Paradice Lost 7: Trust

by A Pensive Pen

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Storycodes: FF/f; FFF/f; D/s; dungeon; bond; cuffs; gag; hood; collar; toys; insert; nipple; clit; torment; tease; climax; cupboard; rope; straps; revenge; cons/nc; X

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Author’s Note: The following is Part 7 of a sequel to “The Dice Game”. It is also a work of fiction intended for novelty purposes only. It contains graphic scenes which may not depict fully safe or wise BDSM practices, and should be enjoyed purely as fantasy.

Part 7: Trust

High heels clacked on the kitchen tile.

“Is that what that noise was?”

“Was Gabrielle really making a Thanksgiving dinner?”

“Well, not anymore.”

“What the hell did Cheri do?”

“I don’t know,” said Laura seriously, “but whatever she did got Gabrielle away from us so you could use that key. Where did you get that anyway?”

“Cheri,” Gwen admitted. “She snuck it to me in the shower…”

“In the shower?”


Laura and Gwen, still in their latex clothing, made their way down the steps of the basement.

“What the fuck?!” they said together.

The basement was supposed to be empty. The three women rarely used it even for storage, barring the occasional Dice Game. But now it looked like Gabrielle was beginning to turn the whole basement into a kind of sex dungeon. Black curtains had been tossed over all the window wells, the few pieces of furniture had been rearranged or moved off to a back room entirely, and a few ropes and chains hung ominously from the ceiling. A space on the wall was cleared; Gwen suspected it was intended for storage and display of myriad restraints, whips, gags, and the like. Most significant, though, were the two new pieces of bondage furniture.

They were both comprised largely of chrome rods fitted together by other assorted hardware that came shipped in Gabrielle’s boxes. The first looked like a sturdy pedestal about waist high. It had a wide base and various hooks and rings bolted to it, plus what looked like a long spreader bar fitted across it on one side. Atop the pedestal was a large vinyl pad with straps. Next to it was an open cardboard box with several plastic bags in it, each containing various chrome components which looked like they might attach to the pedestal in various ways. The other piece was even stranger, and Cheri was bound very tightly to it.

Cheri was almost completely naked. All her purple latex, her cuffs, and two glass insertable toys lay in a heap beside her. A black rubber… thing, which they would all later learn was a neck corset, had been laced around her neck and jaw so that she could barely move them. But it was even more sinister than that. Stretched over her mouth and around the back of her head was a thick strap, and in the center of where her lips would be protruded a small metal cylinder with a tiny pin inside it, like on a bicycle tire. On the floor lay a small length of rubber tubing with a bulb at the end like those used to measure blood pressure. Apparently not even this was enough, as Gabrielle had tied a wide leather blindfold over Cheri’s eyes. Otherwise, Cheri’s body was bare and taut, held perfectly still by her restraints.

Cheri was kneeling upright, bound to a metal pole with many small appendages and straps jutting out from it. Her arms were pulled stringently behind her back so that her they nearly touched. Only the thick metal manacles at her elbows and wrists separated them. A narrow pad pressed away from the pole and into her back, so her torso and chest were forced out presentably, and a heavy metal collar locked around Cheri’s neck, keeping her body straight and her hidden face pointing forward and upward. A leather strap below her breasts stabilized her torso, with more straps immobilizing her hips and thighs.

Cheri’s knees were also strapped apart, resting on small vinyl pads integrated into the base of her stand. Her ankles were encased in manacles like her arms, which connected to the pole behind her by a few links of chain which lifted them off the ground just enough to keep her toes from reaching the floor. For Gabrielle, this had evidently been insufficient, for a leather strap had been woven around the ankles and pole until Cheri couldn’t budge them at all.

Once Cheri was totally immobile, Gabrielle had arranged quite a show for her. Nipple clamps adorned Cheri’s breasts and looked quite tight. Dangling below each clamp was a small plastic oval which, they noticed, vibrated periodically, and below that swayed metal weights. Between Cheri’s legs, a small metal track extended from the pole, to which Gabrielle attached a rather sinister looking bracket. Mounted to it was a formidably sized black dildo attached to what appeared to be a hydraulic piston. It thrust the dildo in and out of Cheri with relentless mechanical rhythm while also spinning the phallus like a slow drill. A third clamp bit down vindictively onto Cheri’s clitoris and was attached to the track below by a short chain. Dangling from that was another oval vibrator which buzzed every few seconds.

Working in tandem, Cheri’s bondage totally dominated her senses. In any other scenario, it would have been impressive to watch Cheri shudder and react helplessly as she was fucked, vibed, and pinched all at once. It was obvious from her subdued moans that Cheri was already aroused beyond belief. The wires for all these devices dragged on the floor through Cheri’s legs to a large control box mounted to the pole behind her. It had several dials and buttons which seemed to control everything.

“Oh my God!” Gwen gasped. Laura just drank in the image, her mouth agape.

“Cheri? Cheri, are you ok?” Laura asked at last. Cheri, strangely, didn’t react to their presence at all. “What’s wrong with her?”

“Look,” said Gwen, “What’s that?” She pointed to another set of wires that emerged from under Cheri’s thunderous hair. They led to a small Ipod atop the box. Laura picked it up.

“It only playing one track on repeat, called ‘White Noise,’” Laura explained. “Volume is set way up—she probably has earbuds on and can’t hear anything.”

“Absolutely evil…”

“Should I turn this stuff off?”

“Just hold on a minute,” Gwen paused.

“Gwen, look at her! That looks like an inflatable gag and those are intense. Gabrielle—“

“Cheri helped Gabrielle! Notice how when you were locked up in the closet, she never came to free you? That’s because while you were in there, she was helping Gabrielle spank me and shove a wand between my legs. We can’t trust her.”

“Look at her, Gwen.” Laura spoke at the right time, for Cheri began moaning and writhing much more loudly than before. Her chest puffed as Cheri finally succumbed to the dildo’s onslaught. Her quaking cries filled the room as Cheri thrashed about, causing the weights on her nipples to swing wildly. It looked very uncomfortable, but Cheri either didn’t care or couldn’t stop herself as orgasm roared through her body. For a moment or two, Cheri seemed to be having a ball, panting and moaning as though she’d never climaxed in her life. But eventually her orgasm finished while her torments did not. Cheri’s groans turned reluctant as the dildo continued its unfeeling thrusts while the clamp tugged on her newly sensitive clit. Every twitch gave her swaying nipple clamps new and unwelcome momentum. Cheri’s cathartic moment of fun, if that was even the best way to describe it, now cost her dearly, and Gabrielle had clearly intended Cheri to stay bound like this for hours. Laura looked sympathetic, but Gwen had a dark look onto her face.

“It’s no surprise Gabrielle’s a bitch, but that doesn’t make Cheri innocent. She might have just got caught trying to play both sides…”

“How about we actually ask her, ok?” Laura reached for the myriad dials.

“Fine,” Gwen relented, “But don’t touch those. Just the Ipod.”

“Gwen, she’s our friend…”

“Please, Laura. I’m not sure we can trust her anymore.”

* * *

Cheri’s earbuds shut off and she realized she wasn’t alone. She automatically cried out fearfully. Gabrielle must be back, even though she’d promised to “forget” Cheri. Had Gabrielle just come back to make the dildo fuck harder? Or had… had she already been down here for hours? Cheri no longer had any sense of time.

The vibrators and dildo stopped mercifully. When the blindfold slipped from her face to reveal not Gabrielle but her two friends, freed and safe, Cheri nearly fainted with relief.

“Thanks for the key,” Gwen said glibly, “Bored being Gabrielle’s favorite pet already?”

Cheri looked at her strangely and wrenched in her bindings, clearly eager to be let go.

“Gwen!” Laura gasped, “Cheri, it’s ok…” Laura moved to start untying Cheri, but Gwen swatted her hand away.

“No, it’s not ok!” Gwen yelled. “This is all Cheri’s fault.”

Cheri whined through her gag pitifully.

“She brought Gabrielle to the house, told her everything. This never would have happened—“

“Gwen! You’re overreacting—“

“You don’t know, Laura!” Gwen cried, “When you were put in that… that thing, I got tied down while Cheri and Gabrielle discussed what to do with me. Together, like I wasn’t even there. Cheri helped her, and then later it was just Cheri and me in the room. We had a chance and she left me, Laura. She didn’t even try.”

Cheri screeched through her gag, tears now streaming down her face. Gwen looked at her coldly. “She had the most freedom and let it all happen. She’s just as bad.”

“So, what? You want to just leave her like this?”

“Maybe we should.”

Laura stood there in shock of what she was hearing. Gwen turned her back on a devastated Cheri. Then she heard it.

A soft tune rippled through the stagnant air. It was weak and just a little off key, but it transformed everything it touched. Gwen turned to see Cheri humming sweetly, moist lines drying softly on her cheeks. For a full minute they locked eyes while Cheri hummed. Gwen thought about the game, about her friends, about what she’d seen the last couple days. The more she thought, the more it all chipped away at her anger.

“Fine.” She walked over and began releasing the manacles binding Cheri. Her position was so awkward and stringent that it was difficult to know where to begin. Slowly and with Laura’s help, her arms and legs sprang free, and Gwen released the collar holding her upright and unlaced the neck corset.

Cheri nearly retched as the massive gag poured out of her mouth. She lurched forward, curtained by her own hair, staring at her friends’ feet. Gwen stood there as though expecting something.

“Well?” she asked fiercely, “start talking.”

“What do you want?” Cheri choked, “Am I supposed to stand up for myself? Tell you about how she threatened me—threatened you—if I didn’t play along? Am I supposed to say I’m sorry? Sorry for not being there for you, for not rescuing you, for not being strong enough to join you? I wanted to so badly.”

Gwen felt very strange, like her brain had left her body. She just floated there, stunned and immobile beyond anything Gabrielle managed to accomplish.

“Should I lie for you?” Cheri asked, “Say I had it worse? Say I was biding my time and waiting for… for that key or something? ‘Cause I wasn’t. I was just scared. I was scared and so I let her twist me around her finger. I—I can’t even say I hated it. That’s the real bitch of it, girls—I didn’t. I couldn’t help you and I couldn’t even have the decency to hate the things she was doing to me. That’s what I hate. So tell me, Gwen, what do I say? I’ll say anything.”

Cheri hung in place, and suddenly Gwen didn’t feel like standing anymore. She lowered to the ground in front of her friend, and just sat. For the first time in days, she sat.

“I’m sorry, Cheri.”

Cheri opened her mouth to speak but Gwen shushed her. Cheri didn’t have to say anything after all. “I didn’t hate it,” Gwen spoke after a long moment. “I hate her, but I don’t hate all the things she did.”

Laura spoke slowly. “If this had all been a game—If I’d rolled the dice and had this whole thing laid out in front of me like a fantasy—I think I would have said yes. How fucked is that?”

“Doesn’t sound fucked to me. Sounds familiar.”


Laura knelt down beside the prostrated Cheri and placed a hand on her back. Moments later they were all lying quietly on the floor. Their mere presence to each other, free of all constraint or concern, was a foreign and welcome comfort. Some things, like escaping a sadistic self-appointed dominatrix, just drain a person. When they do, it’s nice to have friends to lie next to.

* * *

Gabrielle had never really been tied up before. There’s a bit of an art to being helpless: in shifting limbs to be more comfortable, in minding circulation, in locating knots (if there are any), and most certainly in attempting escape. Gabrielle never planned on getting tied up. All her energy went to learning how to tie effectively. She was clearly a natural at that. But the other thing… not so much.

The closet door opened eventually. Gabrielle lay in a hogtied heap, limbs tingling. Before her stood three scorned women.

“Dark in there, isn’t it?” Laura mocked. Gabrielle just glared. Her time alone had mellowed her a bit. Cheri disappeared into her bedroom for a moment while Gwen and Laura heaved Gabrielle back out of the closet and set her on the carpeted living room floor. Gabrielle struggled angrily.

“I don’t really think you understand this whole Thanksgiving thing,” Gwen said sarcastically.

“But, to be fair, you’ve given us a lot to be thankful for,” Laura said. Cheri returned holding her computer and sat in a chair with it. Laura knelt down and unfastened Gabrielle’s gag.

“So what was your endgame, anyway?” she asked roughly. “You didn’t seriously think you could keep us here forever without anyone noticing?”

Gabrielle stretched her jaw uncomfortably. Wearing a gag was much different from putting them onto people. “I did not need to keep you forever. I just needed enough time to convince you all zat you really do want to be wiz me. I know once you all see ze truth about yourselves, I will be able to let you go about your lives and always come back to be mine again.”

“Cute,” Laura turned to Gwen. “Bitch is crazy.”

“You are still trapped in your small mind. Let me go so I can ‘elp you…”

Laura sprang up and reached for the gag again, but Gwen stopped her. Instead, she grabbed another long strap and began working it around Gabrielle’s legs until they were bent together stringently. Gwen didn’t seem to mind that.

“Gabrielle, you can’t just force people to trust and love you like that. The love doesn’t come from the act, the act comes from the love.”

“I do not see much of a difference. I already know what you all want,” Gabrielle said stiffly. She couldn’t help but watch Laura, who had moved on to wrapping another strap over Gabrielle’s breasts. Feeding it around and through the strap binding her elbows, Laura then attached it to Gabrielle’s ankles and used it to pull her into a much tighter hogtie. Gabrielle grunted uncomfortably but said nothing. She was in a staring contest and couldn’t blink first.

“And with all this,” Laura cut in as she worked, “you were going to make us your love slaves until… what? You went home, like next month? You’re only studying in the U.S. for a semester.”

“I ‘oped to stay longer.”

“You hoped wrong,” Cheri said from across the room. “Gabrielle, you really should have been reading your email.”

“What is it?” Gwen asked.

“I’m not the best translator,” Cheri worked her way through the French, “but her home university is really unhappy with her. Something about misusing the…’treatment’? No, stipend! She’s been getting some kind of allowance monthly while she’s here. You know, for books and food and stuff. Apparently the money’s been spent at all sorts of weird places.”

“I get the feeling we’ve been wearing it,” Gwen reasoned. Laura, still rummaging through their toybox, now appeared with what looked like a thick leather bag. Gabrielle quickly realized it was a hood and began to feel very warm in all her latex.

“Well, they’re having a fit over it. This last one says they’re revoking her student visa. They want her back in France immediately. As in the next available flight.”

“Non!” Gabrielle yelled resolutely to both Cheri and Laura, “I will not. I ‘ave so much work left to do ‘ere.” Gabrielle started to explain, but was stifled by Laura’s quick replacement of the gag. She squirmed in futile resistance as the hood descended. It was jet black and had no holes except for two small rivets by her nose. A thick belt stretched across the sealed mouth. Gabrielle bellowed as she disappeared into the leather, feeling the outside world fade as Laura laced it tightly onto her head. First the black material blocked her sight, then the crushing leather muffled outside sounds, and finally Gabrielle felt her own voice vanish as the belt tightened incredible over her gagged lips, pressing the ball so far into her mouth that only the mildest mews could escape.

Gabrielle blinked. She thrashed about mindlessly, panicked by her complete immobility. She wasn’t prepared for something like this. Her heart pounded and she breathed quickly through the tiny holes of the hood. She worried at first whether she was hyperventilating, but perhaps it wasn’t anxiety taking control of her. Maybe it was just her three toys taking control of her. Now that thought was curious. Gabrielle wanted to linger on it, but Laura didn’t give her the chance.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I assumed you were finished and ready to meet Silence Dogood,” Laura mocked her nastily, “I think I got the gist of it though. Tie us up, make us your concubines, blah blah.” She turned to the others. “I got no problem sending this bitch packing, as long as we get to have a little fun before she goes.”

“A little fun?” Cheri asked, a troubled look on her face. Gabrielle continued her unsuccessful fit, demonstrating just how little of her freedom remained.

“You’re right. A lot of fun.” Laura was having the time of her life.

“Well,” Gwen asked quietly, “we have to do something with her.”

“Shouldn’t we just let her go?” Cheri asked delicately.

“You can’t be serious!” Laura said hotly.

“Well, if we don’t, aren’t we just doing what she did?” Cheri posited delicately.

Laura paused. Gabrielle was hardly a role model, but this somehow felt different. “Only if we keep her.”

“And what would we be doing instead?”

“Consequences.” Laura sneered, “Comeuppance. Justice, whatever you want to call it. She can’t get away with this.”

“The police, then?” Gwen offered.

“Their cuffs suck,” Laura said, “and what will they do anyway, deport her? She’s already going back to France. We can send her off properly.”

“What do you mean?”

“She likes bondage so much and wants to play the dominatrix. Let’s see if we can’t show her how it’s done.”

Cheri and Gwen stood there for a moment. Finally, Cheri agreed, “What do you have in mind?”

At these words, they left for some other room to decide their prisoner’s fate in private. Gabrielle shuddered. Her heart pounded. And her pussy got very warm.

* * *

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