by Cropsncuffs

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Storycodes: F+/mf; bond; collar; leash; incest; cons; reluct; X

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3: Together

The figure standing before us was a thing of beauty. The daughter of my lover, her mother, had come into the room where we were reclining in the king sized bed, with some fine ideas of our own.

Her hair was dark and wild, her flesh gloriously soft and milky and she shared the pale grey eyes of her mother, my lover. She wore her favourite costume, a skimpy romper suit of thin black silk with soft lace trim. Legs were sheathed in black stockings and she had donned a pair of her mother’s black thigh boots. The soft suede ones with the towering heels and shiny platforms. In her hand she held a riding crop and a dangling pair of collars and leashes that I guess she had also raided from her mother’s toy box. 

We looked at her from our place on her mother’s king sized bed. The one with the steel frame, so useful for the anchoring of her lovers with ropes, scarves and soft leather manacles as she saw fit. I currently occupied that glorious post in her life, a position I hoped to retain for a long time to come.

She beckoned to us, pointing to the floor with the end of the crop. Her meaning was clear and I could feel my manhood throbbing at the prospect. I rolled naked from under the covers and sensed my lover, her mother, also slipping her magnificent body out into the open. For a moment we both stood, then the submissive in me reacted to the downward flicking of the crop and I sank slowly to my knees. 

I glanced across at my lover and saw the determined jut of her jaw wavering. Her brief turn as a submissive, tied helpless to her own bed, appeared to have awakened something in her determinedly dominant soul. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her sink slowly downwards as well, her every fibre in conflict, until she finally felt the knap of the carpet under her knees. A feeling I suspect she had never felt before under these circumstances.

The daughter beckoned us forwards with a slowly crooked finger and I found myself in the lead as the far more submissive soul of the two of us. My lover, her mother, was some distance behind me, her dominant soul fighting the desire to submit, most especially to her newly awakened dominant daughter. A dominant nature she had been responsible for awakening and making flesh.

I moved, on my hands and knees, and knew exactly what was expected of me. Her mother, my lover, had trained me well. Kneeling before her daughter, I knelt back and looked up at her in the ultimate submissive pose.

She looked down at me with those pale grey eyes she had inherited from her mother, that cloud of wild dark hair about her head, and my already erect manhood started to bob helplessly. Her mother’s hair had become a glorious iron grey, but beyond that the resemblance was stunning.

She gestured, and I moved behind her in a slow circle and came to heel at her side. I could feel the warmth of her curvy body radiating from within those gloriously soft thigh boots. I pressed myself up against them and raised my eyes to look imploringly up at her as any good submissive knows he should.

I could see my lover, her mother, was slowly approaching her other side. There was a look on her face of utter conflict between her new found submissive streak and the passionate dominant she had always been.

When she reached her daughter, she turned and took up a position exactly like mine and I saw her head drop as she finally submitted to the inevitable. There was a submissive streak in her soul a mile wide and it was finally getting to spend some time on top.

The daughter reached out and the collars and leashes she was holding rattled. Two leashes, each with a matching thick black leather collar at its end, their bright steel fittings gleaming in the light.

As I stared up at her, she laid one across my shoulder. The chill of the metal chain links of the leash made me shiver, but I knew I was expected not to move and to keep it in place where it lay. Then she turned to her mother with her bowed head, and fastened the second collar about my lover’s throat. The leather was thick and I could see the daughter was fastening it so it was snug, to enforce the feeling of submission. As it was closed and buckled I saw the head of her mother, my lover, sink a little lower. As any submissive will tell you, once the collar is buckled in place there is no going back. You are theirs, until they choose to take the collar off again.

Daughter turned to me, where I was pressed submissively up against her warm thigh boot and I watched as she reached out to the collar and chain leash where it lay across my shoulders. She smiled as she picked it up, slipped the thick black leather about my throat and firmly fastened it in place. She knew exactly what she was doing, allowing it to pull just tight enough for me to always know it was there reinforcing my submissive status. The quiet rattle of the tongue through the hasp was music to my ears. The leather was thick and supple, and as my body warmed it I could smell the scent of fresh leather in my nostrils.

The daughter drew herself up and gave both leashes a sharp jerk, bringing us both up on our haunches like the good submissives we were. I stared straight ahead, glancing out of the corner of my eye to see my lover doing the same. She was staring straight ahead, back straight, neck and head upright as if she had been walking to a dominant’s leash forever. 

Her daughter swung one leg theatrically forward and she set off. At the first tug of the leash on our collars we sprang off our haunches and walked smartly to heel. I allowed my shoulder to press up against the bewitching warmth that came through those glorious suede thigh boots and felt my aroused manhood bobbing between my legs as I walked along.

I risked a glance across at my lover, the mother, and saw a fierceness in her features that I could not read, but like me she was moving briskly to heel at the end of her unaccustomed leash.

The Daughter kept up a pace just fast enough to keep us moving so we were not quite comfortable, and every so often she would give our leashes a little tug just to remind us who was in charge.

We walked around the bed and came back round to our starting positions, and she brought us to a halt with a sharp tug on our leashes. I automatically leaned up against her and looked imploring up the long line of her thigh into her eyes. She smiled down at me and ruffled my hair.

I looked across and saw my lover’s head drop, in a final sign of submission, as she realised she was a natural submissive and that she was actually finding herself turned on.

Daughter pulled on both leashes, bringing our heads up. She pointed across the room and we waited but a moment before the door to the bedroom swung open. Her sister stepped into the room.

She stood as tall as her sister, and her hair was as wild and dark, but the family pale grey eyes had been rendered a delightful pale blue by some kink of genetics. Alongside my lover, the mother, and her sister, she had a sturdy figure. There was altogether more flesh on her bones, and she projected a warm, soft figure that made me weak at the knees.

She had wrapped her torso in a tight black basque, that produced a tight waist with generous breasts above and rounded hips beneath. There were black stockings and wickedly high heels that gave her the sort of walk every man lusted after. And she was smiling down at us.

She swung over to us and took my leash from the unresisting hand of her sister. I looked up at her and met her looking disdainfully down at me. I leant against her fleshy thigh and looked imploringly up at her in my best submissive fashion.

With a sharp tug on the leash the first sister led off, my lover, their mother, walking tightly to heel, her head lowered in a terrible submission. They walked in front of us and I was treated to the sight of my lover’s glorious arse swaying back and forth in front of me. The new sister gave my leash a tug and we set off behind them.

I was not sure what turned me on more, the thought of my leash being held by the sister I had silently lusted after, or the sight of my lover’s arse taunting me as she walked along in front of me at the end of her leash on her hands and knees.

We walked out of the bedroom, along the hallway and I suddenly realised we were heading for the door that led out into the garden. My lover, their mother, tried to stop at the door and received a ringing slap on her arse for her trouble and a sharp jerk on her leash. Moments later she was out in the fresh air and I was only moments behind her.

Thankfully the garden was well shielded by shrubs as the two dominants in their kinky black finery led their leashed submissives out into the sunshine.

Used to only carpet beneath my hands and knees I shuddered at the unfamiliar feeling of grass under me and at the gentle caress of a breeze across my naked back. We kept close in against the shrubs and I watched in aroused horror as I saw two poles driven into the lawn that I had not seen there before.

The first sister halted my lover, their mother, by the furthest pole with a sharp jerk on her leash. I saw my lover’s head drop in utter submission, tears rolling down her face at the wild and unexpected emotions that were running riot in her body. Her head came back up as she heard a sharp snap as the daughter padlocked her leash to the pole before swaying away to sit on the bench that faced the poles.

My lover tugged at the leash, then wildly fought it as she realised how trapped in place she was. I looked up at the sister at the end of my leash. She was smiling down at me. She led me silently to the second pole and padlocked me in place behind my lover before taking her place beside her sister on the bench.

“Go on,” said the new sister, a smile twisting her rouged lips, “you know you want to. Mate with your bitch.”

I paused for a moment, then all the lust stored up in my body by their actions had me lunging towards my lover, their mother. I took a firm grip on her hips and mounted her roughly from behind a wild beast. Likewise in the grip of the same terrible lust as me she thrust back towards me and we coupled and mated like two wild animals under the watchful gaze of her kinkily dressed and utterly dominant daughters. We tugged at our leashes where they were attached, pulled back and forth, coupled, mated, withdrew and wildly mated again under the afternoon sunshine. Only afterwards hoping the neighbours were not home to hear our wild exertions in the garden. 


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