Oral Development 2


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A note from the author:  I recently posted Oral Development and received the greatest response ever.  Seems many males have used chastity with various results.  They also enjoy pleasing their female partner orally. I encouraged readers to help write this story.  How can I encourage you?

Part Two

“Francine before you runoff to work this morning prepare room 704, please.”

Most of you know Francine is my TV slave.  Since, I no longer work in the shop on a regular basis, Francine manages that element of my income.  Francine has been dressed only in female clothes acting like a woman for well over seven years.  As my slave, I use him for my amusement with sex at my whim and mild beatings to relieve my frustration.  He also serves as a sounding board for various new concepts in BDSM prior to introduction to clients.  I have provided him with a small income stream in the event of my passing, however, he is unaware of this.  He only knows that he receives food, shelter, and clothing on a regular basis.  From time to time no doubt, he is apprehensive of his situation.  All I can say is, “I don’t give a fuck!”

As I rose to do other things, I saw him standing there visibly shaken wearing his normal garb, which from the head down is wig, makeup, jewelry, white uniform dress, matching nylons, and shoes.  I froze for a moment wondering what was the matter.

“Oh, it is not for you old bitch!  That couple that was here yesterday needs some more work.”

Francine was noticeably relieved.  I should really communicate with more clarity.  I have tested the concept of the room using him twice, much to his dismay.  The first time was not so bad keeping him on the spring mattress for 24 hours catheter in place and drinking his own piss.  These were elements he had been through numerous times from the start of our relationship.  The second time only three months ago was more brutal.  I turned him and the room over to a bisexual couple for the weekend.  I am afraid they went a little further than I had anticipated with the male having too good a time at Francine’s expense.

From what I have been able to piece together, Francine became emotionally involved while the man only wanted physical enjoyment.  During the weeks that followed, I was concerned about his depressive mood.  Jera suggested I send him over for a few nights to be raped by a couple of homosexual studs.  One counselor I work with said that his rejection of what he believed to be a perverted love affair had left him guilt ridden.  She suggested therapy.  Getting tired of the situation, I ordered him to strip off, removed his chastity devise, and we had missionary sex in my bed for the night.  In the morning, he knelt nude and kissed my feet, then handed me the device to lock back in place.  I don’t think it ended the matter, but it does seem to have helped.

BDSM can create emotional problems for the bottom that must be dealt with. Wives when they tie their husband to a chair, whip his fanny various times during the night, and call him derogatory names must remember to comfort him in the morning.  Serious emotional problems can develop if the bottom is not reassured of his/her worth as a person.  It is a lot of fun for both of you to tie your sub up, whip them painfully hard, and force rude and crude sex on them.  However, you must remember your responsibly for their everyday emotional well being.
Many of my concepts have room numbers which Francine knows or can look up on the computer.  Room 704 is named after July fourth and is a rather fiery expression of total control and humiliation.  The physical room is always the same with the number relating the furnishings, devices, and activities involved.  This room consists of a raised platform with the metal insides of a spring mattress locked on top without padding or cover.  The subject positioned against bare metal wire springs finds even the gentlest of motion uncomfortable.  The action I give the poor asshole is not gentle, rubbing most sufferers the wrong way.  Most, including Francine will show signs of a mild panic attack from the loss of control.

Lilly had called between four and six times during the night pleading for the key that would unlock the chastity device freeing her husband tom from misery.  I could not be happier to hear of his misery.  I live for these moments when the client is panic stricken not knowing what to do as they call and call and I do not respond.  What indignity!  Only my clients have the number to call as I do not advertise.  I mean, how would such an announcement read! “Cruel Mistress will torture you for reasonable fee.  Call for appointment!”  I get all my clients through recommendations of current clients.  My fees start at $100 per session with weekends and evenings some what higher.  My average yearly gross is over $150K.  By the way I don’t pay tax on a dime!  I look at the average payment for my services and the time I provide and if a client is far below the average he/she/they simply find it harder to get an appointment.  A few figure it out sending emails entreating forgiveness and presenting more money, but most just drift away.

As I was saying tom’s wife Lilly called numerous times during the night saying her husband was in agony begging for the key.  As part of my morning ritual, I listened to all the messages on my cheap answering machine.  She finally called while I was at my desk and after five to six rings I answered telling her to bring him by about ten, which was only an hour away.  They believed I would unlock the device allowing her to sooth his misery, but I was only going to make an observation.  He would still be suffering hours later and she would continue to be panic stricken. This is a great job being paid to do what you enjoy while bringing misery to others!

Most people already know as much about my situation as they find useful, but here is the basic data.  My aunt died about ten years ago leaving me her home and a couple hundred thousand dollars in dividend producing stock.  The home in a nice area of Santa Monica cost $56,000 new in 1967 when they purchased it.  The portfolio was worth about $300K when I sold it.  My friends all said it was a bad idea to sell such a valuable portfolio, but I was correct.  Eighteen months later the stock was worth only $70,000 which was just a bit more than they paid for it in 1980 through 1995. I used the proceeds to renovate the house from top to bottom adding on a large suitably outfitted dungeon.

At ten minutes of ten in the morning, they burst into my office with Lilly demanding the key to free her poor husband from anguish.  I realize that many of you have tried such devices and found them to be rather benign, but some find them a rather urgent problem.  The penis is captured in the hard plastic device and essentially says, “God, I want an erection!”   The more the penis attempts to erect itself the more the distress and the stronger the erection attempt.  The cycle continues until agony sets in and then the cycle continues some more.  The majority of males do not have this difficulty.  When the penis feels the call for erection the apparatus says no way Jose and the penis behaves.  It is the insubordinate erection that brings on pain continuing at times to agony.  The device is there to keep the obedient penis in line and to put an end to those nasty self abuses.  By the way, many women believe very strongly that masturbation is the equivalent of infidelity.

Lilly screamed her demands for the key till I slapped her across her face.  Tom moved to her defense as men often find a need to do such things even when they are wrong.  I guess it is just social evolution!  Men have been trained as children to defend women regardless of the situation or consequences.  After decking him, I cuffed his wrists making the world safe again!

“Lay down on the springs of hell tom and I will look into you problem.  Some discomfort from the device, I presume, which is normal during the first seventy-two hours.  I would like to make some closer observations.  I want a feel for the real trouble before making any rash adjustments.”

I actually had no intention of making any changes.  Everything was just as it should be with tom in pain and Lilly beside herself.  I moved him over to the springs, stripping him off naked, and locked him down to the scratchy hard metal.  Lilly rose to her feet following her recovery, but I gently pushed her back down to her knees.  Pulling two catheters from the table, I handed one to her with a smile.

“Do you know what these are for?”

“They are inserted into the pee pee hole to control urination.  What are you going to do to him?”

“They are inserted into the urethra to allow the flow of urine in a controlled manner. I am going to insert one in your pee pee hole, so you will know what tom feels when you insert one in his.  He can’t recline there all day without taking a piss, now can he? Sit in the chair and I hope you are not going to get all emotional over another female touching and molesting you.  Believe me when I say, I have no problem in your enjoying my touch as much as I do.  It is when your background tells you that gratification from another woman is immoral that I object.  Now, strip naked bitch and get in that chair!”

She stripped quickly, but with a strange look of social uneasiness as though she were in a bar dancing before a group of drunks.  Lilly slowly and reluctantly walked to the chair cautiously sitting down.  The chair was an inexpensive form of a gyno chair with plastic holders for legs and metal stirrups for feet that spread and held a woman open in a very compromising position.  With the application of medical grade restraints at forearms, wrists, ankles, and knees she was totally under my control.  I washed her pelvic area with antimicrobial skin cleanser, not because I wanted to taste it or that it was dirty, but because general hygiene is the first step of the procedure.  Her look said I was disrespecting her and my grin replied, “Don’t give a fuck!”

“If you speak during the procedure, I will gag you and beat you just for the fun of it. I have done this six maybe seven times, now just relax while I fuck your urethra with this latex tube.”

I opened the tray of materials and removed the iodine packet.  I know I am expected to use sterile gloves, but they are so awkward and I just don’t see the need.  I washed my hands thinking that is enough and hoped she doesn’t die from an infection!  After opening the envelope containing the catheter I spread lube over the tip and upward four or five inches.  The iodine swabs go on the opening of the urethra and over the pussy lips.  The procedure on females is more difficult than males.  First, the area is wet and slippery being hard to find and control.  Also, females sometimes have two or three urethra openings which end in short dead ends not completing the connection to the bladder.  It is simple to say that finding and entering the female urethra is more difficult than with males. The insertion of the catheter, while awkward and humiliating is not painful until you press up against the sphincter. Then it is shear force demanding the silicone covered latex tube access to the bladder.  While this is not agony, it can hurt a little and then the urine flows down the tube and into whatever you remembered to connect to it.  Lilly took a deep breath panting it out as I took control of her bodily function.

“He should be able to handle that.  You’re not going to remove his device are you?”

“No!  Most men have some discomfort the first few nights.  Tom seems to be among the few that suffer extreme agony for at least one or two days.  I happen to be among the few women that lustfully enjoy the agony of men. His screaming is music to my ears and I only wish you could enjoy torturing him as well.”

“Mistress Margaret would you play with the catheter in my urethra, please.  I don’t feel comfortable tormenting him in any way that I have not received.”

Lilly had trouble breathing as I molested and tormented her privates with the catheter in place.  She wiggled her head from side to side in a very confident no, after I asked if she wanted a gag, because this would hurt.  I enjoyed her for nearly five minutes while she barely kept from screaming.  Tom her husband would be in agony in far less time and molestation.  It is one thing to molest the clit and the tunnel, but with that latex tube down her urethra what I did to her was pure hell. I know, because it has been done to me!

I waited a half hour and kissing her clit and mouth, I released her.  She grabbed the catheter beginning the procedure as though time was running out.  Iodine wash on the penis head and in the slit, she pulled the cock up and viewed the small oval opening at the end of her husband’s penis.  She applied some lube on the surface of the latex tube and gently pressed a generous amount into the cock.  As the tube of the Foley entered his urethra tom gave a groan.

“Shut up!  You’re getting raped, like it or not!”

Lilly had never expressed such dominant behavior before and I could only hope it was under more control than it appeared. When the tube reached the sphincter she looked in my direction and then with an evil grin on her face plunged the tip of the Foley through to the bladder.  A high pinched scream came from her husband’s mouth, which I hoped was more from surprise than damage.  Then the shaking and hyperventilating started.  After a minute, I intervened helping him to relax and retake control of his breathing. The piss flowed into the bag as he lost control of his bodily fluid.  I showed Lilly how to insert the needle-less syringe and fill the balloon with sterile water.  One must never press on the penis or pull the catheter in and out.  That is not only torture, but brings abrasion to the lining of the urethra which can bring blood and even infection.  Be sure to drink lots of water when you use a catheter!

“Shouldn’t I have my balloon filled?”

“Perhaps, we should remove your catheter.  It will only be in the way when tom begins his oral training.  Did he give you any pleasure at all last night?”

“No, he complained about the device and said he was not able to perform.  I did not really believe him, but I didn’t want to be too demanding.  Then about two in the morning his moans and complaining suddenly became screams.  I did not know what to do except offer to call paramedics and he said no. The pain would subside for a while allowing him to sleep mostly from exhaustion.  After twenty or thirty minutes, he would suddenly wake with another scream saying the pain was worse.  He continued to refuse to allow me to call for help.  He went through this process six or seven times hitting him last when I parked the car before we walked in.”

I took my fingers gently moving them over the head of his penis where the tube entered his urethra only a few millimeters away from the plastic end of the device. He moaned, his eyes opened wide, and his cock twitched then a ghastly scream and his wife began her panic.  I disconnected the tube from the collection bag while placing a stopper in the end.  Pressing a gag to his lips, I buckled it behind his head, and inserted the tube to the collection bag into a hole in the gag before lifting the urine filled bag to a hook above his head.  His eyes burned as the urine flowed and he drank. 

I personally washed Lilly’s pussy with a very tasty solution.  When the collection bag had completely deposited it’s collection I removed the gag and after placing a towel under his head for the comfort of his wife’s bare legs helped her to his lips.  He really was pathetic!  She was not helping by her movements to make it better.

“You are not receiving any pleasure are you?”

A side to side movement of her head provided the answer.

“You need him to place his tongue on the upper edge of your clit.  Work your body to that point until you feel the alignment.  He will provide a moist caress and you will adjust the pressure, but wait just a half minute until your sex organ adjusts to the situation.  Now, lower yourself only a half inch or so and feel his licking.”

The problem of course was tom was not licking.  I tenderly raised the end of his capped off catheter and whispered in his ear.

“Let’s have some licking.”

He responded and so did she.  Her orgasm was wild and she lowered her pussy flat against his mouth bringing more licking and more pleasure.  Five minutes later they were both exhausted.  Helping Lilly up, I took her to another room and a cot for rest.  I told her that if she got up, I would place her in the chair for a full hour and she would not enjoy any of it.

“Tom, I want to give you some encouragement.  You can either become your wife’s most wonderful oral toy boy or you can suck off a dozen cocks.”

With that in mind, I placed a spider gag in his mouth and pulled it tight.  While Lilly rested, he thought about the difference between eating pussy and sucking cock.  As with most straight males, the idea of licking the juices of your wife was more pleasant than the idea of swallowing the semen of a stranger.  As that thought ran through his head, I let him get a couple hours sleep.  Most people come to me for the extensive stimulation I provide.  However, many of my readers don’t enjoy that level of stimulation.  So, I will just say that I stimulated a couple of more clients at a level that they may not have chosen, but enjoyed.

In the early afternoon, I had a talk with Lilly.  She was not contributing to the activity we had decided upon.  A man can provide the licking and sucking, but the female must engage in the pressure.  I gave her some information in oral sex and then proceeded to demonstrate the outlined concept.  She was a bit humiliated eating my cunt as I ate hers in the classic 69 position, but I got my point across and we both had a great deal of fun.

An hour later, it was tom’s turn to perform.  He had rested and more than that thought about how to please his wife.  Lilly presented her cunt in a manner that enhanced her pleasure and contributed to his effort.  By the time they were finished, tom’s problem had diminished to a tolerable ache and Lilly for the first time in her life was totally satisfied. 

Tom would have liked to leave in modest coverings, but Lilly would not have it.  After slipping on her outer garments and tying a simple string to the capped end of the Foley, she said, “Giddy up.”  Many of my neighbors see naked people leave my porch from time to time.  The men simply smile.  One of the ladies was very upset until I reached an agreement with her.  Once or twice a week I send a gentleman over to clean her home.  She gets a giggle out of his female wardrobe and has even lifted his skirt.

Lilly emailed me the next morning saying how wonderful her orgasms had been and how wild it was to require her husband to pull the plug to pee.  She asked how to get the catheter out with that balloon in the bladder.  I replied with the unclear statement, “just cut it off.”  I should have said. “Cut the tube (latex tube) off and the fluid will flow out allowing the Foley to be gently withdrawn.”

Tom felt better most of the time with one or two painful episodes during the night.  I invited them for an evening with another couple on the next Saturday.  Lilly found the little black dress and heels delightful, but tom felt rather uneasy with the idea of dressing as a woman.  That’s nothing!  Wait till after dinner.


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