New Uniform Policy

by KnottyNarrator

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Chapter 1

Abigail was a 28-year-old woman with shoulder length, chocolate brown hair. She was a fairly beautiful Caucasian girl, and being 1/4th Japanese gave a slightly exotic look to her already lovely face. She was somewhat on the shorter side, standing just over five feet tall and sported a toned body. She had cute, b-cup tits she was quite proud of, but considered her real money maker to be her hips. Abigail, or Abby to her friends, had an incredibly petite waist at 25 inches that made her 30-inch hips look dramatic on her frame, giving her a bombshell physique.

Contrary to her appearance however, for years now, Abigail had been a lead engineer and trainer at ControlCorp. The company had risen to prominence in the last 20 years with the introduction of legalized female slavery across the civilized world by dealing in the development of technologies aiding in the slave trade. Slavery was introduced and females could fall victim to it for offenses such as crime, failing to pay off debt, long-term unemployment, or homelessness among many others. Abigail, at 28 years old, was one of the youngest people to ever reach such a high position in the industry, making quite a name for herself. In the short six year’s she’d been at the company since graduating, Abigail gained a reputation of being one of the best slave trainers in the business.

Beyond that, her technical genius led to her making several key breakthroughs in product development for slave training devices. It was not easy; her industry was entirely male dominated, and her appearance and gender had certainly invited more than her share of workplace harassment. Being a woman in the slave trade is nearly impossible to sustain, and in order to protect herself she had to compensate for her looks by being the most ruthless trainer in the business. It earned her a reputation of being a bit of a bitch among her male peers, but that was enough for many of her male contemporaries to leave her alone all together, either out of fear or respect. Beyond that, her work ethic and skills made her invaluable to the company, leaving Abby with no concern for her safety in such a dangerous industry.

Working as a lead engineer had its perks. Being on the development team granted her a great deal of privilege within the organization and allowed her to test her product ideas firsthand on endless batches of slave girls. Abby had loved playing the role of the trainer or dominatrix, as she loved the feeling of being above her fellow women. Being in this industry did condition her somewhat to believe that a woman's place was ultimately to be under a man. Despite this, Abby knew she was different though, one of a kind and far above her fellow women. Hell, she knew was better than most men she’d met too. Though she was a ruthless sadist at work, Abby did always have a bit of a submissive streak she’d wanted to explore but would never dare bring up in her line of work; that kind of weakness was an invitation she could not entertain. Despite the jobs perks and privileges, recently there the company had been going through some management policy changes Abby hadn’t particularly cared for, and today was the biggest one yet.

Today, it was the company’s new uniform policy. Some higher executives had determined that all male and female employees should be required to wear a standardized uniform. For the men, this wasn’t an issue. The male uniform consisted essentially of a standard dark button-down shirt and trousers, with each man required to have a wearable control interface on their arm. The control interface was essentially an elongated watch that would wrap around an employee’s wrist and serve as the employee’s personal access key across all the ControlCorp’s facilities. It would serve as an I.D., be used to gain access to areas the employee was authorized access to, track their productivity and would be connected to the company’s network.

It would also, of course, provide any wearer with the ability to control any of the ControlCorp technology used on the many, many slaves kept around the facility. Dealing in the slave trade, the company decided years ago the cheapest form of labor for general upkeep of the facilities would be slaves themselves, and with each of them outfitted with various control collars or worse it was easy to keep them obediently in line. Any man in the facility could command around the slaves with relative impunity, provided no permanent damage came to company property. Which brings us to the current issue Abigail was facing. You see, it was all of these “slaves” that the executives had in mind when determining the female uniform policy.

Abigail was in utter shock when reading her email regarding the new uniform policy. First, all female ‘employees’ would henceforth be required to wear 6-inch, company made heels. While this would ordinarily be objectifying enough on its own, Abigail had helped design these shoes. All company designed heels featured locking mechanisms, meaning the wearer cannot remove the heels themselves. As if that weren’t bad enough, the heels were specifically designed to accelerate the tightening of tendons in the ankle, making it so after prolonged use the wearer would be unable to straighten their foot to walk normally without heels. She’d seen their effects firsthand, with test subjects she’d trained and after even a week of wear they’d be completely dependent on the heels to walk around, otherwise reduced to crawling on all fours without them.

It was a slut’s natural place, Abby knew, but Abby wasn’t just another one of the company’s sluts. The thought of being subject to her own design made Abigail sick to her stomach. She continued to read the email; Second, standard undergarments were not permitted to be worn. Instead, a company issued chastity belt and 2 control plugs would be required at all times unless being occupied by a male employee. The chastity belt was standard, unbreakable of course, however the plugs were connected to the facilities training network and would be used to ensure female employees were properly ‘motivated’ during work hours. Abigail impulsively burst out into laughter; surely this is a big misunderstanding and didn’t apply to her, of course. She was a respected developer and a trainer for ControlCorp, and clearly above whatever policies the executives thought applied to the lowly slave girls the company had acquired.

She continued reading, purely for amusement at this point. Third, female employees are prohibited from wearing any clothing not produced directly by ControlCorp; that was rich as well, Abigail thought to herself. There aren’t any clothing products that ControlCorp produces that any free slut would willingly subjugate herself to. The company only produced the most restrictive and vulgar of fetish gear, ranging from hobble dresses to bitchsuits. These poor girls, Abigail thought to herself. To be fair, most of them were already subjugated to this sort of treatment, being slaves and all.

Finally, all female employees would be required to wear a ControlCorp Smart Gag, being unable to speak unless spoken to by a male employee. The Smart Gag was a bit of an ingenious invention, it had a modular design that could change shape and function if directed so by any of the companies wearable control interfaces. It could essentially alter shape and function on the fly to suit the ‘users’ needs, going from ring gag one second, to cock gag the next.

The email then concluded with a statement that any female employees found not abiding by the uniform policy could face immediate punishment and potential status demotions for repeat offenses. Status demotions here essentially meant getting moved into a worse slave job. At the top of the hierarchy of slaves working at the facility you had girls working in secretarial positions or personal assistants. Next down were the cleaning staff, then you had various labor jobs ranging like plumbers or electricians. Further down from there you had the entertainment; if you were lucky, you’d be a dancer, stripper, or even just straight prostitute. All slaves were available for sexual use from any free employee, but some had that as their designated purpose. Lower still were the relief stations. These girls were the most resistant to the training and installed for free use near one of the facilities recreation centers until they were completely broken. Then finally at the bottom of the slave totem pole were usually extreme or experimental test subjects. These girls were typically selected for more extreme projects or special requests, often reduced to mere dolls, livestock, or animals.

Abigail finished giggling to herself and continued to sip her morning coffee. She’d have to find and chat up some of the other female workers in the company who weren’t slaves and have a laugh about the whole thing over lunch, when something suddenly occurred to her. Abby was surrounded by women at work constantly, but come to think of it, she may very well be the only female employee in the company that wasn’t a slave, at least as far as she’d seen. The feeling at first was honestly a little thrilling, it suddenly occurred to her that she was the lone free woman in her trade and respected at that. The idea of her lording over her fellow women as the most powerful woman in the room, always, made her a little horny. Queen of her domain, all these other sluts were slaves to the desires of any man, and of course, her. She couldn’t wait to see them all today after this change, and be seen by them, as the only woman above the rules. Abby briefly reached down and brushed her hand across her crotch through her pants at the thought before returning to her computer.

Abigail was an early riser, and so she was in the lab before anyone else usually in the morning. By the time she’d finished her coffee she finally saw her supervisor come in, Ryan. He came in wearing the black button down, trousers, and new wearable control interface, telling Abby he’d already heard the news regarding the new uniform policy. Abby couldn’t help bringing it up to him first thing when he walked in. She loved the new uniform policy idea for the girls, she told him. She was getting herself excited thinking of how much above the other girls she was now. She then even went on to compliment him on how his new uniform looked now too and inquired where she’d be able to pick up per black top and trousers and control interface as well.

Ryan, evidently still waking up, seemed a little confused. “I’m glad you’re enjoying the new policy, Abby, but I’m not quite sure I follow. The memo that was sent out was quite clear about the new uniform policy, and it applies to all employees. You’re... unfortunately... going to have to abide by the new female uniform policy as well. You do understand that, right?”

Clearly Ryan was just misunderstanding. Honestly, she was a little confused at first too, but it’s time she cleared everything up.

“Obviously the policy was made with the slaves in mind, Ryan. We both know I’m no slave girl, so I’ve got to be an exception.” Abby explained. “Besides, how would I do my job with that uniform?” Abby chuckled. “And how would any of these slaves take me seriously if I were dressed up like one of them during their training? I’m one of the best trainers in the company, that would undermine my effectiveness.”

Ryan took a moment to collect his thoughts. She wasn’t wrong; he’d have to look into it.

“You’ve got a point Abby. Tell you what, I’ll call around and try to find us a work around, in the meantime why don’t you head to Distribution and grab your new control interface?” Ryan explained.

Finally, that was over with. Abby wasn’t sure how long it’d take Ryan to get the message. She got up from her desk and headed down to the other side of the facility towards distribution. After a short trip across the facility Abby arrived at the distribution center, the area of the facility responsible for handing out company equipment. A meek looking slave girl was behind the counter, already in her new uniform. Abby felt a rush of power again, this poor girl was powerless while Abby walked freely in front of her.

“I’m here for my new control interface” Abby stated. The girl looked back at her meekly, unable to say anything with her mouth currently being occupied by the Smart Gag. “Are you going to help me, or just stand there?” Abby asked impatiently. Once she had her control interface, she’d teach this girl some respect, she thought to herself. The girl then pointed out a sign to her side explaining the new uniform policy, specifically the part stating that female employees are only permitted to speak when spoken to by male employees. The stupid gag didn’t realize Abby wasn’t a slave and thus wouldn’t let the slut respond; what a hassle. Another issue she’d have to bring up to Ryan later that they’d have to get a workaround for. Abby asked once again to be issued her control interface only to get the silent treatment by the mute girl. 

She was starting to have about enough of this, and finally after 5 minutes of not getting a response Abby decided to help herself and strolled right past the counter into the warehouse behind the girl. The girl clearly began to protest, though Abby ignored her. She went in the back room and found the new control interfaces, as she’d been looking for. She picked one up out of its case, slid it over her arm, and booted it up. A few moments went by before the screen came to life, and Abby got a little distracted thinking about what she’d do to the girl at the counter once she had her interface configured. A moment passed and Abby looked down and saw an error message on the interface reading: ERROR: INCOMPATIBLE EMPLOYEE. What was this all about, another hassle? Abby turned around just in time to see the counter girl had snuck up behind her and suddenly slammed something against her face! Abby immediately understood what it was, it was one of the new Smart Gags.

Instantly the device spread around her face and skull like a face hugger from the Alien movies as it oriented and positioned itself. Abby fell backwards trying to yank it off, but knew it was pointless, she’d used these on unruly slaves plenty of times in the past. Finally, the gag oriented itself and lodged itself into her mouth. The cock gag setting, of course, Abby thought to herself. Immediately she felt the device assume a phallic shape and begin rhythmically plunging itself in and out of her throat. It was designed on initial configuration to start a deep throat training protocol meant to deprive the victim of oxygen until they calmed down.

After the gag violated her throat for several minutes Abby finally was able to slow her heart rate long enough for it to stop punishing her. She was laying on the ground now and saw the counter girl standing above her. How dare that bitch, she thought to herself. That slave would learn soon enough the mistakes she had made. Abby then noticed the girl was holding out a box, curious she stood up and looked inside only to find the contents to be the new female uniform. As if!

Abby went to shout only to be met with a painful shock released by the gag as soon as she tried. This is getting out of control, Abby thought. She needed to get back to Ryan to get this all straightened out. Immediately she pushed past the girl once again and started heading out of the distribution department. At no point during this process was she not painfully aware of the cock shaped object now filling her mouth, and worse yet part of her felt somewhat excited about this, though she would never show it. As she was nearing the exit to the department two men walked in.

“Well well, what do we have here?” The large, muscular man on the right said. Based on their appearance, Abby immediately deduced both were there to pick up their control interfaces as well. If only she could explain the situation! Abby recognized the shorter man on the left; she didn’t know his name, but she knew he worked in acquisitions and basic training, finding and collecting girls to enslave. Based on his expression he hadn’t recognized her. “Didn’t you hear, slut? All sluts have a new uniform policy they’re supposed to be adhering to, what do you think you’re doing?” the man asked sternly.

Much to her relief, Abby could feel the gag shifting so she could speak! Of course, he was a male employee so she could talk to him with this thing on. Now it was time to explain the situation.

“Sir! This stupid slut is violating the uniform policy and trying to escape! Please please punish me, sir!” Abby enthusiastically exclaimed. Abby’s face immediately went flush. What did she just say? The gag must have somehow seized control over her vocal cords, but how? This must be an entirely new model of the Smart Gag Abby didn’t know about and her situation just went from bad to worse. How was she going to explain anything with this thing on?

“Ha! These new gags are great” the shorter man said. “Well I guess you can come with us, slut. I was just about to drop off some fresh meat for training and you seem like you need to get retrained. In fact, since you didn’t learn your manners through your initial training, I’d say you need an extra special uniform.” 

Immediately both men grabbed Abby by the arm and started dragging her back to the distribution center. Abby was led back to the counter where she saw the rather smug looking slave girl looking back at her. The girl spoke to the two men, gave them their control interfaces, then offered out Abby’s reflected slave uniform once again. Much to her surprise, the shorter man rejected it, only for him to chillingly say. “I’ve got something better, I’ll bring her to the restricted area of the distribution center, only acquisitions have access to it.” Immediately Abby started to fight back yet both gentlemen didn’t even seem phased by her feeble attempts. They put on their interface and lead her further into the distribution center.

Eventually they reached their destination, with Abby being led into a lab not unlike her own. While one man held her in place, the other went to a far wall and started picking out devices off a wall of devious toys, some of which Abby herself probably helped design. Things were getting bad, who knows how long it would take to sort this hassle out now? And if she had to walk all the way down and be degraded in front of the new slaves someone would have to pay.

The man came back first holding a pair of heels. Unlike the standard new regulation 6-inch heels all slaves were required to wear. These were 7 inch, ‘fuck-me-pumps’ that Abby was quite familiar with. Besides shortening her tendons, these stupid things were designed to connect with other devices a slave wore and slowly condition her to walk in the sluttiest way possible, with maximum him movement. Abby shuttered at the thought of wearing them, and someone mistaking her for one of those lowly sluts. Thankfully this whole thing should only last a few hours or so before someone sorted this out.

The man held them out and insisted Abby put them on, which she refused! She was the most powerful woman in the facility, there was no way she’d be willingly stepping into something that’d make her look like such a slut. Immediately the man retaliated and slapped her across the face. Abby was shocked, having never really been on the receiving end of this sort of violence, and yet part of her got a little more excited at the feeling. She decided she’d humor this asshole for now as she reluctantly put on the shoes, hearing them snap into place and locking her in for god knows how long. Immediately she struggled to balance herself on her new feet. While she was stumbling around, the other man wasted no time and started ripping her clothes off! She wanted to scream but feared what the gag would do if she did. Within a matter of seconds her nice business attire was torn laying in heaps on the floor, leaving her naked before the two men.

“This is where it gets fun” the shorter man explained with a concerning smile. He walked back to the wall of devious goodies and returned with two plugs. “Since you apparently didn’t learn well enough the first time you went through training, here is a little insurance.” Abby immediately recognized one of the plugs.

“No way” Abby thought. The first one he held up was a butt plug with a pink heart shaped jewel at the end. She recognized this as well, it was a specialized plug the company used to train slaves to enjoy anal sex. It would expand and vibrate constantly to keep girls on edge, something Abby wanted nothing to do with. The second plug he held up Abby was not familiar with, in fact, it looked more like a bullet than a plug. Either way she didn’t want to have it anywhere near her.

“You may speak, Slut. You want this up your tight little asshole, don’t you?” The man asked condescendingly.

Abby could feel the gag opening up again, she couldn’t wait to tell this idiot off and explain the whole situation finally.

“No sir!” Abby exclaimed. Not quite as disrespectful of a response as she was going for, but at least she said her mind. “Stupid Sluts like me need waaayyyy bigger plugs in our assholes, so they can’t fall out!” Abby was mortified. What was this gag doing? Who designed this?

“Huh, suit yourself, slut. I’ll grant you this one request. You better not fucking be lying to me though, understand?” The man replied.

Abby couldn’t believe what she’d just done. The man came back with the same model of butt plug, but this one was 6 inches in diameter! Abby had never put anything up there before, and she was honestly terrified of the thought of something that big inside her. There’s no way this could be happening to her! Damn that little counter girl, Abby thought to herself. Quickly, the man held the plug up to Abby’s face, and told her to lube it up and put it in herself. As he said this, Abby felt the gag reconfigure itself into a ring and she could feel drool starting to slowly pour from her bottom lip.

Mortified, Abby pushed the gag away and tried to pull herself away, only to incite the rage of both men around her. Without hesitation they pushed her down and shoved as much of the plug into her mouth that could fit to lube it up, then plunged it deep into her asshole without hesitation. Abby screamed out immediately, she had never felt so much pain in her life. She lay there for a moment hyperventilating only to have something catch her attention. She felt warm liquid start dripping down the inside of her thighs; she was soaking wet. That’s impossible, she was a Queen! She would never enjoy being treated like this. It must be the effect of one of these darn devices, and she only hoped her captors hadn’t noticed. Evidently, they had.

Without skipping a beat, they shoved the bullet shaped device into her dripping vagina, and she while didn’t even see them pull one out Abby immediately felt one of the company’s chastity belts lock around her waist, securing the plugs in place. Abby felt tired and defeated. She was just so ready for this to be finished and leave so she can find someone she knows and straighten this all out. Thankfully that completed her uniform, so the worst should be behind her. Or so she thought. Suddenly a blindfold came over her eyes and prevented her from telling what was coming next. The men started pulling her arms behind her and she felt rubber push against her skin. She knew the company’s lineup well enough to recognize what she was feeling. It was an elbow binder; her elbows were synched together behind her forcing her to thrust her tits out, and her arms were folded up with her hands near her shoulders, with thick rubber mitts secured around her hands, rendering them useless. This was thankfully just classic fetish gear, not any of the higher end products she might have fallen victim to.

After everything was secured, she was stood up and left to herself for a moment. How humiliating for the most powerful woman in this company to be standing here naked, bound, and unable to even speak her own mind in front of two amateur slavers. Someone will be paying for this soon, Abigail assured herself.

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