Rilliana and Trisha

by TheLargeEmpty

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Storycodes: F/f+; fantasy; cell; latex; catsuit; chain; cuffs; whip; rope; majick; crotchrope; gag; slime; collar; leash; spider; web; mum; whip; rom; cons; X

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Part 5: Family Matters

Trisha read again the letter that was delivered to her and shook her head like the ten previous times.

"Are you finally going to tell me why we have to go to your sister's place because of a letter?" asked Rilliana while looking out of the carriage window and admiring the scenery of nature.

Trisha sighed.

"As luck would have it, her birthday is on the same day as yours and I guess she was pretty disappointed that I chose to celebrate yours rather than be with her. We're doing harm reduction now and going to her place, but I'm going to pay for it one way or another. She holds a lot of grudges," Trisha replied.

"Aaaaand your sister is…?"

"She is father's biological daughter. We used to get along well, but when I started looking for my real parents our relationship deteriorated more and more. "She said.

"So this is more of a damage control visit now?" asked Rilliana.

Trisha just nodded.

"Well, maybe you guys can take this chance to reconnect?"

"I can only hope." muttered Trisha.

The carriage came to a stop.

"Young lady, we're here. "Jeffrey said and jumped off the carriage to open the door for the two.

"Thank you, Jeffrey. If we don't show up at the rendezvous point to go back, could you let Father know that we are prisoners of Celine and need help?"

"Miss likes to joke. Miss Celine specifically told me that she is very much looking forward to the meeting."

"And that's what scares me," Trisha said quietly so that only Rilliana could hear.

"Would you like me to wait here with the luggage, and you can talk to your sister in peace?" asked Rilliana as the coachman drove off the grounds and disappeared around a bend.

Trisha hesitated. She saw no danger in leaving Rilliana, who was only a few steps behind her, alone for a moment. She nodded in agreement and went to the door and knocked. Nervously she looked back at Rilliana who raised her thumbs to wish her good luck.

After what felt like an eternity, the door finally opened and the shifter looked into the human eyes of her redhead sister.

"Trisha! Finally, you're here, nice to see you again!" said Celine and hugged Trisha, who returned the hug, puzzled.

"Hey Celine… Happy belated birthday… Sorry I couldn't make it."

"Oh don't worry about it. Come on in, I made some cake and put on some tea," Celine said, breaking off the hug.

"By the way, this is…" Trisha said, turning and faltering. Rilliana was gone and only both of their luggage stood in the driveway.

"Your luggage will be carried upstairs by my servants immediately, don't worry and come in before the tea gets cold," Celine said and turned around with an evil grin on her lips which escaped Trisha.

"Celine, where is Rilliana?" asked Trisha with suppressed panic and anger.

Celine turned to her and smiled innocently.

"All in good time sis. First, let's reminisce a bit."

Rilliana blinked in disbelief and looked around the prison cell, after a trap door opened under her feet and she landed on a soft mattress. In the corner was a cot with a pillow and a blanket, and against the bars of her cell was a bowl of cold soup.

"Hello, can someone get me out of here?" she asked hopefully through the bars. No one answered her.

"I see… That's why Trisha was afraid to come here." She rolled her eyes and sat down on the bed.

"Well, at least I can recover a little from the ride," she muttered and closed her eyes.

Trisha had followed her sister into the dining room and was staring at her with her mouth open while Celine sat at the table sweetening her tea.

"Where's my girlfriend?" asked Trisha again.

Celine calmly sipped her tea and looked up at her.

"Sit," she ordered calmly and set her cup down.

Trisha gulped and sat down across from her.

"Do you know why I called you here?"

"To celebrate your birthday after?" asked Trisha hopefully.

"Well, yes, but not really. Father and I are worried about you because of your run-in with Faluden."

"I have everything under control, Celine. Faluden thinks I'm dead and hasn't bothered us since we last met," Trisha said, crossing her arms.

Celine made a fist and propped her chin on it.

"So let me get this straight. You think he thinks you and your little girlfriend are dead. After your elf girlfriend not a month later dragging you around town at night on a leash on all fours?"

Trisha's jaw dropped.

"The words that aren't coming to your mind right now are, 'How do you know?' You think I'm going to let my little sister go after one of Leon's Keep's most powerful men without backup? And no, he doesn't know according to my sources. My men made sure of that. But come on Trisha…"

"What do you want me to say?" asked Trisha finally when she had collected herself.

"Trisha… I just want you to be careful… And maybe not play these games with your girlfriend in the open."

"Fine. We'll keep a low profile." said Trisha, taking a sip of the tea.

"You know I don't think you quite get it yet. How about you both stay with me for the week, so you get the message."

Celine said and started to grin again.

"That won't be… necessary" Trisha fell silent as she became dizzy and looked into her cup.

"That wasn't a question, sis. More like a prospect of your… Of both of your upcoming weeks."

"Celine don't… Not again…" muttered Trisha as her eyes closed, and she lost consciousness.

"Don't worry Trisha, it'll be twice as fun this time."

Trisha was lying on a bed staring at the ceiling when she woke up.

"If you want to play Celine just ask!" she said loudly and her voice echoed throughout the basement. She carefully got up and looked through the bars. Behind them, her sister sat on a chair and looked at her with a malicious grin. Behind her was another cell where Rilliana sat on her cot and looked over at them curiously.

"I thought it was much more fun that way. Shall we get right to it, or shall I let you lovebirds relax a bit more?"

"Right to…" wanted to say Rilliana but was interrupted,

When Trisha said:

"Maybe give us a break first. After that, we're all yours."

"I like your girlfriend. She gets right to the point," Celine said, raising her hand and pointing to the elf behind her, "but fine you get your break, but not for free." She stood up and walked over to a chest out of sight of the two friends. She took out a pile of clothes from it and put them in Trisha's cell. She then opened Rilliana's cell and shoved the elf into Trisha's.

"Change your clothes and put them outside the cell. I'll be back in an hour, and we'll get started. Oh, yeah …and if you're thinking of picking the lock, just don't." said Celine and exited her dungeon up a flight of stairs.

Rilliana waited until Celine's footsteps had faded, and a door closed silently.

"Sooo… we pick the lock?" she asked, sticking her tongue out at Trisha.

"I wouldn't… Last time I took a blow, and after I woke up, spent the rest of the day in chains against a wall down here. Funny time," she muttered, starting to undress.

"What is this stuff?" asked Rilliana, lifting the readied clothing. A black suit unfolded in her hand, looking far too small.

The fabric was smooth and flowed over her skin.

"This is a small side project of my sister. She likes to design clothes or armor, and every once in a while she makes… Something more extravagant. Come get changed, so we can have some more time to ourselves this coming week… Will be interesting," she winced, "by the gods, I've got chills down my spine already," she said, slipping on one of the suits. It clung to her like a second skin. Only her head as well as her paws were not covered by the fabric.

Rilliana's mouth watered when she saw her girlfriend.

"Come on, hop hop!" said Trisha and clapped her hands twice.

Rilliana tugged at her black costume and licked her lips.

"This is amazing. It's like the clothes are hugging me!"

She said and caressed her body.


"Save it for later and get over here already." said Trisha who had laid down on the bed and was tapping on the empty space next to her.

Rilliana slowly walked up to her friend and stroked her hip.

"Well do you like what you see?" she asked.

"Quite, quiet! So come now, before…"

The door to the dungeon flew open loudly and footsteps hurried down the stairs. The sound of high-heeled boots echoed off the walls as Celine came down the stairs.

"You know, I got bored pretty fast after I changed, so let's get started. Hopefully you've made good use of the time. I think I'm going to separate you guys for a while."

Trisha looked at Rilliana shaking her head.

"… Celine is coming…"

Soon after Celine stood wide-legged in front of the cell door. Her knee-high boots made her look half a head taller and her body was covered in a shiny skin-tight suit. Attached to her hip was a whip not unlike the one Trisha used. Her red hair was tied in a tight braid that hung over her shoulder.

Trisha stood up, knelt down in front of her and told Rilliana to do the same.

"Get suited up!" commanded Celine, tossing a pile of chains at the feet of the two. Immediately Trisha set to work putting on her own hand, ankle, and neck chains. They were long enough for her to stand upright, but running away or grabbing anything above her chest was now impossible.

"Come on elf, or do you need a little motivation?" said Celine, unrolling her whip.

Rilliana's face went pale, and she hesitantly put on her shackles.

"Seems to me, you haven't trained her properly, sis," said Celine and opened the cell door to take Rilliana out.

"We are co-equal mistress…" replied Trisha without looking up.

"I see. Well, elf, I do things a little differently than Trisha, but I think you will like it. Say goodbye, Trisha."

"Goodbye, Trisha." repeated Rilliana, trembling with excitement and a touch of fear.

Celine attached another chain to Rilliana's collar and led her through a door into a dark room.

"Take five steps forward elf, I'll turn on the light."

Even without the light, Rilliana could make out what was in the room, and she was amazed to see a throne towering in front of her and a carpet gently caressing her feet.

Celine closed the door as a light stone was lit and breathed a sigh of relief. Rilliana wrinkled her brow. This sounded a bit out of character to her for the role Celine was currently holding.

She walked past Rilliana and sat down on her throne.

She pointed to a nearby chair and motioned for Rilliana to sit.

She tied the chain to her throne and crossed her legs. She began to smile. Not the sardonic grin from before but an honest warm one that did not fit the current situation.

"So you're my little sister's girlfriend? Tell me all about you guys," she said as if asking Rilliana for the latest gossip.

Celine listened eagerly to Rilliana's tales and had her chin propped up on her hand.

"Not bad, Rilliana. I wouldn't have thought that the two of you could keep up with the equality. Granted, you've been on the short end of the stick most of the time, but for her to tie herself up for you of her own free will? She really wanted to please you."

"And it was…" murmured Rilliana, smiling. Celine smiled back.

"What's it like with you guys, by the way? Trisha seemed afraid of you for some reason."

"That might be a story for another time, and we've talked long enough now. But now let's get started," she said, clapping her hands and standing up.

"But before we get going I have a few little rules I'd like you to follow. First, if I do anything that's too much for you, say your safe word."

"My what?" asked Rilliana, frowning.

Celine was not amused and suddenly Rilliana knew why Trisha was afraid of her.

"Are you telling me… You guys did all this without a backup?" asked Celine and Rilliana could have sworn steam was coming out of her ears. She closed her eyes and grabbed her forehead, but seemed to force herself to remain calm and continued with suppressed anger.

"Always have a word or a gesture something with which the other knows that there is a problem. Trisha's is sunflower, for example. Please think of one too, until I get back while I punish Trisha for this foolishness."

The elf nodded hurriedly and Celine continued, "Secondly, I would like you to address me as Mistress while you have these costumes on. This will probably be the case all week except for certain exceptions, but don't worry they will protect your skin, clean themselves and keep you neat and fresh. Magic is a great thing. And the third rule is that unless I say otherwise, you must kneel when I enter the room."

Immediately Rilliana dropped to her knees and looked up expectantly.

"Seems Trisha was able to teach you a few things after all."

"Yes mistress." was all Rilliana said.

Celine stroked her head and then walked past her.

"Wait here. I'll be right back after I take care of my dear sis."

Rilliana felt a chill run down her spine when she heard that but said nothing and stayed where she was. The door closed behind Celine and Rilliana could only hear her own breathing.

Trisha heard a door open and close and immediately jumped up from the bed to kneel down for Celine.

She suspected trouble when she heard her sister loosen her whip and crack it. Trisha gulped.

Celine stood in front of the cell and looked down at her sister.

"Trisha, honey. Can you possibly guess why I'm mad right now?" She asked in a brooding voice.

"No mistress. I'm sorry mistress." replied Trisha, sinking into the ground in fear.

"I'll give you a little hint it has to do with my favorite flower."

"Your favorite…" Trisha paled, "the safe word."

"And we have a winner. Get up!" Demanded Celine, opening the cage.

"Get all the ropes and chains from the chest and put them on the cot."

Trisha, as fast as her bound limbs allowed, rushed to the chest and got the things her sister demanded.

Celine then opened Trisha's cuffs but immediately took her hands and tied them behind her back.

"I hope you're still limber enough for this," Celine said and used another rope to lash Trisha's elbows together until they touched. Trisha groaned but said nothing.

Celine ignored her and threw a rope over a crossbeam.

She attached one end of the rope to Trisha's hands and pulled on the other until the Shifter stood on tiptoe to balance the pull.

"Don't worry, it's going to get better. The only question is… Oh heck, when else am I going to use these ropes?" said Celine to herself, taking two black ropes from the pile and tying each one around Trisha's ankles. "I treated these ropes similar to your suits. They could stretch well but always pull back to their original length." said Celine and smiled wickedly.

Trisha said nothing and kept trying to keep her balance.

"I'll be right back. Try not to fall over, dear."

Trisha counted the seconds until her sister came back with a rug under her arm. She unrolled it on the floor and pulled it under Trisha's feet.

"Do you know what this is Trisha?"

"No mistress."

"This is one of my latest creations. A carpet that can imitate any surface I want. I'll demonstrate, but I think you've warmed up enough."

She loosened the rope that pulled Trisha's arms up uncomfortably and reattached it at a more comfortable height.

Trisha breathed a sigh of relief and Celine laughed softly as she set about attaching the black ropes to Trisha's left and right so that her legs were pulled apart.

Celine let some of her magic flow into the carpet, stepped back and leaned against the bars. She watched Trisha's back.


"Yes Trisha?"

"The carpet is getting cold."

"That was the plan sis. It will cool down until…"

"By the gods!" cried Trisha as she felt her feet being pulled apart by the ropes and sliding across the cold carpet as if it were made of ice. Straining, Trisha tried to keep her legs together so that the pull on her arms would not be too strong.

"Celine, is that ICE?"

"You got it again Trisha," Celine said happily and clapped her hands,

"And for not calling me mistress I will have to come up with another punishment for you tomorrow."

Trisha moaned while trying to keep her balance and not think about the burning cold on her feet.

"I'll go get your little friend now and get her ready for the night. I hope by then you'll have thought enough about your wrongdoings."

"Yes mistress…"

Rilliana listened as the door to the throne room opened and knelt beside the throne.

"So Rilliana, Trisha is taken care of for now, and I hope you have thought of a nice safe word. Otherwise, you can look at Trisha and see what I'm about to do to you."

"Yes mistress, I made up a safe word, it's called daythief."

"Mmmmh. It should serve its purpose. Let's go see Trisha then shall we? And remember if it gets too much for you say Daythief and we'll stop right there. Are you ready?"

"Yes mistress." said Rilliana and followed Celine's lead after she was released from the throne.

When the door to Celine's dungeon was opened, Rilliana heard her friend's strained moans from far away and went wide-eyed when she saw the dilemma the shifter was in.

"Mistress, isn't this hurting her?" asked Rilliana worriedly.

"Yes, that was the idea behind it, Rilliana… But don't worry she has endured worse. Now let's get to you."

She now loosened Rilliana's cuffs around her hands, feet, and neck and let the chains fall to the floor.

Celine sat down on the bed and patted the free space next to her to bring Rilliana to her. Now they both had a good view of Trisha, who was getting more and more desperate to find her footing on the ice.

Her big sister took a bunch of ropes and started to tie Rilliana's legs together. The elf was amazed when her legs were tied tight in record time.


"Yes Rilliana?"

"Could I have a crotch rope please?"

Celine snorted as she looked into the elf's pleading eyes.

"Of course that can't be missing, can it? But only at the end, a thought just occurred to me."

"Thank you mistress."

She continued tying and weaving Rilliana an upper body harness which lifted her breasts advantageously. Finally, she tied Rilliana's hands and elbows behind her back. Celine rubbed her hands and looked at Trisha who looked at her pleadingly.

"Do you think she has suffered enough?" asked Celine Rilliana.

"Yes mistress!" said Rilliana immediately, looking at her friend with pity.

"Yes mistress I have!" said Trisha as she once again lost the grip under her paws and tried to get back up.

"As you wish then we'll continue in the morning." said Celine and with a flick of her wrist the ice on her carpet had disappeared.

She released Trisha from her bonds only to tie her up shortly, as she did with Rilliana.

"Almost done." murmured Celine and laid the elf on top of her sister.

She used the ropes that bound her subjects to attach more ropes so that they were both bound to each other. Finally, she made crotch ropes for both of them that led to each other's bound hand. This way they could have a little fun with each other.

"So ladies I hope you are recovering well because tomorrow we are going to get started, and, Trisha darling, remind me to punish you again."

"Yes mistress." They both said as if from the same mouth while they looked into each other's eyes and slowly got lost in them.

"Good night you two." Said Celine softly, leaving the cell, locking up and walking out of the dungeon.

"So what do you say?" asked Trisha nervously.

"I think your sister is awesome, Trish… And I think she just worried about you."

"You may be right about that… Hey Rilli?"


"Those suits of hers are great, aren't they?" said Trisha, rubbing her suited body against Rilliana's.

Immediately the elf's head turned red.

"I don't think we're going to get the night to sleep, Trish," replied Rilliana, playfully tugging on Trisha's crotch rope.

"I agree…"

The next day

Rilliana and Trisha woke up to the rhythmic sound of the heels coming closer and closer.

"Well, how did my two slaves like their first night in my dungeon?" Celine asked, opening the dungeon door.

"It seems very well," she remarked as she noticed a large spot around Trisha's and Rilliana's hips.

"Good morning mistress." both murmured and Trisha yawned loudly.

"Oh, seems like you need a few more hours of sleep, but unfortunately work calls for you," said Celine and started to unleash the two friends.

"I was going to work on some new suits last night and I realized that I don't have much material left to make them. So you're going to fill up my stash again."

Trisha's face turned pale.

"Celine, don't you have employees for that?" she said desperately and Rilliana felt her girlfriend's pulse quicken drastically.

"Normally I do, Trisha dear, but unfortunately I sent everyone on vacation after your luggage was brought in."

"What's so bad about getting some stuff for Celine?" asked Rilliana to her friend, but as Trisha was about to answer, Celine cut her off.

"You'll find out soon enough Rilliana," said Celine patting her cheek, "but rest assured nothing bad will happen to you and as a small reward I'll forget your and Trisha's mistake of not calling me mistress. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun and I think you can use the training."

"You call this training?" asked Trisha incredulously, staring at her sister in bewilderment.

Celine didn't look amused by this outburst, but shortly after put on a sugar sweet smile that sent a shiver down Rilliana's spine.

After Celine had freed her slaves and given them time to eat and freshen up, she led the two friends to a pit.

Trisha looked unhappy the whole way, but Rilliana wasn't sure if it was because of the task itself or because she had to do it gagged. Celine had put a ball gag in Trisha's mouth after the shifter had finished eating and magically locked it.

At least Trisha showed no signs of fear after seeing where her sister led them.

Rilliana glanced into the pit but couldn't see anything.

"Mistress? Do we have to go down there?"

"Indeed Rilliana. There are some of my pet animals living down there. I want you to… Milk them? I think milking is the right word and put the yield in here. "Celine said, kicking a tub where the three women could have bathed in.

"What are these pets?"

"This is a little surprise for you. That's why Trisha is gagged. I don't want her to spoil all the fun. But like I said, you have nothing to fear. I bred them myself, and they won't harm you…at least nothing that will injure you."

"Please what…?" was all Rilliana could bring herself to say as she was pushed by Celine and fell down into the pit.

Rilliana saw the ground getting closer and crossed her arms in front of her face. She closed her eyes and… She felt herself hitting the floor but being cushioned as if she had landed on Trisha's soft mattress. Rilliana opened her eyes and stood up. She found herself in a 20 by 30 step wide room, and she was standing calf deep in the mud that filled the room. Rilliana wiped the mud from her face and scraped it off her suit with her hands. Just as she finished Trisha fell next to her and splashed her with the mud again.

"Thanks Trish." The elf muttered as Trisha scrambled to her feet and flipped her the bird.

The tub magically floated next to the two of them and sank into the mud until it touched down on the ground.

"I'll be right back. I think I have something that might help you, but you can go ahead and start. Have fun girls." Celine called down the pit and disappeared.

Rilliana looked to Trisha.

"So what now?" the elf asked, still at a loss as to what they should do.

Trisha pointed alternately at the mud in front of her and at her eyes.

Rilliana looked more closely at the mud and this time she saw movement in it.

"TRISH, WHAT IS THAT?" she asked, panicked, backing away and tripping over a bump in the ground. Rilliana fell over backwards, and she felt her left hand sink into something warm and slimy.

She looked back and went wide-eyed when she saw what Celine's pets were. It was a pink slime which had hidden behind her and was now trying to climb up her arm.

"Trishaaaa?" the elf cried in horror, trying to stand up and get away from the slime that was stubbornly clinging to her, keeping her glued to the ground.

Trisha came up to her and Rilliana knew if her friend wasn't gagged she would laugh out loud.

She knelt down next to the slime and began to stroke it gently. The slime trembled briefly and let go of the ground, and Rilliana felt it loosen its grip around her. The elf took her other hand and wiped off the slime. What remained was a colorless mass that Trisha stripped off and dropped into the tub.

Rilliana stared at her with her mouth open.

"Mmmh?" asked Trisha through her gag.

"That's absolutely disgusting…" said Rilliana, keeping an eye out for other slimes.

Trisha shrugged and searched the floor herself until she found one of the monsters and threw the goo it secreted into the tub.

Rilliana knelt down to one of the slimes and looked at it. It seemed to react to her and slowly crawled towards her.

Disgusted, Rilliana quickly got up and stomped back to the tub so that none of the slimes could approach her from behind.

"Trisha, I think I'll sit this one out. Is that okay?"

Her friend raised an eyebrow and pointed upward to the entrance of the pit.

The elf looked up and saw Celine throwing a bag down to them and started giggling like a little girl when the bag burst, releasing red dust that spread throughout the pit.

"I think I'll allow you to speak again, Trisha dear." Celine called down the pit and snapped her fingers. Immediately Trisha unfastened the ball gag and tossed it into the vat.

"Thank you, Mistress," she called up and wiped saliva from her lips that had accumulated from the gag.

"Oh don't thank me too soon I'd say you're about to have your hands full, and Rilliana honey sitting out probably won't work now."

Rilliana was about to ask why when Trisha ran into her and threw her to the floor. The slime that had just crawled slowly towards Rilliana took a leap and flew just a hair's breadth over both of them.

"Let the games begin!" Celine shouted from above, sipping from a glass that was undoubtedly filled with wine.

Trisha picked her friend up off the floor and ducked under a slime again.

"See why I didn't feel like working for her, or coming here in the first place?" she asked her friend, pulling her toward a nearby wall.

Rilliana shivered and held onto her friend.

"Trisha, is this one of those times when I should use my Safeword?"

Trisha looked at her and frowned, but then started smiling at her encouragingly.

"If this is too much for you of course, but rest assured my sister would never put us in danger. You have nothing to be afraid of."

"How can you be so sure? What if they jump on our faces, and we suffocate?" asked Rilliana.

"Celine said that's one of her breeds. Even if they catch you, you can breathe through them and their usual acid is nothing more than a tickle on your skin."

The elf watched the slimes move closer and closer and took a deep breath.

"And now that they are so aggressive, how do we get the vat full?"

"You don't," came from above, "I just wait until the slimes have their fun with you and then wring you out over the tub."

"Soothing…" said Trisha and the two friends laughed.

"I promised you this would be a workout for you, but it's no good if you just stand in the corner. The first one of you who can't move will have to go to the forest tomorrow."

Trisha's eyes widened in sheer horror.

She looked at Rilliana and said, "Sorry Rilli, it's nothing personal." and pushed the elf towards the slimes.

Immediately the monsters jumped to her and tried to settle on her.

In a flash, she rolled to the side and the slimes landed next to her.

"That felt very personal!" exclaimed Rilliana, picking up a handful of mud from the ground and throwing it at Trisha. The mud hit Trisha on the head, and she slipped. Right onto a slime that had been hiding there. The elf grinned maliciously until she was knocked to the ground again when a slime jumped into her lower back.

Mud splashed up as Rilliana landed face first in the morass.

She felt the slime spread rapidly over her back and buttocks and jumped up in panic. Rilliana tried in vain to get the slime off of her as she had seen Trisha do, but apparently this one wasn't as ticklish as the first. She turned around to find some way to scrape the monster off of her and stumbled back in shock as three more slimes crawled towards her. Without paying attention to her surroundings, she stepped on one of the creatures that had been lurking behind her and became stuck. She looked down and tried to loosen her foot with her arms.

"Didn't you forget something Rilliana?" asked Celine from above.

Rilliana froze and looked forward again.

Celine laughed out loud as she saw Rilliana getting attacked by three slimes at the same time and was thrown backwards as they attacked her head, chest and again her right hand.

Rilliana panicked when she realized that one of the slimes was wrapped around her head and her dominant hand was stuck on the ground above her head. Without further thought, she raised her left hand to free her head, but it became trapped in the slime.

"That's it," she thought as she tried to inhale. She expected the mucus to block her airway, but instead she felt fresh air in her lungs. Relief spread through her and she remained lying down. The slimes had eventually overwhelmed her, the only question was how Trisha was doing. Rilliana felt more and more slime coming upon her and growing. She felt a slight tingling sensation all over her body which her girlfriend had described.

Everywhere Rilliana looked she saw only pink, and slowly the slimes began to lift her up until she was in the middle of a cube that slowly turned to a bigger pink monster.

Fascinated, Celine watched from the entrance of the pit as two slime cubes moved closer and closer until they touched and connected with a soft 'plop'. Trisha and Rilliana were now stuck together in a huge cube and could no longer move. Their bodies were transported to the center of the cube until they touched, and their faces were pressed into each other's crotches.

"I'm proud of both of you," Celine said, although she wasn't sure if her slaves could hear her, "When my little ones are done with you, I'll get you out of there. It should be in a couple of hours and since you both can't move anymore you can go into the forest together. Isn't that great?"

The next day

The sun was shining brightly, warming the costumes of the three women. Celine led Trisha and Rilliana along a path that ran behind her estate and led them to her forest. Trisha had barely slept through the night after her sister freed her from the slimes, and she had learned that they both had to go into the forest.

Celine pulled her slaves behind her on a chain attached to collars.

"Trisha honey, I promise that, as always, nothing will happen to you when you go into the forest," Celine said as she pulled again on Trisha's chain as she slowed down.

"I don't care Celine! I hate the critters that live in your forest!" Countered Trisha, straining against the collar.

Celine exhaled loudly and turned to face her.

"Trisha, I really need that silk. Is there anything I can do to sweeten it for you?"

"No!" replied Trisha tersely and sat down on the floor to reinforce her point.

Rilliana knelt down beside her and put an arm around her.

"Why don't you wanna go in, Trish?" she asked the shifter quietly.

"Because I don't feel like hanging out helplessly in the woods again for two days because my dear sister doesn't know where her stupid spiders took me!"

"Spiders?" asked Rilliana in shock.

"Yes of course spiders, but they are not the problem! Of course, they don't hurt us any more than the slimes do, but if Celine can't find us it might as well be regular spiders!"

Rilliana frowned.

"And what if Celine can find us no matter what?" she said, tapping her collar.

Trisha looked at her wondering until she remembered what she meant and immediately her expression brightened.

"That I didn't think of it myself…" muttered Celine, unchaining Trisha and Rilliana after enchanting their collars.

"Who would have thought that a bondage-addicted horny elf would think of putting tracking spells on collars before my famous sister who earned her wealth from magic and clothing?" Trisha said.

"Rilliana darling? Could you go to the forest already? I'd like to talk a few more sentences with my sister," said Celine with her fake smile.

Rilliana didn't need to be told twice and went into the dark forest without hesitation.

Immediately she missed the warm sun that had just warmed up her catsuit. So far she saw no trace of the spiders in question, but it was only a matter of time.

She breathed in the air of the forest and closed her eyes contentedly. Although she grew up in the city, she always felt a connection to the forest when she entered one. Before she met Trisha, she often wondered how her life would have been if she had grown up in a forest with elves. But then she probably would never have met Arissa or the shifter.

"It's better this way," she murmured, stroking a tree.

She heard footsteps and turned to her friend. Rilliana laughed out loud when she saw what Celine had done to her sister. Trisha had two extra pairs of arms sewn on by Celine and had put on her glasses that resembled the eyes of a fly. Finally, she had insect wings glued to her back that fluttered gently with each step she took.

Trisha looked annoyed at her girlfriend, but waited until she calmed down. "Can we get started now then? The sooner we're done with this the sooner we can get back home," Trisha said, leading the way.

"I'm sorry that was just too unexpected," Rilliana said, walking after her, "but you have to admit that looks pretty funny."

Trisha chuckled.

"Yeah, it does. I just wish she'd kept the glasses off, I can barely see anything around here."

"Once we find the spiders does it even matter then?"

"Of course it does! I want to admire your beautiful wrapped body, don't I?" said Trisha, slapping Rilliana on the butt.

"Does your sister actually do this all the time? Collect materials, this way, I mean?"

"Not really… But she thinks it's more fun, and she thinks she'll get more output that way, but her employees don't go for it. So she used to send me here alone and wait for the spiders to catch me. However, that went wrong last time and I almost died of dehydration… That was definitely one of the reasons why I didn't really want to visit her."

"Is everything okay between you two again?" asked Rilliana cautiously.

Trisha exhaled loudly from her nose.

"I think so… At least it's like it used to be, more or less."

"More or less?" asked Rilliana.

"Well it used to be a little…" Rilliana interrupted Trisha's story by pulling her friend back, "what's wrong?"

"Spiders." said Rilliana pointing to some trees whose branches were decorated with webs.

"Rilliana I hate to disappoint you but this fly here," Trisha said, stroking her paws over her body trapped in the catsuit, "doesn't fit in these small webs. My sister's spiders make bigger webs. So don't worry we will not miss them." Trisha took another step. There was a snap under her foot, and suddenly she sank screeching into the ground as the branches gave way beneath her, and she disappeared into a hole. She slid down a short distance until she reached a ramp and was catapulted upward. She waved her arms wildly as gravity took hold of her again and she landed right in the middle of a giant net that was stretched in a pit.

"Trisha? Are you all right?" asked Rilliana. Her voice echoed off the walls.

"Yeeees," Trisha called back, "And I even found a bigger net. But I don't know if…" Again she was interrupted as Rilliana suddenly appeared above her and dropped right next to her.

When the elf landed, the net broke, and they continued to fall down until they were caught again by a net which, however, also gave way and only the third net could stop their fall.

"Someone must be losing weight," said Trisha in an annoying singing voice.

"Says the one who is probably the fattest fly in the world." countered Rilliana and tried to sit up which turned out to be nearly impossible due to the many threads already wrapped around her.

"And now what?" she asked and remained lying down as her limbs were pulled back once again.

"Well either we wait and hope the spiders come soon and buy that we can't resist, or we have some fun and wriggle until we are actually helpless against them."

Trisha and Rilliana glanced at each other and grinned from ear to ear. Immediately they began to struggle in the strings as if their lives depended on it. It became more and more difficult for them to move as more silk got caught on them. Only when the net broke again, this time under Trisha, and she dangled upside down in a sack under Rilliana, did they stop.

The two friends were breathing heavily and even without the spiders, there was hardly anything left of their black catsuits.

"How's the view from down there?" asked Rilliana with a laugh, trying in vain to turn her head.

"Pretty good. I have a perfect view of your butt!" replied Trisha, sighing with pleasure.

"Look we've got company Trish." said Rilliana, watching as a melon sized spider peered cautiously down into the pit at them.

"What is she waiting for?" said Rilliana.

"My sister bred them, so they can catch big prey and spin webs without end, but at the same time they are not deadly, so they are making sure we can't hurt them." said Trisha, trying to spot the spider past Rilliana.

Slowly the spider crawled down the wall. She walked up to the elf and gently nudged her with her legs. Rilliana watched her curiously and admired her fluffy pink fur.

"She sure looks cuddly." Whispered Rilliana.

The spider tilted her head and grabbed the elf's leg.

Deftly, she removed it from the web and placed both legs side by side. Next, she began wrapping Rilliana's legs with her silk. She stopped at her hip and went to her buttocks.

"Tell me Trisha, is this one actually poisonous?" asked Rilliana.

"Yes, but not deadly. You'll see what it does in a minute."

"I'm not sure if I want to…"

"Tough luck, she's just getting ready to bite."

"Aaaah!" said Rilliana as she felt the spider sink its fangs into her flesh and a warmth spread from there throughout her body. At the same time she lost control of her limbs and even if she wanted to she could not move. Slowly her eyes closed and she fell asleep.

"Sleep tight Rilli." murmured Trisha barely audible and watched what the spider did next.

She picked up where she left off and wrapped her waist in silk. The spider continued to work its way up, crossing Rilliana's arms in front of her chest and spraying her head with silk as well. Until there was nothing left to see of Rilliana except her closed eyes.

Trisha's mouth watered when she saw the spun body of her girlfriend. The catsuit was already very figure-hugging, but the silk enhanced the effect even more and acted like a corset around her whole body.

The spider seemed pleased with her catch and lowered herself to Trisha who just smiled at her.

" Do your worst, little friend," she said to the spider, which immediately sank its teeth into Trisha.

Celine stood at the edge of the pit and looked down at the two cocoons Rilliana and Trisha were in.

"I finally found you guys. Pinky you always have to build the sneakiest traps, don't you?" she asked, petting the pink spider next to her.

The spider squealed in satisfaction and scrambled down the rock wall to her prey to release it from the webs and bring it to her mistress.

Celine placed a bowl on the floor and filled it with food to reward the spider for her efforts. She paused for a moment and looked at the two women in their white prisons.

"Oh what the heck. You earned it," she muttered, pouring more food into the bowl until it overflowed. With a flick of her hand, her magic took the bodies from the spider away and sent them flying out of the pit.

"Good appetite Pinky, but don't eat it all at once." said Celine, petting the spider again.

Rilliana slowly awoke from her poison induced slumber. She quickly realized that she was still trapped in her cocoon but safe in her cell with Trisha next to her hanging just a hand's length off the ground. She bit her lower lip as she saw Trisha's pure white form in front of her.

"We'll have to do that again," she thought, wriggling and making happy noises while enjoying her cocoon to the fullest.

The next day, Trisha and Rilliana were finally released from their cocoons by Celine. Both were trembling with excitement thinking about what their mistress had in store for them next. "What are we going to do next, mistress?" they both asked simultaneously as they knelt before Celine.

"Stand up my dear ones. I regret to inform you that you will have to do without me for today. Now that I have, thanks to you, the necessary materials, I must get to work as quickly as possible to finish the commission so that I don't have to worry about anything else, but you. That means that I put my house at your disposal, including the dungeon and all its contents. But please don't overdo it, all right?" said Celine, looking sternly at the two.

"No way mistress." said Rilliana.

"I'll take care of her." Trisha added and all three laughed.

"Fine… I take it Trisha is the boss for now? Is that okay with you Rilliana?"

The elf nodded eagerly and fell into Trisha's arms. "I can't wait!"

Celine smiled and ruffled her slave's hair. "All right. I'll see how you girls did this evening. Trisha if you want to change, in the throne room should be some clothes that should fit you. Knock yourselves out" Celine said with a wink and left the dungeon.

"What do we do first?" asked Rilliana, dancing on the spot with excitement.

"First, I'm going to make sure you don't run away," Trisha said, rummaging through the chest of supplies for handcuffs she used to cuff Rilliana's hands behind her back. "And then I'm going to look at some nice clothes while you wait here," she finished, closing the cell door behind her and leaving Rilliana alone in her cell.

The elf pressed her face against the bars and called after her, "I'm not a fan of handcuffs, by the way!" Trisha just laughed and didn't even dignify her with a glance. Rilliana sighed loudly and sat down on the bed.

When Trisha opened the closet in Celine's throne room, a sweet smell hit her, and she inhaled it with satisfaction. Knowing exactly what she was looking for, she reached into the closet and grabbed some clothes to hang over the throne. Trisha opened her catsuit and took it off. It irritated her to be naked after wearing the suit for days, so she immediately put on the catsuit she had prepared. It was also black but not made of the same material as the other suit she had worn all the time but was made of a much more elastic and shiny material. She suspected that her sister made it from the slime secretions.

The new suit made squishing noises as it wrapped around her body and hugged her very tight. "By the gods!" she shouted as it closed completely around her, breathing heavily in pleasure. Next she put on wine red boots that went just below her knees. The heels on them were unusually high, but she was confident that she would quickly learn to walk in them. She tied her dark brown hair in a strict ponytail. Last she put on an also wine-red corset which she didn't pull too tight but still lifted her breasts up. The suit took her breath away enough. Next to the throne lay Celine's whip. Trisha moistened her lips with her tongue and grabbed it. Rilliana, meanwhile, was still sitting on her bed and staring boredly at the wall.

"Finally!" she thought when she heard heels and curiously rushed to the bars to catch a glimpse of Trisha.

"You've kept me waiting long enough, Trish! I hope it was worth it!" She called out to her friend.

"I don't know Rilliana. You can tell me." said Trisha, cracking her whip.

The elf drew in a hiss of air when she saw her friend and sank to her knees in awe, but didn't interrupt her gaze on her mistress for a second.

"Turn around!" demanded Trisha as she opened the cell door.

Rilliana hesitated though she wanted to obey but the sight of her friend in Celine's clothes forced her not to avert her gaze.

"Interesting… Are we a bit disobedient today or is it because you have no respect for me anymore since my dear sister made us both her slaves?"

Rilliana forced herself to lower her gaze and turned her back to her.

"No Trisha. I was just enchanted by your magnificence," she replied.

Trisha approached her girlfriend and placed her hands on Rilliana's shoulders. She bent down, so close to her ear that the elf could feel Trisha's breath.

"This can't be all, slave… And I will make it my business to correct it by tonight," she whispered in Rilliana's ear and bit her earlobe.

The elf opened her lips to express her pain and surprise with a scream, but was interrupted when Trisha stuck the whip in her mouth like a bone.

"Hold on!" she commanded and Rilliana instinctively a bit down.

Trisha released Rilliana's handcuffs and exchanged them for a long rope.

"The whip might be a bit of a nuisance when I tie you up," Trisha said, wrapping it around Rilliana's neck. Not hard enough to cut off her air completely, but undoubtedly tight enough that it pressed uncomfortably on her neck.

Rilliana's pulse skyrocketed as her breathing was restricted.

"Don't worry." murmured Trisha in her ear, stroking Rilliana's neck. Trisha's suit grazed Rilliana's skin and the Elf shuddered.

The shifter brought the elf's arms to her chest and began to bind them to her torso. Rilliana's arms were crossed tightly, and she had no way to lower her hands.

Next, Trisha took the black ropes that were treated by Celine so that they were elastic and tied them around Rilliana's ankles.

Finally, Trisha tied a rope around her waist but not for a crotch rope but for a waist harness.

"Are you ready for your lesson slave? "Trisha asked and put her hands on Rilliana's shoulders again.

The elf nodded once and waited to see what her girlfriend had in mind.

Trisha took another rope, threw it over a ceiling beam and attached it to Rilliana's upper body and to her waist harness. She knotted the black ropes in eyelets on the floor and started to pull Rilliana up until she was hanging in the air and her legs were stretched by the flexible ropes.

Trisha walked around Rilliana, stroking her body.

The shifter took back her whip and disappeared from the elf's sight again.

Nervously, Rilliana tried to turn her head to see what her friend was doing.

"Count for me." Said Trisha and the elf blinked as she heard the whip crack. A searing pain spread in a straight line from her right shoulder to her left buttock. Rilliana opened her mouth in a silent scream and held her breath. All thoughts in her head were swept aside as the whip struck her. Her breathing quickened as she got over the shock and hung her head.

"Rilliana are you alright," Trisha asked worriedly, "did I hit too hard?"

"No!" said Rilliana immediately, turning to her friend as best she could.

"Keep going…" she muttered.

"Then count."

"One!" said Rilliana, and immediately another blow landed on her back, taking her breath away again.


Trisha caught only her butt this time and the pain pierced her body like an arrow.


Again the whip touched her back and Rilliana tightened her legs hoping to escape the pain. But she was mercilessly pulled back by the black ropes.


Trisha struck again and this time Rilliana groaned loudly.

"… Five!"

Trisha hesitated. She walked around the elf and looked into her face. A lone tear rolled down.

"Shall we stop?" she asked, wiping the tear away.

Rilliana frowned and looked at her friend in confusion.

She swallowed hard, took a breath and said, "I said five Trish… I won't repeat myself…" she smiled down at her friend and stuck her tongue out at her.

Trisha opened her mouth indignantly, but closed it right back, walked around the elf and said, "Fine, have it your way."

Without warning, the whip landed heavily on Rilliana's back and snaked forward onto her stomach.

"SIX!" hissed Rilliana through her clenched teeth.

… "SEVEN!"

As they reached thirty Trisha noticed with each new lash that Rilliana was counting along more and more quietly until she seemed to whisper and stopped completely at fifty. Concerned, Trisha took down the whip and brought the elf to the ground. She took Rilliana in her arms and stroked her gently. The elf seemed to Trisha as if she were in a trance. Trisha breathed a sigh of relief.

"Welcome to Subspace, Rilli," Trisha whispered and put Rilliana carefully in the bed and covered her.

"…Thank… You… Mistress," murmured Rilliana, groaning in relief as the warmth of the blanket embraced her.

As quietly as possible, Trisha removed her costume and lay down beside her.

"Do you want me to untie the rest?"

Rilliana, barely noticeably, shook her head and snuggled deeper into the blanket and against Trisha.


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