Sectioning Sarah, leaving Louise

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2010 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: Ghosts/ff; F/f; asylum; straitjacket; bed; straps; gag; bond; tease; climax; cons; X

I'm indebted to Cropsncuffs for the origins of this story. The characters and plot are based on the superb story titled 'The Ghosts of Nurses Past' recently posted on Gromet's site. You really have to read it first to see how things happened. It's such a great tale and one I felt deserved a part 2 so here's my attempt. Please let me know what you think. Shelley. xxx.

Once I’d recovered from the latest orgasmic haze I saw the figures still around me, gently wiping away the sweat from my brow. The oldest and clearest of the nurses looked at the others as they finished up.

"Is she for Doctor Walter and the other… ?" she asked questioningly, her compatriots nodding and I shuddered on seeing the look of approval then they checked my straps. Pulling a couple even tighter as I tugged helplessly against them.

"Yes, and soon" was the whispered reply.

The bed began to move. Old wheels squeaking louder than any scream I once might have made. Out of the room and into the darkened corridor as we went along to the end, the grubby roof tiles passing as the noise of the party faded forever. By twisting my eyes I saw the lift, its doors already opening and another shadowy form, this one a male emerging.

"Ah Doctor Walter, we bring you... patient Sarah" and he looked me up and down, his eyes gleaming.

"Excellent work Nurse, please bring her down to... room5 for preparation. Professor Guttman will be here soon" he said, before vanishing into thin air.

My eyes closed as we entered the lift and moments later I felt the bed jolt as we began to descend.......

As the lift grumbled down I wondered who the Professor was. Guttman was the Germanic version of Goodman and I jumped, realising that by co-incidence it was also James’ surname. Yeah, the bugger who’d got us into this situation. I fretted and fumed at the injustice of it all. But more to the point, what was he going to do to me, my Louise and all the others I assumed were being captured right now?

The lift finally stopped and the doors shuddered open, the nurses manoeuvring my bed out and we squeaked down the dim lit corridor. I could barely discern numbers on the doors as we passed them by, under each were small spaces for presumable the name of whomever was inside, and something else below that. 101 99 97 and so on. Round the corner we went, 29, 27, 25, and finally into single figures until I saw the 5 coming up, but we stopped a little too far. I was part way between the doors so I was able to peer up at no 3 too. My heart seizing as I read the very shiny looking nameplates resting in the slots of each one, both as if they’d just been put there.


Sarah Boradin.

That’s MY NAME! I thought, and the one on door 3, Louise Jackson was that of my dearest friend. What WAS happening? Now able to read the faded wording that was below. This the same age as the door number and I assumed the nameplates could be interchanged… .


I struggled even more but it was hopeless as the nurses looked, smiled and glowed ever brighter. Begging and screaming through the gag, my fingers flexing I tried to plead for freedom, as keys appeared in mid-air. Gliding seamlessly into the two locks and turning themselves. Heavy clunking then the door opened inwards. Harsh lights from inside flooded into the corridor, dazzlingly me for a moment as the bed was swung round and we entered my… cell?

The white walls and ceiling looked SO bright after the gloom of the lift and corridor. It made me scream in pain, closing both eyes to blot it out as the bed came to a halt. My nose smelled paint, freshly applied and the old heart was pounding like a bloody sledgehammer now, this had all been planned and I faded away in shock.

Again a noise woke me up and gradually, to prevent permanent damage I opened my eyes gradually. The wall was shimmering and I could ‘see’ into the cell next door that would soon incarcerate poor Miss Jackson. But the sight of what hung in the middle of the room soon had me screaming in sheer horror.

Louise was already in there, suspended in mid-air!

She was still in the strait-jacket, legs tucked up behind her ass with a harness over all this, no doubt supporting her weight as she swung back and forth like a pendulum. Her eyes were tight shut, the gag and stuff still firmly strapped over her pretty face. But I discerned a faint buzzing sound and looked lower down, seeing a thick wire leading out to a box lying on a nearby table. One of her nurses, who looked as solid as me was watching the display, smiling as her finger moved a dial.

Almost immediately Louise’ eyes snapped open, staring at the sight below her. They widened and I heard her screaming into the gag as the buzzing got much louder. Her forehead glowing brightly with sweat, the whole set-up shuddering as the inevitable orgasm tore though her body minutes later and she faded into oblivion.

Mine too began reacting as fingers began their work on me. I was so bloody horny despite the number of orgasms I’d had in the last what… three hours or so. It only took a few minutes and my world went dark as the first of the latest brain numbing series tore through me.

I was SO tired when I awoke. My mouth, dry as a bone was free from the gag, as the harness had vanished. But so had what little clothing I’d worn. The head strap too was missing and I painfully craned my neck, looking down over the nude twin peaks of my breasts. All the other straps were as firm as before and my head flopped back as I started to cry.

The shadows formed and I tried to call them, but a hand held my jaw firm before I could scream.

“Sssh dear Sarah. Stay at peace and we’ll feed you, resist, make noise and the gag will go back. Do you understand us?” the ‘voice’ told my brain.

I nodded sadly and a large glass materialised on the nearby cupboard, the only bit of furniture I could see in my cell. A striped child’s straw headed for my mouth and seconds later I was greedily swallowing the milk shake.

HEAVENLY, I thought, feeling the cold liquid flowing into my body. Once empty another took its’ place. This one I savoured and the smiling nurse held the glass till this too had gone. There was no third one but I’d had enough now as my head rested against the padding.

“Louise too is resting,” the ‘voice’ told me. “She is like you. So strong, so powerful in her emotions, so right for what we needed. Do you want to see her now?”

I nodded, hoping they’d free me to…

Not a chance as the wall glowed and I saw her. My friend lying on an identical bed. All her limbs secured… like mine and I shuddered. Her eyes were closed, her head, mouth gagged was swathed in strapping also had one of the bands holding her so firm. I lay back, not wanting to see the sight, thankful when the walls’ glow faded.

“Its’ time honey for you” came the voice and more hands appeared, gripping my head as the gag was slipped back in and secured before I could scream. The thick strap laid over this and I was back there again, staring at the white ceiling above.

More ‘voices’ both male, reached my consciousness and my eyes flicked to the left as the thick cell door was knocked on. It shimmered like the wall had done and the ghostly forms came through. This confirming that they could do this, I, being real could not and my eyes blurred with tears at the realisation that I…

Miss Sarah Boradin, was going to spend the rest of my life…

In this cell…

Probably strapped to this bed… or worse.


The males came over both dressed as doctors. Their fingers prodding me all over and I shuddered as one rolled a nipple and I felt a surge of something rush through me as it went hard and I flushed so red so he grinned and started working the other as well.

“Yes Sarah, it’s what you wanted isn’t it? To lie on this bed… the thought of the straps holding you tightly down. It’s why you left the others in their world and came to ours. You’re truly special Sarah Boradin, we knew it, the first time you slipped a cuff over your wrist. How you always wanted to be secured. The mind that called out to us to… slip each tab into the buckle, to pull the cuff so tight. Ankles knees thighs waist chest and lastly your head. To be gagged and rendered so helpless, you wanted it all Sarah… so we did it for you. You, are the wonderful gift for those of us who remained after the others had left” he placed a hand on my shaking forehead.

My heart was hammering as he read through my mind. He must be checking all my deepest, darkest fantasies. Like the times when I bound my wrists and ankles and rocked around the bed so hard I’d orgasmed. Finding out by reading magazines and on the computer that there was a whole world of ‘Bondage’ out there.

But never trusting anyone with those dreams, even my Louise assumed it was only thoughts and not actions. How wrong she was… and despite not wanting to I smiled behind the gag as he came closer. Hands reaching down to my… Ohh, I ‘thought as two fingers un-hooded my clit. So gently stirring me. He glowed ever brighter and formed even more as my body began to sweat. My nose soon flaring like a hard-ridden filly’s as…

“Yes Sarah, you are here. Safely in room 5. Strapped to YOUR bed. These bindings YOU wanted,” he reminded me as the latest orgasm began to grow. Well it would have been a knee-trembler had I been able to move them! The doctor was so solid now his face was forming… The nose, it looked so familiar, the mouth, that too. But it was his eyes gleaming, the same way as…


Now staring at me as his fingers flew. “I read your’ thoughts out there Sarah. I knew all along… about you… it’s why I told you to explore the place, knowing you’d try it all… Louise was the same, you didn’t know about her being like that did you?” and I shook my head as best I could.

“She shared some of the feelings when she mentioned the strait-jacket. When she said it at… the other place I saw through her. She was excited by the idea and it was her own feet that brought her to the room. Her brain that glowed with pleasure on seeing it in the cupboard, telling her to try it on… Louise and you, two pretty girls with the power we wanted.”

“It’s your fate Sarah, you and Louise, now you are both here… you want us to do this to you. To keep these beautiful bodies in the state of total arousal… for all time”

I flushed at the thought. If only I’d known beforehand that my darkest fantasies could come true. The nurse undid my head strap then removed the gag. Holding it close by in case I began to scream.

Groaning with passion I smiled… and so did all of them. I asked if we stayed, could they free all the others who’d been caught. The nurses looked and one nodded.

“So thoughtful Sarah, it can be done. It will be done. You’ll have to, well take up the slack, to ‘feed us’. But this can only happen if you permit us to… move you to…

“Room 1… ” she said and the others smiled even more.

“Yes,” I said, euphoria sweeping over me at the thought of everyone else getting out. How they’d do it I didn’t know… or care. Louise would still be here, but as my best friend hadn’t confided this secret… tough. “I’ll do anything, go anywhere. Just let the others go… please!” and they closed in saying it would be done. Their hands going everywhere at once. Four nurses, two doctors, all doing their stuff and I screamed and screamed till my throat was raw. The surging against these LOVELY straps that were keeping me safely bound.

Possibly the best came when the nearly solid James Goodman stripped off. So weird as he rose into the air and floated over my bed! His rapidly engorged, and so damn impressive cock, ready and I smiled as it came closer then slid deep into my body. No other part of him was touching me, except that as he began driving in and out, the hands of the nurses doing their stuff. I lasted a few minutes of this then the sudden explosions blew me away as the world finally went dark.

The jolt of the trolley awoke my aching body. Now feeling damp and slightly cool, as if I’d just been washed or something like that. The glow from the door just fading so I assumed the nurses had left. But my limbs were free so naturally it got my attention. Carefully I got off the bed and looked around. There was moisture on the mattress and a small puddle of water on the floor. So the nurses had cleaned me up and it felt great, touching my face and finding no signs of messed up cosmetics. A towel hung from a hook on the cell door so I finished the job. I had no idea of the time but it felt like I’d been here days.

A straw-topped glass sat on the cupboard and I sated my thirst with the milky mixture, then again for a second, appearing by magic once the first was consumed. My skimpy clothes were here too and out of habit I dressed. Even down to the rather daft heels.

I didn’t know what to do but assumed escape was not on the agenda. But I tried the door anyway. My heart leaping as it opened!

Surely it was a trick. If I stepped outside then the punishment would be severe? But I had to know and pointed a toe and reached past the doorway. Planting my foot there.

Nothing, no alarm bell, no klaxon, just the scratch of my heel, followed by the other as I nervously stepped through and into the corridor. My heart was pounding now and I closed the cell door behind me. Looking at the name.


Sarah Boradin.


Indeed, or was I?

Walking to Louise’ cell and pushing her door. It too was unlocked and I peered round the edge, seeing her sitting on the edge of her bed facing the wall, head in both hands, quietly weeping. All the bindings were hanging down out of the way. Her mattress was also in good condition but blue instead of red like mine had been.

“Lou?” I said softly, but she still jumped a mile into the air. Miss Jackson was also dressed and leapt forward, rushing round the bed and embraced me, our eyes running with tears. Just being able to HOLD another real body was wonderful. We kissed and cuddled for ages, our hands going everywhere. She too was free of make-up and despite the red-eyes from crying Louise seemed physically OK.

“It’s time we… ” she began to say, but something she saw in my eyes made her stop. “What is it Sarah, what’s wrong? We need to get out and free the other people in these cells” she said, gripping my arm as she led me to the door.

“They have already gone Lou, they’re all free and safe. It’s just you and me now honey” I replied and she stared, her eyes going like saucers.

“HOW do you know THAT!” she snapped as we went into the corridor. A look at her door and she snatched off the nameplate. “Souvenir of a sort I guess, but Sarah what did you mean by everyone’s gone?” I bluffed it, “Listen, can you hear anything Lou. Any music or whatever, anyone screaming?” she cocked her head sideways. “No, but where the f### are we? C’mon smart-arse. Get us out of here, asylum loving dude”

I chuckled as we headed for the lift, our heels clicking on the lino flooring and I pointed to the other doors. “Our cells were the only ones with names on so that confirms it.” But she shrugged at that useless bit of information. Hitting the lift call button and amazingly the doors slid open. We entered, “Going up,” I joked as the ‘G’ button was depressed. The elevator grumbled and shuddered upwards and then stopped. The passageway leading to freedom stretching in front and two pair of shoes, in joint step set off.

One thing that surprised me was there were no wheel tracks from the room I’d been captured in. I was convinced it was that one as we passed it. Then I saw the footprints of James’ explorations halfway down and knew I hadn’t been mistaken. But it wasn’t my concern as I pushed the door at the far end, the one leading back to the reception area where the…

I stopped in amazement as we entered the room. It was deserted! Just a few old papers blowing round in the breeze from a smashed window at the far end. It was as if there had never been a gathering here.

“This is strange, Lou, I’m bloody sure it was this way. I followed James’ footprints down that passageway we’ve just used, but for some reason my prints ain’t there” I gestured, pointing back the way we’d come. She looked around, “Yeah, nor were mine into the rooms I checked. But in here its that old pipe, I recognise it, this was right above where the DJ had his decks and stuff. I said to a friend if any water came pissing out then the guy was gonna fry!” it made me grin as we looked at the growing water puddle under the holed pipe. “Just might have improved his selection of tunes”

We headed to the main doors, again no sign of anybody having been here. My nerves were a little shredded and I groaned on tugging the big doors. Locked. “Shit, bloody shit!” I cursed, banging them repeatedly with my fist, the thumps echoing through the lobby. Outside it was daylight and it’d been sunny when we’d arrived. Was this the next morning? Low scudding clouds, the rain sweeping across the courtyard and for once I didn’t want to be able to leave and get wet. Skimpy clothes like ours wouldn’t last a minute. As for these shoes on the cobbles and we’d end up on our butts.

My head went down and I jumped when Lou embraced me. “It’s OK honey, we’ll get out somehow” she said and I smiled briefly as we cuddled. “Well, least you’re not in a strait-jacket now love” and Louise laughed quietly. “But missy,” I carried on with a slap on her butt,“You owe me an explanation. Didn’t say you too had a wee fetish about bondage did you?” and I grinned as she glowed. “Yeah, not the sort of thing you’d blab about to anyone. Best mate or not” and it made me sure now.

We walked round the lobby but this place didn’t believe in fire exits or niceties like that. Just the one set of door and more than once we walked past and pushed, but there was no give. More worrying was the fact neither of us had our handbags, jackets or sneakers now as we’d checked the room where they’d been handed in. The place had never been stepped into until we had while searching the cupboards. A girl’s bag is her lifeline, no cellphone, make-up and other ‘stuff’ we just cannot live without.

“OK Sarah, lets go and try the other end of the building.” Lou said at last. We walked down the corridor, seeing our footprints when we’d come the other way. Looking behind us we could now see the new ones going this way too. Miss Jackson walked into the room with all the lockers, going over to one. “Look, no marks on the floor. But this IS the room where the strait-jacket was” she said, “Just the one it was, in here… ” and she opened the locker.

There it was and she paused, looking strangely at it. “But I’m sure it was in the room where you found me downstairs. This is bizarre” Louise picked it up, seeing the straps hanging there, just the way she’d seen them before. “Want to try it?” she asked and I stared. “Don’t look at me like that,” she chuckled, “I bet you do… but I promise to let you go, yes?” and I nodded. She smiled and held it out so I could slip my arms into the sleeves. Once in the rest went over my head and pulled down to my backside. She tugged the straps tight and I shuddered briefly as ‘that’ feeling came again. Louise jumped a bit and I guessed something was obviously bothering her.

“What?” I said quickly, hoping that what I’d done would not see the return of our ghostly captors. She paused, with the bottom strap about to pull it under my ass. “No, this isn’t the time Sarah,” she said undoing the bindings, allowing me out. “Thanks,” I replied and we shared a kiss. “But I know how you felt inside there. I saw you with them. Like I suppose you saw me on the bed, all tied down and everything”

Louise said she had, but there was something in her voice that amused me. “Did the sight of me helpless turn you on?” I asked and there was a long incriminating pause as she turned her head away.

“Yes, it did. I got… well… a bit damp” and I said nothing else but took her hand. She obviously didn’t know she’d been on the bed too. But maybe asleep and not known about the bindings and she’d been freed before waking up. All she’d seen of them were the straps hanging underneath.

Leaving that room we went down to mine and I said this was where I’d been ‘caught’ I fully expected, like the mystery of the jacket to see the bed in there, with no marks on the floor or anything else, as if nobody had been through the doorway.

There it was, just as I thought as we entered. Louise looked at me… and me to her. “Your turn Lou, go on!” I grinned and saw her flushing SO red. The hairs on my neck crawled for a minute as she peered at the myriad of leather straps, lifting one, feeling the weight. She smiled while removing her clothes. “What I did was shift those bits aside,” I said, doing that, allowing Miss Jackson to hop on. She wriggled her ass to the middle then lay back. “Then what?”

“I’ll demonstrate for you”

She flinched when the straps were laid over her ankles, more as I rested the knees, thighs and her stomach. “Keep going honey. I want to feel exactly what you went through” she whispered as I put the chest ones on top of her now definitely excited torso. “Everything?” I questioned and she nodded. I gave her a kiss and promised to do that. Then told her what I’d done next.

“I started touching myself, imagining the delicious feelings of being… helplessly strapped down” I murmured, watching the hand slip inside herself. She closed both her eyes and smiled, those nimble fingers of hers beginning to massage a very excited clit. I ran a nail up and down her thigh, managing not to jump as I then ‘heard’ the voice… that certainly was not hers.

“Start with her ankles Sarah… the way we did yours”

I shuddered and slowly, making sure Louise’ eyes were still closed, gently touched the left strap. “Oh yes… it feels good… I want to be… strapped down like you were. Do it please Sarah” she sighed as I carefully pulled the tab through the buckle, leaving enough slack so the limited movement would make her believe they were still loose. Doing the same for the other as the girl began to tremble, her fingers really moving now. Louise never noticed as knees and thighs were secured and as her orgasm approached I had the stomach and chest done as well.

My fingers went roaming over her, mouth going onto a nipple, the tongue flicking it harder and she began to strain against the ‘imaginary’ straps. Her arms and legs thrashing as Louise erupted into paradise as I kept working her hot body. Screams began echoing round the room, “Never let me go!” she begged and I smiled as the girl repeated this before fading away. I jumped, feeling hands landing on my shoulders, patting me in a ‘well done’ kind of way once she’d passed out. There was no gag but I did her wrists and elbows loosely but left the head strap then waited for the inevitable explosion… of terror?

It took her thirty minutes to come round and I’d made use of those too. Listening to the voices’ instructions on what to do next. In the room adjacent to hers I found what had appeared from nowhere. A nurse uniform, just like theirs’ and a perfect fit, if a little on the skimpy side. I even had a name badge with ‘Trainee’ as my rank, pinned to the front. No shoes so I used my heels, looking in the old mirror to check myself, that delightful fringe poking out from under the little hat. A dewy-eyed nurse always got the male patients turned on. I guessed Louise, who went both ways might feel the same. I returned to the room, got her cleaned with a damp towel and moments later her eyes opened, squinting at the sight.

“Ah hello Miss Jackson,” I said formally, “So good that you came,” I said and she stared for a moment. “Nice frock! Women in uniform… oh wow. Does it every time for me. Where the heck did that… ” she began with a grin then looked up at me, her smile fading as she tried flexing her limbs. “Sarah, why have you… ” Her fingers fluttered as she began tugging at the bonds. Head moving as she looked down over her body, realising that she REALLY was secured.

“It’s all right… Louise, you’re safe now honey. You asked me to strap you down, you wanted to feel how I’d felt” I said softly, ignoring her spluttering while beginning to tighten the bindings a bit, slipping the loose ends into the loops and making it neat. “All safe and sound. You’re going to be fine my dear” I said rubbing her torso, her eyes widening as it struck home what I was implying.

“Sarah Boradin, you cow, LET ME GO THIS MINUTE!” she bellowed in reply and I managed not to jump as her voice assaulted my hearing. I saw the gag materialise on a hook under the bed… but cruelly I wanted her to be able to react to what I told her. A cloth slid into my left hand and I wiped Louise’ fevered brow.

“Hush now my dear, no need to get stressed, I’ll free you in a moment. But I guess you need to hear the explanation of what has occurred… and what is next to happen… to you in this place.”

“Next thing is I’m gonna thrash your arse girlie!” she stormed as I began fingering the head strap. “Be nice to me please Miss Jackson or this goes on. You listen carefully” I replied, the look on my face making her freeze.

I never thought I could see a pair of eyes go that wide as I told Louise that it was all James Goodman’s doing. The way he too had been ‘captured’ by the ghosts here. But somehow he’d managed to convince them he could bring new… interesting people to the asylum to satisfy their needs. “WHAT!” she squealed, now realising the reason for his three months absence from University. It’d been a surprise to find him back from nowhere with this party all planned. “You mean this thing is all down to him?” and I nodded.

“Yes Louise. It is. The party happened, but there was a water leak after the storm and it ended quickly. Everyone… except those who got… taken left. Now… only you and I remain, Louise,” I shrugged, knowing I had to admit my part. “I was so enthralled at what the nurses could do… it was me who got the others freed. That was the deal, why I said I knew we were the last two when we were downstairs. All they’ll remember is, well you know what a bad bender’s like.” And she nodded, struggling pathetically with the straps as I mopped her brow again. “Please Sarah, please free me love” she wept as I leaned closer.

“No Louise, I cannot. If I do, then I lose the chance to go into room 1” I said and she glared daggers. But I saw there, deep in her eyes that look… “Admit it Lou, you ARE turned on at what’s happening, aren’t you? Bound to the bed by these straps. Helpless and under my control, it’s what you desired, why you asked me, having got on the bed of your own free will,”

The flushing face gave her away and I smiled as she turned to look at the wall, hoping I hadn’t seen this. I leaned down, brought her head back straight and our lips kissed.

“You’re a very naughty girl Lou” I whispered, “Don’t trying hiding it from me” and for the first time she seemed to settle, wriggling as I stroked her breasts, hands sliding over her stomach and the girl sighed, the tears gone now. Also she’d stopped asking to be freed.

“Yeah, sorry love. I did say that I suppose… and it did feel… hmmm. I looked like you were then, didn’t I?” she grinned at last before the snogging interrupted her.

Perhaps she thought this was the end and I was about to release her after all. Though she didn’t see my other hand bringing the gag from the hook. Her eyes were closed as we tongued the other then she leaned back, just enough for what I needed. Seconds later all I heard was the frantic mmmpphing from behind the gag as I secured it. Her nose, like mine flaring as the strap now forced her head down and Louise cried and wailed but to no avail as she realised what I’d done. I smiled, “You do now Lou! Strapped down everywhere… and gagged, just like I was.”

“You told me never to let you go Louise,” I said next, looking down at her twitching fingers… “You did get your Doctorate didn’t you?” was the question that startled her and she mmph’d in reply, trying to nod her head. I’d been at her graduation ceremony so why had I asked that? Leaning closer with a smile I whispered in her ear.

“Nurses obey Doctor’s orders! So I’m not going to free you. Ever again.”

I began working her struggling body, touching her breasts so gently as she begged for freedom again, seeing her face changing from the hurtful betrayal just now, into that of lust as the tension mounted. When I’d started stroking those moist outer lips, she tried bucking up to get the fingers where she needed them to be. “That’s right Louise Jackson, fight, fight your dreams girl!” I whispered, as her screaming faded to moans of ecstasy as I increased the rate of in and out. She really was thrashing about now, her body switching to automatic and any moment… I stopped and Louise squealed in frustration, then groaned as I started on her again.

The ghosts appearing, all standing along the wall, each of them smiling as the new girl played with the inmate. It didn’t take long for her to come again, and again, AND AGAIN as I toyed with Louise. Her emotions betraying her, me knowing this would surely secure my passage to room 1. Another clean-up session followed and I was told to take her back to her cell.

“Good girl, now its time… to return you… downstairs to your room” I said once she’d recovered. Louise looked exhausted, devastated, defeated even as I took the brake off and she knew… Miss Jackson knew she was never going to leave this place, as the bed squeaked its way to the lift.

Louise cried all the way down the corridor, her fading voice begging me to stop this. But no way could I, even if I’d wanted to. Her fate like mine was in other ‘peoples’ or more like ghosts’ hands. I wondered if I got through room 1, would I become a spirit like the others? Well guess I have plenty of time to find out!

The loudest wail of all came as Lou saw me smiling… as I put her nameplate back in door 3’s slot, waving mine as I went to 1, then stopped. It wasn’t my job to do that so I returned and placed it into no 5. Wheeling her into the cell I saw the blue covered bed had vanished and stared down at my friend as I set the brakes. Reaching down I stroked her forehead one last time, seeing her eyes brimming tears… but possibly, was that something else appearing again… pleasure, lust, wanting? The two sides of what she was, were fighting for control… and I knew which would win.

A towel appeared and I wiped away the tears, promising that the nurses would look after her. To keep the flames of her desires burning brightly for all time. She began shuddering as I told Louise how proud of her I am. That I’d always think of her and what she meant to me. Her face gave it away as I began to roll my fingers over her nipples, a lovely soft moaning from behind the gag. The edges of her eyes crinkling as she suddenly SMILED, the decision made and I knew she’d be all right after all.

Quickly I undid the head binding then the gag, arms and chest too, and was partway through doing the lower one when she placed both hands on top of mine and said stop it. Her grin obvious and I asked Lou if she wanted to be freed and we’d find our way out. The girl, the good friend I’d shared so much joy and tears with over the years…

Said no, she wanted to stay after all!

“I mean it, I’ve found my true purpose now. The Doctorate was worth nothing. Soon I’ll be locked in my cell, strapped to this bed, permanently gagged but I know it’ll be fine honey, bringing pleasure to ‘them’. It’s all I want to do Sarah, please make me happy. And thank you… for everything.” She reached up with both hands, cradling my face and bringing it closer and stared deeply into my eyes. “I forgive you for what’s happened, OK? Now… please do me up again. Tighter than you’ve ever done before” she whispered letting go. I burst into tears at this, so did Lou as I undid the waist strap so she could sit up. We embraced, kissing that passionately I didn’t know who would run out of air first!

We talked for a while, reminiscing about things we’d done and had wanted to do. Just vanilla things that would no longer be her problem as we held hands. Lou thanked me again then said it was nearly time. “Do like that uniform pet, give me a twirl love” I obeyed then stepped closer and stood alongside. I managed not to jump as her hand reached over and slid under my hem, rising up and fingers inserted within me. Going deeper then moving around and I almost creamed myself.

“The sooner you’re properly strapped down the better Miss Jackson” I breathed into her ear as she brought me off. Thankfully I barely stayed upright though it was hard, gripping the bed as I saw stars. She smiled as I bent down and cleaned myself, then held her hand, putting those moist fingers into her mouth and ordered her to do the same. Louise grinned and said I was so kind.

Having done that her body went back and she wriggled to make herself comfortable. She reached down and brought the waist bindings and placed them into position, then again for the chest. “Seriously honey… strap them tight, then the gag” she whispered. I nodded, leaned over her and we shared another mind-blowing kiss before we both knew I had to leave before losing it completely. “Last words my dearest friend…

Sarah… I’ll always love you” she said, a gentle smile on her face.

Our hands clasped, she squeezed mine then let go as I replaced the gag and did the other straps, really pressing them into her skin. She tried to move but there was no give and her head went back, ready for the last one. Louise sighing happily as she began to hum her favourite tune. Finally I bent down and kissed her forehead and got winked at in return. No change-of-mind glance at me, the anger at the betrayal by her friend was gone. Just the look of undying love I’d treasure for all time.

As I stood there a blindfold and earplugs appeared by her head. Picking them up I showed the items to Louise, who winked and nodded again. “Goodbye, my dearest Lou, sweet dreams” I said, applied the mask once she’d stopped grinning, eased the plugs into both ears and got a squeak and a thumbs up. I fastened the head strap then kissed her nose and stepped away.

Turning for the last time and walking to the door. Seeing the faint sign of a nurse materialising to take my place, her eager fingers sliding into my friend and Miss Jackson’s moaning increased as the ghost got to work. I stood watching before the sound of a bell tolling, reached my ears. It was Big Ben, as the longer deeper bongs came after the initial tune had ended. One, two, three I counted slowly, like you always do on New Year’s Eve hoping for an ‘extra one for luck’.

“Oops, like Cinderella I must leave,” I said quietly and the ghostly nurse nodded.

Four, Five…

It was more like Cinder‘cell’a as I hurried out of the door chuckling at my wit.

Seven, Eight… do I run for the lift and escape… ?

I stopped just outside ‘my’ door as ten boomed…

Moments later, right as twelve struck I heard the heavy thunks as it locked itself and I smiled… thankful I’d stepped inside and closed the door behind me, knowing I could never have abandoned Louise like that.

Now safe in my cell I stripped naked and folded the uniform up. Hoping I’d done the right thing by bringing Lou back, grabbing the just arriving drink from the cupboard and knocking it back. My bed was ready, the straps neatly as before, and I hopped on. Placing the leather bindings over my legs, waist and chest… then waiting for… Shuddering as I felt them move moments later, that delicious sensation as each one secured me tightly again till only my head was free. “Thank you so much, I’m ready now.” I murmured and the lights dimmed briefly in reply and it made me smile.

I prayed next for the gag and by magic it floated over, into my open mouth and the straps buckled themselves so tight. Laying my head straight I smiled as the last one came over me and I was finished.

My heart pounded as the nurses appeared. “Well done Sarah, we’re so proud of you,” one said as my bed began to move. The door unlocked and swung open. We rolled out of the cell and… yes, turned left as it closed behind us. That shiny nameplate of mine lifted itself out of the slot and moved with us as we passed Louise’ cell. The faintest of squeals emanating and I smiled at the nearest ghost as she looked down, getting a lovely grin in return and a stroke of my breasts.

The nameplate stopped and I shuddered as it positioned itself above the slot for 1. Then gently lowered until it rested where I wanted it to be. The door swung open and we went inside. My eyes widening as I saw… the machines I’d hoped might be in this building. The pulses began to race, thoughts only of lust, and all the nurses glowed with me.

Professor Guttman appeared and looking decidedly solid, his arms opened wide in greeting. “Miss Boradin, at last you’re here with us. My dearest Sarah… ” he said triumphantly with James’ smile on his manly face.

“Welcome to Room1”