The New House Rules 2

by Cshiny

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© Copyright 2010 - Cshiny - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; rope; gag; cuffs; hogtie; nipple; susp; oral; climax; cons; X

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Chapter 2 Part 1

I had no idea how many minutes had passed when Tara and I finally stopped squirming around in our ropes. Tara was on her side with her stomach facing me. Her head leaning towards the ground, eyes closed and hair draped over her face. Arms and legs still hogtied behind her. I watched as she slowly breathed in and out, her bosom gently expanding each time she inhaled. The sexual energy we were swimming in had passed some time ago. Now we just laid there, helplessly trussed up and feeling very much neglected. Squealing into our gags had not moved Taylor from the desk in the study. I was getting uncomfortable at this point. The rope wrapped around my skin was soft and not biting, but I had not held my body in this position for this long in quite some time.

Gnawing on the ball in my mouth did not seem to help the aching feeling in my jaw either. I just wanted Taylor to come in and do something to me. Even if it was putting that impossibly tight set of clover clamps on my nipples again. I made a quick mental note about the need to hide that pair after this weekend was over. With nothing else to do I stared at the ball gag pressed into Tara’s mouth. I drank in all the details, the fullness of her lips, the impression the gag strap made across her cheeks, the strands of blonde hair tossed over the gag. Those lips had probably been wrapped around a lot of cocks. My mind wandered at the thought of cocks, and how badly I would love to have one shoved in my pussy or ass right about now.

Minutes of my mind racing with fantasies and I was damp again. Since I was on my tummy, I first helplessly humped my hips against the carpet, but that did little good. No cock hiding in there. I was more likely to give myself rug burn on my legs than climax. I stretched my hands back and pushed them between my ass cheeks. I wanted to rub and tease my pussy in the worst way, but there was no way I was reaching it from the backside. I could rub my asshole, but that was not getting it done. Out of frustration I rocked on my side, facing away from Tara, so that my hands were next to her stomach. If Taylor was going to leave us here, I could at least play with my bound friend. She might punish me for this, but what was the worst she could do? No torture could be as bad as my hopeless sexual frustration.

For a second I imagined how I might bring a disobediant slave in line, but I quickly pushed those thoughts out of my head. My need for sexual gratification was blocking out better judgement. I wiggled on the floor, inching my way to Tara’s body until my hands were pressed next to her pussy and my feet rested flat on her thighs. I could feel her thrust her crotch forward, into my waiting hands. Twisting my wrists in the ropes I managed to flatten my left hand to the back of my right hand. It could get more reach with my fingertips versus the palm to palm way Taylor had tied them. Tara moaned deeply as I pressed my index finger to her clit. I rubbed gently at first, only enough pressure to make the desire for more to flow into Tara’s loins. Even in my helpless state, I was exercising what little control over Tara’s body.

Poor Tara was the slaves slave right now. I felt Tara press her breasts against my back and her gagged lips into my hair.. She must be really straining her body against the ropes to be wrapping herself around me like that. I pulled my finger away for a second and she whined into her gag and bucked her hips towards my hand. Since I did not know how long we could get away with this, and my own burning desire to have the favor returned, I resumed my rubbing. This time with rapid strokes that gave it a feel of urgency. Occasionally I would dip my finger into her wetness on the way down. Tara was easily as soaked as I was right now. Her breathing behind me was getting labored and quick. I could hear her gasping at the corners of her gag to supplement her nose. Seconds later her body quaked against mine, and Tara moaned in orgasmic bliss.

After Tara came, I wasted no time rolling myself back on my belly. She might not have totally regained her senses, but she got the hint and rocked herself to her stomach also. Her right elbow crashed into my arm on the way down, trapping my arm under it. I wiggled until I was free from it and rolled to my side, my stomach facing Tara. It seemed like eternity, but seconds later Tara rolled to have her back facing me. Squirming frantically I moved my pussy to her hands. My heart skipped a few beats when she reached her finger and touched me. I had never needed to get off so fucking badly in my entire life. Well, maybe not in entire my life, but for the the last couple of hours, for sure. She rubbed furiously and I bucked my hips wildly. I was in the middle of a eye crossing orgasm when Taylor walked into the room.

“What the fuck are you two doing?”

Tara and I stopped dead in our tracks. I desperately wanted to keep getting played with, but we were caught with her hands in my cookie jar.

Taylor had two long strips of torn bed sheets, in one hand, and my Hitachi Magic Wand in the other. She dropped them to the ground and moved to the front of us. Grabbing our hair with each of her hands, she rolled us to our stomachs and pulled our heads back to look up at her.

“Well, I was going to re-gag you two with something a little more comfortable and reward you for being so good while I worked, but I see you disobeyed me.”

She looked at us for a second, shaking her head back and forth. Then cracked a little smile.

“Do you two think you deserve punishment for this?”

I meekly moaned a “yes mistress” through my gag, but Tara decided to be defiant. She stared at Taylor and shook her head no. All I could think was, “what the hell, Tara?” watching it unfold. She was was not just being defiant, she seemed be trying to antagonize Taylor. Damn girl was probably still curious about that beating she was promised.

“You just made it a lot worse for both of you, missy.”

Tara kept going and made a “meh” sound through her gag and shrugged her bound shoulders.

Taylor’s smile got bigger, maybe even a little wicked.

“I am going to wipe that smugness off your face Tara. You two are in big trouble.”

Taylor moved behind us with a pair of safety shears and cut the glued knots from the rope around our ankles. The coils unrolled and my feet were free. I lowered my legs and moaned a sigh of relief into my gag, knowing this was going to be a short lived reprieve. There was no telling what suffering Tara had just bought us with that smartass mouth of hers. Even gagged, it could still get her in trouble.

She let us lay on the floor for a second then ordered us to our feet. With some contorting I rolled my body upright and pulled my legs under me. Wobbling, I made it to my feet and stood with Tara. Our hands still tied behind us, ball gags still locked between our teeth. Taylor reached down and grabbed the rope dangling from my tied wrists. She pulled it up. It slid into my ass and cut through my pussy. Holding on the rope she reached behind my head and loosened up the ball gag a few notches. She then pulled it from between my lips and let it drop around my neck, like a kinky necklace. I trying to work the tightness out of my jaw when she pressed the loose end of the rope to my lips.

“Hold this.”

I took it between my teeth and held it there, while she loosened the gag from Tara’s mouth and pulled the rope between her legs. She grabbed the piece from my mouth and held both ropes in her right hand. They would be leashes to lead us to our next destination.

“Let’s get you two a drink and then we will take a bathroom break. You will need it before your next adventure. My little slaves need to learn that they are bound for my pleasure, not theirs.”

Part 2

Taylor pulled stool from under my feet. My body weight pulled down on my bound wrists. This was not uncomfortable at all, at least not yet. I wiggled my tied ankles a little bit and pulled up my legs. I waited until I felt the strain on my stomach muscles and then let them drop and dangle below me again.

I watched as Taylor untied Tara’s wrists from behind her. She was naked, her only binding was the chain that secured her neck to the support beam above her and that blue ballgag. It was my turn to be chewing on the big black gag. Taylor walked around her, brushing the now empty chain that was wrapped around my neck a minute ago. It made that metal clinking sound and swung back and forth. Between the chains hanging from the ceiling, our leather clad mistress, and my ass being suspended from by my wrists, our basement was getting a serious medieval dungeon vibe.

Tara had her eyes locked on my naked form. She didn't even seem to notice as Taylor pulled her wrists up, held them palm to palm and wrapped a cloth around them. She kept wrapping until they were secured under a thick protective layer. Taylor then grabbed a rope and circled it around her wrists, on top of the cloth. She wove the rope back into the layers so it would not tighten up and tied it off. She then took an long rope and tied each end of it to the front and back of the ropes circling her wrists, so that the downward pressure would be distributed to the outside of her wrists. Taylor released Tara’s wrists from her grip to go get the stool. Tara relaxed, lowering them in front of her crotch, the cloth and rope hiding her pussy from view, in a kind of a strange kinky modesty.

Taylor placed the stool in front of me. My head was already hanging between my stretched shoulders, so I watched her scoot it around with her foot until she was satisfied with the placement under the beam and its distance from me.

Taylor looked back at Tara, “well sweetie, you ready to get up here with Jill?”

Tara mumbled something that sounded like “no thank you, Mistress Bitch” through her gag. Taylor walked behind her and smacked her ass with a bare hand. It made an crack that echoed through the basement. Tara squealed and danced in her chain, desperate to move her butt out of the line of fire.

“Just wait until I have you hanging, all exposed and stretched, totally helpless.”

She picked up a little pink crop pulled from my naughty bag. It was about a foot long, leather covered, a leather triangle stitched at the end. Taylor held it up in front of Tara’s face. She rubbed it gently from her cheek to her gag. I watched as Tara’s eyes nervously followed it. It seemed the sight of a whip, even this mostly harmless one, had dulled her rebellion, maybe just a bit.

“Well, I might have to smack this cute little pussy of yours too.”

Taylor pushed her index finger into her mouth and slowly pulled it back out, her lips wrapped firmly and suggestively around it. It seemed a little strange to be making dick sucking references to her tied female friend, but damn if it did not look sexy. She placed her damp fingertip at Tara’s naval and pulled it down her stomach, slowly rubbing it towards her pussy. Tara flexed the fingers of her bound hands as Taylor slid it under her them. She eased her finger into Tara's pussy. I watched as she wiggled it in and out. Tara closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. Taylor was not in a giving mood, and Tara made a disapponted grunt as it was soon pulled away. She grabbed the hanging ends from the bulky rope work attached to Tara's wrists and went to work unlocking her from the chain.

Once the lock was removed from Tara’s neck, Taylor guided her to the stool in front of me. She carefully climbed on top of it, and looked up helplessly as Taylor tossed the rope from her wrists over the beam above. Tara’s fight came back for a second as Taylor attempted to remove the slack and pull her arms up. At about breast level, Tara locked her arms and refused to let Taylor keep reeling her in.

“If you don’t quit fighting me, Jill is going to get all of your orgasms while you watch.”

Tara whimpered in defeat and lifted her tied wrists above her head. Taylor wasted no time pulling the rope taut and tying it off to a wooden stud on the unfinished wall left of us. She walked back and used her foot to push to the stool from under Tara’s feet. She was left dangling in front of me.

“OK, my two sexy little bitches, I have a question for you, but since you can't talk, lets try this. Raise your hand if you think I should leave you hanging here for the rest of the weekend as punishment."

Tara and I looked up at our stretched arms and whimpered into our gags.

"Wow, that is harsh girls. I would have only left you there for like an hour or so."

She moved out of our view, but kept talking.

"But, if you insist. I guess we can do that. I mean, you two chose when you were going to get off, why can't you make this choice also?"

Taylor slid a cinder block across the floor until it was about two feet behind Tara’s dangling toes.

“Tara, pull your feet back here and see if you can stand on this block.”

Tara arched her back and pulled her legs above the cinder block. She rested her toes on it and quickly pulled her body up. She was on her tiptoes and leaning forward, but it seemed like it would offer some relief when her arms got tired.

Taylor grabbed a rope and moved down to Tara’s feet tying them together and kept talking. “Jill, you are our resident bondage slut, so, no block for you. I am sure you can tough out a little suspension.”

I made a sad sounding pathetic moan through my gag.

Taylor walked to the bag sitting on the floor. She pulled out the two pairs of clover clamps and continued. “This part of the punishment should keep you guys entertained. I would not want you to get bored.”

As Taylor put the first clamp to my nipple, I was very relieved to see she had picked the pair with the weaker springs for me this time. I felt a little guilty that Tara’s newbie nipples were going to be squished in that other pair, but I was stuck hanging here with no reprieve for my arms, it seemed to even our predicaments a bit. I gasped a little into my gag as the second clamp bit down on my left nipple. Taylor pulled down on the chain between them. The tension caused me to close my eyes and then moan deeply into my gag. I watched as she lifted the chain and dropped the other set of clamps under it and then pulled clamps towards Tara’s nipples.

It was this moment I realized Taylor’s sinister plan and again moaned into my gag. With the chains crossed in the middle, my nipples would be locked to Tara’s. When she got to the point she had to rest her arms, she would pull her body back on that block, the clamps would lock down from the tension, and, oh hell no, my poor nipples. I pouted in protest, but was ignored. Taylor was too busy locking that mean pair of clamps on Tara’s nipples. Her muffled squeals made it pretty obvious she thought they were way tighter.

“You two can hang here for a bit and think about what you did wrong. And it goes way beyond the mutual pleasuring. Jill, you are also being punished because we have lived together over a year, and this is the first time we have played. You really should not have been hiding all this wonderful kinkiness. I know I am guilty of this also, and I think I should be punished too, but since I am the dom, we will have to revisit that later. Tara, I just don’t like your fucking mouth. I have been listening to your smart ass for as long as we have been friends. I can’t believe it took me this long to get a ballgag in there.”

Taylor smiled a big smile at us and pulled the nipple clamp chain down. Both Tara and I moaned again.

“This is better than my kinky porn. I have an idea.”

Taylor reached her fingers to the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them over her hips. They dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them. Taylor then gave us a little wink of the eye as she walked over and grabbed a chair, sliding it next to us. She sat down with her ass on the edge of it and leaned back. Taylor spread her legs and slid her hands down her stomach, across her hips and pulled them between her thighs. Then she reversed her direction and pulled in, from her inner thigh to her crotch.

For the next fifteen minutes Taylor sat on that chair and played with herself and got off a few times. I was lost in the pain of my nipples and the stress of my bound body. Taylor seemed to love watching us suffer. Each time Tara pulled her feet back to give her body a break, making our nipples stretch in agony, Taylor would rub herself a little harder.

When Taylor was done pleasing herself, she unhooked the bra that got pushed above her boobs during her masturbation marathon and lifted herself from the chair. She walked over to us, naked except for the clicking high heels.

She smiled at us again, “OK girls, enjoy yourselves. I will be back soon.”

Taylor walked off with Tara and myself pouting and moaning. Begging to be released or given a release.

Part 3

I hung there, trapped in my body, locked in a prison of pleasure and pain. My arms and nipples ached. This torment was delicious to me, and I soaked in every second of it. How had I gone so long since I last felt this?

I took slow and deliberate breaths. They burned my stretched lungs and shoulders. This was the only bit of freedom afforded to me right now. It did seem ironic that a day ago, I was in my office at work, dressed in pencil skirt and delicate blouse, worrying about reviewing legal briefs for our patent department, and fighting a hundred other random deadlines. Now, I was suspended naked from my basement ceiling, just trying to mange the rate I take air in. Amazing what could change in a day.

Tara looked so delicious in front of me. At some point a few minutes ago, the pain from getting her nipples pulled had caused her to abandon the effort to support herself on the block behind her. Now she just hung quietly by her wrists. Her head was kind of limp in front of her arms, blonde strands of hair covered most of it. A dribble of spit from the edges of her gag ran down the middle of her chest. That long and lean body looked even more amazing stretched out. I scanned my eyes up and down her, looking at the detail. She was pretty much perfect, from the pink and correctly proportioned nipples, the graceful lines of her hips, the long toned legs, or the cute painted toes. I exclusively dated guys, but Tara could bring the bi-sexual tendencies out in a girl. The feeling must be mutual, over the past two days I had watched Tara’s eyes stare back often.

I was looking at the chains connecting our clamped nipples when Tara lifted her chin and looked me in the eyes. We had not been able to speak much today, mostly just moans and muffed indistinguishable words. Her eyes could not communicate on any spoken level, but she looked very relaxed. There was a peaceful calm about her. For the next few minutes we just stared at each other and breathed in and out.

Even though we were both being punished right now, I am pretty sure I was the happiest girl ever. In my heart, I knew that I was a boot licking submissive in the bedroom, but I never had gotten to experience it much, mostly because I had never trusted anyone enough to relinquish control. Now here I was, playing with two of my best friends, one of which was as clearly as screaming of a submissive as myself, the other, for the moment at least, appeared to be a firm and commanding mistress. She was certainly testing my limits right now, as I was not the least bit comfortable, but I sure felt safe.

Taylor’s heels clicking down the stairs brought me back into the moment. Tara and I both twisted our heads to the side to greet her as she walked back into the room. She smiled at the two of us, coming to a stop beside me. Her hand moved to the back of my hair and she gathered a handful, pulling my head back between my arms and towards the ceiling. She then reached down with her other hand and pressed it against my crotch. I squinted my eyes and sucked in a deep breath and she slid her finger into me. She pressed the thumb of her same hand against my clit, then pressed down and slid the finger up and down, ever so slightly. Quickly she pulled it back out, causing me to pout. She wiped the wetness from her finger across the side of my body. Her hand released my hair and I lifted my head back up. I could feel her moving towards the clamp on my left nipple, and I by reflex looked down to see what she was about to do. I held my breath as her fingers pressed the sides of the clamp. It was freed and the blood flowed back in, a rush of pain erupted. I squealed into my gag. Taylor waited for few seconds, until the wave of agony in my nipple turned to a throbbing ache.

She smiled at me, “poor baby, did that hurt you?”

I made the most pitiful look I could with my eyes and mumbled a “yes mistress” through my gag.

“The other one has to come off also.”

I unconsciously twisted my chest to try and hide the other nipple from her hand, but a couple of inches would not save me here. Taylor pulled it off, and I let out another squeal. I was looking down at the indention of each sides of my nipples as Taylor walked over to Tara.

“OK smartass, this is your punishment for calling me Mistress Bitch.”

Taylor removed both of the super tight clovers from Tara’s nipples at the same time. She screamed into her gag and thrashed around in her ropes. As soon as she settled down Tara watched Taylor pick up the pink crop she was holding earlier.

“When you are my slave, and I ask you a question, I expect you to respond with a yes mistress, or no mistress. You were doing so well yesterday, I am not sure why you decided to be so bad today. This is my rule. Do you understand?”

Tara was still a little shell shocked from her nipple clamp removal, and mumbled “yes” through her gag.

Taylor zipped the crop across the air and it smacked the side of Tara’s boob. “Excuse me?”

Tara squealed and then shouted “yes mistress.”

Taylor walked back to the bag, and dug around for some more ropes.

“Time to make you two more comfortable for your flogging.”

Part 4

When she was done, Tara and I were still tied with our arms above us, but we had both been spun around so that we were side by side. My left ankle was tied to the front of Tara’s right ankle. Our other legs were tied with ropes that ran to the wooden studs on each side of us. She had lowered us so we were supported mostly on tiptoe, but our legs were spread open and our sex was very much exposed in this position. My arms were uncomfortable, but it was nice being able to take a little of the pressure off of them.

Taylor came up behind me. I could not tell what she was holding, but I thought she picked up the little pink crop again. I held my breath and closed my eyes in anticipation. The first smack landed on my right ass cheek. It stung a little bit on impact and left a warm burn as the leather was pulled away. Taylor was very slow and deliberate as she kept dropping the crop all over my ass. I loved the tiny snap of pain each and every time it landed.

She then moved over to Tara. I turned my head to the side and watched as Taylor landed hit after hit on Tara’s perfect little ass. Each time it landed, Tara squinted her eyes, but she never made a sound.

Taylor held the end of the whip in her teeth and used her hands to gently rub our asses. It was nice feeling her soft touch on the warm skin.

“You two like the little warm-up?”

We both mumbled “yes mistress” through our gags. Tara seemed to be getting with the program now.

“Lets try something a little more intense.”

Taylor came back to me. Walking to the front this time. She squatted down in her heels in front of me, so she was eye level with my stomach. Angling the crop to the side, she whipped it against my right inner thigh. This time it was probably three times as hard as the blow to my ass. I let out of “mpppfff” from under my gag and jerked into the ropes. Over and over Taylor smacked the inside of my thighs, each blow moving a little closer to my pussy. I made a little grunt or pout each time the crop struck my soft skin. On about the twentieth time, she squared the flat side of the crop parallel to my exposed labia and landed a blow square on my clit. I moaned into my gag. She repeated it, a little harder this time. Again, I moaned into my gag. My breathing was a little more rapid by the time she was finished, and it felt like the inside of legs were on fire, but it was a damn good burn.

I was trying to find my way back from subspace as Taylor started to work on Tara’s inner thighs. The sound of each blow and Tara’s squeal was so damn arousing to hear. Taylor was especially slow working on Tara, because Tara was rewarding each blow with a moan and increasingly jagged breathing. Taylor seemed to be keyed in to how much this was arousing her blonde friend. By the time Taylor landed the first blow on Tara’s pussy, Tara was panting loudly into her gag. She did not stop at two blows to her pussy lips, she landed the crop over and over again. Tara was breathing furiously, and shook wildly in the ropes beside me as about the thirtyith or so smack on her crotch sent her into an orgasmic shock wave.

Taylor looked a little taken aback when Tara went off and recoiled her hand holding the whip. She watched in amazement until Tara settled down and her breathing slowed.

“Oh my goodness. Tara just had an orgasm from being beat. What a dirty little pain slut you are!”

Taylor was smiling at the turn of events and did not seem to mind that Tara had not asked for permission before she got off. She looked over at me.

“Well Jill, guess it is only fair that you get one also, and I think I know how I am going to give it to you.”

Taylor moved back to me, kicked off her heels and dropped to her knees. She moved her face forward to my pussy and pressed her lips against it. I gasped deeply, almost getting off from just the touch of her mouth. I closed my eyes as I felt her tongue probe gently against my clit. She moved it faster and faster, and my breathing accelerated.

I mumbled “may I cum mistress?” the best I could, both being gagged and in my current mental state.

Taylor mumbled yes, while she continued my her tongue lashing of my pussy. I relaxed myself into the ropes and shook with an orgasm that felt like it had drained my soul.

Taylor lifted herself up. Her mouth was glistening with my wet. She rubbed her hand across it and then rubbed her finger across my ballgag.

“I think you need to clean me up.”

She loosened the ballgag from my head letting it drop to the floor. Then lowered her head so her mouth was next to mine. I stuck out my tongue and lapped it across the side of her mouth. I repeated it across her lips. Taylor grabbed the back of my head and then smashed her lips into mine. Our tongues crossed and danced inside. Teasing and darting in and out as we kissed deeply. We continued this for a few seconds until I pulled my lips back and looked into her eyes.

“Mistress, may I pleasure you back?”

Taylor smiled at me, our noses still pressed together, her hand in the back of my hair.

“You had better.”

Taylor had stopped being dominant Taylor for a second, she was just turned on and excited. She ran over to the bag and grabbed a pair of safety scissors. She cut the ropes holding my hands to the ceiling and my arms came down. The blood was rushing back to them when she bent down to untie the rope holding Tara’s leg to mine. As Taylor was about to stand back up, I put my tied hands on her shoulder.

I whispered, “lay down.”

Taylor eased herself on her back. I dropped down on my knees and then lowered myself to my elbows. Taylor spread her legs as I moved my head between then. I pressed my tongue into her wet pussy. The taste was mild with almost no odor, but still very sexy. I licked and teased and probed, darting it all around Taylor’s clit. She was breathing very deeply when she reached up and pulled the back of my head, forcing my face deeper into her. I sucked her clit between my lips and kept that pressure while I ran my tongue across it. Taylor shook with an orgasm. She leg go of my head and pulled her hands to her neck. I kept working on her clit until her orgasm passed. Taylor laid there breathing heavily. Her body sprawled on the concrete, glistening with sweat. I pulled myself up and sat there kneeling at her crotch. One of my legs still tied to the wall, my bound hands in my lap. Taylor lifted herself up to her hands, resting on her ass with her legs spread around me. She leaned forward and moved in to kiss me again. I leaned my head forward and kissed her. Taylor then pulled her head back a few inches, her mouth still close to mine.

In a very soft voice, she said “Thank you for the lovely orgasm, are you ready to be my slave again?”

I smiled, “yes mistress.”

Taylor pulled herself back to her feet.

“Lay down on your stomach.”

I eased myself down to my stomach and stretched my arms over my head. Taylor untied the rope that was holding my right ankle to the wooden stud. She then untied it from my ankle and pulled my legs up, so that they were bending at the knee, my feet in the air. She quickly tied my ankles together.

“Put your wrists behind your head.”

I pulled my wrists behind my head and Taylor took the loose rope from my bound ankles and tied it to my wrist ropes, pulling my calves almost flat with my thighs. There would be no getting lose from this strange arms behind the head hogtie. She then rolled me on my side so I could see Tara.

Taylor walked over to Tara and loosened up her ballgag. Letting it drop to her neck.

“Alright kittens, I am going to clean up and check my email. I will be back for you.”

Taylor went back up the stairs and Tara kept silent until she was gone. Tara was standing on her right foot, her left leg lashed to the wall beside her, arms above her head, smiling away.

She whispered loudly, “lesbians!”

“Bitch, your mouth has been in plenty of pussy this weekend too."

Tara stuck her tongue out at me and looked up at her wrists. She shook them around in the ropes and moved her hands.

“Are you comfortable up there?”

“More comfortable than your contorted ass looks.”

“This is what I got for getting her off, imagine if I didn’t.”

“Might be suspended by your clit.”

“Never know... So Tara, it looked like you liked that crop.”

“You noticed that, huh?”


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