Ripe for the Picking

by MasterKGray

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© Copyright 2021 - MasterKGray - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; slave; training; dungeon; cuffs; chain; corset; armbinder; straps; gag; clamps; toys; spreader; sex; anal; cons; XX

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Chapter 3

“I think we’ve rested enough, let’s go tie you up tight, my beautiful slave. I’ll let you see yourself in the mirror when I’m finished. You’ll be a work of art,” Brett said, kissing pussylips on top of the head and then slipping out of their embrace. He unlocked the chain from the head of the bed and then led her into the dungeon, using the chain like a leash. She moaned at the symbolism of his control and marveled at how beautiful and graceful the chain looked as it hung between her breasts and arced up to his hand. It no longer surprised her that everything he did to her caused her to become aroused. In fact, she seemed to be in an almost constant state of sexual excitement now.

Brett led pussylips into the dungeon and quickly locked her chain around a support post. She didn’t want to get away, but now she couldn’t, he was telling her by his actions how much he wanted her. He returned with a pile of leather and dropped it onto a nearby table. He grabbed her wrists and locked them together in front of her with a pair of simple leather cuffs, then pulled her arms up over her head and locked them to a chain hanging there.

Brett picked up the deep red leather corset, pussylips had never seen one before and wondered what it was. He approached her and began wrapping it around her midsection, confusing her even more. Where were the cups to cover her breasts? Why was it so short it didn’t cover her private parts? Brett continued and buttoned it together around her abdomen and pussylips thought it wasn’t so bad, other than the fact it didn’t cover anything. He pulled on the laces and began tightening and suddenly pussylips became aware of what was happening. Her waist was being cinched down to breath stifling proportions. Her breaths became shallower as her Master tightened the laces, going back and tightening them again until pussylips thought she wouldn’t be able to breathe anymore.

“Please Master, (gasp) I can’t – breathe,” pussylips begged.

“If you couldn’t breathe, you wouldn’t be able to talk,” Brett teased her, but let out the laces slightly. She could breathe a bit better.

“Thank you Master.”

Brett didn’t respond and instead he returned with two leather tubes with laces up and down their length, until pussylips saw the spike high heel at the bottom and realized they must be footwear of some sort. He slipped both onto her feet and pussylips struggled to stand in the ridiculous heels, they were at least six inches in height, and there was no platform, so her feet were bent into a steep arch. Brett laced quickly until her ankles were supported, which helped pussylips to stand with less difficulty. He continued with the left boot, lacing it up her leg until the top was barely two inches from her dripping petals. He moved to the other leg and laced the boot to the same firm tightness, matching the other leg. Their color matched the corset, both were trimmed in black accents and the laces were black.

Next came the arm binder. Again, pussylips had never seen one and Brett released her wrists from their cuffs above her head and pulled them behind her and into the leather pouch. He affixed the straps around her shoulders so it could not be slipped and began the task of tightening the laces. Her arms were now crushed together inside the leather at her wrists and he was slowly, inexorably drawing her elbows together until they touched. When he tied off the laces and tucked them into the leather, pussylips arms were one, a single leather arm, fixed behind her. She had never felt more helpless.

But Brett was far from finished. He wrapped a black leather harness of sorts around her corset and around her shoulders, with an anchor point between her shoulder blades. He attached this to a chain above, now, even if it were tottering halting steps in the too high heels, she couldn’t walk away. He soon added a spreader bar between her ankles, holding them three feet apart and pussylips wondered why. She didn’t have long to wait as he approached with a leather strap sporting two protrusions, one a large dildo and the other a flared, lubed butt plug. He forced them into her spread orifices and used the leather strap through a slot at the bottom of her corset to force them deeper and deeper into her. She gasped when he tightened them one more notch and could feel the bump rubbing against her already aroused clit with every shallow breath.

To finish Brett pulled pussylips’ hair into a ponytail on top of her head and approached with a leather harness trainer ball gag. He meticulously fitted the leather straps around her face and head, pulling each strap tighter until the ball was firmly seated in her mouth, effectively silencing her. She had thought she was helpless before, but now, she was immobile and silenced, with toys buried deep inside her. Brett released her ponytail and brushed her hair down around the straps, then turned her a quarter turn so she could see herself in the mirror. The vision that greeted pussylips was indeed a work of art. Her body was encased in deep red leather with black accents and laces. Her breasts swelled over the top of the corset and looked even larger because of her reduced waist size. As she gazed at the vision before her, Brett added a pair of rubber tipped nipple clips to her already protruding nipples. She could only moan in appreciation around the gag as the pinch sent a shock straight to her pussy.

Suddenly the dildo and butt plug came to life and Brett grinned over her shoulder as he held up the remote. He played with the settings for a moment then walked over to the side and set the remote on the cabinet there. She was bound, helpless and being sexually tormented in both of her nether holes while her nipples were clipped and throbbing with need. Oh god, pussylips needed to cum, but she couldn’t even ask for permission, she would never make it, the wave of orgasm was near to crashing on the shore, she couldn’t hold back for long.

“Having fun, slave?” Brett asked with a grin and pussylips could only nod. “You may cum as much as you are able slave, you don’t need to ask permission during this session,” he advised and she tried to smile gratefully around her gag, she was mesmerized by the sexy woman in the mirror, was it really her? Obviously it was, she never knew she could look so wantonly and openly salacious. ‘Oh god, if I had a penis, I’d fuck me,’ pussylips thought as her body shuddered and her hips bucked in time with the vibrations within her loins. It wasn’t long until she came with a mind blowing orgasm that left her hanging by the leather harness her Master had wrapped around her upper body. ‘Oh yes, this is amazing!’ she exulted after she came down from her orgasm and righted herself.

“I have some work to take care of, but I’ll be watching you on the monitor. Have fun,” Brett said as he playfully slapped her ass and walked away, making pussylips wish he would stay and whip her to an orgasm.

Time lost all meaning for pussylips as the dildo and butt plug kept her on edge and then forced her into one mind numbing orgasm after another. She floated on a sea of orgasms, unable to keep track of their number, sometimes feeling like she was drowning as wave after wave crashed over her. The flashes of light, the fireworks, the uncontrollable spasms and untold ecstasy as her body experienced the perfection of a computer program that knew exactly what she needed at the precise moment, and stimulated her to peak after peak. She was constantly hanging from the harness, her legs completely given out due to her exhaustion, yet the dildo and butt plug continued on, playing her body like an instrument, bringing out the most beautiful music she had ever experienced. Several times she was sure she would pass out, but somehow remained semi-conscious, able to enjoy the experience to its fullest.

Brett returned only an hour later, but to pussylips it seemed like several hours. Her body was a limp rag, a spineless jellyfish. He turned off the intruders and carefully, gently removed the ball gag.

“Oooohhhh – oh, Master, that, was, amazing!” pussylips moaned after the gag’s removal, still hanging from the harness. Brett brought a bottle of water to her lips and she drank greedily. He allowed her to take her time and she finished the bottle, her fluids needed replacement, as streams of her cum ran down the sides of the leather boots below her pussy. “H – How long?” she asked.

“Only an hour, I doubt you could have survived much more,” Brett chuckled in answer.

“It seemed much longer, I – I can’t believe I didn’t pass out.”

“The program is designed to give you maximum enjoyment. It senses when you are about to pass out and backs off until you can recover enough to continue.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You’re welcome, slave. Now let’s get you out of this.”

“Please Master, can we leave it for a while until I recover, it feels so good, like you’re hugging me all over.”

“Alright slave, but I need to remove the nipple clips.”

“Aaaahhhh, oooohhhh, those sure hurt when they come off, but they do amazing things to my throbbing clitoris, Master – And they just look so hot, ungghhh.”

“Did you just cum again?”

“No Master, just a little after shock with the added stimulation to my nipples, mmm.”

“Good girl, let’s get you to the bed so you can lie down,” Brett smiled, his beautiful slave all dolled up in fetish gear and loving it so much she wanted to keep wearing it for a while longer. He added a leash to her collar and started for the bedroom with the queen sized bed, but pussylips started for the room with the cell, before correcting course and stumbling slowly along with the spreader bar. It was difficult enough to keep her balance in the crazy high heels, but with the spreader bar it was quite the daunting task.

“Master, can’t we remove this bar between my legs so I can walk?”

“No, you’ll manage.”

“But Master,” pussylips protested but stopped when Brett walked back toward her and forced the ball gag back into her mouth, the straps had been loosened to allow the ball’s removal, the harness still firmly strapped around her head. He tightened the straps, making sure the ball could not be expelled and turned on his heel, tugging again at the leash. She had no choice, pussylips must follow her Master as best she could. Twice she had to pause and catch her balance but finally made it to the bed. Her Master was less than kind when he pushed her onto it, she fell backwards onto her bound arms, the softness of the bed taking the brunt of the fall as pussylips squealed around the gag. He now removed the spreader bar but locked her ankles together and then a leather strap above her knees. She was no longer a biped, now a monoped as her arms and legs were welded together as one. She rolled onto her side and he caressed, first her cheek and then one of her breasts.

“Rest my beautiful slave,” he said softly and walked out of the room. She was exhausted from the earlier ordeal and pussylips didn’t know if she could sleep with the toys still buried inside her, but fatigue won out and she succumbed to sleep, her dreams were filled with her Master and how he would continue to open this new world to her. During her sleep Brett removed all of her bindings, locked her collar to the chain attached to the bed, and covered her over. She awoke to him caressing her cheek and she smiled up at him and grabbed his hand when she realized she was no longer bound.

“Mmm, Master, no one’s ever touched me the way you do. I love you Master.”

“How do you feel, slave?”

“I feel fine Master, maybe my bottom’s a little sore and my body’s a little stiff, but I feel incredible, Master! How long was I out this time?”

“Only two hours.”

“Ooo, Master, is that for me,” pussylips asked, noticing his erection and nodding toward it.

“Yes slave.”

“Please fuck me Master.”

“Are you sure you’re ready for more?”

“Yes Master, the furnace inside me burns even hotter than ever. Oh god, you’ve turned me into a horny slut – a horny slave slut.”

“I assisted, but she was there inside you all along, you just repressed her.”

“Yes Master, oh, may I hug you Master, I love you so much. I feel happier than ever, the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I no longer have to worry about how I’m going to make my car payments, or the rent, or when to pay the bills, I have a Master who will take care of me always. The only thing he asks in return is that I please him, which is so easy, just be my true slutty slave self. Ungghhh.”

“Did you just cum without permission?”

“Almost Master, but I held it back, I didn’t have permission.”

“Good girl, you may hug me,” Brett acquiesced and pussylips launched herself into his arms, hugging him tightly.

“May I kiss you Master?”

“Yes, of course,” Brett chuckled and pussylips began kissing his neck, his muscular chest, his broad shoulders, and finally kissing him on the mouth. She took his beard in her hands and ran her fingers through it, enjoying the feel of it.

“Oh Master, I love your beard, it makes you look so much more authoritative, and though it tickles when I kiss you, it feels so good between my fingers.”

“I’m glad you like it because it’s staying. After I graduated from college and started my own business, I would get so busy, and no one was around to see me, so I didn’t shave for days or weeks at a time. It was after a really busy month that I noticed the beard looked pretty nice, so I trimmed it up and left it.”

“You look very handsome, Master.”

“Thank you.”

“Master, will you be able to take care of me for the rest of my life?”

“Of course, weren’t you paying attention right before I kidnapped you?”

“Um, I guess not Master, I was kind of lost in my own little world, surprised that you wanted me. I was fantasizing about you and didn’t really hear what you were saying.”

“I told you I sold my computer company for over half a billion dollars, but I own the patent to a new technology that’s going to revolutionize the computer industry. I get royalties off of every one they sell, which will be in the hundreds of millions or even billions. I am currently retired, though I could go back to work as a consultant, they were willing to pay me a pretty large sum each year just to have me on staff and available to assist in the implementation.”

“Oh my god, you’re very rich and you picked me, Master! Why?”

“I’ve already told you why, pussylips. I am extremely attracted to submissive women and you are the most submissive female I have ever met. You are more beautiful to me than any woman I have ever seen, including on TV or movies, and in porn. You have no idea how much I lusted after you, I wanted you way back in college, but I felt I needed to be financially stable first. I worked so hard the last few years, and the thought of having you as my slave, gave me that drive. This was my goal, to kidnap you and transform you into the perfect slave. I had no idea you would come around so quickly, but you still lack training, there is still much for you to learn and experience.”

“Please Master, please stop talking and fuck me, unngghhh!”

“Is it that bad?”

“Yes Master, you keep talking about how much you want and desire me and it is making me so hot for you. I’m almost to cum, please Master, take pity on your slave and fuck her.”

“On your hands and knees, slave,” Brett ordered as he pulled off his t-shirt and dropped his pants, kicking off his boxers as pussylips obeyed as quickly as she could, waving her pert ass at him. She bucked her hips and spread her knees wider to allow him access to her dripping cunt. Brett couldn’t resist any longer and slammed his huge cock into her waiting pussy bottoming out on the first thrust, her slit was so wet that he slid in more easily that he could have ever expected and pussylips screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm overtook her. Just his talking about how much he wanted and lusted after her, the planning and kidnap, it excited her beyond words, she was on the verge of explosion by the time he actually entered her. Free to let go she spasmed and gushed all over his thick tool as he plunged in. Brett was planning to hold back and give her several orgasms before he shot his cum into her, but her wildly spasming pussy caused him to lose control and he roared with pleasure as he dumped his load into her willing tunnel, forcing another orgasm from pussylips.

They collapsed onto the bed after they climaxed, Brett’s huge dick still deep in pussylips velvety folds. He realized his weight was crushing her and making it difficult for her to breathe so he rolled onto his side while holding onto her hips, keeping them joined together. He wrapped his arms around her and gently played with her lovely globes, occasionally tugging at her pert nipples. Soon she was moaning and pushing her backside against him to increase the stimulation. Brett surprised even himself that he hadn’t gone nearly as soft as normal and his semi-hard erection began to grow and return. Oh the little minx, she was learning what she did to him and soon they were thrusting with greater force and bringing themselves back to the peak. Brett had trouble because he had just cum but pussylips was under no such constraint and she came again, crying out and moaning, calling out, “Oh yes Master, fuck your slave, make her cum over and over again! I love you Master!”

Brett had still not cum a second time and decided that he needed to up the ante if he was going to ejaculate again so soon. He grabbed her hips after pussylips came down from her second orgasm and rolled on top of her. Then he pushed her knees apart and pulled her hips up as he knelt behind her. She was now face down on the bed, her arms under her head and her nipples rubbing on the comforter. Brett pulled out and she moaned with disappointment, until he rubbed her anus with his dripping cock, covered in her copious amounts of pussy juice and some of his own cum. He pressed against her star and she relaxed, letting his cock head into her anal opening, moaning in equal parts of pain and pleasure. She focused on relaxing as he used his finger to gather more of their excretions as lube and forced himself into her slowly.

When he bottomed out, fully inserted into her asshole, pussylips gave out a little squeal of pain and he held himself inside of her for a moment to allow her to adjust. He knew he was larger than most men and it surprised him that she had adapted so easily to him stuffing his cock up her bowels. He withdrew partially and rammed back in as she moaned, the pleasure starting to mix with the pain. Slowly but surely he picked up speed and within a few minutes pussylips was thrusting back onto Brett with surprising force and her moans sure sounded like she was enjoying this. The tightness and continued moans of his slave finally threw Brett over the precipice and he shot his second load, this time into the depths of her bowels, triggering another orgasm for pussylips who seemed completely incoherent for a while as Brett again resumed the position he had taken earlier on his side, his fading erection still buried in her anus.

As they lay there, basking in the afterglow, Brett again fondled her breasts or just held them. Slowly his member softened and he slipped from her back passage as a portion of his ejaculate oozed from her sphincter. She moaned but didn’t complain as he held her body to him. When she had recovered enough to form coherent thoughts, pussylips was surprised that she had orgasmed from being fucked in the ass. She didn’t know that women could have anal as well as vaginal orgasms.

“Oh Master, I didn’t know I could cum when you fucked my ass, but I did. That’s OK, right? I mean you are fucking me, you said I could cum as much as I am able when your cock is inside of me.”

“Yes slave, you are a good girl.”

“Thank you Master. I – I don’t know how it happened, is it normal or unusual?”

“Most women who learn to let go and enjoy can have an anal orgasm, some never do or can’t. You are a wonderful slave, you learned how to let go on only your second ass fucking, I’m very pleased, slave.”

“Thank you Master,” pussylips said softly as she hugged his arms which held her.

“You’re welcome, my pretty slave.”


“Yes, slave, something on your mind?”

“Master, how many other women have you fucked?”

“Not as many as you might think, only seven.”

“Were any of them like me, submissive slaves?”

“All of them were submissive, but only one other was submissive enough to be a slave. I was attracted to her because of how submissive she was, but she wasn’t my type. She was blonde, big fake tits, thick collagen lips, blue eyes and long legs. I’m into natural symmetry, she was disproportionate, her kisses were awful and her breasts felt fake. We tried for a little while, but I just couldn’t. She said she loved me, but I told her I wasn’t into her physical features enough to love her, plus she had this stubborn side that came out way too often. I couldn’t break her of it so I let her go.”

“Did she find her true Master?”

“Yes, she texted me about a year or so later and told me she had found the perfect Master. He was rougher than I could have been and he finally conquered her stubborn streak. She admitted to me that her stubbornness was just to challenge me and see if I could be tough enough on her, she needed a heavy hand. She liked being punished, it helped her get ready to be fucked, it was like foreplay to her.”

“But Master, when you whipped me I was so ready for you, am I not the same?”

“No, you are ready for me almost constantly. You weren’t being punished when you begged me to fuck you just now.”

“True Master, you were talking about how much you want me.”

“Exactly, you are wet just thinking about me controlling and desiring you.”

“Yes Master, I never thought a man would ever see me as you do.”

“You hid it well, but I’m glad you did, I was the only one who saw through your façade.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips blushed.

“Are you embarrassed?”

“No Master, remember I said that I sometimes blush when I’m aroused? Well, get used to that because I am very aroused by you, Master.”

“Just me, or the things I do to you, the slave I forced you to become?”

“All of it Master, but you truly are very handsome to me. When I woke naked and chained on the bed, one of the first things I thought was that your beard made you look even more handsome,” pussylips replied and Brett chuckled.

“Your true nature was so near the surface, it was amazingly easy to draw you out, slave.”

“Yes Master. Even though the free woman inside me was afraid and didn’t want it, the slave, the true me, was already adjusting and thinking about how much I was going to enjoy being owned by such a handsome Master.”

“You are truly amazing, my pretty pussylips, you are so beautiful inside and out.”

“Thank you Master,” she blushed again, this conversation was bringing back that euphoric feeling, she was oozing their combined cum out of her nether hole as more of her renewed juices sloshed their way out of her overheated canal. “Ooohhh Master, what you do to me,” pussylips moaned and grasped Brett’s arms tighter.

“You are ready again, I can smell you.”

“Yes Master, I’m sorry if my odor offends you.”

“Offends me? Not in the least my beautiful slave, it is distinct and strong, but it is the most beautiful smell a woman can give off, it tells her lover, or her Master in this case, that she is ready for him. It is intoxicating!”

“Oh Master, you’re growing hard again!”

“Yes, but I want to fuck your lovely pussylips and I haven’t cleaned my cock since I exited your shit hole, so let me go clean up quick and I’ll be back to stuff it inside your favorite hole.”

“Oh thank you Master, it is even more than a slave girl could hope for, to be fucked by her Master multiple times in one night.”

“Yes slave, I took some of those supplements I have been researching, they seem to be helping, but then again, maybe it’s just the sight of my lovely submissive slave all hot and ready for me again,” Brett said as he walked into the large bathroom and cleaned himself quickly. When he returned he was greeted to the sight of pussylips on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass at him, not just back and forth but also in a thrusting motion, her slit positively dripping with her excretions.

“Please fuck me Master,” pussylips begged and Brett pulled her to the side of the bed so her ass was at the edge and he could stand and thrust into her. She only moaned and continued her thrusting toward him. Brett slammed his hard as iron erection into her waiting channel. He couldn’t believe that he bottomed out on the first thrust, all but one other woman he had been with couldn’t do that, ever. The one who could took several weeks before she could accommodate him in this way, yet pussylips had taken to it like a fish to water. For a woman who had barely had any sex, she was incredible. She seemed to be able to take him all the way in and yet it felt so tight and amazing around his huge cock. And pussylips loved it the harder he pistoned into her. Soon their bodies were slamming together with a slap as his pelvic area hit her ample ass. She came with a cry and continued to thrust back onto him throughout her orgasm. Holy gods, could it get any better than this? His slave was cumming like a freight train yet still pleasured him with her thrusting and spasming pussy.

After pussylips returned to her senses from her first orgasm to find her Master still pounding her gushing sex, she realized she had thrust back onto him even during the fireworks. Oh god, she was turning into a wanton slut, no a slave slut, who couldn’t seem to get enough cock. His huge member wasn’t causing her any discomfort, in fact, it seemed to be the perfect size for her. How could this be, her vaginal walls had not been stretched by repetitive sex, yet they fit together like a hand in a glove? This question was lost as the haze of her arousal climbed toward the precipice again. She soon fell over the edge into seemingly endless bliss. She had never orgasmed like this when she was by herself or with any other man. This was an entirely different level, her earlier experiences were like riding a bicycle, this was like taking the space shuttle into outer space, there was no comparison.

As she came to her senses again, pussylips was still riding high on the endorphins her body had released and she wanted to go even higher. She was surprised that her Master had not yet ejaculated so she concentrated on giving him pleasure, using her vaginal muscles to massage his cock as he continued to plow her furrow, but he was waning. Obviously because of having cum twice earlier this evening, he was tiring, so pussylips threw herself into bringing him to climax. The problem was, her efforts to please her Master were fanning the flames of her excitement as well. She held back as long as she could but succumbed to the pleasure once again as her body was wracked with spasms of ecstasy. Fortunately, this triggered her Master’s orgasm as well and he held himself against her hips as he shot his third load of the evening into her shuddering body.

They collapsed onto the bed and within moments pussylips was passed out again, the violent orgasms taking their toll. Brett too succumbed to sleep but woke after a half an hour, cold and his wet dick had dried cum on it as it had shrunken and slipped from pussylips velvety folds. He left the bed and cleaned himself, then came and cleaned her up as well. She moaned but pussylips never came to and Brett covered her over and went to make them a late dinner, his slave had enticed him into fucking her three times and he had orgasmed each time. He didn’t know how many she had, but he knew it was several, she was obviously multi orgasmic. He prepared a nice dinner of ham, fresh green beans and potatoes, smothered in butter.

“Wake up slave, you need to eat,” Brett said after he kissed pussylips awake.

“Oh Master, what a way to be woken up,” pussylips responded. “Mmm, something smells delicious.”

“Yes, I made us some dinner,” he said, unlocking her collar from the chain and attaching a leash, leading her into the other room where there was a small table and one chair. Brett sat in the chair while pussylips looked around for another chair and he chuckled.

“Kneel, slave,” Brett said, pointing to a spot next to the chair to indicate where his slave should kneel. Just then her stomach growled loudly and he laughed as she knelt where she had been ordered, hoping he would feed her. ‘Oh, wait, didn’t he say he made dinner for us? Of course he did, stop thinking and just obey, stupid slave,’ pussylips thought to herself. Brett ate a couple bites of dinner and then looked at pussylips.

“Master, will you feed me please?”

“Good girl,” Brett smiled down at her and he fed her a forkful of delicious ham. Dinner continued with Brett taking a bite or two for himself and then feeding pussylips a bite or two as well. When he fed her the potatoes, she noticed them dripping with butter and though they tasted wonderful, she wondered if she should be eating all of this fattening food.

“Master, if I keep eating food like this, I’m going to get fat.”

“You let me worry about that, slave, it is not your concern any longer. You’ll eat what I give you and like it. I don’t like skinny slaves, so if you refuse to eat, I have ways of making sure it gets into your stomach. I’m sure you won’t like it.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips said and ate the next forkful of potatoes dutifully and thought about what her Master had said. “Am I too skinny, Master?”

“No, you are just perfect, but I wouldn’t mind if you gained a few pounds. I like my slaves healthy and soft, not skinny and hard. I don’t like fat but I won’t let you lose any weight, you only weigh one hundred and nine pounds, is that normal for you?”

“No Master, I try to keep my weight at about one hundred ten pounds, but I’m usually about one fifteen. I don’t know why I’m lighter than one ten – wait, how did you know I’m only one hundred and nine pounds?”

“Because I weighed you after I stripped off your clothes. Isn’t that how you weighed yourself?”

“Um, well, I usually had my underwear or nightshirt on, Master.”

“Did you have a particularly stressful week?”

“Yes Master, my boss, the CEO was trying to land a big client that would increase the company’s profits by at least fifty percent. It was very stressful, but he succeeded.”

“And you were a big part of that process?”

“Yes Master.”

“That would explain it, and you probably weighed yourself on Thursday night in your underwear and thought you were doing great because you were down to one ten.”

“Yes Master.”

“Well, you’re going to gain back those five pounds and maybe even five more. Women should be soft and feminine, not hard and muscular, nor skin and bones. Women should have curves, not be a stick figure.”

“Yes Master.”

“Don’t think I don’t like how you look right now, I do, but I will like you even more with another few pounds on you. It will make you even more attractive in my eyes.”

“Oh god, Master, if I get any hotter in your eyes, when will we sleep?” pussylips joked.

“We’ll find time, in between all the fucking, sucking, binding and whipping.”

“Yes Master.”

“Had enough slave, or do you want more?” Brett asked after she chewed her last bite.

“Whatever you wish, Master, I feel comfortably full, but if you wish for me to eat more, then I will obey you.”

“Good girl.”

“Aaahh, oohhh,” pussylips moaned, her Master’s praise causing her pussy to convulse.

“Are you alright slave?”

“Yes Master, I love it when you call me your ‘good girl,’ it goes straight to my core and excites me more than I would have ever believed it could.”

“You are progressing at warp speed, look at this, I’m hard again, I don’t think the supplements work this well or fast. It’s you slave, see what you do to me when you behave.”

“Oh Master, fire the photon torpedoes, please,” pussylips moaned, joking back with him about his warp speed reference.

“Did you just hit me with a Star Trek reference, slave?”

“Yes Master, that’s where I thought you were going with your ‘warp speed’ comment.”

“Damn, my slave watched Star Trek, one of my favorite shows ever. Not only have we become compatible as Master and slave, but we share common interests in science fiction, mind blown.”

“Yes Master, my father watched Star Trek and I enjoyed watching it with him. My mother always thought it was stupid.”

“Are you ready for your dessert?”

“Yes Master, will I get to enjoy more of your huge penis after that?”

“That is the dessert I was referring to, slave.”

“Yes please, Master, I’m sorry I should have picked up on the sexual reference, I’m sometimes a bit slow with those. I promise I will learn, Master, I know how to please a man in every way, except sexually, but I can learn that too.”

“I know you can, slave,” Brett said as he caressed her cheek and then pet pussylips’ hair. She leaned into his hand as he touched her cheek and smiled up at him adoringly as he stroked her hair.

“Which hole would you like to use for your dessert, Master?”

“Perfect response, slave, you’re such a good girl. I knew I was right about you, and you keep proving it.”

“Thank you Master.”

“No, thank you, slave. You could have fought and resisted your true self for a while, yet you chose to embrace the slave within very quickly. Why?”

“I was overwhelmed, Master. I have never been a fighter or resisted much, I always just went with the flow. When you elicited the responses from my body that I had never felt before, somehow it didn’t feel wrong to enjoy it. I knew it was rape, I was being forced, but I had never felt so alive before. My repression was like a dam, holding back my sexual responses and my true self. Your touch broke the dam, Master, and all of these feelings came flooding down on me, that’s why I was overwhelmed. I fell in love with you Master, I fell hard and fast. I could never leave you Master, if you ordered me to leave I would obey, but I would hate it and beg you to stay. If that failed I would leave and then beg you to return. It’s only been two days, Master, and I am addicted, I am deeply in love with you.”

“What is the duty of a slave girl?”

“Master, the duty of a slave girl is to please her Master.”

“And what does she receive for pleasing her Master?”

“She receives his care and protection, and the most amazing orgasms in the world, Master!”

“Don’t you also receive pain and suffering?”

“Yes Master, but I will happily endure whatever my Master wishes. It is a slave girl’s goal in life, to please her Master, and she thrives on pleasing him, even if he wishes her to endure pain.”

“Are you sure you only read one story and never read it again?”

“Yes Master. I don’t have a photographic memory but I have an excellent memory, especially when something imprints on me like that story, or your kidnapping me. I have not forgotten a single thing you have said since you broke me when you fucked me that first time, Master. I have also not forgotten that entire story, I don’t know if I could quote it, but I sure could tell you the story very well, especially the dialog and the rules.”

“You can do that after only reading it once?”

“Yes Master, the excitement it brought imprinted the story in my mind. Yes, I can memorize facts by straight rote memory, but when an event like that happens, I can remember every detail and practically every word spoken.”

“But at the beginning you didn’t call me Master, was that on purpose?”

“No Master, I was so scared, I thought you might just fuck me and then kill me. I was so traumatized I couldn’t even think straight. When I realized what you wanted I knew I could at least fake what you wanted, even if I hated it, though I now realize you would have been able to tell I was faking it by my body’s responses.”

“So trauma sometimes causes you to lose focus?”

“Sometimes Master, it depends. Once the initial fear of death was gone, I was able to focus on what you wanted, and then you started touching me in ways no one ever has. I suddenly became extremely focused on what you were doing and how good it felt. I can’t explain it Master, but now that I know how to focus on you, I will remember my lessons well.”

“You are the most incredible woman on this planet, beautiful, sexy, submissive, a true slave, and you can hyper focus on your lessons so they won’t need to be repeated.”

“I can’t promise that I will always be focused, Master, sometimes I will lose it and a lesson may need to be repeated, but right now, I’m so hyper-focused on everything because it’s so amazing and new.”

“That makes sense, and it explains why you’ve turned into a perfect slave, truly overnight.”

“Yes Master, my dreams that first night were of you and the sex we had, the lessons you taught me, and of course, those incredible orgasms. I dreamed you let me go but I returned and begged you to let me stay. I knew it was my heart telling me this is what I had been missing, what I needed.”

“I have truly hit the jackpot! You are the most amazing slave, I’m still awestruck, I didn’t really know how beautiful you truly were, I love you my gorgeous slave! Maybe I should change your name to something less crass and demeaning.”

“I don’t think you should, Master, please don’t go soft on me now.”

“So you want me to be rough?”

“I want you to continue to be my Master, not my pushover boyfriend or doting husband, I want you to remain my strong, commanding Master. Remember when I didn’t open my legs when you ordered me that first time on the toilet?”


“When you whipped my tits with the flogger, I convulsed in my pussy. I couldn’t pee right away because I was busy processing those erotic feelings. I never knew it could be like that.”

“Well, I am somewhat of a sadistic bastard, and I do get off on control and some corporal punishment.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed Master, as do I.”

“So you’re saying, don’t screw this up by getting all romantic, just keep being myself and you will be fine.”

“More than fine, Master, it’s what made me fall in love with you. A slave can love her Master and still be his slave. I don’t know if a Master can love his slave and still treat her like a slave, I guess we will find out.”

“Incredible, we have been talking for a while and the time is slipping away. I’m actually getting sleepy,” Brett said with a yawn.

“Yes Master, I’ve never talked so much to anyone in my life, you’ve unlocked every part of me, I am yours forever,” pussylips said and Brett knelt down and kissed her, she didn’t even break position, but moaned with pleasure in response. Brett clipped a leash on her collar and led her into the dungeon. Her eyes lit up when they entered, pussylips was hoping he would bring her to orgasm again before bed, she was abuzz with excitement. He led her to a short strange looking device and pussylips wondered how it worked.

“Kneel here,” Brett ordered pointing to the spot next to the device where he wanted her to be. She dutifully knelt in proper position and waited, staring at the post in front of her. Dangling from the top was a leather strap which was open and hung down the side of the pole. Tied with a cord was a metal clamp device of some sort, and near the bottom of the metal post, welded into the construction, was a pair of steel cuffs. It didn’t seem all that intimidating, but how would he be able to fuck her in this position? Obviously it was meant to keep her on her knees and her – oh god, he wasn’t going to fuck her lower holes, he was going to use her mouth. Right on cue, Brett returned with a ring gag and pussylips dutifully opened and allowed him to strap it into her mouth and buckle it tight at the back of her neck forcing her mouth wide open. Next he attached a thick dildo onto the base of the post at just the right height.

“Mount the phallus, slave,” he ordered and though she could make noise, pussylips’ speech was unintelligible. She did as ordered, needing no lube as her pussy was in a seemingly constant state of arousal, and the dildo slid in easily. This held her lower body against the pole and her legs spread wide around it. She felt the bump on the pole, rubbing against her clit and knew she would likely have an orgasm or two as well. Brett took her hands and locked them into the steel cuffs on the side of the pole, holding her arms vertical, pressing against the outsides of her tits, forcing them to wrap themselves around the pole.

Brett then used the leather strap attached to the top of the pole to pull pussylips’ neck against the pole, her chin resting on the smooth rounded top. This tilted her head back and held her even tighter to the post, the perfect angle for fucking her throat, she thought. He untied the cord holding the long metal clamp to the post and quickly twisted her already erect nipples. She couldn’t help but moan, she was finding that pain fueled her arousal and though it wasn’t much, it was enough to make her erect nubs pucker even further. Brett then opened the clamp and she could see the small indents in the metal where her nipples would go. She was already helplessly held to the pole by her wrists, neck and vagina, she couldn’t pull back as he fitted her nipples in the slots and twisted the clamp shut on her nipples. She moaned again at the added stimulation and bucked her hips what little she could.

“And now for your dessert,” Brett grinned evilly and pussylips moaned again, her Master was back, not some sappy boyfriend, but her strong, commanding, and sadistic Master, the one she was in love with. He dropped his pants and stuffed his cock straight into her throat without any further ado. She couldn’t believe that she so easily accommodated his thick cock in her throat, especially without gagging. She had no idea that she didn’t have a gag reflex, who tests something like that, unless you plan to work in porn, or in this case, her Master forced it on her. That was the other thing that pussylips liked, being forced added to her burgeoning excitement as well. That’s why she had broken so easily, it had been forced upon her.

Brett began to thrust into her mouth in earnest and pussylips did her best to lick and suck him as best she could with the ring gag, except it got in the way of her sucking him by closing her lips around his huge cock. The second thing she noticed was that each thrust into her mouth forced her further down onto the dildo and the rocking motion also stimulated her clit. She tried to concentrate on breathing whenever possible, but the need in her groin was growing quickly. She held back as long as she could, but between the helpless stimulation and the lack of oxygen, she exploded and growled around his cock as she came, triggering his orgasm as well. He shot his cum straight down her throat as she shuddered and convulsed in ecstasy.

Brett pulled out after he finished and pussylips gasped in the much needed oxygen her body had been denied while his huge cock was lodged in her throat. As she panted her body was still being stimulated by the movement and she moaned and shuddered as an aftershock hit her. She realized that she had already become accustomed to being used by her Master and it thrilled her to the core. As pussylips contemplated her most recent orgasm she was more than surprised she had cum so hard while her Master used her mouth. Then again, he had added the dildo, the clamps on her tits, plus the well-placed bump, the helplessness, and the degradation had all combined for a heady combination of factors that drove her wild with lust. She suddenly realized that her Master was taking pictures of her with his cell phone. She moaned once more with arousal and clenched her vaginal muscles to stave off another orgasm.

“I see you enjoyed that more than I expected,” Brett grinned as he removed the ring gag.

“Yes Master, it surprised me too,” pussylips admitted with a blush of arousal. “Master, may I see the pictures you took of me?”

“Yes, of course,” he responded and began showing them to her on the screen.

“Oh god, Master, I never knew I could look so – so sexual, so hot!”

“I did.”

“Yes Master, thank you for seeing the real me and bringing her out, I could never go back to being boring old Dori. You have stripped away the veneer and shown me my true self, slave pussylips. I love you Master.”

“So you keep saying and proving to me. Tonight you may sleep in bed with me, chained to the bed, of course.”

“Thank you Master,” pussylips moaned at the strain in her neck from being held in this unnatural position.

“Still aroused, slave?”

“Yes Master, but that’s not why I groaned.”

“It sounded like a moan.”

“Perhaps Master, you have awakened the fire within me and it seemingly burns continuously, but my current issue is my neck, it hurts an awful lot, Master.”

“Oh, yes, I’m sure it does,” Brett said as he unbuckled the strap holding her neck to the pole. As soon as he released the strap pussylips leaned back to straighten her neck and gasped as this caused her to pull on her breasts that were wrapped around the pole and forced more stress on her clamped nipples. It also caused the dildo to press directly on her g-spot. She couldn’t help herself and moaned a bit as she stretched her neck and tried to work out the kinks. Brett just grinned and watched the show. He yawned and then smiled down at her.

“I guess it’s time to release you and get to bed, I was tired before, but shooting my load down your throat and seeing you cum like that is rather draining,” Brett said as he released the clamp holding her nipples, causing pussylips to cry out in pain and then hump the dildo furiously. He laid a hand on her shoulder, indicating she should stop. He released her wrists and examined them, they were somewhat red and chaffed because of her violent orgasm. Next he clipped a leash to her collar and indicated by pulling up that she should stand. As she slowly stood the huge dildo slid out of her and pussylips felt bereft as her primary hole was now vacated and she could hardly wait for it to be filled again. He led her into the large room with the big bed and dropped the leash between her breasts.

“Use the toilet, clean yourself up and be in bed in five minutes,” Master ordered. She had stopped thinking of him as Brett, he was just Master. She rushed into the bathroom and used the toilet, cleaning her vulva and lips with a warm wet cloth before patting it dry. She brushed her hair and reapplied the lipstick, then rushed back to the bed where her Master was waiting for her.

“Not bad, you almost didn’t make it, only five seconds to spare, but I like that you tried to make yourself pretty for me, you look beautiful, slave.”

“Thank you Master,” pussylips said as she lay on the bed next to him, handing him her leash. Brett unclipped it from her collar and locked her collar to the chain already locked to the metal headpiece of the bed. He tossed the leash to the chair on his side of the bed and grabbed her to him, hugging her tightly.

“I love you pussylips, you are more beautiful than I ever imagined.”

“Thank you Master.”

“You’re welcome, slave,” he yawned again and turned out the lamp on the nightstand by his side of the bed while pussylips’ side had no lamp or nightstand, only a small table too far for her to reach. The room was not completely dark, it had that eerie glow that she had noticed in the cell last night. She could see well enough to move about the room without tripping over anything, except that pussylips was chained to the bed. Her Master was already asleep, his arms around her and she tried to sleep but could not, pussylips was still a bundle of pent up sexual energy. Sure, she had just had an incredible orgasm only a half hour ago, but he truly had started a fire inside of her that seemed unquenchable. His breath in her face was distracting and she turned over onto her other side, using his arm as a pillow and wrapping the other arm around her so that it hung over her breasts. She lay there for a while unable to quiet her thoughts as they bounced around in her head. Eventually she fell asleep from exhaustion.


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