School for Lesbian Subs

by Tankpoet

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The ad seemed like it couldn’t be real. It was exactly what I wanted, a school for submissive girls. I had to find out if it was genuine and so, with my whole body shaking like I was freezing cold due to my nerves, I called the number on the page and waited for an answer.

‘Hello, Mz Lily’s School of Adult Education, Emma speaking, how can I help you?’ A young voice, sounded like she couldn’t be more than 18 years old answered.

‘Uh, hi’, I stuttered back, ‘I’m, umm, interested in knowing a little bit more about your services.’ My hand was shaking really badly at this point and I had to put my phone on speaker and down onto the table before I dropped it. Luckily I lived alone.

‘Certainly, are you interested in enrolling yourself, enrolling another or are you looking at one of our finished products?’

‘Ah, I’m looking to find out a few things first.’ I swallowed nervously and then asked the questions that had been running through my mind for the past 2 hours since I’d first read the ad, ‘If I enrol in your facility, what exactly would you offer me by way of training? How big are your classes? What happens at the end?’

‘Well, we are a small facility, we have 10 ladies to a class and they are grouped together based on the surveys that they fill out prior to enrolment. Your training is then tailored partly to your interests and partly towards the potential interests of the Mistresses who are likely to be interested in your services. As for what happens at the end, you can either choose to graduate and that’s it, or, we do offer a service to Dommes as well where they can come and hire our graduates out for functions, fantasy weekends etc. If you choose to be a part of that program and we accept you, then you go onto our books as an employee and you will work two weeks out of every three. You would be paid a weekly retainer and get bonuses for being chosen to go out and work for our clients?’

My juices had started flowing at this, I was a closet exhibitionist who felt she needed a push to go out and chase my dreams. ‘H, how… how long does your program run and what is the c-c-cost?’ I stammered.

‘Our program runs for 2 weeks and it depends on which program you are enrolled in, whether we charge you or not. If you are enrolling and leaving then the cost will be paid for by you at $3,000 plus $500 per elective you choose. If you are intending to work for us afterwards, it is free, however, if you don’t work for us for a period of 2 years after completion of the course, you will be charged accordingly.’

I had many more questions about what the subjects were and how to sign up as well as when the next term started. I was unemployed at the time and sitting at home job hunting on the internet had lead me to read a lot of online erotica, so I was very sexually charged at the time and it seemed to good an opportunity to pass up. Emma said that it might be best if she emailed me the course information and then I could call her back if I had more questions. This seemed like a good idea so I gave her my email address and hung up.

I then went to my bedroom, got my small vibrator out of my draw and gave myself a slow, relaxing orgasm before going about my housework and a couple more hours of unsuccessful job hunting. I tried to take my mind away from waiting for the email to come through by doing mindless tasks so that I wouldn’t just sit there checking and refreshing my email every 5 seconds all day. But, it was going to be a bit of a losing battle. Luckily, I only had to wait about 10 minutes and there was something in my inbox:

To: Daniela

Subject: Mz Lily’s School of Adult Education

Dear Daniela,

Thank you very much for your enquiry about our program. Below is the curriculum for the standard 62 week course and attached is the survey that new enrolments need to fill out so that we can properly place them.

We hope to see you at our facilities soon,

Best Wishes,

Mz Lily x

Week 1: Slave Positions. Introduction to Oral Service. Introduction to Bondage. Introduction to Water Sports. Introduction to Maid Service.

Week 2: Fetishwear. Exhibitionism. Elective 1. Elective 2. Elective 3.

We have a range of wonderful electives you may choose to study. You may choose from: Forniphilia (Human Furniture) Pet Play Pony Play (Separate to Pet Play due to the specialised nature of the equipment and behaviour involved) Strip Tease Outdoor and Public Play Sensory Deprivation Chastity and Denial Slave Marking Advanced Bondage

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, an entire facility dedicated to training girls like me to please dominant women and, I could be paid to work for it after my training. I did the survey in a haze of hormones and had to re-read to questions several times to make sure that I was giving the right answers. They were mostly concerned with my experience with fetish and femdom in my personal life (regrettably little barring a short lived relationship with a girl at uni from down the hall who would tie me up and tease me a little, but, whose heart was never really in it). There was also a section dedicated to what I was interested in trying and a section for nominating my preferred electives which would run during the second week of training. I chose Forniphilia, Outdoor and Public Play and Pet Play as my first choices but, also noted my interest in Slave Marking and Strip Tease.

I sent of the survey and settled back into my day to day life, hoping for a response…

Part 2

It was to be three weeks before I would receive a reply. I had all but given up on getting in by that point and had gone back to trying to find a job as an administrator as that was what my uni degree was in. I was trawling through the job ads when my phone rang (I had to give my personal contact information as well as indicate how much notice I would need to give to my job, friends and family to explain my disappearance for 2 weeks as a part of the survey), it was Emma:

‘Hello, is this Daniela?’

‘Yes, speaking. May I ask who is calling?’

‘It’s Emma from Mz Lily’s School of Adult Education. I am pleased to be able to offer you a place in our upcoming course. If you accept, you will start in a fortnight.’

I was stunned. I was moving my mouth, but, nothing was coming out.

‘Hello, are you still there?’

‘Yes, sorry. That’s fantastic, I accept.’

And, just like that, I was in.


Two weeks later…

I had told all my friends and family that I was going to a job search training retreat for two weeks. We were to be out in the country so I didn’t know if I would have mobile phone reception or not, but, I would call if I could.

The school sent a driver to pick me up on the morning I was to begin and I was collected promptly at 7am as it was nearly 2 hours driving to get there. The driver was a tall blonde in a neat chauffer’s uniform. She didn’t say a word, just opened the door for me, shut it behind me and drove off.

The windows of the car were tinted so that people couldn’t see in but, I could see out. I had been given very specific instructions about how to dress for the occasion and had followed them to the letter. I was wearing a white blouse, mid-thigh length pleated skirt, knee length white socks and 3 inch black heels. I understood what they were doing here, it was my own version of a slutty school uniform.

I was completely shaven down below.

At this point, I should probably describe myself. I am about 165cm tall. I am slim but curvy at the hips. I have long legs, a tight arse and medium sized tits. I also have shoulder length almost black hair, dark brown eyes and, being of Portuguese descent, I have olive skin. I am told that I am very easy on the eye, but, I don’t see it myself.

The drive seemed to pass both quickly and take forever. I was tingling with anticipation.



The car pulled up at the front of a large estate. The grounds were immaculate and surrounded by high fences, nobody could see in. There were cameras on the gates and the grounds and I got the impression that nobody was sneaking in (or out for that matter). I was shaking as I exited the car, the chauffer held the door for me again and then went to collect my suitcase from the boot. She then headed towards the front door and I fell in behind her.

We entered and the first thing I noticed was the stunning receptionist. She was about 175cm tall, flaming red hair, milky white complexion and piercing green eyes. She smiled at me as she came around the front of the desk and introduced herself as Emma. She dismissed the Chauffer with instructions to put my suitcase in the dorm and took my hand and lead me towards a different door.

‘I hope you’ll enjoy yourself here’, she said as we walked, ‘I’m going to take you to the classroom now, you’re the last one to arrive.’ She went on to tell me that class would start shortly and warned me that we were to wait in orderly silence or be punished. She giggled as she said this and I got the distinct impression that she liked it when girls got punished.

‘Well, here we are’, she said and opened the door for me.

I walked in and stopped dead. My mouth dropped open. There, in front of me were 9 very beautiful young ladies in their early to mid twenties. All were dressed the same as I was and all bar one was sitting at attention in old style school desks arranged in two neat rows of five. The one was a curvaceous brunette about the same height as me who was gagged with a big red ball gag and had her hands tied behind her in a box tie, causing her large breasts to strain magnificently against her white blouse.

I went to ask about the restrained brunette but, Emma stopped me, saying, ‘I told you, we will punish those who can’t wait silently, Natalie there spoke out of turn and so has been gagged and restrained, care to join her?’ She raised an eyebrow questioningly as she asked this.

I went to reply, but, thought better of it. I didn’t want to get a reputation as a trouble maker before we began, although I suspected it wouldn’t take much for me to end up just like Natalie and the thought made me very excited. Instead, I went and sat down at the empty desk. Front row centre, right in front of the teacher’s eyes. Emma smirked and left, locking the door with a loud click behind her.

I didn’t have to wait long, it would only have been about 5 or 10 minutes before we heard the click of approaching high heels on tiles down the corridor. A short pause and then the lock unclicked, the door opened and in walked the most stunning Asian lady I had ever seen. She was surprisingly tall – I would guess about 180cm and her legs went all the way up. She had on a very professional looking striped blouse and pencil skirt with sheer stockings and very tall heels. In her hand, she carried a riding crop.

She walked to the front of the class and wrote ‘Slave Positions’ and ‘Ms Miko’ in big letters on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom and then turned to look at us for the first time. She fixed each of us with a long stare, seeming to pay particular attention to Natalie in her bondage.

‘Ok sluts, welcome to Mz Lily’s School of Adult Education. I am one of your teachers. As you can see by the board, my name is Ms Miko. You may address me as Ms Miko, Mistress or Ma’am. I will be instructing you this morning in slave positions. The purpose of slave positions is to show your submission to your Mistress or Owner. You will learn a variety of positions whilst you are here and we will start by learning the basics this morning. I will need a volunteer.’

I meekly raised my hand and got a warm smile in return.

‘What is your name slut?’ Ms Miko asked.

‘Daniela’, was my timid reply.

‘Come out the front of the class.’ It was an order, not a request, even though the tone was friendly, the undertone was clear – obey!

Ms Miko addressed the class now, ‘I will get Daniela here to demonstrate position 1. Any time that you are told to assume position 1, you will immediately get into this position.

‘Failure to respond quickly will result in punishment. Punishment for not assuming a slave position is to be tied, spread-eagled and naked on the lawn out the back for an hour. This hour will come out of your free time, you will not waste my lesson time on your punishments. While you are tied outside, you will be watched and humiliated by our staff for being a bad slut!

‘Do I make myself clear?’

Ten heads nodded in unison.

I was then instructed into position 1.

I was on my knees with them facing outwards at 45 degree angles. My hands were resting, face up, on my knees with my palms open and my head was bowed, staring at my navel. Ms Miko looked over my position, made a couple of minor adjustments and then told the class that it was time for us all to practise. She had one of the others untie Natalie and then had us all stand in a semi-circle facing inwards and barked ‘Position 1!’

Everyone scrambled into position and Ms Miko went around the room, using her crop to correct positions and commenting as she walked. We then had to stand up and the order was repeated. Over and over it was drilled into us and I got so into it that I stopped concentrating. I started to watch a slim blonde girl with a pretty face who was opposite me and missed my cue.

Uh oh.

Ms Miko noticed, I scrambled into position but, I was too late.

‘What do we have here?’ she asked, a sadistic smile plastered across her beautiful features.

‘I’m s-s-s-sorry M-Mistress’ I stammered through frightened lips.

‘I’ll see you after class for punishment.’

And with that, the lesson continued.

After we were proficient in position 1, we went on to position 2 (all fours, back straight, staring straight ahead, legs and arms shoulder width apart) and so on until it was time for lunch. As everyone else filed out, I waited behind for Ms Miko.

She motioned me to the front of her desk and picked up a manila file with my name on it. She read something, nodded to herself and looked up at me.

‘It says here that you’re an exhibitionist. Did you do this deliberately I wonder?’

I started to answer ‘no’ but was silenced by a raised eyebrow.

‘It doesn’t matter anyway, the sun is hot and you will bake on that lawn, that will teach you. Strip, everything!’

I hurriedly complied and handed each item of clothing to her neatly folded as I took it off. I was then handed a bottle of sunscreen and told to apply it as best as I could and then Ms Miko would help with my back. After I was covered, a hot pink collar with the word ‘SLUT’ in capital letters was placed around my neck, a chain leash attached and I was lead to the back lawn.

Once there, I had cuffs attached to my wrists and ankles and then I was ordered onto my back and staked out spread-eagled. Ms Miko then walked away, leaving me to warm up in the afternoon sun.

It was a warm day so it didn’t take long for me to start sweating and really feeling the heat. Within what I guessed was about 10 minutes I was hot and uncomfortable. Then I heard the back door open and close and heels clicking on the path out to me. Emma appeared above me with a big smile on her face.

‘Just couldn’t stay out of trouble, could you Daniela?’

And with that, she sat down cross legged by my head, unwrapped her sandwich and started to eat. A short time later, she was joined by 4 others, each with their own lunch. They sat around me, using my body as a table and ate their lunch, occasionally spilling something on my exposed body.

This was having an effect on me that was being noticed by the staff around me and they began commenting every so often on the fact that I seemed to be getting wet. There was a slender black woman by my waist who was idly fingering me from time to time which was not helping my self control. I even moaned a couple of times which drew knowing smirks from those around me.

As they each finished, they moved to my head and used my hair as a napkin. They then moved back to their positions and began to focus their attentions on me a bit more. The two by my feet started to discuss whether or not I would be ticklish. The two by my waist mused aloud that it was a bit naughty of me to be enjoying my punishment so and Emma was resting her feet on my face and making me lick them.

The two at my feet then began to tickle me. They took a foot each in one hand and ran their fingers lightly up and down the soul with the other hand. They started slowly, gradually edging one finger up and down. I should mention that I am very ticklish and whilst I don’t enjoy tickling by itself, combined with bondage, it somehow makes me feel vulnerable and turned on.

My feet began to twitch and try to move away, but, bound as I was and with them holding onto my feet too, I wasn’t going anywhere. The one by my right foot, a pretty, young looking girl dressed like she was going shopping with her friends in a green tank top and tight, matching shorts laughed and said ‘she is ticklish’ and then started to really tickle me hard. The one by my left foot, a blonde in full fetish goddess attire with black latex dress and thigh high black boots laughed and did the same.

The two by my waist began to tickle my sides and under my armpits to match and I was thrashing and begging them to stop. Just when I thought I was going to completely lose control and wet myself, a bell rang from the main building and Ms Miko appeared with a tray of veggie sticks.

She stopped by my head and Emma moved her feet so that Ms Miko was looking down on me. ‘Almost done, slut, now it’s time to feed you. I didn’t bring any dip though, so we’ll have to improvise.’ And with that, she stuck a carrot stick into my juicy pussy, moved it back and forth to get plenty onto it and then offered it to me to eat.

I started to clamp my mouth shut and move my head away. Emma grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, looking me sternly in the eyes and said ‘I can pinch your nose and force you or you can do this willingly. Your choice!’

Seeing that I was going to have to do this one way or another, I opened my mouth and let them put in the carrot stick. I have no problem with tasting others, but, this was the first time I had ever tasted myself. It was less disgusting than I thought it would be and I resolved myself to just eat what they made me.

Veggie stick by veggie stick, I was fed the entire tray, each one dipped in my juices first and each one turning me on just a little more as it was dipped in. Each time I got close to climaxing, the black woman at my waist would slap me hard on the clit and then I would have to wait until I calmed down before the next one was inserted.

When the tray was done, I was left, unsatisfied and staked out on the lawn until one of my classmates came to free me and I got dressed again for the afternoon class.

Part 3

The afternoon class was in a different room to the morning one. My classmate (who I had learnt was Asha and she was from Mauritius on the way to class) and I were the last to arrive. All the others were kneeling in total silence in position 1, so we both got down into the same position and waited for our teacher to arrive. Our teacher arrived after we had been kneeling there for what I thought to be about 15 minutes. A couple of the girls had begun to slouch slightly to relieve the pressure of the position and had to hurriedly straighten when the door burst open and the young domme who had started my foot tickling at lunch time strutted in.

She had changed since lunch time and now wore a blue halter top and a white mini skirt. In her right hand she held a riding crop and in her left she held a leash attached to a collar around the neck of a naked Emma who crawled in behind her. Emma had her hair in two pigtails, one each side like a puppy’s ears and a small butt plug tail protruded from her behind. Teacher went to the board at the front of the room and wrote on it like Ms Miko had in the morning session:

‘Elective Sampler’

‘Mistress Tania’

‘Good afternoon sluts, I am Mistress Tania and you will address me as such at all times or you will be punished.’ She paused here to look around the room. ‘This afternoon you will sample some of the electives that will be offered next week. You will put every effort into trying all of them, even if you know you don’t like something as the final decision on who does what will rest with me.’

‘First up, pet play. You will notice that Emma here is my puppy, she is not allowed to use words at any time, only barks and whines. When she is in puppy mode, she responds to the name Princess, Isn’t that right Princess?’

Emma/Princess responded with a very convincing ‘woof’ and a wag of her tail.

‘Princess will now demonstrate the basics of puppy play to you and then you will try it for yourselves.’

For the next 15 minutes or so, Emma/Princess showed us how she could ‘beg’, ‘roll over’, ‘fetch’, ‘shake’, ‘sit’ and ‘play dead.’

Then Mistress Tania put two bowls on the floor, one containing water and the other with what looked like dog food. When commanded to, Emma/Princess ate the dog food like it was the best meal she’d ever had and lapped up the water afterwards.

‘Alright then sluts, now it’s your turn. Sit!’

As one, we moved into position, Emma/Princess included, with our arms straight, palms flat on the ground and our legs bent behind us so that our arses touched the ground and our feet were flat.


Each of us raised our right forearm at the elbow with our palm and fingers pointing down.


Both forearms into the shake position.

‘Play dead!’

Flat on our backs with all four legs raised in the air.

‘Roll over!’

Roll onto our bellies.

And one by one we had to ‘fetch’ a small rubber ball in our mouths on our hands and knees. Bowls of water were then produced from behind the desk and put before each of us and we had to drink using just our tongues in a lapping motion.

I was lapping at my bowl of water when I became aware that Emma/Princess was pawing at the door and whining. Her pawing and whining were becoming more and more desperate by the second and Mistress Tania was just staring at her, a sadistic grin on her face and one eyebrow arched questioningly. ‘Does Princess need to do her business?’ she asked in mocking baby tones.


‘Well, ok then’ and, motioning us all to follow, we crawled out the back to the lawn.

Once there, Emma/Princess went to a bush in the garden that surrounded the lawn, lifted her left leg and let loose a spray of piss all over it. We all just sat there, gobsmacked by what we were seeing, were we going to be expected to do the same?

Our answer came quickly enough, ‘if anyone else needs to do their business, do so now! I won’t be allowing any more toilet breaks in my class.’

I decided to hold on, but, two of the others, Natalie and a tall brunette whose name I did not know, both removed their skirts and crawled over to the bushes. Mistress Tania clapped in delight at this and promised them each a reward when we got back to the classroom.

Then it was time to go back. But, we didn’t return to the same room, we went to a different room, a big one that had been outfitted to look like a stable complete with stalls and straw on the floor. Apparently, we were now to experience pony play. Once there, Princess became Emma again as she was to help outfit us all with our tack. I felt a pang of disappointment at this as Princess was definitely doing it for me.

We were ordered to strip and to stand at attention in the middle of the floor when we were ready. Mistress Tania and Emma then each took one of the students by the hand and lead them into nearby stalls. The rest of us had to stand there waiting, as, one by one, we were lead off to presumably be changed into our pony gear.

Asha and I were the last two to be standing there. I could sense her next to me, starting to fidget and shift on her feet a bit, but, I didn’t wish to risk another punishment by asking her what was wrong.

Eventually, Mistress Tania and Emma emerged to take us. Once again, I was transfixed by the sight of Emma’s sexy body coming towards me. I was so engrossed in the sight of her that I almost missed Asha’s voice coming from beside me.

‘Mistress Tania, I may I please go to the bathroom, I need to pee.’

‘I told you to go before, so no! Also, I did not give permission for you to speak. You will be punished for that later and if you piss yourself before the end of class, your punishment will be even worse!’

With that, Mistress Tania lead Asha off to one of the two free stalls and Emma lead me to the other.

Once there, Emma commanded me to stand with my legs shoulder width apart and to rest my arms at the small of my back with my hands touching the opposite elbow. She then proceeded to place a leather body harness on me. She placed the cups over my breasts and then moved around me, tightening everything as far as it would go. With each strap being tightened, my pussy juiced a little more and long before she was done, I was moaning with pleasure at her efforts.

She also affixed a leather sleave around my forearms, rendering my arms useless and making me ever hotter. Emma smiled knowingly at me and then went and got a pair of pony boots.

‘The size of these boots are based on the information you provided us when you applied’, she answered my quizzical look, correctly guessing that I was wondering how they knew what size I was.

She then had me step into them one at a time before lacing them up tightly.

‘Just a couple more things.’

She then grabbed a head harness with a bit gag and, placing the bit in my mouth, she positioned the head harness on my face and tightened everything up. She then produced a medium sized butt plug with an attached tail.

‘Now, I could use a tube of lube to get this ready for your arse, or…’ she licked her lips and glanced suggestively at my dripping pussy ‘I could use your dripping cunt juice. I think my little slut-pony might enjoy that more.’

She knelt in front of me and started to work the plug around the edge of my pussy, slowly building the speed up. I moaned and thrust my hips forward, wanting her to just shove it in and start to fuck me with it. She ignored my building desire and continued what she was doing. I started to get frustrated and grunted indignantly.

‘Aww, does slut-pony want something?’

I nodded.

‘It will cost her, she will have to be punished later, is that what slut-pony wants?’

I nodded again, I was so desperate I would do anything to come.

‘Ok then.’

And with that, she thrust the plug into my dripping pussy and started to thrust it in and out. I moved my hips in sync with her and started to moan really loudly. Emma, her hands now covered in my juices, moved her left hand around behind me and started to finger my arsehole. The increased stimulation nearly pushed me over the edge straight away. I closed my eyes and started to float towards my climax when Emma’s voice warned:

‘Don’t cum until I give permission slut-pony.’

I whined and tried to focus on holding back the rising tide of pleasure. Emma continued to thrust in and out and finger me.

I whined and pleaded through my bit gag, ‘ee i-eth, ay ai um?’

‘When your tail goes in you can.’

She moved the plug around behind me and pushed her face into my hot pussy. She started to lick my clit and then, suddenly, shoved the plug home. I immediately tumbled over the edge into the orgasm that had been building in me all day. I must have fallen as I came as Emma was holding me up, supporting my weight as I slowly regained my senses.

When I straightened up and was standing on my own again, she went and got a set of nipple clamps linked by a chain with a leash on them.

‘Are you ready for your punishment, slut-pony?’

She then attached the clamps to my nipples and lead me out into the main stable area…

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