Once You've Had Black You Never Go Back Part 2: Not Going Back

by Steff

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Part 2: Not Going Back

When I left Monica’s after the session in her basement I was exhausted so I went home and went to sleep. For those of you just joining the story my name is Amanda. I inherited a large house in a rich neighborhood. A few months after moving in a black family moved in across the street and the daughter was a friend that I had served with in the Army, Tabatha was her name. We started going to clubs and stuff together and before one of those nights I discovered that her mother Monica was a professional dom. One thing led to another and I volunteered for a special session with Monica. During that session I discovered that I really like to be dominated and I also discovered that Tabatha really liked me as more than just a friend.

Since work was really busy it was Friday when I called Tabatha and made plans to go out to dinner and a movie after work. After work I got dressed sexier then I need to because we normal go to dance clubs after movie. I wore a red leather mini skirt, tight top that matched the skirt, fish net panty hose and knee high boots with five inch heels. Since it was my turn to drive and it was a rainy day I drove across the street so neither of us got soaked walking to my car. When I got there Monica let me in telling that Tabatha was running late.

“One of these days I will figure out that she is always late and just not show up until 15 minutes after the arraigned time,” I replied.

Monica laughed and said “15 minutes why are you being so generous. I plan on at least 30 minutes when I tell her the time.”

Monica and I just made small talk for the 30 minutes it took for Tabatha to finish getting ready. During that time Monica did not mention or even hint about anything that happened last weekend. Tabatha came downstairs looking really good. She too wore a red skirt and red top but her mid rift was slightly exposed. She also had on boots that were red. The red contested nicely with her black skin making her look good enough to eat. We hugged each other and then left. During dinner we just talked about work, guys and shopping… just the normal girl stuff. After the movie we decided to get some coffee and figure out what we were doing since the night was still early.

The coffee shop full but we go a small table in the corner. After a minute of silence I started the conversation. “Last weekend after you canceled I went over and talked with you mother about what happened in your bedroom the other night. One thing led to another and I ended up in the basement.” I was blushing really badly and felt like I had just confesses to killing JFK.

Tabatha looked relieved and then replied “I know. Mother told me about it. She told me that it was a onetime thing with only her.” She grabbed my hands looked me in the eyes “I am glad you told me.”

“I like you too much not to.”

Tabatha the asked “well what did you think?”

I sat there for a minute before answering “I liked it a lot. I never thought I would but I did.”

“So what are you going to do now?”

“With as much fun as it was with Monica I had more fun the other night with you. I am more comfortable around you,” I told her.

She moved her chair around the table next to me, grabbed my face and pulled me into a deep sensual kiss. After a long kiss she released me and asked, “so what do you want now?”

It took me a couple minutes to get over the shock of the kiss plus the shock that I liked the kiss. When I recovered I said, “I want you to do me like she did.”

She grinned, reached into her purse and pulled out a black bundle of latex. She unfolded it and it turned out to be a pair of panties. “I want you to go to the restroom and put them on and bring me the pair you are wearing now.” I must have had a confused look on my face because she said, “I was hoping you would wanted to play. Well the game starts now. Go put them on and then when you get back we will talk about rules and limitations.”

I got up, picked up the panties and went to the rest room. Once I got into a stall and closed the door I examined the panties. They where a really skimp thong type panties but what really supervised me was the 2 dildos built into the crotch. I sat there for a minute just staring at them then finally I got up, removed my panties. I knew the dildo would slide into my pussy easily enough because I was already wet but I was not sure about my ass so I licked the one that was going there until it was good and wet. Once that was done I stepped into the panties and pulled them up. The larger dildo slid easily into my pussy and after a little work I was able to get the other one into my ass. After that I smoothed the panties out and my skirt over them and checked in the mirror to make sure nothing looked off.

After making sure everything looked good I walked back to the table where Tabatha sat. As I walked the dildos moved a little but it was enough to get me really worked up just walked across the coffee shop. I felt like everyone was watching and knew about the panties. Of course nobody noticed anything different. When I sat down I tried to slip my old panties to Tabatha under the table but she told me to put them on the table. I blushed really badly but did as I was told.

“Here is the way I want this to work,” Tabatha started. “For this whole weekend you will be my bitch. I will do whatever I want to you. You will be restrained for most of it. You will be used sexually by me, mother and however else I want. When we are in public, like know, I will still keep you under my control,” when she finished that statement both the dildos started to vibrate. It turns out they were both really powerful vibrators. After a few seconds they vibrators stopped and Tabatha continued, “If anyone but myself or mother is going to play with you your identity will be hidden. I will not cause you any real harm or permanent damage but I will punish you if you deserve it or I just feel like it. After this weekend I will release you and then Wednesday we will get together and see where we go from there.”

She then grabbed my hands, looked me in the eyes with a look of sincerity and said, “I want this but not at the risk of your friendship. If you are not totally sure about this then please let me know. If after this weekend if you don’t want to go further or want to change any of the rules then promise me you will tell me Wednesday before you do anything drastic.”

I leaned forward, gave her a deep kiss of the lips and said, “You have a deal.”

She grinned and replied, “you will refer to me as ‘Mistress’ for the rest of the night and whenever we are at home or alone… No you will refer to me as Mistress unless I tell you not to.”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied.

She grinned said “good,” stood up grabbed my panties and walked to the door. As she walked across the coffee shop she made no effort to hide my panties. When she got to the front door she raised my panties up to eye level, looked me in the eyes then dropped them into the garbage, and walked out. I knew my face was as red as the clothes I was wearing so I walked out without looking to see how many people were watching me.

Just as I walked out of the shop the latex panties I was wearing came to life. The vibrations were not as intense as they were when Tabatha turned them on the first time but they felt really good. When we got to the car Tabatha asked for the keys saying that I looked too distracted to drive. I handed them to her and replied “Yes Mistress.”

Once we got into the car and started driving Tabatha said “Ok a couple more rules. You will not speak unless asked a direct question and you are not permitted to cum without permission. You ask for permission to cum but if you are given permission you had better not keep me waiting. Your orgasm better start quickly or you will be punished. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied. The intensity of the vibrations was turned down so I knew I wouldn’t cum but they kept me really horny. Tabatha drove to a club I had not been to because it was on the other side of town. There was a line to get in so we had to wait. After a couple of minutes she the vibrators were turned up to a really high setting. In just a few minutes I was really close to cumming but she told me to hold it. I was able to fight it for a couple more minutes and this time when I ask she said I could cum. I managed to sit on a bench before the orgasm hit me like a freight train. It was a really intense orgasm that would not stop. Finally the vibrators stopped and I was permitted to relax and recover. When I looked up there were several people looking at me and a few of them were actually clapping.

“Look you are now a big star,” Tabatha said as she helped me up. It took us about 30 more minutes to get inside. Once inside the vibrators started again. They were not as powerful as they were outside but I knew that I would have at least one orgasm before the night was over. We went to the bar, got some drinks and then found a place to sit. It didn’t take long before we were approached by some guys. We went out and danced with them. The second dance was a slow dance for naturally the guy pulled me in close. As he did the vibrators in the panties were turned up. As Tabatha danced by with her guy she said, “You are free to cum all you want.”

I fought the orgasm off as long as I could but I was rocked by an orgasm before the song ended. The orgasm hit me with full force. I collapsed in the guys arms and just stood there cumming. The wave of pure ecstasy washed over me like the tide came in. After a minute or 2 the vibrations stopped and I was able to recover. The guy had a confused look on his face. When he asked I told him about the panties and Tabatha having the remote. After the dance the guy left and didn’t come back.

We finished our drinks then Tabatha turn the vibrator on to a low setting then said, “Come on bitch it’s time to go home.”

I stood up, “Yes Mistress.”

She grabbed me by the back of my neck pulled me into her lips and kissed me passionately. “You are going to make a good slave slut,” she said and walked out. I followed her and went to the car. Just as I got in she turned the vibrators up to full.  After giving me permission to cum all I wanted she drove back to her place.  She kept the vibrator going for the whole ride and by the time we got there I had climaxed 3 times. As she pulled up to the house the vibrator were turn down but still kept going.

As I got out of the car Tabatha said, “Leave all your clothes but the panties outside. When you get inside just kneel next to the sofa.”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied as she walked inside. I walked to the doorway, removed my clothes, folded them, set them on the bench there and walked inside. Just as the door closed the vibrators intensity turned up really high. I did as I was told and knelt down next to the side of the sofa that Tabatha likes to sit at.

I sat knelt for a couple minutes before Monica came downstairs and saw me kneeling there waiting. She sat in the chair across the room from me and said, “So you are the reason Tabatha was so excited and just glowing when she ran upstairs. Do you realize she almost ran me over running to her room?”

“No Ma’am I didn’t,” I replied.

“You remembered I am impressed,” she replied. “I can hear the vibrators from here. You had better not cum without permission.” After about 5 minutes I was really fighting not to cum. “It looks like you are about ready to explode. I feel sorry for you if she makes you wait until she changes before she lets you cum. I guess she is her mother’s daughter.”

As if on cue Tabatha came downstairs. She was wearing a white silk robe that was tied at the waist and carrying some stuff in both hands but I couldn’t tell what. “You were right about her mother. She even picked my favorite side of the sofa without me telling her,” she commented as she walked into the living room. “God girl it looks like you are about to explode. Let your mistress help you with that.” Tabatha reached into one of the robe pockets and the vibrations slowed down considerably denying me my orgasm. I moaned in frustration but Tabatha just ginned evilly. “Stand up and turn around.” Naturally I did as I was told.

Leather cuffs were placed around my wrists and upper arms just above my elbows. My arms were then pushed behind my back and then locked together. With my elbows pulled almost to the point of touching my breasts were pushed forward. Tabatha reached around me and grabbed my nipples with her fingers and then sucked on my neck at the base of my shoulders. She sucked for a couple of minutes then she bit me in the same spot. The bite itself felt like an electric shock throughout my whole body culminating in my crotch. I was rocked by one of the most powerful orgasm of my life. My knees gave out and I collapsed into her arm and just rode out the massive all consuming tidal wave of raw carnal pleasure and ecstasy. Throughout the orgasm I could tell that she continued to nibble on my neck.

Finally the orgasm subsided I realized that I was again on my knees but Tabatha was still holding me from behind. “Was that good for you?” she asked.

When I tried to reply nothing came out. I realized I must have been screaming. After I swallowed a couple time I replied, “God yes…Mistress.” It was very soft and winded. She held me for a few minutes then helped me to my feet.

“I think I broke my new toy the first night I had it,” she commented to her mother. “I will put it away for the night and be back down.”

“Take your time. I will be here,” Monica said.

Tabatha led me upstairs and into a spare bedroom. She put a collar around my neck then released my arms. She told me to go to the bathroom, leave the panties in the sink and after I was done with my business come out. I was relieved to get the dildo out of my ass and after I was done I went out. She had me lay on the bed and then locked my collar to a chain that was attached to the headboard and then locked a cuff that was attached to the foot of the bed around one of my ankles. I was now locked lying on her bed. There was enough slack that I could roll over and the collar was loose enough that it would slide around my neck without choking me but I could not get off the bed. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep really quickly.

I was woken up by someone climbing into the bed behind me. Tabatha moved up behind me and wrapped and arm and legs over me. She then kissed and sucked on my neck. “I think I could get used to getting woken up like this,” I said.

She grabbed my nipple and squeezed it really hard. I was just about ready to complain when she said, “Last night you came without permission and this morning you have already talking without addressing me as Mistress. Do you want to get into more trouble by complaining about me squeezing your nipple?”

“No Mistress. I am sorry Mistress,” I replied. I rolled over and kissed her deeply. “I will try to do better today, Mistress.”

I could not read the look in her eyes when I said that but she spent a minutes kissing me then replied, “That is good to hear. Now you need to get up, get cleaned up and meet me in the dining room.”

She got up, released me and walked out of the room. I got up did as I was told. I took a long shower and when I was done I looked around the room and there was nothing to wear. I knew what Tabatha wanted me to do and I knew I had asked for it so when I was done with my hair I walked downstairs. When I walked into the dining room Tabatha’s eyes lit up when she saw me.

“You look amazing,” she said. “For breakfast you can relax and be yourself.” We spent the meal talking about work and then what happened last night. I told it was really embarrassing cumming in public like that but exciting at the same time. We both laughed when I told her the orgasm I had when she bit my neck was unexpected.

When breakfast was done Tabatha told me that we had the whole basement all to ourselves until about 5 when Monica gets home and then she had a client at 7. When the client was there we would have to leave because “he was shy,” Tabatha said. Once the dishes were done she told me to meet her in the basement. I was to put on what was laid out and wait for her.

“Yes Mistress,” I said. Then I turned around and walked down to the basement. There was a table in the middle of the room with several items on it and a set of cuffs hanging from the ceiling. I started by putting on a pair of thigh high latex stocking and a garter belt to keep them in place. Next I put on a latex bra but there were holes where the cups should have been. I was able to get my breasts through the holes by stretching the latex. When the holes returned to their original size my breasts were squeezed at their bases into round orbs. Next there was a ball gag. The last thing I put on was a blindfold. Once I was blindfolded I reached up and using the locks I spotted earlier I lock the cuffs around my wrists. After a couple of minutes I tried to lower my arms but then the cables got pulled taunt all the slack was pulled up. My arms were pulled up and apart until I was pulled off the ground but then I was lowered so I was standing on the floor but pulled tightly.

I don’t know how long I waited but all of the sudden my ankles were grabbed, pulled apart and cuffs were locked around them. The cuffs were anchored to something because I could not close my legs. Tabatha walked up behind me, reached around, grabbed my breasts and started to suck on my neck. She played with them and sucked on my neck until I was really worked up then she just walked away. “You really are a beautiful woman,” she said. The next instant my ass felt like it was on fire as she spanked me with something. She continued to spank me 9 more times before she stopped, “That is for your previous rule breaking. Now we can get down to the real fun part.”

Tabatha started by lovingly sliding her hands over my face and breasts. After a few minutes of that she removed my gag and started to kiss me like there was no tomorrow. There was so much passion in the kisses that I didn’t notice her slid one of her hands down to my crotch until she slid two fingers into my dripping wet pussy. Despite, or because of my bondage, I was in heaven loving this attention. In a few minutes I was ready to cum but when I tried to pull away from her kisses she just followed my movements. She continued to play with my pussy and somehow I managed to fight off the orgasm until she broke the kiss and I begged her to let me cum. She said not for a couple of minutes, then finally gave me permission and my orgasm exploded almost instantly after she gave me permission. When I recovered Tabatha said, “I hope you liked that because we are just getting started.”

“That was incredible Mistress,” I replied. “I am almost afraid to see how you are going to top that.” She just gave me an evil look. “That look has got me more than a little worried, Mistress.”

“That is because you are as smart as you are good looking,” she said as she walked behind me.

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