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“You must maintain control at all times.  When he makes noises like that take your middle finger pulled back by your thumb, snap it against his nose, and give him a gentle reminder that he is the one restrained and he is to be silent and endure.”

Lilly did as I suggested.  Tom, her husband, jerked, but thought better of voicing a complaint.  She was beginning the move into role play and so was Tom.  He was already strapped to the wall with every stitch of apparel cut off and discarded by his sweet little wife.  What will he wear home?  Who gives a shit? However, if he is good, maybe I can find something so he is not arrested, spends the night in jail, and is branded a sex offender.  I had just the thing!

“Now, take this device and secure it to his pride, man hood, and self esteem.  For the next few days, weeks, maybe months we want his focus to be on your G spot.  Pleasing you must become the only thing on his mind.  He will learn to do that with his tongue!”

I handed Lilly the CB6000.  It is a wonderful device used to put men in their place and keep them there.  Every male reacts to the loss of his pride and joy differently.  Some find it only a nuisance, while others find it an annoyance.  I always look for the men that wake up in the middle of the night screaming at the top of their lungs in agony.  But, that’s just my preference!  Your’s may differ!

“All right! At Tom’s request, we will release him from physical control and allow him the honor of giving you joy with his tongue.”

“But, Tom doesn’t like eating pussy!  He told me so!  He tried it before and I am afraid my odor and taste upset him.”

“Who gives a shit? He will learn to eat you and enjoy it!  That’s what his purpose in life is! Many men find the odor and taste of a woman unusual.  If he has a problem in that area, try having him lick the other opening. This variance often enables a male to accept the sweeter more feminine part.”

I was looking at Tom when I said this.  He was open to the humiliating idea, because it was humiliating.  Turning toward Lilly, she appeared flustered.  She had it in her mind that Tom did not like the aroma and flavor of her cunt.  She had decided that her lot in life was to give him pleasure, if she could.  It was time she learned different!

“A woman’s sexual areas are more internal than a man’s and thus far wetter and more aromatic.  When properly cleaned they are fresh and produce a taste that is totally unique and enjoyable when understood.  Allow me to take a smell and taste.”

Before Lilly could object, my tongue was at her door!  She had voluntarily disrobed after cutting away her husband’s modesty.  Being experienced in these areas, I had her enjoying the pleasure of the activity before her polite rejection was uttered.  I explained the procedure as I was performing it.

“First, lift the cover of the clit.  If your female partner is reasonably interested the clit will be engorged with blood.  Too many people try to encourage satisfaction by tonguing the canal.  The real pleasure center with more sexual nerves than the entire penis of a man is in this small area behind the protective hood.  Taking about 1/4 to 3/8 inch of tongue gently stroke the clitoris for maximum gratification. The wonderful truth of women is they can have this joy over and over while the man gets, maybe once.”

Tom was going wild watching his wife being pleasured by a woman.  Unfortunately, it was not so much that he wanted to be the one delivering pleasure as he wanted to stop me from doing it.  This is the horrible thing about men!  They would rather deny than provide.  Women, in my experience, don’t have this emotional difficulty.

With Lilly physically if not sexually spent, I turned my attention on the required adjustments for Tom. 

“Are you ready to work on pleasing your wife?  Or, do you need some encouragement?”

Everyone at this point has a different definition of what will happen if the proper answer is not forth coming.  Tom’s answer was short and to the point.

“I would like to try and give her pleasure.”

Lowering him to the floor and cuffing his hands behind his back, I helped him to the altar of his new found religion. I am afraid his worship was rather poor.  Considering that his wife might stimulate his actions with a cane, I suggested that he be stroked in a different way.  Lilly refused demanding more time for her spouse.  While this was against my better judgment, allowing him more time and perhaps saliva seemed to be effective.  Well, even the experts get the details wrong here and there!

I recommended (to them it was a command, while to you it is more polite) that Tom practice giving oral sex to Lilly twice each day and meet with me next week.  He would wear the device for a while, learning to pee in the proper position and ending all those nasty self-centered habits.  Looking into his eyes as he was stimulated by various elements about him, I could tell he would wake up screaming tonight and every night this week from the attempt at erection. How wonderful!

“I will keep the key to the device. We don’t want it lost, do we?”


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