The Ghosts of Nurses Past

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2010 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; bed; straps; asylum; F+/f; bond; ghosts; climax; cons/nc; X

“It must have cost James an absolute fortune to set this gig up” Louise said “This place is huge”

“I heard” I said, leaning towards Louise for emphasis “That it cost more to clean the place up than anything else. The owners were only too glad to have it made use of”

Louise shrugged and took a sip of her drink. Maybe I was right, but as it didn’t directly effect her, the fact past her ears by as if it had never been uttered. Then James himself came drifting past them, basking in the glory of a successfully arranged party of such vast proportions. Louise grabbed his arm as he passed them by, and as he came to a halt he favoured us both with a dazzling smile.

“Is it really true you got this place for a song?” she asked “It’s such an incredible place to hold a party”

“I did indeed” he said, flicking back a wayward blonde fringe “It was almost as if the last users just upped sticks and left. Everything was left exactly as they had used it last. Like a fire alarm had gone off and they never came back. All I had to do was get the main rooms cleaned up and it was mine to use. Even the toilets still worked”

“So what was this place?” I asked, making sure Sarah could not monopolise all the conversation with our rather dashing host “The outside seems to go on forever”

“It used to be an old asylum for the insane” he chuckled “Some people still think it’s haunted, but there are no records of anyone actually dying here”

“No!” exclaimed Louise “You mean this was a nut-house? Strait-jackets and all that?” James laughed at her wide-eyed wonderment.

“Yes it was dear. Out beyond these large reception rooms and the couple of halls we are using for our little shindig are dozens of rooms still set up for the treatment of the inmates. Just like the staff and inmates left but never came back. But don’t worry, they’re all empty now.”

“You mean there are still cells out there?” I asked, desperately trying to keep the very personal interest out of my voice.

“Oh much worse than that” said James cheerily “I didn’t go far from the main rooms mind you as I didn’t have the time, but I still saw some equipment out there that boggles the mind”

Moments later James was swept away by another group of admirers leaving us alone with our thoughts.

“euuuwww, creepy” Said Louise “Can you imagine that. Holding a party in an asylum. Only James could get away with that. Are you alright Sarah?”

“I’m sorry, what?” I said, shaking my head to get it back on track and away from some very personal thoughts that were not business of Louise’s at all. “What were you saying?”

“Oh you” said Louise, dismissing my preoccupation with a wave of her hand “Don’t go off being silly on me just because we’re in an old nut-house. Come on, let’s get on that dance floor”

“I’ll be with you in a moment” I said “I’ll just get a refill” and watched her slip away into the crowd swaying on her spindly heels.

Not wanting to be caught, I glanced back over my shoulder in time to see Louise vanishing into the throng of partygoers before I ducked away from the drinks table and looked about the walls. Quickly spotting what I was looking for I made my way towards a disregarded door that I figured must lead into the disused main body of the building.

It yielded silently to my hand, and I allowing it to swing silently closed behind me I waited for a few moments to check no-one had followed me. As the door closed the sounds of the party were instantly muted and I found myself in a different world. Trembling slightly in spite of myself I took a deep breath and looked along the dusty corridor lit by periodic equally dusty skylights. Oak doors filled every frame, but here and there one had been opened to allow someone to look inside. James having his ‘quick look round’ I guessed, and part of me shivered as I thought of the poor souls incarcerated in the institution. But part of me, the deep, dark part of me that secretly delighted on bondage shivered with a wild elation at the thought of being held captive in such a place. The mere mention of strait jackets by Louise had sent my blood pumping and made me determined to check the outer rooms more thoroughly.

Putting my doubts at intruding into this long abandoned world behind me I moved off down the passageway in the hope of seeing all sorts of wonderful machines and appliances filling every room.

The first few rooms were deeply disappointing. Simple rooms of chairs and couches. One had a bath, another rows of lockers that all hung empty. Screwing up my courage I shoved open a closed door near the far end of the hallway and gave out an involuntary yelp at what I saw inside.

The walls were bare, the floor cold hard linoleum, and in the very centre of the floor was a hospital bed on wheels. It’s mattress was a surprisingly clean looking red, and draped across, round and under it was something that made my eyes open wide and my pulse race. The bed was fitted with a full set of leather restraining straps. Feeling a cold sweat breaking out all over my lightly clad body I reached out and touched the soft tan leather, running my fingertips around the padding and gently touching the brass buckles. Every eyelet was metal lined to stop the buckles pulling free, and every buckle was placed so that once fastened it was well away from the ends of any prying fingers. I weighed up one of the straps, lifting it and allowing it to hang across my palm. It had a reassuring weight so often missing from such things bought in adult toyshops. One thing was certain. Once these were fastened, there would be no way of getting out of them without outside help.

Glancing quickly about and feeling both a little guilty and silly I pushed the door together and kicked off my shoes. A wild desire to imagine what it must feel like to be up close and personal with those terrible straps possessed me. Blood pumping and my womanhood moist I climbed onto the bed and lay back.

I could feel them against my back, and one hand strayed absently under the hem of my miniskirt and absently played with myself as I imagined what it must feel like to be so completely under the control of someone else while being helplessly restrained by those straps.

My legs already bare I flicked at the straps at the base of the bed and rested my ankles what felt like daringly within the cuffs themselves. I heard myself make a tiny noise of passion as I felt those cuffs fold about her ankles, and I quickly realised that by moving her legs I could manage to get the thigh cuffs to rest across her legs as if they really were fastened as well.

Now lost in my fantasy of bondage and restraint I lifted her hips off the bed and pulled out a pair of heavier straps designed to fit round my waist. Breathing hard I pulled them across her bare stomach and signed as I felt the rough leather padding scratching against the tender flesh of my stomach.

Lost in my dreams I closed my eyes as I imagined myself confined quite helpless on the bed. I half opened my eyes as I felt a faint draught and caught sight of a movement in the air. A half-seen movement, as if the light caught the edge of something that wasn’t quite there. A movement seen just in the corner of the eyes that skittered away as you turned to look at it.

Shivering despite the warmth of the evening I closed my eyes again, snapping them open as I felt something brush against my bare thigh. I lifted my head and looked round the room, but I was still alone.

I lay back again and moments later I heard a faint sound. A distant voice at the very edge of hearing. Then there came another touch. This time I kept my eyes closed, and I felt it again. A touch so tender it made me purr in my reverie, a touch as soft as a dozen fathers mounted on silk. My fingers strayed again and I felt my back involuntarily arch to bring my bare stomach closer to the source of that wonderful caress.

Another caress made me almost cry out, and my eyes slipped lazily open to see a vague figure standing over me. The figure was faint, almost transparent, but it was smiling. The uniform of a nurse was visible in the air and seemed to be growing more solid by the moment. She was bending over me, smiling down at me, and where her indistinct hands touched me I felt that wonderful caress.

As I lay there, my mind drifting away in it’s fantasy I felt another caress, and my eyes drifted open again to reveal that the ghostly nurse had been joined by another on the other side of the bed. She was smiling too, and her hands ranged softly up and down my thighs turning my body to jelly.

I jumped as a third pair of ghostly hands stroked my feet, and as my eyes snapped open I was no longer surprised to see another figure at the foot of my bed. Oh Lord I was losing it I knew as I felt my head rolling back and forth on the bed as those three indistinct figures went about their terrible work. Six ghostly hands plying me with a touch so soft it was driving me wild with passion.

Glassy-eyed with passion now I looked down my body as that third nurse ran her feathery fingers about my ankles and could only watch in mindless fascination as those nimble ghostly fingers slipped tongues into buckles and suddenly my ankles were restrained.

Fighting the waves of passion that rode over me I fought to speak, to object to the actions of those ghostly hands. Forcing my lust addled brain to line up words of protest, they came too late as the soft straps about my thighs were fastened before my very eyes.

A faint wave of panic started to fight the all-consuming sexual arousal, and as my mouth finally responded and my lips parted to speak, to cry out, I caught sight of a fourth ghostly figure. A faint movement behind me caused me to tip my head back as I started to speak and the fourth figure moved faster than any of the others. A wide leather gag was thrust hard between my lips, forcing my teeth apart and my tongue down before I could utter a sound. Panic starting to take over I threw up my hands to drag the gag out of my mouth, but somehow by the time my lethargic hands had reached my head the straps had been securely fastened and my weak fingers scrabbled uselessly at the buckles.

I felt rather than saw that wide belt being buckled round my slender waist and moments later I felt suddenly strong hands closing about my wrists, pressing them down flat against that soft red mattress. Too late I started to fight them seriously, but the four suddenly very solid-looking ghostly nurses were stronger and moments later my wrists and elbows were pinned to the bed by more of the leather straps.

Eyes wide I looked helplessly from one figure to the next. Far from being pale, insubstantial phantoms, now they had colour and form, even if they did still all wear soft, reassuring smiles on their bland faces. Then one of the nurses produced a final strap I hadn’t noticed that had been dangling from the edge of the bed and playfully flicked it over the bed.

It landed across my forehead, and before I could move her head to shake it off one of the other nurses grabbed the loose end and pulled it tight across my head, and I was held utterly immobile.

Then the caresses came back. Four pairs of ghostly hands went to work on my body, stroking me like a hundred teasing feathers until I was moaning and wailing at the approach of an terrible orgasm I knew she should not having. I threw myself against the straps, straining every gym-trained muscle against their implacable grip, and the more I struggled the more turned-on I became. And still those hands roved all over my body, caressing every inch of flesh, slipping up under hems and pressing through gaps in my clothing until every inch of my body was awash with lust.

“Fight all you want dear” said a faint voice that seemed to come from all four of the ghostly nurses at once “You could fight these straps for hours and you’d never get free. And you’d never hurt yourself either. We know, we’ve seen stronger people than you exhaust themselves trying”

“What do you want?” I thought rather than said the words as I stared wildly up from behind my sweat-soaked fringe.

“Your lust” said a voice “It gives us form. The wilder we can make you the better we feel, and the longer we can stay here.”

“Are you ghosts?” I thought as my mind briefly surfaced from the sea of lust that was drowning all rational thought.

“We are phantoms that feed on the emotions” came the voice “And as your fellow partygoers explore the building we will have a feast the like of which we have not enjoyed for years. Not since they stopped bringing the interesting people here”

“Do you mean the insane?” I mentally asked desperately as I felt my reason slipping below the waves again. One of the figures shrugged.

“We just thought of them as interesting, and fed off the wild emotions that rolled off them like mist”

“But what will become of us?” I mentally shouted as loudly as I could as I felt those eight hands set to work again and felt the orgasm smash over my restrained body like a deluge of cold water.

One of the figures waved a hand at the wall and it shimmered to reveal what was happening in the next room. Louise was trying on a straitjacket, her arms thrust into the closed sleeves and wrapped tightly about her as if she was restrained.

I desperately tried to cry out as she saw two of the ghostly figures standing behind her. I fought the straps with a fresh vigour as I so desperately wanted to help Louise, to save her from finding herself restrained by these strange emotion-hunting phantoms. As I fought those straps I watched the four nurses breathe in deeply as they savoured off my waves of fresh emotions.

As I watched the shimmering patch on the wall I saw one of the ghostly nurses step forward and gently slip the long ends of the straps together, and as Louise’s emotions made her more solid she abruptly hauled on the leather straps and suddenly Louise’s arms were grabbed as tightly by those canvas sleeves as firmly as I was restrained by the web of soft leather straps.

I felt tears were rolling down my face as I watched Louise fighting those two terrible nurses. Moments after finding herself confined Louise had a terrible web of straps wrapped about her head and she was rendered as silent as me. Quite unable to cry out for help or to warn anyone else of their peril. A nursing hand gathered up the last strap and pulled it tight up against Louise’s womanhood under her hotpants and fastened the final buckle to keep it in place.

Somewhere in the distance I could hear other voices as other partygoers started to explore the building, and not for the first time I wondered what was gong to become of them all, and what other terrible devices lay in the deeper recesses of the building. Then the terrible feathery hands came back and I thought of nothing else for a very long time.