Ripe for the Picking

by MasterKGray

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© Copyright 2021 - MasterKGray - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; slave; training; dungeon; mast; naked; oral; gag; crop; cuffs; collar; bench; whip; cane; cons; reluct; XX

Continues from

Chapter 2

Brett was lying in bed very pleased with how things had gone. He had successfully kidnapped the woman of his dreams and her first evening of slavery had gone surprisingly well. She even thanked him for giving her incredible orgasms. It amazed him that such a repressed woman could be so quickly turned into a needy slave. She had begged him to do it again, but he was spent and had masturbated before he went down when she awoke so that he could keep himself under control. Three times in such a short time was a record. He wished he could have held out and then possibly been able to use her velvety folds a third time, they felt so much better than his hand. In the morning he would force her to give him a blow job. He was pretty sure she had never done that. He fell asleep, dreaming of pussylips as his well-trained slave.

In the night pussylips awoke covered in sweat, her hand in her crotch and Brett’s name on her lips. She had an amazing dream where he had apologized for kidnapping her and released her, but she had returned to him and he had asked her to marry him. She had readily agreed, they were married in a lavish ceremony and honeymooned in some far off exotic land. In her dream they were consummating their marriage with more of their amazing sex and she cried out his name as he forced her to cum over and over again. She realized that she really had an orgasm because her sheets and hand were wet from her juices. She climbed out of bed and wiped it up as best she could with a towel before climbing back into bed because she was getting cold. This only caused more internal dialogue and restlessness. Oh god, what had he done to her?

Brett awoke the next morning and checked the video feed to see that pussylips was still asleep. He checked the recordings and saw that she had woken in the night and wiped up the bed. He went backwards and could hear her calling out his name and then examining herself to see that she was wet with her own juices. She had climbed out of bed and wiped up with a towel before going back to bed and tossing and turning before she fell back to sleep. He grinned to himself as he got out of bed and threw on a pair of sweats and t-shirt before heading down to the basement dungeon. He had not shown her the real dungeon for fear it would freak her out. Better to ease her into it slowly, it seemed to be working so far.

“Good morning slave,” Brett said when he walked up to the cell but pussylips did not respond because she was still asleep. He kicked the bars with his boot and pussylips rolled over and looked at him bleary eyed. “I hate to repeat myself, good morning slave.”

“Unnnn, um, good morning, um, Master.”

“Not a morning person?”

“No Master, I need my coffee in the morning.”

“We will see about the coffee later, right now I want you out of bed and on your knees in front of me for inspection,” Brett ordered and pussylips slowly peeled back the covers and rolled out onto the floor, kneeling in front of the bars, facing him. She knelt with her knees together, her hands resting in front of her nether region, trying to figure out a way to cover her breasts without moving from her current position.

“Now how am I supposed to inspect my slave when I can’t see her?”

“I’m right here Master, as you ordered.”

“I can’t see your beautiful pussy, you’ve partially blocked my view of your perfect tits, and your posture is awful. Move your hands behind your back and cross your wrists. Spread your knees wide, I want to see those beautiful lips I love so much. Straighten your back, thrust up those lovely breasts of yours. Pull your shoulders back as well. Keep your head level but look at my feet,” Brent commanded. At first pussylips was shocked and horrified, then she remembered where she was and who was commanding her, and that he had promised punishment if she disobeyed. She tried to assume the position he requested but failed miserably. She had barely spread her knees more than a foot apart, her back was not straight and her shoulders were somewhat neutral or forward a bit. The only part that she got right was crossing her wrists behind her back. Her head was bent down, not looking straight ahead.

“That is pathetic, slave,” Brett said as he strode out of the room, grabbing a crop from the dungeon and returning. He stood looking down at pussylips as she trembled in fear. She had displeased him and didn’t know what he wanted. She thought she had gotten it right, but her timidity and negative body image had conditioned her to be ashamed of being naked, and especially trying to display her body. She noticed that though the floor looked like concrete it was actually rubber and somewhat warm. This seemed odd, but she dismissed it as Brett unlocked the cell door and stepped inside to stand next to her.

“Remember last night after your shower when I did your hair and makeup?”

“Yes Master.”

“Do you remember that beautiful woman in the mirror?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, that’s how I always see you, but you have to feel that about yourself. Now turn and face me, slave, but try to improve your positioning, be proud of how pretty you are,” Brett ordered and pussylips tried, but she just didn’t think of herself as sexy or beautiful. He then began again.

“Spread those knees wide for me, I wish to see that gorgeous pussy I own,” he ordered but pussylips only spread them slightly wider than before. Brett tapped the inside of her thighs with the crop. “Come on, wider, if you don’t hurry up and get this right, I’m going to use this,” he said, indicating the crop. She spread her knees much wider but not quite wide enough so Brett smacked the inside of her left thigh with the crop. She cried out but spread her knees as wide as she could get them. “There, much better, such a pretty pussy.”

“Now let’s work on your posture. Come on, straighten your back,” Brett demanded as he tapped the small of her back with the crop. She tried to arch up but he wasn’t satisfied and smacked her left ass cheek before she arched enough. “Good girl, I knew you could do it.”

“Now, get those shoulders back, I want those tits displayed,” Brett ordered and pussylips complied, thinking of when her elbows were tied together last night. “Very good, that’s perfect. Now remember this position, this is how I want to see my slave when I arrive here in the morning and anytime I order you to kneel. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, now stop looking at my feet and look at yourself in the mirror,” Brett said as he stepped to the side so pussylips could see herself in the tall narrow mirror on the wall. She gasped at the sight of herself so provocatively displayed but could not deny that the beautiful slave she saw in the reflection actually excited her. It couldn’t be her and yet she knew that it was. She noticed and felt the trickle of her wetness as it made its way down the lips of her vagina. Why was this arousing her? “Good girl,” Brett said as he grinned down at her.

“Now the other thing you will do every morning is give me a blow job. It is your first duty as a slave. Have you ever given head before?”

“Head, Master?”

“Damn you’ve lived a sheltered life. Head is slang for sucking cock. Have you ever sucked dick before?”

“No Master.”

“Well it’s time you learned, no teeth, now open up and start sucking,” Brett ordered as he slid his pants down revealing his huge cock, but pussylips turned her head away.

“Eww, no, that’s disgusting Master,” she said and Brett slapped her left cheek. “Oowww, please Master, don’t make me do that, wouldn’t you rather fuck me instead?” she asked and Brett couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. He walked away and returned with a new item that pussylips did not recognize. It was a large ring with two straps on either side.

“Open up, slave,” Brett ordered but pussylips just eyed the ring gag warily and kept her mouth tightly closed. Brett smacked her left ass cheek and she yelped but pressed her lips together tightly once more. Frustrated, he walked behind her and laid five more strokes on her reddening bottom, alternating between the cheeks. Once again pussylips was introduced to a new sensation, though the whipping had hurt, it did something else. As her bottom warmed, so did her pussy and she was surprised when he stopped, she wanted more. Involuntarily she let out a moan of arousal and Brett tried to hide his grin. The slave within her was coming to the surface far more quickly than he had imagined.

“Did my slave enjoy her little whipping?” Brett asked and pussylips just looked up at him and then nodded almost imperceptibly. What was wrong with her? Why did that just get her all wet and aroused? ‘Oh god, he must be right about me, I’m a slave, I just didn’t know it before,’ she thought. “I knew it, you are so perfect, pretty pussylips,” he praised her.

“Thank you Master. Please whip me more,” pussylips begged, almost in a whisper.

“Very well, slave, since you asked so nicely, you may change position, move to your hands and knees. Good, now spread those knees a bit further apart,” Brett ordered. She assumed the position and he waited as pussylips became antsy. She wanted to experience this new sensation that was quickly fading but her Master had not struck her. Then she heard him move his feet and heard the hiss of the whip as it struck her ass cheeks, bisecting both as the leather whip struck her with a force she couldn’t have imagined. She gasped, held her breath and then let out a scream. No, this wasn’t what she wanted, this hurt too much, it wasn’t erotic, it was just pain. She sobbed and tears rolled down her face. ‘Oh god, that hurt! You asked for it you idiot,’ pussylips thought.

Suddenly she heard the hiss of the whip again and tensed up before it struck, the leather thudding into her tightened buttocks. She screamed again, it hurt worse when she tensed! ‘Stupid slave. Why did you have to ask for more?’ pussylips thought. Again the sound of the whip and she tried to relax as it struck once more a bit lower on her ass and she couldn’t even scream, only cry out pitifully. The next one caused her arms to give out and she fell and rested her head on them, her nipples touching the floor. The fifth stroke landed and pussylips did not cry out, she only moaned and tried not to fall over on her side. Her ass was on fire, it hurt worse than anything she had ever felt in her life. And yet, the fire in her pussy had not been squelched, in fact, it had risen to new heights. She wanted, no wait, she needed to be fucked, NOW!

“P – Please fuck me, Master!” she pleaded through the pain and tears.

“No, slave, you must learn to obey. Earlier I commanded you to give me a blow job, you refused. I then ordered you to open up and you refused, so I had to punish you. Then you asked to be punished more because you have discovered your true slave nature and it is rearing its ugly head. Obey, and you will be rewarded, disobey and you will be punished, now get over here and suck my cock,” Brett ordered. She crawled to his side and knelt, reaching for his penis.

“No, kneel in the position you were just taught, then begin,” he commanded and pussylips knelt in that extremely sexual position and opened her mouth. Brett immediately stuffed the ring gag in behind her teeth and buckled it at the back of her neck. Now her mouth was held wide open and available for him. Now pussylips was confused, why did he have to gag her? She had been punished and learned her lesson, now she would obey. She realized quickly that because she had disobeyed her choice of how to please her Master would be taken away from her.

Brett immediately plunged his harder than ever cock into her held open mouth. He could feel the roughness of her tongue on the underside, it felt heavenly, but she could not close her lips around it because of the gag. He continued, not going too deep because pussylips said she had never done this before and he didn’t want to cause her to gag too quickly.

“Come on, slave, lick the underside. Swirl your tongue around the head,” he ordered and pussylips obeyed, trying to give him pleasure. She was surprised that it didn’t taste bad and it was like having a huge thumb only longer in your mouth. She licked and twirled as ordered, trying to get back in his good graces. Maybe he would fuck her after this was finished. Suddenly she realized that if he ejaculated in her mouth, he would be done for a little while, he couldn’t do it a second time so quickly. But she felt a certain satisfaction when she heard him moan with pleasure. Getting carried away Brett forced his cock into her throat, but didn’t realize it as pussylips didn’t gag.

When she was a child, Dori had accidentally gotten a cylindrical plastic toy stuck in her throat. She had been sucking on it and tripped, forcing the toy down her throat. It didn’t cause her to gag but she couldn’t breathe or make a sound. She panicked and ran to her mother, opening her mouth for mom to see. Her mother pulled the toy out of Dori’s throat and she didn’t even gag, just took deep gasping breaths and happily ran off to play. Her mother was shocked that the young girl didn’t even seem traumatized by the incident.

Now, twenty years later, Dori, renamed pussylips, was swallowing her Master’s huge cock like she had the toy that day. She didn’t know she had no gag reflex, and neither did her Master. Brett plunged harder and deeper and pussylips just timed her breathing and kept using her tongue as instructed. When his balls made contact with her chin, he froze for a second before pulling all the way out, her tongue following trying to obey his command, catching her tongue on the ridge behind the head of his circumcised cock. He pulled completely away from her tongue and looked down at her. She didn’t look disturbed or even mildly upset, in fact, her tongue was still trying to touch his cock. Brett reached around and unbuckled the ring gag and removed it.

He stepped closer and started again, this time pussylips closed her lips around his cock and used her tongue as well. For a first timer she was incredibly good, a natural born cock sucker. She took him all the way down her throat again without a hint of gagging. Brett stayed there for a good half a minute before he pulled back and let her breathe again. Surprising him, she forced his cock back down her throat within a few seconds and gave out a growl which vibrated his cock and made him lose control as he shot his load straight down her esophagus. When he finished he pulled back and pussylips gasped in the much needed oxygen her lungs had been denied. He couldn’t ask her to show him his cum, she swallowed it as he ejaculated. He doubted if any of it actually touched her tongue. She continued to lick and suck until he pulled it free of her mouth with a pop and walked to get a towel. He dried off his cock and pulled on his sweat pants before walking back to pussylips who had resumed proper kneeling position.

“Good girl,” Brett said softly.

“Thank you Master,” pussylips said, looking up at him with an inquisitive look on her face.

“You did very well for your first time, slave. In fact, it was a pleasant surprise to find you have no gag reflex.”


“You didn’t gag at all when I accidentally forced it into your throat, and then you took it all the way down again on your own without any trouble, amazing!”

“That’s not normal, Master?”

“Definitely not, most women gag and choke, some overcome it, some never do. You on the other hand didn’t even have to practice, it just came natural to you. You are just full of wonderful surprises.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Not going to beg me to fuck you?”

“I didn’t think you would be able to, this soon, Master.”

“Not only a natural submissive slave, but a smart one too, you just keep getting better and better.”

“Thank you Master, how soon can you fuck me?” pussylips asked and Brett laughed.

“After breakfast and a shower,” Brett replied, grabbing a hairbrush out of the cabinet above the sink in the cell and brushing pussylips hair before pulling it into a ponytail. Brett left the cell and returned after a couple minutes with two dog bowls. Written in marker on the side it said ‘pussylips’. He set them down on the floor in front of her. One bowl was filled with water, and the other with oatmeal and yogurt mixed together. She looked up at him before picking up the bowl of water to tip it up and take a drink.

“No, put it down! No hands, slave, eat and drink like the animal you are,” Brett ordered rather sternly. She sighed and put the bowl down on the floor before going to her hands and knees, putting her face in the bowl of water and drinking. She drank some water before moving over to the other bowl and eating the mush there. It was thick and sticky and pussylips couldn’t help getting some of the food stuck on her face. She was quite hungry and finished the bowl quickly. She moved back to the water bowl and drained it.

“Master, may I clean up and use the toilet?”

“Yes, go ahead,” Brett agreed and pussylips rushed to the toilet, releasing her urine with her legs spread wide as she had been ordered just the evening before. She let out a moan of pain mixed with pleasure as her sore bottom rested on the toilet seat. What was happening to her? Was he forcing this change inside her, or was it her true nature being brought to the surface by this traumatic event? She knew she wanted to experience more, anything, everything, to know what it felt like to just let go and experience all of the pain and pleasure he could inflict on her body. After wiping herself she went to the sink and washed her hands and face, patting her face dry with the towel. Her hair was still in a ponytail, but her face looked average, plain after the makeup had been washed off. Her swelling breasts still looked amazing and she wondered why she never saw how beautiful her body was.

“Master, will you please help me?” pussylips asked as she pulled out the cosmetics from behind the mirror.

“You need to learn to do it for yourself.”

“But I need your direction, Master, I’ve never made myself up to look so beautiful, please tell me what to do, how to make myself pretty for you.”

“Good girl, you are already more beautiful than you know. You have caught glimpses of it and you desire more. I will teach you,” Brett agreed with a smile and pussylips thrilled within at his words, especially those two little words he kept repeating each time she pleased him. Brett came and stood behind her, directing her motions and the amount of each different shade and color. When she finished applying the lipstick she blew him a kiss in the mirror. She noticed that the colors were different than last night, darker, more sexual. Brett grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around, wrapping his arms tightly about her waist, lifting her off the floor and kissing her passionately. He didn’t care that it smeared the makeup, she was everything he had ever wanted in life, a beautiful woman at his feet, begging to please him. He allowed his desire for her to consume him and envelop her. She kissed back with a ferocity he could not have expected, wrapping her arms around the back of his neck. She was becoming his slave naturally, quickly! He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. They were wild with a fire he had never seen before.

“Master, do you think my lips are too thin?”

“No, slave, they are perfect, just like all of you. You are a natural beauty, unenhanced. I don’t like all of those Hollywood sluts who change their body to fit what is considered sexy or beautiful. I like natural women, and you will never be enhanced, you are perfect just the way you are.”

“Oh Master, thank you, no one’s ever told me I was beautiful except my father. I think the only time my mother ever said it was on prom night, I think she was jealous. I thought I was in love with a guy I dated in college, but he never told me I was beautiful or loved me. He graduated and disappeared, he wouldn’t return my texts or calls, so I gave up.”

Brett couldn’t even speak, he was in awe of this beautiful creature he had kidnapped. He now regretted that decision. Based on her responses she would have happily dated him and bent to his will without coercion. He could have introduced her to herself in a loving and wonderful way without all the trouble he had gone to. Now she could never contact her parents, she could never leave here, she was officially deceased. He regretted that he hadn’t explored that option first. He had been so consumed by her and his own needs that he hadn’t even considered her feelings. What if she had resented him and never truly discovered the slave inside? What if he had been wrong about her and she hated him forever?

“Master, what’s wrong, you look sad?”

“I am continuously surprised by you, slave. You are not only more beautiful than I had imagined, but you are also becoming attuned to your true nature so easily that I wish I had not kidnapped you. I wish we had gone out to eat and I had begun dating you. Based on what I know now, I could have easily opened up this whole new world to you and let you choose it willingly.”

“No Master, it had to happen this way. I never would have agreed to allow you to do the things you’ve done to me because I would have still had the illusion of being free. Knowing I was officially dead to the world and that my only hope for survival was to please you, which I am very good at, by the way. I have never failed to please the men in my life, but never sexually. I repressed that side of me my entire life. I don’t think I would have ever realized the slave inside of me if it hadn’t been forced upon me. Thank you Master, I was just thinking how I want to experience it all, whatever you wish to do to me, I want to continue to feel what I feel right now, like a beautiful, desirable and wanton slave. I want you to force me to orgasm over and over. I want you to whip me when I’ve been a petulant little slave, just like you did this morning. My butt hurts, but it reminds me of what I am. I am your slave pussylips, I am for your pleasure, Master.”

Brett was again shocked and pussylips giggled at the look on his face. Something had snapped inside her, she was a different person, a desired female, no longer a repressed and boring woman who thought she was happy, even though her emotions kept telling her differently. She had discovered her true self and wanted to explore it to its fullest.

“But, how did you know that a slave is for her Master’s pleasure? Have you read about this online?” Brett asked.

“I mostly read romance novels, and thought that is what I wanted, but after a while they seemed boring. I mean they’re the same thing over and over again with a different location or slightly different people, but it’s really all the same. One night I was reading on a popular erotic website and I accidentally clicked on a BDSM story. It was in my recommended stories. I clicked on it and started reading. I couldn’t stop, even though the story was several pages and it took me until after one am to finish it. I got out my dildo and masturbated to thoughts of being bound and fucked, just like the woman in the story. After I finished I threw my dildo away in disgust and went to get a shower, trying to wash away the guilt. I never read another story like that and made sure to check what type of story before clicking on it. The trouble was, now my romance stories were even more boring than before. So you see, I knew what I was, even back then, but I wouldn’t admit it to myself. I doubt I would have if we had dated and you suggested it. But with the option of refusal taken away I was free to discover what I now have, that I am your slave, Master, I think I love you.”

“Y – You love me? After all I’ve done to you, and you love me?”

“Yes Master, there’s an old Anne Murray song that keeps running around in my head. Yes, my mother listened to her a lot when I was a child. There’s a line in the song, ‘Just Another Woman In Love’, where she says, ‘…you touch me and I’m weak, I’m a feather in the wind, and I can’t wait to feel you touching me again, with you I’m just another woman in love.’ That’s how I feel with you Master, you touch me like no one ever has and I want you to keep touching me like that forever.”

“Will you still want me to touch you with a whip, cane or some other punishment or torture device?”

“Yes Master, if it pleases you then I have fulfilled my purpose. I would gladly accept whatever pain you wish to inflict on my helpless body, as long as you allow me to orgasm and stuff that big beautiful penis into me.”

“What if I want to brand or tattoo you? What if I wanted to pierce your nipples, or your clit?”

“I am your slave, Master, do I have a choice?” pussylips teased and then giggled.

“No seriously, I want to know.”

“Yes Master, whatever you desire me to be, I will be for you.”

“I’m having a hard time believing that you are sincere. I’m afraid this is all an act to make me let my guard down and attempt to escape.”

“No Master, I promise I will convince you, it is not an act. When you whipped me, did I call you names or get angry with you?”

“No, and I was surprised, I expected you to curse and swear at me, call me all kinds of horrible names, but you didn’t.”

“When you kissed me just now, did it seem like I didn’t want you to or was just trying to yield to you enough to believe me?”

“No, it seemed full of fire and passion, just like your eyes after I kissed you.”

“Yes, because I love you Master. Will you please kiss your slave again?” pussylips requested and Brett again lifted her off the floor, somewhere during their discussion he had allowed her to slide down to her feet. He kissed her forcefully as she moaned and kissed back with the passion of a tiger after its first kill. She wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and her legs around his waist, rubbing her body against his. “Your beard tickles, Master,” she giggled after they broke the kiss but the fire in her eyes was brighter than before. “Does that answer your question, Master?”

“Yes, and no.”

“Are you confused Master? Do you need more proof?”

“I am confused, I will eventually find out if you are telling the truth, you can’t fake this forever.”

“I’m not faking Master.”

“I just can’t believe that. I kidnapped you, took you away from your life. I didn’t actually kill you, but I might as well have, the world thinks you are dead. I can never let you go or I will end up in prison for a very long time. I forced you to become my slave and now you’re telling me you want to remain as my slave? It just doesn’t add up. I thought over time you would come to see things my way, you would see the submissive slave inside yourself and give up on ever escaping. But to tell me this after only two days, during one of which you were unconscious, I – I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it Master. I didn’t know myself until you forced it out of me. You were right, there was a slave hiding underneath my conservative dresses and little or no makeup. I always wanted to be the girl everyone noticed, the woman every man desired, but I was afraid, scared, repressed and I made sure that never happened. I wanted a man who wanted me for who I was inside, and instead of me finding him, he found me, and forced me to confront the slave lurking inside me. Rather than running and hiding from myself, I am embracing my true self.”

“This is more than I could have ever hoped for. Even when I did this, I thought you would break in time and realize your inner slave, but I thought you might still resent me and miss your former life, albeit a boring and dull one,” Brett said as he loosened his grip on her and allowed her to slip back to the floor. When she regained her feet he stepped back and pussylips could see his hard-on through his sweatpants.

“Ooo, Master, will you please fuck me now?”

“Not yet, go lie on the bed,” Brett ordered and pussylips started out the door of the cell toward the room with the queen sized bed. “No, this bed,” Brett said sternly pointing toward the bed in the cell.

“Oh, sorry Master,” pussylips said as she went to the bed and lay down, trying several positions to make herself look sexy. When Brett returned she was lying part on her back, part on her side, one hand behind her head, the other pushing up one of her breasts while her legs were parted and one knee was raised. Brett grinned at her attempt.

“Lie face down, slave.”

“Ooo, yes Master, I love it from behind, to be used like an animal, like – like a slave,” pussylips responded and rolled onto her stomach, then went onto her hands and knees. Brett took the tube of healing ointment and began to apply it to her reddened bottom. “Oh, Master, thank you, that feels divine,” pussylips moaned as he rubbed a generous amount of the cream into her sore ass cheeks. Oh, the pain, the pleasure, it was all melding together and pussylips moaned and cooed as her Master took care of her whipped ass. “Please fuck me, Master,” she begged as she swayed her hips provocatively.

“Soon my impatient slave,” Brett said as he playfully slapped her ass causing pussylips to moan again, the pain was subsiding and becoming so much pleasure, a trickle of her juices ran down her inner thigh, tickling her and adding to her already heated arousal. Brett finished and put away the jar of cream, then dropped his sweatpants and knelt between her legs. He thrust pussylips’ knees further apart and rammed home, burying himself inside her in one thrust causing her to cry out.

“Yes Master, oh god, make it hurt! Fuck me hard like the slave I am,” pussylips nearly shouted and thrust her hips back to meet his thrusts making their bodies slap together. Each time she let out the sluttiest moans and soon fell over the edge, his huge cock was rubbing her g-spot so hard that she couldn’t help herself. She moaned and cried out and kept thrusting back until he shot his load deep inside her willing tunnel. He grabbed her hips and held her tight to him while he ejaculated, forcing another orgasm from his slave. He collapsed onto her and her arms gave out. They laid there in the afterglow, just breathing and enjoying each other. As he softened Brett pulled out of her velvet sleeve, even though she tried to hold him inside her.

“Clean my cock, slave,” he ordered and pussylips looked at him in disbelief but righted herself and looked at his penis but didn’t take it into her mouth.

“How am I supposed to clean your cock Master, should I get a towel?”

“No, use your mouth, suck and lick it clean.”

“B – But Master – “

“If you really have changed and you truly want to be my slave, you will obey and prove yourself.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips barely whispered and took his cock into her mouth, licking around the head slowly. She let out a slutty moan, paused and then continued, her hips thrusting as her pussy leaked their combined juices onto the bed. She licked and sucked fervently bringing Brett back to full hardness as she sucked his dick like it was the best thing she had ever tasted. In truth, the taste had initially disgusted her, but the humiliation and the obedience brought to light her position as a slave and ignited the fire within her. She was thrilled to see him back to readiness so quickly and she took him down her throat twice before coming up for air. “Please fuck me again, Master,” she begged and Brett choked back a laugh.

“Just last night you said you would never beg me to fuck you, that the language was too vulgar, and now you’ve done it several times today, without any prompting from me.”

“Yes Master, I am but your helpless slave, I must obey your every command, but please, oh please quench this unholy desire within me, drive it from me with your huge cock,” pussylips pleaded.

“Gladly, but first, my slave needs another shave and shower, I think we will use the depilation cream on your whole body, then you will not need to shave ever again.”

“Oh yes please, Master, but hurry, I am so horny. Oh god, you have ignited a fire in me that may never be quenched,” pussylips breathed and then moaned with arousal. “Did you put something in my food, Master?”

“I had thought of that option if you didn’t come around, but no, I hadn’t even bought anything like that yet, come with me to the big shower.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips said as she followed along behind her Master into the bathroom with the large open shower. Brett removed all of her cuffs and the collar and led her into the shower. He did not turn the water on, but instead used thin zip ties to hold her in a standing spread eagle, attaching her to the corners. “I’m not going to run away, Master,” pussylips complained.

“So you say, but for this exercise, the depilation cream stings a bit and you can’t touch or rub on the cream, it has to sit for a full fifteen minutes,” Brett said as he left the shower area for a moment, returning with a large tub of a light green creamy substance. He started at her toes and rubbed the cream on her naked body, being sure to wear rubber gloves. He worked slowly and methodically up her body. He was careful around her pretty pussy, he didn’t want to get any on her sensitive lips or clit, but wanted to be sure and cover her entire mound properly. Soon he was working up her stomach and over her breasts. He coated her arms and neck and then stopped. “I noticed you have a bit of peach fuzz on your chin and upper lip, so I’m going to put this on the lower part of your face as well. Keep your mouth closed.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips agreed and kept as still as possible while he rubbed the cream onto the lower half of her face, and then on her nose and cheeks, stopping under her eyes which were wide with fright at this point. Relief spread over her face when he stopped there and put away the cream and peeled off the gloves. She moaned slightly as the depilation cream did its work. He was right, it did sting a bit in some areas, especially in her armpits and around her pussy and anus. Even her upper lip was stinging a bit, but she was glad she wouldn’t have to worry about shaving off the peach fuzz that grew there. Finally the fifteen minutes had ended and Brett returned, wearing hip waders and a rubber raincoat. He sprayed her down thoroughly, washing off all of the cream. He had to use a brush in some areas to get it all off, but when he was done he cut the zip ties and left the shower.

“You may begin washing yourself, slave,” Brett said as he departed and pussylips turned on the shower head and adjusted the temperature, rinsing her body thoroughly and luxuriating in the warm water cascading over her body. She grabbed the mitts and added shower gel before she began soaping her body. Brett returned while her back was turned and he watched his beautiful slave wash her curves. It was a wonder to behold and she jumped and shrieked when she turned back around to rinse and saw him standing there fully naked.

“Sorry, Master, you startled me.”

“It’s good for a slave to be a bit afraid of her Master,” Brett said, only half joking.

“Yes Master,” pussylips agreed as she finished rinsing her body, posing and holding herself in the most sexual ways that she knew.

“You’re such a tease,” Brett joked, enjoying the show.

“Will it get me fucked, Master?”

“Absolutely, continue slave.”

“Thank you Master,” pussylips moaned as she wet her hair to wash it. She grabbed the shampoo bottle and realized it was the same brand she used. Obviously her Master had done his homework. Had he been in her apartment? She didn’t know and applied a glob of shampoo to her thick luxurious hair and began working it in, massaging her own scalp. She realized that while she was doing this it lifted the line of her breasts and her Master seemed pleased as they bounced and jiggled with the movement of her hands and arms. She rinsed her hair and applied the conditioner, letting it sit for a couple minutes as directed on the bottle. Soon she rinsed out the conditioner and then looked at her Master.

“Are you finished?”

“Yes Master.”

“Good, now wash me,” Brett ordered as he walked closer and turned on the handheld shower as well and wet himself with it.

“Ooo, Master, do you work out? You’re so strong and muscular – and handsome.”

“Yes, but not as much as I used to, and thank you slave,” Brett responded as she applied his shower gel to a different set of bath mitts he had given her. She began washing his body, lovingly and gently, giggling a bit when she took extra time with his cock and he had to push her away from it to keep himself under control. God this was hot, his beautiful slave washing his body, he must have died and gone to heaven. But no, he could feel her touching him, now on his muscular chest and she seemed awed by his powerful physique. He was nearly a foot taller than her and she smiled up at him with a salacious grin. How did this happen so quickly? Why was she enjoying this so much? He sure was and he had to think of something else as she finished washing him and rinsed him down with the hand held.

“Should I just shampoo your whole head and face, Master?”

“Yes, that’s what I normally do,” Brett replied and pussylips put plenty of shampoo on his hair and beard, massaging all over. He closed his eyes when she washed over his face and then suddenly popped them open when he thought about the fact that she was completely unfettered, but then remembered she wouldn’t be able to escape. He had a retinal scanner at the door, it was the only way to unlock it, she would never get it open, unless she had hours and knew how to remove the panel and hot wire the circuits. Of course that might lock it permanently, he didn’t know. If that happened he had his cell phone hidden to call the guy who installed it to get him out. But slave pussylips seemed happy and content as she rinsed him off. In fact she was happy. She knew what she had been repressing and the man who had kidnapped her was strong, tall and ruggedly handsome with his beard. She liked it and him, he was much like her father, kind and nice, but firm when necessary. Would he tie her up and tease her to multiple orgasms? She sure hoped so.

Brett turned off the water and left the shower with pussylips following along behind. He grabbed a couple of towels, handing one to her and drying himself with the other. She got the message and dried her body and then hair as best she could with the one towel.

“Master, may I use another towel to dry my hair?”

“Yes,” Brett responded and tossed pussylips a second towel. She dried her hair with the new towel and then gently sat in the chair facing the makeup table. She blow dried her hair brushing it as she went, trying to imitate the strokes her Master had used the evening before. When she was finished she beamed with pride that she had achieved the same result. She opened the makeup and started to apply it like earlier. Brett came over and directed slightly different coloration to which pussylips acceded. Soon she looked incredibly beautiful and Brett kissed her on top of the head before walking away and coming back with a red metal collar in his hand.

“Kneel, slave,” Brett ordered and pussylips slid to her knees and assumed the openly sexual kneeling position she had been taught.

“Is that my collar, Master?”

“Yes slave, I had it specially made for you. Would you like to look at it before I lock it on your neck permanently?”

“Yes please, Master.”

“Very well, I had it made of titanium and they mixed the red dye into the metal before polishing it.”

“I – It has my n – name on it Master, b – but how? I don’t understand.”

“I know. I was in your apartment more than once, I drugged your wine one night, and after you passed out I measured you and saw your pretty pussy. That’s why this collar will fit you perfectly and has your name on it.”

“Oh god, Master, you wanted me so much you broke into my apartment?”

“Yes, will you accept my collar, slave?”

“Yes Master, please collar your slave,” pussylips said as she lifted her hair out of the way. Brett closed the three inch wide collar around her neck with a click and then she felt it get warm. There could be no doubt that she was a collared slave, even if no one else ever saw it. “Master, why did it get warm?”

“There is no lock, and the click reacted to melt the metal latch inside enough that it can never be removed without a lot of time and tools and I doubt it can be removed without injuring you.”

“Oh god Master, I just came,” pussylips moaned as she broke position and clutched her vulva, moaning and thrusting her hips.

“New rule slave, you may not cum without permission. I will allow you to cum any time my cock is inside you, no matter which hole I use.”

“Well you’ve already used both holes, Master,” pussylips said wryly.

“Yes, but you have three holes, slave,” Brett chuckled and pussylips’ mouth dropped open in surprise.

“Oh, y – you don’t m – mean back there, do you Master?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, slave.”

“Oh no, not that Master, my anus isn’t for sex it’s for excrement,” pussylips said nervously and Brett chuckled.

“My prim and proper little slave, you’ll learn. Your asshole can and will be used for sex, and I’ll bet you will find it pleasurable, though not as much as that hot pussy of yours.”

“Yes Master,” she said as her pussy clenched at the thought. Apparently, in addition to bondage and helplessness, humiliation, and exhibition, she was aroused by being dirty and forced as well. It made her so much hotter earlier when she begged him to fuck her and now he was going to force her to do something dirty against her will. She really must be a slave inside and now outside, because the thought of her Master forcing this dirty act on her excited her more than she wanted to admit. Suddenly she let out a moan as her thoughts overwhelmed her. She was no longer Dori, she was now officially pussylips, her Master’s slave. She had a collar permanently affixed around her neck and she had no idea what her Master would require of her next, but it thrilled her to the core to be at his mercy, or perhaps lack thereof.

“Come, slave,” Brett said and pussylips obeyed, standing and following him into the dungeon.

“Oh god, Master,” she gasped when she saw all the implements that he would surely use on her helpless body.

“Are you afraid, slave?”

“A little, Master, but I am more turned on than I have ever been in my life. I want to experience it all, Master, but first, will you please fuck your slave?”

“Oh, you will, I assure you, let’s start right now,” Brett said as he gestured toward a device that looked like an updated metal version of stocks. He opened the metal top and pussylips could see that it was indeed what she had thought. Brett pushed her neck into the opening and then placed her wrists in the smaller ones, before closing it with a click that sounded like it locked. Her hair cascaded around her face obscuring it. He forced her feet widely apart before locking them apart some way that she could not see, but she could not move her legs at all. Next he played with her nipples and pussylips moaned with pleasure.

“Oh Master, I’m so ready for you, you don’t need to do that – OWWWW!” she said as he clipped a nipple clamp onto her right nipple. She hyperventilated for a moment before calming down as the painful sensation dulled a bit and she realized she was rolling her hips, her pussy now drooling with her juices. She was more prepared for the second clip and she moaned when he clipped it on, her pussy twitching with need, the painful pleasure sending a shock straight to her already engorged clit. “Master, oh god, please fuck your slave so she won’t be disobedient and cum without permission.”

Brett needed no further invitation and he slammed into her, his cock fully sheathed by her wonderful inner walls and pussylips came with a cry of ecstasy. Her velvety folds spasmed around his cock as he rammed into her, extending her orgasm. He pulled out as her climax subsided and rubbed a copious amount of her juices onto and into her anal ring. Next he worked a finger into her forbidden hole and pussylips gasped and moaned at the pain.

“Relax, slave, it will go much easier if you just allow it to happen, if not it will hurt a lot more,” Brett admonished and pussylips tried to obey, ignoring the pain and relaxing her anus. Eventually he worked two fingers then three, and she moaned, partly in pain, but it was also starting to feel pleasurable as well. Brett seized the moment and began stuffing his cock into her asshole.

“Aaaahhh, it’s too big, Master, oh god, you’ll rip me apart,” pussylips complained.

“No I won’t, relax, let it happen. You’re a slave, remember, you don’t get a say in what I do to you,” Brett ordered and she suddenly gasped and relaxed as he slid in over half his length. “Good girl, I knew you could do it,” he said as pussylips adjusted to the feeling and the pleasurable pain. He pulled partway out and added more pussy juice with his fingers, before thrusting back in, lacking only an inch or so of fully impaling her with his thick cock. He pulled back and thrust once more, fully buried in her back passage. She moaned in pain but also pleasure, this was turning her on in a surprising new way. Her Master was using her like a slave, not like a lover and the combination of emotions it stirred within her heightened her arousal.

“Fuck my asshole, Master, make it hurt,” she suddenly moaned after he had allowed her a minute or so to adjust to the full length of his cock. Brett began thrusting, slowly at first but picked up speed as the tightness of her sphincter was bringing him to climax quickly. Suddenly he slammed in fully and fairly roared as he dumped his semen into her bowels. Though she did not orgasm again, pussylips felt a wave of satisfaction at the fact she had pleased her Master. Brett stayed inside her for a few minutes, his cock shrinking and the pain subsiding until he slipped out. He went to the bathroom to wash the shit off his cock. He returned a few minutes later to the beautiful sight of his slave, dripping cum out of both holes, moaning and moving her hips slowly.

“How are you doing, slave?”

“It hurt Master, but it also felt good. Um, Master, why didn’t you have me clean your cock?”

“No, not after it’s been in your ass, slave. Too many issues with eating shit, I won’t make you do that, you could get sick or even die.”

“Thank you Master.”

Brett wiped her anus and vagina with a warm wet washcloth, then dried her off. When he released the clamps on her nipples pussylips cried out in pain as the blood rushed back into her nipples. It also had another effect as her pussy convulsed and more cum came out of both holes, so that he had to wipe her clean again.

“Oh god, why does pain feel so good, Master?”

“You might be a pain slut, would you like to test that theory?”

“Yes Master.”

“Very well, let’s move you over to the spanking bench and we will test your limits, or lack of them,” Brett said as he unlocked her ankles before opening the latch and allowing pussylips to unsteadily rise out of the metal stocks. She turned and collapsed into his arms on purpose, wanting to feel his strong arms holding her. Once she was sure Brett had her, pussylips put her hands on his broad shoulders and using them as leverage, bounced up enough to wrap her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She clung to him and then kissed him. Brett chuckled and broke away from her kiss.


“You submitted so quickly, I forget that you only read one story and you really don’t know how to be a slave,” Brett admonished. “You do not get to kiss me without permission, you may not touch me unless ordered or with permission. If I initiate contact by hugging you, then you may reciprocate. The same applies to a kiss, if I start kissing you then you may kiss me back, but you may not refuse me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sorry Master. This is going to drive me crazy with lust for you, Master.”

“I know, that’s the point, a horny needy slave is the most beautiful slave in the world. Watching you wiggle your ass in the stocks when I came back from the bathroom was indeed a sight to behold. My cum running out of your asshole, your own juices flowing from your puffy pussy and your hips thrusting, wanting more. It was so sexy, I mean, at least to me it was, knowing I had just used my slave’s asshole and it felt so incredible.”

“Thank you Master, no one has ever told me I was sexy.”

“That is a travesty. Trust me, you are a very sexy slave. I plan on using you a great deal, as much as my cock will allow. When I can’t I will stuff you full of dildos and keep you on the edge, begging for release. When I’m ready again, you will be in heat and need worse than you could ever imagine.”

“That is cruel, Master.”

“Perhaps, but you will learn to love it. The orgasms you experience will be incredible.”

“Each orgasm is a new experience in fireworks, Master, I cum harder each time you fuck me, oh god!” pussylips moaned and her pussy convulsed at the thought of what her Master had described. She had difficulty preventing herself from climaxing again and her juices trickled down his stomach.

“Did you just cum without permission, slave?”

“No Master, I came close, but I swear I didn’t cum, though my naughty pussy has never produced so much lubrication.”

“It’s natural for your pretty pussy to produce more moisture when you are aroused. Have you ever been as aroused as you are now?”

“No Master, as you mentioned before, you have ignited a furnace inside of me that burns so hot for you.”

“I’ve been researching natural supplements for male enhancement, I won’t take Viagra, it has too many bad side effects.”

“Thank you Master.”

“What are you thanking me for?”

“For attempting to be able to fuck me more, I appreciate it.”

“It’s for my benefit, not yours, though you will reap some benefit, as I will fuck you more, though maybe not in your desired hole.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips said and bucked her hips, the thought of him using her asshole again caused her excitement. She wasn’t sure why, it was becoming pleasurable by the time he finished, but she didn’t orgasm. It must be the slave in her, relishing the use of her body by her Master. She moaned with arousal when she thought of that, yes that must be it. Then she thought of him using her mouth as well, that had not been overly pleasurable for her, and she groaned with need. He could literally keep her on edge for hours, days, whatever, and use her mouth or her ass and not make her cum, oh god! She would be a sex crazed slave, no more than a mere animal in heat! While the former free woman inside her cringed, the slave exulted at the thought and she nearly came. “Please fuck my pussy, Master,” she whispered against his neck and Brett chuckled.

“Such a needy slave, you are going to be so much fun. If I desire that wonderful pussy of yours, I will take it, if I desire to use your other holes, then that is what I will do. Perhaps I’ll use your mouth and throat again, with a little more practice you will become an excellent cock sucker. Right now we are going to explore whether you are a pain slut or not.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips acquiesced and Brett carried her a few steps to the spanking bench. He laid her face down on the narrow padded bench, her arms, legs and head hanging over the sides. She noticed that it narrowed toward the front between her breasts so that they hung down either side. Brett quickly strapped her ankles and knees into the leather straps attached to the bench. She then noticed that the bench was not flat, but rather had a bump that forced her hips higher than her back. Brett then wrapped the leather strap around pussylips’ waist, only further forcing her buttocks higher, almost as if proffering them for whipping. Finally he strapped her arms at the wrist and elbow, making her completely defenseless against the onslaught of the whip, paddle or cane. She suddenly trembled in fear. She had asked for this and now she was going to receive it, whether she wanted it or not. “Stupid slave,” she muttered.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing Master.”

“Oh, I heard something, what did you say, slave?” Brett asked and brought the whip down across her ass. She hissed and panted, held her breath, and finally moaned.

“Sorry Master, I was talking to myself and I thought it was still in my head. I called myself a ‘stupid slave’ because I asked for this, and I was regretting that request.”

“Much better,” Brett said and ran his hand gently over her back and patted her head. “I’m starting with the whip because you are familiar with its bite. We will move on to the paddle and eventually the cane if I think you’re up for it,” Brett instructed her. He laid ten strokes of the whip across her upturned ass, and the pain was definitely greater than when he had whipped her this morning on her hands and knees. She moaned in pain but was definitely still aroused.

“Doing alright, slave?” Brett asked, slipping his middle finger into her lubricious lips.

“Yes Master.”

“You’re still aroused, so I’m going to continue,” he said, grabbing the rubber paddle and adding ten strokes with that. Her ass was on fire, but so was her pussy. The sensation was different, deeper. The whip struck and warmed the surface, this thudded and hurt deeper. ‘Oh god, I’m one of those disgusting sluts who like pain,’ pussylips thought as she tried in vain to thrust her hips. She wanted to be filled with his wonderful cock.

“Still doing alright, slave?”

“Yes Master.”

“Want me to use the cane?”

“Yes Master,” pussylips reply was quick, shocking even her. She didn’t like pain, so why was this turning her on? Or maybe she did, since her juices were now running down her inner thighs. Brett picked up the cane and laid five even stripes across her already bruised ass. She didn’t cry out, only moaned.

“That’s five, do you want any more?”

“Whatever pleases you Master.”

“I didn’t ask you to please me, I asked because I don’t want to push too far. Do you want more, or have you had enough?”

“My ass hurts more than it ever has Master, I’m not sure if I could take five more.”

“That’s what I wanted to know,” Brett said as he laid down the cane and went to get the healing ointment he had rubbed into her ass this morning. As he rubbed in the ointment, making sure to massage it deeply and help her overcome the worst of her beating, pussylips moaned and cooed at his care.

“Please fuck me, Master,” pussylips begged hoarsely, barely above a whisper. Unfortunately, without something to help him, Brett couldn’t right now. He had cum in her asshole only a few minutes ago and had cum down her throat to start the morning.

“I can’t right now, but I will stuff a dildo in you,” Brett responded and pussylips just moaned.

“No, please Master, I won’t be able to keep myself from cumming,” she pleaded and Brett chuckled.

“Don’t worry, my pretty slave, I will allow you to cum,” he said as he stuffed an eight inch dildo into her drooling pussy and turned it on. “You may cum as many times as you are able, slave.”

“Thank you Master,” pussylips moaned and then gasped as the sensations began to overwhelm her. She came with a cry and Brett smiled. He wished he could use her right now, her upturned ass looked so inviting, but he was only semi hard and it was hurting a bit, he needed some time to recover. His slave seemed to be enjoying herself and was already on her third orgasm. He cleaned and put away the crop, whip, paddle and cane as he watched her. She suddenly went limp during her seventh or eighth, he wasn’t sure which, but he was sure she had reached sensory overload and passed out.

As the orgasms came crashing down on her, one after another, pussylips was in heaven. Her need was indeed satiated, but the fireworks and body wracking orgasms just wouldn’t stop, even when she tried to fight it after her fourth one, but by then she was so drained that her resistance was an attempt in futility. The fifth one was stronger because she tried to hold it off but once it came she was just a passenger on this roller coaster of ecstasy. She climaxed twice more before she passed out just as she was peaking with her eighth orgasm.

Brett turned off the dildo and removed it from pussylips now drenched slit. Her body twitched as if losing a dear friend. He wiped her clean and then massaged more of the healing ointment into her reddened and somewhat bruised buttocks. He loved playing with and touching his slave, she was the perfectly proportioned woman, a nice plump ass but not large, her breasts were full but not huge or too big for her frame. No she was just right in every way and he reached under and played with her hanging tits, like plucking ripe fruit. They were delectable. He thought of her face which he could not see. Her large expressive brown eyes, her pert nose, her nice, but not overly pronounced cheeks, her normal lips, not thin, but not plump or filled with collagen looking like some freak of nature, no, she was perfect everywhere he looked and touched.

Brett was hard again, but not into necrophilia, so he released pussylips from the bench and carried her into the room with the queen sized bed. He laid her on it, locked her collar to a chain that he locked to the head of the bed and then covered her over to let her rest. She had experienced much this morning and needed a break for a little while. He tidied up the basement area and checked in on her periodically. He went upstairs and made some sandwiches for lunch, returning with them and some bottled water, setting the tray beside the bed on the night table there as pussylips was still passed out. He brushed the hair off her face and she woke, looking up at him with the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

“Mmm, Master, that was incredible! Oh, how long was I passed out?”

“About an hour and a half, I made some sandwiches for lunch. Would you like one?”

“Yes please, Master.”

“I have turkey and provolone on rye with mayo, or ham and swiss on rye, also with mayo.”

“You have been watching me for a while, haven’t you Master?”


“You know I like them both, but I’m a slave now, decisions are not up to me anymore, Master. Please decide for me,” pussylips said and waited for her Master to decide which sandwich she should eat. Brett preferred the ham and swiss to the turkey and provolone so helped her sit up and placed the tray in front of her with the turkey sandwich and took the ham for himself.

“You may use your hands and eat like a normal human for lunch.”

“Thank you Master, ooo, I love turkey,” pussylips said as she took a bite of the sandwich. “Still worried about me trying to get away, Master?” she asked, lifting the chain attached to her collar and the bed.

“It doesn’t hurt to be safe, but you just look so lovely with the hard chain against your soft curves,” Brett responded with a salacious grin.

“Oh thank you Master, please keep me chained and unable to get away, even though I do not wish to escape.”

“Why, slave?”

“Because it excites me that you desire me so much that you would keep me chained and unable to get away, Master.”

“Very good, slave, because I like the bound female form and I plan on keeping you in tight bondage often.”

“Yes Master, whatever you wish. As I said before, I wish to experience it all, so bind me to your cock’s delight.”

“Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming,” Brett said after he finished chewing.

“It’s not a dream, Master, though it could have been a nightmare for both of us. Instead it has been a life changing event that brought about exactly what you desired and, obviously I have desired as well, I just denied it to myself for all these years.”

“I must be the luckiest man alive. I kidnapped my dream girl, forced her to become my slave, and rather than resent me, she’s in love with me and embracing the slave inside herself that I knew was there all along.”

“I think I’m the luckiest slave alive, Master. I was forced to confront my true self and accept that being a slave is who I truly am. I seriously doubt that I would have ever allowed myself to discover this, unless it was forced upon me, but now that it has been, I know to my very core that it is what I was born to be.”

“My pretty pussylips, I love you.”

“Thank you Master, I love you too.”

“I am not hungry anymore, Master, at least not for food.”

“Finish eating, slave, you’re going to need your strength.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips said and dutifully finished the last portion of her sandwich. Brett had already finished his and was munching on some potato chips.

“Would you like some, slave?”

“No thank you, Master, I am full.”

“Are you too full for some more fun?”

“Maybe a little, Master.”

“Alright, we’ll rest for a little while,” Brett acquiesced, closing the bag of chips and taking a drink of water before climbing onto the bed and sitting next to pussylips. He pulled her tightly to him and wrapped his left arm around her shoulder before hugging her to his broad chest. She snuggled into his warmth and laid her head against his shoulder. This felt so good, and pussylips wondered if she could have been happy with a normal relationship. It was comforting and pleasant, but it didn’t send those wonderful signals to her pussy like the chain dangling between her breasts did. He was her Master, he controlled every facet of her life. She not only wouldn’t resist, pussylips welcomed his guidance and control of her. She let out a little moan when she thought about what he had said about binding her in all sorts of restrictive positions.

“What are you thinking, slave?”

“Thinking about all the ways you’re going to bind me, Master.”

“And that made you moan like you’re in heat?”

“Yes Master,” pussylips replied as the color rose in her cheeks, her blush not escaping her Master’s attention.

“Are you embarrassed by your body’s response to that thought?”

“Yes Master.”

“Be proud of that, you are a slave. A slave should be excited by the things her Master does to her. Embrace the slave inside of you, forget that prim and proper prude that carried on a charade for so many years.”

“Yes Master, I will try, though sometimes I blush because I’m aroused, not because I’m embarrassed.”

“Was that the case just now?”

“It was a combination of both, Master.”

“Good, you are improving quickly,” Brett said and hugged her tightly, almost preventing pussylips from breathing, but she managed and he eased off but still held her tight.

“I am ready, Master.”

“Very good, slave, but I wish to enjoy the warmth of your beautiful body against mine for a few more minutes.”

“Yes Master,” pussylips smiled and hugged him back, enjoying the warm embrace of her Master. She couldn’t believe that just a few short days ago she had accomplished everything she set out to do in life, yet she was bored and unfulfilled. Now she felt happier than at any time in her previous life. That was all behind her now, she could never go back to the dull life she once lived.

She wished she could contact her parents and let them know she was alright so they wouldn’t have to mourn for her, but at least they had her younger brother who had just graduated high school. Come to think of it, she barely heard from them anymore as her brother took up most of their life with his football games and scholarship to a major university. She was sure they wouldn’t miss boring Dori. She sighed in contentment at the strong arms of her Master that were wrapped around her. Attached to the man who desired her so much he just had to have her and kidnapped her into a life of permanent slavery, which she now knew was exactly what she needed.

“Thank you Master,” pussylips breathed softly.

“What are you thanking me for, slave?”

“For desiring me enough to just come and take what you wanted – me!”

“You’re welcome, slave. Frankly I’m surprised at how quickly you’ve adjusted to your new life.”

“Yes Master, I always hoped to be wanted by men, like you desire me, but I dressed so conservatively that I’m surprised it happened at all, even with you.”

“Yes, you hid yourself very well, but I am extremely attracted to submissive women like yourself, and when I dated you, I had a difficult time controlling myself. I mean, you have such a lovely face, even without makeup you are beautiful. Your hair is thick and gorgeous with its naturally soft curls. And your body – oh your hot body that you hid so well underneath those less than flattering dresses, skirts and tops. You seldom wore slacks, but your skirts were long and well below the knee. You rarely wore heels and often wore a blazer or jacket to hide your beautiful breasts.”

“Thank you Master.”

“I wasn’t finished. You were so quiet, shy and submissive that I had trouble hiding my erection. Last night when I gagged you I could tell that you wanted to talk, you were gushing with emotion. I’d never seen you like that before, even though we dated several times, I don’t believe you spoke more than a few words each time we went out. I believe that is because you had repressed your true submissive self and was afraid to let her out. Once you did, the floodgates opened and you’ve talked more to me in the last two days than you have to your boss for the last week.”

“That’s true, Master. I’ve always been a woman of few words, which most men find disconcerting. They are accustomed to a woman who carries the conversation, since most men feel uncomfortable around women. You on the other hand never seemed to mind and, now that I think back on it, you controlled everything on the date, and I allowed you to. I actually enjoyed it, but since you didn’t contact me during the summer or when I got back to school, I assumed that you were through with me. I’m used to being rejected, I mean, with a name like Doris, my conservative dress and my quiet shyness, most men didn’t even give me a second look, if they gave me a first look.”

“Yes, you became very adept at being invisible, especially to men.”

“I had no idea I was doing that, Master.”

“That may be true, but your subconscious knew.”

“Yes Master.”


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