Night Out

by Zephyr

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© Copyright 2020 - Zephyr - Used by permission

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JulieAnn's Story

I can't say I was really into the idea, at least at first. Jack, my boyfriend, wanted me to go out on the town, find someone (else) and bring him back to our house and do whatever we wanted with each other. Jack would be watching me whilst "out on the town" and then would be tied in the little soundproof basement bondage dungeon we had, watching and listening to what I (and whoever I found) was doing on closed-circuit TV.

Now I love sex and I love Jack. I'm open to almost everything, at least once and this was his once. I am very happy with Jack and the sex with him is satisfying enough. Most of the time it's ok; from time to time it's downright awesome. To be honest the worst part of this was getting past why Jack would want me to have sex with someone else. But he was persistent with this fantasy of his and well; why not?

So I thought this out and came to him with it. To me it was sort of a ‘put up or shut up but stop pestering me about it’ sort of offer. I even had to hint about doing it more than once as part of the bait but hopefully after the first time that would be enough to show him he didn't want to do this. If he wanted blue balls that badly I could certainly provide them, in spades. Besides, it's fun being out on the field again for a night and even more fun playing with Jack once all this was through.

I thought about it as I sifted through my outfits, looking for what would work. It's not like that picking-up-guys-at-the-bar sort of life was that much of a stranger to me. I've had a string of boyfriends up until about a year and a half ago when I met Jack and got exclusive with him. The bar scene, going out there and picking up someone & taking them home or going to theirs was something I'd done way too many times to have any problems with that. I work out regularly and spend enough time in the sun so I'm still cutting a very tight figure. Might even be a little fun. Variety, the spice of life maybe? Which leads me back to the ‘why does he want to do this’ thoughts. I put it aside. You've already agreed to this and he's waiting for you so just get going, girl.

Jack had blackish brown hair. What did I feel like waking up next to, tomorrow morning? Raven hair? Ginger? Blonde?

After dinner I asked him if he still wanted to do this, unfortunately he was quite eager. I took him up to our bedroom. OK Jack, the Blue Ball Express is now leaving the station. I unbuttoned his shirt, doing a lot to run my hands over his hairy chest, which I absolutely love. I spent some time running my fingers and my tongue through his chest and on his nipples. I could feel a dense hard-on in his pants. Love, I thought, that's going to get *so* much worse before it gets better.

I pulled a terry-cloth robe belt from my closet and gave him one last chance to back out which he promptly refused. So I motioned for him to turn around and bound his wrists behind his back. I took off my clothes and the rest of his and started in on my first fun. It was a challenge and one that I enjoyed both for the personal performance issue (how many times could I do it, can I do it and not go too far and take him over the edge, how close to the edge can I get him?) and for the power it gave me over him.

I used to do this to Steve, an old flame, all the time. He loved head, so I would go down on him for about thirty minutes until he'd have had enough. He’d roll me over, push me down and enjoyably fuck me thoroughly; I knew a bit about how far to go without going too far.

Not that Jack would have that option, or any option like that tonight. No, just lay there and try to come and realize I'm not going to let you. Over and over. I felt him start to stiffen up so I stopped working on his cock head and started working elsewhere. His groan and trying to move me back on to his cock told me I had hit my target. I held him flat on his back by lying across his stomach with my bare breasts, allowing no stimulation to his cock. No, you can't get off, Jack. You promised you wouldn't until tomorrow morning but I expect you'll be blowing spunk ten seconds after I'm out of sight in a little bit. At least that's my aim.

He settled down, starting to come off his ledge. OK, that's one. I wondered how many times I could do this to him?

The actual count was six. After about thirty minutes of this he was getting increasingly discomforted when I stopped working on him. I was enjoying myself but it was starting to get late and I needed to get to the Arrow Head to start the real fun. When I hit my next stop point I climbed off him. Looking him straight in the eye I told him "I am going to get dressed and leave now. You will not move at all the entire time or I'll cancel everything else I have planned tonight.”

"Please, JulieAnn, finish me, I feel like my balls are going to explode!" he begged.

The slightest crease of a smile crossed my lips. I thought to myself: OK, but isn't that what you wanted? "No. Move anything more than your eyes and it's over. You want to just stop now and call it a night?"

"No!" he was vehement, but almost crying. "I want this too bad!" then back to pleading. "But finish me off. It won't take long. I want to see the full half-gallon dripping from your lips. Please?"

I waved a forefinger at him side to side in a 'no' gesture. "Nope. You wanted it. You'll get everything you want tomorrow morning. You promised to wait until then, remember?"

I got up and moved into the closet. I picked out what I had planned to wear. I figured there was about a 60/40 chance that he'd blow his load when he saw me. I pulled out the clothes and put them on the bed at his side. Starting with me naked he got to watch the white tube top go on, pinched between my firm and upstanding 36Cs for extra cleavage. He was still squirming, watching me intently as I dressed. Next was a garter belt and tan silk stockings, then a button-up denim mini, with the bottom half of the buttons left undone. Not quite far enough up for people to see my pubic hair, but plenty far enough to show the stocking tops and an inch or two of tanned leg above it. The matching jacket went on, buttoned below the tube top, enough to show the tube top and to help a bit in the cleavage-making department. Then my white patent mini-boots with the 3-inch heel went on and I was ready to go.

"I'm going to go to the Arrow Head Dance Club." I told him. He groaned, knowing what sort of place that was. It was a really wild dance bar with lots of twenty-something people like us and it would be packed with horny males on a Friday night. I was dressed to kill. Knowing he was watching my every breath I reached inside the tube top and pulled my breasts up, making me look about 36D. I fiddled with myself for effect as I went over what he was to do, pulling up my stocking a bit, straightening my skirt since my breasts were already to maximum advantage.

I had planned to use the vibrator on the headboard on myself while he watched, still bound and forbidden to move. I’d bring myself to the state I denied him, orgasm, but he was already twitching almost involuntarily. I enjoyed that but it'd take another 15 minutes which I didn't want to spend here. Besides, if the plan was for me to get my brains fucked out tonight there was no sense in going off early. I was already rolling and what I had built up would make me more aggressive out there which was fine with me. I was really, really enjoying his discomfort. He will never want blue balls again after tonight, I vowed. In spades indeed.

I checked the belt holding his hands and put a little more slack in the belt so he could work loose in a few minutes. I ran a fingernail a few times up and down his rock-hard cock. I was impressed, honestly, I'd not seen it that hard in recent memory. I bet he was having brown-outs from lack of blood. I decided to top him off on the ‘need to cum’ scale and I did which only took a few licks. He was groaning in pain the entire way through. I gathered my purse and blew him a kiss, giggling (he was almost thrashing back and forth, he was *so* in need of coming, poor guy). I exited the room, heading for my car and for the Arrow Head.

As I drove down the road with the top down I was looking forward to the rest of the evening. I was especially looking forward to the thought of finding someone new and passionate and taking them home and letting him run wild in my panties, or lack of them. I clenched my thighs together, down girl, I thought; don't get too far gone, not yet. I went back and reviewed the plan.

Jack would follow me to the bar and sit between wherever I parked myself and the bathroom. When I had picked someone and was ready to take the guy home, I'd go to the bathroom and nod to him on the way that it was time to leave. He'd get home in front of us and I guess I'd have to do something with my beau on the way home to burn a little time! He’d plant himself securely on the bed in our little soundproof bondage dungeon in the basement of our house.

I'd tell my choice I needed to check the house to make sure it's all clear then hurry down to the basement to make sure Jack was securely tied to the bed and the monitors were on. If he wanted to see me get screwed by some strange stud, that's what he was going to see. I was going to enjoy it and if he wasn't willing or had wanted to fill that role himself he should have backed out. I would be hot enough (and probably drunk enough) anyway, He was going to be tied down in the basement and a non-issue all night.

One camera oversaw the living room and into the kitchen across the bar and the other was showing our bed. I'd get my toy into the living room and both of us out of our clothes and then I'd see how far we could go right on the living room carpet. After that we'd move to the bedroom for some proper and traditional fun.

The plan was to tell my beau that he'd have to leave around 6:00 AM, that my "boyfriend" was due back around 8:00. I needed a bit of time and margin to be safe but I was all his right up to that point and I expected him to take maximum advantage of his available time.

I pulled into the Arrow Head. The parking lot was the normal ‘so many cars you have to hunt for ten minutes’ full. The dance music beat was audible, of course, in the parking lot, to say nothing of what it must be inside. Small groups of people either milled in front of the door or were leaving or arriving. I found a spot in the middle of the parking lot and closed the top. Checking my outfit and finding or putting everything in order I headed for the door. 8:00 PM and I was anxious and more than just a little wet. Here we go, girl, hold on to your. hat? No hat. Panties? None of them tonight either and besides the plan was to not hang on to them.

The bouncer just waved me through. That hadn't changed. They worried about the guys and hit them up for the cover charge but a single female on the prowl? Please come in, you are just what the male clientele is praying for.

The place hadn't changed much in 18 months which was good. The live band in the corner was belting out a passable imitation of a current hit, the large dance floor on the far side was flashing with fast-moving lights and about two dozen couples, which made it about half-full. The bar itself was packed pretty heavily and about three-quarters of the tables were occupied.

Plenty of male eyes found me as I walked in. Nothing had changed about that either. I noted two separate reactions, the ‘hey dude look at the babe that just walked in’ sort of thing, one at the bar and one at one of the tables. I knew what I needed was a table of girls that were more or less prowling too and would let me in.

I found what I hoped would work near the dance floor: two brown-haired females my age who were sitting at a table on the dance floor edge nursing beers and watching the club. I walked up to them. They both took a look at me, looking me over. One was wearing a tight silk dress and the other was in a white crepe top half-unbuttoned with a thin lacy bra visible underneath it. Before I could speak the one in the dress pulled out a chair. She called out to me, tongue-in-cheek, "Quick, sister, sit down before you get eaten by all the wolves in here."

"Don't mind if I do. Thanks *so* much." I answered. "Anyone here I need to steer clear of?"

The girl in the white blouse smiled. “Well, every male in the place, but I suspect you knew that walking in.” We all laughed. "I'm Angie, and this is Mila," she indicated her friend, "we're still not completely sure but from the way they’ve been acting that table up against the wall has definitely disqualified itself." She pointed to one of the booths on the side wall, where about six college-type guys were drinking and having a good and reasonably loud time. "Shoulda seen the show they put on with one of the waitresses about ten minutes ago."

"Thanks." I responded. "I'm JulieAnn. Are you waiting for anyone else?"

Mila replied to my question. She had a high-pitched, almost squeaky voice. "We invited a friend but since she’s not here by now we don't expect her to show."

The waitress appeared. She asked if Mila or Angie wanted refills to which they both declined. She then asked me what I'd like and I requested my standard light beer. The music stopped and in the interim a guy, probably around 20 and college from the looks of him, asked Mila to dance. She agreed and the two of them were off. As they entered the dance floor I could see Mila was wearing a just above the knee, matching skirt to the top. More came and asked Angie and I to dance but we both declined the offers. The music started and the flow tapered off.

Angie was a university student, a junior and a psych major. Mila, she told me, was a friend and a freshman at the university. Mila had led a really sheltered life in the hinterlands so Angie was taking her out and getting her acquainted with city life.

"And maybe some city boys." I added. Angie laughed and agreed.

I told her I had already graduated, which was true, and gave her the name of a reasonably well known but small law firm in town and said that I was working as a junior partner there. Just looking for a good time and possibly a good night. Angie nodded sympathetically. She could go home with someone or alone tonight. It wasn't that big a matter right now but she was here to keep an eye on Mila and to make sure she didn't get into too much trouble. If Mila found anyone, Angie was also there to prevent her from making a mistake.

I looked up and saw Jack in the bar. He and I locked eyes for a second then he turned around, looking for a table as he was supposed to. He found one a dozen feet away. He could probably just barely see my legs under our table if no one was walking in the way and had a clear view of the dance floor. Well, he wanted to watch, let him watch. I am supposed to be a single, unattached, gorgeous blonde alone and slowly getting drunk looking for someone good to take home and fuck madly. I'd done that often enough in the past to fit back into the role quite comfortably.

I danced with plenty of guys, sampling the wares at the bar that hadn't changed a whole bunch in a year and a half. Some of them were losers, or jerks, or loser jerks. Some of them were fine but didn't do a thing for me. One or two of them were downright breathtaking. I stayed pretty much to the fast songs as I hadn't found anyone that I really wanted to do a slow dance with.

There was a group of four males at a table near the dance floor that watched me, and especially the slit in the front of my skirt, every time I danced anywhere near them. Every once in a while I glanced at Jack and he was indeed eating all of this up. Well, the goal was to get Jack so blue balled he would need surgery to recover so I made a point to unobtrusively dance in front of these guys a lot and to spread my legs a little wider than they actually needed to be when I knew the guys at that table were watching.

Mila ran into a male friend from one of her classes. They both sat at the table and talked for a few songs. Shortly after Angie gave Mila the guardian nod of approval and the two of them left, Mila promising to "call Angie in the morning." Things picked up a bit, two really cute guys came calling and Angie and I both went to the dance floor with them. Mine was named Tyler.

He was an architect with a company whose name I recognized but didn't know much more about. He was from the other side of the country and had just finished taking a seminar at headquarters here. He was about 6 foot 2, felt well-muscled without any real noticeable fat. He had a great smile. He was good with conversation, I noticed he was smoothly able to keep the conversation more or less on me. He tuned out all the other females in the bar when he was talking to me which was very impressive.

Angie's friend was Derek, from the same firm but worked here in town. Both guys were single (no sign of a ring on either's hands) and he was hosting Tyler while Tyler was in town.

He seemed like a pretty good choice for my beau for the night. Large hands, strong but not rough. Quick smile, twinkle in the eyes when he talked, passionate about the need to help other people. He planned to get far enough up in the firm to run his own branch in time. Drank Michelob too. I wonder if Derek hadn't gotten that info from Angie during the first dance and passed it on. Even if this were true, all that meant is that he was a go-getter. He wasn't the best person I had ever danced with but good enough and dancing with him was fun plus he never stepped on my toes or seemed lost for movement.

I passed a glance back at Jack as we sat back down. He was still there, watching us usually at least out of the corner of his eye. He had a big beer on the table and an empty glass beside it. I turned back to Tyler and smiled at him, continuing to nurse what must have been my (I honestly had lost count) eighth beer. I used to be able to do about a dozen before I started running into problems but in this I was out of practice, so I was already about two drinks past that line.

Angie seemed to be hitting it off with Derek as well. After a while she sidled up to me and said "I want to go. Any problems?"

"No, as a matter of fact that will help. Have fun!"

After they left Tyler asked me if I thought he might be enjoying my company past closing time at 1:00 AM. I told him that it certainly sounded like a possibility to me. He asked if I wanted to go now and get started early.

I guess the beer was getting to me. I knew way better than to say quite this much at this point in the game but did so anyway. "Tyler, I'm not quite done dancing but when we're done I want you to take me home so I can run my fingers through your hair all night." I paused for a second, then clarified. "Your chest hair." I paused for another second. "And maybe lower." Inwardly I winced. Down, girl!

"Sounds perfect."

"There's a problem, though."

He handled that well. My opinion of him went up two notches. With a twitch of the eye he asked "Which is?"

"I have someone, they're out of town right now but they're due home early tomorrow morning. I want us to go back to my place but you'd have to leave early in the morning, by around six-thirty."

He paused for a second then smiled, turning back on the charm like a fountain. "Actually, that works, I have a 11:00 AM flight tomorrow morning and I'll need time to get back to the hotel room and get packed."

I closed my eyes and slumped down onto his shoulder. "Oh good" I whispered loud enough for him to hear it. For the first time I let my hands run onto his upper thighs. He jumped for a second but recovered gamely and did nothing with my hands. "You know, Tyler, I've had too much to drink."


"Want me to prove it?"

He took a long pause at that. "Sure. Why not!"

With that, my hands roamed across his thighs to a very hard member in his pants. It felt quite thick and longer than average. "Mmmmm. Ohhh, yes, I want you" I whispered in his ear.

He looked over at me and smiled. "Whenever you're ready."

I took his closest hand and put it on my thigh, under the buttons that were not buttoned, right on top of the garter.

"Do you like garters?" He ran his fingers over my leg, then dipped toward my aching and slippery center. This felt real good so I opened my legs which hiked my skirt way up. He ran a finger down to where I wanted him. I shivered and started to tremble right there.

He smiled. "Be right back." and he left to get a new round of beer. Tyler, get back here. I wanted to smack him for doing that to me then leaving. Apparently he liked games too. Or wanted to lay in some fresh brew so as to not be bothered later.

He arrived with two more drinks and we talked a bit longer. Then the band struck up my absolute favorite song so I dragged Tyler out to the floor. "Come on! It's my song!"

We danced. I noticed that we danced closer than usual. I could still see that bulge and it still looked like it'd fit real well inside of me. I just smiled at him and concentrated on the music and Tyler and enjoyed the dance. His eyes were generally locked with mine. Every once in a while I saw him glance down to my legs or to the cleavage visible above the tube top. Not too much, playing his cards right. Good boy. With the way you’re acting and that bulge in your pants you're going to be seeing it all before I'm through with you.

The song ended and the band replaced it with a slow one, another that I liked. I was still looking straight into his eyes so I just slid right up next to him and nestled into his arms for the length of the song. It felt so comfortable, so good, so right. He was strong and warm. He held me tightly and the faint scent of his cologne wafted over me. Through the booze I felt safe. And I could feel his erection through his pants. That felt good, way good. He kissed me and we didn't stop kissing until the song ended. The band took a break.

Back at the table I had no inhibitions left. My hands were in his lap the moment we both were seated. I ran fingernails across and rubbed his erection when I could but most of the time my hands were around his neck. His hands went straight back to my skirt, and I plopped one of my legs over his, between his legs, to give him clearer access.

I felt him undo the two bottom of the three remaining buttons and my skirt was basically buttoned at the waist now and nowhere else. Because my legs were spread so wide, my skirt fell wide open under the table and Tyler spent the next ten minutes teasing me there. His fingers were lighter than a butterfly, running all over my nether region, occasionally crossing into my wetness. Every time he did I tried to push his hands further into me. I wanted something in me! I was being willingly driven crazy.

Between the beer and the stimulation I was almost groggy. "Please," I begged Tyler, "Finger-fuck me right here. I'm open. I want to come on your hand. Please!"

But Tyler wouldn't. "Save that for later," he told me. "Right now I just want you to want it."

"Please. Please! Haven't you ever wanted to do a girl out in a bar?"

"Not now." I half-heard as his fingers continued to destroy what little concentration the alcohol had left me. Damn him! But I was loving it and wouldn't dream of asking him to stop. He knew it too.

The band started back up. I started to pull him toward the dance floor. He looked at me and my mostly-unbuttoned skirt. I gave him no chance to complain about my skirt as I was insistent. "I know, now come on!" I knew I would be putting on one hell of a show, and most likely exposing my pussy to the first row of tables but my only alcohol-laden thought was that this would make Tyler hot enough to give me what I wanted when we sat back down.

The dancing was fine but about halfway through the song I could see this was a big mistake. That helped me sober up. Part of the dance had me dancing with my back to Tyler facing the tables and it wasn't a slow song. The four guys at the table from before were watching me and my skirt unashamedly, almost staring (well, no almost) at me. They finally penetrated into my consciousness when one of them knocked a drink over on their table. I looked at them, the ones who weren't panicking over the spilled drink were still staring at my crotch. I looked down, my legs were spread enough that I and they and everyone else in that side of the bar could see my whole triangle clearly.

I got mad at the children at the table but I was determined not to lose Tyler. I wasn't turning back around anymore. I sidled up close to Tyler as we danced facing each other.

"Like what you see?"


"Good." I replied. "I want your hands all over that when we get back to the table."

We sat back down. He would touch me but not bring me off. Security was watching, he apologized. He would now, but they might arrest him for that. Not here. Too risky.

"So where?" I asked him. "I want you to bring me off somewhere in public, at a table, then we can go home and we can bring each other off any way we want."

"So where can we go where they wouldn't care?" he asked. "Maybe an adult bar. I'll take you there and make you come all night under the table." He heard himself and reconsidered. "Well, maybe once or twice."

A destination snapped in my mind. I'd never been there but I'd heard plenty about it. He could hand-fuck me all night there and nobody would care. "I've got it," I answered. "Let me go to the bathroom, then we can go." He nodded his assent. I closed the upper two loose buttons on the skirt then headed for the ladies' room.

I hastily looked for a pen in my purse but couldn't find one. In desperation I used my lipstick to write on a hand towel. "Go to Ahab's and wait like here." I crumpled it up. I would just drop it at Jack's table on the way back.

The time in the bathroom was helping me think clearer. I thought about taking off my hose. Tyler would like that and it would make Jack want to shoot a load. Besides all Tyler wanted to do was to go home and start in with me. Here I was dragging him off somewhere else and making it a later night for him. He deserved some consideration. The boots came off, then the hose and the garter belt came off, then the boots went back on. I pulled off the tube top but after looking at myself in the mirror that was just too far for here so I put it back on.

I walked by Jack and discreetly but deliberately dropped the paper in front of his table. When I sat back down I glanced back long enough to see him bending over to pick it up. "Ready to go?" I asked Tyler, who affirmed he was, and we were gone.

Tyler took me to a big truck. The kind you needed a step-stool to climb up in. And I was in a mini-skirt. I was drunk and hot enough not to care. Tyler helped me into the truck then closed the door. I slid straight down into the passenger floorboard and started working while he walked around to the driver's side and unlocked his door. He climbed in and did a double-take to see me on the floorboard. I wasn't in my seat, but my jacket and tube top were. "Get in! Quick before someone sees me!" I whispered, happily drunk. I hadn't done this in years but it seemed like fun right now. He looked at me wearing only the skirt and boots then climbed the rest of the way and closed the door.

"Second Street and Grand." I informed him then reaching up I unzipped his pants. A large, thick cock popped out as the motor roared up, Oh, yes. The vibrations in the cab felt real good. Once we were safely on the road, I climbed over to him and took that luscious gearshift in my mouth.

He was good, he didn't seem to wobble too much behind the wheel. As he drove he ran his free hand through my hair and rubbed my bare back beside him and said sweet things to me.

We stopped at a stop light. I told him "I've been wanting to do this for about two hours now." I looked up at him and although he was holding it together it looked like a near thing. "Do you want to come now?" I asked.

"Hmmph?" was his only response, so I repeated the question. "Sure, whatever, yes" was his distracted response. I went back to work on him, and then the light changed and he was back to driving. He seemed to be driving slowly.

About halfway there I got him. He gave a half-whispered "Aaahhgh" and then he grabbed my hair with one hand and held it in place while he spurted half a dozen times into my mouth. I swallowed it all then continued sucking (very gently) on his rapidly receding cock until we finally pulled into Ahab's and he shut the engine off.

I sat up, licking my lips. "My turn now?" I asked. All he could do was nod.

With a place like Ahab's, it didn't matter how slutty I looked. Just the tube top or just the jacket I wondered. Tyler pushed me back onto my back. I felt him bending down to return my favor but I backed him off. "Inside, please. Do me inside." He stopped.

I decided on the jacket. Putting it back on and buttoning it to where it was before. I made quite a sight in a hardly-there jacket, mini-skirt, white ankle boots, and nothing else. Tyler had exited the truck and opened my door for me and helped me down, his eyes enjoying the view in the process. The smell of hot woman's pussy must have rolled out the door like a fog. Rock drifted semi-loudly from the door and I hastily brushed my hair as we headed for the entrance. In this get-up I'd fit right in. Nobody would give me, us a second glance.

One song was just ending as we walked in. A momentary silence came over the bar as we stopped to look for a place to sit. There were semi-private booths along the far wall and back wall, and tables in this half of the room. An elevated stage for the girls to dance (well, strip) on was along the front wall. I spotted Jack at one of the tables in the middle of the floor. I looked for a spot that would give him a good view; one of the booths on the side wall would be just perfect. I grabbed Tyler's hand and tugged him toward it. Jack's face looked like he was taking this a little hard but OK. He got a priceless look come over his face as we passed and he didn't see the tube top on me. I smiled. Yep, I've been topless since the Arrow Head. Worse than that, if you only knew the truth. Burn your balls out, love, until tomorrow morning.

The booth was dimly lit and about as private as we were going to get. It was only a little but not a whole lot but that was what I wanted. I wanted a public orgasm, right here in the bar where Jack could see and have no doubts what was going on. The booths were on a platform about two feet high, and there were no covers on the table. Anyone looking underneath our table could see everything going on underneath there as long as they could make it out in the light. I hoped Jack could. It'd be a pity to put on the show I was planning and he couldn't see it.

We sat down and a ‘might as well have been naked’ brunette came by and asked us if we wanted drinks. Tyler ordered two Mickey Lights and the hostess left to fill our order. I looked up to notice that Jack had moved so he could see underneath the table and was sitting in such a position that he could do so without being too obvious. Good boy, I thought. Get ready for the show.

I slid right next to Tyler and he draped an arm over my shoulder. I responded by holding his other hand. Our drinks came and we started in on them. He didn't do much for the first few minutes so I spread my legs and grabbed his free hand and placed it on the remaining buttons on my skirt. "Ready when you are" I whispered.

He didn't need a second invitation. He started back up with the magic fingers and I felt myself slowly become soft and gooey. Damn, this was good. I was barely conscious of Tyler ordering a second round. I wondered what the server thought of what she saw.

My second beer when it arrived went down almost all in one gulp. I was way too busy with more important things to drink it slowly. Tyler's motivation seemed to be flagging so I reached for the jacket and unbuttoned it all the way. "If you want it off me, too" I offered Tyler, "just slide it off me." I wouldn't be by any stretch the only topless woman in the room.

He didn't take me up on my offer but he did slip a hand inside my jacket and play with my willing, aching breast for a little while as he continued with his other hand to sap away my self-will below waist level. Oh, it was so good to be just putty in his hands. I reached over and kissed him deeply to signal my acceptance. Oh, yes, he could do whatever he wanted as long as his left hand didn't stop. Anything at all, I'd be happy to oblige.

"Your skirt is starting to get in the way," he whispered to me, "mind if I fix that?" I just moaned an encouragement. The remaining buttons deftly flew open, and he rolled the skirt on either side of me. I was naked from the waist down, practically so from the waist up, and I hoped Jack was getting a good eye full. I placed one leg up on the seat on the far side of the booth; the other went over his nearer leg. His hands moved back to the spot of my least resistance and I reached over and began returning his favor.

I was lost in a haze. I leaned back with my eyes closed in a dream state. Too much alcohol or too much sexual exposure. Or both, I wondered. I wanted to come so bad and Tyler was sending me well on my way. I wanted to come with Tyler inside of me but that would have to wait. I thought about Jack watching from the main floor, I wondered if anyone else was watching and decided I didn't care anymore. I wanted Tyler inside of me, long, hard strokes until I came and I could feel his come surging inside me. I couldn't remember wanting anything that bad.

And then he pushed me over the edge and it was heavenly. It was everything I could manage and a little extra to not scream or moan loud enough for others to hear over the music. Tyler just rested his hand on my leg while the waves broke over me and I convulsed in beautiful agony.

I slowly opened my eyes. Tyler was right there, staring at me, waiting patiently. "Was it good for you, too?" he asked with a twinkle. I considered swatting him but discovered I still didn't have quite that much muscular control back yet.

“Oh, yes." After a minute, I was reaching for him. He tensed a bit but thought about it and then relaxed. The bar was dark and if nobody objected to what I had just been through it was doubtful they'd object to what I was planning to do to him.

I pulled that really long member back out of his pants and started working my hand up and down with it. We went on like that for about five minutes until he reached down and stopped me.

"JulieAnn?" he asked. "I love what you're doing but I can think of better things for us to do with that. You ready to go home?"

I sighed and pulled my hand back. "You'll get yours. Just you wait, mister."

"I sure hope so."

I buttoned my top and pulled my skirt back on then we were on our way. I gave Jack the nod as we walked out. You'd better be quick getting home, Bud, I thought, because mama is real hungry and you're on the list but not the one on the menu. Tonight you’re just in the way.

We stopped for a soda on the way home to give Jack the time he needed to get in position. I unbuttoned the jacket again once we were safely in his truck from Ahab's and it didn't get buttoned back up again the rest of the night, even in the mini-mart. When we got home I asked Tyler for a moment to check the house in case "my someone" had come back early. I rushed in, checked Jack in the basement. He was being a good boy and was already firmly in position where he couldn't interfere while I got what I had coming to me. I thanked him for the opportunity, promised him I'd make it up to him even though (by the rock-hard but still smaller and shorter than Tyler's erection (I'd never tell him that, though!) he didn't look like he was going to need much making up to. Maybe he might want to try this again, maybe I'd object less after tonight.

With Jack secure and six hours to kill I hurried upstairs. If Tyler had thought I was just abandoning him and had driven away I'd scream until daylight. I was such a mess with wanting and the booze and I was right on the edge of getting what I wanted all evening long.

He was still there. I considered getting him to the front door, which was not really visible from the street then there taking off everything I was wearing. I’d drop them there on the porch then kiss him with my back to the door and hopefully he’d be shielding my nakedness from the street until he took me inside. It didn't work out that way. He was more interested in going inside; he was wanting me real bad and I wasn't stupid enough to fight him on it.

We both headed for the kitchen for a drink of water and he wound up picking me up rather easily and seating me on the counter. Off at his touch slipped my jacket and he began nuzzling and licking and gently biting me around the ears and neck, every once in a while slipping down to my breasts. He didn't know this, or maybe he had figured it out, but nibbling on my neck and shoulders, that's my absolute victim spot. Do that to me a little and I'm putty in your hands for about the next two hours.

I grabbed at his shirt, and he did what he could to assist me while still keeping up on my front. I kept trying to grab below his waist, then I succeeded. He was rock hard. That was too much; I HAD to have him now.

It took a bit of doing, but I maneuvered him to the living room floor. We were smack in the center of where the camera was covering, sideways to the camera. Eat your heart out Jack. I'm going to get screwed royally here and love every second of it and all you can do is watch.

He lay on top of me, pinning my wrists by my side as he continued what was working so well. I was a little put out that I couldn't get his pants off but what he was doing was plenty by way of compensation. He nibbled all over my shoulders, ears, cheeks, breasts, then headed downward, still holding my hands.

Down my legs near my knees he went, then slowly, forcing my legs apart with his head, licked his way up my inner thighs. I wanted to buck my pussy into his mouth, to tear off the skirt, to tear off his remaining clothes. He was having none of that and permitting me none of it either. As he got higher and started to part the skirt away I finally managed to get my hands loose (he stopped holding me, in truthfulness). In a second my skirt was open and thrown aside and he was finishing his approach to my clit.

I honestly lost track of time at that point. All I remember is floating away on the feelings that felt far too good. Driving up to an orgasm then him easing off on me until I recovered then he drove me with that talented tongue over the line again.

When I recovered from the second orgasm his pants were no longer an option. I rolled him over and off came his clothes then into a sitting position on the couch he went. I leaned hungrily into the best part of a man, smiling as I did.

It took about five minutes and then he'd had enough. Down onto the plush carpet on my back I went. Down he went on top of me, his naked body pinning mine. Actually everything but the boots which for some strange reason I was still wearing. I was way too interested in what was happening here to worry about it. Then he pinned me in the way I most wanted him to and I was reduced to rubbing whatever of him I could concentrate enough to touch, murmuring my pleasure, and just enjoying the snot out of the feeling of that huge cock riding in and out of me. It felt so good! I just wanted to feel that feeling forever.

I came with a cry and a moan, then a few minutes later Tyler did. We just pulled the pillows and blankets off the bed and snuggled up tightly together underneath them, the carpet was plenty soft. His naked body felt so, so good to me as we drifted away together.

I snapped back to when I felt him gently grasp my shoulder. My head hurt from all the booze and the clock over the bar said three-fifteen. Then his hand dropped down to my breast which he began caressing. It felt wonderful.

"Roll onto your back; I want you again," he whispered. I was still kinda fuzzy but had the recollection that this guy knew how to make a woman feel *real* good. I thought that it would be nice to feel a cock inside of me (where was Jack, anyway?) so I did as he wanted. Without even getting out from under the blanket he was on top of me and took me again. He was hard and urgent and felt so very good. I was just starting to get past midline when I felt him tense up and freeze, flexing only a few select muscles. When he calmed down he looked over at me but I had already gone back to sleep.

His watch went off at 6:00 AM. He tried to slip away, but that wasn't going to happen. I held him in place and spent a few moments rubbing my naked body against his which he didn't fight that hard against. I asked him if he was willing for one more and he was. I sucked on his wonderful ‘nicely rising to the challenge’ member a bit to make sure he was hard and a little wet because I was afraid I might be running out. He fit that bill quite fine. Then he fit somewhere else one more time, also quite fine. We both came again. It was wonderful but bittersweet because I’d be losing him in a few minutes.

He started to get dressed. I offered him coffee which he accepted. I offered to cook a quick breakfast which he refused. It was probably good anyway, I wasn't about to put clothes on in his presence in the house and I'd have gotten splattered. He offered to take me back to the bar to get my car to which I lied and said I already had transportation out there arranged via an understanding girlfriend. While I was making the coffee, and in the kitchen out of sight of the camera I wrote him a quick note:


For me our adventure last night and this morning is what dreams are

made of and I will remember this dream forever. I would love to

spend more time with you. If you come back call me at (and I wrote my

work phone number) and I will find a way to be with you. Give me a

safe number for you. If I can find a way to your neck of the woods

would you want to spend more time with me?


As he was headed for the door he asked me if he could call me the next time he was in town. Still naked in front of him I put my fingers over his lips and pointed to the note in my hand that I hadn’t given him yet. It was hidden from the camera by my naked body. We headed for the door and once we were out of sight of the camera I handed him my note. He read it. He gathered me up for a deep, satisfying goodbye kiss as he said "You'd have to kill me to keep me away. Come out soon!" He gave me his number and then we had another long and satisfying soul kiss. I felt him break away and leave quietly. My eyes hadn't quite opened after that kiss, I just sagged against the wall. I heard his truck roar to life outside then drop into gear and the purr of the engine fade away.

Once I came back to reality, the hard, cold reality, I wondered what in the world I was thinking inviting Tyler to continue in my life. I had Jack and a good situation, too good to throw away.

Yes, Jack, down in the dungeon, tied hand and foot, and probably needing surgical help to relieve his blue balls.

As I rushed down the stairs I felt blown away with love for Jack. This was very, very, very nice and even though I didn't know it in advance it was a heck of a lot of fun and a nice change and just what I needed. But it was just a one-night thing. I came back to what I really needed and that was a warm and understanding man who loves me and who I can spend the rest of my days with and Jack was that man. I wondered how he'd be. Asleep? Angry? Apathetic? Well, he wanted this and I won't lie and say I didn't enjoy it but now it was time to "make it up to him."

I breezed naked into the dungeon. He was awake, still tied just as I left him but with a prick that was so hard it could cut concrete. I sat down beside him. "Was it good for you?" I asked.

"Let me go now, please!" he demanded. "I need one thing, and it's not a bathroom."

I smiled at him. Not yet bucko but the end is in sight. I ran a fingernail up and down that tent stake which got him groaning and squirming. Then I went down and wrapped my lips around it, enjoyed the hardness as I licked it delicately which I knew would drive him wild. The complaining was getting worse and he really had waited long enough. I climbed on top of him without letting him go and slid onto him. He groaned and began thrusting up into me with furious intensity, making a lot of noise. I rode him with my wet moist pussy running tightly up and down his shaft until it seemed like he was getting near to coming, then when I felt him tensing up, slammed down on him and clamped down tight just to see if I could make him blow me off of him.

Once he was over I laid beside him. I played with his chest a little then undid his straps. "Would you ever want to do this again?" I wondered if this was the only time for him. Or for me?


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