She Lost the Bet 4: The Fourth Lost Bet

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2012 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

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A Sequel to "Part 3 "

Part 4: The Fourth Lost Bet

"Nope" she said, "no way am I ever betting you again."

I really can't say I blamed her; after all, every time she bet me she lost and had to be my slave for the day. This, of course, often led to long, exhaustive evenings for my wife. It was right about then, though, that the song "Til I Can Gain Control Again" came on the radio. I immediately asked her "who wrote that song?"

She replied "this one I know with 100% certainty-Willie Nelson wrote that song."

"You sure, I asked?"

"Absolutely, but I am not betting!" she stated.

"Ok, Ok," I said, "probably a good idea. Wuss."

I knew with certainty that her competitive instincts would kick in and sure enough, after thinking a minute, she said "Ok, I will bet you the slave thing, but if I win you are MY slave for the"

"Deal", I replied.

Long story short: Willie Nelson sings a very nice version of this song but, as I knew, Rodney Crowell wrote the song.

The following Saturday night, I had my slave/wife prepare herself as though she was going to a formal dinner, except that the only clothes she had on was a red sheer thong underwear which barely covered anything, a matching sheer red bra, and leather ankle and wrist restraints and a collar. Covering this ensemble was a long "London Fog" coat since it was winter. When we got in the car, she just sighed and didn't say anything. However, when we pulled up to a house that she had never seen before she tried to weasel out of her bet and said, "I will do anything for you, fuck and suck and treat you like a King tonight if you just let me not go in there. I am so tired of being pawed by strange men."

I frog-marched her up the walkway to the house and said, "Well, you might enjoy tonight then!"

As we entered the house, a beautiful, buxom brunette said, "Can I take your coats."

"Thank you," I replied as I handed her my jacket and took my wife's coat off of her, leaving her standing there in only sheer bra and panties.

Two more gorgeous women appeared: a slender blond woman with a Bikini body and a very tall, stern looking, redhead dressed all in leather. "What have we here?" the redhead asked me.

"My slave" I replied, "who we shall call 'Slave Slut' for the night." "Go ahead and examine her, if you wish" I said to the three ladies.

They immediately had my wife spin around a couple of times, and put their hands on her breasts and thighs and ass, and basically checked out her body completely. The brunette finally exclaimed: "this should be a fun evening!" as she went to get us all cocktails. She brought back 4 cocktails, an open bottle of champagne, a dog bowl and a leash which she attached to my wife's collar. I then led my slave over to a low table that had a board-game open on it, and had her kneel down at my feet like a good pet. I then poured some champagne in the dog bowl and told my wife that she could lap up all she wanted as I attached her wrists together behind her back.

The rest of us all at down around the table and looked at the board game with more than a casual interest. The game board was "Candyland": however, the colors and cards looked a little different. The blond woman explained the rules, which were, indeed, a bit different. She explained that if you landed on a red square that you were to dole out a little pain; a pink square a little pleasure; the blue square some rope-play in different bondage positions; and the yellow square a little humiliation. The recipient of all of this attention, of course, was to be my wife.

We began the game and the gorgeous blond woman immediately landed on pink. She quickly told my wife to lay back on a couch and gave her a long, lingering, passionate kiss as she slipped a finger underneath my wife's panties. She continued in this vein for a couple of minutes and, judging from the moisture on the slave's little red panties, my wife did not object very much.

The brunette went next and landed on a blue square. She gathered up some rope and tightly tied my little slave to the dining table in a spread-eagle position as we all gathered around for the splendid view.

The redhead went next and landed on red. She was clearly delighted with that outcome, and untied my slave from her spread-eagled position and re-tied her wrists to the table-top, her ankles to the bottom, with her ass presented to group. The redhead then produced a paddle and gave my wife a vigorous spanking which turned her ass as red as the square on the board game.

I was the next person to play and landed on yellow. I quickly had my wife strip and get down on all fours as I put a "tail" into her asshole, and then led her around on a leash as we played the pony game for a few minutes. She pranced like a show-Palomino for the group.

We continued our play in turns and my little slave was tied into numerous bondage positions which exposed all of her love-holes in a variety of delightful and different ways as people landed on blue squares. With red squares she received several good lashings of her tits and ass, had very tight nipple-clamps attached to her pink buds, and had some weights attached to her labia. The pink squares got my wife some great vibrator action which brought her repeatedly right to the edge of orgasm; as well as some cunnilingus and deep-throat kissing. The yellow squares brought humiliation in several ways as she barked like a dog, spread her ass cheeks for more pony play, and licked people's boots and assholes.

As play continued towards the end, I innocently asked what the winner of the game received.

"Why, the slave for the night of course" the ladies replied in unison.

The game was very close, and it was clear that anyone could win on the next turn. We tied my slave with her arms above her head to a chain that clearly was intended to be for a chandelier but which had been re-engineered for another purpose, and she watched anxiously to see who would win the game. Would it be the blond, who clearly liked intimacy, kissing and lesbian sex? The brunette, who was into bondage and girls? Me, who was safe and would take her home? Or the redhead, who clearly favored pain above all else?

As the redhead's turn made her the winner of the game, my wife's face clearly displayed dismay and tears ran down her cheeks. The redhead laughed exuberantly and quickly jumped up and put a blindfold and gag on my wife, but not before showing her an instrument case full of whips, crops, clamps and wax candles. I told my wife "there will be no strange men pawing at you tonight!"

As my slave's body shook in terror like a cold dog, I said my goodbye's to the ladies and opened and shut the front door.

Did I leave? Hell no, I had a show to watch to make sure my slave performed adequately for these women!


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