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Part 5 - Earlier days

Sheila from time to time would open up about her past. She had told me about her and Skip, her boyfriend when she was an older teenager and the one who had widened her bondage horizons immensely.

She was sixteen, still a junior in high school, he was a senior there, a year older than her, and he was the kinkiest person she could ever dream of meeting at that point in her life. He was her first real love and she would, like most girls with their first love, do anything he wanted, no matter how extreme. Well, they did some really extreme things, which pretty much set the tone for the rest of her life so far.

One Saturday morning he took her about 30 miles out of town, down the freeway that ran east-west through their town. He wouldn't tell her what he had in mind, insisting that she just trust him. He pulled off at an exit in the middle of what kindly could be considered wilderness, somewhere she had never done anything but driven past. The road went off to a town another thirty miles away. He drove a few hundred yards down the road, then turned off down a dirt road that ran parallel to the freeway.

Two miles later they wound up under the freeway, at a bridge where the freeway crossed a deep wash about thirty feet below the level of the road. He walked over to one of the huge pillars supporting the westbound lanes. She looked over; it looked to her that they’d be safe from being seen from the eastbound lanes.

"Here," he told her, then asked her to remove all her clothes. Her shorts and t-shirt came off as Skip pulled a lot of small-diameter nylon rope out of his backpack.

"Shoes too?" she asked. He nodded affirmatively, so she pulled them off as well. He had quite a lot of rope in his hands. She wasn't cold even though she was now naked; it was an ideally warm day. She couldn't quite figure out what was up, then it hit her. He was going to tie her to the pillar supporting the freeway. He motioned her up to the nearest one and at his request she backed up to it. There was just a gentle warm desert wind blowing across her body, the sounds of dozens of cars a minute passing by thirty feet over their heads and the sound in her ears of her own loudly-beating heart.

One short piece of rope was tied to her right wrist, then a very long one was tied to her left wrist. He took the long piece around the twenty-foot circumference of the pillar. He attached the two pieces of rope, and Sheila found herself bound naked to the pillar.

She wondered what he would do with her now. He could walk away, leaving her nude and tied to the pillar. He most likely was going to play with her vulnerable body for a while, then hopefully let her loose and they would go home. She couldn't put off the possibility that he might leave her here as she was; he'd spoken of that sort of thing when they shared their fantasies.

In fact, another short piece of rope went around her right ankle, then a much longer piece around her left, and they too were tied around the pillar. He had her move her feet about four feet apart, which started to make her lean forward a bit. It wasn't the most comfortable, but she loved him and if it pleased him, which it must or he wouldn't be asking her to do this, she'd endure it for him.

Tied hand and foot to the pillar, Skip took the time to caress and explore her body. Hands roamed over her breasts and rubbed her nipples to hardness in the mid-morning sun. Hands rubbed down between her legs and every once in a while ran through her slot.

She couldn't really say she was getting into this one, but she'd last through it for Skip. He'd made enough of her dreams come true; she could do this. Then without warning, he turned and started walking back to his truck.

Was he leaving? She thought about calling out to him, but dismissed it, what would she say that he didn't already know? She pulled at her wrists, which were solidly tied, she wasn't getting loose to chase him either. So she stood silently and trusted as he reached the truck. If he wanted to drive away and leave her here, it wasn't as if she could do anything about it.

But instead of getting into the cab, he walked to the back and reached into the bed. She couldn't imagine what he was going after for a second, then saw it was a short stool, perhaps a foot high.

He walked back to her with the stool. Her suspicions about what was on his mind was confirmed when he put the stool down right in front of her. Sitting on it placed his mouth right at the level of her exposed and spread crotch and he began to lick her in her most private place. Tied and spread, she could do nothing but be his victim and, she thought to herself, he sure knew how to victimize a girl.

The first orgasm made her sag a little, but she remained standing. If she sagged, she would put a lot of pressure on her wrists, and that was not likely to be comfortable. Once she recovered, he went back to work on her, and she felt herself beginning to rise for a second orgasm.

After her third orgasm, he pulled back and looked up at her. "I'm thirsty, so I’m going to go back to town and get a soda. What sort of soda would you like?" She knew he was going to leave her here; she just knew it.

"What if you get in an accident? I could die here before someone finds me!"

"That won't happen," he informed her. "I've left full details of where I've taken you in a letter on my desk. If anything happens, the letter will be found and someone will come out to get you."

"That's not good enough for me," she answered back. "Don't leave me," but she knew he was going to leave her. Beyond the fear of being stuck out here, she was turned on by the thought of being alone, bound to the pillar and at his mercy. Him leaving was just a way of proving to her that he had control and she didn't, which turned her on.

They had a safe word; they both knew that since she hadn't used it this was all just window dressing. There was no pretending that she didn't want to be left here, naked, bound, and alone here; she could always use her safe word.

She wondered if she did use it, whether he would stop. They both also knew that all the word meant is that she was serious. It was a given in their relationship that he could ignore the safe word if he wanted. She had agreed to that. Truth be known, it added to the thrill of the situation for her and made her more turned on when things happened. He would know how she felt, but she knew she had no direct and absolute cancel over any situation in which she let herself be placed.

"Stop me," he answered as he stood up and grabbed the stool. He planted a warm, hard French kiss on her lips, then headed for the truck. Dropping the stool in the back, he looked back at her to make sure she was ok. Sheila stood there, still tied to the pillar, and watched him back without saying a word. She knew that he knew that they both wanted this, but she didn't want to think about what would happen if he failed to come back. He climbed into the cab, started the engine, then drove away. A minute later the sound of the truck's engine faded into nothingness. She was tied to a pillar in the middle of nowhere where nobody would see her, naked and alone and helpless. If someone did manage to see her and find her, she could be very much in trouble. She was left with the rustling of the wind and the sound of cars passing overhead, oblivious to the naked teen girl tied and helpless beneath them.

Then there was the summer night in the field. She and Skip had been at a club. They were both too young to drink, but they were at a club where the management didn't look too closely at IDs and the alcohol flowed freely. She was wearing one of those tops that was all front and nothing but a few thin clear plastic straps across her back to hold it on. The top was made of a thin metallic weave and hid everything about her breasts, but was tight enough that it left nothing to the imagination, including the bumps of her nipples. It also showed a bit of the sides of her breasts, not as big as they are today but well on their way. She wore a dreadfully short black rayon miniskirt, slit up her right leg, and high-heel sandals, and that was all. She made sure Skip knew how close to naked she was, especially under the miniskirt, but that he could look but not touch until later in private.

They wound up hanging out with two friends from school, Rick and Andy. They were ok in Sheila's mind, but neither really did anything for her. She wouldn't go out of her way for them, but they were ok. Her clothes were thin enough that they got an eyeful of her, which she didn't appreciate but tolerated as long as they kept a respectful distance, which they did. They spent plenty of time stripping her naked with their eyes, but didn't try anything more, even after the alcohol had started to take effect. They knew she loved Skip and Skip loved her and he would not tolerate anyone interfering.

She knew what Skip had in mind: he wanted to hang out and drink a bit until midnight or so, then he wanted to take her out to the countryside outside of town and play that music with her body that he could play so well. He had hinted that she would probably be tied up somehow, which was fine with her. He tied her up a lot and quite a lot of that was at her request. Sometimes all she wanted was normal sex and Skip certainly supplied her with that, but sometimes she liked to be tied up tight and at his mercy as he ravaged her helpless body. She would have gut-shaking orgasms and she normally would use the events as masturbation material for days afterward. He might even leave her there for a while, to see if she could get loose and to increase her thrill and her risk. The riskier the situation was, within reason, the hotter it made her. He had told her recently about a fantasy he was having, her tied spread eagle out in the open, left alone, then her getting loose and having to make it home naked. She actually had prepared for that by leaving a set of clothes and a house key in her family’s back shed. She figured tonight was the night.

So they kept drinking after dinner and playing a few rounds of pool. Whenever she had to lean over the table to make a shot, she could sense the general vicinity of the room get quieter, especially behind her. She never leaned over that far; she was pretty sure her skirt was too short for that. She knew she was putting on a show, but it was all for Skip. One time, when she needed to take a shot that she would have to lean flat on the table from the side facing the wall, she motioned for Skip to take the seat that would be behind her when she did. Once he had sat down, she leaned over and could feel the air conditioning on her bottom and knew Skip was getting a killer eyeful. There was general quiet applause once she straightened up from taking the shot, which she flubbed horribly. She blushed bright red, but felt a delight that her show was generally appreciated.

Finally Skip signaled her it was time to go, it was about a quarter to midnight. She smiled sweetly at Rick and Andy who were well on their way to plastered and left arm in arm with Skip.

He drove her quietly north, out of town. She had been drinking at his request, but he had stayed clear. She had a good healthy buzz and was feeling no pain, but didn't really feel that drunk. As they drove to the edge of town, they talked about school, how things were going, and who they wanted for teachers next semester.

The road wound in the dark through grassy hills on its way to the next town. Finally Skip pulled the car off to a dirt road that led up a hill and away from the main road. They drove only a few hundred yards down the deserted road, till they topped and passed the first hill, then with the car out of sight of the road he parked it and shut off the engine. He stepped out of the car and walked over to her side of the car, holding the door as she exited. He grabbed a backpack and led her by the hand back toward the main road. As they approached the top of the hill he led her over the fence that was beside the dirt road and into the field beyond.

It was a perfectly warm, moonless night. The only light was from the thousands of stars, shining brightly in a clear, cloudless sky. A gentle warm wind blew through her thin clothes onto her skin. They were out of town far enough that the nearest house was nowhere in sight, just small rolling grass-covered hills and pastures. She could hear the occasional car as it passed down the main road over the hill. The warmth must have been in the nineties -- if she was going to be naked soon, she wouldn't have to worry about getting cold. Not that with this outfit she was that far from naked already.

They walked a little way into the field, drawing slightly closer to the main road and walking up to and over the ridge separating them from the valley which held the paved road. She saw the site he had set up from only a few dozen yards away: As promised, four stakes driven into the ground in a wide square so he could spread-eagle her there and then work his magic on her most sensitive spots.

She would do anything for him, she was in love and wanted to be completely pleasing for him. To deny him was an unacceptable thought to her. They walked up to the spot he had prepared.

It was on the highway side of the ridge, near the crest of the ridge and only a few hundred yards from the pavement. On a moonless night like tonight she doubted anyone could see her from the road, and especially not if they were speeding down the road toward Oakenville through the mountains to the north. But if it were daylight she would be completely and clearly visible to drivers on the road. No one on the highway could miss her naked, spread body from here. She smiled, and could feel a familiar warm tingling in a good spot.

"I don't suppose I get a blanket to lay on?" she asked although she already knew the answer.

"No, if you get loose, I wouldn't want you to have anything for cover on the journey home."

She knew that in advance, she was just asking to set the stage.

"Besides, this grass is really pretty soft. You won't have a problem."

She walked up and stopped just below the stakes. "Here?" she asked.

"As good as any," he replied with a broad smile.

She locked eyes with his and silently mouthed "I love you." She reached behind her and loosened the blouse's back straps. Without losing eye contact, she pulled the straps over her shoulders, then pulled it straight over her head. Still watching him and ensuring he was watching her; she unzipped the skirt. With a shrug of hips her skirt slid smoothly to the ground at her feet. Naked except for her heels, she stepped backward out of them. Completely free of her encumbrances, she lay down in the middle of the stakes and offered him his fantasy.

She smiled. "Wouldn't Rick and Andy each give their right nut to see me now?" She stretched out her arms and legs.

He was right, the grass was plenty soft enough. When the wind blew every so often, it was warm and gentle. Her nipples were rock hard and the breeze carried the smell of the dampness of her sex when the wind was right.

Slip-knot straps were placed and tightened around her wrists and ankles then tied to the stakes nearest them. He started tightening the straps, first stretching her arms out entirely, then pulling her legs far apart. She had been in these often enough to know she couldn't tear free of them. If she couldn't pull the stakes out of the ground she wasn't going anywhere, and from past experience she doubted the stakes were going anywhere.

As she knew he wanted, she tested her position. She pulled as hard as she could at the straps on her wrists and ankles, but they did not come loose. As expected, Skip had done a good job and now she was at his mercy, helpless to free herself. Unless he freed her, in six hours she would be visible from the road and starting a new and embarrassing chapter in her life, with her first stop the Oakendale city jail. But she knew he'd never allow that to happen.

A car drove by without changing engine tone as Skip did something with something in his bag. The wind blew gently and warm through the hair on her head and between her legs, keeping her nipples erect and rock-hard. She hoped he didn't plan any nipple clamps tonight, but it was too late now to specify that. She flexed her thighs and felt a pleasurable wave wash over her. Once he left her alone, she could have quite a good time on her own.

He pulled a ball gag out of the backpack and she opened her mouth to allow him to place it and tighten it down. Then he smiled sweetly at her and sat down beside her. Her skirt, top, and heels went folded neatly on the ground on the far side of him. His fingers commenced to run all over the unprotected and exposed top of her body, through her hair, across her chest, round and around her nipples, through her pubic hair, achingly briefly across her clitoris, into her slot and drawing out some of her wetness and then back again. She grew hotter and hotter and wished that he would give her his cock. She knew from experience to ask for it would only delay its arrival, so she lay quietly and melted under his touch.

Finally, his own clothes joined hers on the ground and a long, rock-hard steel rod of a cock plunged into her. She cried out into the gag which muffled the sound, and he drove her to the edge of an orgasm and then pulled out, her wailing into the gag as she unwilling floated back from the edge. He carried her almost to her peak over and over again, enjoying the look on her face as he pulled out and she slid back down from the edge yet again. Damn him!

Finally, he took her all the way. Shaking powerfully, she came hard, yelling into her gag, knowing it was safe to do so, jerking at her bonds which did not yield. He lay still inside her until she was done and a few minutes after, still rock-hard, letting her enjoy the ride and recover from it. Then he started back on her, looking for his own reward. Now she knew he would explain his plan, whatever it was, to her, as he headed for his own release.

"When I'm done with you here, I'm going to take your clothes and my pack and go home. I’m going to set my alarm clock for 5:00 AM, so I should be back in time to let you go before the sun rises."

She looked properly petrified at the thought. If he overslept, she would still be spread-eagle and completely naked on this ridge when the sun rose and she would surely be discovered. But she trusted him, so she was not inwardly worried but chose to look properly frightened as he continued toward his climax. She could tell it was not too far away.

"But before I go home, I think I will go back to the club and see if Andy and Rick are still there. I think I will give them your top and skirt and tell them a wild story; that you were drunk, expressed this rape fantasy, then had me tie you up on this hillside and promise, after I had finished with you, that I would go tell them where you were, tell them you were sorry for how you prickteased them all night and said if they could find you they could have you, as long as they promised to leave you gagged and to give you your clothes back when they left." Her horrified look was real this time.

As he continued to his orgasm, she struggled a little anew and more seriously against the straps but they were relentless. Would he really do that, or is he just playing with my mind, she wondered. They had a solemn agreement to never involve anyone else in their games, but he had broken promises before, and she could not dismiss the possibility that he might do so now. She certainly couldn't stop him from carrying out the threat. Andy and Rick, with all that booze in them and the way she had been on display all night and they had been drinking her in, would be out here in a heartbeat if they could find her and didn't kill themselves getting out here. And she had no doubt they would indeed help themselves to a good time at her expense. He stiffened on top of her and she felt his member twitch inside her as he loosed jet after jet of cum inside her. He finished, then after a moment he rolled off her. When he had recovered he redressed and gathered his backpack and her clothes. There was nothing left on the ground except her unclothed body and the straps and stakes that were used to secure it there. He leaned over for a parting shot.

"You're utterly naked, spread wide open, and gagged. If anyone comes across you, they could do anything they wanted to you and there is nothing you could do about it, not even scream." There was a wicked gleam in his eyes as he reminded her of her peril. He bent down and kissed her softly on her cheek. "It's 12:45 now. I'll see if Andy and Rick are still there. The club doesn't close until 2, so I think there's a pretty good chance of that. Either way I'll be back around 5:30." He smiled wickedly. "It's been a long day and night; I just hope I don't oversleep." With that, he stood up and walked away without looking back, over the ridge and to his car.

She lay stunned at her situation until she heard his car motor start up in the distance, then listened as the sound of engine and tires on a dirt road moved slowly down the hill to the highway, then watched the headlights as he passed down the road before her. Then all she could do was to listen as the sound of his engine faded into the distance, heading back toward town and possibly the club. Then even the sound of the engine was gone into the night and she remained, gagged and strapped wide open, stark naked and freshly fucked in the middle of a field in the country. Alone. She tried again, for real this time, to tear the straps or pull out the stakes. Nothing budged, but she did manage to hurt her wrists and ankles a little. She finally gave up and admitted to herself that he had done his job well and she was not getting loose on her own. She was really trapped.

She panicked for a few minutes, but then her reason came back and she calmed down. Skip knew if he turned Andy and Rick on to her, it would, to say the least, damage their relationship. He might leave her here alone for a few hours, but he loved her and would not hurt her that way.

She relaxed, began enjoying the rustle of the warm breeze, the stars overhead. She began flexing her thighs, building up after about twenty minutes to a pretty decent orgasm. She lay still and let herself float down, catching herself dozing off once or twice. Skip would be back in a few hours, he'd probably have her again, then let her go and take her home.

She dozily heard yet another car come winding up from town, but this time the engine noise began to slow down as it approached. It had the sound of a small truck, not the Camaro Skip drove. It was definitely slowing, she could see the headlights now, it was moving slowly up the road. She chilled to the bone despite the warm night air. Andy had a small red pickup truck. She couldn't believe Skip could be so stupid, but she could see the headlights of the car about a half-mile down the road, coming up slowly. Someone was looking for something all right, and she started praying it wasn't her.

She tried again pulling at the straps holding her wrists and ankles, this time deadly serious, pulling until her wrists screamed, with no effect. The truck, continuing it's slow journey up the road, was nearly to her when she faced the reality that if the people in that truck were looking for her and if they found her, they would indeed have free run of her body and there was nothing she could do about it.

The car drove up to the closest point to her position, and thankfully kept going slowly down the road. It was a red pickup that looked like Andy’s. She couldn't see a thing of the interior of the car, but she couldn't believe Skip would actually put her at risk like that. Come morning, she was going to kill him! Cut his balls off and feed them to him in a stew! He'd better have one incredible explanation for this.

Then she heard it. The truck was coming back, again going slow. It was over a rise from her, but it sounded like the same engine as before, and it definitely was going slow. It wasn't any good to try to free herself, after three tries it was clear she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon under her own power, The pickup crested the hill, rolled past her position, kept going, and then to her horror, pulled off to the side of the road and stopped.

She was in full freak now, but there was nothing she could do. She heard one door slam, then another. She couldn't see the truck, it had stopped at the bottom of the ridge she was tied to, near the turnoff for the dirt road up to where she lay. She pulled futilely at her bonds, which did not budge any more than they had any of the other times. She listened but wondered if she could hear quiet footsteps in the distance over the sound of the wind.

She kept expecting that at any second Rick and Andy would come up the hill to her, wildly drunk, drop their clothes and commence to rape her. Where was Skip? Oh, he was so dead now! She'd make it her personal sacred mission until his dying breath to make sure no woman came within a mile of him for the rest of his natural lifetime. He'd screwed up so epically that epically didn't fit this time!

She stopped and listened, but heard nothing. Not that that mattered. Maybe they couldn't see her and were walking the ridges hoping they'd find her. She tried again, but no release was in sight. She wouldn’t be easy to see where she was, but she felt it was certainly possible to find her if one knew what they were looking for.

She could just see it. Rick and Andy would walk up to her. Andy would say something cute like "Well, what do we have here, Sheila!" and sit down beside her, and touch her all over. She could struggle a bit, but couldn't get away from them or even really recline from his touch. His hands would roam all over her naked body as she knew he'd been wanting to do all night, then he would drop down on her and slide in. Hopefully he'd do something to lube himself up first, but if he was still drunk not even that was an assurance. He'd rape her and come deep inside of her, then it would be Rick's turn. Then, God only knew what they'd do to her once they both had dumped their cum deep inside of her or on her.

But no one ever came by. She jerked back to wakefulness as a car drove past her on the road, but no one was nearby, and minutes of careful listening yielded nothing but the sound of the wind rustling through the fields around her.

She dozed in and out of consciousness. But finally she heard a noise that she could not mistake -- the "beep beep" of a digital watch. It sounded like the alarm on Skip's watch and it came from the ridge above her where, because of the tightness of her bondage, she could not easily see. She craned her neck long enough to see Skip rise up from where he had been laying and walk down to where she was tied.

How did he get there? How long had he been there? What was going on? Was that episode with the truck a dream? He reached her, and dropped his pack, reaching down to loosen her legs.

"5 AM. Time to take you home."

How'd he get back there? She had heard him drive away, hadn't she? She realized he had been guarding her, less than fifty feet away from her, and she was never really in danger after all. When had he gotten back? She felt a flush of relief and shame at doubting him as her second ankle came free and he began working on her right wrist.

Once she was free and sitting up, he returned her clothes and heels to her. She pulled out the gag and he handed her a bottle of water to help deal with the aftermath of the gag, He rubbed her wrists and ankles until they felt better as she dressed and drank, then he helped her up and they climbed back to the top of the ridge and to the dirt road.

They reached the dirt road and walked down it to the highway. Once they reached it, everything made sense. There before them was not Skip's Camaro but Andy's pickup. He smiled at her and explained the obvious. "They were still at the club, and still drinking. I offered to take them home if I could borrow Andy's truck for a little while, to which they agreed. I've been right here watching over you since a little after 2.”

Skip held the door for her as she slipped into the passenger seat. He climbed in the driver side and turned the key in the ignition. The familiar engine sound, much louder this time, came to her ears. Twenty minutes later, the sun's first light was just starting to kiss the sky as he brought her to her home.


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