Paradice Lost 6: Prometheus

by A Pensive Pen

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Storycodes: F/fff; FF/f; D/s; bond; cuffs; gag; latex; force; torment; tease; femdom; lesb; nipple; oral; hum; denial; revenge; cons/reluct; X

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Author’s Note: The following is Part 6 of a sequel to “The Dice Game”. It is also a work of fiction intended for novelty purposes only. It contains graphic scenes which may not depict fully safe or wise BDSM practices, and should be enjoyed purely as fantasy.

Part 6: Prometheus

“Rise and shine, mon Chéri!”

Cheri stirred in the darkness of her blindfold. Her limbs and jaw ached horribly from her restraints. Dried sweat caked her skin. Gabrielle, it seemed had woken early again. Her cheerful tone made Cheri worry that she’d planned out yet another eventful day for her and her friends.

“Come on, wake up! We ‘ave so much to do today!”

Cheri struggled indignantly. Muscle pains aside, Cheri was beyond frustrated. Gabrielle had teased her ruthlessly for hours into the night, delighting in Cheri’s gagged pleas for release, and now wanted to start a whole new day. What did Gabrielle want from them? Did she even have a plan beyond treating them like objects?

Gabrielle approached but Cheri recoiled unhappily in her bindings. Cheri’s blindfold was removed and she found Gabrielle leaning over her seductively, her open robe revealing a naked body. A hand kneaded her breast.

“Now, now, Cheri, you know better. I zink you will be much ‘appier when you finally submit to me,” she spoke softly as Cheri tried ineffectually to resist. “Besides, I promise you will be very satisfied when I play wiz you later. Does zat sound nice?”

Her hand descended between Cheri’s legs. At first Cheri groaned as Gabrielle rubbed her, but being teased and denied for so long quickly took its toll. Cheri’s heart sank as she succumbed to Gabrielle’s touch, her reluctant whines fading into carnal moans. Within moments Cheri writhed on the edge of orgasm until, maddeningly, she felt Gabrielle’s hand slip away.

“Mmmph. Mmmmm,” Cheri complained as Gabrielle rose. Her blissful release faded into yet another one of Gabrielle’s mirages.

“Later, my sweet, so long as you be’ave.”

Later, later. Cheri bitterly doubted whether “later” was anything more than a carrot Gabrielle would tempt her with. Cheri needed to act or she knew her arousal would control her forever. As Gabrielle unlocked her cuffs, Cheri wondered dreadfully is a time might come when Gabrielle didn’t need to use them, when Cheri really would submit to her whims and be truly dominated. Would she remember these moments of resistance? To what depths would a conditioned loyalty to Gabrielle sink her?

Cheri tortured herself mentally as Gabrielle put her through the morning routine. Toilet, shower (with special care taken for Cheri’s hair), towel, and then locked back in her purple restraints. Gabrielle connected Cheri’s wrists to her collar via a short chain which made her unable to reach her own crotch. Cheri’s clean latex uniform, if it could be called that, was folded neatly on the counter. Cheri wondered why she wasn’t dressed in it, but felt no need to bring it up. A moment later her ball gag was locked back on anyway. Would she one day eagerly open her mouth for this gag, for Gabrielle, and relish the taste of her own submission to this woman? Did she even have a choice? If she fought bravely to the last, would Gabrielle eventually erode her will away?

Gabrielle took her to Laura’s and Gwen’s room, where they were still bound to each other like before. Without vibrators their night had passed far more peacefully, but they were still eager to separate again. Cheri’s heart lifted a little. Her friends were so beautiful, so spirited even in the face of impossible circumstances. If they could endure, perhaps Cheri could too…

Gabrielle paid no mind to Cheri’s introspection. Leaving Laura in place, Gabrielle released Gwen just enough to walk her to the bathroom, where she was tied in the shower as Cheri had been. Cheri watched as Gabrielle hurriedly spread toothpaste on her brush.

“I ‘ave so much food to make today, Cheri, and ‘ave little time. Zis Zanksgiving is such a busy ‘oliday! I need you to wash Gwen and I will take Laura to ze bazroom downstairs. After we get dressed and ze fun can begin!” Gabrielle spoke very quickly over the whirring sounds of her electric toothbrush. Her mind was already out the door. But she still pulled Cheri close before she left.

“If you do anyzing but wash her, you will spend your day in ze Oubliette, and I will be very disappointed,” she warned, “It is all locked so do not even try.”

Their eyes met. Cheri found them searching. Searching for trust, for a power that was earned instead of taken. For Cheri’s very soul. Cheri clung to it lest it escape out through her gaze, petrified that it might one day slip through unnoticed.

Cheri tore her eyes away and nodded nervously. Gabrielle turned on the shower and left. Once alone, Gwen stared daggers at Cheri, who tried to look innocent. It wasn’t difficult to see why Gwen was upset. Cheri spent her nights with Gabrielle instead of strapped to Laura. Gabrielle spoke to Cheri differently and treated her more kindly. Cheri was allowed more movement and freedom. She cleaned the house for Gabrielle. Cheri helped Gabrielle decide how best to torment Gwen. And Cheri may have unplugged Gwen’s wand last night, but she’d also plugged it back in. Perhaps she was searching for her soul, too.

How could Cheri explain what Gabrielle had threatened if she disobeyed? How could she explain what it was like to spend her nights helpless to Gabrielle’s whims? How could she explain how Gabrielle teased Cheri constantly, manipulated her arousal until the thought the unthinkable? Cheri looked tearfully into Gwen’s eyes, wishing their flames could cleanse her. What could she say to a friend in need, whom she failed with every breath? Shaking, Cheri began to wash her friend. Gwen bucked, pushing Cheri away. Cheri wanted to follow the water down the drain.

This was Gwen. The leader, the analyst, the firebrand. She’d tell Cheri she should have fought, tried anything to escape. She was right.

Cheri looked away, trying to shield herself. She noticed the wastebasket, and only then did she remember. Maybe she could do something after all. With an excited grunt, Cheri dashed her way over to the basket, dripping water everywhere, and dug her way through the contents until she found the tiny key. Gwen’s eyes lit up.

Forgetting herself, Cheri tried the key on her own wrist cuffs, but they wouldn’t fit Gabrielle’s new padlocks. Cheri indicated this silently to Gwen, showing her the silver locks and the bronze key, then pointed to Gwen’s hands, which were locked with Laura’s correct hardware.

Gwen grunted and shook her hands, obviously wanting Cheri to set her free. But Cheri shook her head and nodded to the door. They had already lingered. Gabrielle would be back soon and Cheri couldn’t be much use without being freed herself. If they failed to actually escape this time, they might never get another chance.

Gwen didn’t seem to appreciate this. Cheri did the best she could. Reaching up, she placed the key into Gwen’s hand. Gwen immediately moved to try and unlock her cuffs, but Cheri grasped her hands and met her eyes.

“Lmmrha,” Cheri sounded as best she could. Laura. At last, Gwen nodded.

Cheri finished washing her hastily, so hastily that Cheri had to mumble an apology when her gruff hands agitated Gwen’s sore backside. Cheri finished patting her friend dry just as Gabrielle returned. As Cheri was led away, she saw Gwen’s fist clenched tightly and felt actual hope for the first time since Tuesday.

* * *

Cheri was fully dressed in her purple outfit, from collar to corset to boots. Gabrielle even replaced the tweezers and the glass toys were tucked safely away under the zipper of Cheri’s teddy. Gabrielle donned her red and black outfit as well, looking domineering as ever.

“So much to do today!” Gabrielle mused as she walked toward the kitchen. Cheri trotted at the other end of her leash. “Are you ready to begin?”

Cheri, sporting her gag, didn’t answer. Gabrielle had elected to chain her wrists together in front, so she likely intended Cheri to use her hands. Turns out she was right, and Gabrielle gave her a laundry list of chores from preparing the table to laying out food for Gabrielle to prepare later. In the kitchen Cheri found a turkey already roasting in the oven. Gabrielle must have gotten up quite early to get it prepared.

“I ‘ave to look after Laura and Gwen for now. Take care of all zis before I get back. If you are good today, Cheri, I will be much nicer to you tonight.” Gabrielle smiled knowingly and nodded toward the basement on her way out of the kitchen.

Cheri set to work.

* * *

Gabrielle left Gwen trussed and shivering for quite some time before she returned. Once released, Gwen stumbled forward onto the wet tile grunting through her gag and struggling to use her joined hands to stabilize herself. Gabrielle helped her up and gave her a towel to awkwardly dry herself.

Gabrielle dressed Gwen back in her blue outfit and re-cuffed her hands behind her back. Adding a collar and leash, Gwen soon followed Gabrielle to the living room. There Gwen found Laura, dressed back in her yellow corset and tied face up on the coffee table. The table was not nearly large enough, so Laura’s legs spilled over opposite edges before chains secured them to the legs, and her joined hands bent over the table above her. A long strap crossed over her at the waist. To Gabrielle’s astonishment, Laura was neither blindfolded nor gagged.

“Our friend Laura is quite sore from her ordeal yesterday. Such tight bondage for so long... per’aps I should tie you in such a position sometime. You would enjoy yourself, non?” Gwen refused to meet her eye. Gabrielle went on.

“I zought we might make Laura feel better. But first I would like to ask if Laura ‘as anyzing she would like to tell you.”

Laura, having to look upside down, shot Gabrielle a knowing look and shook her head very discreetly. “Come now, Laura,” Gabrielle pressed, “you ‘ad so much time to zink yesterday. About your friends. About me. You and Gwen ‘ave spent so much time togezzer already but ‘ad so few chances to chat. Surely zere must be somezing to discuss.”

Gwen eyed Gabrielle suspiciously. She was driving at something specific, but Laura wasn’t biting.

“No,” Laura said resolutely, “nothing. Except maybe uninvited guests.”

Gabrielle smirked and knelt down by Laura. “Are you sure?”

“I can’t,” Laura resigned heavily.

* * *

Cheri could hear noises coming from the living room. By the sound of it, Laura and Gwen were both with Gabrielle in there. Surely Gabrielle had not yet found the key, or Cheri would be hearing far different sounds. Cheri’s heart pounded in her chest. If Gwen succeeded, they might get free of Gabrielle at last. If she failed, Gabrielle would surely make them all suffer.

* * *

Gabrielle removed Gwen’s gag, allowing her to stretch her jaw and tongue.

“Laura’s body must ache all over. Would you like to ‘elp?” Gabrielle asked, her hands on Gwen’s shoulders.

“Of course,” Gwen said affectionately. Laura gazed into her eyes.

“Ze ropes on ‘er tits and pussy were so tight. You ‘ave experienced zat before from your Dice Game, non?”


“Zen you know how much it ‘elps to massage zem. Would you do zat to ‘elp a friend such as Laura?”

Laura squirmed at Gabrielle’s words, but Gwen answered in a heartbeat.

“Yes, of course.” Laura’s glassy eyes beamed at Gwen. She seemed determined not to say anything, as though her voice had gone rogue and needed strict supervision.

“Would you enjoy it?”

“Doesn’t matter. I would do it.” Gwen’s stare was rather fixed.

“Do it zen. I will not interfere,” Gabrielle sneered.

Gwen turned her arms to Gabrielle, looking to be set free.

“Non, Gwen. You may not use your ‘ands. Only your lips.”

Gwen faced Gabrielle skeptically. “You can’t be serious.”

“No!” Laura gasped.

“Why? She is quite beautiful, non?” Gabrielle gave Gwen a calculating look.

“She’s the most beautiful woman I know. But I won’t do that to her.” Gwen’s eyes warmed nearly everyone they saw that day.

“Even if she wanted it?” Laura’s welling eyes flickered back to Gabrielle.

“She doesn’t.”

“’Ow do you know?”

“Because you’re here.” Gwen stared directly at Gabrielle. By now a tear was making its way down Laura’s temple.

Gabrielle grew impatient. “It is simple. You will do what I ask or you will be punished.”

Gwen stood her ground. “What, you’ll throw me in the closet?”

“Non, I will put ‘er in ze Oubliette. Exactly as she was yesterday. We will see ‘ow sore she can get by tomorrow.”

Gwen finally broke. Laura looked terrified at the thought. Her voice shook, “You wouldn’t.”

“It is simple, Gwen. You can ‘elp your friend feel better, or you will spend ze ‘oliday tied tighter than you ever believed possible, wishing you ‘elped your friend when you ‘ad ze chance, for she will be no better off. It is your choice.”

* * *

This wasn’t going to work. Gabrielle was right on top of Gwen at all times. She’d never have a chance to use the key and the longer they waited, the more chances Gabrielle would have to find it. They’d all be punished for sure. It’d be obvious that Cheri helped somehow. She’d end up severely bound like Laura, left all day or more. And Gabrielle had promised that Laura and Gwen would share any punishment Cheri earned…

Cheri couldn’t think, and she definitely couldn’t keep doing this pointless shit for Gabrielle. Her head was spinning. She had to do something. Surely she was good for more than just passing off a goddamn key.

* * *

“Do not be afraid, Gwen, you may suck ‘arder.” Gabrielle sat in an armchair, watching calmly as Gwen knelt next to the coffee table, bent over and licking Laura’s right nipple intently. It was still crimson from Laura’s time in the Oubliette, and with every stroke of Gwen’s tongue Laura gave long, passionate moans. Laura was tough, but her breasts and loins had stung through the night. Any sensation from a brush of clothing or bedsheet to even a light breeze sent jolts through Laura’s body. The gentle suction of Gwen’s lips just melted it all away. Laura’s left nipple already glistened with Gwen’s saliva, and it felt heavenly.

Gwen bore down Laura’s breast and sucked intently. Gabrielle was right: it had the biggest effect on Laura yet.

“Alright, Gwen, we will come back to zose,” Gabrielle directed, “It is time to move between Laura’s legs.”

Gwen looked at her reluctantly, but rose to her feet and walked about the table. She met Laura’s pleading eyes as she knelt down at the foot of the table. It made her hesitate.

“Now, Gwen.”

Gwen leaned forward, hands still behind her back, and slowly dragged her tongue up Laura’s soaking pussy. Laura immediately convulsed in pleasure, but it felt different from her breasts. Gwen instantly knew her touch did more than soothe Laura, who seemed to leave the room entirely.

Gabrielle brought her back. “Anyzing on your mind, Laura?”

Laura, laboring for every carnal breath, tumbled back into Gabrielle’s clutches. Not even the Oubliette held a candle to this. Even as she bathed in Gwen’s loving tenderness, Laura could only look at her captor, wishing she was not there.

“It is time, Laura,” Gabrielle whispered, “You know it is.”

Laura’s red eyes burned as she tried to stare down her own fate. Gabrielle watched encouragingly while she took a breath in slightly sharper than the last.

A deafening crash sounded from the kitchen. Gabrielle leapt to her feet immediately.

“Keep going, Gwen,” Gabrielle warned, looking to the door. “You know what will ‘appen if you stop before I get back.”

Gabrielle left the room and Gwen immediately looked up. Laura exhaled, and watched Gwen with pure adoration. But Gwen was no longer paying attention. As soon as she thought Gabrielle was really gone, Gwen rose up and sat on the table beside Laura’s body. Poking around her mouth with her tongue for a moment, Gwen finally pursed her lips and leaned over Laura. A wet bronze key plopped onto Laura’s belly.

* * *

Gabrielle rushed into the kitchen to find her half-cooked turkey in a heap on the floor, its juices creeping across the tile and its metal pan under a cabinet six feet away. She looked up to see Cheri, still shackled and gagged, sweeping a large pot of potatoes off the counter. It landed with an equally loud crash and sent food flying everywhere.

“Cheri!” Gabrielle shouted. Cheri jerked her head to face Gabrielle, shrieked some muffled profanity at her captor. Though in danger of tripping on the wet floor, she grabbed a dinner plate off a stack and threw it at the floor with all her might. It shattered spectacularly and Gabrielle backed away amidst the ceramic shrapnel.

“Cheri, stop! Stop it!” Gabrielle yelled as Cheri picked up another plate, poised to smash it. Cheri shook her head furiously. Cheri had had enough. Enough of Gabrielle’s manipulation and enough hurting her friends. Cheri wanted to scream at her. Scream for her friends. Scream for the mindfuck games. Scream for the hair. Scream that she wouldn’t be Gabrielle’s bitch anymore.

Gabrielle slowly crept toward Cheri. “Cheri… put ze plate down. Put it down Cheri.”

Cheri screeched at Gabrielle again, but she was already backed into a corner between two counters. When Gabrielle stepped closer she threw the next plate at the floor. This time Gabrielle lunged not backward but forward, gripping Cheri around her bound upper arms and forcing her into a bear hug. As Cheri wailed and struggled, Gabrielle’s hands gripped Cheri’s wrists and pressed them together. Cheri held her own for several seconds before her strength failed and the wrist cuffs latched together.

“Damnit, Cheri! Damn you!” Gabrielle scolded angrily as she held Cheri’s struggling hands up against her chest. With one hand she managed to snatch Cheri’s leash and snap it to her collar. Gabrielle looped the lead around her wrist cuffs a few inches away from her neck and pulled it taut. Now Cheri’s hands remained pinned against her, while Gabrielle held the other end of the leash very tight.

“Look what you did, Cheri! You ruined our Zanksgiving!” Gabrielle shrieked, examining the scene. There would clearly be no idyllic holiday dinner. Gabrielle turned and Cheri saw a terrifying new glint in her eye. For a few moments Cheri just sobbed in Gabrielle’s arms while the dreadful wheels in her head turned.

“You were supposed to understand, Cheri, but I see now you are no better zan zem,” Gabrielle said without a hint of forgiveness. “I ‘ave been easy on you, but it seems you will need much more discipline.”

Cheri whined into her gag and Gabrielle yanked her out of the kitchen, heading toward the basement stairs. Cheri hobbled down them in small hops to avoid falling, as her ankle chain was too short. Gabrielle did nothing to ease her travel. Cheri was pulled into the main basement room, which apparently housed the assembled contents of those large boxes Gabrielle had received two mornings ago. Cheri looked at them in immediate fear.

“Zis was my gift to you you tonight, Cheri. Only you,” Gabrielle gestured to one of them. “I meant to make you feel more ecstasy zan you ever felt before. But now, I zink, you need to spend some time with zis one.”

Cheri’s eyes went wide, and she struggled wildly as Gabrielle dragged her in a much different direction.

* * *

Gabrielle stormed up the stairs alone and once again surveyed the mess in the kitchen. It would take ages to clean up and there would be no salvaging that food. She would have to figure something else out, and for that she needed time without having to tend to her toys.

She would bind them all securely and with so much to keep them occupied that they couldn’t bother her. And why not? Gabrielle had never felt so betrayed. Laura and Gwen were no better than Cheri. They all deserved to be punished.

Perhaps later, much later, the day’s fun could be salvaged. Perhaps Gabrielle would choose one to take out of its box and play with for the evening. But for now, Gabrielle needed to properly put away her toys.

She walked carefully past the mess to keep it from getting on her heels and headed for the living room. The empty coffee table came into view just as she passed the threshold.

Laura lunged from the right just as Gwen pounced from the left. Gabrielle’s feet gave out under her and she toppled to the floor. She felt herself being swiftly rolled on her stomach as her hands were pulled behind her. A heavy weight pressed on her back.

“Stop! Wait, girls, NO! No—mmmMMMPH!” Gabrielle shrieked, but Laura was already fitting thick cuffs around her wrists and Gwen was pulling Gabrielle’s head back by her hair with one hand, while the other clapped over her mouth, holding the silicone ball inside. In seconds more cuffs bound her ankles, as did stringent straps at her elbows and knees. Laura then bent Gabrielle’s knees fully back and held them while Gwen connected a strap from her ankles to her elbows, yanking it taut until Gabrielle’s back arched her into a tight hogtie.

“Mmmph! NMMMPH!” Gabrielle screamed into her gag. Laura rolled her easily onto her side and dug her hand into the open lacing on Gabrielle’s teddy, fishing around until she pulled out two small keys: a bronze one and a silver one.

“You won’t be needing these, I think,” Laura smirked as Gwen fitted padlocks to all the buckles on Gabrielle’s body. Gabrielle struggled but her restraints held easily. She stared at them through her disheveled hair, wide-eyed and confused.

“Now what?” Gwen asked over their former captor.

“I hadn’t really thought this far…” Laura muttered, “here, help me move her.”

Together, the two managed to lift Gabrielle’s squirming body enough to deposit her in the living room closet. She wasn’t trussed up at all the way she should be, but Laura felt a grim satisfaction from closing that door on her.

“Let’s find Cheri,” she said finally.

Gwen snorted. “Why. She might as well have been with that bitch.”

“Look, let’s just find her.”

“Fine.” At the very least, Gwen couldn’t wait to hear what Cheri might have to say.

* * *

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