A Novel Idea 3

by Tied2achair

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Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bondage; suspension; cons; X

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A Novel Idea - Part 3
by Tied2achair
A Novel Idea 3 by Tied2achair
She walked down the steps with 5 six sided dice in her hand and a grin on her face that stretched from ear to ear. She approached him with a calm touch to his chest and a kiss on the cheek. She whispered into his ear, “We are going to play a game my pet.” And with that she untied him from her web and attached a pair of handcuffs to his wrists and then to the floor, which he now lay helpless on. 

The game was simple, she had 5 dice and each had 6 numbers on them, each number corresponded to a different part of his body for the first round… 1 = Eyes
2 = Mouth
3= Neck
4 = Cock
5 = Butt
6 = Feet She rolled the dice and in Las Vegas fashion rolled a 1,3,4,5,6 so he would not be gagged or so he thought.  She then rolled the dice again and each number represented the type of bondage that he would be in… 1= Leather
2 = Rope
3 = Silk
4 = Tape
5 = Latex
6 = Steel

She rolled the first die and rolled a 3, a silk scarf was tied over his eyes and the slack was then crossed back over his front. 

She rolled the second die and rolled a 4, she thought for a second and then proceeded to wrap about 6 layers of duct tape around his neck and formed a posture collar in the process. 

The third roll produced a 6, she grinned evilly and produced two pairs of handcuffs, she cuffed one cuff to the base of his cock and balls then proceeded to cuff his hands with the other cuff. 

The fourth roll came on in and it was a 5, she sighed at the thought of rolling a 6 and sticking a stainless steel but plug up his hole but was happy when she remembered that she had bought a 6 inch monster of a plug a few weeks back and with that he was plugged, the force of the plug and the positions of his hands kept him a strange fetal position.

The fifth and final role was a 2, and with that she made him cross his legs and began binding him in a stringent Japanese rope bondage technique. That left little chance for escapes.

In the third round the total sum of the dice equaled the total number of hours in bondage.  She rolled the 5 dice and rolled 23 hrs worth of torture for him. 

He pleaded with her and she smiled at and said, “I’m not done yet!” and with that she rolled again, this time she rolled a 5. She smiled and said this roll was for what you will be placed in while you’re like this… 1 = Mummification
2 = Encasement
3 = Closet
4 = Bed
5 = Suspension
6 = Bondage Bag

She attached straps to his wrists and legs, then one to his neck, these straps were then attached to ropes on a pulley system. She hit a button and he was lifted in the air like he was floating, the pain on his cock and balls were over whelming as the handcuffs acted as suspension for his entire lower body.  He moaned and screamed in pain, she smiled and said, “One last rule of this game, the mistress can add one item of torment.” and with that she produced a ball gag popped it in his mouth. Kissed him on the forehead and said, “Goodnight slave! Tomorrow we’ll roll again.”


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