Rilliana and Trisha

by TheLargeEmpty

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Storycodes: F/f; Sbf; fantasy; bond; rope; gag; tickle; crotchrope; cuffs; majick; rom; cons; X

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Part 4: In Paradise

Rilliana stared at her ceiling from empty eyes. She felt an ever-expanding emptiness inside her since Trisha's coachman Jeffrey had brought her home.

Had she destroyed everything that connected Trisha and her? She rolled to the side and caught sight of the collar she had been wearing only a short time ago. She took it in her hand and curled up. Tears rolled down her face as she began to cry. There was a knock.

"Trisha I'm…" she fell silent when she saw Arissa standing in the doorway.

Quickly Rilliana wiped away her tears and jumped up from her bed.

"Arissa! What can I do for you?" she asked while rubbing her eyes.

"Are you alright sweetheart?" the gnome asked, walking towards her.

"Yeah, yeah everything's fine," Rilliana lied, wrinkling her nose, "just a little cold."

Arissa tilted her head a bit but knew not to press Rilliana further.

"Are you feeling fit enough for the mission? There's been a slight change of plans and that's why I'd have to get you in today."

"Yeah no problem." the elf said, putting on a forced smile.

"Well, come to the city gates tonight and put this on. It's not exactly my taste, but I think from what you've told me you might like it," said Arissa, placing a brown packet on the bed.

"Get some rest. I need you in the best shape."

"You can count on me!" said Rilliana, saluting the gnome."

"I will dear, I will," replied Arissa and left Rilliana's shelter.

She dropped back into bed and reached for the package. She heard something inside clinking as if there was metal in it, but she also felt fabric and opened it curiously. A blue robe decorated with golden plates was revealed.

"What kind of change of plans is this?" she asked herself and put on the garment.

"Are you serious Arissa?" she shouted as she looked at herself in the broken mirror. The robe left nothing to the imagination. Not only was most of her body visible through the robe, she had to lock it around her ankles and wrists.

"Now of all times…" she muttered, glancing at the collar that lay on the bed and considering blowing off the whole mission.

"I can't let Arissa down, she relies on me…" she said and dropped on the bed.

Rilliana picked up the collar and twisted it in her hand.

Suddenly a rage flowed through her like she hadn't felt in a long time. She grabbed the collar tightly and threw it full force against her closet. It flashed briefly as the magic in it escaped.

The evening was approaching and Rilliana had gone to the city gates. A cloak hid her exotic clothing, and she waited for her contact.

"Hey little one, long time no see," said a familiar voice behind her, but she couldn't match a face to it.

She turned around and saw a human with gray hair smiling at her.

"I see you successfully found the dagger and were able to free yourself with it." he said and something inside Rilliana's head clicked.

"It's you?" she asked in shock, pointing her finger at him accusingly.

"Do you know how long I've been looking for that damn dagger?"

"Calm down, Arissa said you and your shifter friend took a liking to it, is she okay?" he asked, then fell silent when he saw her face.

"I see … Difficult subject." he said, drawing in a hiss of air.

"Anyway, what are we waiting for here?" asked Rilliana, turning back to the city gates.

The man stood beside her.

"For a carriage to come by here and to get you in. I hope you're wearing those weird clothes. I guess the contact person is into it, and it should serve as good camouflage for you when you're looking for the chalice."

"Good camouflage?" asked Rilliana, taking off her cloak to reveal her dress.

He shrugged his shoulders.

"Anyway… What about the city guard?"

"Have been sufficiently bribed. And here comes your ride," he added, pointing to a massive carriage leisurely approaching the city gates.

"What's your name?" she asked, turning to him, but he had disappeared. She rolled her eyes in annoyance and hid behind a nearby crate.

She heard the carriage coming closer and closer, then a whirling of the horses and a short yell as the man knocked out the driver.

The man beckoned to Rilliana and motioned her to be quiet.

She followed him and saw him throw something into an opening of the carriage.

Shortly after, Rilliana could hear several people in the carriage coughing until they fell silent, and the elf was sure the man had just drugged everyone in the carriage.

"After you little one." he said, lifting her to the door of the carriage.

"Wait a minute, what about that stuff in there?" asked Rilliana.

"Ah right!" he said and just pushed her into the carriage.

Immediately Rilliana started coughing and lost consciousness.

"Damn I love my job." he said grinning.

He closed the door and sat down in the coachman's seat.

Rilliana blinked as she slowly regained consciousness and sat up. The other women came swaying to their feet and looked at her curiously, but they didn't say anything because they probably didn't want to stick their noses into things that didn't concern them. Rilliana heard voices from outside coming into the carriage.

"Finally, what took you so long? Lord Dekar has been waiting for hours and his guest is getting impatient."

"Quality has its price, and it takes time," Arissa's friend said and got off the carriage.

"Hey girls, we're here!" he said, pounding on the door.

Carefully, one of the women opened the carriage and slowly got out. One by one, they exited the vehicle until Rilliana was the last to expose herself to the cool night air.

Rilliana was about to say that it was far too cold, and they had to get inside as soon as possible when she saw her ally shaking his head slightly, and she fell silent.

"Wait a minute Lord Dekar only ordered seven women, but that's eight."

"Yes, she here is a small gift for the lords as a thank you for the order and an apology for the delay."

The other man shrugged and waved the girls into the mansion.

"Good luck," whispered Arissa's friend to Rilliana and sat in the carriage.

"In here ladies and wait until the honored guest arrives." Lord Dekar's servant ordered and opened a door.

Hot humid air hit Rilliana and she became light-headed.

"Hey, are you all right?" asked one of the girls, holding Rilliana by the shoulder, so she wouldn't fall over.

"Yeah … Yeah, I'll be fine in a minute, thanks."

The girl gave her an encouraging smile.

"This is all overwhelming, isn't it? My name is Terra by the way."

"I'm Ri … ," The elf hesitated. It might not be wise to use her real name, "… Rike."

"Pleased to make your acquaintance Rike. Come and let's enjoy this dreamlike room for a while, while we still can." Terra walked past her and into the tropically humid room.

Rilliana looked up and couldn't believe it.

How could anyone have so much money that they could build waterfalls in their house to fill a small lake? Mist billowed throughout the room and some girls were already undressing to walk around the shallow water or laying down in a massive bed.

"What have I gotten myself into here?" thought Rilliana, looking back through the door. Just before it closed, the elf caught a glimpse of the long hallway behind her and began to smile when she saw the target of the assignment. A ruby-studded chalice with the crest of Leon's Keep.

She turned back to the other women and licked her lips.

"Eyes on the prize," she muttered and walked over to Terra and the other girls who were lolling in bed.

The door to the room was opened and Rilliana listened in voices while Terra and the others continued to talk.

"Now that we have finally been able to finalize the contracts I would like to present you with a small gift for tonight. I hope I have met your taste."

A man entered the room dressed in white robes and looked at the scenery and the women with little enthusiasm.

"Thank you very much Lord Dekar. If you forgive me I would now like to retire to the… Harem you have provided."

"Of course Prince Al Alabishahad, if you need anything my servants will fulfill your every wish."

The door closed and immediately a couple of the women went to the prince and started removing his robes.

"Stop, leave that. I just want to … Just let me go to bed."

"But my lord we are here to sweeten your evening," said Terra, stroking his chest.

"As you wish. If you really want to entertain me then do it my way. Go into the bathroom and take a partner. I'll explain what you're going to do in a minute." The man turned and walked into the hallway while Terra and the others undressed and got into the knee-deep water.

"Come on Rike you're my partner now," said Terra and pulled Rilliana who was clinging to the bed with all her might into the pool where she was then undressed by the other women.

"Oh come on I was just getting used to the clothes," she grumbled and the others laughed.

The door opened again, and the prince came in with a pile of ropes in his hand.

"Have you guys split up? Well, the rules are simple: you fight each other until there is only one of you left. Please make sure you don't injure each other. The last one standing gets a bonus as soon as the night is over."

"And what's the deal with the ropes, my lord?"

"The losers of each round will be tied up and will be able to spend the rest of the time bound. Any questions? None? Good, you can start," said the prince and lay down in bed.

"Wait a minute, I've got…" Rilliana was about to start when Terra threw herself on top of her and put her in a headlock. All at once all hell broke loose in the bathroom and the laughter and shrieking of the women echoed off the walls.

Rilliana was surprised how strong Terra was, and she had no chance. Only when Rilliana was running out of breath did she slap Terra's arm to make her understand that she was giving up. Terra immediately let her go and helped her ashore where Rilliana was immediately tied up by her with ropes on her wrists and feet.

"I think you're out for the day, Rike," Terra said, ruffling the elf's blonde hair.

The elf looked at her bonds in disbelief.

"Terra is that all? I'm a little disappointed."

Terra's eye twitched.

"As you wish…"

Ten minutes later, Rilliana was tied up like a ham and her skin was pressing out from between the ropes. In addition, Terra had tied the crotch rope favored by Rilliana and the elf moaned loudly as it was pulled tight.

After three rounds the game was over and Terra had indeed won.

"Well fought my lady. Throw the losers into the bath and have some fun with them."

"As you wish your highness," said Terra and bowed to the prince.

She did as she was told and one by one the women landed shrieking in the water where Terra, grinning like a shark, pounced on them, tickling, kissing or briefly holding them underwater.

Rilliana meanwhile thought about whether she imagined that the ropes were tighter since she was in the water or not.

Until late at night, Terra and the women played with each other until the prince said he had enough and wanted to sleep. ''Alone'' as he insisted. One after the other was freed by Terra and left the room. While Rilliana was still tied up like a ham watching them. Finally Terra stood over her and smiled.

"Could you please give me a hand? The ropes are starting to cut into my skin." the elf said, smiling back.

"Mmmmhh … No not yet, I want to have some more fun. Maybe I'll just ask the prince if I can have you as my reward," she said, lifting Rilliana up.

"I don't suppose I have any say in the matter?"

"You're about to have your right to speak taken away." Terra replied and went into one of the rooms that had been made available to them.

"By the gods! It's cold in here!" said Rilliana as they entered the room.

"Don't worry I'll make you a lot warmer in a minute," Terra said and put Rilliana into bed, "but first…" She took a piece of cloth and stuffed it into Rilliana's mouth. "Keep it in, nice and tight!" she ordered the elf, finishing the gag with another cloth which she knotted in her neck.

"So… I have a few questions for you little elf. And it would be wise if you answer them truthfully, you understand." Terra said and tickled Rilliana's feet. The elf jerked back, but the tight wet ropes prevented almost any movement. "Question number one. Are you here for a different reason than we are?"

Rilliana shook her head.

Terra closed her eyes. "Come on ‘Rike’," she said, tickling the elf. Rilliana Braced herself against the ropes with all her might and tried to escape from the attack of the fingers. She screamed with laughter into the gag and squirmed in her bonds.

"Second question," Terra said while continuing to tickle her, "Is your name Rike?" Rilliana nodded while tears ran down her face. "And lying again. I beg you my love, the way you hesitated earlier, Rike is definitely not your real name. Let's get to the last question," Terra said suddenly in a serious tone, stopped tickling Rilliana and put a blade to the elf's neck.

Immediately the elf fell silent and swallowed. "Are you putting me or one of my friends in danger?" Rilliana hesitated and finally shook her head. "Oho the elf can tell the truth too. So what are you really here for?" she asked, pulling down the gag.

"I thought that was your last question?"

Terra lightly tickled Rilliana and she giggled. "I'm asking the questions here! So…?" Rilliana rolled her eyes and leaned back.

"I'm supposed to steal the chalice in the hallway. Today was apparently the only way to get in here safely. I'm sorry you got dragged into this."

Terra shrugged her shoulders. "We're all just pieces on the board of some greater power, aren't we?" she said, cutting the ropes that held Rilliana tight. "If you feel alone, look for me in Onan's Rest. You seemed to be the only one who really enjoyed her bondage. That's rare, you'd be quite the attraction in my establishment."

"Thank you, but I am quite happy," said Rilliana, massaging her limbs. The rope marks were clearly visible all over her body. "The offer stands. You can come by for tea if you want," said Terra, laughing.

"You're welcome. I had fun today Terra. Hope to see you again soon. But I really have to go now," said Rilliana and stood up only to immediately fall to the ground.

"Not again…" she muttered, struggling to get up.

"I think I made the ropes a little too tight, didn't I?" asked Terra, lifting her back up into bed.

"That's absolutely correct," said Rilliana, annoyed, trying to get feeling back in her legs.

"What if I get you the chalice, and you spend the rest of the night with me in return?" asked Terra, snuggling up to Rilliana.

Rilliana hesitated. But then backed away from her.

"I'm sorry I … I can't do that yet, it's too early for that …"

"Oh sorry darling. I would have given you a nice night. I'll get you the chalice though, after all, it's my fault you can't move." With those words, Terra stood up and looked around the room until she gleefully laughed and picked something up from a dresser.

"Do you think it's expensive?" She asked, holding out a hand mirror decorated with gold. Rilliana just shrugged her shoulders.

"Well let's hope so, I'll be right back," said Terra, slipping out of the room and into the hallway, still naked.

Rilliana was curious what she was up to and let herself slide to the floor and crawled to the door. She saw Terra and a few of the other women go to the chalice and while the guards were being dragged by the ladies to their respective rooms to amuse one another, Terra tampered with the chalice. Grinning broadly, she returned. One chalice in hand and another still on the pedestal.

"What have you done?" asked Rilliana, looking at Terra in confusion.

"You have your secrets little thief and I have mine. Here hide it well," said Terra, tossing her the chalice. Puzzled, Rilliana caught it and examined it. Without a doubt it was her commissioned item.

"Don't lie on the floor all the time and come to bed. If you're not going to enjoy yourself, at least you can keep me company," Terra said, looking at her with anticipation.

"Thanks…" mumbled Rilliana and crawled back to her.

"No problem," she said, lifting Rilliana back into bed, "But now we should sleep before we don't get any at all," she winked at the elf and extinguished the candles.

The next morning the women smuggled Rilliana and the goblet safely to the carriage and off the premises.

"So remember if you're ever in the area, come to Onan's Rest," said Terra, and the other women nodded in agreement.

"I will! And thanks again for a great night," said Rilliana, hugging everyone.

"Hey little one! We're here!" called Arissa's friend and stopped the carriage.

Rilliana exited the carriage and waved goodbye to the ladies.

"Little one, don't you have something for me?" asked the driver of the carriage.

Rilliana smiled and played with a cloth in which the chalice was wrapped.

"Come on little one … Or shall I visit you again tonight?"

Rilliana tossed him the cup.

"You can still come visit me. Could use the distraction," she said.

"We'll see, little one, we'll see." he replied, nodding to her and letting the horses take off. Rocking, the carriage drove out of town with Rilliana's new friends.

The elf walked the short distance back home. As she opened the door to the hallway, she paused, as she had when Arissa's friend had ambushed her.

"Not today. Not now," she muttered. She drew her dagger. She opened her door with a push and froze.

Sitting on her bed was Trisha. The destroyed collar was in her hands and she was trembling.

"The collar and my bracelet are connected … It can tell me where the wearer of the collar is, if he is comfortable, in danger, injured …," she looked up and Rilliana could see Trisha's tears streaming down her face and her swollen red eyes, "Or dead." She finished and raised her arm. Rilliana saw the bracelet that had turned black.

"At first I thought you were… But then you weren't there and I … I was scared … Terrified… For you! And now you're standing here in this costume, unharmed." She shook her head, got up and stood in Rilliana's way.

"Say something!" she demanded, shoving the elf.

Rilliana opened her mouth but no words left her lips.

"Anything!" said Trisha and pushed her again.

Rilliana began to tremble and clasped her hands in front of her head.

"Please…" whispered Trisha, sliding to the floor in front of Rilliana.

"Trisha…," Rilliana said, kneeling in before her and hugging her,

"I am so infinitely sorry for everything, my ignorance towards you and your feelings, my addiction. I wish I could take back everything I said and if I could somehow …"

She started crying and hugged Trisha even tighter.

"Trisha I … I love you! And I …" she was interrupted as Trisha pressed her mouth to Rilliana's.

"I love you too, silly …," Trisha whispered as they broke away from each other, "and now show me what you learned on Arissa's mission!"

When Trisha heard that Rilliana was finally fast asleep, she got out of bed and sat down at the table. She took a piece of paper and wrote a letter.

My dearest Rilliana,

When you find this letter I will already be at my home waiting for you. But before that, you must fulfill three tasks to earn your entrance.

First, tie yourself up as I have outlined on the back of this letter and wear only the dress I have hung over your chair, nothing else.

Second, go to the place where we first met and find a package I hid there.

You will find your third task there.

In love


Trisha sealed the letter with a kiss and placed it in a visible place next to her sleeping girlfriend. She put a dress on the chair and went to her apartment trembling with excitement.

Rilliana yawned loudly. The sun that usually woke her up was hidden behind dark clouds and a harsh wind swept through the streets.

"Hey sleepyhead we should get up," she said and stretched. She got no answer and turned around only to find a letter waiting for her instead of Trisha.

Rilliana frowned thoughtfully but took the letter and read it. She bit her lower lip when she saw Trisha's drawing and immediately set to work.

Rilliana took a rope which she folded in half and hung over her neck, then tied the rope with several knots in front of her chest down to her crotch. She licked her lips as she read the next instructions on the sketch and decided to ignore the warnings and pulled the rope through itself to her neck and tightened it. Immediately the elf turned red.

Now comes the fun part, read Rilliana and led the rope forward and threaded it into the gaps created by the knots. Again she pulled it tight and already noticed how one of the knots sank deep into her crotch. She moaned with satisfaction and repeated the process until there were no more gaps in the rope, and it was pulled tightly around her body.

"Wow." was all she said when she saw her body being embraced by the rope. She stroked her breasts that were lifted by it and proudly presented themselves.

She had to force herself to turn around to the new dress Trisha had laid out for her.

It was just a wide white dress that went down to her ankles and covered her upper body so that no one on the street could see that she was tied up.

"Mmmhh, Trisha this is a bit boring isn't it?" she muttered and winced as she took a step towards the dress and the rope penetrated her even deeper.

"Then again, a little boredom might not be a bad thing…" she said, carefully pulling on her clothes.

She stepped out in front of her hiding place and was immediately greeted by a gust of wind that tried to lift her dress.

Frightened, she hurriedly pulled it down and cursed softly as the rope made her blush again. A couple of sailors walking by glanced at her, frowning, but said nothing.

Rilliana nodded shyly at them and walked as fast as she could without giving in to the rope towards the alley where she had her fateful encounter with Trisha.

The wind didn't make it easy for her to move forward and again and again she had to prevent it from lifting her dress to present her to all of Leon's Keep. Rilliana was not sure if she had managed to hide her ''underwear'' from the whole town, too often she was stared at by the residents while she stumbled through the streets. Exhausted, she arrived at the alley and tried to catch her breath.

She saw a package hidden under a pile of wood and tried to pull it out. The rope was no help, and she quickly realized that it was restricting her breathing.

She paused briefly and leaned against the pile of wood. She winced as something wet fell on the back of her neck. Rilliana raised her hand and wiped it away.

"It's about to rain, I'd better hurry before…," Rilliana's eyes popped open in horror, "BEFORE THE RAIN MAKES MY DRESS SEE-THROUGH FOR EVERYONE!" Hectically she pulled at the package, and finally she had it in her hand. On it was a heavy letter addressed to her. She tore it off and unfolded the written paper.

Dearest Rilliana

This package is for your old friend Arissa, take it to her. Also, she is giving you one package for me. And be so good and attach the included jewelry to yourself.

See you soon


"Jewelry?" she asked, turning the envelope inside out. Out fell ankle cuffs.

Rilliana groaned loudly but didn't think twice and closed the shackles around her ankles. Now she could only take small steps while carrying a package, and to make matters worse, the wind and soon-to-be rain threatened to blow her cover.

She stumbled towards Arissa's home wondering with each person she met if she had been busted, be it by the wind gently playing around her ankles, the metallic clanking of her shackles, or her increasingly reddening face as more and more drops rained down on her from the clouds.

Fortunately, when it really started to rain, most of the townspeople ran into the houses and taverns, and so Rilliana was spared explaining why she wore nothing but a web of rope under her white dress. The rope also absorbed the rain and as Rilliana had to realize it became tighter and tighter. Out of breath, wet and half frozen she knocked on Arissa's door.

"Oh Rilliana, what a wonderful… Why, girl?" said Arissa and blushed when she saw the drenched elf.

"Hello Arissa, good to see you. I have a package for you," said Rilliana and handed it to the gnome.

Arissa opened it while the elf was still standing in the rain.

"Can I come in?" she asked

"No, you'll get the whole floor wet," she got as an answer while the gnome read an attached letter.

"Here, I'm supposed to give you this," Arissa said, pressing another lengthy package into Rilliana's hand, "and put this on you," she added, throwing a dark rain cloak over the elf.

Immediately, a load fell from Rilliana's heart.

"Tell Trisha this was the last time I'm playing in one of your games, all right?"

The elf nodded hastily and said goodbye.

"Last stop Trisha's hideout."

Without any further incident she reached the wall and opened the door to Trisha's apartment.

She was stunned when she saw her friend lying on the bed, undressed and bound with red ribbons. A heart was glued to her mouth and served as a gag. Her legs were frog-tied and her arms were fastened above her on the bed. No doubt she could have freed herself with her claws at any time.

The elf noticed a key hanging around her neck that was undoubtedly for her shackles.

"MMHMM MHM HM HMMMHMM MMHMM!" she said with sparkling eyes.

"Wait, I don't understand a word you're saying." the elf said and walked over to her.

She pulled the heart down from Trisha's mouth.

"Happy birthday my love," Trisha finally said, "I hope you like your presents?" she said, wiggling her hips seductively.

"Ooooh, thanks for the surprise Trish!" said Rilliana, brushing off her raincoat and exposing her soaked dress.

"Come give me a hug!"

Immediately Trisha's eyes grew wide.

"How about you dry off first?"

Rilliana ignored the question, wrapped the shifter in her arms, and kissed her.

"Thanks Trish." Rilliana whispered and stood up while she took the key from Trisha's neck.

"If you don't mind, I would like to take a warm bath before I open my presents. You know?" she continued, showing the key to her ankle cuffs, then slipping the dress off her body and throwing it at Trisha. "HEY!"

After that she disappeared into the bathroom and let the tub run full while Trisha got more and more wet in the bedroom.

When the tub was full Rilliana went back to the bedroom still tied up.

"Actually, I don't feel like taking a bath by myself," she said, untying the ribbons that held Trisha to the bed and hauling her into the tub.

After they had both warmed up, Rilliana untied both of them and hung up the rope. When Rilliana came back into the bedroom, Trisha had the package in her hand and handed it to her.

"This is a joint gift from Arissa and me. I hope you like it."

Curious, Rilliana opened it to reveal a longbow artfully decorated with engraved branches and leaves.

"It's … It's beautiful." Rilliana murmured, admiring the craftsmanship. The elf set the bow aside and hugged Trisha.

"I thought to myself, what elf doesn't have a bow," Trisha said, hugging her friend back, "I'm glad you like the surprise."

"I do. Thank you so, so much!"


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