New Uniform Policy

by KnottyNarrator

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Chapter 2

Abigail, the most respected slave trainer and highly ranked woman in ControlCorp, found herself temporarily in the hands of two amateur slavers due to a series of unfortunate misunderstandings. She was fuming, as she stood before these two fools bound and naked wearing her new ‘company uniform.’ She stood there blindfolded, wearing the sluttiest 7-inch training heels the company produced, and her arms bound in a sadistic black rubber elbow binder. She also had the company’s sophisticated SmartGag in her mouth, preventing her from speaking unless spoken to by a male employee, and could apparently highjack her voice! That stupid thing was the reason she was in this mess in the first place. Then finally, she now had her poor virgin asshole stuffed with the largest training plug she’d ever seen, with another devious device stuffed into her pussy; both locked and sealed away by the chastity belt her captors had just secured around her waist. She couldn’t wait to destroy these assholes; she was just waiting for her chance.

“Since you probably don’t know what these plugs do, let me explain” one of the men began. “The two work in tandem. The one in your ass will bring you pleasure,” as he said this it started coming to life with pulsing vibrations, “and the one in your pussy will bring you pain.” As he finished the sentence a sharp shock was released from the egg that almost caused Abby to lose her balance. “Together, they’ll condition you into the perfect little butt slut! In a few weeks nothing will ever feel better to you than getting fucked in the ass” the man explained. “But it’s time to get you back for your retraining.”

Abby felt them start to lead her somewhere, barely able to concentrate with the constant teasing and punishments from the plugs. After what felt like eternity, they stopped moving. Her blindfold was pulled off and after her eyes adjusting, Abby was a little confused. They weren’t at the training center like they’d said, they were at the modifications department!

“Hope you don’t mind the stop on the way to your training. Per the new uniform policy, slaves get punished when they have uniform violations. So, this will be your punishment! If you do well in training, I may not demote your status.” The man said to Abby without letting her get a word in.

Modifications?! What did they plan on doing? Abby knew the modifications did all sorts of procedures ranging from mild to extreme. Barely any time had passed, and Abby was led into a machine being operated by a few slave girls. This had better not be anything irreversible, Abby was fuming. Moments later Abby felt a prick on her neck, and everything went black.

Hours later Abby awoke, facing a mirror.

“Well well well look who decided to wake up!” her captor joked.

Abby didn’t recognize who she saw in the mirror. Her once lovely, shoulder length brown hair was now replaced with a short blond hair, with half of her head shaved to make her look like some angsty slut! Her previously cute, small lips were now far plusher and perpetually pouting, making her look like an absolute bimbo. She now had a nose ring! She looked like a stupid piece of livestock with the ring in her septum, and it had a small chain connecting her nose ring to an earring on the side of her head that was shaved. She looked so vulgar and not at all like the sophisticated, dominant woman she was just hours ago.

Next thing she noticed was her tits. They were huge! Her once cute b-cups were now replaced with obscene double D-cups that looked outrageous on her petite frame. Her chest was exposed and hanging from her once perfect nipples were two piercings with bells attached that would humiliatingly jingle every time she took a step. She worked her way down her body to notice the final change, her clit now had some sort of piercing now too! How low would these perverted fools stoop? They have no idea what they’re in for once she figures this thing out. When Abby had gasped at her new form in the mirror she noticed one last new detail, her tongue now had an identical piercing to the one on her clit!

“They’re linked,” one of the men triumphantly announced. “Your tongue and clit, they’re linked now. Your tongue is now every bit as sensitive as your pussy, so you should be thanking me! With your pussy locked away you’ll at least get the pleasure of sucking cock.” Abby was speechless. This was an experimental procedure, and she’s not sure it could be safely reversed! This could ruin so much of her sex life. While she was pondering her situation both men grabbed her and reapplied all her restraints, except the blindfold. Abby was worried it would take longer for Ryan or someone else to recognize her now, and just how long would she have to tolerate this nonsense? While deep in thought, Abby felt another prick on her neck felt something wrap around her throat.

Abby’s eyes immediately darted to the mirror to see what it was, and her heart sank. It was her masterpiece; the finest piece of equipment she ever designed for ControlCorp. Their iconic and trademark Obedience Collar. The collar would keep a steady flow of drugs in its wearer to make them highly, highly suggestible, submissive, and obedient. Especially when worn in coordination with other ControlCorp gear, it essentially became impossible for the wearer to disobey any command she was given. It was typically reserved for only the most rebellious of slaves as a last resort, and now one was wrapped around her neck.

“When we were processing you through the modification center they couldn’t find your I.D. chip, so I had to have a new one implanted in you,” one of her captors began, “looks like you get a fresh start after all, Slut. What was your name?

Abby felt the gag opening again, now would be her chance to set the record straight finally. 

“This Stupid Slut doesn’t have a name yet, Sir! Please give me one!” Abby whined, her voice definitely ditzier than before and she ended her sentence with a pout. Unbelievable, Abby thought to herself. How long would it take for her to straighten things out with this stupid gag!?

“Oh, don’t worry, we’ll get to that, Slut.” The man started saying, “but tell me your real name, and where you worked before you decided to act up this morning. You were dressed like someone important’s assistant, so I’ll need to let them know where you’re at before someone gets pissed at me.”

Suddenly Abby felt warmth around her neck where the collar was, and the gag was still open. Finally, she could speak her mind.

“I’m Abigail, the lead engineer from R&D and Special Training, you fucking idiot. Now get me out of this shit now if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life begging for change on the street. I’m not one of these stupid slaves, I’m the most powerful woman in this company!” Abigail went off. There was something so satisfying about asserting herself like that finally, even if she did look like the just another glorified plaything the company produced regularly. 

“…Holy shit. Oh fuck.” He stuttered out in response. “Oh shit. Listen, I’m sor…” he trailed off, then walked away briefly, pacing back and forth to seemingly gather his thoughts. Abigail felt triumphant, this idiot deserved to squirm for his fuck up. She was about to lay into him again when she realized the gag wouldn’t let her. Unbelievable, that she still has to put up with this nonsense. Suddenly the man stopped pacing and looked back at her, and the confidence on his face made her uneasy.

“Listen, ‘Abigail.’ You’re lucky I’ve heard of you, you’re high profile enough that people would notice if you went missing.” He began. “So here’s how this is going to work. That collar around your neck will make you obey any command I give you, so here’s what you’re going to do.” Abigail did not like where this was going one bit. “You’re going to go back to your boss or the bigwigs or whoever and tell them that this was all your idea. You wanted this. In fact, you’ve decided that in order for you to design the best products and train the best slaves, or whatever it is you do, you needed to experience it firsthand. From now on you’ll be testing every single product and training plan using yourself as the subject.”

Abigail could not believe what she was hearing. She immediately wanted to protest but suddenly felt a warmth on her neck again, her mind went blank for a moment as she felt the collar doing its work. Then, the idea was planted. She would go to Ryan and tell him how much she loved the new uniform and how it inspired her to immerse herself in the slave lifestyle in order to develop the best products and be the best trainer for him. Of course, she still knew that was all bullshit, but she knew she had to say it, she just had to, it was the right thing to do.

“Do you understand, Slut?” The man triumphantly asked.

“Yes, Sir!” Abigail enthusiastically replied in her ditzy voice.

“Good”, he replied. “You won’t tell anyone about this, ever. And you will not try to think of a way around this or get back at me under any circumstance, got it?”

“Yes, Sir!” She declared again. She hated him so much. But the warmth around her neck came again and she knew she’d never betray her master’s orders. Her only hope now was that Ryan would recognize the collar around her neck and know something was suspicious.

“Good, one last thing and I’ll send you on your way then,” the man stated calmly. He then reached to his control interface, activated something, then reached up and removed the Obedience Collar from Abby’s throat. 

That fool, she thought to herself. Now she’ll just… no. This can’t be right, she’s not wearing the collar anymore, Abby thought. Abigail didn’t have the collar anymore, but she still couldn’t disobey any of his commands! Much to her dismay after the conversation she immediately found herself proudly walking back to her office in her slutty 7-inch fuck-me-pumps, shaking her ass in the sluttiest way possible with her tits shaking their bells with every step. She passed dozens of male colleagues on her way, praying they hadn’t recognized her. She received plenty of demeaning comments and undeserved catcalls on her way back, treating her like she was just another one of the company’s sluts! Finally, she got back to her office and saw Ryan.

“Who.. who the hell are you?” He demanded

“It’s me, Abby!” Abby exclaimed in her ditziest voice, thankfully the gag seemed to be allowing her to at least speak her name properly.

“Abby? Abigail?! What happened? What are you doing? Where have you been all day?” Ryan had so many questions. “I cleared it with headquarters and you don’t have to follow the standard uniform policy, what’s with all this?”

Abby’s heart sank, she couldn’t believe what she was about to do.

“Nono, please Ryan!” Abby begged in her ditziest voice. “I love the new uniform policy! After our talk earlier I got soo inspired! I realized if I want to be the best trainer and develop the best products for training slaves, I need to experience everything they do!” Abby finished her sentence with a whimper and as she was speaking she got down on her knees and nuzzled her face up against Ryan’s crotch, looking up at him.

Ryan had never seen Abby like this. She was always so confident, relaxed, and in control. Now his former prudish coworker was begging to be a slave at his feet. “This is so unlike you, Abby…” Ryan said suspiciously as his cock hardened in his pants.

“I swear Ryan, please!” Abby continued with her lips apart, staring longingly at his crotch. She hated herself so much right now, she had never been more humiliated in her life. Ryan has to be noticing something’s wrong, surely! Abby then went on, “I’m not pretending, Ryan. I even got my slave I.D. chip implanted already.” Abby cursed herself for revealing that. “I want to be the subject of all our future experiments, I want to make you happy!”

“You WHAT?” Ryan exclaimed. “You got an I.D. chip? You know that makes you an ACTUAL SLAVE, right Abby? Like, you’re company property now.” Ryan couldn’t believe what was happening.

“I’ve been such a bitch to you Ryan, please, I need to be put in my place! Please Ryan, I need you to train me!” Abby didn’t understand, this wasn’t part of her instructions. It was the gag! It must be making her say all of this. She didn’t have any warm feeling in her neck right now, but she did feel so much warm fluid dripping down her thighs for some reason. She could see Ryan being swayed by her pleas, but she didn’t know what to do.

Ryan looked down at his control interface and saw it. Abby was listed as a slave; he could control all of her devices at any moment. He took a long look at Abby as she presented her tongue to him with her mouth open; he had made his decision. “Alright, Abby. I guess we’ll do this your way one last time.” He reached down to his interface and Abby could feel the plug in her ass come to life. “It’s decided then, from here on out, I declare you a slave and property of ControlCorp, Abby.”

Abby couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She didn’t want this! She was the strongest woman in this company this morning and this was just all one huge misunderstanding! “Abigail isn’t a slave name though, so we’ll have to change it. You used to strut around this place like a queen, now you’re on your knees begging. I guess you’re just another slut like all the rest.” Ryan added. Abby Couldn’t believe this, how could Ryan do this to her?!

Ryan then grabbed Abby by the hair and pulled out his cock. Abby could feel the gag change into a ring as the saliva dripped off her pouty bottom lip before Ryan shoved her head down on his shaft. Abby couldn’t do anything with her hands in the elbow binder; she had no choice but to endure getting skull fucked by her boss. As this was happening, Abby suddenly felt the warmth around her tongue piercing start up, and suddenly every thrust down her throat sent waves of pressure to the piercing on her clit. She could barely breathe yet every time Ryan thrust his cock down her throat, she her tongue and clit were in heaven. She felt so embarrassed by the pleasure she was feeling from having her throat used like Ryan’s personal fleshlight.

While fucking her, Ryan began to muse on name ideas. “I’ve got it,” he exclaimed while breathing heavy, nearing climax. “The opposite of a queen,” his breath became more labored. “It’s like you said, you have been a bitch to me. Now you’re nothing but a lowly bitch in heat! You’ll need a bitch name then. From here on out your name will be CumPuppy.” As he finished his thought and gave Abby her new name, his cock began to swell and he pumped his load down her throat. As Ryan’s cum shot down her throat it sent Abby’s tongue and clit into an overwhelming wave of orgasms, causing her to nearly collapse. Immediately she felt overcome with shame and humiliation. This can’t be happening, she thought. Abby tried to pull away and protest but found herself unable to stop sucking his cock; it just felt too good.

“I don’t want to be CumPuppy,” she whimpered while her tongue was still greedily wrapped around Ryan’s cock. He didn’t hear a thing. 

“Normally slaves start with the basics and work their way down the more intense training programs,” Ryan started to say as he sat down, sipping his coffee with Abby’s lips still wrapped around his cock. “But you’re a pro and I don’t want to waste your time. So, I’ll start you off on the more extreme training plans and work you back up” he continued.

Abby was in tears; this couldn’t be happening. Despite her emotional outburst she still found herself rubbing her tongue along his shaft, as if that were the one comforting thing in her life.

“We won’t be able to start your training until tomorrow unfortunately since it’s so late, but I’ll configure your gag to give you a head start on the bitch experience.” Ryan added. He looked down and started doing something with his interface. Abby heard a small click on her gag, and found herself suddenly able to speak again. “Go ahead, try it out” Ryan said. Abby was ready to start pleading again, she had hoped the click was Ryan turning off the gag all together.

“Arf Arf!” Abby enthusiastically barked. This couldn’t get any worse, now the gag will only let her make dog noises! How low was Ryan going to go so soon? There was no way she could be seen behaving like that in front of the company. Abby could just about die of humiliation, in fact she wanted to.

“Perfect! Bitches can’t speak after all. Too bad, we’ll have to complete your look tomorrow before training,” Ryan added nonchalantly like he wasn’t enslaving a respected colleague. “I’ll be heading home soon, so let’s get you hooked up into one of the lab cages for tonight since you don’t have anywhere else to stay.” Abby felt so hollow. She just wanted to go back to her apartment and take a nap and pretend none of this ever happened. Instead Ryan stuffed her in one of the lab’s training cages. Abby was small but even she had to be on her knees and bent at the waist to fit. She could have comfortably been on all fours to fit comfortably in the cage, were her arms not bound in the elbow binder. But because they were bound, Abby had to actively hold her upper body up to prevent smacking her face into the door of the cage. Ryan started configuring something on the cages control panel, Abby didn’t want to know what he had in mind. In front of her, a massive dildo emerged from a slot in the cage, nearly smacking her in the face. She knew what this was, it would be her only source of sustenance during her stay in the cages, and it would slowly pump her full of chemicals meant to make her docile, horny, and dumb.

“Don’t worry about the chemicals, CumPuppy,” Ryan stated. “I modified the formula so it won’t reduce your intelligence, after all we need you to help design our products. I did increase the aphrodisiac just for you though, and I’ll set you up with a training routine to help you adjust to your new life.”

From the top of the cage a VR headset descended over her and covered her face, obstructing her view. In the same moment the dildo came forward, plunging itself down her throat. She didn’t have anywhere to back up to in the cage, so she was stuck gagging on this oversized phallic feeding tube; her throat would be impaled on the thing for the duration of her stay. She instinctively ran her tongue across it and instantly felt her piercings activate and a wave of pleasure run through her clit. If that didn’t make her horny enough, she felt the chemicals from the dildo slowly start to pump their way into her stomach, making her whole body feel hot and sensitive. Then the VR headset started up.

Abby was hit with a series of images, videos, and sounds that she knew contained subliminal and not so subliminal messaging. The plugs in her started to purr to life as well, this would be a night of classic conditioning it seemed. Abby was strong though, the strongest in this line of work, she believed she’d persevere through the night no problem. All she had to do was make it to the morning and there’d be another chance to try and get herself out of this, there’s no way she’d let something like this break her.

12 hours later, when she found herself drenched in sweat, juices dripping down her thighs to the point where she was kneeling in a puddle of her own making, she was less confident. The settings had been edging her for 12 hours! She thought maybe if she used her tongue enough, she could bring herself to orgasm, but it would seem even the piercings were hooked to the network and complicit in denying her. She’d been aggressively deepthroating that cock for hours, desperate for release. And the VR headset was now trying to make her forget her own name! Abby was desperately repeating it to herself as a manta in her own mind, but every now and then she caught herself saying CumPuppy instead! Just a few more hours, she thought to herself. Just a few more hours.

The passage of time was hard to tell in her little world, but Abigail was a genius. She had deduced that it should have been late in the morning by now, so why wasn’t Ryan there to get her out and start her other training? She didn’t know how much more of this she could take, and that’s when it occurred to her; it was Saturday. Ryan wouldn’t be back in until Monday! Part of Abby broke at this realization.

The weekend passed with CumPuppy’s conditioning continuing nonstop, until finally Monday morning Ryan came in and leisurely released her from her cage. Immediately CumPuppy desperately started trying to get at Ryan’s Cock, which he found most amusing. 

“How was your weekend, CumPuppy?” Ryan inquired with a devilish grin.

“Arf Arf!” CumPuppy desperately barked. She was still fully aware of how humiliating all of this was, she was just so horny and needed release she didn’t really care at this point. If she could just get his cock in her mouth, she could bring herself to orgasm, and then she would be able calm down and think clearly. Maybe start remembering her name for starters. Ryan wasn’t opposed to having his cock sucked first thing this morning, so he pulled it out for her. He was honestly still just enthralled by this whole situation. Before last week, Abigail was the perfect slave trainer and brilliant inventor. Ryan had honestly resented her success and was certain she was just months away from taking his job as well as department lead. That is, until this new uniform policy went into effect. Now the moment he pulled his cock out his once dominant, bitch of a coworker flew face first into his crotch.

“HOLY... you really got better at this over the weekend,” Ryan commented as CumPuppy started enthusiastically sucking his cock. It had only been seconds and he was already close to cumming. So was she. Ryan knew there must have been something else that had happened in between her leaving the office Friday morning and her returning as a wannabe slave slut in the afternoon, but Ryan wasn’t about to question his luck now. He spent all weekend thinking about how he now had the most successful and powerful woman in the company under his control, and he fully intended on exploiting the situation. With Abby as his slave, he could use her talents to propel himself further up the corporate ladder, Ryan thought.

“Actually, let’s slow this down just a little bit,” Ryan added, as he started messing around on his control interface. CumPuppy was NOT about to stop now, not now that she was so close to cumming and getting the relief she needed. Right as she felt his cock start to swell with his cum, signaling the end was near for both of them she felt her piercings deactivate, and her clit didn’t feel anything suddenly. Ryan blew his load down her throat once again, only this time CumPuppy didn’t get anything in return.

“No No NO!” CumPuppy thought to herself. “I NEED THIS.” She screamed in her head. “ARF ARF ARF!” She desperately barked.

“Easy there, slut,” Ryan replied. “We’ve got a schedule to keep, so let's get you into your ‘new’ new uniform.” Ryan continued. “I know you’re a big fan of your current one, and once you’re finished with all your training I promise I’ll let you wear it for me around the office, but you’ll have to earn your fuck-me-pumps back.” CumPuppy’s stomach turned at the idea. She would never be eager to ‘earn’ those slutty shoes back. Even now she was still more dignified than some basic slut that would beg to be objectified like that. She was still very upset at her missed orgasm however, and even now the plugs in her ass continued to tease her relentlessly.

Ryan was fully aware of what he’d just done, and he could see the desperation in Abby’s eyes. Ryan spent the whole weekend deciding what training he’d have her undergo first, and finally he decided on having her spend some time as his literal bitch in heat. Ryan was no fool, he knew that the gag she was wearing had forced her to say whatever its algorithm decided Ryan wanted to hear, but that wasn’t enough for Ryan. He intended to fully convert Abby into an obedient animal right away and show off to the entire company that he was able to tame the mighty Abigail.

Ryan led CumPuppy into one of their side offices and into a machine that would install devices on slaves manually, as to avoid the hassle of having to have the staff do it themselves. CumPuppy had a feeling what was in store for her. She was loaded up onto the dock and several mechanical arms reached out and locked onto various points of her body and started manipulating her. The first thing she noticed the arms doing was remove all her previous devices and uniform, even those devilish plugs! Maybe whatever Ryan was planning wouldn’t be so bad after all, Abby told herself. Maybe now she’d be able to calm down and start working on remembering her name. Amy? Gabbi? CumPuppy was sure it was one of those two. 

After her previous devices were removed the mechanical arms reached out with lightning precision and all CumPuppy could see were flashes of brown. Her gag was temporarily removed, meaning she could speak again! Before she could say anything though the machine had knocked her over onto all fours and she felt her arms and legs being folded over on themselves. Then suddenly she felt some sort of hood being wrapped over her head and found a ring-gag shoved between her teeth. Something was being fixed to the top of her head, but she couldn’t tell what. Suddenly the arms stopped, and she found herself wondering if it was finally over. Just as the thought occurred to her though she felt the cold and sudden pressure against her tight asshole of another plug being shoved in! Unlike the first time this happened though when it was incredibly painful, CumPuppy suddenly had a massive orgasm as the plug plunged deep into her ass. She was completely caught off guard by this, realizing the training plug was really working in turning her into a butt slut! This was just another humiliation for her, to be cumming from her asshole like this, but it wasn’t the worst thing she’d been forced to endure up until now. Finally, the was over, and CumPuppy was led by a leash out of the chamber and in front of a mirror where she could see what she’d become.

CumPuppy looked ridiculous! She was in a brown bitchsuit made to make her look like a dog! Her face was covered in a muzzle made to resemble a dog’s snout, with a ring gag lodged between her teeth to keep her drooling. Atop her head were two dog ears held in place alongside the gag and muzzle. Her arms and legs were folded over in thick pieces of rubber, forcing her to walk around on her elbows and knees. Behind her, she noticed her new plug; a short rubber dog tail! This couldn’t be real. Whenever she walked the tail would sway back and forth, and if she tightened her ass around the plug it would cause the tail to shift inside her and wag back and forth, sending waves of pleasure into her. Below her still hung her massive double D tits, complete with their jingling bells that were now mere inches off the floor. There was no way she could allow herself to be seen like this by anyone else.

Ryan led CumPuppy on a leash all the way across the facility, out in the open for all of their coworkers to see. Given her position and small frame, CumPuppy was powerless to stop Ryan from pulling her along and CumPuppy had hoped that with the modifications to her body and the bitchsuit, maybe people wouldn’t recognize her. With her newfound height, she found it increasingly difficult to tell where they were at or where they were headed, and with her tail shifting back and forth in her ass she was distracted by wave after wave of pleasure. Finally, they came to a stop, and CumPuppy found herself standing outside the Animal Conditioning Center for ControlCorp. The nerve! There was no possibility she could let Ryan get away with this, once she was able to get out Ryan would regret this, she told herself. She’d have to endure this humiliating training program for a few days, but she knew she could hold out that long. As soon as she was back and released into a regular uniform to write up her reports she would plot her revenge. Meanwhile, Ryan was speaking to one of the trainers but CumPuppy couldn’t raise her head high enough to see anything other than his shoes. She felt her leash get passed off and Ryan knelt next to her.

“This is Sid, he’ll be overseeing your day to day training for the next 2 years” Ryan began. “We’ve given him authorization to use some rather experimental training methods, so I’m looking forward to having you write up your report on the findings after your training is finished.” On that note, Ryan slapped CumPuppy on the ass and walked away. 

“TWO FUCKING YEARS?!” CumPuppy screamed in her mind. She couldn’t hold out for that long! She barely lasted the weekend on the standard training protocol! No, CumPuppy assured herself. Her mind was too sharp to give into this sort of thing, and she’d never even heard of Sid, so he couldn’t be one of the companies more better trainers. Sid knelt beside her so she could see his face for the first time, and her heart skipped a beat. It was the man from before! The idiot who got her into this mess and put her own obedience collar on her! This could not get any worse.

“What have we here?” Sid asked. He reached down and looked at the name tag on her collar. “CumPuppy, huh? The name suits you way more than whatever you were before” he continued. “Well looks like we get to be best friends from now on! I bet you’re so excited, you stuck up bitch.” CumPuppy began to whimper.

“See I had instructions not to cause any permanent changes that could affect your work, but now that I see who you are, I’ve got other plans.” Sid growled into her ear. “You’re going to be broken into the most mindless hole this company has ever produced, and before I’m finished there won’t be a single trace of the stuck-up bitch you once were.” CumPuppy was frightened now, as Sid pulled her along by her leash into her new life.

“No! No please!” she pleaded in her mind. “I’m not some slave slut, I’m not a bitch! I’m… CumPuppy, a brilliant and powerful woman!” The only sounds that came out of her mouth were whimpers, as the tears rolled down her face.

Two Years Later…

CumPuppy had undergone a very thorough, specialized training program unlike any other ControlCorp had to offer. She’d endured the humiliation of being paraded around on a leash and made to act like a dog. She’d spent months as a pony girl performing dressage for executives she’d once been rubbed shoulders with. She’d mastered the art of dancing on a pole, she’d perfected pleasing cocks with every one of her holes. She’d spent time as a public relief station and in her brief moments of clarity there, realized how confused she was before. She was never supposed to be equals with her male contemporaries; she was a woman; her only value was pleasing cocks! She had once even been trained as a personal assistant, however that didn’t last long. CumPuppy took excellently to almost all of her training. The once haughty queen of Control Corp now was a true butt slut, through and through; she needed something in her ass now at all times. She became a true painslut, getting punished and abused would now send her spiraling in pleasure. She especially loved being reminded of her place; the place of all women, her masters would tell her. Ryan loved taking every opportunity when introducing CumPuppy to tell the story of how she fell from powerful executive to becoming the filthiest piece of meat the company ever produced. CumPuppy realized early in her training what stupid slut she’d been all along, now realizing that all she needed in her life was cock; Ryan’s cock; Master’s cock. 

Unfortunately, CumPuppy was never able to write any of her reports. Ryan was certain she’d have been able to retain her high intelligence based on the modified training routine Ryan had prescribed, unfortunately her mind had been utterly broken surprisingly early in the training. Ryan had spoken to Sid regarding the subject, who stated that she must have apparently just been exceptionally weak of will and mind to break under such light training conditions, much to Sid’s surprise. When CumPuppy returned from her 2-year training all she could think or talk about was master’s cock. Thankfully Ryan was still able to get some use out of her, as after it was discovered her use as a product developer was gone, he decided to at least follow through and use her as the test subject for several successful experiments… the credit for which all went to Ryan. Ryan’s reputation in the company skyrocketed once word got out that he’d tamed the mighty Abigail. His career was soaring; he’d even gotten a promotion to the board of directors for the success of his experiments, which meant he no longer had any use for his test subject, CumPuppy.

Ryan would never get rid of her, of course not. He just didn’t have any use for her mind at all now. Ryan could still recall when he told CumPuppy her services in development weren’t needed anymore, and that she would have to be evaluated to have her slave status reclassified. CumPuppy could barely follow the conversation, and desperately wanted to understand why her master wasn’t letting her suck his cock. Ryan promised he’d let her on one condition; he had what little remained of his once proud, brilliant colleague beg him to turn her into a mindless little piece of meat. She had a brief moment of clarity and understood what was happening, and CumPuppy couldn’t have been happier.

A Few Months Later…

Ryan was relaxing in his office while CumPuppy was under his desk, enthusiastically sucking his cock. She was in the same bitchsuit she’d started her training in 2 years ago and made to look like the bitch in heat she’d forever be. She couldn’t speak or understand human words anymore outside basic commands, and acted purely on instinct and her training. She’d undergone a few more changes and experiments since her training had started. Her digestive system had been modified, and her diet now consisted entirely of Master’s cum. Her very survival now hinged on pleasing Ryan frequently enough to sustain herself. He loved blowing his load across her face or onto the floor to see her desperately lap it up for nourishment. Before Ryan took her mind away, he’d had “Dumb Bitch” tattooed across her forehead. She wasn’t sure what that sound meant now, she’d been conditioned to get incredibly horny when people called her that. Ryan decided after his third blowjob of the morning that he wanted to fuck CumPuppy’s pussy now, a rare treat for her, and she enthusiastically obliged. The lips of her pussy desperately gripped around his cock and her trained hole would greedily drain Master’s cock for as long as she was permitted.

Later in the day a board meeting was held, and as customary CumPuppy would have the duration of the meeting to suck off every member, unless she wanted to face punishment. Ryan had mentioned something about breeding her soon, whatever that meant. CumPuppy was just so happy about all the cocks she got to suck, she didn’t deserve how well master treated her.


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