One Kink At A Time

by Tyjord

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© Copyright 2002 - Tyjord - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; Bondage, BDSM, Toys; Reluct; XX

One Kink At A Time - Part One
by Tyjord
One Kink At A Time Part 1 by Tyjord

It is late when you arrive at my home. Inviting you in, I notice you staring as I close the door behind you. It is apparent you approve of my choice of garments for this evening. Wearing only a studded black bikini top, matching crotchless panties, stockings with garters and three inch spiked heels, I walk in front of you, beckoning for you to follow. Lost in my beauty, you are speechless as we stop in the living room. I turn and kiss you deeply, my tongue exploring boldly. I stop suddenly and almost playfully push you away slightly. You flush with nervous excitement as I tell you to undress. Your hands begin to tremble, but encouraged by my gentle reassurance, you set about the task of stripping off your clothes.

As you remove your shirt, I admire your nice upper body definition. I place my hands on your smooth, hairless chest, bringing them slowly down to your waist and unbuttoning your jeans. It is not long before you are standing in front of me in only your tight string bikini underwear. I tell you that I am pleased you wear those flattering undergarments and not the more popular, but ugly, boxer shorts. In fact, with a nice firm butt like yours, you should be wearing a thong. You blush crimson in the cutest 
fashion, eyes dropping to the floor. Noticing that your legs, back and arms are as hairless as your chest, I ask you if you are naturally hairless. I shudder with arousal as you tell me that you remove it all, sometimes by shaving, sometimes with a hair removal cream. All of it, I ask huskily. Your blush deepens but you do not answer the question, instead saying that it makes you faster for your college swim team. Walking around you, I express my approval and kiss you again, this time letting your tongue do the exploring.

We move over by the sofa and I ask if you trust me. It is obvious from the bulge in your briefs that you like me, but I need your trust. I explain that even though you are several years younger than me and basically inexperienced, I will help you to achieve all of your dreams. Looking deeply into my eyes, you tell me that you do. I then pick something up from the sofa and, gently moving your hands behind your back, handcuff them together. Suddenly you panic, pulling at the locked steel cuffs, trying to free yourself. I put my hand on your shoulder and ask you what has changed. Binding your hands will allow me to teach you things without your hard to control urges getting in the way. You stop struggling and your shoulders slump in acceptance as the logic of my explanation sinks in. I again stress that I need your trust in order to make the night memorable. Humbly you 
apologize and I am pleased by this first step.

I guide you between the sofa and the ottoman and tell you to sit down on the floor facing the sofa, on your knees. I smile as you do as I say, without resistance. I sit down on the sofa in front of you and pick up another item, holding it out for you to see. This time you control any outward signs of panic, although your rapid breaths broadcast your hidden fear. I smile again and, telling you that you are a good boy, put the blindfold over your head, covering your eyes completely. I lean back on the sofa and lift my legs onto the ottoman, one on either side of your now sightless body. Gently but firmly I grip your closely cropped hair in one hand and with my other hand behind your head, pull your face into my crotch. With your nose and mouth buried in my pussy, I begin giving you directions. Where to lick, what to suck, how fast, how hard. 

Trembling with arousal, I momentarily fail to notice you attempting to pull away. Groaning in pleasure, I press your head deeper into my sex. Suddenly realizing that you cannot breathe, I back your head up long enough for you to take a quick gulp of air before forcing you back. I cry out as I achieve orgasm and urge you to swallow every drop. Not totally satisfied, I repeat 
the process, allowing you to take breaths only every 45 seconds or so. Your body trembles as you slurp and snort up my womanhood. I climax two more times, my juices smeared on your face and dribbling down your chest. I pull you, gasping for air, away after my third orgasm. 

You are noticeably weak, so I push aside the ottoman and lie you down on your back to recover. Uncomfortable from laying on your restrained hands, I watch as your nearly naked body squirms on the floor in front of me. I notice with a satisfied grin the wet spot on the front of your bikini caused by your dripping pre-cum. Asking if you enjoyed what had just happened, I climb up and mount your waist, careful to avoid your rock hard penis as it strains against the fabric barely containing it. You gasp out a quick yes in response to my query as I lick my juices off your chest then kiss you passionately, spreading my fluid along the inside of your mouth. Next, I begin licking, sucking and biting your nipples. I discover with glee that you are very sensitive in this area. You cry out suddenly as I bite down a little too hard. I sympathize, but do not release. Instead I stretch your nipple away from your chest with my teeth, causing you to grimace in ecstatic pain. I repeat the process with your other nipple. I notice an increase in twitching from your penis and get up quickly, ceasing all of my attentions. I have no desire to allow you to orgasm just yet.

Leaving you on the floor, bound and sightless, I walk over to your discarded clothes. Picking up the items I need, I walk back over to you. You try to say something as I help you sit up, leaning back against the sofa, but I quickly shush you, telling you that there is no need for you to talk. I put my finger to your lips and you kiss it and slowly suck it into your mouth. I slowly push it in and out, feeling the suction as you refuse to let it go. I put my thumb on your bottom teeth and gently push and hold your mouth open. Putting my face in front of yours, I quickly dart my tongue in and out of your mouth. Once you relax your jaw and start thrusting your tongue out to meet mine, I quickly lock my fingers and with my free hand, thrust one of your rolled up socks into your mouth. I push it in deeply, filling your entire orifice until you wretch from the cloth touching the back of your throat. I then take your second sock and, pulling it between your teeth, knot it tightly behind your head, securing the gag in place. 

You panic a bit again, struggling as you adjust to the wadded cloth, but caught between the sofa and myself, your struggles are pointless as you have nowhere to go. I quietly tell you to calm down and concentrate on breathing through your nose. I hold you tight as you become acclimated to the wad filling your mouth, all the while whispering how good a boy you are and how 
you just need to relax and trust me. I even compliment you on how good you look blindfolded with your features stretched out by a gag. I can tell you are relaxing by the muffled low groan you give when I humorously express my hope that you put on clean socks before coming over.

Ready for the next step, I help you stand up. I quickly pull your underwear down your legs exposing you completely. Your penis is rock hard despite your being helplessly handcuffed, blindfolded and gagged. Or maybe it is because of it. I also notice that you are not completely without body hair as you have a small pubic patch and light hairs growing from your balls. I tell you that it is not good to keep the truth from me even when nervous or embarrassed. I tell you that you must be punished for your bad judgment, but, as it was your first transgression, the punishment would be very mild. I pick up your skimpy undergarment and pull it down over your head, making sure the crotch piece with the large, sticky wet spot is right under your nose. Unable to breathe through your tightly gagged mouth, you now have to inhale the scent of your pre-cum. Of course, I point out as I 
pat you on the back and start you walking naked through the house, it can't be any worse than the taste of your sock.
I march you into another room and have you kneel on the cold tile floor. 

As I walk around you, my heels click loudly against the hard surface. This room is colder, and you shiver slightly, but your penis is as hard as ever. I gently push your head down to the floor and have you nuzzle my feet. Satisfied with your willingness to submit to me, I proceed to help you climb into a small shower stall. I carefully lay you on your back, leaning against one wall, then I lift up both your legs and lean them against the opposite wall. In this doubled up position, you have no leverage and cannot move Telling you to stay put, I walk over to the sink area and, picking up some items, bring them back to the shower stall. I can see you trying to listen to what I am doing, so I deliberately make more noise. You hear a loud snap as I pull on a latex glove. I then open a jar of petroleum jelly and stick my gloved right index finger into it. I then, with my bare left hand, grab hold of your cock and begin stroking it. As I do, I slowly work my greased finger between your butt cheeks and gently poke at your anus. 

Carefully, I work my finger past your tight anal ring and into your rectum as I continue to stroke you. You groan into your gag as my finger slides in up to the knuckle and I begin to wiggle it around. Feeling that the pressure is too much for you, I stop jerking your cock right before you can achieve climax. You moan loudly in frustration. I wait a few moments, finger still locked in place by your clutching anal ring, then begin again. I bring you to the verge of orgasm five times, always stopping just in time to prevent your climax. I remove my finger from your backside and stand up, clicking my tongue in mock annoyance at what I see on my finger. Removing and discarding the glove, I praise you for handling that so well, but mention that like most young men, your sanitary habits leave something to be desired.

You are unsure of what I mean by that, but your thoughts are interrupted as you hear water start to run. You lie there for several minutes until I return to your side. Now you feel something new press against your anus. With a jerk, you feel it pop in. It is slightly thicker than the finger you had buried inside of you, thicker and longer. As the intruder continues to slide into you, you suddenly feel a change in the smooth surface of the item. You feel the extra pressure as a wider, rubbery segment slips in. I 
watch your body quiver in fear and anticipation as I push the last inch of the nozzle into you. I can imagine your horror as you feel the sudden inflation of the retention balloon just inside your anal opening. You feel full and stretched as the rubber balloon reaches it's capacity. You hear a loud click just before you feel the rush of hot soapy water draining out of the enema bag and into your bowels. 

As you fill, I explain that you are in need of a nice cleansing enema. I am pumping two quarts of very hot water mixed with liquid soap into you. The nozzle I inserted into your rectum is the standard used in hospitals for difficult patients who can't hold their fluid. The balloon will allow none of the liquid to leave your bowels until it is deflated and removed. I start to rub your stomach as the bag continues to drain. I can tell by your facial contortions that the cramps have already begun. Unfortunately, I tell you, because you are so dirty inside, you are going to have to hold the enema for at least an hour. But you should not 
worry, as I plan on keeping you very occupied while we wait.

Once the bag is empty and you are full, I clamp off the nozzle and remove the tube. Returning the bag to the sink, I pick up a can of women's shave gel and a pink disposable razor. Back at your side, I slowly rub the gel onto your groin, balls and penis. I even spread some in the crack of your ass, carefully moving around the nozzle that keeps you plugged. I cover every area on your body that still has hair. Slowly I shave off your pubic hair, leaving your groin baby smooth. Next, I run the razor up and down your erect shaft, removing whatever hairs are growing there. I then gently scrape your balls clean until they are completely bald. Finally, and with great care, I shave the area between your ass cheeks, once again taking care to not disturb the device that I inflated inside you. I then wipe off the remaining gel, marveling at your now completely denuded body.

I can tell that you are now cramping terribly as your fidgeting and moaning has increased dramatically. I begin to rub your tummy once again, gently kneading your inflated stomach to help the sudsy water spread into every spot. Reaching up, I remove your underwear from your head in order to help you breathe more freely. Satisfied that an hour has passed, I help you 
stand. Doubled over from the cramps, I lead you to the toilet and have you squat over it. In one quick move I deflate the balloon and pull out the nozzle, allowing you to explode in thunderous release. As you sit, I remove your blindfold, allowing you to watch as years of built up waste pass from your insides uncontrollably. I know this part of the evening has not been easy on you. I lean over and kiss you on your sweaty forehead. You look back at me with embarrassment in your eyes. I dismiss it, telling you that what is happening is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Despite my reassurances, I can tell you are still shamed by having your most private bodily functions displayed. I simply smile, knowing that there is much more to come.

To be continued


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