by Zephyr

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Part 4 - Home Games

Along with everything else Jack and I did outdoors, every once in a while we would have some pretty interesting times at home. Here are some of the things we did:

I had been talking with Dena, my best friend. As Jack and I had always played some pretty serious sex games, there was always a risk that an accident could happen. Dena and I had been friends since high school and she took the news with aplomb and a shake of the head.

"I knew you had a kinky side, Sheila, but never dreamed it would go so far..."

I wanted to confide in her, since she knew Jack and could see if things started to go wrong with us, since I willingly allowed myself to be put in quite a high level of danger in some of our scenes. If something ever happened, Dena could help the police figure out what had happened to me. Plus, it was good to confide in another woman, who could understand to a degree.

Dena worried that if Jack ever wanted to break it off with me, all it would take is an ‘accident’. I didn't think much of it, if Jack ever wanted to break it off with me, all he had to do was leave. We weren’t married (yet) and although I would miss the hell out of him, I wasn't going to go chasing after him. He had the most perverted mind (in the right sort of ways) and came up with some real gut-washers of ideas for us sexually. We had a good relationship and he was perfect for me sexually, in outlook and a lot of other ways, but I had lived before him and in some ways always expected the relationship to end sooner or later. He wouldn't hurt me; he had no reason to.

He had another kinky idea, one that he thought for sure would turn me on. I felt in the mood to act it out one Friday afternoon after class. We went to the basement of my house, where he strapped me nude on the floor. My body and limbs were on a rubber pad, except for my hands and feet, which stretched beyond the border of the pad to touch the concrete floor. I was held with straps running from my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the room, which he tightened down enough so that none of the rope touched the floor. He brought in the hose from outside and a water sprinkler, the kind that spins in a circle and throws three lines of water in a stream of constantly varying lengths. I watched him as he placed it on a rubber stand and then attached some sort of wiring to it. He put up a plastic shield to cover the electrical items, then went outside to turn on the water.

He came back in and examined his work. There was a petcock on the hose about 10 feet from the end that kept the water out, which he checked. He came over and put a pair of clear workman's goggles over my eyes.

"Here's the plan," he announced, "the water runs around the room, never repeating the same pattern. You don't know whether the stream will touch your body or miss you."

"The stream is attached to a transformer that randomly switches voltages. Not enough to hurt you, but enough at the highest to let you know that it's there. You are on the concrete with a rubber mat under you. As you get wet, the water will ground you out on the parts of your body not on the rubber mat, your hands and feet.”

"But there is no way of knowing whether the stream of water is going to be complete. The water may wash over you and have no charge at all. As we agreed, the water will run for 45 minutes. If you ask to stop early we will, as a punishment, do a river walk."

This meant going to the river, where he would take me to the far shore. I would give him all my clothes and then he would go home by himself, leaving me to find my way home nude. I ask him to do this to me every so often. It was difficult and quite risky at times, much more so in daylight but less so at night, yet it was fun in a scary sort of way (at least to me, who loved risk-taking) and could be done with a bit of luck. I had plenty of close calls but had never been caught. I enjoyed the challenge and the risk, although scary at times, it never failed to make me juice my pants, if I had been wearing any, while doing it and after it was done. We occasionally did it when it was still daylight, which was much tougher. It was due to be a warm night tonight under a full moon. In the mood I was in a river walk sounded like a fun, sexy idea. If I could make it the full forty-five minutes, I might bug out a little early just to do the river walk too.

"Ok to start?" he asked. I nodded.

He went back to the controls and turned on the water. The first line of water hit me almost immediately, across my body at waist level and it was *cold*, but the second one started warming up and soon the water temperature wasn't a problem. Lines of water ran at different times across my hips, my knees, my crotch and my chest. For about five minutes, it was just water, or maybe I wasn't wet enough yet.

Then one stream hit me, just above the knees. I felt the shock zap into my right knee, down to my heel and into the floor and I barely had time to brace myself before the continuing stream of water and the current nabbed my left knee. Both flexed a little with the voltage in spite of the tightness of my bondage.

I was grateful for the goggles. The next run went over my chin. The voltage was really mild. Then several waves of water ran over me without a charge.

Then one ran over me a few inches below my navel, curving left to my hip. It was fully charged and I thrashed in it as it drew a fast line with the current across my waist.

The next one was medium voltage, across my upper chest and on my left breast. I jumped, but couldn't move as it moved across me. Jack was wrong, though, this wasn't doing anything for me. I'd almost rather run home from the river. It hurt a little when the current was high, but sexually for me it wasn't working.

I looked over at him -- he had his member in his hand and was watching me and helping himself. Apparently it was doing something for him. A mild current ran across my ankles and I flexed a little, but it didn't really hurt.

Should I put up with the forty-five minutes for him, I wondered? Probably only five of them had passed. Another stream, this time almost fully charged, ran across my breasts, making me whip up and down, which caused the stream at one point to catch my nipple, which floored me for a moment.

This did nothing for me but scare me. Sexually, I was frozen solid. Definitely the river was in my future. But I didn't want to stop him from finishing with himself, so like a good girl I lay still and tried to last through it. When he had come, I'd wait another five minutes then after a particularly strong shock I'd call it a day.

It took him about ten more minutes to finish himself off. In that time I got a few more good hits. One stream ran a line of fire right across my navel and up the underside of my left breast. I couldn't help but cry out, but he was still working on himself. He stopped for a moment and watched to see if I would snap my fingers, but I did not. After a minute or so he went back to himself, but he was cooled down a little and that much further away from his orgasm and me being able to call it a day. I resolved not to cry out so loud if I got hit again. A minute or two later a medium power stream ran across my upper legs, the current running both to my right hand and left foot. I flexed a little, but held my tongue.

Other streams criss-crossed over me. Most had a mild current, some heavy, some none at all. Finally my nightmare happened. My legs were tied so widely apart that while my clit wasn’t sitting out in the open, it was exposed. A stream with a powerful charge ran across my left thigh and then up to stab my clit on its way across to my right hip. I screamed and shook for almost half a minute, it felt like I had been dealt a blow on it with a whip. I fought as hard as I could to not disturb Jack and get this over, he still hadn’t cum. But as my whimpering and shaking faded I was so, so very done with this now.

Then the worst shock so far ran, full strength dead across my nipples. I jumped and thrashed as the current ran out through my wrists, but I didn't cry out. I looked over to see that he had already come. Good, I thought, I've really had far too much of this.

A medium shock hit me a few minutes later across my belly. I flexed up, overacting a little and immediately started snapping my fingers. As I snapped, a second medium stream with a palpable jolt ran across my hip, through my pussy hair and down my other hip. He saw me, realized what I was asking and immediately shut the device down. He undid the straps, then I sat up. He could see from my face what I felt.

"Didn't work for you?" he asked. He handed me a towel and I began drying myself off.

I nodded no. "Not this time -- no element of risk, I guess and no sex involved," I smiled at him. Better to be pleasant and hide how I really felt. I’d tell him some time later.

"I didn't stay there for the agreed time, though, so if you would please, let me get a sundress and sandals on and we can head for the river."

One Saturday, Jack had promised me a new surprise and a new dimension to our play. Naturally that sounded good to me. He told me I would not be allowed to use my safeword, but that he would be watching over me at all times, so trusting him, I agreed to whatever he wanted.

"Whatever" involved taking me to his basement and strapping my nude body to a large bondage X that he had built. My ankles and wrists were spread-eagle away from me, a wide belt held my waist tightly against the X and the whole front of my body was available for his pleasure. He blindfolded me and put a ball gag in my mouth, it sometimes happened and didn’t bother me. OK, I was completely helpless.

He ran his hands and tongue over me for about ten minutes. I was gagged and blindfolded. Jack was surely warming me up and I was starting to get hot and to want to feel his cock inside me. He was in the middle of working over my nipples real good when I heard the door to the basement open and the sound of someone coming down the steps.

I tried to thrash, but of course it did no good. Jack didn't even lose a beat as I heard footsteps descending the stairs. From where I was tied, I was fully visible as the person came down the steps. I didn't want to be seen and I had no way of knowing who it was. Was it a man or a woman? Jack stepped away from me, leaving me totally on view to the person who had just entered the room. The footsteps finished the stairs and walked up to me. There was dead silence in the basement, then a hand reached out and grabbed my nipple.

I tried to pull away, but couldn't move too far. My nipple was stretched for a second, then released. Then the blindfold came off.

The person was Dena! I breathed a little sigh of relief, at least this wasn't being revealed to someone who didn't already know. She wore a short purple velour mini dress and high heels which made her legs look really nice. I mmmm-mmmphd a "What are you doing here?" to her and she just laughed.

Then again, I thought, this might not be a good time to be subject to Dena. At a party on Tuesday, Charlie, her new boyfriend, had paid a little too much attention to me in the thin short dress Jack had made me wear and not enough attention to her in the jumpsuit she had chosen. I had caught him several times stripping me with his eyes, both ogling my nipples that were stretching the fabric and the few brief glances at my bare crotch that I couldn't avoid in that dress -- it was that short. We had an argument on Wednesday and I had tried to explain to her that Jack had made me wear the dress and had made me do things that caused me to flash Charlie and I was so, so sorry.

She knew about the games Jack and I played, but she was still quite steamed with me when we got off the phone. On Thursday she had suddenly, a little too suddenly I felt, agreed to patch things up, but now I wondered if she really had forgiven me, or if Jack had arranged this and she was just waiting for now to show me how she felt. She was a good friend, but she did have a pronounced vindictive streak. I shivered a little and felt my crotch getting a little wet. I was nude, helpless and in danger, just the way I liked it...

"Jack and I have made a deal," she informed me, reaching up to play with my other nipple.

"I can have you for four hours and then he has me, and as much of you as you will give him, for the remainder of the night." She tweaked the nipple a little. He’d have all of me. I wasn’t about to give anyone a foothold with Jack. Besides, Dena might or might not understand, but I was loving this situation.

"I'm still a little raw about what you did to Charlie on Tuesday," she suddenly gave my nipple a full tug and twisted it until I cried out. She smiled wickedly at me, "Sheila, I think you will be a little raw before I'm through."

I was scared, but more than that I was hot. Hugely hot. My sexual button was risk-taking. To be naked, sexually vulnerable and at the mercy of someone who might not be inclined to show me mercy. Normally this was Jack and a game. Sometimes a serious game, often a scary game, normally a painful game, almost always a game where I came like an explosion, but a game. This was probably still a game but, as agreed, I didn't have a safeword this evening. I didn't know what sort of game Dena was in the mood for, probably painful, but tied like I was I had no choice but to play it. I was suddenly so wet I was almost leaking. Jack nailed this one.

She grabbed both nipples and pulled as hard as she could. I cried out and tried to stretch forward, but the waist belt prevented me from going more than a few inches. She continued to pull.

"We want these nice and long, now don't we, so they show through our dress and draw people's attention!" Then she let them go and they nearly snapped back. It hurt, but I had almost orgasmed at the same time. And we had four hours of this to go through...

Jack had settled down to watch in one of the game chairs, the one that had clamps to hold wrists and ankles. He watched without a sound, knowing that I had this coming and, although I was scared, knowing me well enough to know I was loving it. She looked at him and asked him to strip naked -- then the second thing she wanted to see was him bring me to the edge of an orgasm and then leave me hanging.

The X could be tilted all the way in a circle on an axis where my waist was. The axis was at Jack's waist level, so he could take me while tied to it. He tilted it flat and locked it back in place, then stripped off his clothes. He looked into my eyes and saw both fear and heat. Then he plunged into my unresisting body, burying his cock up to the hilt. It didn't take long to bring me close to orgasm. As requested, he stopped and pulled back. I tried to continue contact, but I was strapped down and he was out of range. Dena came back to me.

"Now we can continue our play."

She pulled her dress up and over her head, revealing her nude body under it. Now she should have worn *that* dress to the party! She walked over to the wall and picked up a pair of large alligator clips, then walked back to me. She got a pair of boxes and placed them on the ground under my head. I wondered what was up until she stood on top of the boxes, which made her tall enough to straddle my head, her crotch right over my mouth. She unhooked my ball gag and then snapped an alligator clip in front of my eyes. Jack and I had used them only once or twice, when I was really into it, because they really did hurt.

"I want to come and I want to come in the next three minutes. If I don't, then I'm going to use these. Any questions?" With that, she lowered her crotch within range.

I'd never eaten a woman before, but being a woman, I had a reasonable idea of what I needed to do. I hesitated for a moment, remembering and deciding how to start and Dena reached behind her and pulled on my left nipple, hard. I gasped in pain, but began licking her a second later and she released my breast.

"This is what Charlie didn't do for me on Tuesday night, because all he could think about was you," Dena told me.

I continued to lap at her cunt, reaching for her knot, trying to go deep into her slot. She closed her eyes and began to rock on top of me, sometimes cutting off my air supply. She reached behind her and squeezed and caressed my nipples, passing back some of the pleasure I was passing her.

She came in four minutes. She was too far into it to notice the three-minute point and I wasn't about to remind her. She dismounted, reapplied the gag, then readjusted the bondage X until I was vertical. I was left with the taste of her in my mouth, but it was manageable, and unavoidable.

She found the two wire loops for my nipples that Jack and I used when we wanted to stretch my breasts out. At one end of the wire was a small slipknot loop that ran around my nips, then a length of wire to attach it to whatever was needed. She ran the loops around my nips, then stretched them toward an eyebolt in the ceiling about ten feet in front of me. In my current state, there was nothing I could do.

She pulled off the belt that held my waist to the bondage X, then used a length of bungee cord to tie the wire to the eyebolt. My nipples really weren't pulled away, but they were held snugly. I didn't see anything that bad about this, but then I found out what she really had in mind.

Reaching behind the X, she reclined it 45 degrees. The slack on my nipples went out almost immediately and I had to arch my back to keep the wires from putting excruciating pain on my breasts. I used my lower back and wrists to push up, which relieved the pain, but I knew that my breasts wouldn't stretch far enough to allow me to lay back without me screaming.

She stood over me and smiled, tapping my overextended left breast. "Make sure your chest is out there, Sheila, so everyone can see it." I glared back at her. She caressed my chest for a while, then smiled, "I'm going to take care of Jack now -- why don't you watch?" Then she turned and walked her high-heeled body over to Jack and asked him to lay on a padded table. Still nude, he complied and, maintaining eye contact with me the whole time, she began to go down on him.

My arms were starting to hurt, soon they would cramp. I leaned back for a second but shot straight back up with a yell as the wires stretched and tightened around my nipples. Dena was paying close attention to Jack's rod while watching me, Jack was off in Never Never Land with Dena's efforts and I was slowly beginning to lose my ability to stretch forward.

I held out for about five minutes, but there came a point where my strength broke. I began slipping back toward the bondage X, my nipples stretched out the wire and the loops tightened around my nipples. I continued to fight up and down, but a few minutes later I knew I was going to lose and there would be nothing I could do as my strength failed. My nipples felt like they were in vices, my breasts stretched until they felt like they were on fire and still I sank backwards, Dena watching. When my strength absolutely failed me, I found even then I still couldn't reach the pad of the X, I was still about an inch or two off the mat, my full upper body weight being supported by my tortured nipples. I felt like screaming, but I had no strength. My nipples felt like they had needles constantly going through them and my breasts screamed pain and felt like molten lava. I hung, with the entire weight of my chest pulling at my nipples, in excruciating pain and unable to cry out. Jack was either too lost in his blowjob, or pretending to be, to notice my rapidly-worsened situation. Dena was watching, could see my face and my body, fully aware that my strength had failed, but was seeming to be enjoying it as she sucked away at Jack's cock.

He came semi-loudly like he always did and she swallowed every drop. My breasts hurt so much they were way, way beyond aching. I should have gone to my quiet spot a long time ago but I guess you don’t when it hurts this much. Then she walked over to her purse and pulled out what could easily be my complete destruction: A strap-on. I was hurting so bad just hanging here I could hardly breathe.

She did it.

It already hurt so much I was beyond crying out, but as she pounded me hard, bouncing my helpless body around, further agonizing my breasts, it finally hurt so much I passed out. When I woke up, I was in my own bed and free and my chest ached, but it was over. Dena later said she was sorry, she had been mad but not angry enough to hurt me until I passed out with a scream. I told her not to worry about it and I was still sorry about Tuesday and Charlie. She told me she was over that with me and was wanting to forget it. After what she did, could I? I could and told her so and to let it drop. There was no way I could tell her how much, except for the pain, I had enjoyed what she did.

Jack used his house’s basement and some of the interesting toys we were accumulating there from time to time to introduce me to new ‘experiences’. One Friday as we talked while I was on the way home from work, I told him that I was in the mood for something new, something that hurt a bit and I felt especially sensitive around my nipples. He said ok and told me he had some thoughts that we could do when I got home in about 30 minutes. He'd set something up he'd been thinking of for a while for me, that ought to do the trick.

After a few drinks to loosen us (especially me) up, we prepared to go downstairs. First, he had me remove all of my clothes. Then, with me fully naked, he placed wide leather wrist cuffs on my wrists and hooked them together behind my bare back. This filled in part of the puzzle for me; usually when he put these on me his plans included suspending me by my wrists. He wrapped a long, soft strip of cloth around my head as a blindfold, tying it off and completely blocking my vision. Then he took my hand and carefully led me downstairs. No gag, I noticed and wondered if I would encounter one later.

He led me into the downstairs room; I knew it was well carpeted and comfortable, with a four-poster bed on one wall and a lot of other interesting items. There were plenty of spots on the ceiling, floor and walls to tie a person securely to, we had done it to one another enough times. He led me to the middle of the room and had me stand still, ankles about three feet apart. He released my wrists and re-fastened them in front of me, then he clipped them together with a rope or cable or something that as near as I could tell was hanging down from the ceiling. I heard him place something that sounded wooden on the ground between my legs. The slack disappeared on the rope on my wrists, pulling them straight above me.

There was the click of a catch being fastened behind me and then Jack moved in front of me. I felt loops being placed around my ankles to the outside and then he moved my ankles until they were about four feet apart and I discovered I could move them no closer. He did something for a minute right below me to the board, then he lifted it up. I jumped as I felt at the same time pressure at my vagina and anus, from the feel it was two dildos. He paused long enough to ensure they were properly positioned and kept lifting, starting to force them into me.

I resisted, rising up to stand on tiptoes, but he just followed me with the pressure. After a second, I felt the well-lubed dildos drive about an inch into me. There was a click in front of me and I heard Jack move away but the invaders did not fall.

I started to relax on my heels, but felt the dildos just sink the extra distance into me. In reflex I tried to jerk my hands down, but the board and my wrist cuffs apparently were connected, because as I pulled down my hands, I felt the pony board drive upward and into me. The board rammed me hard, pressing both dildos full into my pussy and back door. I felt both dildos come to life, vibrating inside me. I immediately lifted my wrists back up and the greased dildos stopped and slipped a commensurate distance out of me.

"You've discovered it already, I see." I heard Jack's voice. I felt a gag being placed over my mouth, then he untied the blindfold. There was about a 4-foot board running between my legs that the dildos were attached to. I could also see a power cord running toward some electrical equipment at my right. I looked up to study the contraption Jack had put me in. My cuffs were indeed attached using cables to a set of pulleys over my head in such a way that if I pulled down on my wrist I pulled up on the board. On the cable in front of me was a rod attached to a motor, it looked like it was designed to pull on the front cable, which would take out the slack (and then some) and stretch it tighter and further into me, driving the pony board up into me. The rod on it was about five feet long, I guessed that at full stretch it could lift the board about two feet, quite far enough to plant me firmly on it and lift me off the ground.

"But there's a catch," Jack added. “There is a switch on the board - when it’s active and your weight settles down on it, one of two things can happen. It can start to vibrate, or it can give you a shock of random intensity between the tips of the dildos. If it vibrates, it will go for a random period of time and then stop. Fifteen seconds later, if you are not off the board, it will deliver the shock." There was a click behind me on the board. "It's off for now. The first time it’ll vibrate, it's totally random after that. I think you've already used your first time. And there's one finishing touch I have left...."

He produced two very thin wires with loops on the ends. They'd been used on me before, they wrapped around my nipples. He adjusted them on my nips, roping each, which were rock hard and standing firm with me being naked like I was. He then pulled my hands down about four inches, which was as far as they would go, pulling the board up into me. He attached the wires to my wrist cuffs, suspending my nipples in their own bondage about an inch above normal -- If I raised my wrists, I would pull on my nipples. And I doubted I could stretch my hands all the way up without causing severe pain to them.

He had me stand on my tiptoes and adjusted the board underneath me until I had the devices about two inches inside me, with four or five inches remaining. Then he stood back and admired me and his work.

"You have one of two choices. You can stretch your hands up and pull on your breasts and stretch your nipples. And you can't go that far. Or you can pull down on your wrists, which will drive the dildos into you and leave you open to the pleasant vibration or the painful shock of the board. If your hands and feet get tired and you settle down onto the board, your weight will stretch your nipples until they hurt or worse. And the dildos will be doing whatever they want to you. And this thing," he indicated the rod and motor device, "will slowly take the slack out of the line, until the board lifts you off the ground, at which point you will be doing both. Off the ground you will be fully seated on the dildos, which may or may not vibrate for a while between shocks."

He threw the switch on the board again. Then he reached up to the motor and threw a switch on it. He removed the ball gag from my mouth. "Any comments?"

"I don't suppose it would do any good to beg for mercy," I asked.

"No, but if you kiss me right, I might be better disposed toward you." He straddled the board right in front of me and kissed me. I kissed back, passionately, both because this was an interesting game and I wanted to see if I could earn his ‘better disposition’.

His kiss was savage with passion, almost making my head swim. I wanted to reach out and hold him close, but in my position there was nothing along those lines I could do. So I kissed back for two long minutes, then he pulled away. He put earplugs in my ears and re-tied the blindfold back on me. Five minutes later I couldn't tell if he was still in the room watching me, or driving to another state and leaving me to his device. My calves were starting to hurt from constantly being on tiptoes. One thing was really clear, when I started getting tired I was in trouble.

After about ten minutes, I sagged on my feet. As I hit the board, I felt a lightning bolt flash inside me between the two dildos. I yelped and got right back up on my tiptoes again.

After a while, I felt the dildos slowly sliding up inside of me, pulled in by the motor and rod. I must have had only about an inch and a half of dildo left by then and my wrists were up as high as possible, pulling my nipples up but not hurting. Then my calves gave out on me and I dropped down onto the board. Instantly I felt a shooting pain in my nipples as the wires got tight and I could feel my breasts stretched out and upward in front of me. The dildos started vibrating, which would have been an enjoyable experience if my nips weren't on fire.

I stood back up on my tiptoes, pulling down on my wrists but not moving the board. I enjoyed the sensation of the still-running vibrators until I felt them stop. I started to panic as I remembered what was coming a few seconds from now. I thrust my hands up far enough to drop the board, which the pull on my breasts made me want to scream, but it was better than the shock.

After a few seconds, I couldn't stand the stretching and I had to put some slack in the wires between my wrists and nipples. That pulled the board up and started the dildos vibrating again. As much as I enjoyed it, I was aware of the wire tightening and my nipples slowly pulling up, even though I was as high as I could on my tiptoes and my calves were aching.

And then the vibration stopped. I knew what was coming and there was no slack left in the wire, no way for me to avoid it. When it hit it nearly knocked my feet out from under me and then a few seconds later the vibrating started back up again.

The rod and motor had pulled out about halfway, to the point now that the board was fully seated. It had settled down to vibrating for about five to ten minutes and then would give me a shock. There was nothing I could do about that cycle, beyond jumping when it shocked me, so as much as I could I ignored it. The pain in my breasts far offset any good the vibrators were doing me. My weight was holding the board down and the slack was now coming out of the cable on my wrists. I could feel the wires pull slowly and relentlessly tighter and tighter, until I felt like my nipples would rip off. And then further.

I started to get a little dizzy from the pain. Once or twice before my nipples had been tied like this and I had made me lean back until my full weight was pulling on them and this was about as bad as it felt then. And still the cable got tighter.

I noticed that my feet were off the ground now and I was swinging. I felt the ropes on my ankles stretch out and I had a dreadful thought, that if the ropes on my ankles got taut, then the only part of this contraption that could give would be my wrists and my wrists could still go a bit further. The give would be more than my chest could stand and that would surely rip my nipples off. My ankles went tight now and I felt my wrists and my breasts being pulled slowly upward. I started to get scared and started to thrash. Where was Jack? If he didn't intervene, I could be permanently damaged. This was no longer just an interesting head and body game; this could be real problems. I continued to thrash, knowing that Jack would see this and take me down. If he was in the room. If.

I spent what seemed like a long time, in my pain-hazed mind, but what was actually only about thirty seconds. Suddenly I felt the cable go rapidly limp. Jack must have released the rod-and-motor device, my wrist cable went limp, then the board in front of me was released and lowered to the floor. My wrists and my nipples sagged, released. He pulled out the gag and removed the earplugs.

"What happened?" he asked, anxiously, "Had enough?"

I took a deep and heady breath. "Quite enough. I didn't know if you were still in the room and I didn't like what would happen to me once those ropes on my ankles went taut."

The blindfold came off, then the nipple wires. "The stretcher motor wouldn't pull you that far." He answered. "It would have only gotten you an inch or so further and that would have been all." He loosened and removed the ropes on my ankles, then unclipped the wrist restraints. He was ready to catch me when the weight came off and I sagged and fell. I was carried and laid on the bed, he tucked the covers over me and I knew in moments I would be asleep. "Well, did you get what you wanted?" he asked. "Yes indeed," I murmured, then I was asleep.

She gingerly sat down into the metal box. Jack was fast about strapping her wrists to the straps at the sides for them. Then came her ankles, pulling her legs wide open. When the second strap came on, Sheila relaxed a little, it was too late to argue or fight what Jack was doing. She also felt herself starting to get wet between her legs, which Jack noticed as well. Jack applied the rest of the straps quickly, just above and below her knees, around her waist, above and below her breasts, upper arms, loosely around her neck and on her forehead. The straps on her forehead were stiff on the sides, which did not allow her to move her head from the staring straight up position. By the time he was done, she was shifting her hips the half-inch she could with no effect, none of the straps were over her clit or nipples, so she just squirmed with no effect.

They had agreed he could put her in here for two hours and the clock was just beginning. Once Jack was done, he leaned back and took the plexiglass cover and swung it toward the closed position. When it stopped four or five inches over her head, she began to feel a little threatened. He could leave her here as long as he wanted to, utterly naked and exposed through the clear plastic top, unable to move a muscle. He could invite friends over to view her body, with her breasts squeezing up between the straps and her bush and cunt visible between her stretched-out legs.

It got real quiet in the box she had allowed herself to be placed in. She could hear herself breathe, but couldn't hear a thing from outside. Was Jack even still in the room? Was he watching her from below her feet, where she could not see him? Then suddenly she saw him lean over the edge of the box. He grabbed the handles on the side of the box and pulled it into a standing position. Her breasts readjusted, but everything else was strapped in too tight to move. From where she was trapped, she could see her reflection in a full-length mirror about six feet away; Jack must have planned that.

"Are you ok in there?" he asked. She just smiled.

"I'm fine. Don't you want me?" she asked with as much seductiveness as she could muster.

He smiled back. "You bet your ass I do... but I need to go to the hardware store to get a part.... I'll be right back."

"Wait!" she shouted, but he was gone from sight. "Wait!" she yelled again, "Don't leave me here!". She stopped and listened, but only heard a click she identified as the basement door closing. He had left her.

She struggled for real against the straps for about 10 minutes and concluded that as usual, Jack had strapped her in for keeps. What if he got in an auto accident? He was the only person who knew she was here in this prison he had built. If something happened to him on the road, it could be days before somebody found her…

She quit struggling and lay still. So this is what it was like in an iron maiden. She could breathe, but nothing else. The people in the middle ages were left in these things until they died. Many of them went mad before they expired; she could see why. She could see her own naked body and the straps that held her firmly in place; she shook a little but only a little, there was no room for maneuvering.

Having nothing else to do and no way to go anywhere, she started mentally reviewing for her next midterm....


Twenty minutes later Jack strode back in. He walked over to her, opened the lid and caressed her hair and her chin, which she could do dead zero to prevent even if she had wanted to.

"Jack..." she said and then she gave him their safeword. He stopped and listened to her, suddenly dead serious.

"I don't mind being in here, I trust that no matter what you do to me that you will take care of me. But do not ever leave the house again while I am in here. If you had gotten in an accident or something nobody would have known to look for me here."

He looked at her. "You wouldn't have been in here more than about eight hours, even under those circumstances. I had made provisions for an automatic 911 call that would bring the police here in about that time. It might be a little embarrassing at first, but they would find you, you would be safe and we'd deal with whatever your story was later.”

She calmed down a bit but he could see in her eyes she was not satisfied.

"I promise you," he continued, "never again without your express permission." He pulled the box back onto the table. He dropped out of her circle of sight. She heard something dragging across the floor, then heard a rattling at the bottom of the case. Then nothing for about five minutes.

Jack came back and opened the top of the case. He was completely nude, with a rock-hard cock and he knelt in the large open space between her knees. "This is one thing you couldn't do in the original model," he said as he plunged into her. He must have used some KY or something, she thought, because he slid right in and started working.

But the growing sensations between her legs, combined with the turn-on she always got when she was a prisoner, soon caught her over. And then, about five minutes past the point where she started to enjoy herself, he leaned over, reached outside of the box and turned something, then went back to his in-and-out assault on her unable-to-resist body.

But she heard a gurgling sound coming from underneath her and then a second later it hit her, warm water, right in the small of the back. It flowed out to the sides of the bottom of the box in a slow but relatively steady stream, then started to flow up and down, filling the bottom of the box.

She instantly got scared. She could not get out of the box, her head was strapped straight up and down and the rim of the box was higher than her head by about three inches. But there was nothing she could do about that either as Jack continued to fuck her and the water continued to flow in. She *did* trust him, but this was pretty scary.

When the water was about an inch deep, she felt him stiffen up and spurt inside her. He lay still for a few minutes, winding down. When he climbed out of the maiden the water was just flowing in her ears, but his body mass leaving dropped the water down a few inches.

He came back, toweling himself off, watching her laying stock still and strapped to the bottom of a box that was slowly filling with water.

"You wanted to see ancient torture devices..." he started. "In Italy, they would lock you in a box with holes in the top and the bottom, then take you out in a lake or a pool and throw you in. The water would come in the bottom, the air would go out the top. Too many holes in the bottom to plug and if you plugged the air holes in top after a while you suffocated. Sometimes they pulled you out, sometimes they let you sink to the bottom.” He reached in and started playing with her right nipple. She was too concerned to do a thing. The water was back up to her ears again.

He continued running his hands over her nude and exposed body, rubbing her slit which was already under the water, teasing her nipples. The water came to the sides of her mouth and suddenly Jack reached over and produced her nose plugs and slid them in. That relieved her a little, but not a whole bunch. He obviously had a plan, that was certain. She was worried, but not that worried; she took good care of him sexually and in every other way she could, because she should, but she remembered Dena's advice and for a brief moment wondered if she was right. The water was up to the edges of her eyes and she had to close them. All he had to do was to let the water fill over her, there was nothing she could do to get loose, they both knew that. But he could have hurt her before and hadn't; why change now? At least not now, she thought. Now would be a real bad time from her perspective.

She had been pursing her lips and breathing through the top, but now the water covered even that. A little of her hair floated on the surface, that was all. She opened her eyes and began to hold her breath. She knew she could do it for about two minutes. Surely he had something in mind once her breath ran out, maybe a lever that would open a flap in the side and all of the water would pour out. Maybe he could move a snap and lift her head out of the water or something. Thirty seconds. She opened her eyes and could see his face above her through the water, staring intently at her, watching her face. Her lungs were starting to hurt, some of the air was bubbling out of her mouth despite her best efforts. Now would be a good time, Jack, she thought as her lungs caught fire. She only had a few seconds left, then she couldn't stop herself from exhaling, then she would inhale the water and it would all be up to Jack to save her.

All at once, she started thrashing as the last few seconds bled away. But after the first second, she felt something held tight against her mouth, a scuba mask. She blew out as she opened her mouth, then clamped her lips around it and breathed in the air.

He let her breathe the air for about two minutes, then tried to pull it away. She wouldn't let go of it, so he placed his thumb over the end of the tube. Realizing her situation, she let it go. He immediately placed a soft-drink straw into her mouth. It was not much, but she could suck air in and out through it. She didn't know how far underwater she was, but with her head pinned down as it was, it only had to be over her to be enough.

Jack reached back down in the warm water, playing with her nipples again, running his hands over her thighs and stomach and legs. Every once in a while stopping to put his finger on the top of the straw, usually for about ten seconds, sometimes longer, once for about a full minute and a half, until he could see the look of desperation in her eyes. She wondered how much of her two hours was left.

He kept playing with her body, distressing her with the straw less and less. She began to get used to the feelings. He added a second straw, larger and she could breathe much more easily.

She was enjoying it, just drifting away in the feelings of his touch and the warmth of the water. She could just float out the rest of the two hours, this wasn't so bad as long as she had a secure airway. For about forty minutes everything went perfect. But then, disaster struck, she coughed.

The straws spat out of her mouth as she coughed, but she got nothing but water in return. The water ran down her windpipe, burning her lungs as it went. She started to thrash harder than she thought she could, for her life, but it was doing no more good than before. It had taken them ten minutes to get her strapped in, she’d be dead long before Jack could get her loose and up. She panicked and thrashed even harder, drawing another breath of water. Even as she was doing that Jack had pulled the pins on the wall of the maiden near her feet and dropped the whole side of the box at her feet flat. The water drained out as if it were over a waterfall and less than a second later she was spitting up water and coughing air. He moved something outside the box above her head, then reached in and pulled her head up, the straps on her forehead and neck had come free and she could lift her head up.

She coughed a little more while Jack quickly undid the straps on her arms and chest, then he helped her into a sitting position. After a couple of minutes, she stopped coughing.

"Are you all right?" Jack asked, himself frightened.

"I'm fine. I'm sorry, I screwed it up," Sheila apologized. "All that water..." She paused for a second, looking at the huge wet spot all over the carpet. "Damn."

"Forget the carpet," he informed her, holding her. "I can replace the carpet. I can never replace you."


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