The New House Rules

by Cshiny

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© Copyright 2010 - Cshiny - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; bond; rope; gag; cuffs; hogtie; cage; oral; climax; cons; X

Tara and Taylor’s eyes were wide with surprise. I had managed to keep this secret for five years, and a few shots of tequila and Tara’s never-ending prying coaxed me into spilling the beans.

Tara leaned forward in her big fluffy chair and asked excitedly, “For how long?”

I rolled the shot glass between my fingers for a second and then pressed it to my lips. Slowly sipping the remainder of it to buy a few more seconds. This was an embarrassing subject.

“Two years. It paid for law school.”

Tara shifted around in the chair, pulling her right leg up under her, then clutched the pillow tightly against her. It was obvious she was settling in for the whole story.

“How many people?”

“I don’t know, I had dozens of regulars. Most were guys, but there were a few women.”

Taylor just sat there in stunned silence, her brown hair draped over her shoulders and her red lips still parted in a surprised look. But Tara was just loading up with more questions. I swear her head was about to explode trying to put them all to words.

“Jill, are you bi-sexual? Did you fuck all of them? Did you…”

I cut her off mid question. “No! I just tied them up and dominated them. I was never even fully undressed! And have you ever seen me date a girl?”

That was a bit of a lie, I had been paying another dominatrix to work me over about once a week the whole time I did it. And yes, I was bare ass naked most of the time. At first it was just to know how the things I was doing to my clients felt, so I could be a better dominant myself. Then I realized I was a little bondage pain slut, but that was another subject.

“No, but I had no idea you were a professional dominatrix either! So you never know.”

Taylor pushed her hair behind her ear and timidly asked, “Did you have any famous clients?”

“A congressman and CEO of a company. He left office last year. And she… You two can’t say a word about this. I will kill both of you if you do. I work for her company…”

Tara grabbed her pillow and slung it at my head. She squealed, “No way!”

Taylor gasped and looked even more surprised. I had officially over shared and buried my face into the arm of the sofa, hiding my blushing face. I looked up to Tara smiling and shaking her head back and forth.

“I think we are going to need a demonstration. You go put on your leather and get Scott to come over!”

“Uhhh, no. I am never calling that douche bag again.”

“OK, use Taylor then. She likes getting beat.”

Taylor gasped in protest then fired off a quick, “No I don’t!”

“You are a fucking liar. I have been your friend for twenty years. I have seen the rope burn on your wrists.”

As Tara said that, I stored that detail in my brain. This would need to be revisited soon. I could not imagine why this had not come up in conversation at some point in the last year we had all been sharing this house. I watched as Taylor blushed a deep red and hid her face just like I had been.

“Fine, since Taylor is a coward in self denial. You can do me instead.”

My embarrassment started to subside with this offer. I had dreamed of shoving a ball gag in Tara’s smartass mouth on so many occasions.


“Yea, I am half drunk. Don’t you know I am up for anything when I have been drinking?”

I felt myself slipping back into my former role. Tara had no idea what she was getting into.

“Do you want the full treatment?”

“Sure. Do I get a safe word?”

“Of course.”

“Let’s do it then. This bitch over here can sit and watch us have all the fun.”

I put my drink down and stood up.

“You two wait here. I am going to go change. “

Slowly, I walked towards my room.

After changing, I quietly walked down the back hall and out the side door. I crossed the side of the house and climbed the stairs to the front door. I felt a tingle in my naughty parts as I pressed in the door bell. A few seconds later Tara and Taylor walked to the front door. They turned on the porch light and looked at me with surprised expressions through the glass. Tara turned the door knob and opened the door. I walked in, my stiletto heels clicking on the hardwood. I was wearing a long black jacket tied off in the front and had a zippered bag in my hand.

“Did one of you ladies call for a mistress?”

Taylor giggled and pointed at Tara.

“This slut did!”

Tara looked a little embarrassed.

“I guess I did.”

I was back in full form.

“You will address me as mistress. I expect you to answer questions succinctly concluding with mistress.”

Taylor was still smiling as she backed away from Tara.

Tara played along.

“I did, mistress.”

“Turn around, and place your hands behind you, palms out.”

Tara nervously turned on her ankles and with her back facing me pulled her hands behind her back. I sat my bag down and unzipped it, removing a small black studded collar with a d-ring set in the front and a pad lock. I unbuckled the collar and placed it around her neck. I re-buckled it snugly around her neck and used the small pad lock to secure it. It was then I realized Tara at 5’7” barefoot was the same height as me in my pumps. I walked in front of her, eye level for the maybe the first time since I met her five years ago. Reaching up I wrapped my finger into the d-ring and pulled her to my face.

“Slave, your safe word is apple. Unless I hear it, you are mine to do with as I please, for as long as you keep my interest. You understand?”

“Yes mistress.”

I pulled on the ring and lead Tara along behind me, my heels clicking on the floor and Taylor following behind us. In the middle of the living room I ordered Tara to kneel down. She slid to her knees, keeping her hands behind her. Taylor jumped back into her seat on the sofa and watched intently. Slowly I untied the sash on my jacket and let it slip off my shoulders. Under the jacket I was wearing a black shiny vinyl bra and panties set, both covered with little silver studs. My tall black pumps were the only other thing covering an inch of my bare skin. My almost black hair was pulled into a tight bun behind my head. “Stand up.” I would often make my submissive stand and kneel and position themselves in otherwise uncomfortable poses. As Tara stood back up I realized how excited I was to be doing this to one of my best friends. Everything was changing between us by the minute. I had fantasized about this so many times. In my fantasies it was Tara dominating me, but this was working for me. I could feel the wetness between my legs. I reached back into my bag and pulled out a ball gag with a little blue ball and a black leather strap. Tara looked a little worried.

“Open up.”

She slowly opened up her mouth and I pressed the ball between her teeth. I buckled the straps tightly behind her head, right over her hair. Tara grunted a little bit into it.

“Is that comfortable?”

Tara mumbled “yes mistress” through the gag.

I ran my hand across her face and down to her breasts. Tara was wearing a tank top with thin straps and a pair of cotton boy shorts. I moved my hands around her breasts, gently cupping them from below. I wrapped my fingers around each of them and squeezed her Bs in each of my hands. She moaned under the gag. I grabbed the front of her tank top and pulled it down. Both of her firm boobs popped out of the top, her eraser shaped nipples were rock hard. I reach into my bag and pulled out a small leather belt. Walking behind Tara, I crossed her wrists then strapped them together with the belt. Probably a notch tighter than I should have for a beginner, but I was fully turned on and half drunk myself. I then pulled a pair of silver clover nipple clamps from the bag and attached them to Tara’s little nipples. She moaned deeply as each one was attached.

I was pushing way more boundaries than I would have expected as I slipped my hand down Tara’s shorts and pushed a finger into her saturated pussy. I moved my finger in and out, producing a series of moans from Tara’s gagged mouth. I absent mindedly slipped my free hand down my own panties and got my next shock of the night. Taylor had a one leg up on the couch, her foot propped up on the hand rest and one leg draped over the side. She was on her back looking at Tara’s predicament. Her head turned to the side and her hand furiously rubbing her clit under her sweat pants. Tara had closed her eyes and was getting wobbly on her feet as she neared orgasm. I took my free hand, removed it from of my panties, and wrapped my arm around Tara, pulling her bound body next to mine, rubbing her clit more intensely. A few seconds later her body quaked into orgasm. She shook and moaned and then went limp against me. I struggled to hold her up until she regained her senses. Taylor squealed as she brought herself to orgasm on the couch.

Holy shit, what was going on? We went from conversation to orgy in like thirty minutes. I made eye contact with Taylor when she opened her eyes and we exchanged horny glances. I unbuckled Tara’s ball gag.


She dropped to her knees. I stood in front of Tara, grabbed the back of her blonde head and pushed her face into my pussy. Tara knew exactly what to do and was licking and teasing with her tongue without me having to ask. Taylor then got to her feet and walked over to us.

I was breathing heavy and panting but managed to ask her, “Do you want to me to tie you up also?”

Taylor placed her lips against mine and kissed. She then pulled away and said, “That is not exactly what I had in mind.”

I was getting lost in my oral stimulation as Taylor reached into my bag and pulled out a pair of silver hinged handcuffs. She walked behind me and grabbed my wrists off of Tara’s head pulling them behind me.

Taylor barked at Tara, “Tara, don’t you dare stop eating her pussy.”

I felt the handcuffs click shut around my wrists. Tara’s tongue kept probing my clit and I was getting lost in my ecstasy. I closed my eyes and struggled to keep my balance. Taylor had picked up the blue ball gag that Tara had been wearing and pressed it to my lips. I opened my mouth and she pushed the ball in. I could feel her buckling it behind my head and I gave a little grunt as she strapped it on tightly, pulling my head back a little. Taylor wrapped her arms around my upper body to support me and pulled me close. I could feel her pull my bra down freeing my round 34b’s over the top. She used her fingers to squeeze and roll my nipples. I was breathing faster and faster. Seconds later I was shaking uncontrollably and felt my knees go weak. Taylor held me tightly while I came back around.

“Tara, come stand beside Jill.”

Tara seemed to be OK with her change in ownership and gave a muffled “yes mistress” and she struggled back to her feet.

Her face wet with my juices. She gingerly stood and moved beside me. Taylor had fished the shiny black and slightly bigger ball gag out of my bag and forced it into Tara’s mouth. Tara grunted as Taylor strapped it on tightly. With my tongue I pushed at the ball in my mouth, it was so tight it would not yield an inch. Either Taylor had done this before or she was just sadistic and Tara and I were in trouble. Taylor came back up with another collar from my bag, this one was wider than the one around Tara’s neck and had three d-rings set in it. Taylor locked it around my throat, sealing it off with a small pad lock. The fact that I could still breath relived me about Taylor’s intent for me.

I made a worried look as Taylor produced another set of clover clamps from the bag and moved them to my exposed nipples. I looked down and watched as Taylor went to clamp it on my right nipple. It was odd how similar Tara’s and my nipples where actually. Both of us had round silver dollar sized areolas and eraser shaped nipples that stuck out a little. Mine were much darker than Tara’s of course. I let out a deep groan as she clamped it on. Holy crap! It must have been twice as tight as the ones on Tara’s nipples. I pouted and try to pull away as she went to clamp on the left one.

She held the clamp open and did not move her arm.

“Jill, put your nipple in this clamp or you will be punished.”

I quickly leaned forward and eased my nipple into the waiting clamp. Then closed my eyes as she released it. It bit down and I again groaned involuntarily into my gag. Taylor took her hand and smacked me on my side of my thigh, letting out a big crack and making me squeal.

“Don’t defy me next time. Understand?”

I looked back at her meekly, and mumbled “yes, mistress” through my gag.

“Jill, take off your heels.”

I will wiggled them off each of my feet, exposing my painted toes. We had all gone out for a pedicure the day before and sported matching dark red polish. Suddenly I felt very short next to Tara standing beside me. Taylor moved over to the doorway between the kitchen and the living room.

“You two come over here and stand face to face.”

We complied. Tara walking first, her firm ass looked great into those cotton shorts. Her hands still had good color. I kind of felt bad about how tightly I strapped them together now. There was no telling how long Taylor was going to keep them like that. We both stepped under the wooden door arch. I had often though about being tied or tying somebody up to the beam that ran across, apparently Taylor had the same idea. Tara and I looked at each other in the eyes. Well, my tiny 5’2” ass had to look up a bit and her down.

“Well, that will never do.”

I was kind of wondering why she made me take off my heels, but was in no position to question why. Taylor walked over to the bookshelf and grabbed three thicker books. She had me move to the side and placed them in a stack in front of Tara’s feet.

“Poor Jill, you are going to have to keep your balance. Step up.”

I carefully stood on top of the pile of books. It was surprising how precarious this seemed to my intoxicated self. It had Taylor’s desired effect though. Again I was at eye level with the taller Tara. We both watched nervously as Taylor picked up a leash. She clipped it to the front ring on my collar and then pulled my neck right to Tara’s and clipped it to the d-ring in her collar. It pulled us together into a bound embrace, our right checks pressed against each other. Our throbbing nipples smashed into each other’s boobs. Taylor took the leash fed it over the wooden beam and pulled it back down. She then wrapped layer after layer of electrical tape around it. This held it, and us in place, but would break free if I fell off my perch of books. Course with my hands cuffed behind me and my neck chained to Tara‘s, that would probably be a nasty fall also.

“OK ladies, I am going to go get a drink. Don’t go anywhere.”

We both moaned under our gags at this comment, and Taylor disappeared into the kitchen. I could feel Tara breathing against me. The smell of my pussy all over her face. Our tits pressed into each other. I laced my fingers together behind me and tried to focus on what my body was feeling. I was uncomfortable and my nipples throbbed with pain, but I could not be happier or hornier right now. I could feel Tara shift her body around in front of me. She must be trying to adjust to her situation also.

Time was lost on me, but it must have been fifteen minutes or so since Taylor laid back down on the couch and finger fucked herself twice at the sight of her two best friends tied up and suffering in the doorway. Once she had soaked in enough of the situation she walked back over to us. She reached down and pulled Tara’s shorts down to her ankles.

“No panties, why am I not surprised?”

She repeated the process on my vinyl panties and soon my crotch was exposed. Taylor pushed both of our asses toward each other. My hairless and Tara’s landing strip trimmed pussies pressed together. She then slid a finger from each hand into both of us.

“You two sluts are soaking wet. Are you ready to get off?”

We both begged “yes mistress” under our gags.

Taylor immediately went to work fingering us. Switching between one and two fingers she banged my pussy over and over. Occasionally, slowing down to slide her finger deeply into me. Pressing firmly against my g-spot. I wanted to cum and pee so badly. Taylor kept it from us for long as she could, but we were both so sexually charged that Tara came within minutes and the sound of her getting off had me getting off seconds later. We both leaned against each other as Taylor un-cuffed my hands and untied Tara’s wrists. Taylor released our necks from the leash and helped me down from the books. I stepped out of my panties as I got down. Taylor removed my bra and then pulled Tara’s tank top over her head. The ball gags were the next thing to go, but she left the locked collars around our necks. Taylor then stripped off her sweat pants and tank top and stood naked in front of us.

“Lets get some rest, then I will figure out what to do with you two next.”

We both followed Taylor back to the bedroom and three of us piled up naked into her queen sized bed.

I woke up when I felt the collar around my neck being moved. Taylor was holding a chain next to the d-ring on my collar. When she saw my eyes open she pressed her finger against my lips. I complied in silence as she used a small pad lock to attach the chain to my collar. The other end of it was wrapped around the bed post on my side and closed together with another chain. I was now a prisoner of Taylor’s bed and wicked desires. Tara sleeps like the dead, and did not move a muscle as Taylor chained her collar to the opposite bedpost. She pulled the cover up a little bit and smiled at me, then turned and left the room. I snuggled up a little bit closer to Tara’s naked body and closed my eyes again. Quickly falling back asleep.

This time I was woken by Tara rocking my shoulder with her hand and whispering “Jill.”

My sleepy eyes opened to see Tara sitting up in bed the silver chain running down between her breasts.

She greeted me with a “morning sleepy.”

“How long were we out for?”

“About seven hours. Can you believe that little hussy chained us to her bed?”

“Yea, I woke up when she was doing it. You were unconscious though. She could have hogtied your ass and you would have never been the wiser.”

“Funny... How bout that Taylor? She plays sweet for years, then gets all scary and dominant. Did you know she had it in her?”

“Didn’t have a clue. I honestly thought if we did something like this. You would be the one with the leather and the whip.”

“Yea, me too… but… I probably should not admit this, but it was the biggest turn on ever being told what to do. I was drenched when I saw you walk through the door last night. Just imagining what was going to happen to me.”

Jill picked up her chain and pulled at it. “So, does this mean we are her prisoners?”

“I hope so. I will be evil Taylor’s sex slave any day.”

“Yea, I had a feeling about that. We have so messed up the dynamic of our friendship. Jill, we might all be a little sick.”

I snuggled my head into the pillow.

“We can go see a therapist later. I have needed to cum in the worst way. Scott would not know how to push the pleasure button if provided a manual, and my vibrator was boring me.”

Tara giggled a little bit.

“Oh yea, you eat pussy well for a straight girl.”

Tara pushed me with both her hands.

“You little bitch!”

I looked up at her, “Our new mistress is going to know we are up if you don’t be quiet.”

“Yea, I need to shut my ass up. What exactly do you think she has planned for us?”

“I have no idea sweetheart. I can tell you this though, the girl knew exactly how to put on a ball gag so I could not spit it out. She is no bondage virgin.”

“Oh, I knew that, but I figured she liked to be the one getting tied up. She had come back with mean rope burn before. I would tease her about it, but she never gave me any details. Apparently she gives as well as she gets.”

“If she decides to tie you up, are feeling bendy today?”

“Yea, thank goodness I have been getting to my yoga class.”

“So, are we going to go along with it?”

“Of course. Are you OK with her making us go all lesbian on each other?”

“Just friends having fun…”

Tara leaned down and kissed my lips. I smiled at her as she pulled away.

“Sorry about the morning breath dear.”

She tugged at her chain, and said “I can’t get to my toothbrush.”

“That is OK. I goes well with my pussy smell on your face.”

“Nice… So do sex slaves get a pee break? I need to go.”

“She will let you go when she is ready for you to. I would just hold it until it is time. You might get punished for asking, or have to pee on a newspaper in front of me or something.”

“Eww, is that what you would make your clients do?”

“Yea, or worse. They liked the loss of control.”

“How do you feel about Taylor taking over then? Do you like the loss of control? I am starting to think I do.”

“Yea, I was so jealous that they were getting to live out my fantasies. At my hand no less. Main reason I quit.”

“You can’t be a professional submissive?”

“You can, but I would never trust any of those sadistic fucks that would be tying my ass up.”

“Well, I have known Taylor most of my life. I am pretty sure we can trust her. Least I thought I knew her… This Taylor, queen of the dark, stuff has me confused.”

Tara laid back down beside me and wrapped her arm over my boobs. Resting her head beside mine. We laid there quietly. Tara’s warm breath against my neck until we heard the door open up.

Taylor returned from wherever she had been. She looked the part of Amazon goddess. Her hair pulled into a braid that resting over her pale shoulder. Her eyes were covered in heavy makeup. Her body was thin and sleek with perfect curves in just the right places. Unlike Tara and myself, she had full round natural breasts that were large Cs, probably close to a D. She had pink areolas that were about two inches across and much flatter nipples than us. But her boobs and her body were sight to behold, she was blessed with what nature had given here, not hard and toned like Tara and myself. The only clothing she was wearing was a black garter and stockings. She tall black high heels on. Taylor had gone from sweet and innocent looking to a little imposing.

Tara looked over at me and whispered, “Who is this scary bitch and what did she do with Taylor?”

Taylor smiled wickedly, then said “I will gag you two little sluts again if you speak out of turn. Understand?”

We both replied, “yes mistress.”

“If you girls agree, I would like to continue this game for the rest of the weekend. Are you two interested?”

We again replied in unison, “yes, mistress.”

“OK, but there will be rules. Once we start, both of you will be my unconditional slaves until tomorrow at 8PM. There will be no getting out, or ending early. I will probably keep you both tied or chained the whole time, and will be in control of every aspect of your life. One more thing, you will only be allowed an orgasm if you ask permission first. Any disobedience will result in severe punishment. Is this all acceptable?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Good. I am going to unchain you two from the bed. You will get an hour to get yourself ready. First send out emails and cancel all your plans for the weekend. When you are done go to your bathrooms, take a shower and make yourselves presentable. Don’t put on makeup, and I want your hair down and straight. The second you are done, you will go to the living room and stand on the spots I have marked on the floor. Legs together. Lace your fingers behind your back. Keep your head up and looking straight ahead. If it only takes you five minutes to get ready, I expect you standing there for the remainder of the hour. Understand?”

We meekly replied, “yes mistress.”

I knew this was going to be rough and fun weekend.

After cancelling my match and dinner plans via email, then showering and blow drying my hair. I stood in the bathroom naked. I was dying to touch myself, but I knew that it could wait. As I walked to the living room, I realized I had no idea how much of the hour had passed. Tara was already standing there in posed on top of a black arrow taped on the floor. That naturally straight as a board hair gave her an advantage over my waves that had to be flat ironed. Her hands pulled behind her back. She was kind of a blonde vision, with her perky tits, round ass and perfect posture. All those miles of running and hours of yoga really paid off. She turned her head a little and smiled at me when I walked into the room. She realized what she had done and swung her head back forward, I could hear her whisper “shit” as she corrected herself. I found the arrow beside Tara and positioned my feet pressed together on top of it. I tried to face exactly the same direction as Tara, that my arrow was pointing towards. I straightened my hair behind my shoulders and then laced my fingers behind my back. Minutes drug by slowly as I stood as still as a I could. I really wished the arrows had pointed us face to face, so I could be soaking up the picture of Tara’s naked body, but Taylor wanted to break us a little bit. Make us realize, if we were playing her game, we were not the ones in charge. I was perfectly fine with that.

We both stood patiently waiting as Taylor came into the room. I could hear her dragging something to the carpeted area. She left again and a minute later came back in with several coils of white rope. She dropped the rope on the floor in front of me.

She then looked over at Tara.

“Tara, you are the beginner here. I know you have never been really tied up. Would you like to see Jill properly bound so you can find out what you have gotten yourself into?”

My eyes grew wide at the statement.

Tara then sold me out.

“Yes, I would like to see that mistress.”

“Well, we need to get you out of the way while I tie her up.”

I heard a metal door open. At that point I knew Taylor had brought Felix’s dog cage from the garage and she was about to lock Tara up in it.


Tara pouted but complied and could hear the door close and a pad lock clicking shut. I wanted to look but kept my head forward.

She then picked up a coil of rope and walked behind me. She lifted my hands up and forced me to bend my body forward. I could feel her wrapping rope around my wrists. I was twisting my wrists around when she wrapped another rope around my elbows. She moved quickly behind me twisting and looping. I could feel my elbows pulled together until they touched behind my back. This forced my little round breasts forward. Taylor then ordered me to kneel down. With her help I dropped to my knees. She then held me and guided my body to the floor, so I was laying flat. I turned my head so I was facing Tara’s cage. I figured Taylor would not mind at this point. She was too busy bending my legs at my knees and crossing my ankles. I felt rope wrapping around them. As she was binding my ankles I smiled at Tara sitting uncomfortably in the large dog crate.

About this time I felt Taylor pick up my legs at the thighs, moving all my weight to my neck, chest and boobs, arching my back roughly. A few turns of rope and my knees were tied together also. I rested there uncomfortably in my bonds when I heard her pick up another piece of rope. I felt her tie it to the ropes around my elbows and then felt my legs getting pulled back up off the floor. Her fingers pulled at the rope and I felt myself getting drawn into a strict hogtie as my ankles were pulled up towards my elbows. This caused the ropes at my knees to get really tight. By the time she pulled out the ball gag from the bag my arms had already lost feeling. She strapped the gag into my mouth and rolled me on my side so my back was facing Tara. All her rope work on display to strike fear in Tara’s heart. Taylor then smacked me on the side of my ass a couple of times.

“You girls have fun. I will come back and check on you in a minute.”

She turned to walk away.

“Tara, you can play with yourself. But no big o is allowed. When I get back, I will take you out of that cage and tie you up also.”

Taylor walked away and I struggled against my bounds. I never understood why anybody did this. With your elbows tied by an expert, there was not a prayer of escape. Not that I would even want to if I could. But none the less, I thrashed against the ropes and moaned into the ball parting my lips. After a few minutes of struggling I accepted my fate and relaxed in the ropes. It had been a long time since I had been tied up, and elbow bondage and tight hogties were not easy on my body. At that moment I wished I had played less tennis and had gone to more yoga classes with Tara. Every breath I took was jagged and I moaned a little bit. I could hear Tara rubbing herself behind me and wondered if Taylor would punish me if I tried to flip around and watch. It would at least distract me from my pain. With a little effort I rocked myself back and forth until I rolled on my belly. I was a little further away from Tara now, but I was able to twist my head around and make eye contact with her.

Tara was grabbing the side of the cage and had a pained, I am about to get off, but I am not allowed, look on her face. She slowed down and pulled her hand away from her pussy.

“Fuck”, she whispered to herself.

Tara grabbed both sides of the cage and breathed heavily. She looked back down at me.

“Does that hurt?”

I shook my head up and down a little bit.

“Do you like how it feels?”

I shook my head again.

“I am so glad I am a yoga nut now. That looks brutal. I can’t wait to see what it feels like.”

She flexed her fingers between the bars of the cage.

“I really need to fucking cum. Taylor is not going to let us anytime soon, is she?

I shook my head signaling no, at least as much as I could with my face on its side.

“She will tie me up and beat me senseless if I make myself get off, won’t she?”

I was not sure, I know I would have. Course I would not have been talking like Tara was right now. If I could talk would have said, don‘t do it, I would beat your ass. I could only nod yes or no, so I nodded yes just to be safe. Tara had never had a serious dominant before, and I had a feeling that Taylor would see if we would test her limits just to make us wish we had not done it.

“OK, but I really wish she would have tied my hands behind me so I would not be tempted to touch it.”

Tara sat on her hands and watched me as I whined and moaned in my bounds for the next couple of minutes.

When Taylor returned to the room she had more coils of rope and the pair of silver hinged handcuffs. She dropped the rope beside me and looked over at Tara.

“Sitting on your hands. What a good girl. I guess you did not get yourself off?”

“No mistress.”

Taylor slipped the handcuffs between the bars of the cage and into Tara’s hands.

“Cuff your wrists together behind you.”

Tara with some difficulty locked her wrists into the handcuffs. Taylor then unlocked the cage and helped her out. She was not messing around, we were going to be tied or chained at all times. I moaned a pathetic sounding moan into my gag at this realization. She guided Tara out of the cage and had her stand up. She strapped the smaller blue ball gag into her mouth. I could see her cheeks bulge over the strap, it was tight as mine. Taylor picked up a coil of rope and tied Tara’s wrists together, leaving two six foot or so ends that piled up under her feet. She unlocked the handcuffs and then helped Tara kneel and then lay down beside me. Her feet were pulled, feet together, right next to her wrists. The loose ends were wrapped around her ankles and the knot tied off in front of her legs, away from the reach of her fingers. Tara turned her head to face me, she was stuck in a comfortable but secure hogtie.

When Taylor moved over to me, I was terrified that she was going to add more rope, but my fears were averted when she released the rope between my ankles and my elbows, allowing my body to straighten up. I let out a satisfied grunt as my body went flat. Next, she removed the ropes around my knees and ankles. I moved my legs back and forth trying to get blood back into them as she straddled my body and untied my wrists, but leaving my elbows bound. She painfully pulled up my arms and went to work retying my wrists with a longer rope, so that I had long lose ends much like Tara’s. I let out a long groan of relief as she untied my elbows and I could feel the rush of sensation come back to my arms. Again my legs were pulled up and my ankles were tied together. I was hogtied just like Tara, with the knots way out of the reach of my fingers.

Taylor surveyed the two bound girls in front of her.

“Alright girls, I have a few reports I have to run. I will be back in an hour or so.”

She knelt down between us and grabbed our hair, pulling our heads back.

“Such pretty slaves. Hmm… I think you might try and untie each other. Maybe I should do something about that.”

Taylor came back a minute later with a tube of super glue. She went back to our feet and put a few drops on the knots holding our hogties together, and then sealed it up. She smacked us a couple of times on our asses before she left.

Her parting words, “We are going to use the crop and warm those cute little butts up later.”

Tara and I moaned in our gags in protest.

We sat looking at each other’s bound bodies. We were both so charged up and deprived of contact right now that there was a serious sexual vibe going on between us. I just wanted to shove her head between my legs again. The look in her eyes made it seem like she had the same thing in mind for my tongue. But it would not be, right now we were nothing more than Taylor’s two little sex slave play things. Our pleasure would only come at her hand. We were in fact powerless to make choices for ourselves right now. All we could do is squirm in our ropes, moan into our gags and look at the sexy girl tied next to us.


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