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Storycodes: F+/m; bond; cuffs; incest; horse; tape; mum; whip; strapon; anal; pegging; bedtie; cons; X

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4: And Granny Makes Five

I knocked on the front door of my lover’s house without any specific thoughts in my head beyond the usual carnal desires, and was not surprised when one of her daughters answered the door to me.

It was the daughter who looked most like her mother, my lover. Where my lover’s wild mass of hair had aged to a glorious iron grey, the daughter’s still retained the bewitching darkness that had been her mother’s in years gone by. Both shared the family trait of commanding pale grey eyes that bored through to my soul and made me both weak at the knees and hard at the groin.

She was wearing a long silk wrap that reached to the floor and I could only guess at the delights that lurked beneath. As the door closed behind me she lifted a hand into view from behind her back. There was a set of cuffs dangling from her fingers. She raised an eyebrow and the command was clear.

Without a word I slipped out of my clothes until I stood naked before her, my manhood standing smartly erect. She swayed past me. As she moved past the flying hem of her wrap caressed my legs and I was treated to a whiff of her perfume. The same sort her mother my Lover wore which did nothing to reduce my raging passions and bobbing erection.

I put my hands behind my back and I felt her lovingly slip the cuffs about my wrists and pull them tight. She swayed back past me and stood in front of me smiling. It was the same smile as her mother and it made my hormones rage.

With a shiver of her shoulders the long wrap slithered to the floor to reveal her glorious pale flesh tightly restrained by a snug black satin playsuit contrasted beautifully with her pale flesh. The plunge of the shiny black neckline displayed a generous cleavage that made my mouth dry. Breasts I so desperately wanted to nuzzle and kiss, with or without my hands.

She turned and beckoned me as she walked away from me down the hallway. Her tight arse sheathed in the tight black satin that shifted and shone with every movement she made made me almost whimper with lust as I scurried after her.

She opened a door and sashayed through, holding it open for me to follow. I was expecting to find her mother, my lover, waiting for us, but what I found within took away what little organization my brain could offer me at that moment as I took in the scene that stood before me.

In the centre of the room stood a figure I did not recognise dressed in a long green dress. To her left stood my lover’s second daughter. An altogether fleshier soul, the second daughter had curves and flesh where her sister did not, and by some trick of genetics the family pale grey eyes had been rendered a chill light blue.

Like her sister, she was clad in a tight black satin playsuit that gave her already womanly figure a tight caress and revealed an even more delightfully bulging cleavage designed to make any man go weak at the knees.

The figure standing between them was a mystery for a moment, then the brain cells started to join the clues together and I knew who I was looking at.

Where my lover’s hair was an iron grey, this woman had the same wild mass of hair but the iron grey was giving way to a silver highlighted by skeins of the purest white. The same pale grey eyes stared defiantly out from a familiar bone structure. This was the mother of my lover. Age had added flesh to the curves in a most enticing fashion where she stood with hands on her hips. She had broad hips, a slender waist and the neckline of the dress displayed a cleavage matched by both her daughters and granddaughters. I gulped. Of my lover, there was no sign.

“Well, at last we meet,” she said. Her voice, while older, still retained the iron edge my lover, her daughter, used in such a magnificent manner when she was in a dominant mood. Which was, I admitted to myself, most of the time. In the face of the trio before me I felt my manhood bob wildly as waves of lust broke over me. The lusty part of me that had physically loved both her daughter and her granddaughters wondered wildly if the family traits for wild passion extended to the matriarch of the clan. The figure in the snugly tailored green dress swayed towards me, smiling softly.

“I have heard that you are a man of wild passions” she purred, her hand reaching out and her fingertips gently dancing along the length of my raging manhood. “If you can keep that horny daughter of mine and this pair happy you must be a man of some note. May I offer you a challenge?”

“Go on,” I said, my mouth dry at the very thought of any challenge this trio could offer me.

“Are you quick on your feet?” she asked with a huge smile. “If so, I should like to offer a chance to make your no doubt wildest dreams happen. Girls!”

At this last cry both of the granddaughters sprang forward and pulled a sheet off something I had not taken in sitting on the corner of the room. As the sheet slithered to the floor I gulped and felt my manhood almost smack me in the stomach at the amount of arousal it was showing.

I had seen pictures of things like it before, but never in person. It was like an old school vaulting horse. Maybe six feet long, with stout legs and a back someone could straddle like a horse. On this example the body of the horse was sheathed in what looked like rough lather and there were ominous leather cuffs dangling from each leg.

“I offer you a simple challenge dear boy,” said my lover’s mother, “if you are sufficiently fast on your feet you will still be unbound and free at the end of the exercise. I shall allow you to bind me across this rather fun toy I found in a dark corner of a very special little antique shop, that my daughter really should take you to at some point. There is no small print in that offer. If you can escape the challenge I intend to put before you, you may bind me to that horse and have your wicked way with me. My dear girls here will make sure I cannot escape, and you know they can do that very very well, and you may have full use of any orifice you desire. And I am sure we can lay our hands on a whip or two for your use as well. What do you say?”

I paused for a fleeting moment. She shook her head slowly at my brief pause, her wild hair swishing back and forth about her still sexy face.

“Such indecision,” she purred “Allow me to help you decide.”

One of her granddaughters moved behind and tugged at the zip on the back of the long green dress. It slithered to the floor in a rolling green tide and revealed a playsuit that matched her granddaughters but in a gleaming emerald green satin. It was tied just as tight in all the right places and the moment I saw her in that I knew I had no hope but to accept. I just could not turn down the chance, no matter how small of having my wicked away with her tied across that horse.

“I thought that might change your mind,” she purred, “and so the challenge begins.”

Each daughter picked up a cloth packet from the table and moved towards me. Deft fingers unfastened the cuffs and my hands were allowed to briefly dangle free at my sides.

Each daughter tugged the end of a yellow ribbon from within their pouch and fastened the end around each of my wrists. Both were smiling and I knew deep in my heart this was not likely to end in my favour.

Both daughters took a pace back and each pouch allowed the length of the ribbon to extend. I gave a tiny tug with both my arms and more yellow ribbon issued forth, hanging loose on my limbs. Both seemed to be waiting for an instruction.

At the short whistle from the grandmother they both started to run around me clockwise, and I realised what they meant about being quick on my feet. As I felt the material start to wrap about me I swung quickly round on my feet, dancing around as quickly as the sister ran about me, desperately trying to keep the tape from wrapping about me.

After a few seconds I could feel the dizziness start to build in me and I could see the terrible sisters were starting to run faster. Then they abruptly changed direction and I had to try and gather both my wits and spinning head and start to rotate in the opposite direction. I nearly stumbled but I managed to right myself and tried to spin faster than they were moving to unwrap the tape that had managed to wrap about me. As I spun I saw once in every desperate revolution the Grandmother standing silently watching me in my struggle with a huge smile on her face.

The sweat was soon running off me and I could feel myself tiring but I was desperate not to go down without a fight. I faintly heard a sharp whistle and those damn teasing sisters started running in opposite directions and I knew I was lost.

It was only a matter of minutes before the tape spooling out me wrapped like a mummy and down I went with a crash. Arms pinned to my sides and enough wrapped about my legs to make swift movement impossible. Monetarily stunned I felt fingers unwrapping my winded form and lifting me towards my fate. That terrible, implacable horse.

As I fought to clear my head I felt the rough leather against my bare flesh and before I could mumble a no doubt fruitless protest I heard the rattle of chains and felt leather cuffs being closed about my wrists and ankles keeping me pressed tightly along the length of that horse.

For a moment I wondered what was not quite right about the feeling of my bondage, then I realised what it was. Where I expected to have the rough leather pressed against my throbbing manhood there was a space on the back of that terrible horse allowing it to dangle free, depriving me of even the tiniest pleasure I might get from rubbing it against the leather.

“My my, what a delightful picture you do present,” said the grandmother, “ours to do with as we please.”

I heard the swish of a whip, then cried out as it slashed across my tightly spread arse. I looked back over my shoulder and saw the Grandmother in all her tight emerald green finery smiling as she brought her arm back to slash the long coaching whip across my arse again. A coaching whip for Christ's sake!

Daughter number one, she of the bright grey eyes. pressed a hand tight across my mouth to smother my cry as the whip struck again. My treacherous tongue flickered across her palm, and as the whip fell for a third time two of her fingers slipped into my mouth and thrust in and out in time with the falling whip strokes. I had never felt so violated, but there was worse to come.

I heard the whip being set aside and raised my head in time to see the fleshier of the two daughters facing me while her sister fastened a strap on about her hips. It was not huge but I dreaded what was to come.

Sensuous movements greased the tip of the strap-on, as both smiled down at me. I tugged desperately at the manacles that held me their prisoner but I knew there was no hope of escape for me.

The daughter with the strap on walked out of my sight and I felt the tears start to come. The daughter who so resembled her mother bent and brushed away my tears, kissing me tenderly and smiled as my eyes grew suddenly wide as her sister took a grip on my helpless hips and rested the very tip of her strap-on against my anus.

I screamed as she gripped my hips tightly and thrust hard. The strap-on vanished inside me and her hips smashed against my already glowing buttocks. Somewhere in the distance I could hear their Grandmother laughing. The daughter at my head slipped those two fingers into my mouth again and thrust in and out in time with the actions of her sister pounding at my anus.

My utterly treacherous body let me down as I was being roughly violated at both ends of my body and I came long, hard and wildly in that empty space below my manhood, and I screamed as I came. Screaming through those thrusting fingers that were occupying my mouth.

It seemed to go on forever before I felt it end and both mouth and anus were my own again. I felt hands unfastening me from my bondage and helping me down from that evil horse.

“Put this poor soul in my daughter’s bed,” said the Grandmother as her granddaughters supported me. “I am sure she can rekindle his prowess. And we shall all talk of him later.”

Which is how I came to end my day here. Their mother, my lover, was not good at clearing away our toys and rather than slipping me between the sheets, the daughters saw our soft ropes at the bed posts and fastened me spread-eagled on the bed, quite unable to get free.

The grandmother in green slid into the room to say goodbye and was most surprised to see me so displayed. With a smile she lent close to my ear and whispered she hoped we would meet again. And while her soft breath caressed my ear a hand reached down and ran fingernails around my balls. When my manhood reacted as it only knew how she curled fingers about it and pumped it gently.

“My but my daughter did tell the truth, you are a horny one aren’t you? I shall look forward to having fun with you again.”

And with that she was gone and I was left with a raging manhood with no hope of release but to wait and hope my love came home soon.


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