Once You've Had Black You Never Go Back

by Steff

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My name is Amanda. I spent 4 years in the Army as a Lieutenant. During my time I was unfortunate enough to see a lot of combat and some REALLY messed up situations. I made it through my time with no real injuries and only a small scar on my back. During my time in the army I discovered that I had lesbian or at least bi tendencies. All the time showering with other woman brought it to my attention. After I returned to the states I inherited a large house in a well off subdivision. The coolest part was that the house belonged to an Air Force pilot that I saved because he got shot down. It took me a few days to get my personal lawyer to make sure everything was legal. Once everything was worked out I moved into my new place.

The house was the nicest I have ever seen much less dreamed about owning. Inside the garage were 2 cars that came with the house. My neighbors where a pain in the butt until the first time I drove up in my car with my Purple Heart license plate they then took the time to get to know me and then they were nice. I lived there for about a year before my life really got interesting.

I returned home after being gone for about 2 months I noticed the house across the street had been sold and new people had moved in. The next day I went across the street to say hi. A black lady answered the door and started out getting rude with me. After she finally gave me a chance to explain who I was she agreed to come over to my house for dinner. She showed up on time but told me her daughter would be late. We talked for a few minutes until a car drove up to her house. I saw another black lady getting out then 4 guys that live around the neighborhood coming over to her and one of them shoved her. I ran out of my door across the street to find out what was going on.

The 4 guys were just a bunch of racist A’ Holes and by the time I got there one of them had punched the girl so I used my training and put all 4 of them on the ground without really hurting any part of them besides their pride. I helped the girl and I recognized her. She was one of the women that I served with. Tabatha was her name. The guys got up and started calling me several racial insults as they ran off. Once Tabatha’s mom, Monica, and I made sure Tabatha was ok we went to my place and talked. Tabatha had told her mother all about me before and they were surprised that I lived across the street.

Over the next few weeks Tabatha and I spent a lot of time catching up. I had put my engineering degree to work and she has been working on a clothing line she is designing. One day her car broke when we going to the mall and a movie so I went over to get her. Like I had been told to do I walked in the front door using the key they gave me. I was just about ready to walk upstairs when I heard moaning coming from the basement so I went do look. I saw Monica wearing a white leather dominatrix outfit. She looked really sexy into but she also looked very intimidating too. The second shock was she had a couple from a few houses down tied up and they were getting into it. She looked up at me, winked and then went back to them.

When I turned around to head to meet Tabatha she was standing there looking at me. I blushed and followed her. We went to the car and drove to the mall. She told me her mother was a professional Dom and somehow she got that couple as clients. Tabatha was relieved when I told her I was ok with that and I didn’t think she or her mother were freaks. However I did not tell her that the more I thought about what I saw the hornier I got.

After the movie we had to go to home to change because we decided we were going clubbing. I put on a red spandex mini dress and knee high boots. The dress was strapless and tight so I didn’t wear a bra. As I went off to get Tabatha I saw the couple walking towards their house. When I got inside Monica was still dressed up but she was carrying two arms full of all kinds of leather and latex stuff. I ran over and opened the door to the basement. She thanked me, but as she was walking down the stairs she dropped something so I went down stairs and picked it up for her. I held it out and wasn’t able to figure out what it was at first glance so I just held it and looked around.

The basement had several pieces of furniture most of which had straps and were obviously for restraining someone. There were also several chain and cuffs hanging from the ceiling and the walls. Monica was opening a closet door and I saw the walk-in closet was full of leather and latex outfits. Since she was busy hanging stuff up I looked around. The wall behind me was full of several different things. One part was whips, floggers and things like that. The other section was full of dildos, plug and other items that I didn’t recognize.

Once I was done looking I turned around and Monica asked what I thought. All I could say was “Wow.” She laughed and asked what I thought about what I walked in on. I told her it took me by surprised and I told her she looked good in a scary kind of way standing over them like that.

“Do you want to try it?” she asked.

I blushed and said, “Thanks but you look too scary for me.”

She laughed, pointed to thn latex item I was carrying and said, “I was talking about the armbinder, but if you are interested in going all the way I will go easy on you.” When I held it up she explained that my arms would be held behind my back by the single arm-sleeve. The straps would go around my chest and over my shoulder to hold the armbinder in place.

The more I thought about it the more I wanted to try it. When I said yes she took it from me and had me turn around. She tossed the armbinder over one of her shoulders then gently slid her hands down my arms pulling my arms behind my back. Sliding her hands down my arms sent what felt like electric tingles throughout my whole body. I felt my nipples get rock hard and my pussy getting wet. Once my palms were together she slid the armbinder over them and worked it up my arms. She then crossed the straps under my breasts, pulled the straps over my shoulders and then buckled them tightly to the single arm-sleeve. Monica then pushed my arms together and then zipped the armbinder up. As the zipper closed my arms were squeezed tighter together. Once the zipper was all the way to the top my elbows were touching and the thick latex made sure they would stay that way.

“You are really flexible. I bet you could spend a long time in that,” she said. As she walked up the stairs she said, “I am going to change. I will be back in a few minutes to let you out. That way you get the full experience of the armbinder.”

She left the door to the basement opened but I was left in the basement. I began to struggle against the armbinder. The first thing that I noticed was the way my C cup breasts stuck out, in fact between that and the straps my breast were about ready to pop out of the top of my dress. Since the armbinder was latex I was able to barely separate my elbow but because of the thickness I could not separate them far or for any real length of time. Just that little bit of struggling caused my breast to pop out so I figured it was time to really give this thing a workout. I tried bending, twisting, pulling… everything I could think of but all I succeeded in doing was tiring myself out.

“I don’t think I have ever seen anyone give one of those a workout like that,” Tabatha comment standing at the base of the stairs. She walked up and circled me like a shark circles an injured fish. She walked up behind me, reached around me, leaned in really close and whispered in my ear, “let me get that.” She then worked me dress up over my breasts. Once my breasts were covered again, “there you go,” she said and then gently kissed the base of my neck. The reaction I had took me of guard. A chill went down my spine and I even had a small orgasm. I didn’t think she noticed it because she removed the armbinder without saying anything. Once I was free I straightened myself up and we went to a club.

Neither of use picked up any guys because we both had to work the next day. I didn’t get much sleep that night because my mind was racing with me trying to sort out what happened. I decided to just go over and talk to Tabatha. When I got there she was still at work. Monica could tell something was bugging me and asked me to come in. I thanked her but said I was ok. Her tone changed and then she put some force behind her voice and told me to come in.

I gulped and then walked inside. We talked… well I was doing most of the talking. I told her everything about what I felt in the basement. She then wanted to know how I felt about her daughter. I said I really liked her a lot but after yesterday I wasn’t sure if it was just friendship. She told me in a firm voice to stand up and remove my pants. I blushed but for some reason I did as I was told. I was just about ready to sit down when she told me to remove my shirt and again I did what I was told. When I sat back wearing only my underwear Monica told me she had an idea but I would have to trust her. I told her to go ahead. She told me to go to Tabatha’s room and wait for her. She then grabbed my clothes and walked out of the living room.

I went into Tabatha’s room and waited for just a couple of minutes before Monica came in with a small bag. She told me that it was obvious to her that I was naturally submissive as proven by the fact that I was standing her daughter’s bedroom wearing just my underwear. All I could do was stand there and blush. She reached into the bag and pulled out a rubber ball that had straps attached to it. She told me this was my last chance to change my mind. I told her to go ahead then she told me to open my mouth. I opened my mouth and she shoved the ball into it, wrapped the attached straps around my head and buckled the gag tightly. She told me that was a ball gag. I was then made to lie on the bed then she tied my wrists to my knees. She stopped for a minute to make sure I was still good. She then pulled a leather collar out of the bag a buckled it around my neck. The collar was tied to the headboard then she tied my ankles to my thighs, spread my knees apart and tied them forcing me to remain spread out lying on Tabatha’s bed.

Just as she got finished tying me up she left the room to answer the phone. I struggled some but the ropes held me spread out to the bed. Monica returned, sat next to me and gently began to slide her fingers all over my body. As she did I was getting really turned on but tied up like I was all I could was lay there and take it. “My daughter has had the hots for you since you all served in the army. When she got home last night you was all she could talk about,” she said. “I have a question. Did you have an orgasm yesterday when Tabatha kissed your neck?” She grinned and gave me a mischievous look then she kissed me on my forehead and said, “You are a beautiful. I would love to get you down in my basement. If you want I will give you a special session.”

Monica left me tied to Tabatha’s bed and walked out of the room. After a minute or two I heard Tabatha walk into the house. She complained to her mother about the day she had. Monica told Tabatha she had a surprise on her bed. I then heard footsteps running up the stairs asking about sizes and colors. I was not able to see her but I could tell when Tabatha saw me because she just stopped talking and just stood there. I am sure she was surprised to see me like I was. I was wearing only a strapless bra and a thong. My wrists were tied to my knees which were tied spread out. With my ankles tied to my thighs my crotch was wide open waiting for whatever was going to happen next.

Tabatha walked into the room, closing the door as entered and then slowly walked around the bed looking me. She had a look on her face like she was examining a piece of meat but what made me nervous was that I was the piece of meat being examined. She sat on the bed next to me and asked, “Do you know what I want to happen here?” I nodded and the she kissed me deeply on the gag. “I have wanted to get you like this since the first time I saw you.” She then moved her hand down and started to massage my breasts. After a few minutes she reached around me and removed my bra. She then started to suck on one of my nipples and used one of her hands and played with the other one. She alternated between which breast she sucked on and I was really getting excited.

Tabatha had me really excited when she stopped. I moaned into the gag and she just laughed. She went to her nightstand, removed a pair of scissors and then cut my thong off. Then she returned to sucking my nipples but she then stuck a couple of fingers into my dripping wet pussy. She used her fingers and started to wiggle them around. I was rocked by a massive orgasm.

When I recovered Tabatha was looking at grinning like the preverbal cat that got a mouse. She then sat down at the foot of the bed and lowered her face into my crotch. She started to lick my pussy and clit. It didn’t take her long to get me close to the edge of another massive orgasm but she didn’t let me get over the edge. I tried to move to get her at a better angle but the ropes held me tightly so I was stuck at her mercy (or lack thereof). Once I was good and worked up she got off the bed and started to get undressed.

“Don’t look at me that. I will get to you in a few minutes… if you earn it,” she said. She walked into the bathroom and returned a minute later naked. She removed my gag and started to kiss me. I returned the kiss and it was one of the most passionate kiss I have ever received. After the kiss she got up and straddled my face and said, “this is where you earn your next orgasm.” She then lowered herself onto my face. I started to lick and suck her. Since this was my first lesbian encounter it took a few minutes to get into it. Tabatha soon had an orgasm of her own then she collapsed next to me. She got up and laughed at me telling me my face was a mess.

She then kissed me for several minutes. During that time she used one of her hands to play with my pussy and clit. We continued kissing until my second orgasm took me. After the kissing she crawled to the end of the bed and started to lick me again. In addition to licking and sucking she stuck two fingers into my pussy. It took only a few minutes before I was rocked by the largest orgasm of my life. After my orgasm she crawled over and lay next to me and just gently started to slid her fingers over my face. We didn’t say anything we just looked into each other’s eyes.

She finally untied me and then she got my clothes while I took a shower. Once I was cleaned up Tabatha waited for me to get dressed then she told me she had a good time and wanted to do it again. I told her it was a defiantly possibility. We went downstairs had dinner with Monica and then I went home.

I spent all night and the following day trying to figure out what happened and what I was going to do about it. There was no doubt that I really liked Tabatha and that I had a good time getting tied up. What really confused me was Monica’s ability to control me. I never thought of myself as submissive. I was an officer in the army and a department head at work. I decided that this weekend I was going to talk to Monica about my confusion.

Friday night Tabatha and I went out to dinner and clubbing. We talked a little about what happened but we were both nervous about it. We still had a good time but I found myself jealous when she went home with a guy. Saturday morning she called me and asked if she could cancel the trip to the mall and movie we had planned. She wanted to spend the day with the guy. I told her we would not cancel it but reschedule it for Sunday. After telling me how great I was she hung up. I had forgotten about the trip so I was glad when she wanted to change the date. I was now free to talk to Monica.

It was about 11 when I finally had the courage to head over and talk to Monica. I knocked on the door and Monica answered. She invited me in and told me Tabatha had called and she wasn’t going to be home until tomorrow. I told Monica that Tabatha had called me too. We sat on the couch and I just told Monica what I was feeling and the questions I had.

She sat there for a minute then replied, “Tabatha told me about the other night. Let me guess that was your first bondage AND lesbian encounter?” I blushed and nodded. She grinned hugged me and said, “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I know a lot of people that like to be in control of their life except in a more personal environment. Then they just want to relax and be themselves. Let me ask you something… why did you let me tie you up… I mean besides hormones?”

“I guess I trusted you, just like I am trusting you by opening up to you.”

“Do you know why you trust me?” she asked.

I thought about it for a minute “I trust Tabatha and she has always trusted and respected you. I learned that I could trust her judgment in the Army.”

“I have an idea but it might be hard for the both of us,” she said. “I want you to spend the day in my dungeon as my play toy. I have some people coming over later and I think it will do them and you some good. The day with me will let you know what it truly means to be submissive sexually.”

“How would it do them good?” I asked.

“Well you see you are the first white person that I truly like and respect as a friend. I have had a rough life and most of time it was because of racist white people. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem working with white people but for some reason I cannot call any of them but you friends. You initially got my respect when you saved my daughter’s life in the field, and then you went to her aid when we first met and didn’t even know it was her. You have no racism in you at all. Later the more I got to know you I grew to like you,” she said.

I sat there for a couple minutes not knowing what to say. Finally I said, “Wow I had no idea. Do I know the people that will be here?”

“Yes. It is the couple you walked in on the other day. Don’t worry they will not know who you are,” Monica said.

I agreed to be her ‘play toy’ for the day. “Good!” she replied. “Before we get started a few things I want you to know. Once we get down there I will treat you with little respect and I will humiliate you. Make you do things you would normally not do. With you since this is your first time I will give you a safe word or signal. Use it if I am going too far. I will stop what I am doing and we can figure out what the problem is. However this is like baseball. After the 3rd time you use the safe word I will release you and we will be done.” I look nervous but she continued, “I say 3 strikes and you’re out because that will tell me you are not really into being dominated that way. Either way my feelings towards you will remain the same.”

She stood up, helped me up and then told me if still wanted to do this then remove your clothes and go to the basement. I stood there for a few seconds then I started to strip. She nodded and then walked out of the room.

Once I was naked I walked down into the basement. It was the same room but for some reason it looked more ominous and a little scary. I circled the room a couple of times and then just walked into the middle and stood there. About 10 minutes later the door at the top of the stairs opened and Monica entered. She was wearing a red leather corset that gave her already nice figure curves that were to die for. The top of the corset pushed her breasts up but left them mainly exposed. She was wearing red crotch high boots with 6 inch heels. Even with the awesome looking outfit she wore what I noticed more was the way she carried and presented herself. She gave off the presence that made clear that I was in her world and she was in charge.

She circled me a couple of times before she told me to kneel. I did like I was told. She then sat in a chair and had me crawl around the room. She finally had me go to a padded sawhorse. I was made to close the metal cuff attached to it around my ankles forcing my legs to be spread out. She them told me to bend over the saw horse and close the cuffs around my wrists. As I did I heard each one locking into place. I knew I was now stuck until Monica released me. I heard her get out of the chair start to walk. The sound of her heel clicking on the floor echoed throughout the room so I had no idea where see was and the horse blocked my sight of her.

Without warning I heard a whoosh and then my ass started to sting. Again Monica spanked me ass with something. After 2 more she walked around in front of me, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head up so I looking at her. “I take it by the look in your eyes you are confused. Let me tell some rules. The first one you learned from the army is not to speak unless you are asked a direct question. You can moan and scream unless I tell you not to. Second rule is for you address me as Ma’am. The last rule is that you will not cum unless you ask permission. Rule 1 doesn’t apply when asking to cum but rule 2 does. Do you understand… bitch.”

Her last word really hit home. I knew then that this was what I wanted. “Yes Ma’am,” I replied. She then pulled a chair in front of me, sat down, spread her legs and shoved my face into her crotch. I began to suck and lick her for all I was worth. After a few minutes she moaned loudly and had an orgasm. I was really surprised when she squirted all over my face.

When I tried to pull away she pulled my hair harder and said, “You aren’t done yet. There is no way you are leaving such a mess.” Since I knew I wasn’t getting away I continued to lick her. As moved around so I could lick her I got smacked across the back of my ass by her riding crop when I hesitated about licking her ass hole. The smack was all the incentive I need so I liked her ass clean also. She got up and walked around behind me and started to play with my pussy and clit.

“Will you look at this you are nothing more than a horny little shut.” She continued to play with me rocketing me towards an orgasm. She stopped just before I came, “Don’t forget you had better ask permission before you cum you little slut.” With that said she returned to playing with my pussy and when I was ready to cum I asked to cum and she said no. I tried my best but after another 10 minutes I begged her and again she said not yet, but it was too late and I was rocked by one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

She continued to lick me throughout the whole orgasm and then into another one. Just as I was recovering from the second massive orgasm something was shoved into my ass. This was my first experience with anal penetration and as a result I was sent into another more intense orgasm. I pulled and squirmed but could not stop Monica from eating me out and fucking my ass. After I had a forth orgasm without a break I started to beg her to stop. She stopped licking my pussy and clit but replaced her tongue with a vibrating wand that rapidly sent me head long into the biggest orgasm yet. This one was so intense that rest of the world around me just stopped and my whole life was just that orgasm. The wand continued to vibrate my clit and she continued to fuck my ass for about an hour during which time I was cumming almost the whole time and begging her to stop.

Finally the wand was turned off and then Monica knelt down in front of me. “I love the way you struggle. That is just one way I punish sluts that don’t listen. I decided to give you what you want,” she said. “I bet you never thought orgasms could be used as punishment did you.” I just shook my head. She slapped me across my face. “How are you to address me BITCH?”

Once the stars from the slap where gone, “I am sorry Ma’am. I did not think orgasms could be used as a punishment.”

“That’s better,” she said. Then she reached over my back and pulled the riding crop that she was fucking me with out and shoved the handle into my mouth. “Make sure it is clean enough so I will not mind holding it again.” I gagged for a second knowing where the handle just came from but since I had no choice I began to suck and lick it. Once I was done with the handle I was released and permitted to get something to drink. When I was finished drinking I discovered that my freedom was to be short lived.

Monica helped me into a bright red latex suit. The suit covered my whole torso in really tight latex. Each of my breasts fell into their own cup however there was a hole at the end of each that my nipples stuck through. The crotch was also opened. There where places that my arms and legs went through and some extra latex that I could not figure out what it was for. Monica laughed at my confused look, commended me for not asking and then showed me what they were all about. I was made to lie on a short table and then Monica put a wide belt that was attached to the table around my waist and pulled it really tight.

Once she figured I wasn’t going anywhere she bent my left leg at the knee and pushed my ankle until it touched my ass. The latex that was a mystery was then pulled out and around my leg. Once in place she sealed the latex trapping my leg bent it that position. She repeated the process with my other leg. She then folded my right arm at the elbow and sealed it in the pocket designed for it. Once my left arm too was restrained she released the belt holding me to the table and told me walk around.

The red latex suit kept my arms folded so my hands were trapped on my shoulders and my legs folded so my feet were against my ass. I started to “walk” around on my elbows and knees. It took some getting used to but I did manage to get the hang of it. I was really glad the knees and elbows were padded because she told me that I was going to spend the rest of the day like that. Monica then pulled out a matching red hood. The hood was designed to make the wearer’s face look kind of like a puppy. Monica put my hair into a bun and then pulled the hood over my face and head. My face was gently squeezed by the latex. There were pads that went into my ear that muffled a lot of the sound but didn’t completely deafen me. There were holes for my eyes, mouth and small one so I could breathe through my nose. A wide leather collar that had “Bitch” embroidered on it was locked around my neck and a leash was attached to it.

Monica pulled on the leash and led me out of the basement into the main house. I was led to the back door and told to go out and relive myself. When I hesitated she spanked my ass with a paddle that I had not seen her pick up. With a sore ass I went into the back yard. Monica told me this would be the last chance I had for a few hours. I went over to a tree and did my business. I was glad all I needed to do was piss. Monica went inside after fill up a dog water bowl. I walked round the yard for a few minutes then I went to the door but I couldn’t see inside. Since I was thirsty I bent over and started to lap up the water. After several minutes the door opened and Monica called “Come here Bitch.”

I ran as best as I could and went inside. Monica was sitting in a recliner and the couple from down the street were sitting in the sofa across from her. They had a shocked look on their face when I came into the room. Monica told me to get into the middle of the room and put my face on the ground. I did then she told the guy that my crotch needed to be cleaned because I just took a piss. The guy knelt down behind me and since my ass was sticking up he had easy access and he began to lick my crotch. The guy knew what he was doing because he was getting me really worked up. Just before I went past the point of no return Monica told him he had better make me cum and then she told me I was permitted to cum. That was all I needed as my pussy exploded in a massive orgasm. Just as I was coming down he began to lick my ass and when he stuck his tongue into my ass I was rocked by another orgasm.

He continued lick me for about 15 minutes during which time Monica was talking to the wife. I had another massive orgasm before Monica told him to stop. She stood up grabbed him by his hair and dragged him to the basement. She told the wife (June) to bring me when I was ready but to be careful because I was a new puppy. After about 15 minutes June told me it was time. I groaned because all I wanted to do was lay there and sleep but I got up on to my elbows and knees. I followed her slowly down the stairs… not easy on just your knees and elbows. When I got down there Monica took my leash and told June to make herself presentable. I was led to a corner and the leash was tied to a ring in the wall.

I lay down and watched Monica start to tease Paul. I knew I had fallen asleep because I was woken up by a load pop and a stinging ass. Monica was standing over me, “You lazy good for nothing bitch. If its attention you want then you will get it.” As she was yelling at me I got up and waited. She then pulled the leash hard I yelped and stumbled forward. She had me climb onto a table then she pulled my leash down until my face was hanging over the edge. She stepped on the leash making sure I wasn’t going anywhere then I yelped again in surprise and pain as a clip tightly squished one of my nipples. Monica then attached a clip onto my other nipple. The attached strings were pulled forward and apart making sure I could not back up or raise myself. She then removed the leash from my collar. I felt her massaging my clit and just as I started to moan in pleasure I screamed in pain as my clit was clipped just like my nipples. Then my clit was stretched pulling me back. Once the tension was where she wanted the string was tied off.

I was now still wearing my red latex puppy suit held down to a table my just my nipples and clit. Monica then picked up a riding crop and began to swat me. By the time she was done my whole body stung from the damn thing. Monica told Paul and June that as long as the clips stayed I was theirs for the few minutes. They pounced on me like there was no tomorrow. Paul must have been expecting this because he shoved his already lubed cock into my ass. June pulled a chair up to my face, sat in it, spread her legs and pulled my face into her pussy. I screamed at the clip on my clit pulled against the string. June told me to shut up and lick.

I licked until she had an orgasm then she released my face. A minute later Paul shot his load into my ass. I heard a loud pop and Paul jumped. Monica paddled him again tell both of them that she didn’t give either of them permission to cum. She told June she had to suck my ass until Paul’s load stopped leaking out. She then looked at Paul and told him not to look so relieved. Monica was sure June would get even with you for making her suck my ass. I could not see June’s look but the look on Paul’s face was priceless. He knew Monica was right. June sucked my ass like her life depended on it and finally Monica told her to stop and then walked them both out leaving me still stuck to the table.

Monica returned and without warning removed the clip from my clit. Once I regained some form of control over myself because the pain subsided Monica started to massage my clit and pussy. After telling me to cum all I wanted to I was rocked by a massive orgasm that hit me without warning. The orgasm was just starting to subside when both the clips on my nipples were removed between the pain and the pleasure I was already feeling I was launched into a whole other orgasm. The intensity of this one caused the world around me to fall away in a bright white light of shear ecstasy. I must have been screaming because when I returned to reality my throat hurt.

Monica made sure I was ok then the released me from my puppy suit. She took her time and was really gentle as she helped me work feeling back into my limbs. Once she was convinced that I could walk on my own she told to shower, get dressed and meet her in the kitchen. By the time I was cleaned and dressed Monica was waiting. She was wearing normal clothes and had some cheese and crackers. As we ate we talked about what happened. By the time I was ready to leave I was convinced that she was right and I was submissive and I had a major kinky side to me.

As I was leaving she looked me in the eyes and told me that she would not include me or take me to the basement like that again without Tabatha’s permission or being present. Monica said I was really fun but she loved her daughter too much and she reminded me that Tabatha really liked me. By the time I got my house I had decided that tomorrow I was going to tell Tabatha everything about today and tell her that I want her to do to me like her mother did.

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