One Kink At A Time 2

by Tyjord

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© Copyright 2002 - Tyjord - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; Bondage, BDSM, Toys; Reluct; XX

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One Kink At A Time - Part Two
by Tyjord
One Kink At A Time Part 2 by Tyjord

Once you are completely empty, I thoroughly clean you and then lead you, trembling, into my bedroom. Weak and humiliated from your enema ordeal, you sit on the bed and offer no resistance as I unlock your wrists, lie you down, and re-lock your hands above your head to the headboard. I go back to the bathroom and clean up, allowing you to rest. When I return, I bring the blindfold with me and place it on the nightstand. Still securely gagged, you look up at me in nervous anticipation of what is next.

Opening the dresser drawer, I remove three metal objects and approach your prone body. I put them down on the bed just out of your sight. Returning to the dresser, I retrieve two lengths of rope. I tie one around your left ankle then pull it widely and tie it off to the corner of the footboard. I then repeat the process with your left ankle, spreading your legs as wide as possible. 

Next, I hold up the three items for you to see. All three are metal bands, resembling hose clamps, with small removable screw keys which tighten the bands when turned. The first is small and thin, only half an inch wide, while the other two are a full inch in width. The third band differed from the second due to a thinner arched band running across it's diameter.

Your eyes widen as I climb on top of you with my back to your face. I take the double band and, opening it's main latch, slide it over your now hairless balls. As the band clicks into place, the middle piece fits right in-between your testicles. As I tighten the screw, the bands shrink, separating your balls into two distinct globes. I continue to turn the screw until your testicles turn red and swell in their restriction. Next I grab your cock and begin stroking it. It hardens immediately. I take the one inch band and clamp it around the base of your penis, turning the screw until the veins on your shaft start to throb under the strain of the trapped blood. I place the final clamp just under the head of your penis and tighten it until your head swells to almost twice it's size. Satisfied that your erection will remain until I release the clamps, I climb off of you, allowing you to see what has been done to your manhood.

I look into your eyes and tell you that it is time for a reward. Since you handled the enema so well, I am going to let you fuck me. Reaching into the drawer again, I take out a condom and slip it over your swollen member. Climbing back up, this time facing you, I lower myself onto your cock, impaling myself on my living dildo. I buck and ride, lifting myself up and down, playing with my breasts as you squirm in your bonds. You toss your head back and forth on the pillow as your body screams for release. 

Unfortunately, with the clamps in place, ejaculation is not an option as your urethra is squeezed shut by the bands preventing the release of any fluid. Finally I climax, screaming in ecstasy as I watch your eyes bulge out of your head. I sit there, your prick still swollen inside of me, and catch my breath. After several minutes I begin again, watching your expressions turn from pain to pleasure and back again. After two more orgasms, I decide we've both had enough. I lift myself off of you and remove the still clean condom from your red and raw cock. I reach down and stroke your pained face, kissing you on the cheek. I thank you for being just what I need and then tell you that I am now going to repay you for your services. After all, one 
good fuck deserves another and since you fucked me, it's only fair I get to fuck you.

Returning again to the dresser, I remove something else from the drawer. Coming back to the bedside, I strip off what little I am wearing and stand before you naked. I hold up the new item for you to see and smile as you look at it in horror. I step into the black leather, thong like garment and pull it up my legs. Once in place I tighten the buckle securing the device in place. The crotch piece has two openings. The lower one fits right over my pussy lips allowing them to poke through when the strap is tightly pulled between the crack of my ass. The top opening is right above my cunt and is holding in place a ten inch long black rubber dildo. The dildo is easily as thick as my wrist and moulded exactly like a cock, complete with bulbous head, veins and assorted bumps along the shaft. It even has a pair of testicles at the base.

Again you start struggling against your restraints as I adjust the belts openings to ensure everything is properly in place. I look down at you lovingly as I begin to gently stroke the shaft of the monstrous toy. Unable to move, you cease your struggling and watch as I continue with my mock masturbation. Taking advantage of your less agitated state, I quickly untie your left ankle and, pulling it up, retie it to the headboard. Repeating the process with your right leg has left your ass completely exposed and 
vulnerable. You sob into your gag as I take a bottle of baby oil and rub some onto the dildo until it glistens. I come back around the bed and pick up your blindfold. Allowing you one last glance at my strap on cock, I pull the mask back down over your eyes.

I climb onto the bed and seat myself, on my knees, behind your legs. I can see your hands writhing nervously in the cuffs. Slowly I rub the oiled dildo head up and down in the crack of your ass. Unable to see, you can only wait, anticipating what is about to happen. As I continue to tease your ass, now with short pokes directed at your opening, I stroke the backs of your 
thighs and caution you to relax. You've already had my finger and an inflated balloon nozzle up your butt, this will not be much different. I promise you that I will be gentle and assure you that after a while, you will even enjoy it. Lying completely still, you seem paralyzed with fear, your body sweating profusely.

Steadying myself, I slowly push the head into your anus. At first your tight anal ring resists the girth of the monster cock, but as I push my weight into it, you finally stretch and the head begins to enter. There is no doubt you feel as though you are being ripped apart as the entire head pops in. I stop pushing and allow you to adjust to the feeling of your anus being held open. Slowly I renew the pressure, allowing some of the shaft to slide in. You already feel stretched to your limit as I stop at five inches. The dildo halfway in, I chuckle and tell you that it was a good thing I gave you the enema or this would have been much more difficult. Pushing once again, you easily take two more inches before the hard rubber invader stops. 

Taking a deep breath, I push hard and, as your body spasms around me, the rest of the dildo slides in. A bit out of breath from the struggle, I tell you how proud I am of you for taking the whole length inside of you and that you will never forget what happens next.

Slowly I begin withdrawing the monster. Once again I stop at the five inch mark and push it back in. Pulling out again, I leave just the head in you, not wanting to go through the strain of reinsertion. With one powerful thrust, I imbed the full length back in your rectum causing you to jerk wildly from the force of the thrust. Patiently, I build a slow and steady rhythm utilizing the full ten inches. I carefully watch your body's reaction to each entry and withdrawal, altering the speed and force accordingly. I see your balls, swollen and separated, slapping against the dildo even as my plastic balls slap against the top of your ass with each insertion. Your cock, still tightly clamped, pulsates in it's restraint. 

Noticing your jaw grinding away at the gag, I ask if you would like me to take it out. Lost in your sensory overload, you do not acknowledge my question, so I ask again. This time you nod, almost annoyed at the interruption. I lean through your legs and, without altering my steady thrusts, untie and pull your sock from your mouth. You suck in lungfulls of air accompanied by repeated cries of pain and pleasure. Slowly, as you become more accustomed to the intruder penetrating your rectum, you start bucking your hips to match my rhythm. I smile, satisfied that you have begun to enjoy your ass fucking.

After about twenty minutes, I reach over and slowly loosen and remove the clamp under the head of your penis. Still blindfolded and moaning with pleasure, you do not seem to notice as I then undo the clamp from the base of your shaft. With your penis now free from restraint, I begin stroking it feverishly. You move to new heights of feeling as I stroke your shaft in 
sync with the thrusts of the dildo. As you build toward climax, I point your penis, only inches from your face, directly at your wide open, moaning mouth. 

You cum violently, semen exploding from your cock and squirting straight into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat. I reach up and gently squeeze your nostrils with my free hand, forcing you to swallow in order to breathe. You seem to cum forever, shooting wave after wave of fluid down your throat, retching with every gulp. Once you are finished, and I am sure that you have swallowed all of your semen, I release your nose, and with a hard thrust, bury the entire shaft of the dildo deep inside you. I quickly unbuckle the straps and, reversing them, rebuckle them around your body, locking the dildo in place. I reclamp your penis before you can lose your full erection and in order to avoid any further accidents on your part.

Moving quickly, I return your legs to their original position, spread-eagled to the footboard. I then climb on top of you and lower my cunt onto your mouth. You sputter, trying to swallow all of my urine as I again pinch your nostrils shut. When I have finished relieving myself, I climb off and immediately re-gag you. I look down at you, bound hand and foot, blindfolded, gagged with your own dirty sock, ass stuffed with a huge dildo, and force fed your semen with my piss to wash it down. I realize that tonight, with your help, I made my greatest fantasies come true, one kink at a time, and if you enjoyed them too, all the better. Exhausted, I lie down next to your helpless body and, putting my head on your chest, fall peacefully asleep.