife over to a tall pine tree, tied some rope around her handcuffs, and threw the rope over a large tree limb about 10-12 feet off of the ground and hoisted her on her tip-toes. They then put a spreader bar between her legs and tied it off to some ankle-cuffs that they put on her. She sort of skipped around for a moment with her feet barely touching the ground until gravity finally slowed her to a stop. The guide pulled out a very large Bowie knife and approached my wife. A few quick slices of the knife removed my wife's shirt and bra with no wasted motion whatsoever. Her beautiful full breasts were exposed for all of the world to see.

The hiking group took a minute or two to admire my wife's tits, and then with two more quick slices her shorts and panties were on the ground and her luscious legs, curvaceous ass and lovely shaved mound were in full display. This left only her hiking boots on her lean frame, with her legs held wide-open by the spreader bar and her arms tied above her head. I softly moaned into the gag, and the hikers all laughed right out loud because they could see I have a big boner despite the fact that they were in charge of my bride's fate.

The woman went back to her backpack and pulled out a nipple-chain and a wicked looking whip. She attached the clamps tightly to my wife's nipples and hung a weight in the middle of the chain, and then moved around behind my little vixen. At first, she swung the whip rather lightly, but then she got into a pretty good rhythm and really reddened my wife's ass and back. As my naked woman wildly moved back and forth to avoid the whip, the weight on the nipple clamps swung left and right and clearly was agonizingly painful.

The super-fit hiker-woman then moved to the front and made quick work in reddening my wife's pretty pussy lips and upper thighs.

The men finally grew tired of these activities and told the woman "its our turn, now" as they untied my wife's arms from the tree limb. They then took her over near the lake, took out 4 tent stakes and a large hammer, and quickly hammered the stakes in the four points of the compass and tied my wife spread-eagle on the soft ground. They put a mostly-empty backpack under her ass to just slightly raise her pubic area a few inches off of the ground and then they all quickly removed their pants. It was quite an impressive group of large dicks and fit guys, and one-by-one they ravished my wife's gorgeous pussy while all she could do was thrash against the ropes that held her bound tightly.

Once they had each had a turn, it was time for some new festivities. The super-fit woman wiggled out of her tight shorts and leaned back on a hillside while the guys brought my wife up and threw her down in front of their friend.

"Lick her good" they told my wife, "and if she doesn't cum in 5 minutes expect some serious pain."

My wife's tongue immediately began going to town on the hiker's pretty pussy. It was obvious that the pretty hiker liked cunnilingus as she squirmed in delight. She grabbed my wife's hair and pulled her tighter and tighter as she got wetter and wetter and began to moan loudly. She finally literally exploded with an orgasm and a scream, and panted heavily for a minute or two.

Meanwhile, the guys were all laughing and finally one gasped "that was five minutes and 2 have to pay for that"!

With that, they hauled my wife over to what looked like a hitching post and tied her over the limb with her wrists tied to her ankles and her private parts fully exposed. They each took a turn with a flogger as my wife squeeled in pain, and then untied her and put a horses-bit in her mouth and a hobble on her legs.

"Let's play horsey" one of them said as she walked, cantered, and trotted in a circle with just her boots on.

By that time the guys were ready for round two, and brought my wife over to where I was tied up and put her face right next to mine while they tied her wrists around the same tree I was tied to. They put the spreader bar back on her ankles to keep her legs spread, and then each took another turn roughly banging her pussy. With each thrust she was pushed into me, and I could not help but see every in, every out, and when the third hiker was taking his turn my wife came with a giant orgasm and many grunts right in my face.

It was then that the pretty, hard-bodied female hiker checked her notes to make sure that my wife's fantasy had been fulfilled exactly, and then she smiled and said, "altrighty, boys, just one more thing."

With that, they untied us both and jerked us to our feet. They then cut my clothes off and left me with only my boots on, and handcuffed my right wrist to my wife's left wrist, and my right ankle to my wife's left ankle.

"Well", one said, "now you have to make it off of the mountain working together, so if you are mad at your slut-puppy wife for arranging today's activities you better get over it!"

With that, they literally skipped up over the crest of the mountain laughing and reliving the last few hours while I stood there naked and angry and attached to my wife with handcuffs.


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