A Novel Idea

by Tied2aChair

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Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bondage; reluct; X

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A Novel Idea - Part 4
by Tied2achair
A Novel Idea by Tied2aChair
Pain unlike rain never does stop. Just when you think it might let up it finds a new way of reminding you that it is there. The reminder that he was getting came from the strangest of places his neck. The six or so layers of duct tape that currently encompassed his neck were beginning to stick to his neck hair thus when he turned his neck whack instant nair no more neck hair and a heck of lot of pain. Then came his cock and balls they were encased in two separate cuffs fastened extremely tight thus his wrists could not move without tugging on an already swollen and rock hard member. So he tried to be as still as possible knowing that the slightest move in any direction would mean instant torment and of course more pain. 

She sat in her kitchen sipping a cup of coffee remembering the first time she had tied a man using nothing more then fishing line to tie her boyfriend’s toes to the footboard and thumbs to the headboard of a raw iron bed. It was then that she realized that a little rope or twine in the right place could paralyze a man and bring him to the point of submission but never before had she picked up a guy at a bar and chained him in the basement. It was a novel idea she had thought before leaving for the bar, find a man tie him make love to him and make him my slave for life. Now it resembled kidnapping and torture, which did not sit to well with this church going 30 something year-old. 

About two hours into his torment he started to realize that this wasn’t self-bondage were you tie yourself cum then untie yourself and go to bed. He no longer had the control of determining would it be the trick handcuffs behind his back with a scarf blindfold and ball gag or perhaps some stringent blanket bondage with a butt plug and gag. No now it was her call and she had a much more devious mind then he ever thought was possible. But it wasn’t the type of bondage that was concerning him it was the not being able to release himself the inability to move or think freely without her allowing it and this frightened him. This was too much for him, he wasn’t into being tied up this much, he needed to jerk off, he needed to cum and he needed out now. The ropes suspending him in mid air began to sway back and forth as he tried furiously to reach his cock to stroke it to release but this was not happening he managed to only move close enough to tap it and stroke it. But there was no release for him and with that he laid still and realized that his dream of bondage, his dream of being totally and completely helpless was now fulfilled and with those passing thoughts his dream became his nightmare. 

She finished off her coffee realizing that the only logical conclusion to this idea of her’s was either he falling in love with her and remaining a captive forever or murder. Murder Janice thought, I am not a murderer she said out loud, "a kidnapper maybe a murderer no". 

She ran her fingers through hair as if to feel life and console herself for her evil thoughts. Then for the first time in her life she thought how would I go about doing it if I had to? 

The gag kept on settling in the rear of his mouth, which was causing him to remain awake or drown in his own saliva. He didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to be here and he didn’t want to remain tied any longer.

Pallet wrap she thought I will mummify him from head to toe in pallet wrap leaving his head exposed and cock give him a blow job and just as he is about to come I will put a plastic bag over his head and watch him die. She shook her head and thought that sounds like a corny bondage story. 

His cock began to become less erect and as a result the handcuffs around it became looser as it returned to his normal size the cuffs slipped out and fell to the ground with his arms now standing like to erect towers since they were still chained to the ceiling.

Chain him to a wall and build up a new wall around himů no to E.A. Poe she thought plus she couldn’t hang wallpaper let alone build a wall. Just as that thought pass she heard a thump in the basement, she sprang from her chair and headed to the basement. When she arrived she saw him on the floor and he resembled a marionette flipped upside down, she shook her head undid the suspension ropes keeping a foot on his neck only to reattach both pairs of handcuffs to his wrists and wrapping all the rope around his feet making it impossible for him to move yet again. She sighed and left.

And with that he was tied in a new way even tighter and more stringent then before and with that his frustration grew greater and his lust for freedom became only that much dimmer.