School for Lesbian Subs

by Tankpoet

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Storycodes: F+/f+; D/s; school; classes; bond; x-frame; bdsm; punish; crop; electro; pony; bitgag; tail; cart; cages; messy; hum; foot; oral; denial; climax; cons; X

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Chapter Two

Part 4

We emerged from the stall and stopped. Mistress Tania was standing before us, arms crossed and eyebrow raised.

‘What kept you?’

She seemed to notice the moisture around Emma’s lips and then smiled, ‘ahh, I see. Put her with the others and then wait for me.’

Emma lead me around to the back of the stable to a waist high rail where all the others were tied, bent over.

Once again I was beside Asha who was still shifting her weight and whimpering.

‘Hold it in…’ Emma warned her.

Mistress Tania emerged after what seemed like hours but was probably only 5 or 10 minutes and stood before us, riding crop in hand.

‘You will now be taught how to behave as proper ponies. You will be taught to step and to pull carts in pairs and you will learn to be convincing. Now, one of you has already earned punishment’ she looked meaningfully at me ‘and she will receive that punishment now. To make sure you all behave, you will all receive 6 swats with the riding crop as well. If any of you have a problem with this, take it up with Daniela!’

With that, she moved behind the first pony in line and gave her six swats with the crop across her arse. She moved down the line, doing the same to each of them until she reached Asha.

In her defence, Asha really tried to hold it in, but, after holding on for so long and then having her arse swatted in such a vulnerable position, Asha simply could not hold her piss in any more after the fourth swat and simply started sobbing as she released her piss all over the ground in front of her and her own feet, splashing my feet and the feet of the pony on her other side as well.

Mistress Tania clicked her tongue at this and said in a low, threatening voice, ‘You will be punished for that later, slut.’

Next, I was untied from the rail and lead over to a large wooden ‘X’. My arms were untied from behind me and then I was tied to the ‘X’ facing my classmates. Mistress Tania informed me that I would have to take six with the crop, six with the cane and then six with an electric cattle prod as punishment for giving in to my inner slut. The bit was removed from my mouth and I was ordered to count out the strokes and thank her after each one.

Suddenly, there was a whoosh of air behind me and my left cheek exploded in a strip of fire, ‘One, thank you Mistress!’


‘Two, thank you Mistress!’

A third, across the same spot as the first two, ‘Three, thank you Mistress!’

I heard footsteps behind me as Mistress Tania switched to my right-hand side and… whoosh, crack, ‘Four, thank you Mistress!’


‘Five, thank you Mistress!’

And another, ‘Six, thank you Mistress!’

In spite of myself, I could feel my pussy starting to react to being cropped in front of my classmates like this. Emma noticed it too and called out to Mistress Tania, ‘slut-pony seems to like it Mistress Tania, she’s dripping all over the place!’

My cheeks reddened with shame and my arousal increased.

I must not have been paying close enough attention to Mistress Tania, because I hadn’t noticed her get the cane and line it up behind me.

Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack.

‘Seven, thank you Mistress! Eight, thank you Mistress! Nine, thank you Mistress! Ten, thank you Mistress! Eleven, thank you Mistress! Twelve, thank you Mistress!’

Each cane stroke across my arse had landed almost exactly parallel to the one before in, working their way downwards. Mistress then went to a bag on the ground that I hadn’t noticed before and grabbed out a wicked looking cattle prod.

Emma stepped in front of me, smiling from ear to ear. She leaned in close and whispered, ‘I love seeing little slut-ponies get punished’, and started to finger me, moving one finger gently in and out of my dripping cunt. ‘Mmm, hot’, she smiled and licked her lips seductively.


My arse exploded and I screamed in pain and lust. ‘Ah! Thirteen, thank you Mistress!’

Zap. ‘Ahh! Fourteen, thank you Mistress!’

Emma slipped a second finger in and increased the pace.

Zap, zap.

‘Ahh! Ahhh! Fifteen, thank you Mistress! Sixteen, thank you Mistress!’

Again the speed of Emma’s fingering increased and a third finger was slipped in as I moaned in arousal.


‘Ah! Seventeen, thank you Mistress!’

Emma, as if she was acting on a pre-arranged signal suddenly stepped away, leaving me teetering on the edge of a mighty orgasm. As suddenly as Emma had left, Mistress Tania stepped in front of me and brandished the cattle prod with a smile.

‘Only one zap left, can you guess where it goes?’

My eyes widened as I realised that she intended to zap me on my protruding clit.

‘Yes, that’s right my little slut-pony, right on your little clitty and if you cum, we’ll do it all over again until and again and again until you maintain control.


‘Ahhhh! Eighteen, thank you Mistress!’ I screamed and only just maintained control. As exciting as it was, I did not want to go through that again.

And just like that, it was over, I was untied, my bit was replaced, my arms were back behind my back and I was lead over to the others.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a whirl of learning the ways of the ponygirl. We were taught to step in proper fashion – bringing our legs up so that the thigh was parallel to the ground and the shin was perpendicular to it and swapping over, time and time again. We were hitched up to carts and taught how to respond to the reigns and we were whipped when we got it wrong.

Then it was time to turn us back into students. We were taken back to where we had disrobed and ordered to put our uniforms back on. Then time for the evening meal.

Part 5

We entered the dining room for our evening meal and found it to be set up in a strange manner. There was a large table at one end with the staff sitting around it, chatting nicely together and eight small cages with a water bowl and a food bowl in each sat open at the other end. On closer inspection, I realised that there would be enough room for one person to kneel in the cage on all fours and eat. At the feet of Mistress Tania was a nice, thick rug, with two more sets of food and water bowls on it.

Conversation at the staff table broke off as they realised that we had arrived and two staff members who I had never seen before came over to us. They were both about 170cm tall and curvy in all the right places with luscious, dark hair and piercing blue eyes.

They stopped in front of us and the one on the left spoke, ‘Natalie and Fiona, please step forward.’ Natalie and the other girl who had pissed outside as puppy girls stepped forward and were directed to kneel at Mistress Tania’s feet and eat the food provided there. The rest of us were taken, one by one, into the cages and told not to start yet.

When we were all latched safely inside our cages, the one on the left spoke again, ‘You are to use your mouths only, there are pressure sensors in the floor of your cages that will detect if you take any of your limbs off the floor and you will be punished for it! Now, which one of you is the one who pissed herself during her cropping as a ponygirl?’

Asha hesitantly raised her hand.

‘After, you have eaten, you have a punishment coming. Don’t take too long, we all love to see a good punishment.’

And with that, we began to eat our meals.

It was awkward at first, trying to eat our gravy soaked casserole-type meals that were clearly designed to get our faces as messy as possible for the amusement of our dommes. Every so often, one of them would look over at us and make a comment about how dirty we were and how we were all going to have to be taken outside and hosed off like livestock afterwards. Needless to say, these comments went straight to my pussy and by the time I was finished eating, my face by now covered in gravy and chunks of food, I had dripped a sizable puddle on the floor of my cage.

One of the other girls had raised her hand off the floor at one point and a whistle had gone off on top of her cage. That light had stayed on for the rest of the meal and she was clearly marked out for punishment too now.

After the meal, we were removed from our cages one by one and taken into an adjoining room that was set up like a theatre with a stage and seats in front of it. The difference between it and a regular theatre though was the cuffs attached to the armrests of the chairs. As each of us sat down, we were locked into the cuffs with a click and a big red ball gag was placed in each of our mouths. A staff member then sat down next to each of us as Asha and the girl who had lifted her hand off the pressure sensor during dinner were lead off behind the stage.

I was delighted to note that my staff member was Emma and she had a couple of surprises for me as well. She produced a pair of weighted nipple clamps with a flourish, opened my blouse and began to suck on my nipples whilst dangling the clamps in front of my face. She then placed one on my left nipple and, as I gasped in pain from that, the other on my right.

This personal attention coming from the woman who I had started to develop a major crush on was really turning me on more and more and, coupled with the restraints, I was sure that it wouldn’t take much stimulation to tip me over the edge into a massive climax.

Emma seemed to notice this and leant in very closely to whisper ‘not yet, my little slut.’ She then moved her hands well away from me and purposely stared at the stage in front of us, ignoring my aching need.

Soon enough, Asha was lead out naked, on a leash with her arms bound in a strict box tie behind her back. Her mouth was gagged with a ring gag and her ankles were hobbled by a small chain, probably only 10 cm long. She was taken to a post on the edge of the stage and secured by her leash. She was spanked once on each cheek and left alone by the domme who had brought her out.

The other girl, a stunning, leggy redhead with gorgeous green eyes and a light sprinkling of freckles across her whole body (as we could now see) was lead out next. Her hands were tied in front of her and her mouth was filled with a big red ball gag. She was lead over to a metal plate on the floor and secured upon it with her arms over her head, stretched taught to a hook that was lowered from the rafters.

A woman in her mid-thirties with raven black hair and a very curvy figure then stepped up onto the stage. She carried a riding crop loosely in her right hand and had an amused smile playing across her features as she looked at the two trussed up submissives on stage.

‘Welcome to school ladies, I am Ms Lily, owner and operator of this establishment. Shortly, you will be told of your sleeping arrangements, but, first, we have the matter of a couple of punishments for some slaves who couldn’t control themselves.’

‘Firstly, this one’ – she pointed at Asha – ‘she has been spoken to about what she believes to be an appropriate punishment backstage and, with her permission, we have recorded it to show to you.’

A projector was started up at the back and the lights were dimmed as we saw Asha, staring into the camera and playing with herself. She spoke to the camera in a breathless voice as she told us that she thought an appropriate punishment for losing control of her bladder like that would be for Mistress Tania to piss in her mouth.

I looked over to her as this was said and could see her eyes were closed and her pussy was glistening with arousal. I wondered if she had wanted that all along.

Ms Lily then stepped up and informed us that the other girl, whose name I still did not know, was standing on a pressure plate on the floor. She was to stay there for one hour and if she lifted either of her feet, she would be shocked through the pressure plate.

She then bade us goodnight and left us to our individual dommes.

The room was suddenly full of noise as the various dommes untied their students from the chairs and lead them off to their beds.

Emma uncuffed me and instructed me to leave my hands by my side as she placed a leather collar around my neck and attached a chain leash. She commanded me to get on all fours and follow her, crawling behind her, watching her long legs and the sway of her hips, I hoped that I would be allowed to cum shortly as I had been building up ever since my public punishment as a pony that afternoon.

Part 6

Emma lead me through a couple of corridors and into a well furnished bedroom/living area with its own double bed, TV and kitchenette. At the foot of the bed was a cage big enough to comfortably fit two people and there were blankets and cushions as well as two bowls on the floor of it.

‘Welcome to my home.’ Emma’s voice broke me out of my study of the room’s contents. ‘You will spend your nights here with me as my personal sub, each student gets assigned to a domme for their two weeks of training and goes back with them to their quarters each night to serve them. I was lucky enough to get you my little slut-pony’.

‘I could have traded you in for some pretty nice rewards too, you’ve been very popular with our staff so far.’ She laughed at this. ‘But, I want you all to myself. Now, you probably have a few questions after your first day, so I will now give you the opportunity while you kneel at my feet.’

I quickly got into position at her feet as she sat down on the bed and started thinking about what I wanted to know. Firstly I wanted to know why she was dominant to the students but clearly submissive to Mistress Tania. Emma explained that she was in the first batch of students to come through the school and that Mistress Tania had taken a personal liking to her, especially in her puppygirl alter ego, Princess.

She told me that there was a box of puppy toys and a full rubber dogsuit in her closet for when Mistress Tania wanted to play with Princess and that there was even a doghouse out the back of the school where she had to spend the night when she misbehaved – which sounded like it might happen with a little too much regularity to be accidental.

I then asked about the employee program. I wanted to know if Emma was for hire to outside clients.

She replied that she had done her two years of that work and had then been hired on as the receptionist and teacher’s aide. She went on to say that she had thoroughly enjoyed her time being hired out and that she did still see one client from time to time by special request.

I asked what the best session she had with a client was and she got a dreamy look on her face and ordered me to start licking her feet while she told me. She quickly slipped off her heels and shoved her right foot in front of my face. Right away I could smell the foot stink on it from a hard day’s work – absolute heaven to a little foot slut like me but that’s another section entirely. As I began to lap away with my tongue, Emma began to tell her tale…

‘It was during that hot summer we had last year, there was this woman who requested a slave girl to be humiliated for a week at her bachelorette party, she was marrying the girl of her dreams and she wanted to have one last wild party full of fetish activities before she settled down with her beloved.

‘Most of the week was spent being spat on, pissed on, licking feet and being made to crawl around whilst they groped me or being tied up whilst they edged me but didn’t allow me to cum.

‘On the last day, they took me shopping, her and her two friends, I never did learn their names. They took me to an adult store and made me kneel in the corner whilst they picked out costumes for me to try on. They made me try them on one by one and parade around the store in them. There was a French maid, a bunny girl, a policewoman, a firewoman, a school girl and an army private. By the time I got to the army private, there was quite an audience in the store and I later found out that the store sold several costumes based on my modelling.

‘Well, they settled on the army private and got themselves some sexy sergeant’s uniforms to go with it then they drove me back to their property in the country. When we got back, one of them put me through a series of parade drills and exercises whilst the other two set up an obstacle course, even flooding it with the hose to make it really muddy. I then had to crawl through the mud under a cargo net while the yelled at me for being slow and useless then step through some tyres whilst they threw tomatoes at me. I had to climb a wall while they were throwing the tomatoes too and then it was a ‘sack race’ except I was the only participant through some more mud.’

‘When I crossed the finish line, they quickly grabbed me and pulled the sack up to my neck before tying it off so I couldn’t get out and made me lick all the sweat from their bodies, their feet, their armpits and their arses. I was in absolute heaven and just wanted to cum so badly. They finally gave me permission but said that I had to eat the bachelorette out at the same time and we would cum together.’

‘I rolled over onto my back and started to finger myself and she lowered herself over me. I started to lick around her labia, slowly, once, twice, three times and then suddenly thrust my tongue in when I heard her start to moan. By this stage I had three fingers in myself and I was struggling to hold back after a week’s worth of built up tension. I thrust in and out of her with my tongue, harder and harder, faster and faster, trying to hold back my climax to match hers. Just when I though I couldn’t last any longer, she ejaculated into my mouth and that sent me spiralling over the edge into my own orgasm.’

Hearing her story had made me very horny myself and I started to ask if I could have permission to take care of my need when Emma announced that it was bed time and that I would be spending the night tied up to her bed.

She then commanded me into a spread-eagle and tied off my wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed.

‘Sorry, I know you wanted to cum but, I think class will be a lot more interesting tomorrow if everyone is really horny and desperate.’

With that, she laughed, said goodnight and turned off the lights and went to sleep.

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