Night Out

by Zephyr

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Jack's Story

My girlfriend JulieAnn is a knockout in her own right. She is five foot nine with dishwater blonde hair that lays halfway down her back. She has medium-sized and well-rounded tits and a nice ass that begs to be held while in the throes of making love. Her long legs like the rest of her body are kept looking good by our steady exercise program. One day she came to me with a proposal.

I had a long time ago expressed a desire to see her with another man, thrashing about on the bed as he drove into her, wild with lust. She had acknowledged that but had told me that she didn't want anyone else but me. Now she said she would make that fantasy a reality but only on her terms. I'd have to do everything she said to make this work out, she told me. She realized I could easily mess things up for her during the evening but if I did she'd be so embarrassed she would never try this again. If it worked out we could talk about it afterwards and maybe, but it was a great, big maybe, try it again.

Down in our basement there is a secret room where we go to play bondage games with each other. It was soundproofed and we understood it had been built so the prior owners' son could practice his drumming. We'd put a four-poster bed with straps on all corners, places to tie a person down to the walls and floor, and many other little utilities for our games. There was already a television down there wired to our cable system. JulieAnn asked me to also move our spare TV down there and hook it up to our wireless antenna system. Both TVs could be seen from the bed in any comfortable position. 

She had me set up a camera in the living room, put it on top of a shelf and camouflage it so it couldn't be seen unless you knew it was there. She had me take our mini-cam and set it up in the bedroom so you could see and hear everything that was happening on our bed too. That camera was hooked up to the other TV. This was all done by Thursday night in preparation for Friday when she said she would fulfill the fantasy if I was still willing.

After an uneventful dinner she asked me again if I really wanted to see my fantasy come true. I told her I did. She asked me to promise to do whatever she asked without questioning which I said I would. She asked me to come to our bedroom and she'd tell me what she wanted me to do.

She slowly and sensually took my shirt off, nibbling on my nipples and enjoying my chest. Then she took a fabric belt of hers from her closet and tied my hands behind my back. "Last chance to back out," JulieAnn offered.

"Not for the world," I replied.

She removed my slacks and took off all of her clothes as well. She looked incredible and the thought of how she was going to play out her night just made it worse. She watched with satisfaction as my prick hardened up from just looking at her. She pushed me backward until I fell onto the bed on my back and slowly, devilishly went down on me. She’d take me to the point where I was ready to flood her throat and then backed off and let me glide down. After about thirty minutes of this she grew tired of it and quit leaving me very blue-balled, begging for release, and unable to do anything about it.

She told me she was leaving now and I was not to move until she was gone or else. I begged her to finish me but she wouldn’t. She went into her closet and got out a narrow white tube top, the type that is gathered between the breasts, and a two-piece denim miniskirt set. The jacket and skirt both buttoned up the front and the skirt hit her about four inches above the knees when she was standing and dangerously higher when she sat. She knew I loved seeing her in that outfit and the thought of her being picked up by another man in it made me squirm even more. 

She wasn't doing things halfway tonight for sure. After putting on the tube top, a garter belt and hooking a very sheer pair of stockings to the garters, she put on the skirt leaving the three bottom buttons undone. The jacket was fitted below her breasts, and it hugged her frame perfectly, emphasizing her well-rounded 36Cs. The skirt was long enough to hide the garter belt, but unbuttoned that far the tops of her stockings were visible when her legs were parted. No panties at all. Ankle-length white leather high-heeled boots completed her outfit and I knew she wouldn't have a problem picking up any straight man she wanted.

"I'm going to go to the Arrow Head Dance Club," she told me, preening a little and noticing my rock-hard cock as a sign of approval in her choice of attire. "I'm going to pick up somebody and bring them back here when I'm done. I want you to sit somewhere between me and the restrooms. When we're ready to leave I'll go to the bathroom and give you the nod. You’re to wait a few minutes for us to leave then drive right back here. Park the car around the corner and go straight to the basement. Get just like you are now." She caressed my aching cock teasingly with a smile. 

"Strap yourself to the bed, hands and feet, with the release ropes over the headboard, really tight. We'll take a longer route and when we get home I'll tell him I need to check out the house to make sure my boyfriend, away on a business trip, hasn't gotten home early, and I'll come down to check on you. I'll say to him that you're due home early tomorrow morning so he'll have to leave by 6 AM or so. Then, with you securely down here, you can watch the remainder of your fantasy come true. Sound good to you?"

In my current state I could hardly say anything but managed to agree. She smiled and loosened the belt on my wrists a little. "I know you; you'll be out of those in a little while." She bent down and kissed me good-bye, spent another minute or two sucking on my cock and teasing me, then with a giggle left the room. After a little while I heard her car start up in the driveway, saw the shadows from the headlights coming on then listened as the engine noise faded into the distance.

A few minutes of stretching and straining with my wrists created enough slack for me to slip my hands out. I decided to forgo getting off, wanting to see JulieAnn in action. She had done the club scene for several years before we became an item and no doubt would have zero problems tonight. I dressed quickly and was off in our second car to the Arrow Head Dance Club.


The Club was in full swing when I arrived. The place was crowded with dozens of people, some dancing to the rock beat from a live band, others sitting at tables drinking and talking with friends. I spotted JulieAnn at a table near the dance floor. She had made friends with two other women and they were chatting, drinking, and ogling the men like schoolgirls. She caught my eye and smiled at me for a brief moment. I nodded back and she went back to her conversation.

I took a table about twelve feet away. I couldn't hear her conversation over the music but I could see her table pretty well and when people moved just right underneath it. Her legs looked awesome as the skirt did what it always did when she was seated.

She talked with her friends for quite a while. Every now and then a guy or two would come up and ask one or more of them to dance. Sometimes she accepted if it was a fast song and I got to watch her moving on the dance floor. That was always an intoxicating experience but more so from far away. When she moved the slit on the front of her skirt opened far enough to raise blood pressures and show the tops of her stockings but still seemingly short of showing her heaven.

The night wore on and it got near ten PM. She had singled down to one man, tall with brown hair and a muscular body. Her last girlfriend left with a pick of her own and the two of them were left drinking and talking at the table.

They didn't dance again for over thirty minutes, just talking and every now and then one of them getting up to get more drinks, mostly him. I could see that the liquor had made her very relaxed from the way she walked. Not drunk yet but pleasantly tipsy. Losing control.

When the band played a song that was one of JulieAnn's favorites, she whisked her choice up to the floor and danced with him. They were far closer to each other than casual dancing and I never saw her break contact with his eyes. When that song ended a slow one was played next. They just melted into each other's arms on the dance floor. With their hands holding each other's bottoms they french kissed the song away oblivious to the world around them.

When they got back to their table I could see that they had crossed a line. They sat right next to each other, closer than before. I could see JulieAnn's neck getting flushed, a sure sign that she was intensely aroused. His hands weren't visible very often on the table and I could guess what was happening. When another song started, they got up and danced to it. I could see that all but the top button on her skirt were now undone. A table of guys sitting near the dance floor had noticed this and they were trying to discreetly watch her, because every so often her skirt would open up and her pubes would show. She knew that it was happening and she knew they were watching her. It looked like she enjoyed the thought intensely, at least at first.

They sat down after the dance and talked more. More than talking; I could see from the looks that flashed across JulieAnn’s face exactly where one of his hands was. After a few minutes she got up and walked around the bar, then to the restroom, deliberately coming nowhere near me. When she came back she walked right by me and gave me the nod. She dropped a paper towel discreetly by my feet and kept walking to her beau. I couldn't help but notice that she was no longer wearing the stockings.

After a few seconds and once it was safe I picked up the hand towel. Hastily scribbled on it in lipstick was the message. "Go to Ahab's and wait like here."

Ahab’s was a nude bar in the downtown section of town. I wondered what she was up to and just how drunk she really was. But when I looked up they were both nowhere to be seen. Paying my tab I hurried out the door, into my car, and down the street toward Ahab's.


I wondered as I drove just what JulieAnn was doing that moment. I wondered if she was screwing the man right there in his car and wished I could see her. I wondered how much of her clothes she was wearing by now and if the brown-haired man was eating her glowing-hot and soaking wet pussy right this second. I put those thoughts out of my mind as I pulled into Ahab's parking lot, parked the car off in a semi-lit corner and headed for the door.

Ahab's was one of the original nude bars in the town and was getting a little old. The girls served drinks and took turns dancing on the stage, the only part of the bar that wasn't dimly lit. The floor had a dozen or so tables with people sitting at them, a few couples but mostly guys watching the show. The booths along the wall were elevated about two feet above the main floor and provided a place to watch the dancers discreetly and with minimal interruption by the waitress/dancers.

I watched one woman finish her routine and another one was starting when JulieAnn and her friend entered the bar. Her hair looked like it had been thoroughly messed up and then hurriedly combed and she still was still missing her stockings. When they turned and went toward the booths I could see she wasn't wearing the tube top any longer either.

They picked a booth where it wasn't too well lit but if I sat right I could see everything they were doing, both above the table and below. They sat down then ordered something from a waitress. They continued talking while slid right up next to each other, his arm over her shoulders, holding one hand on the top of the table.

The drinks came and they talked as they drained them. After a few minutes I could see his hand moving underneath the table. I couldn't make it out too well what was happening but well enough. She got a dreamy look on her face and leaned back with her eyes closed, trembling every so often. When the second round of drinks came she downed hers fast. As he slowly drank his drink she locked eyes with him and with a huge smile slowly unbuttoned her jacket all the way. She kept it closed enough to cover her breasts and not make it blatant but anyone who looked could see uninterrupted JulieAnn from neck to navel. 

He finished his drink and put it down and then she put her hands around his neck. Underneath the table I watched him unbutton her miniskirt the full way and lay it open to the sides of her. I nearly choked on my drink. She only smiled at him, now naked from the waist down and kissed him full on the lips. She kept her hands around his neck and on his shoulders. 

He slid a hand into her jacket, taking an easily obtained feel. Rubbing her breasts, a warm look crossed her face and I could see even in the darkness the flush indicating she was getting hot again. Her hands dropped down under the table to his crotch area and he moved his hands down to her snatch as well. JulieAnn stuck her nearer leg between his and her other leg on the booth seat, spreading them widely and giving him easy access to where she no doubt was dying for him to give some more play.

I watched JulieAnn wriggle for a while as he did. I couldn’t tell if she came or not but it looked like she did. Then it was his turn. After twenty or so minutes of that they buttoned up her clothes and presumably zipped him back up, then they walked toward the cash register. JulieAnn looked like she was floating, whether it was from the alcohol or from the stimulation or both I couldn't tell. She caught my eye long enough to nod at me and I knew that it was time to go home.

After they left I drove home. I considered meeting JulieAnn at the door and putting an end to this, thought hard about it. By the time I got home though my curiosity had gotten the better of me and I wanted to see this stud laying deep into her. So I parked the car around the corner out of sight of the house, entered in the back door and went straight to the basement.

In our secret room I took off all my clothes and turned on the TVs. They were both working fine. I could see and presumably hear into both the living room and bedrooms. I turned the volume to a decent level which would be ok since the room was soundproof. Lying down on the bed I attached the straps to my ankles and to my right wrist. I pulled all the straps tight and then hooked up my left wrist. I toyed with that strap for a few moments, considering. 

If I pulled it tight, I knew I was there until morning, until JulieAnn freed me. You couldn't get out of them; both JulieAnn and I had tried too many times before. Each wrist had a second rope that could be left near that hand. When you pulled on it you let the rope around that wrist be loosened (if we wanted to do self-bondage) but per instructions those were over the top of the headboard and out of reach. I thought about stopping her but I’d enjoyed the evening in my own way. On impulse I pulled the remaining strap tight, then it was done and I was there until someone else let me go.

I heard the front door open on the living room screen and saw JulieAnn walk by. Her hair was mussed and her jacket was again fully unbuttoned. A minute passed and then she slid in the door to our secret room.

She surveyed the room with satisfaction and came up to me. She was very sweaty and I could smell the damp scent of her love nest mixed with her perfume and the alcohol on her breath. She walked a little unsteady, floating but still in control and with a very broad smile on her face. She ran her fingers through my chest hair, then down my rock-hard cock. 

"I love you so very, very, much. I wasn't sure about it at first but I'm having a great time. Thank you for this evening and I promise you when it's all done I'll make sure you don't regret it one bit. It takes a very special man that could let his woman do this and not get jealous. You're one in a million." She checked the straps and seeing that they were secure she kissed me slowly once on my stone-hard prick and left the room, closing the door securely.

She went back upstairs and out the front door. Soon thereafter they both came in the door. I could see the kitchen through a divider in the living room wall and I watched as they both got a drink of water. He picked her up and sat her on the drainboard with her back to the camera. He slid the jacket off her and nibbled and kissed at her neck and breasts. I knew this always drives her wild. She groaned that she was so glad they were finally alone and pulled his shirt over his head as he continued to nibble on her shoulders.

She remembered her situation and broke him away long enough for them to make it to the living room. He laid her gently on the floor and holding her wrists down near her waist continued nibbling at her neck and shoulders unrestrained. She shuddered with pleasure when he found a particularly good spot and sighed a hot, contented feminine sigh. 

He continued nibbling down until he got below her hem line and then worked his way back up, pushing her skirt open as he went. Taking his time he slowly worked back up to her pussy and she gave a loud heartfelt moan when he made contact. She tried to shake her hands loose once or twice and then he let her go. She unbuttoned the skirt the rest of the way and tossed it to the side. He ravaged her clit with his tongue for what seemed to be an eternity before she forced him away.

She took off his pants and undershorts, and sat him up on the couch. She buried her face deep in his crotch and I could see the look on his face get progressively more ecstatic as she went. She knelt before him clad only in her leather boots and bobbed her head up and down, working a silky tongue across his member. I had so many times been driven wild with that myself. When he could stand it no more he forcibly laid her out on the floor, over her mild protests, and slammed a solid 7 or 8 inches long cock deep into her. Her protests stopped abruptly.

She moaned almost a scream and her toes curled up as he entered her. "Yes! God, I want it!" she cried as he thrust into her. "Take me any way you want me! Take me hard!"

He thrust faster and faster, riding JulieAnn until she came in a frenzy, clawing at his back and shaking uncontrollably. He held her tight but I could tell by his breathing he wasn't too far from having one of his own. A few seconds passed and then he started again until he convulsed on top of her and lay still. 

They never made it into the bedroom. JulieAnn got some pillows and blankets off the bed and they slept in each other's arms on the living room floor. When they turned off the lights I watched carefully for a few minutes. I heard them murmur little things to each other for a while but I wasn’t able to make out what they were saying.

I heard his wristwatch go off at 6 AM. He tried to get up quietly but JulieAnn is a light sleeper and woke up as well. She asked him if he was up for one more round which he was. She went down on him for a few minutes and then they were back on the blankets, she clinging pretty tight to him, until they both had come one more time. They held each other for a long time. Afterward he got up and started getting dressed. He offered to take her back to the Arrow Head to get her car but she assured him that she had already made arrangements. At the front door, out of sight of the camera unfortunately, he asked for a safe phone number but she only took down his. She gave him what sounded like a deep soul kiss at the door as he left.

A minute later she was in the room with me. She sat down beside me then noticing my hardening cock smiled broadly. She asked me if I had liked what had happened. I told her I needed one thing terribly right now and it wasn't a bathroom. She smiled evilly at me and at first only ran a fingernail up and down my terribly suffering member eliciting groans from me. Finally she went down or me, ignoring but smiling at the even greater protests. Finally she straddled me and began pumping.

"Did you like it?" she asked. "Was it what you wanted?" She kept going until she felt me going over the edge, which didn't take long. She drove deep on to me and squeezed as hard as she could while I spent myself with almost a scream. After that she rolled off and snuggled up beside me. "I love you so very much!" Then she began to loosen the straps.

"I love you very much, too," I replied. It had been quite a night, one to remember. "Would you ever want to do this again? It was what I wanted and I don't want this to be the only time."


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